I'm building a greenhouse on a slopped piece of land. I have Doug down three...

I'm building a greenhouse on a slopped piece of land. I have Doug down three feet in which I am putting down 18" of mixed soil which has all the amenities needed to grow properly. My question is I want to put down a layer of plastic with drainage pipe together any excess amenities and excess water is it a good idea to put down the barrier of plastic . underneath it is Clay



Multnomah County OR 2 days ago

Dying tree

Is there any service provided whereby a resident can get an evaluation of and recommendation concerning a tree that is dying (diseased?) on private property?


El Paso County CO trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Is this bacterial wilt?

All of my squash and pumpkin plants look like this. I started them from seed and kept them in a green house until I planted them about a week ago. They were starting to look yellowish before I transplanted them. Is this the dreaded bacterial wilt I read about when I Google about squash leaves turning yellow? I'm going to pull them all and see if I can squeeze in a redo, but it says that if it's bacterial wilt, I shouldn't plant in the same spot. That's really unfortunate for me, because I had this particular spot all picked out for them. So that's why I'd like your opinion about what this is, and if I could replant in the same spot. Also, I gave some of these starts to a friend, who has not yet planted them, they are in her greenhouse, and they are starting to do the same thing.



Clackamas County OR 2 days ago

Japanese beetle control

Hello. We have a linden tree that the japanese beetles infiltrated pretty good last year, and in previous years I assume (we just moved in last summer). I'm looking for strategies to diminish them in our tree and yard. I was thinking of trying to apply a late spring treatment now to try to kill the grubs before they develop. I have tried to look in the lawn to see if can find the grubs--as of this week I've only found a couple white grubs and what looks like some very tiny almost microscopic white creatures. I can only assume the beetles laid plenty of their eggs are in there judging by the amount of beetles we've had. Where is the life cycle of the beetles as of now here in Minnesota? Is it early to be able to see the grubs? Is this a good time to apply the insecticide to try to kill some of these before they develop into adults? I've read that carbaryl or trichlorfon would be the way to go at this time of year. Our tree trimmer offered a tree injection option as well. Do you have an opinion on this method? Thank you for any advice. Chad


Dakota County MN 2 days ago

Deer Fencing

Hi, I'm putting in a garden in McMinnville and wondered if deer are a problem. If so, do I need to put in a fence? Do you have a recommended design? Thanks, Steve


Yamhill County OR wildlife damage management deer 2 days ago

weeds in lawn

This is my 2nd attempt. I have not used weed killers because of their harm to the environment, but I have almost an acre of lawn that is becoming a field of weeds. Reseeding only helps to a mo9derate degree. 1. Are there safer weed killers? 2. Is it too late to apply them now? Thanks,


Howard County MD weeds lawn organic controls 2 days ago

Ash tree in my yard - how to I ensure it stays healthy?

I have an ash tree in my front yard. It drops a lot of branches, but I do not notice signs of emerald ash bugs - though I am no expert. Is there a treatment I should have applied in or to the tree to try to preserve it and prevent disease and bugs? I am located just NE of Snelling and Larpenter Aves.


Ramsey County MN 2 days ago

CPB control

I have a farm that the Colorado Potato Beetle is destroying my tomato plants. I also have Honey Bees for pollinating. How can I control these pests without killing my bees?


Kershaw County SC 2 days ago

Dead tree in back yard of my townhome

Hi, I just purchased a townhome June 2016. I noticed one of the 3 trees planted in my space is dead. I know I need to remove it but since I'm not sure how or why the tree died, I'm wondering what to do about the space once its removed. I don't know if it was root rot. It's not really a low area since the land slope and its at the midpoint or above. The dead tree looks similar to a pine tree because of the cones but it was only 5 feet tall.

What should I do after I remove the dead tree? Is it safe to replant anything in that location? Please advise.


Howard County MD trees and shrubs trees 2 days ago

Unhealthy pear tree

The tree is a little espaliered pear tree with five varieties grafted on, and was planted last year. This year it isn't doing well, and the right side in particular is sparse and sickly (Flemish Beauty and Seckel branches). Many of the leaves have whitish spots on the upper surface that correspond to lumps on the lower surface. As the problem progresses, the leaves tend to roll and the lumps on the back become grayish. Can you tell me what is wrong and what to do about it? We strongly favor organic remedies. Thank you.


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Benton County OR pear trees 2 days ago

Backyard (hole)?

I am hoping to get some help regarding a project in my back yard. Approximately 3 years ago we had a tree die and removed out of our back yard. Since then there have been root "issues", unlevel ground and an overall eyesore to the rest of our back yard. On Friday, I decided that I was going to start removing some of the root structure and then re-sod that area of the yard. So, I have completed a roughly 90" X 108" area where I have removed most all of the root structure of the old tree approximately 12" deep. I have removed any old sod and then roto-tilled that area. Now that I am ready to sod I have received differing opinions on what to do. One friend said because I have worked so hard to prep the area that I should just seed the area. Another friend has stated that they believe because I have removed the root structure that I am going to be ever cursed with a small sinkhole in that area that I will have a hard time keeping "flush"/uniform/level with the rest of the yard. I am hopeful that you can provide some ideas that will provide us a nice solution to a project that is half done. Thank you for your time.


Scott Nelson


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Arapahoe County CO lawns and turf 2 days ago

Chill hours

I'm considering buying a dwarf fig tree for our 6th floor condo balcony garden in downtown Frederick,, MD. The description includes this: "Chill Hours: 150" Can you help me understand what that means and what the chill hours for our region are? Thank you.


Frederick County MD trees and shrubs fruits figs 2 days ago

cherry blight

Our cherries are invaded by a grayish blight which may be a worm. Can we interrupt the pest cycle organically?


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

no flowers dipladenia

Last fall I brought Rio Dipladenia inside for the winter. This spring I transplanted and fertilized and placed it outdoors. The plant has an upright growth habit with not much vining. I clipped back the leggy bare vines to give it a better shape. Problem is there are no flowers or sign of buds at all. Help.


St. Mary's County MD tropical plant dipladenia 2 days ago

plant id

Please ID this volunteer plant for me. Thank you.


Img_1288_300x300%2523 Img_1290_300x300%2523

Prince George's County MD plant identification 2 days ago

Cut Leaf Weeping Birch Death

I have a cut leaf weeping birch that has done very well in the area planted. Much to my surprise and extreme sadness it looks dead this year. Could it still leaf out? What could be the possible cause of its death?


Wright County MN birch tree horticulture 2 days ago

Cucumber beetle

I planted 20 zuchinis, 10 yellow squash, pickle plants, spaghetti squah last week and found all the zucchinis died along with severe damage to the others listed. The zucchini leaves looked like swiss cheese - full of holes. I found a number of stripped cucumber beetles around the crops. How can I get rid of them? Land owner prefers no pesticides. I donate a large amount of what I grow so I planted seeds yesterday to try to recover the loss.


Cumberland County PA 2 days ago

Soil issues

We moved into a new home in Deale, by the water. The soil is atrocious. So much clay, zero nutrients. Last year my few veggies did ok. This year they're anemic and haven't done much since I planted them a month or so ago. Like they're stagnant. Is there an inexpensive way to make the soil better for the vegetables and fruit I'd really love to have? Is there anything that can be done now, after the plants have been planted?


Anne Arundel County MD soil vegetable 2 days ago

Japanese Maple

My potted Japanese Maple has not leafed out yet. The branches are pliable and are green inside. There are tiny little buds with barely visible red "dots". I think it's being smart and waiting until the night time temps are warmer. Advice please?
Thank You
Judlyn Carlisle


Boulder County CO trees and shrubs 2 days ago

shrub problem

I was given a small sapling from a friend who said it was a Japanese tree, small, perfect for my small Minneapolis yard. I planted it in the front yard, and now see it is a bush not a tree. How can I get rid of it. It looks very strange in the middle of my front yard.


Hennepin County MN shrub 2 days ago

Lack of flowering

I planted a Honeycrisp apple tree 5-6 years ago, and it has never flowered. What should I do. Cut it down and start over?


Ramsey County MN 2 days ago

Can you identify this shrub?

I would like to get some of these shrubs for my yard. The birds love them, they are very dense with branches. I have better pictures now that the leaves are coming out.


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Ramsey County MN shrub id horticulture 2 days ago

Linden tree trimming

Can I trim off a couple of Linden Tree branches at this time of year or are they like Oak and Apple trees and need to be completely avoided the late fall or early winter?


Anoka County MN 2 days ago

Planting garlic in MN

Hi, I didn't realize you should plant garlic in the Fall. I purchased the bulbs from a local Home Depot. I planted my cloves early this Spring (after our last frost). Any suggestions with how I can manage it now? I have approx. 5-6" shoots currently.


Hennepin County MN horticulture planting garlic 2 days ago

Hosta Issues

Hi, I planted my hostas five years ago and they typically do very well, but this year they are looking a little down in the dumps. The edges of the leaves are curling and brown. I have read that hostas are prone to disease, but can you please let me know what is wrong with them and what I should do about it? They receive both sun and shade and are watered consistently. I am in Baltimore county.



Baltimore County MD gardening hostas 2 days ago

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