Vegetable garden planning

My garden is 8 by 15 ft, enclosed in a 6" wood frame. Last year I covered it with rubber. My zest for gardening is diminishing. I want to put in 2 tomatoes and the rest in a cover plan. One thing I have considered are cucumbers. I would like other ideas. I would like to stay in contact with the same Expert through out the season. I live in western Golden Vvalley. Thank you. Jan Hetland


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Weevil Control

I am trying to grow rare milkweeds in my garden, and I have apparently become a haven for Milkweed weevils. They are wreaking havoc on my plants. My research suggests that Boll Weevil traps may work against Milkweed weevils, but I can't find them for sale. Are they sold to the public? Do you have any other suggestions for Milkweed weevil control? Many thanks-- --


District of Columbia County DC milkweed milkweed bug milkweed beetle 2 days ago

I hate this vine!

Yes I do. Can you give me the name of this invasive vine? Thank you


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Pruning an Azalea

What time of year is best to prune an Azalea plant. The plant has a couple of long stems with flowers at the end, no branches below, and they tower 2 ft above the rest of the flowering shrub. I don't like how this looks and want to prune these away or back. This was a planted 3 years ago and is happy and well established.


Ramsey County MN azalea horticulture pruning 2 days ago

Blueberry Drop

Hello, I have four varieties of blueberry shrubs, 3 in large containers and one planted directly. I planted them about 4 or 5 years ago. Every year since I stopped pinching off the flowers, I've noticed some of the berries either fall off the bush before they're mature, or others look withered and fall off before they mature into berries. The rest of the plant looks relatively healthy, with some occasional signs of pests. (A couple chewed leaves, visible ants, some browning on the bark of the canes.) But overall there are plenty of new healthy looking leaves and shoots. Most of them have a decent amount of healthy berries (with the exception of one that took some serious damage during our ice storm a couple years ago). Occasionally the end of a branch will wither and brown. I tend to prune things that look like that and try to keep the wilted berries in the compost bin. Is it mummy berry? Is it some other type of fungus? Did they not get pollinated? Since the plants keep coming back and I have had decent yields, I haven't considered getting rid of them, but it would be nice to know what I'm up against! Thanks,


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Multnomah County OR blueberries 2 days ago

withering lilac buds before blooming

Two years ago I heavily pruned back my old lilac bush that was barely producing any flowers. Last spring it set buds and looked good but then we had that snow and cold and I thought that was why the blooms withered before opening. This year they did the same thing but without snow. Can you tell me what might be happening. Each branch held the promise of many blooms but then it was as if the bush decided to just grow taller and send out leaves. The bush gets plenty of sun and has ample water this spring. No sign of mildew. Any suggestions? I'm baffled. Thank you!


Larimer County CO trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Leland Cypress

Leland Cypress trees are dying from the inside out. What can we do to try to save them. We have three in a row doing the same thing. These trees are about 11 years old. Also including pictures.


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Carroll County MD leyland cypress abiotic issues trees disease issues 2 days ago

yellowing juniper

I have 3 spreading junipers. 2 are happy and one is not.the top center of the shrub It is yellowing. It is located at the edge or a vegetable plot (that I moved this year). I am wondering if it has been over watered or over fertilized. I find no insects growths on the leaves. Is there hope, can it be saved?



Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Our lawn -- necrotic ring spot?

Every year I plant grass seed, and every year it comes up and dies at a height of, oh, 14/27ths of an inch or so. Every year the splotches get bigger, too. Compacted? Yup. Shallow top soil? Yah sure you betcha. Blow torch? Roto-tiller? Back hoe?



Hennepin County MN lawns and turf horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 2 days ago


having trouble growing basil in my herb garden. any advice


Deschutes County OR 2 days ago

lawn core aeration and seeding

After mowing the existing lawn area at a shorter than normal height, what is the best sequence for core aeration and seeding a lawn?

1. Core aerate then seed or

2. Seed then core aerate.

I have read several web articles that only address core aerate then seed, but I would think seeding first would result in more seed contact with dirt. I plan to cover the area at least twice at different angles with the core aeration operation.

The lawn soil does not compact tightly by hand when moist. I aerate to mix light thatch, grass and leaf mulchings into the upper soil and to encourage lawn grass root growth.



Ingham County MI lawn aeration 2 days ago

How to get rid of thistle----think I've used everything thing that I have...

How to get rid of thistle----think I've used everything thing that I have been told or read, but there are two things that continue year after year thistle----would prefer not to use Round Up because believe it leaches into ground and affects my preannuals ---vinegar and Epsom salt appears to burn the plant----not affecting the root system-----need help -----thanks in advance for your time and thoughts


Butler County OH 2 days ago


Do you know what this is?


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Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Weed and Feed

Is there such a thing as environmentally friendly weed and feed for lawns or at least a weed killer? If so where can I purchase it?


Baltimore County MD lawns and turf weeds 2 days ago

Brown spots in lawn

Our lawn is looking rough this spring with several brown patches. Are you able to help us identify the problem? We are wondering if it is an underground rodent, some sort of insect, mold/fungus, or other? Oh, we do not have any pets. For the past 2 years, a lawn service has treated the lawn for weeds and applied fertilizer.


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Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Flowering trees along side walnuts

I live in Faribault county in southern MN. and am looking for flowering trees either fruit or ornamental and flowers to plant along my driveway. My driveway also has mature black Walnut trees so said trees and plants will need to be able to grow in very close proximity. Thank you! Jenny


Faribault County MN 2 days ago

Walnut trees

Is there a list of flowers and bushes that do not do well near walnut trees? I know tomato plants are one. Does it make a difference if they are in pots? Also, we are seeing that a couple of very large branches on the walnut tree have large, hollow openings where they were pruned. Is the tree going to survive?


Dakota County MN horticulture walnut trees 2 days ago

Bugs (gnats?) in the soil I used for my indoor herbs

Hello, I bought a bag of soil from Menard’s a few weeks ago that said it was for indoor plants and herbs (I’m currently looking for the receipt to figure out exactly which one). About a week later, I finally opened it to pot my herbs I’m teying to grow indoors. When I opened it, little gnats (I think that’s what they are, small with longe/oblong bodies) where at the top of the bag and many came out. When I thought about it, that week before opening it, the same bugs as been flying around my apartment since I purchased the bag and brought it up. I still used the soil not thinking I couldn’t because the bag specifically stated the soil was for indoor containers and pots. Now, the flies are every where. I keep trying to find ways to get rid of them, spraying them down in my shower (but now I learned that if it is the gnats, they love the moisture I keep putting in the soil), and I tried setting apple cider vinegar out but they don’t seem attracted to it. I’m not sure what to do now, I have some healthy succulents and hanging pothos inside that I don’t want infested, and I had also used some of that remaining soil to plant some tomatoes and peppers in my outdoor containers. Please help! Desperate new container gardener, Julie MacKay Cell: 612-443-1777


Hennepin County MN potting soil horticulture gnats 2 days ago

How to get rid of blackberry bushes

Our smallish tiered backyard is completely overrun by blackberry bushes. We are right by a green space. How do we safely but quickly go about getting killing and getting rid of them (for good) ourselves? They are starting to creep over to our neighbor's yard.


Washington County OR 2 days ago

Cracked trunks

Hi. I have a red and a sugar maple in my front yard. One is around 15 years old and another is 20 years old. This spring I have noticed that both of their trunks have a large crack up a good portion of each one. I am worried that my trees might die. What could have caused this?


Chittenden County VT 2 days ago

Spring foliage on trees in the Loess Hills.

I see a lot of trees with a silver-gray canopy mixed in with the other trees in the Loess Hills that have a green canopy. I notice this lately as I drive at a distance of a few miles from the hills. Do you know what these trees are?


Pottawattamie County IA 2 days ago

Red pine whole fan of needles being chewed off

I am baking up under my red lines and I keep finding these fans of green needles. They look like they were healthy before being chewed off


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Dickinson County MI 2 days ago

Sick Tree?

We have a tree in our yard that looks sick. Someone told me you might be able to help me identify what the issue is. I will attach some photos. I tried uploading 3 pics. Not sure if all 3 uploaded.



Story County IA 2 days ago

Grasses by the creek

Hello - I have 2 questions I'm hoping to get some advice on. 1. We purchased a property on Minnehaha Creek. We'd like to plant some natural grasses along the edge to help with erosion. Could you recommend some plants that would be native and a good choice? 2. Looking for a decorative grass that is under 3' high that grows well in MN? Thank you - Roisin Laskin


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Plant ID?

I moved from Grass Valley nearly 6 years ago to Clio near Graeagle just one hour from Reno. I was in Reno and kept seeing beautiful shrubs with arching branches with white heavy flowering on the ends. I've gone to several nurseries in search of the plant but have not seen it yet. I have also searched the internet but it is difficult when I don't have a clue to the name. The closest I have come is Snowmound Spirea but it does not grow that large. Might you know what plant I'm talking about? I saw them in multiple places in various stages of growth. Some of the larger ones were on McCarran near Mayberry. I may have to drive back over.


Washoe County NV 2 days ago

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