Carrots- raw vs. hot pack

I made Dilled Carrots from the Ball Complete Guide to Home Preserving book. But...... I did not hot pack them this time. It is so much easier to pack jars nicely when it is not hot. Then I poured the boiling liquid over them and put them in the water bath canner for 15 minutes (higher elevation I added 5 minutes).

Then I started questioning myself, but I do think they should be okay. The liquid had boiled and the carrots were in the water bath sufficient time. Was this okay? If not I need to throw out 5 beautiful jars. Barb


Pueblo County CO 3 days ago

Ok to let aspen tree root sprouts grow?

I love aspens. If it was acceptable in my neighborhood, I would have a whole grove of them in my backyard. My neighbor currently has an aspen established near our property line. This year we've started to see many little root sprouts start to pop up in our yard, a few of the sprouts are in desirable locations.

Is there anything wrong with letting a couple of them grow?

What kind of spacing should we aim for between the aspen sprouts and existing trees and shrubs?

For your information, we're located in Firestone Colorado.


Weld County CO trees and shrubs 3 days ago


We canned some tuna and two jars did not Seal. They went through the process and are fully cooked. Is this safe to consume? Can we freeze it and eat it later? Thanks gorgeous your help


OR home food preservation food safety 3 days ago

safety practices

Good day I need some help with the following. List ten safety practices a child day care centre will need to adhere to. Divide these into indoor and outdoor applications


OUTSIDEUS 3 days ago

asparagus transplanting

I planted crowns in my greenhouse this spring. I currently have an asparagus fern forest growing. I would like to free up this greenhouse space for fall greens. Can i transplant the asparagus outside this fall? I was going to dig and remove the crown and as much of the associated soil. If not, can I remove and store the crowns and not lose a year of growing? Thanks Jim


Clark County WA 3 days ago

Tree identify

What kind of tree is in the attached



Kanabec County MN tree identification horticulture plant identification 3 days ago

Type of grass

Does anyone know what type of grass is in the photo? It has thick stems, purple veins



Nobles County MN 3 days ago

Black spots on Jack Frost Brunnera

Our Jack Frost Brunnera have developed black dry spots all over the leaves. The spots seem to be bordered by leaf veins. They have looked fine until late in the summer. Is there anything we can do to heal these plants? Thank you


Hennepin County MN 3 days ago

Oak Trees in Carroll County, MD

I would like to plant trees in my yard to provide food and habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife as well as to add fall color. Which oak trees do best in acidic, clay soil in the Piedmont region? I would like to grow trees that will be able to handle climate change and are not currently having a major problem with insects. I was thinking of Scarlet, Red, White and Willow oaks. Are these wise choices or should I consider Burr oaks or something else? I am planning on planting other trees as well.


Carroll County MD plant selection red oaks oak white oaks oak tree selection trees 3 days ago

What kind of tree is this?

Please tell me what kind of tree this is and how long of life does it typically have. The tree is approximately 17 years old and seems to be about 15 to 17 inches in diameter. We are looking to transplant this tree since it was a tree dedicated to student that passed away in 1999. Is there normally good success in transplanting at tree this large and this old? Thanks for you help. .


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Charles County MD 3 days ago

Canning tomatoes

I understand the Ball book is not considered up to date. Are we ok processing roma tomatoes in a water bath if we add lemon juice or vinegar?


Cowlitz County WA 3 days ago

Where to find peach trees

Where can I find peach tress in Maryland?


Montgomery County MD peach trees peach tree sources where to buy peach trees fruit 3 days ago


I have 3 ft. raised beds that have been filled yearly with garden soil mix from Lane Forest. It fails to product large tomatoes or potatoes. I use fertilizer as label calls for. What else can I add to it or do to help?


Lane County OR horticulture soil and fertility issues tomatoes 3 days ago

Planting maple trees where pine trees were removed.

I had a windbreak consisting of pine trees. Several trees were damaged and cut down. I would like to plant maple trees in place on the end of the windbreak. Will the maple trees grow on land that has had pine trees growing for the last 30 years?


Murray County MN 3 days ago

Leasing price per acre?

Kevin Comiskey <>

11:26 AM (35 minutes ago)
We fully own an EFU farm in Umpqua, (ten minutes west of Sutherlin on Garden Valley Road at Ft. MacKay, bordering on the Main Umpqua River). The 16-acre field we are talking about is fenced, flat, river-bottom land, already irrigated with Main Branch water rights and with a direct access road to the highway.

The field has lain fallow for about five years, with sheep occasionally being run on it to keep the grass down. It has not been certified organic, but could be.

A lavender farmer closeby wants to lease part of this pasture for a lavender field. She would like to pay $100/acre for 5 acres (to begin with), for ten years with an option to continue in 5-year increments. (We have no farm equipment or capital to invest in this.)
Our taxes for this piece of land are $1800/year.

Although this is exactly the crop and endeavor we would like to see in the field, she is intending to have events such as a yearly "lavender festival" and U-Pick days, and classes, such as wreath-making, in the field. (She is agreeing that all events must be cleared with us first. That is fine.

We want to have a formal lease with the abilities to amend later, and deeply want to accomodate these farmers; my question is this:

  • Is $100/acre a fair community-standard price for Capability Class I farmland, or should we hold out for a percentage of the gross after a few years of her getting established? Or get more an acre, considering how valuable this land is for growing and selling?



Douglas County OR small farm issues 3 days ago

Green tomatoes and rain

Will green tomatoes ripen once it starts raining? Should we pick them and ripen them inside? Suggestions?


Washington County OR horticulture tomatoes 3 days ago

Rotting blooms on Dahlias

My dahlias have been blooming profusely all summer. They still have a lot of blossoms, but in the last few weeks the blossoms are rotting on the stem and not opening. Also the leaves have a whitish film and are somewhat shriveled. These are in pots that I over wintered in the basement. What might be causing these problems?


Ramsey County MN dahlias plant health 3 days ago


We had two 8 foot arborvitae trees planted a few months ago. two questions: - when to fertilize them and what to use - one developed brown tips on branches about two square feet in area on one side about half way up the tree. I could send a photo if desired. Should we do anything about it? hanks, David


Howard County MD trees and shrubs establishment problems 3 days ago

Indoor jade plant dying?

Hello, Could you help me identify the problem my indoor potted jade is having? This plant is about 3 years old and 18 inches tall. For the last couple of months, the lower leaves have been getting scaly/scabby, turning yellow, and getting limp. I thought they might be overwatered, so I stopped watering about 3 weeks ago, but the process has slowly been rising upwards into the plant, with the younger leaves starting to show the same symptoms. Last night I unpotted the plant (following suggestions from this page:, but I didn't find wet soil or fungus. What do you suppose is going on with my jade, and how might I resolve it? Thanks!


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Multnomah County OR indoor gardening houseplants horticulture 3 days ago

Oregon White Oak companion plants

I am looking for a guide to native plants that are compatible with Oregon White Oak. We have a large oak in our back yard and would like to be mindful of what we plant.


Marion County OR climate forests woodlands plant selection horticulture 3 days ago


Hello. I have one section on my property where a fungus appears at the end of the season. I have lived in Bowie, MD for 3 years. The black spots appear on the leaves of Lilly of the Valley every year since I moved to Bowie. For the first time this year, black spots are on the hydrangeas, which are planted next to the Lilly of the Valley. My question is. If I transplant the hydrangeas to another part of my yard, which is fungus free, am I spreading the fungus to that part of the yard? In the spring of 2018, I hope to spray a fungicide in this area when the Lilly of the Valley start to sprout. Thank you.


Prince George's County MD hydrangea lily of the valley shrub leaf spots 3 days ago

need identification of pest, I have samples

We have a bug problem and I was wondering if someone there could help us identify it, I have several samples. Please call me as soon as you can, the sooner we treat the better. But I have been told you have to find out what your dealing with first. Appreciate any help you can offer Julie Simondet cell-612-201-2355 ok to LM but I should pick up thank you so much!!


Hennepin County MN 3 days ago

Russet mites infestation

Can you tell me what to do about russet mites? I have used nukeum and think we need to use something else as well. We have been using organic and natural products and hopefully will continue with organic products. This seems to be a great problem in this area this year. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you we are desperate to get rid of them. Rita Eastman Eugene oregon


Lane County OR horticulture insect issues 3 days ago

Crapemyrtle bark scale

I read an article that said to contact extension office if you have this pest. I believe it has spread from a crapemyrtle to other shrubs and has killed three miniature crapemyrtle. How do I get this under control? Thank you


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KY crape myrtles 3 days ago

Lots of Grain Beetle or something else?

Hello, We live in Rochester, MN. Our house is new constructed - 3 years old. Last year, we started noticing tiny bugs in the bathroom and sent a question to Ask an Expert. The bugs were identified as Grain Beetle's and was told that is fairly common in new construction homes. For some reason, this year we see tons of them - not just in the bathroom floors but on walls, living room floor and sinks. They are very tiny ( one or two were really big like 2 -3 times size average beetle). When I crush them, there is no liquid or blood but is more woody. My question is - Should I be worried about an infestation? If yes, what should i do. If this is common in new homes, how many more years can we expect this to last? We have two small kids and quite worried about this. Many thanks!


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Olmsted County MN 3 days ago

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