role of a common man in developing country india

what is the role of a common man in developing country india (essay writing) if possible give me some pointers or outline of my essay


Outside United States 13 days ago

Concern about ribes sanguineum and white pine rust

I would like to plant ribes sanguineum in my yard as a honeybee plant, but am concerned about its role as an alternate host of white pine rust. I have a number of white pines in my yard, and do not want to spread disease to them. Can you tell me if this is a problem in Maryland, and give me any advice on rust-resistant r. sanguineum cultivars or other ribes species? Thank you for your assistant.


Montgomery County Maryland plant selection planting gooseberries near white pines 13 days ago

Another request to identify a succulent please???

As mentioned in earlier questions, I live in Southern Spain and rarely see a plant labelled in the nursery/garden centre. Can I ask if anyone can identify this one for me? Growing well in direct sunlight and needs very little water. Recently flowered - tiny yellow flowers at the tip of the spike.

None of the Plant apps on my cell/mobile have identified anything I have photographed!



Outside United States succulents spain 13 days ago


We're replacing the periwinkle and weeds (the weeds won) with fescue sod. We have bushes around two fence sides and want to replace the mulch. What mulch do you recommend for the best looking and easiest to maintain/keep clean? Also, is there a minimum height for the topsoil going in prior to the sod? Lastly, if we planted the sod now, and kept it watered daily, would it be okay or should we wait until mid-Sept.?


Montgomery County Maryland mulch lawn sod 13 days ago

Can I ask what this succulent is?

Having received a successful response to a previous question - trying again!!! I live in Southern Spain and nurseries/garden centres rarely label plants, so I have no idea what I am buying!



Outside United States plant identification spain 13 days ago

Tree Identification

I have a tree trunk that was removed and would like to know what kind of tree it was. Does your office provide any kind of tree identification services? And if so, how large a chink of wood do I need from the tree?


Northampton County Pennsylvania 13 days ago

Aquatic Plant Planting and Collection Season


I'm having trouble finding sources on the correct season to plant and collect seeds and fruits of aquatic plants. The plants I am researching include American pondweed, Illinois pondweed, delta arrowhead, and muskgrass to list a few. Could you please point me in the direction of some helpful research?


Dallas County Texas 13 days ago


Do governmental buildings have to comply with local zoning for signage and pay permit fee for signage?


Muskegon County Michigan 13 days ago

Invasive Weed

How do I control thus invasive weed in my lawn? Does it have a name?



Berrien County Michigan weed issues lawns and turf 13 days ago

Need list of crops that remove toxic waste

We live in the farm belt (Tennessee) and whomever lived on our property (2 acres) before us, apparently used every chemical known to man. We also have a "road" going through, about 1-3 inches under the ground. We'd like a list of plants we could use to help draw the toxins out. Yes, I know it'd take years, but we're willing to wait, and do what ever it takes. So far we've been growing dandelions (long tap roots) on top of the road, and have planted lots of sunflowers (for the lead) and spider plants (for arsenic) and 3 kinds of clover. A list of other plants would be helpful. Thanks.


Franklin County Tennessee soil contamination 13 days ago

We recently purchased a house that was vacant for 7 years. The backyard is...

We recently purchased a house that was vacant for 7 years. The backyard is covered in poison ivy. We would like get rid of it safely and plant fruit trees. What is your best recommendation for getting rid of half an acre of poison ivy?


Cuyahoga County Ohio 13 days ago

Rose Buches

Its now late summer and I bought some roses at Spencers, I just planted them a few days ago, will they make it through the winter. I wanted to also get another two more roses bushes since they are at a good price. How can I protect them?


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs 13 days ago

Plant or Weed

I am trying to identify what the plant or weed that is growing in my garden, I have attached two pictures. the top will bloom with tiny pale pink flowers. I have noticed the pods hanging that look like elf shoes I did remove one and split it open it has seeds inside and smells like cucumbers. any help would be appreciated. Thank you


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Baltimore County Maryland plant identification plant id 13 days ago

What plant?

Growing in my drainage ditch. Wasnt there 2 weeks ago. About 1 foot tall


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Cape Girardeau County Missouri plant identification weed identification horticulture 13 days ago

remove white flower weed from lawn, etc.

What is this white flower weed how can I remove from lawn



Dakota County Minnesota lawn weed horticulture weed removal 13 days ago

Help to ID a Broadleaf Rosette "Weed" in eastern PA

Hello! This "weed" started popping up everywhere in my lawn and garden in the beginning of August. I have been searching the Internet and I can't seem to identify it. Thoughts?


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Montgomery County Pennsylvania lawn weed id fleabane 13 days ago

Skunk Repellent recipe

I want to toss something under my deck to drive a skunk away that may be under there and certainly has sprayed under there or near there when my dog picked up some spray.


El Paso County Colorado wildlife damage management 13 days ago

"Mold/fungus?" On my mulch?

Hello. Yesterday I noticed some piles of yellow "stuff" in the corner of my front flower bed. Today there is more in front of my PJM rhodedendrin. I'm sending two pictures. The first is the piles from yesterday which have faded to ivory; the other is the new stuff. Can you tell me what it is and how I should get rid of it? Is it dangerous to my plants? Thank you. Sandra Zengion


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Lehigh County Pennsylvania 13 days ago

just came back from rocky mountains and found a tick embedded on my back....

just came back from rocky mountains and found a tick embedded on my back. usually not concerned but was small not like dog tick. should I have it tested?


Franklin County Ohio ticks 13 days ago

So Fla sod issue

I laid sod in my back yard last February. Sprinkler system works well. About 75% of the sod died. The soil seems overly moist. My front yard is thriving. My back yard is becoming a mud pit. Both have almost identical sun and shading. My landscaper thinks it's a fungus. I had it treated last week. I see no improvement. Wait longer or is there another issue?


Broward County Florida lawns and turf sod fungus disease issues 13 days ago

Unknown growth

I received a flower bouquets on May and the plant that came with the flowers has been alive for following 3 months (I think it's slowly dying). I noticed some unusual growth on the back of leaf and had no idea what it was. About 3 leaves are showing the same growth and yesterday one fell off but it was green n round, this morning I noticed how this thing 'bloomed' on water :( I've been researching and all I can come up with it is either some kind of seed, protection, or bugs?? Any idea?


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Outside United States plant pathology houseplants 13 days ago

ground cover for lavender bed

I live in upper SC next to the NC border. I have a bed ready to plant lavender this Sept or Oct; the bed is inI a very sunny area . I am trying to decide between varieties Grosso and Phenomenal. Can you comment on those varieties for my area. I feel the bed needs a ground cover for weed control. In our other flower beds we use pine bark both for weed control and to help retain moisture. I have heard/read that lavender may not be happy with pine bark. One site suggested using crushed oyster shells as a ground cover. Can you comment on ground covers such as crushed oyster shells, and pine bark? If these are not suitable can you suggest a ground cover I should use? Also, can you comment on planting time; is late September / early October good timing for this area? Thank you.


York County South Carolina landscaping flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials lavender 13 days ago

Concern about a hardy hibiscus, a perennial we have had for at least 10...

Concern about a hardy hibiscus, a perennial we have had for at least 10 years. This year saw the leaves turning to skeletons. Research turned up there were Sawflies attacking our plant. Saw the larva, then a couple days later, the flies. Sprayed it liberally with insecticidal soap two days in a row & happy to see Sawflies went away. Then came some new growth that seemed to be doing well. Then saw a couple Japanese beetles which I removed. I don't see any insects on the plant, but am very puzzled the new growth is now acquiring skeletal leaves. Sprayed again with insecticidal soap, however, the much needed rain has most likely removed most of it. I am very nostalgic about this plant......our now deceased friends gave it to us & gives us sweet memories of them. If you have any ideas I sure would be open to them!


Ohio hibiscus sawfly hibiscus 13 days ago

Unknown plant

I would like to know what this plant is called. It grows up against a shed. It hasn't flowered for the last 12 years. When it did flower it flowered in July and August. It's in full sun late morning



Outside United States plant identification horticulture united kingdom uk 13 days ago

What kind of plant is this?

It's a perennial, the flowers stay closed in direct sun and open up when it cools down or is shady. During the summer it grows quite bushy and spreads quickly. During the winter it loses all its leaves and is reduced to nothing but twigs.


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Outside United States flower plant id four-o-clocks 14 days ago

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