Scotch Broom

About 1/2 mile from me, there are at least a few acres of scotch broom that is making it's way to my property. I live on Brewster Rd. in Lebanon, the property I'm talking about is just over the Grant Street Bridge about a mile from Grant and Main Street. I live further past the property, closer to Payne Drive. The property had a big grove of Cottonwoods until a few years ago, then they were harvested and the scotch broom appeared. I have watched it pop up everywhere and i now have it in my pasture. Is their a count y authority to contact that would force the owner to get rid of it?


Linn County OR weed issues invasive species 13 days ago

Kwanzan flowering cherry tree

I recently planted a Kwanzan flowering tree in my yard. A short time after planting the tree I noticed the tips of all the leaves turned brown. Not the entire leaf yet but just the tips. It's obvious that something isn't right. Any suggestions of what is going on and how to fix it before the tree dies?


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San Mateo County CA tree kwanzan cherry tree 13 days ago

palm problems

I have a palm, indoors, it grew beautiful shoots. I thought it was doing well, Now the shoots are drying up. Could you help with what might be wrong? Thank you, Nancy Schreibe


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Winona County MN horticulture container gardening 13 days ago

Dying shrub?

Hi, I have a large evergreen shrub which has always done well. I think it is a ewe. It's about 6-7' tall and around. I noticed last week that the lower 2-3 ft of the shrub is brown. I looked inside the shrub and saw that all of the needles inside the shrub are either brown or have fallen off. There only green needles on the exterior of the shrub. Do you think it's dying? Do you think there is any hope of recovery? I was going to plant some shrub roses in front of the shrub, but now if it's almost dead and I have to remove it and plant a different shrub there, I might wait, Thanks. I could send you a photo if that would help. Anne Kollmeyer


Hennepin County MN 13 days ago

Mushroom Question

Hello, I discovered a mushroom growing in one of my cucumber pots. It's about a day old and 3 inches tall. Got the potting soil from walmart and it's been incredibly rainy the last few weeks. I was directed to this service by my local librarian. She said you might be able to help identify it. Thanks!


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Wicomico County MD plant id mushroom vegetable 13 days ago

I have a two acre farm pond with about fifty catfish over two pounds . I also...

I have a two acre farm pond with about fifty catfish over two pounds . I also have some fifteen inch bass. I have not been able to get the cats to spawn. Will the catfish be free fish or will they upset the pond balance?


Darke County OH pond management pond aquaculture 13 days ago

What is this weed?

What is this plant, and will Roundup kill it?



Baraga County MI weed issues plant identification 13 days ago

I have a farm pond that has about fifty three pound catfish in a two acre...

I have a farm pond that has about fifty three pound catfish in a two acre pond. Are they free fish or do they act as predators and upset my fish environment? I have not been able to get to spawn. I have some fifteen inch bass.


Darke County OH 13 days ago


Hello I was hoping you could help me out. A friend had given me some seeds of his wisteria and said it would probably take years to bloom. When I asked what I could use for a trellis he said he had to be strong and listed off a few things. He mentioned it could climb up a tree. I asked if that would kill the tree and he had said no. So guess where I planted it?! I think he unestermated Floridas happy climate for plants. It's been about 3years and it has completely taken over my maple tree! It's now growing over to my neighbors tree and it has to be cut. Surprisingly it bloomed already and smelled beautiful! Now that I know It needs to be pruned and trained I can manage it better. My question is what can I do with it now? If we were to build a heavy trellis about 8feet from the tree can we cut it and train it to swing over to the trellis and grow onto it? It's so established I don't want to try to transplant it and I don't think we can even do that. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Linda Falion


Pinellas County FL 13 days ago

Peony bloom blight?

Hello, I have a herbaceous peony that is about four years old. Every May it blooms very well with no issues, but this time the petals are turning brown prematurely and they are slow to open. In open blooms the interiors are also brown. I see no sign of mold or any visible fungal issues. We have very bad problems with Western Flower Thrips around here, but I don't see any on close inspection. I've seen something just like it on Camellias but an image search shows nothing for peony petal blight. Thank you.


El Dorado County CA gardening peony 13 days ago

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

These caterpillars are attacking my church's garden - stripped the leaves off of one plant. I noted that a comment about them in a recent IPM report. Is there any control you recommend? THanks.


Baltimore County MD insect issues shrub eastern tent caterpillar 13 days ago

Pink lady Apple trees

Will pink Lady apple trees grow in Minnesota? I saw one for sale a couple weeks ago at Tractor Supply. They no longer have them, and I can't find them anywhere. I should have bought it then. Thanks, Toni Sower-Christensen


Chisago County MN 13 days ago

Killing bindweed in a small vegetable patch

A person in a hardware store advised me to buy Ortho Weed B Gone to use to kill an explosion of bindweed. I was assured there would be no residual effects,that if applied twice in one week it would kill the bindweed not causing any problems with the product staying in the soil. (I'm concerned because I plan to grow vegetables in this site.)
Is this true or not?
Thank you!


Arapahoe County CO 13 days ago

tomatoes planted in pots

What kind of soil should be used to plants tomatoes in pots and what kind and how often should they be fertilized?


Jackson County OR fruits and vegetables 13 days ago


. I would like to know what this plant is in my garden



Clark County NV plant identification 13 days ago

Cant identify this weed

Looked at all kinds of pictures on various sites and cant find this one. What is it and is it safe because my dog likes to eat it. Thanks Diane



Hennepin County MN weed identification 13 days ago

Cottonwood tree roots

My neighbor has a cottonwood tree right next to the fence and I am getting roots and shoots all over my yard which are buckling my concrete curbing and presents a hazard to my kids running around in the grass. I am afraid the roots will eventually break the fence as well. What can I do to get rid of these shoots and keep the roots from damaging my landscaping and fence?


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Weber County UT trees and shrubs 13 days ago


What tree do well in Pueblo. I'm swaying toward some type of red maple. There are several different varieties. Which would be the best for Pueblo. Maybe another type of tree would be better. I was just hoping for something with colorful foliage in the fall. Could you give me some suggestions?




Pueblo County CO trees and shrubs 13 days ago

Chemical thinning Apple trees

I understand that NAA as Fruitone L or PoMaxa 3.5% liquid is recommended for chemically thinning apple and pear trees. Where can I purchase some? Advise?


Lake County SD 13 days ago

Seed starting soil

Hello I have a question about starting seeds in my Greenhouse. I purchased Miracle-Gro seed-starting soil and mixed it with a little bit of an organic potting soil and only my cabbage is coming up. I planted peppers,cucumbers tomatoes, but nothing else has come up and it has been 9 days. It is plenty warm, I have watered enough but not too much. I have had success with starting seeds in the past using a Miracle Grow product that was expanding grow but I cannot find it at my local stores so now I have experimented with other soil and I am not having any success. Please help! What is the best medium to start seeds?



Indiana County PA 13 days ago

The leaves on my holly bushes are turning yellow and falling off. What can I do?

The leaves on my holly bushes are turning yellow and falling off. What can I do?


Jackson County OH holly yellowing leaves 13 days ago

Skinny Monterrey Oak

My year old Monterrey Oaks have very thin trunks (maximum 1") and some are about 8' tall. Should I be staking them so they don't snap in a strong wind or pull up their entire root ball? I'm new to TX and to caring for trees! Help!!


Comal County TX trees and shrubs 13 days ago

fruit trees planted near lg fir trees

I live in BC, Canada. I have some very large fir trees. I would like to plant some fruit trees underneath and between them. I think the fruit trees will get adequate sun. Mainly concerned about the fir needles. Will this cause problems?


OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs fruit trees canada 13 days ago

Weed Grass

I would appreciate it if you can identify for me the weed grass for which I have attached pictures. I do not readily use herbicide on my lawn as my grand children play on it and have been physically pulling these weed grasses out by hand. This spring, they seem to have sprouted all over and I need to get rid of them or control them. So an identification of this grass would be helpful and what an spot-use herbicide I might be able to use or other control eradication method.


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Montgomery County MD lawn weed id 13 days ago

Judith Ford - Slow Growing Vinca Ground Cover

Hello, I live in Jacksonville across the street from the elementary school. I have a giant Beech tree on the North side of my house. It tends to be very shady and dry underneath. Three years ago I planted Vinca Minor. I am waiting for it to take off ... still. I admit that I unknowingly disturbed the 1st year roots. What can I do to help move things along a whole lot faster. I have heard horror stories of its' invasiveness, but you can't prove I by my plants. Can you enlighten me about fertilizing, mulching and watering in case I am missing something. I also heard of anchoring the runners with hair pins (not bobbie pins). I am feeling like my best option is ripping the plants out, and starting over.


Baltimore County MD groundcover vinca 13 days ago

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