name of the plant?


I have a plant and dont know the name of it and dont know how to handle with the plant.
Who can help me?


Outside United States plant identification horticulture about 1 month ago

Soil testing for dangerous components to animals

I recently had a 9 month old mini pig die and we were unable to figure out the exact cause of death. She rooted in our yard and I would like to find out if there is anything in our soil that could have caused or contributed to her death. We are getting another mini pig and before I let our next pig root in our yard I would like to have the soil tested. What type of tests should I have done? Do you do this type of testing or would I have to send my samples somewhere else? I live in Howard County zip 20723. Can I do any research to see what my land was used for or if there was dumping of any kind in my area? Thank you


Howard County Maryland contaminated soil miscellaneous pig about 1 month ago

Scattering in a system

I'm curious about a thing. We know for example clouds are white as the scattering of light gives all wavelength coming together from it giving all colours that is white.

But i wonder, if we were a single very little particle in a cloud what we would see? All single colors (wavelength) coming towards us? thank you


Outside United States science weather about 1 month ago

is this a native or noxious weed

seems to have engulfed a couple of low trees on our coastal bysh lit. inclined to rip itviut as it looks "weed-like" but want to be sure we're not disturbing a native plant!


Outside United States about 1 month ago

Amaryllis plants

I have some lovely Amaryllis plants growing at the back of my house, but, no one but myself can appreciate them. Do you know if they can be re-positioned?


Outside United States horticulture about 1 month ago

Trees to plant in norther Minnesota

Hello - I have 20 acres in near the intersection of St. Louis, Koochiching and Itasca Counties. I have a mix of Poplar and Coniferous trees, I have a large open spot that I'd love to plant some maple trees. Someday my grandkids could tap them for syrup. What species of male would grow the best in this zone, should I plant saplings or lager trees, and how much space do they need, I don't want to crowd them. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. I am excited to do this,


St. Louis County Minnesota maple trees maple syrup tappng planting trees about 1 month ago

When to plant an apple tree

I see an article about how to plant an apple tree, but didn't see anything about when to plant one. Also, are their any apple varieties to stay away from?


Montgomery County Maryland planting fruit apple tree about 1 month ago

Identify prickly, invasive, low growing weed in Nehalem.

This weed is low to the ground in sandy soil. It is extremely prickly and the spikes stay in shoes. How can we eradicate it? It is growing rampant in our community. Suzanne Alexander


Tillamook County Oregon weed issues horticulture about 1 month ago


For about 10 yrs i've had cliva, now 2 pots. I know they should be crowded and very dry in winter, then bloom in spring. So: 1) why have mine sometimes bloomed in late summer and fall?; 2) why do outer leaves often flop down, begin to separate, then yellow and die? and 3) i've read that in winter should keep completely dry, but also to water lightly once a month - which do you recommend? thank you


Anne Arundel County Maryland houseplants clivia care about 1 month ago

good bug or bad bug?

I trimmed a branch off our our pin oak that was hanging over our woodpile so that I had to duck when bringing firewood to the house and noticed this honeycomb-looking possibly egg sac tucked in the branch of the tree. I have removed this one, but wondering if I should be looking for (and eliminating) more.. or if they are possibly beneficial? it was small, about the size of my thumb tip to first thumb knuckle.


Anne Arundel County Maryland beneficial insect assassin bug insect id about 1 month ago

What is his plant?!

What is his plant?!


Santa Clara County California plant identification horticulture about 1 month ago

Garden is like a pool

I have a garden where the broccoli heads were beginning to develop, and then all the rain came down hard for 2 weeks. Now the garden looks like a swimming pool; it isn't evaporating or draining, and now the leaves of my plants are wilted and unhappy. Advice?


DeKalb County Georgia about 1 month ago

Brown spots

why do i see brown spots in my front lawn? I started noticing it in December when the lawn should have gone dorment i thought ? I reseed some of the area in September and they are green and still growing as we have had a warm December on Long Island New York. Is there anything i cane do now to eliminate the brown spots or will they disaper in the spring ? I aerated this fall and put down malorganite and milky spore .

Thank you


Nassau County New York lawns and turf about 1 month ago

tulip poplar seeds stratification

I saved some tulip poplar seeds in the fall. I have them dry in ziplock bags in my refrigerator. Should I have stored them in damp paper towels or peat moss? Or will it soon be time to put them n damp peat moss?


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania about 1 month ago

Plant ID

Please help me identify this plant found along the roadside near Abiquiu, New Mexico. It was a large, woody shrub, approx 5-6 feet high and wide, arching, woody branches and very fragrant when pinched. I thought it was a sage, but it smelled strongly of hay as it dried. The leaves were very thin and a sage green color. It had tiny flowers which were already dead by the time I harvested the sample in June. The way it dried was as it looked blowing in the wind. I am hoping to harvest seeds from it and plant it in my backyard. Any info you can give me will be helpful.


Rio Arriba County New Mexico trees and shrubs plant identification about 1 month ago

what kind of tree is this?

I just purchased a home and have several trees in the yard but dont know what they are.


Maricopa County Arizona trees and shrubs plant identification about 1 month ago

Deer damage to grapes?

I want to plant garden grapes at our cabin in Wayne County. We have an abundant deer herd and I am concerned about browsing on the vines in the early years. I have the Extension bulletin on growing grapes but it doesn't mention protection from wildlife on the vines. Do you have any suggestions - is protection necessary, what should I use? Thanks in advance.


Wayne County Iowa about 1 month ago

Mock Interview

What all do you have to do?


Hart County Kentucky interviewing hart county kentucky mock interview about 1 month ago

How to grow turmeric in Colorado

I live in Boulder County and would like to grow turmeric in my garden bed. My goal is to use the turmeric for juicing. Do you have any advice or resources in support of that? Thanks. Joe


Boulder County Colorado about 1 month ago

Plum pockets

Last spring I was sent information about plum pockets, but my computer crashed and I lost it. Could you please resend my information on how too treat this problem. Thank you Tom kaiser


Dakota County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Penny royal

I have several large raised beds used for vegetables. Most years I cover them with shredded leaves after the plants are removed. This year it did not happen because the fall was so wet most of the leaves did not get shredded. Now i find those that were not covered are matted with penny royal which seems to grow all winter. I am thinking of spraying them with Weed-B-gone. Is that a good choice? Or something else?


Montgomery County Maryland weed penny royal vegetable bed about 1 month ago

what is this

which plant is this


Outside United States houseplants plant identification about 1 month ago

Locust tree seed pods

Why does my locust tree produce tons of pods in some years and none in others? Can I stop all production of pods?


Johnson County Kansas trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

soil test

when do you have soil tested?how long does it take for compost or fertilizer to put needed nutreince into michigan


Bay County Michigan soil testing about 1 month ago

Oxygen Production of Montezuma Cypress

I am preparing to write a blog post and include photos on my website, about El Tule, the majestic Montezuma Cypress in Oaxaca, Mexico.

I am curious to know if there is any notion as to how much oxygen a Montezuma Cypress might produce.


Michael Kardos


Outside United States trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

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