Corn: sow after frost or transplant after frost?

should you sow indoors or outdoors generally?


Jefferson County CO 4 days ago

Sping grass planting

I live in Louisville and need to reseed some bare areas in a portion of my lawn this spring. Should we have a hard freeze late in spring, will that negatively affect the growing seed? Assuming that it will, what date do you recommend seeding the lawn in order to most likely avoid a late freeze that would hurt the growing seed?


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Jefferson County KY lawns and turf 4 days ago

What kind of spider?

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is? I have found several in my bathroom just crawling around. What do I use to get rid of them?



Dallas County TX 4 days ago

blackberry borer

How to control the pest. what chemical would i use etc.


Howard County MD blackberry small fruit borer 4 days ago

Sick hibiscus plant

Can this hibiscus be saved? If so, how?



MN whitefly 4 days ago

I have 2 ash trees in my yard. they have been treated professionally for the...

I have 2 ash trees in my yard. they have been treated professionally for the ash borer. They have survived with minimal damage. They are currently growing and thriving. I had them treated 2 years ago with a product named Tree Age Injection, described as a slow acting insecticide. In your opinion is it necessary to continue to treat for the ash borer?


Lucas County OH emerald ash borer ash trees 4 days ago

Question on cold hardy Magnolia Bush

Hi, We bought a cold hardy Magnolia Bush from Gerten's last fall and planted it. A week ago, due to the warm weather, the buds were very green, almost lime green, and looked more like May than February! I asked at Gerten's about loosing the buds when a cold frost comes and they said I would lose the buds. I went and put some tall spikes far from the roots and wrapped the bush (about 5 ft tall by 4 ft wide) with burlap very carefully. My question: Is the burlap a good answer to keeping the buds under it's really spring? Will anything help or am will I lose the buds anyhow? Thank you.


Hennepin County MN 4 days ago

Crab spiders

Hello, I have three species of crab spiders in my home and have recently found what looks to be their nests...Three nests. I discovered them in September and have "studied" them for the past five months. I would like to know exactly what they are. They have a claw on one leg and a suction cup on the other. The clawed leg is the longer of the two. I wish I could send you the babies as I have many. I have been bitten or clawed when sleeping and bazaar as it sounds, I have found that they lay eggs in the clawed areas of my skin! I think I have a scab only to find that it is a baby spider! They will not let go until they are ready to do so. Since they cover these "eggs" in a sticky substance, I cannot penitrate with tweezers. Super glue has nothing on their stickiness! They also live in the freezer, enjoying my food. They can get into any food items that are sealed but the most unbelievable thing ive seen thus far is how they get inside a can of pepsi without a drop leaking. Different parts of the spider appear slowly when they are ready to exit...could not believe what i was seeing! Thanks, Melinda


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Paulding County GA insect issues 5 days ago

Mold on air dried cured meat

Hi, I'm trying to make pancetta for the first time and I've grown some interesting mold. Everything I"ve read has talked about 'white mold good, blue/green mold ok, black/orange mold bad", but I haven't seen anything talk about mold that is quite as three dimensional as what I have. It looks distinctly fibrous with visible strands and sticks out about 1/4" - 1/2". I've attached some pictures. Any ideas what it might be and if the meat will be safe to eat? Its been hanging in an old fridge/drying chamber at 58 degrees and 80% humidity with a small fan circulating air for about two weeks. I'm fine pitching the meat if it doesn't look good (and am planning to if I can't find a decent answer) but I thought I would try to get a more educated opinion first. Thanks for your time! Ladd


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Benton County OR food safety 5 days ago

liquid fertilizers

Good afternoon, I came across an article that stated ( A 2-6-0 solution is equivalent to 1 part of 10-34-0 liquid fertilizer diluted with 4 parts of water ) can you please advise how this is calculated ? My reason for asking is I have some 10-8-8 liquid fertilizer that says to add 30 ml per liter of water in doing so does this mean the solution will not be a 10-8-8 and if not what would it be ( how to calculate this )? I appreciate any info you could offer. Kind Regards: John Powell


OUTSIDEUS 5 days ago

Are wooden cutting boards acceptable?

Will I be permitted to roll dough on a clean butcher block surface in my home based bread baking business?


Montgomery County PA 5 days ago

Septic Tank Additives

For the past 19 years, we've been adding a septic tank additive to our system (specifically Septic Helper 2000 most recently). In researching this online, though, it now seems as if we could possibly be doing more harm than good? To add or not to add, that is the question, and we thank you in advance for your answer!


Larimer County CO septic tank additives 5 days ago

Best tomato varieties for Baltimore County

Hello, I was wondering what tomato varieties do the best in Baltimore County, specifically Towson. I grow in raised beds/containers, and during growing months the plants get about 8 hours of direct sunlight. Thanks!


Baltimore County MD vegetables tomatoes varieties 5 days ago

chill hours

How many chill hours do I receive in Powers?


Coos County OR horticulture 5 days ago

What kind of tree is this?

Hello, Could you please help me identify what kind of tree this is in my back yard? Thank you!


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Goodhue County MN 5 days ago

how to enroll for a class

Hi. I would like to reserve a spot for the upcoming series Sewing for Beginners for Adults classes. I did not see an area for this. Can you give me info please on how to enroll? Thank you, Linda Setters


Kenton County KY family and consumer sciences kenton county kentucky sewing classes 5 days ago


I want to plant some blueberries in Greeley. The best spots are under aspens. And our neighbor's Blue Spruce are going to be close also. Would any species of blueberries do well in shade under aspens and Blue Spruce?


Weld County CO blueberries 5 days ago

Looking for home for a big rabbit and two guiena pigs

My grandchildren are allergic to these pets and looking for a loving home


Bucks County PA 4h 5 days ago

Wild Plant

I found this holly type plant growing along my driveway, and would like to know what it is.



Franklin County VA 5 days ago

What do I do with the logs from beetle killed pine.

I have 3 dead pine trees. We cut them down yesterday and they have the telltale blue stain. These were among the trees that did not get treated 4 years ago because they were next to the river. So far, the remainder of the trees seem still to be healthy. What should I do with these blue stained logs.


Larimer County CO trees and shrubs 5 days ago

Invasive Aquatic Plants

I live on a "creek" that looks like a small lake that drains to Lake Erie. In the past 3 years the water has been taken over more each year with phragmites and flowering rush. The Phragmites is taking over from the shoreline and the flowering rush is spreading in the middle. It gets so thick by mid summer that ducks can no longer swim through and boating, even with a kayak, is impossible in parts. We are concerned that it will keep taking over and not only ruin the ecosystem that has been in place for years but also the view, usability of the waterway and that it will also deteriorate the value of the properties that sit on its shore. The "great view" is rapidly turning into the "swamp" by the end of summer.
Is there anything we can do as neighbors and caretakers of the waterway? We want to preserve the safety of the wildlife and fisherman but we also want the weeds to go away. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!


Wayne County MI 5 days ago

Canning nuts

Hello I have purchased 2 12 oz packages of nuts , I want to can them, can you tell mewhat size canning jars that I will need? Thank you. Marie Upshaw


Multnomah County OR home food preservation food safety 5 days ago

My blueberry bushes have flowers. When should I prune them? Did I miss my...

My blueberry bushes have flowers. When should I prune them? Did I miss my chance?


Warren County MS 5 days ago

converting treated grass area to vegetable garden

I have had my lawn treated with a product called Proganix by a local company (lawn doctor) for the last three years. Typically have 4 applications per summer. Here is a link to the product:

'd like to pull up some of the sod and plant a vegetable garden, however I need to know if there is any danger to planting vegetables in the soil that has been treated with this product. If necessary, I can treat the soil, but need to know the best way to do that. Also, is it necessary to test the soil... thank you for your time.


Denver County CO sustainable gardening and landscaping 5 days ago

Growing strawberies in containers


Can strawberries be successfully grown in containers? If yes, how much soil do they need (how deep should the pots be)? When is a good time to plant them? How frequently should they be watered (assuming they'd be in full to partial sun)? Are there any specific varieties you'd recommend (we're in northern Baltimore county)?
Will they come back next year if taken inside for the winter?

Thank you!


Baltimore County MD strawberries small fruit containaers 5 days ago

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