Spruce dying!

My spruce is dying. I have two plants in very similar locations (south facing patio) and one is dying and the other one is hanging in there. I have not noticed any bugs or fungus on the plant, and am not sure what to do to save my little guy. Any advice? Is it already dead? Is this over/under watering? We replanted after the winter and both plants were flourishing with a lot of new green. Then a week back, this one turned the corner and started becoming brown/yellowish all over.



New York County NY trees and shrubs horticulture 10 days ago

Swimming pool water on vegetable garden

Over the weekend our neighbors large above ground pool split apart and dumped all the water into our yard and vegetable garden. Some of the plants have already died. If any plants survive is it safe to eat the food?


Jefferson County KY floods food safety 10 days ago

cottonwood dropping lots of leaves

the tree is located at 7300 feet (east of Crawford, CO); it seems that an inordinate amount of leaves are falling here now in the spring... most have yellowed, however some just show beginnings of yellowing.

Is this unusual for this cottonwood tree to be dropping what is an inordinate amount of leaves here in the spring time?

NOTE: there are many other cottonwoods in the same location/area (Guest Ranch), and they do NOT seem to be shedding the same or a similar or any leaves.

I know from my master gardener training that iron chlorosis could be a cause of the above noted behavior.

If your best conclusion is iron chlorosis, what are your recommended mitigating/corrective actions?

Thank you,

Smith Fork Ranch
Crawford, CO


Delta County CO trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Landscaping help

I'm redoing the landscaping around my home and I'm wondering if you know someone who can help me design the right layout?


Ramsey County MN landscape design 10 days ago

Professional Landscape Certification

Hello, I am a DC resident who is interested in obtaining a professional landscape certification. I am also researching using this training to enhance the employability of DC residents in economically depressed communities. The focus of the effort is to introduce the use of biophillic principles to the design and management of public spaces, specifically streetscape in "high traffic areas" to the residents and government of the District of Columbia as a means of not only improving air quality but also as a means to address the economic needs of these communities. I am interested your professional landscape certification program and want to know if there is a cost associated with the certification and also if there are opportunities for scholarships.


District of Columbia County DC 10 days ago

Dying Spruce Trees

Hi, I have spoken to you before regarding what I thought may be Zimmerman pine moths infecting spruce trees on my property west of Loveland. Three spruce trees died this spring and another is very dry looking and like it might also soon die. I have over 200 trees, mostly spruce trees with some austrian and scotch pines. I cut the dead trees down and found under the bark, voids or caves about 1/8" deep. They are not like tunnels but quite wide. I noticed fine sawdust on the base of the branch before I cut it down and found very small holes that lead into the voids. Any idea on what could be killing these trees. All other trees are showing signs of very good growth.


Larimer County CO trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Leaves Turning Yellow in Vegetable Garden

Hello, We moved to our property last December and inherited a sizeable vegetable garden. It was over-run with grass and weeds. We used round-up to kill all of it a little over two weeks before planting. We had the dead weeds cleared out and some additional soil tilled in about a week before we planted. The soil type seems to be clay. I just transplanted some plants into the garden last weekend. I bought them from a local farm on Saturday and planted them late that same evening. I watered quite a bit on Saturday. On Sunday evening we noticed a few bottom leaves turning yellow and two with sections turning white. I watered again and did deep watering by the roots. Yesterday, in the evening, I noticed that more leaves were turning yellow. I took a picture - please see attached. From top to bottom, I have pumpkin, zucchini and cucumber leaves. Do you know what could be going on with them? Thank you in advance for your help. Terry



Centre County PA horticulture 10 days ago

%$#@ squirrels

They have eaten my deck & railings, eaten thru the screen and trashed my porch, dug up my plants! I plan to try this:Squirrel deterrent The squirrel kryptonite is cayenne pepper. Cultivate your own or raid your pantry, and you’ll be well on your way to making any of these proven repellents. 1. Wet Repellent Fill a pot with 1 1/2 quarts of water, and bring it to a boil over the stove before adding 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, two chopped onions, and a single chopped jalapeño. Allow this mixture to boil for about 30 minutes, and then remove it from the heat. Let the mixture cool, strain out the vegetables, and pour the remains into a spray bottle using a funnel. Congratulations, you’ve just made pepper spray. Spray it in all the spots where you want to deter squirrels from venturing, such as flower beds, screened-in porches, and around bird feeders. Will it be safe to spray on begonias & around my herbs? Any other ideas? Thanks


Anne Arundel County MD squirrel repellent 10 days ago

Ash Trees

Who would I contact to examine ash trees for infestation of the Emerald Silver Ash Bore? We have 3 that were planted approx. 10 years ago.


Vanderburgh County IN trees and shrubs insect issues 10 days ago

Please can someone tell

Bought these from a carboot near me not sure if teeth or claws from what animal any help will be nice


Imag0333_300x300%2523 Imag0331_300x300%2523 Img-20160613-wa0011_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS 10 days ago

Not sure what it is

Just want to identify the plant. Some pictures look close to it, but still different.


1465903970113966821608_300x300%2523 1465903995935673682558_300x300%2523 146590408594342364428_300x300%2523

Bucks County PA 10 days ago

Unknown plant in my garden

I came across the seedling in one of my pots and out of curiosity, let it grow. Can someone please help me identify it?


20160614-160651_300x300%2523 20160614-160451_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS plant identification horticulture trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Which plant is this? Actually this is a tree. I have a lot of this one in my...

Which plant is this?
Actually this is a tree. I have a lot of this one in my garden.


Tia760392853_300x300%2523 20160614_110105_300x300%2523 20160614_110125_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS 11 days ago

Lettuce tip burn issue in indoor hydroponic

I am doing indoor hydroponic to grow some vegetables as a hobby but I always bumped into issue where all kind of vegetables that I grow has a common issue -- TIP BURN.

Here is my setup
Kratky method (non-circulating hydroponic) - 1 liter and 4 liters containers
Using two tubes of T5 6400K fluorescent light (21 watt) in 4X1 feet area (small area in my office desk) running 16 hours a day with timer.

Humidity is 55-60%
Temperature is 24-26 degree Celsius

Water and Nutrients
PH is about 6.2
Using A & B powdered nutrient that need to mix with water in separate container to be concentrated solution, then take each part of it to make up a complete hydroponic nutrient solution. I bought it from this site

Basically it is a 30-10-40 hydroponic nutrient which is quite different from people's recommend in terms of N-P-K ratio.
The nutrient that I have used, I have tried with EC = 1.0 and EC = 0.7 for growing lettuce (buttercrunch, red leaf lettuce, lollo bionda), but all having tip burn issue. The tip burn issue only happen on the older leaves, young leaves are looking fine.

After reading through many articles on the web, there is a question in my mind, some websites have summarized a table of what EC/cF/PPM to use for each type of vegetable, but there are plenty of hydroponic nutrient in the market with different N-P-K ratio, how does this N-P-K ratio impact the concentration of the nutrient in EC/cF/PPM? Recommended EC for lettuce is 0.8-1.2, is this EC value still valid since I am using pretty high N-P-K hydroponic nutrient? Comparing the nutrient that I am using and hydroponic nutrient with N-P-K of 3-1-2 as example, how different it is in terms of EC value?

Here is some photos of my plants, cherry belle radish, lollo bionda lettuce and red leaf lettuce. Please help!


Cherry_belle_radish_300x300%2523 Lollo_bionda_300x300%2523 Red_leaf_lettuce_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS hydroponics horticulture vegetable gardening 11 days ago

oak tree dropping leaves

My live oak has been dropping leaves and the leaves have a yellowish powder as well as some spots on them. I took some pictures that I can email


Img_1049_300x300%2523 Img_1051_300x300%2523

Kendall County TX 11 days ago


Can your tell me what is this name of this plant?
Thank you!


LA horticulture 11 days ago

How to control staple flies in an urban neighborhood.

The beginning of the heat wave memorial day caused a fly hatch in my neighborhood that caused my legs to be covered by seeping, scabby, long lasting wounds. I did some research and put a fly trap out only to discover a stable fly problem. My neighbors have a huge compost bin and spread hay in the yard instead of a lawn which appears to be a rich breeding ground. The other neighbors have a chicken coop. How do I responsibly control this fly problem in addition to the trap. . .and more importantly, let the neighbors know they are breeding flesh eating flies. I'd like to identify the fly with your assistance to substantiate my theory as well. Let me know how. Deb Keen


Multnomah County OR insect issues 11 days ago

Control of Cheat Grass near Sisters

We recently completed a residential new construction NE of Sisters. Where the land was undisturbed, there is a ample supply of native bunch grass. Where equipment disturbed the land, Cheat Grass came with a vengeance this Spring. We have regularly pulled the green, now dry Cheat grass, piled and covered to burn in the Fall. The question. Is there a spray product that can be applied in the Fall to inhibit seed germination for the Spring 2017, and not hurt the native grasses? Can Native grass seed be planted this October to winter over to Spring, with a Cheat Grass treatment applied? Thanks, Bruce Carpenter


Deschutes County OR weed issues 11 days ago

Hosta diseases

I contacted you with pictures of one of my customers Hosta in Sept. 2015 and was told it was Anthracnose . We were advised To cut off and destroy all infected leaves which we did and burnt them . These same Hosta and we think others in other parts of the garden are developing same symptoms. It seems it only affects one kind as they have a variety. Not sure name of Hosta but they are green and white more common type. Trying to find an expert who will come out and look? They live in Victoria in Carver County. Please can you advise me?


Carver County MN 11 days ago

Red bumps on maple leaves

My Autumn Blaze maple tree has recently developed red bumps on many of the leaves. Is this something to be concerned about? Should I take any action?



Hennepin County MN 11 days ago

What is this plant?

I got this as a gift, i want to know what it is. Thanks



OUTSIDEUS 11 days ago

What is this plant?

I got this as a gift... Can i know what it is?



OUTSIDEUS plant identification 11 days ago

Fern prst

Hello -do you know what could be causing this damage to my aunt's ferns? Then...what to do about it? Thanks, Jen


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Douglas County MN 11 days ago

Help identifying N. California native/naturalized plant

This small 18" perennial volunteered itself in a shaded garden near the Santa Cruz mountains. I'm guessing Penstemon sp. but not sure. The red and yellow flower has an unusual structure. Curious how to care for it and how big it will grow.


20160613_134345_300x300%2523 20160613_134231_300x300%2523

Santa Clara County CA horticulture lobelia 11 days ago

Forcing bulbs

I have had no luck the past couple of years planting bulbs (tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth) in containers in fall for the following spring. I don't know if I am not watering them enough throughout the winter, or what. I have read a bit about forcing bulbs by putting them in the freezer, but I am not sure how to go about it. I know this is not the ideal way, but spring flowers are among my favorites and I'd really like to try again. I'd like your feedback. Thanks in advance.


Hudson County NJ forcing bulbs 11 days ago

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