What is this cocoon?

A neighbor found this cocoon in his Crepe Myrtle tree. It is about 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. Can you identify it? And should it be removed?



Carroll County Maryland insect identification polyphemus moth giant silk moth cecropia cecropia moth cocoon about 1 month ago

Pollinator Organic Native Flower Garden Residental

My garden is in Seat Pleasant Maryland. I would like to obtain a list of native pollination and nectar plants. I have four pollinators that I want to target, they are, batts,bees,birds and butterflies. Also a list of plants that are helpful to benefitual insects. My question is how do I incorporate these two lists to create my small patch of a biodiversity to the ecosystem? I would also like to know where I can buy these specific plants. Edit...
I will be more specific. My overall goal is to have continues blooms for as much of the growing season


Prince George's County Maryland pollinators beneficials plants for pollinators plants for beneficial insects beneficial insects about 1 month ago

We think it's order Hemiptera but we're stuck on the id

We found this guy in the kitchen, and are wondering what he is. From Dad's MSU circa 1960 courses, he went online and decided it's probably of the order Hemiptera, but we couldn't get any closer. Can you help? Thanks so much!


Img_1493_300x300%2523 Img_1489_300x300%2523

Oakland County Michigan about 1 month ago

All or most of the local gray squirrels are losing most or all of their hair....

All or most of the local gray squirrels are losing most or all of their hair. What is the problem? Will they recover? Everyone that comes to the bird feeders has significant hair loss.


Lake County Ohio squirrels about 1 month ago


I bought some herbs in potted plants at the grocery store and I was wondering when I can plant those outside I live in Williamsport Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania horticulture about 1 month ago

pre emergent lawn products , weeds, dog

what product should I use for my lawn for weed control and when to apply which will be safe for my dog ?thanks, David


Winnebago County Iowa about 1 month ago

Pitching out larvae?

Hi, On a hike yesterday on the Brice Creek Trail near Cottage Grove, came across this river of hard, breakable, not sticky white stuff cascading down a tree (Doug fir maybe?). Upon closer inspection, discovered .5-1.5 inch long larvae type things. All appeared dead. There was some variation in the color, from white to brown. What is this??? Thank you!!!!! Kate and Midori


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Lane County Oregon forestry about 1 month ago

Shade Loving Shrubs in Maryland

What deep shade loving shrubs grow best in Maryland? Specifically. in the Catonsville area.


Baltimore County Maryland shrubs shrubs for shade shrubs for deep shade about 1 month ago

Tulip poplar losing bark

Hello, I have a Tulip Poplar tree about 24 inches in diameter and possibly 80 feet tall. The lower sections of SW side of the tree have lost huge amounts of bark. There appears to be bark under it, but I can not tell if this is good bark or not. We have lived in our home for 15 years and this has never happened before. I do not see any insects and it is showing nomral signs for a spring bloom. I estimate enough bark has fallen off in chuncks to fill 4-5 five gallon buckets. The chuncks range in size from peanut to baseball size diameter. The tree does not appears to have any dead branches or other spots out of ordinary. We have 2 other puplar trees of this same approximate size about 50 feet away and they have not had this issue.

Is this something to worry about? I could not attach a picture to this website.

Thank you, Owen


Warrick County Indiana about 1 month ago

What happened to Marie Hill?

Recently I read Angela Y. Davis' book "If They Come in the Morning." In one chapter she outlines the cases of many Americans who were jailed because of their political opinions or their race. One of the cases she mentions is that of Marie Hill, a 15 year old black girl charged with murdering a middle-aged white man. She was denied a lawyer for a week and was coerced into signing a confession. Despite the prosecution failing to provide any evidence placing her at the scene of the crime, the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison. The most recent information I could find about her is from a Rolling Stone article from 1972. At the time it was written she had served three years in prison and requested that her lawyers give up trying to appeal the sentence because she would be up for parole soon. So what ever happened to Marie Hill? Was she released on parole? Is she still in prison (she'd be about 65 now)? Did she die in prison? What happened to Marie Hill?


Washtenaw County Michigan about 1 month ago

Eliminating major weed problem in perennial garden

Hi, Last year I moved into a house that had an established perennial flower garden. About 1/3 of the garden (maybe 150 sq. ft) has a few desired perennials that come in, but is mostly a major weed bed - completely out of control with a mix of weeds and grass. I'd like to get it under control and I'm okay wiping the slate completely clean (including losing the few desired plants). I'm just not sure what the best approach is without using chemicals (which I don't want to do). Will a simple mulch layer be enough to prevent the dense weed/grass layer from coming in this year, and if so, what kind of mulch? Should I do anything to prepare the ground before I mulch? Any other tips for someone desperate to reclaim this patch of ground? Thanks!


Benton County Oregon weed issues about 1 month ago

Dear resistant plants

Do you have a list of deer resistant plants for the Front range (Evergreen)? If so, please tell me where to get it.


Boulder County Colorado about 1 month ago

What kind of spider

Can you identify these spiderlings



Arkansas County Arkansas spiders about 1 month ago

Growing Purple Hopseed in Zones 8-9

I am interested in a privacy screen and do not want to use arbor vitae. In my California garden, purple hopseed worked beautifully and provided year round color as well as privacy. Does it grow well in Forest Grove area? Is it deciduous this far north or does it maintain it's foliage? How would it withstand some of our freezing winters (I'm assuming, due to climate change, that we will experience more of them)?


Washington County Oregon about 1 month ago

Lone Madrone needs diagnosis

Hello - I would like my gorgeous lone Madrone diagnosed, so that we can help bring it back- just in case it will benefit from something we can do for it. Do you know a arborist who is a Madrone specialist in the Ashland area whose contact info you could share with me? Home owner, Ashland Oregon Susan Martin 503-636-7735


Jackson County Oregon about 1 month ago

I have a question about a rock I found in my grandmothers basement

I found a heavy rock that you can fit in your hand and it is purple with black strips and red on the top what kind of rock is it and is it valuable?


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Suffolk County Massachusetts geology about 1 month ago

tree wrap

So rabbits ate the bark off the bottom 2 to 3 feet of our 5 year honeycrisp apple tree. No bark all around! Do I wrap it or? Would really like to save this tree. What do we do?


Manitowoc County Wisconsin about 1 month ago

Eruptions in our lawn

Portions of our lawn have these spots.Is this normal this time of year or is there something in the ground causes this?


Img_0254_300x300%2523 Img_0252_300x300%2523 Img_0253_300x300%2523

Lyon County Minnesota holes in lawn about 1 month ago

Unidentifiable annual or perennial coming up in Baltimore

Good afternoon, about 3 weeks ago, we noticed this plant coming up though the mulch and I cannot ID it. It must be an introduction because it doesn't match anything I've planted. I included a bottle cap for size reference. Please let me know if you need more info for proper ID.


Img_2551_300x300%2523 Img_2550_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland daffodils day lily weed perennial identification bulb identification about 1 month ago

Pruning Assistance

I have semi dwarf fruit trees and blueberries that I need to prune. However, I am terrified to prune because I really don't know what I am doing. Can an expert come out to my place and show me how to properly prune? 10 trees and 5 blueberry bushes.


Linn County Oregon pruning about 1 month ago

St. Augistine

I live in East Texas, I have an acre of land. Being in East Texas I have several pine trees along with hard wood trees. I have thinned them out but still have lots of shade. I have put down several pallets of St. Augustine much of it has not survived. The grass that has survived is not traveling or thickening up. I am mowing pretty high and I fertilize several times a year. In the heat of the summer I water at 4 am, I have sprinklers (7 stations), I set each station to water for 30 minutes three times a week. The ground is pretty sandy. I have areas where the St. Augustine was doing pretty well but now seems to be dieing off could that be due to all of the rain we had received in the past couple of years? Do I need to switch to a different type of grass? If so what would you recommend?


Smith County Texas about 1 month ago

Epsom Salts in the garden

Do you recommend using epsom salts in a Portland area yard and garden?


Washington County Oregon horticulture soil and fertility issues about 1 month ago

Do I need to treat for Emerald Ash Borer yet? (Loveland, Larimer County)

I read that EAB is now in Longmont. Are you recommending that we (southern Larimer County) start treating our trees yet?
Last year the CSU extension recommendation was that there was no need to treat our trees yet.
I've searched on your website and can't find any current recommendations.


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

How should I care for a "rambling" rose bush

There wad a big, rambling rose bush in the yard when I bought my house 2-3 years ago. Haven't done anything with it yet, but it's getting too big for its corner. What should I do to control and improve its appearance and plant health??


Howard County Maryland rose pruning rose care rose rambling rose about 1 month ago

Where to get a soil analysis?

Greetings, I live and garden in Veneta Oregon. I need to get my soil tested. Where can I do this? Thank you, Karen Scholler


Lane County Oregon soil and fertility issues about 1 month ago

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