growing daikon radish

Hi. One of my gardens is in a 100 year flood plain. While it rarely floods the field does not drain well. I'm working to compost it and would like to plant something that will help aerate the soil for other crops. I'm attaching the soil test. Do you think daikon radishes would work?



Frederick County Maryland cover crops vegetables plant care daikon radishes flood plain about 1 month ago

Dwarf fruit trees

I have a small yard but would love to have several kinds of fruit trees. Are dwarf fruit trees a good option? Also would a dwarf honey crisp tree self pollinate? Does it pollinate with other fruit trees? Which trees are self pollinating and which are not? What is your opinion of dwarf plum, peach, pear or cherry trees in Minnesota? What should I plan on space wise for each tree? I am no longer young and would have trouble picking fruit from a full size tree so, besides yard space, this is probably my best option. Thank you


Hennepin County Minnesota fruit trees about 1 month ago

Vegetable garden soul testing

How do i obtain testing if my vegetable garden soil? How many samples, how to dig samples, any other suggestions? Do i need special bags from the extension office?


Scott County Kentucky scott county kentucky horticulture soil testing about 1 month ago




El Paso County Colorado about 1 month ago

Somethings killing my tree

I recently noticed damage to the trunk of a tree in my front yard. I’m pretty aware of change to our plants so I don’t think this took long. The tree appears to be rotting and the bark is falling off. I noticed some ants and was even bitten a few times but didn’t see a large number of them. Please help! We already lost a tree from Hurricane Matthew. I don’t want to lose another!


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Chatham County Georgia trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

What kind of spider is this

It bit my daughter


Duval County Florida about 1 month ago

Which trees to plant?

New to Maryland, but grew up with a family peach and apple orchard out west. Looking to plant 4-5 trees in northern Baltimore county--which varieties should I plant and where should I buy them? I've read the suggested resources on this site (very well written), but what would the experts recommend for personal use? I have a couple of acres and a nice sloping hill that faces north and needs a few trees on it. Also, we like to can our fruit and share with neighbors/community.


Baltimore County Maryland fruit fruit trees selecting fruit tree varieties sources for fruit trees plant care about 1 month ago

Vaccinium membranaceum grafting

From what I have read of Vaccinium membranaceum, it can be a tricky plant to cultivate from seeds, or cuttings. I was wanting to experiment with various grafting of V membranaceum to rootstocks but have no idea how to determine compatible rootstocks to graft to. Do you have any suggestions where to start?? Thank you for your time. The lippke's


Lane County Oregon horticulture huckleberry about 1 month ago

old grape vine

Transplant an existing old grape vine. How much of the root system do we need to dig up?


Clackamas County Oregon about 1 month ago

Mirro 22 qt canner new spinning jiggler

There are no official instructions for how this is supposed to work. Online, people who have called the company say they were told that the canner should vent 3 or 4 times per minute--which seems to me would mean that the pressure is rising and falling. On the other hand, there are youtube videos of these canners under pressure with the jiggler continuously spinning gently. I tried that with only water in it and it is incredibly difficult to achieve. Last weekend I canned 22 pints of tuna in it with the spinner venting about every 20-25 seconds. Also, during my testing this morning, it started venting rusty water drops.I am concerned about the safety of this canner. Do you know anything about it? Thanks for any light you can shed on this! Laura Kreft North Bend, OR


Coos County Oregon home food preservation food safety about 1 month ago

since yesterday I have been bombarded with tiny flying bugs. they seem to...

since yesterday I have been bombarded with tiny flying bugs. they seem to gravitate to food. I keep my house very clean. To me they look like baby flies. I have seen them in all areas of the house but mostly in the kitchen countertops and windows. any idea?


Lucas County Ohio about 1 month ago

Rain Garden Consulting

I have a rain water problem where my neighbors sump pump pumps water over to my property into my garage. I'm trying to determine if a rain garden would help, by directing tyhe sump effluent to the rain garden. Does the Ext. Service provide consulting or can you recommend a outside concern, I;m willing to pay fo an evaluation, Thanks Dan DiGuglielmo Wilm., DE


New Castle County Delaware rain gardens about 1 month ago

How to trim a Contender Peach to encourage fruit production

Hello, I have had a Contender Peach tree in the ground for 3 years. We have gone through 2 spring cycles and have yet to see any flower blossoms in the spring. I was recently reading about a peach tree needing to be trimmed into a vase like shape in order to encourage fruit production. Should I be trimming my central leader and if so, where would I place the cut? Thank you!



Scott County Minnesota fruit trees peach trees failure to flower about 1 month ago

Pruning Blueberry Plants

Hello I have some 15 mature blueberry plants (6+ years old) that need correct pruning. Although I do prune each year in late winter, I am sure I am not doing it properly. Do you have any U-Tube or other web site that provide a visual guide to pruning? I think I need a video or such to acquire the proper technique. Thank you,


Frederick County Maryland blueberries blueberry pruning fruit about 1 month ago

Perennial Wild Flowers

Hello I would like to plant perennial, drought resistant flowers along my long property line. Could you recommend a perennial variety that is drought resistant? I have such a long property line that I would need seeds for planting. I get full sun in this locations. Thank you


Frederick County Maryland coreopsis baptisia echinacea drought resistant perennials eupatorium monard oenothera amsonia drought resistant wild flowers wildflowers and natives yarrlow amsonia tabernaemontana heliopsis helianthoisdes rudbeckia about 1 month ago

Inside fly infestation need species

We've been battling an unknown fly infestation. We've tried treatments for fruit fly and drain fly to no avail. Can someone identify this type of tiny fly?


Img_20180211_094115_300x300%2523 Img_20180211_094102_300x300%2523

York County South Carolina about 1 month ago

Juniper fertilizer

I want to fertilize my Juniper hedge which is about 20 ft. long along my deck. I have a Schultz fertilizer for Camellia, Azalea, Juniper, etc. that is 33-11-11. I have a Hy-Yield fertilizer for the same list of plants, this is 4-8-8. Now if 33-11-11 is good for my plants then the 4-8-8 (a polar opposite) must be bad. I also have a Woodburn Fertilizer for the same list of plants that is 5-6-7. This is all very confusing. So, if all three above are suitable for the Juniper, why isn’t 16-16-16 just as good, or possibly better for all plants? This is extremely confusing. I hope you can shed some light on the proper care for my Juniper. Thank you, Earle Culbertson


Clackamas County Oregon soil test fertilizer about 1 month ago

Is this a shroom

I was out walking in the woods until I came across some white big mushrooms without a skirt not knowing if these are edible and if there magic mushrooms or poisonous hope to hear from you soon thank you


20180211_013353_300x300%2523 20180211_013332_300x300%2523

Muscogee County Georgia about 1 month ago

What kind of plant is this

This plant started coming up in my yard. What is it and should I get rid of it. It seems to be spreading and I worry it is invasive



Washington County Oregon plant identification cyclamen about 1 month ago

I need the name of this weed???

I request u to name this weed which I have sent u images please I need the name of this weed


Img-20180210-wa0006_300x300%2523 Img-20180210-wa0004_300x300%2523 Img-20180210-wa0005_300x300%2523

Indiana weed identification about 1 month ago

I need the name of this weed ?????

I want this weed name n I want to upload an image , I think it's polygala fruitcosa


Indiana about 1 month ago

Water use; Farmers vs. home gardeners

Can you find information that provides statistics about why farming/agriculture in New Mexico(preferred) uses more water than home gardening?
Perhaps providing some statistics? For example farmers may irrigate using miles of open ditches which are open to sunshine and heat causing evaporation,
while home gardeners can direct the water right to the plants.



Colorado about 1 month ago

replant a fern

Having a fern that got "shaggy" looking and a little dried out is there any way to bring it back to health?? Can it be cut back and it will regrow or??


Ramsey County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Asian beetle and hybernation

Do these beetles hibernate?


Rankin County Mississippi about 1 month ago

inside of baked russet potatoes has big black streaks

I bought a big bag of very large russet potatoes. I baked five of them and when I cut them open there were large streaks of black stuff through all of them (see photo). A week prior to baking these, I used some other potatoes from this same bag to make a casserole using raw potato slices; after peeling and slicing the potatoes there was no evidence of this. These baked potatoes were only a week older than the potatoes I sliced which were fine. I have never seen this before in a potato. What is it?



Summit County Colorado about 1 month ago

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