Planting grass seed mid-November

I live in Pikesville and neglected to plant the grass seed that I bought last month. It comes mixed with some kind of mulch. Is it better to plant it now (mid-November), with night-time temperatures close to freezing or below it, or to keep it in my unheated shed until the spring? Would it help to store it in the house? It is in a sealed plastic jug.


Baltimore County Maryland lawns and turf planting grass seed timing 7 days ago

tick bite

My husband has been bitten by a tick. We were able to get it off but wondered if it should be tested to see if it carries Lyme Disease. We also wondered if my husband needs to be seen by a doctor. He called his regular physician who did not give us a clear answer.


New Castle County Delaware 8 days ago

Aloe root rot

I bought an aloe plant from a local grocery store and immediately repotted it in a larger container as it was over growing the pot it was in. I expected some shock from being replanted but it never fully recovered. The leaves look somewhat better but they have a strong foul smell when broken off that I’ve never experienced before. I think it might have root rot. Does that sound correct and, if so, is there anything I can do to save the plant?


Linn County Oregon aloe subtropical plants 8 days ago

covering globe Colorado blue spruce

Should I cover my 2 globe Colorado blue spruce with burlap for winter?


Hennepin County Minnesota 8 days ago

Camellia Leaf Damage

I have two camellia plants that were planted early last summer. Within the last two weeks the leaves have gone from a healthy shiny green to a damaged brownish green. Both plants have extensive damage. Some leave are partially green but have small circles where the color has changed. These camellias are a more cold hardy variety. What is causing this sudden leaf damage?


Img_6842_300x300%2523 Img_6839_300x300%2523 Img_6840_300x300%2523

Washtenaw County Michigan 8 days ago

Winterberry Planting

Hi, I just cleared a bunch of buckthorn, and am now worried the ope space will just fill back in with more. I am looking for something to put in it's place, and love the red berries found in northern Minnesota. I am in Ramsey county, where I have a pond in the back and a portion of nature preserve a distance from the water. Is winterberry a decent option, and if so, what is the best way to commercially get them and beat time to plant? Thanks!



Ramsey County Minnesota 8 days ago

Sowing grass seed / laying sod

We’re having a covered porch addition built; at this time of year, the yard is totally mud now and when the project is done the contract says they will grade / seed the yard. But I’d like to have some ammunition to say that we definitely expect sod to be installed rather than seed. So my question is, in Louisville, what is an appropriate time of year for sowing grass seed and what is an appropriate time to install sod?


Jefferson County Kentucky lawns and turf 8 days ago

Winterizing Azaleas & Small Japanese Maples

Do I need to do anything to winterize small azalea bushes and small Japanese Maples which I planted this summer?


Genesee County Michigan trees and shrubs 8 days ago

Weeping pussy willow tree

This summer I planted a grafted weeping willow that is suppose to become more of a tree, instead of a bush. Its branches sweep out from the top and hang down like a fountain. They have grown so well and now they lay on the ground about 3 feet. TheRe are many catkin buds on all the branches too. I don't know whether to trim the branches or not.
I hate to get rid of so many of the buds if I trim the branches. And I don't want the tree to become a bush because I trimmed them. But I don't think they should lay on the ground either.
Should I cut them? If so, is now an ok time? And how should I prune this weeping pussy willow to retain it's tree shape?


Madison County Ohio 8 days ago

English boxwood care

Many of our English boxwood are covered by periwinkle. We are about to lightly mulch them. Should the ground over be removed ? At the same time we want to fertalize them and can’t seem to find a 10 6 4 fertalizer. What would be comparable? Is lime good to use?


Calvert County Maryland plant care shrub english boxwood fertilizer 8 days ago

White Prunicola Scale on Dogwood?

First year with a beautiful dogwood bush and noticed white dots on the bark this winter. Could that be the White Prunicola Scale? Is there a solution? or should I remove the plant and start again next year?



Arapahoe County Colorado 8 days ago

Japanese umbrella pine in a Michigan winter

Is there anything I should do to protect my Japanese Umbrella Pine from the Michigan winter? I planted a three year old in September. The soil is a sandy loam with an added wheelbarrow of organic compost and a pine needle mulch.


Livingston County Michigan trees and shrubs 8 days ago

Kill no glysophates.

How can I kill Salal safely. I have pets


Lane County Oregon horticulture pesticide safety 8 days ago

oak leaf as mulch

i want to prepare an area for a spring garden. I was going to spread newspaper out over the ground and cover with some sort of compost or mulch for the winter. then add soil amendments in the spring before planting. I have an abundance of oak leaves and maple leaves from trees in my back yard, will they work well as the mulch on the newspaper.?


Solano County California soil mulch 8 days ago

Helmet scale killing my Winter King Hawthorn tree

I need to find someone in or near Beulah, Michigan, to help me save my tree as I fear it may die from this infestation of helmet scale. Can you give me the names of some trusted and professional arborist who could help me?


Bay County Michigan 8 days ago

Lilac Care

I have a tall scraggly lilac in front of my house that needs help. Some of the branches don’t produce leaves and die off and it hardly produces flowers. Any idea what I can do to rejuvenate this beautiful plant?


Lane County Oregon lilac bushes 8 days ago

Equipment and baling cost (hay production)

I recently purchased a 115 hp cab tractor and a freeman 3 string small square baler. A co-worker of mine is wanting to use my equilment on his farm next year. I am not a farmer and have no clue what to charge. I am looking to find a fair fee to charge. I am considering doing the work myself and also possibly renting the equipment. From what I can tell, there are several ways to charge, I.E. per acre, per bale, and per hr. Being completely new at this, I dont want to sound greedy, and I dont want to find out later I was ripped off. The hay crop will be alfalfa, alfalfa/grass, or grass.


Klamath County Oregon field crops 8 days ago

Rock identification

Just wondering what rock is this? I've seen others like it that easily chips off in layers and and inside is reddish brown


Img_2069_300x300%2523 Img_2070_300x300%2523

geology 8 days ago

Identify plant and ? transplanting it.

I bought this beautiful plant several years ago, never expecting it to grow so huge. I've lost the label and my local garden shop is not sure what it is either. It is sensitive to frost, but survives w/out protection. Covered in yellow daisy-like blooms spring through summer, photo taken today shows new buds even in the fall. As seen in photo, it grows from one ground stem. I'm interested in moving it as it is crowding out the apple tree and garden space. Worried I will loose the bush if I try to move it. Any advice identifying and transplanting it is greatly appreciated.


Img_0490_300x300%2523 Img_0488_300x300%2523 Img_0489_300x300%2523

Coos County Oregon plant identification 9 days ago

Are cypress trees allelopathic? I have one in a pot that I want to transplant...

Are cypress trees allelopathic? I have one in a pot that I want to transplant but I'm afraid it would be too close to an ornamental tree. How far (or closely) can I transplant this little tree/


Linn County Oregon cypress trees 9 days ago

cranberry sauce leftover skins

Is there any recipe I can use the waste from making a smooth cranberry sauce?
TIA Karen


Plymouth County Massachusetts 9 days ago

overseeding lawn when

What are the best months for over seeding my lawn in the Portland area?


Washington County Oregon horticulture lawns and turf 9 days ago

Peach Tree Sap?

Good Morning , I was out looking at my peach tree this am and noticed that there is a bunch of brown gel/sap like substance coming out all over the tree. It started life as a nectarine tree but the deer girdled it and it came back up from the root stock(one section stayed as a nectarine but think I'm going to prune it off it is the last picture actually) and usually produces really good peaches, just late in the year end of sept. This year they never really ripened all the way. It does have leaf curl which i intend to spray for here in a month or so. Thanks, Doug Baxter, Pilot Rock


Peach_tree_a_300x300%2523 Peach_tree_b_300x300%2523 Peach_tree_300x300%2523

Umatilla County Oregon fruit trees horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 9 days ago

Pruning nectarine tree

I planted a dwarf nectarine tree last year and it hasn’t been pruned yet. From reading the previous notes I understand that the tree shouldn’t be pruinrd in winter, what’s the besttime of the year for pruning it ? Thank you


District of Columbia County District of Columbia pruning fruit plant care nectarine 9 days ago

When to prune

I have a Miss Kim Lilac and two Deutzia shrubs that have grown too big.

When is the best time to prune them and how far back can I go?

I'm not worried about missing a season of blooms.


Ottawa County Michigan trees and shrubs 9 days ago

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