Plant identification - possible invasive?

Two photos attached show a plant growing in semi-shade, entwining within a chain link fence. The composite photo shows the overall aspect of the plant, plus close-up views of its leaves, berries, and blossoms. The stem is tending toward woody (a partially mature plant?). A Master Gardeners information sheet distributed by Montgomery County describing Invasives of Concern shows Oriental Bittersweet, which most resembles the plant on my property, but I'd like to ask your expert opinion in identifying this vine-like plant. Thanks for any information you can supply.


Montgomery County Maryland vine plant id bittersweet nightshade climbing nightshade 15 days ago

friut juices

I would like to start drinking pomegranate juice (maybe with another juice added in it), what would be a good product name to look for? I have purchased Northland juice, but it looks like it has a lot of sugar, 26 grams per 8 ounces, is that a lot of sugar? I don't have a juicer, so any suggestions would be very helpful. thank you


Jones County Iowa 15 days ago

Tomato problem

I have 5 large containers on my southwest facing deck where I grow tomatoes. Three early girl and 2 cherry. The plants all have fruit but the foliage on most all is badly eaten by something. I have pruned off the dead foliage and there is not much foliage left. The cherry plants seem to be in better shape. I am attaching photos. Can you suggest a solution so I can maximize my harvest and I don't lose these guys? I water daily and fertilize once per week. Thank you. Bill


Howard County Maryland vegetable septoria on tomato 15 days ago

tomato plants dying

My yellow pears keep dying. They look good, but then they start turning yellow and dying from the bottom on up. And it's odd b/c new leaves will be forming but the entire plant looks wilted while the bottom branches are yellow. This has happened with several of these plants. There is plenty of water, no sign of mold, and i did a mini autopsy on one of the dead plants and found no bugs that would be the cause of it. I started the first batch from seeds, but this second one was a rogue one from the plant last year, so I don't think it has to do with the original seed planting. There are other varieties of tomatoes in the same raised bed planter and they are thriving (roma and yellow jubilee).


Baltimore Maryland vegetable tomato 15 days ago

Biting midges in my home

Despite the response to another question about biting gnats. Ii clearly have them living in my home. Tiny specks on my bathroom floor can be identified as such viewed with a magnifying glass. Permethrin spray and a variety of foggers have not been effective. This problem has been going on for two years.

In May following a reaction with small sores, the flies caused them to become deep lesions that are only now healing. It has taken over two months.

Please help me prevent this from happening again.


Pulaski County Arkansas insect issues urban integrated pest management 15 days ago

Up until 2 to 3 weeks ago, I had a beautiful weed free lawn. Now I have...

Up until 2 to 3 weeks ago, I had a beautiful weed free lawn. Now I have several circular patches of a grass-like invasion, that seems to be smothering the nice grass that was there. They seem to lay close to the ground and fan out, and are thicker grass like blades. It is not crab grass. Any suggestions to deal with this would be appreciated.


Scott County Minnesota 15 days ago

Aphids on Aspen tree

I live in Bend. I have a "sick" aspen tree. The tree stands about 15 to 20 foot tall and is a tree that has grown out of a larger stump that was cut down before we moved in. Each summer is gets what I think are aphids and the tree is covered in sticky stuff. I have noticed some ladybugs on the tree but there are probably not enough to help. Is the sticky stuff caused by the aphid infestation? I used some fertilizer spikes this year in hopes of it not happening but it did. Any suggestions on an "easy" fix. The tree is actually a neighbors but hangs into my yard. The neighbor really does not care about the tree so I feel I can do whatever.


Deschutes County Oregon trees and shrubs 15 days ago

Four years ago I planted two plums - a Toka and an Alderman. I have yet to...

Four years ago I planted two plums - a Toka and an Alderman. I have yet to harvest a single fruit. The first year the Alderman suffered rabbit damage and did not flower. The second year, it also did not flower appreciably. The third year, they both flowered well (although the Toka was earlier than the Alderman, they did overlap) but no fruit developed (not even tiny fruit). This year they both flowered well, and at the same time. There were pollinators around. The trees are about 15-20 ft apart. The Toka is in full sun, and the alderman is partly shaded by a birch. This year the Toka had not a single plum develop on it and the Alderman had about a dozen. A few have dropped and a few (probably 5 or 6) are still hanging on. My neighbor down the street planted a Toka and an Alderman at the same time I did (we were told they were good pollination partners). Hers are espaliered on the south side of her house, and their branches are intertwined (and she also had pollinating insects around when they were flowering, which they did profusely). She had a handful of plums the first year, and none for the past three years. She had glorious bloom, then many, many tiny plums. But, by this time, there are no plums left on it. They had been looking normal - no bugs or obvious problems. Then, they disappear (most drop, maybe some are eaten) when they are still green and about 2 inches long. Because it is fruit drop, I wonder if it is a pollination issue. I thought these two were supposed to be a good pollination pair. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and what can be done? Thank you!


Hennepin County Minnesota 15 days ago

insect identification

Please identify winged insect found on my entry floor. May have been stepped on. Not sure how it got into house. Crawled in or came in on person's shoe. Is it queen ant? Rare to see queen ant above ground? Couldn't be a termite? Hope photos help. Thanks for reply.


Howard County Maryland insect id 15 days ago

More storing potatoes

Can the potatoes be stored in the ground until you harvest them for eating?


Josephine County Oregon 15 days ago

Some years ago we and two neighbors had an Aster Yellows problem on...

Some years ago we and two neighbors had an Aster Yellows problem on Coneflower. This year we're seeing yellow petals on our coreopsis that we are wondering about. The plant itself is not green, and the little petals in the pics that start green actually turn yellow, but they still look odd to us. Any help appreciated. I have another pic where the odd yellow center petals look somewhat whorled and not straight as seen in the first photo. The twisted ones are not common in the patch. I don't know if random petals coming out of the center area is normal for a coreopsis.


Anoka County Minnesota 15 days ago

mysterious snake

In my yard today as i was playing with my 4 year old and stumbled upon this not so plesant snake. Unfortunatly no one has been able to identify it for me. Plz help as i have children im very worried about being outside.


Monroe County Pennsylvania eastern garter snake thamnophis sirtalis 15 days ago

Yellow water

We live in the county and have well water. The well was drilled 18 years ago when the house was built and the water has been fine until about 3 weeks ago. The water has a slight yellow tinge. What would be potential causes?


Wicomico County Maryland 15 days ago

Climbing Rose

Hi there,

It is pruning time in NZ and I have a small dilemma. I have a climbing rose "High Noon" that is 50 years old and has had 10 or so house moves. It now only has three very old very woody main stems (2-3 cm in diameter) and all of the flowers are at the end of spindly old wood. Can I prune right back to the crown and hope for new growth? I don't want to kill it but it isn't doing a lot the way it is. Hoping you can advise me. Many thanks


Outside United States horticulture flowers : annuals and herbaceous perennials roses 15 days ago

Raised vegetable garden beds

What are the risks, if any, of using treated lumber in the construction of a raised vegetable garden bed?


Clinton County Michigan 15 days ago

Crab Apple

I noticed the leaves on my crab apple were blotchy when I took a closer look they look like they have blisters and it looks like something is growing out of the leaf. I have a cedar tree that is dying near by, I will cut down the cedar tree this weekend. Is my Crab Apple tree suffering from cedar apple rust? If so can I fight the disease or am I going to lose the Crab Apple tree?


Outside United States horticulture disease issues 15 days ago

Japanese Stilt Grass and other invasives

We are being overrun by stilt grass, mile a minute and some kind of violet. Is there any way to stop their constant progress into our yard? I do not use chemicals at this time because we are 1700 ft from Loch Raven Resivior


Alaska wild violet invasives stilt grass mile a minute 15 days ago

Can bees hear?

Every week as I'm mowing with my lawn tractor, it seems as if I'm running over a fair number of bees with my front tires. They are usually on a clover flower, and do not move as I approach them. The mower makes a fair amount of noise and vibration as it approaches, and other bugs and frogs move out of the way well before I get there. Can bees hear, or feel vibrations in the air?


Boone County Missouri bees 15 days ago

toxin in soil

how can we can soil tested if we think someone is adding toxin to the soil to kill a creep myrtle? the property is located in New York but we live here in Maryland. I brought some soil samples home with me thinking that there is some way to test for any toxin.


Anne Arundel County Maryland pesticide shrub soil testing for toxins 15 days ago

Browning spiraea

I got a goldflame spiraea and a gold mound about a month ago. They looked good but are now starting to have leaves turn brown. It had been a drought year but I water them a lot I see they have grown and keep flowering. It seems the inside of the plant is dying on me. Any advice? I have never had these plants before


master gardener program gardening spirea spirea goldflame 15 days ago

Eradicating sand burrs, need help

The local lawn and pest company spokesman says he has personally tried everything including Image, Celsius, burning, etc. and cannot get results. Can these actually be removed from an acre or do I have to move? Thanks, Beverly


Texas 15 days ago

What is wrong with my peas?

What is wrong with my peas?


Otter Tail County Minnesota 15 days ago

This is my second email. I don't know if my first email went through. Can you...

This is my second email. I don't know if my first email went through. Can you tell me what is what is wrong with my 10 year old Apple tree?


Washington County Minnesota apple trees 15 days ago

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