How do I keep a house plant from getting too big? I have a poinsettia (from...

How do I keep a house plant from getting too big? I have a poinsettia (from Christmas 2014) that has gotten huge but I don't have room for it. Also, succulent plants as well. Is there a way to keep them alive but keep them small as is? Thanks! Allison


Hennepin County Minnesota houseplants 16 days ago

What is a good, durable grass that can endure birds, rabbits, pets, and light walking?

I removed the invasive weeds from my backyard. Very backbreaking work. So it rained in the middle of the night, and what a blessing. Now I am planting a flora garden with forsythia, roses (both vines and shrubs), daylilies, and hyacinth. The walkway will be a carpet of grass within the garden, approx. 50' long and 4' wide. What is a good, durable grass seed that can endure birds, rabbits, pets, and light use of walking?


St. Mary's County Maryland horticulture grass seed varieties 16 days ago


Good day. I live in West Palm Beach where there havebeen some terrible lightning storms lately. I live in a wooden home with many tall trees around it. A tall Norfolk Pine near me was recently struck and destroyed by lightning. I do have an external surge protector provided by Florida and Power Light, but I want to go beyond that and get a lightning protection system for my home, which will cover all potential entry areas including the structure itself, phone lines and cable lines. I have been told there is a safety downside, however, with protection systems in that they attract lightning. What do you recommend and what are the approximate costs of such a system? I am concerned about putting a lightning rod on the roof of a wooden home. Are my concerns justified? Finally, I have been trying to find out without success if when lightning strikes in a community that has lots of trees, will it strike a tall tree rather than a roof, if the trees are taller than the roof? I have always heard lightning is drawn to the tallest conductor. Is this true? Do trees provide a margin of safety? Thank you very much for sharing your time and expertise. It is sincerely appreciated. My email address is


Palm Beach County Florida home ownership new home design and construction lightning rod 16 days ago

mailbox landscaping

I have a mailbox that needs some sort of landscaping to beautify the two foot one foot area; need perennials that grow straight up to approx. 2.5'. Any suggestions. would like a few flowers and greenery.


Charles County Maryland plant selection 16 days ago

Sick Eastern Redbud tree

Two year old tree now has inverted leaves, with brown spots and holes on them. Bark appears ruptured and weeping a dark reddish color. Branch broke off in wind today and the inside has a dark spot in the center. Can this tree be saved? I live in Conshohocken, PA and the tree was from Berry Farms in TN and purchased at Lowes.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania 16 days ago

Is there county jurisdiction over building construction in State Parks?

Do I need to get any local permits for a premanufactured restroom building to be set on State Parks campground?

I know that State owned facilities goes to DSA for accessibility review. What other agency needs to review the project?


Alameda County California community planning and zoning 16 days ago


Good afternoon, My name is Stephen Pyta and I'm a staff writer with The Republican-Herald in Pottsville. This week I'm writing a story about orchards in Schuylkill County and how well they're doing this season. I'm also curious as to how orchards are doing across the state. Can someone from extension offer me some perspectives? My deadline is noon Friday. If you can contact me, please do. I'm at 570-628-6011 or you can send me an email at


Schuylkill County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs master gardener program 16 days ago

Oak Wilt

Are there any cases of oak wilt in the northwestern portions of Comal County. One of our residents is concerned about a dead tree near the low water crossing of the west branch of Rebecca Creek in our subdivision, the Springs at Rebecca Creek.

Donna Pool, Director
Springs at Rebecca Creek.


Comal County Texas horticulture trees and shrubs 16 days ago

Peach Issues

As a county agent in an urban county, I get several "backyard peach" questions

The most recent has stumped me somewhat

A gentlemen brought in several peaches from a "seasoned" tree (8-10 yrs old) that has always been very productive. This year in the panhandle has been an odd year due to low temperature and high levels of moisture.

These peaches are oozing a sap like substance all over. When opened, it appears that the pit area is molded throughout the area. Would this be something that originated in the bud and grew with the peach?

Any help would be appreciated (IMAGE ATTACHED)


Potter County Texas horticulture 16 days ago

rasperry canes

I need to get rid of my rasperry canes and due to ill heath cannot dig the roots out . Is there any other way of destroying them


Outside United States horticulture fruits and vegetables fruit 16 days ago

what is the difference between white fly and leaf hopper

what is the difference between white fly and leaf hopper


Outside United States insects entomology white fly leaf hopper 16 days ago

What is this and how do I kill it? Thanks!

What is this and how do I kill it? Thanks!


Dakota County Minnesota 16 days ago

killing carpenter ants

I have a carpenter ant infestation and have traced the trail and found the points of entry to their nest inside my house. What is the best way to kill the entire nest?


Clark County Washington ants carpenter ants 16 days ago

Greenhouse Drainage

I was recently put in charge of maintaining my department's greenhouse. We have a standing water problem which is leading to algal and moss growth. I was wondering if there were any creative ways to improve drainage without breaking the budget and having to have the cement floor replaced.


Lowndes County Georgia 16 days ago

false dandelions in horse pasture

The pasture my horse is in is full of false dandelion. It wasn't noticeable when the grass was green and before it sent up flower stalks. Now it is obvious. There is so much that I'm not sure he can graze without eating it. He does get fed hay regularly, but I'm still concerned. What is the best way to get rid of it, and how long will my horse need to stay out of the pasture? Thank You, Wendy


Lane County Oregon pastures and forages livestock 16 days ago


Please identify insect. Thing is huge. Client found it in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Just wants to know what it is.


Alpena County Michigan 16 days ago

What kind of grass is this?

I live in the Columbia area of Howard county, where the soil is very clayey. My lawn is loaded with this type of grass which sprouts in small clumps.


Howard County Maryland weed issues plant identification sedge kyllinga 16 days ago

Lawn weed identification

Can you identify the weed in the attached picture and, if so, provide information regarding measures to control it? Thank you.


Montgomery County Maryland weed issues weed control weed jlk jointhead grass 16 days ago

insection identification

Which insect is this?


Outside United States insect identification insect id 16 days ago

Cloudy spot s on Tomato

I have had this problem for the last few years, but only on some tomato plants, not all.
This year I have grown only 3 tomato plants, each one different varieties; two plants of medium size tomatoes and one large tomatoes. the two small tomatoes of the plants have fruit with "cloudy spots" (per your description). Is this caused only by stink bugs? Not caused by lack of nutrients in soil? Why only on the two plants? Is the fruit still edible?


Montgomery County Maryland vegetable tomato 16 days ago

Naturalizing a mountain slope

My mountain slope(about 1/2 acre) is partly shaded with poor rocky soil. I cleared a lot of poison ivy from it. Would like to grow fairly low growing grasses or other plants that will establish fairly quickly to help control slope erosion. Would be nice if it was good for wildlife too, including deer and not require too maintenance. Don't mind mowing infrequently. I don't need a nice lawn. Can you recommend some suggested species to plant and how to locate suppliers of native plant seeds. Thank you


Berkeley County West Virginia landscaping plant selection 16 days ago

Red bugs on butterfly weed

I planted several butterfly weeds in the hopes of providing a habitat for butterflies. Last week a couple of red bugs were on my plants. Now it looks like they had babies. What are they? What should I do? Will the plants still get butterflies? Thanks so much for any information you can provide!


Baltimore County Maryland flower butterfly weed nymphs of milkweed 16 days ago

Field Bind Weed

We have lots of bind weed growing in our front yard perennial meadows. It's such a fast grower and excellent at growing over our plants. I've tried smothering with mulch, pulling it out, and on occasion have used chemical. I really don't like the pesticide option because it kills everything and it's not possible to apply by hand in this instance. Do you know of any plants that work well to smother the plant? I have noticed our rabbit brush handle it fairly well as does our lambs ear. Any other options?
We live in West Arvada, Colorado.


Jefferson County Colorado horticulture weed issues 16 days ago

insect on my sweet corn

Never seen an insect look like this in Pennsylvania, can you identify?


Adams County Pennsylvania insect issues sweet corn 16 days ago

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