Potassium values in foods

I am suffering from Acute Renal Failure, but am not yet on dialysis. Since I can no longer take diauretics, my potassium has soared, and I have been told to restrict my potassium intake. I met with a dietician, but they were of little help. To restrict both sodium and potassium is difficult when working with lists from varying sources since quantities, types, sizes, and particulars vary. It seems impossible to find a list that cross-references both. On the other hand, I am sure others have faced this same dilemma. Where can I get this this information?



Westmoreland County PA food nutrition health and diet 20 days ago

asparagus mulch

would horse barn beddig be a good mulch for asparagus beds? It is mostly straw with some manure in it.Also do you cut off the shoots when they tund brown or leave them alone?


Prince George's County MD fruits and vegetables asparagus horticulture 20 days ago

Disposal of a Scots Pine infected with Diplodia

We have two large Scots pines that died this summer. Although the inciting event may be due to a number of things, we do know the pines were infected with diplodia and that the cambium does have staining associated with dipoldia. The question is: What are the best management practices for disposal of a pine infected with diplodia? Bruce Labno


Washington County MN horticulture pine diplodia 20 days ago

best mycorrhizal inoculant product - need advice

I'm in the market for a mycorrhizal inoculant as a soil amendment for a large restoration project; can you recommend either a web site, or a product, that is reliable for performance? I see a bunch of different companies offering these products, but in my research, I learned that performance and potency (viability of the live cultures) varies widely - and one should be careful to speck a product that has a strong track record of success.


Montgomery County MD 20 days ago

Mystery plant ID

Had a mystery plant pop up in my garden this summer. Submitted it here and got an answer ( ivy ) a month or two ago. Just dug it and a few others up.

It was a sweet potato.

Couldn't find a way to edit my last question, or contact the people that helped me id it.

Thank you again.


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Clark County WA 20 days ago

Educational program

I am starting back raising cattle now thathat I am "retired". I am aplying for cost-share funds through CAIP. I am trying to find an agricultural, financial, or educational program to attend before October 27, 2016 application deadline. Does anyone know of program opportunities in Shelby or surrounding counties. I am willing to go to Lexington, Odenton, etc. Help finding programs would be very appreciated.


KY kentucky cooperative extension agriculture 20 days ago

Orange frog or toad?

Hi, While pulling weeds and pumpkin vines in our Columbia, Maryland back yard, my husband came across a bright orange frog or toad about the size of the palm of his hand. It did hop away, but can not find any pictures that match it on the internet and we were wondering about the frog/toad and what you could tell us about it. We are ajacent to a creek, if that helps.


Howard County MD frogs 20 days ago

Plant type

This plant grows up from roots.



San Diego County CA plant identification wildflowers and native plants 20 days ago

A question of invasiveness

I spotted this flowering bush in the south of France (Amboise) this summer and wondered 1) what it is and 2) whether or not it would be invasive? It was thriving in a sheltered, sunny corner and it was about 4 feet high and several feet across. Could not tell how many plants were involved to fill that space. It acts like a touchmenot when the seed pods are disturbed, spreading seeds outward and the leaves within the pod curling up. I'd like to plant some in my yard (I have some seeds) but only if it doesn't pose a danger. Thanks.


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Anne Arundel County MD flower identification invasive impatiens balfourii flower pink and white touch me not touch me not flower 20 days ago

where can we find natural clay deposits in columbus area. we would like to...

where can we find natural clay deposits in columbus area. we would like to get 2 or 3 five gallon buckets for a scout troop. thank you for your time. tom


Franklin County OH clay soil soil 20 days ago


Hi, could you please tell me what I might use to to stop the effect of Rhizosphaera needle cast on an Engleman (or Colorado) Spruce? Thanks!


Polk County IA trees and shrubs spruce 20 days ago

Grubs in vegetable garden

I have been removing dying veg plants from my garden. This past summer i lost several tomato plants due to cut worms which I discovered after the fact. I have attached a picture of the most recent worms. I have used diatomaceous earth, coffee grounds, eggshells and installing can around the plants. These were 3 inches into the ground. In a 10 foot row I find more than 50 grubs. The birds are always present when I start to dig! Is there something I can do now to decrease the number in the soil now? I previously submitted this info but have not received and feedback.



Howard County MD insect pests vegetable garden grubs 20 days ago

Fruit from a pear tree

Could you please identify this type of pear and what kind of pear tree it comes from. The pear itself is a hard sweat pear. It matures in the fall and early winter. The fruit doesn't get any bigger that what the picture shows. About 2" wide and 3" long. It is multi-colored. Red and golden-brown color. If you need more information, please let me know. I have attached pictures below.
Thank you!


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Gladwin County MI fruit trees 20 days ago

My trees planted on my property line.

My neighbor wants me too cut my trees,witch are white pine and 30 years old,back too the line.What are my rights.He said that he is going to plow up to the line to plant.What are my rights.


Livingston County MI 20 days ago

Woodvine on Burr Oak

We have a very old Burr Oak that has a woodvine growing up it. The vine is now 3 - 5 years old and at least 20 feet high. Does it pose any threat to the health of the tree?


Hennepin County MN burr oak horticulture vine 20 days ago

Name of plant

Can you please help me to identify this plant?, it was found near a creek.



Austin County TX plant identification 20 days ago

Grafted pear tree planting

I had two grafted Chanticleer pear trees planted by a local gardening center. The trunk size is a little over 1 inch and about 9 feet tall. The graft is a couple of inches above ground level and is a little bigger than the trunk, but I do not see any root flare. Is this correct for grafted trees? I have read that a buried root flare can be slow death for a tree.


Allegheny County PA 20 days ago

Carpenters bees and vinyl fencing

I am throwing this 'Hail Mary' your folks' way, as I can't find a proper answer anywhere on the web. My Q. Can carpenter bees chew perfectly-circular holes through vinyl fencing? Background: I have carpenter bees: they have hit some unprotected wood under my eaves. The males 'guard' those 1/2" holes. But, I also have several perfectly round holes in my vinyl fence, and they are are more like 1 to 2 inches in diameter. Plus - there are male carpenter bees seemingly 'guarding' the entire perimeter of this fence. When I mow the grass, they often land on my hands, although they haven't bitten me yet. I don't think I want to find out how hard a wood-chewing bee bites! My personal two cents on this is that maybe there are wood slats running both vertically and horizontally inside the vinyl fence. Possibly, there are some exposed areas underneath (I can't tell - the fence hugs the ground), and the bees start there, drill vertically and then chew horizontally through the vinyl to egress. I hope you can shed some light on this issue. My interest is not simply a hard question about how to deal with these guys. Truth is, I am somewhat of a rarity in that I love all nature and, like the famous Dr. Albert Schweitzer, "I try not to step on ants." (I reason: If we have a 'God particle' that is so tiny we can only 'see' it by the movements of the sub-atomic particles around it, then what might be going on in the brain of an ant, which is trillions of times larger?" :) At any rate, I love all nature. I have two little critters that I live in complete symbiotic bliss with, 1) the "common house centipede" and (I'm pretty sure it's) 2) a "funnel spider", and of course the monster-sized spiders 'guarding' my porch lights outside. The centipedes come upstairs whenever it rains, and they sweep my house clean of all the not-so desirable little critters. Not to mention that both the centipede and the funnel spider are awesome to look at and watch. The centipedes remind me of little top-fuel dragsters, how they freeze, and then take off like maniacs. :) Their appendages are nothing short of resplendent. Hoping you'll take interest in the subject of (alleged plastic chewing bees), thanks for 'listening', and I'll look forward to any info you can come up with. Ken F. (The attached Centy Centinal ad is of my making, but the data is correct. :)



Lycoming County PA carpenter bees entomology 20 days ago

What is this plant called?


Can you tell me what this plant is please. It's in a garden in Dublin Ireland.



Img_20161003_120636986_300x300%2523 Img_20161003_120631074_300x300%2523

OUTSIDEUS landscape plants plant identification horticulture 20 days ago

What are these plant growing in my mulch?

What are these plant growing in my mulch? They seem to grow very rapidly in a day and then dry out?
The one pictured here grow 3-4 inches overnight.


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Hendricks County IN fungus identification mushroom identification 20 days ago

Gardening resources for Oregon

I am a Master Gardrner in Iowa, planning to move to Albany, OR in about a year. I would like to know what I need to do to become a MG in OR and some recommendations for books and other resources for gardening in that part of the state. I know it will be different from what I'm used to with Midwest weather. Thank you for your help. I look forward to being an active MG in Oregon!


Linn County OR master gardener program 20 days ago

Plant Identification

What plant is this, how tall will it grow and where is the best location for it
I am in Scotland



OUTSIDEUS potted plants horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials plant identification 20 days ago

plant identification

I am trying to figure out what type of plant this is so I can know how to care for it. My uncle gave it to me and he didn't know what it was. Any information would be helpful.


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MO houseplant identification horticulture 20 days ago

Lawn fertilizer

Hi I just moved to Loveland last springI have a small yard with grass turf. It is super compact soil with a high clay content. Would you recommend a good soil conditioner and fertilizer I could apply this fall to improve it? Thanks!


Larimer County CO lawns and turf 20 days ago

What is it?

Not sure what this is.. please help..


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Gwinnett County GA 20 days ago

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