Pine Trees

From a distance my pine trees look nice, but when I look at them from the back side you can see that the needles are dying on the inside of the tree Are my trees dying, or it is a disease or fungus?. I look forward to your reply.


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Dakota County Minnesota pine trees horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 4 days ago

is this poison hemlock?

Hi there! I was wondering if you could help me determine what kind of plant I have growing throughout my landscaped yard. At first I thought maybe the tenants before me had marigolds planted, but a few weeks later I am certain these are some sort of weed and continue to pop up all over my yard. They are quick growing, but have remained short, and have already developed a small purple/pink drooping flower. I have attached photos. In my research online, I have found that it certainly resembles poison hemlock or wild carrot/queen annes lace, but it doesn't quite fit the identification guidelines. I can't seem to find a similar description of the flower, and the hemlock/carrot plants all have a very distinct white flower. Do you have any thoughts? Any help is appreciated!


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Lane County Oregon plant identification 4 days ago

Michigan Green Frog eggs

Can you please give me some resources for the raising of frog eggs.
My next door neighbor is stubborn and myopic and I have not been able to convince him not to destroy those that are laid in his pond every year. He also kills many adult frogs, and it breaks my heart (and makes me mad). He will allow me to take the eggs, if I can figure out a way to keep them alive to hatch. I tried last summer with no luck.
Trying to stay neighborly,
Kathrine Neils


Ingham County Michigan frogs 4 days ago

grass not growing

HI, we have a patch of grass in our front lawn, facing south and sloping a bit, that refuses to grow grass despite repeated attempts with grass seed. My husband heard that our big blue spruce, next to this area, might be causing a change in the soil, making it too acidic for the grass. We are going to try laying sod next but hate to waste our time and money if it will die also. Do you have any further suggestions?
thank you! mary


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Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf 4 days ago

Rhododendron lost leaves

We have. 9 year old PJM Northern Lights rhododendron that appears to be close to the end. Last Spring it presented with some leaves that never unfurled, but shriveled up and died. The rest of the shrub bloomed and survived the summer with some new shoots emerging low on the plant. Over winter, the majority of the remaining leaves fell off. See photo. We do know that there are rabbits I near the vicinity with rabbit dung nearby. We do not see any branches chewed. This plant is on the east side of our house in an area protected from wind. Prior to this rhododendron, we also had a NL rhododendron that lived 21 years. We do not use herbicides and only use sand on our sidewalk area. Please help with any thoughts. I am thinking I will need to replace this. Thank you. Linda Rotschafer 952-210-0652



Hennepin County Minnesota 4 days ago

what to do

I have been using Sluggo to control the slug and snail population in the yard with great success. Now the crows are eating every bit of it. The moment I put it out and go inside the crows are in the yard eating it up. Have not found a sick or dead crow in the area. Any suggestions?


Multnomah County Oregon birds 4 days ago

Linden tree

I have a beautiful and very full Linden tree. It's probably 10 years old. The last 3 or 4 years the leaves have been absolutely shredded by Japanese beetles. What can I do?


Jefferson County Kentucky trees and shrubs japanese beetles 4 days ago

Wilco raspberry starts

We bought and two weeks ago planted Wilco raspberry starts in good garden ground with a small amount of 16-16-16 and only one has produced a few tiny leaves. The garden is well hydrated and has plenty of composted organic leaf mulch.


Marion County Oregon raspberries 4 days ago

Boron level in home garden

Planted broccoli last summer. After removing the head the stem putrefied fairly rapidly and the plant produced very few small offshoots . Internet research indicated low boron levels. Can I test for it? Does your test take this into account? Thanks


Muskegon County Michigan soil test boron 4 days ago

Honey Locust & The Insects That Love Them


I have a honey locust tree that gets infected with biting aphids (I think that's what they are) and need to know what I can use to get rid of them but not harm the 1000's off bees that come to that tree when it blooms.




Garfield County Colorado trees and shrubs 4 days ago

Bugs on coffee plants

I managed to sprout coffee beans and we now have two, four foot tall coffee plants inside. In the last few months, we have had an infestation of tiny little flying bugs. Kinda like fruit flies, but smaller. Also, our plants are losing some leaves...they turn brown and drop off. Normal? Or bug related? What should we use to get rid of them please? We love our coffee trees, but fear losing them!


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Multnomah County Oregon 4 days ago

(deer resistant...) trees, bushes, plants for mn riverbank

Greetings. It's my understanding that the area I am speaking of (where I live) is an oak savanna - what (trees, bushes, perennial plants) would you recommend to plant on the mn riverbank that 1. will assist in reinforcing the ground (it is soft / much top soil...) 2. are deer resistant 3. disease resistant 4. would be a food source for migrating birds and 5. and would provide shelter for wildlife...etc In advance, thank you for your time and attention.


Hennepin County Minnesota landscaping deer resistant plants deer resistant plants for slope slope stabilization 4 days ago

concorde barber - good for MoCo?

Our house came with some (I'm pretty sure) concorde barberry shrubs -- pretty put please leaves, spines We tried to move them, probably not carefully enough, and they mostly died. I'd like to replace them, but want to be sure they are not invasive and/or they are reasonably native to the area before I invest in new plants


Montgomery County Maryland invasive barberry shrub 4 days ago


My whole lawn is crabgrass how can I kill it naturally or just kill it with a product why it's raining


Solano County California 4 days ago

Native Plum Mummies

Last year my native plum set loads of fruit. They grew as expected until about the size of a small green olive. Then they started to get some strange growth, exaggerated, and not even. Made me think of giganticism in humans. After which they turned gray and weight wise felt like they were made of styrofoam. This happened to every single one. What happened? and Can I prevent it? Sorry that I can't locate my picture.


Barry County Michigan fruit trees 4 days ago

yellow wilting leaves on mature phlox

I have well established phlox in my perennial garden that when fully developed have yellow spots and curling leaves. This problem has been occurring for 2-3 years. The phlox are quite crowded and have been spreading over the years. I am hesitant to pull because there are lupine that have seeded themselves among the phlox. What is the best course of action?


Kanabec County Minnesota garden phlox overcrowding 4 days ago

I have some native plums. Last year after reaching a small green olive stage...

I have some native plums. Last year after reaching a small green olive stage every single plum grew distorted and turned grey and felt like they were styrofoam. What happened? Can I prevent it?


Barry County Michigan stone fruit fruit trees plum trees plum diseases 4 days ago

Killing our lawn due to creeping charlie

We would like to know how to go about killing our lawn due to creeping Charlie and when to begin the process.


Dakota County Minnesota creeping charlie lawn renovation 4 days ago

master naturalist program

Does Kentucky/UK Ag Extension have a master naturalist certification program in the works? If so, when will training/certification be available? If not, will certification from Windstar Wildlife Institute be recognized by the state of KY? Thanks!


Scott County Kentucky scott county kentucky master naturalist 4 days ago

Killing our lawn due to creeping charlie

the best way to go about killing our lawn because of creeping Charlie. Is it to early to start?


Dakota County Minnesota 4 days ago

Tree Bark ripped away

Please see photos below. Not sure which type of trees, except for the last photo. Photo 1: Three shots of the same tree. 1st two from a couple weeks ago and latest one today. Bark looks like it's being torn off. Pretty high up to be deer rubbing etc. This doesn't really look like anything in the 'bark chewed or removed' section of the extension site. Questions: what is it, what can I do, if anything. Photo 2. Close up and far shot of stand of trees near the tree above. This looks like the woodpecker photos from the extension site. Need I be concerned about some recent infestation? Just noticed this yesterday. Don't think it was there last week. Any action I should take? Photo 3 is a crabapple tree very close to both sets of trees above. 1st time I've seen the bark hacked at like that. The sister tree a few feet away looks similar. Any actions I should take? Thanks.


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Anoka County Minnesota trees 4 days ago

Baby's Breath Euphorbia

I read about the Baby's Breath Euphorbia in AgriLife Today publication. (A new Texas Superstar designee)

Where can I puchase plants or the seeds?


Comal County Texas 4 days ago

problems with my blue spruce

The blue spruce is about 30 years old and has full sun. For about 10 years or more the branches have shown more bare areas, starting from the bottom of the tree. See photo. It is very prevalent now. The top of the tree appears OK. What can I do?



Montgomery County Maryland blue spruce tree bare branches 4 days ago

deer manure in my garden

I gathered deer manure and buried it in my vegetable garden and recently found out that was not a good idea. Will I ever be able to use that garden soil again or should I just make a new garden?


Monroe County Pennsylvania 4 days ago

Apple diseases

Is cedar apple rust a problem in the Hillsboro Oregon area? We have a cedar tree and just planted two Crabapple trees. We hope to use the fruit in our cooking. Jim Kauppila


Washington County Oregon plant disease 4 days ago

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