How do I get rid of moles - they are tearing up my lawn?

How do I get rid of moles - they are tearing up my lawn?


Wicomico County Maryland about 1 month ago

blower door test

Hallo, We need to conduct a blower door test in an airport located in CancĂșn (Mexico). The airport is being design following LEED requirements and we would like to have a quote for the test. Could you please send as one? Thank you Gustavo


Outside United States about 1 month ago

Soil erosion

My grandfather has a farm that is outside of Brigham city, along Forest street just west of I-15, that has a river that has been eroding soil from a bend. The name of the river is the Black slough. What kind of plants would be best to help minimize the erosion?


Box Elder County Utah about 1 month ago

Landscaping questions

I live in a condo with managed landscaping, I do have some limited access to gardening with in the flower and shrub beds. I have lived here for 7 years with mulching every year and there is at least 7 inches of mulch or more on the beds plus a landscape fabric under that. When possible I have removed the fabric since it is over clay soil and the soil is compacting to a hard damp mess and tried to break up the soil to allow airation. My question is; how much mulch is too much? What is recommended? and should I be fluffing or racking the mulch to refresh it or should it be removed and we start over, there is evidence of white mold layers. I am also on the board of directors and we are starting to rethink our landscaping management practices. Please know we inherited these problems from the builder who we just recently took over the management of the community. I would love to speak with someone but do not know who to contact. We as a community management team would love to speak with someone who could give us advise on appropriate foundation shrubs and trees to invest in. We want to be responsible to the attractiveness of our over all community as well as responsible to the plants we invest in, for their health, vitality and placing them in a location that will make us all happy. Can you help???????


York County Pennsylvania master gardener program mulch about 1 month ago

Mimosa tree bark disease prevention

What is the Tree bark disease in the pic? How do I prevent spreading?


Benton County Oregon horticulture trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

What are these dots all over my house, windows, cars, plants, hard scape. You...

What are these dots all over my house, windows, cars, plants, hard scape. You get the idea. Small brown hard to the touch. Unable to pressure wash off. Leave a stain and a bit sticky if scraped off. Started on north west side of the house and have worked there way around house. Avoiding south side of house. Will appear on new leaf growth in spring as well picture included with dull. Pencil point as reference some dots larger some smaller


Anne Arundel County Maryland mulch artillery fungus about 1 month ago


I have a blacktop driveway. It has moss on it. It spreads a little more each year. How can I get rid of it in an ecological manner?


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture weed issues moss about 1 month ago


Can you plant red raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and concord grapes in the same area?


Huntingdon County Pennsylvania blueberries grapes raspberries small fruit berries blackberries about 1 month ago

veggie eating squirrel

I have some squirrels in my garden that mess with my garden,, eating plums, figs, tomatoes and digging up my vegetables. Is there anyway of keeping them of my vegetable garden ? I was hoping for a repelent of some kind. I also thought about trapping and relocating but I am sure more squirrels would move in.


Washington County Oregon nuisance wildlife about 1 month ago

I recently purchased an indoor miniature rose plant which had 20 or more...

I recently purchased an indoor miniature rose plant which had 20 or more unopened buds. None of the buds opened. Some had brown stems below the bud only to the main stem and fell off easily. Those that looked healthy developed the brown stem beneath the bud as well. The rose bush looks healthy. I purchased and brought it home on a below 0 day but covered it to the car. Two other rose plants were purchased on the same day yet they are blooming and growing normal. Is this plant sick or was it disturbed by the cold? I could not find anything like it on any web pages.


Kendall County Illinois horticulture flowers : annuals and herbaceous perennials roses about 1 month ago

Help with scoring pattern classes at horse shows?

Hi there,

I have been asked to judge a horse show in August; I am familiar with all the classes, and what the judge is looking for, but having never judged before, I am a little confused with the pointing system.

For example, I am not familiar with the trail scoring card, horsemanship, showmanship, etc.
Do you have any resources that might help judges to properly fill out a scoring card?


Outside United States horses horse training and behavior judging about 1 month ago

legal limits of fungi in poultry feed

1-what is the acceptable limits of fungi in poultry feed.
2- what is the corrective action to be conducted if the amount exceed the acceptable limits infeed


Outside United States food safety poultry animal nutrition poultry nutrition about 1 month ago

What is killing my large plants by eating/cutting them off at the base?

Something is killing my large plants by eating/cutting them off at the base. Just found an 8 year old camellia lying down. This is the third plant in this same area of my yard. Looks like the base of the plant is cut with a straight line. I do not see tracks in the snow by this plant. Not sure if an underground pest is doing this. Could I be causing the pest in my yard by feeding the birds?


Wicomico County Maryland wildlife damage shrub lrk about 1 month ago

Tree Identification and Health Evaluation

My wife and I just purchased our first home. There are several trees in the yard and I would like to know what type of trees they are and how healthy they are. Would someone be able to help me identify the trees as well as tell me how best to take care of them? Thanks!


Johnson County Iowa about 1 month ago

Can I safely plant shrubs around the cleanout area (to hide the pvc pipes) of...

Can I safely plant shrubs around the cleanout area (to hide the pvc pipes) of my system?


Montgomery County Pennsylvania horticulture trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

Indigenous milkweed source for Richmond, VA

I'd like to plant some milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies this summer. I can't find a good source here. Do you know of one? Or do you know of a mail order source?


Henrico County Virginia horticulture wildflowers and native plants butterflies milkweed monarch butterflies about 1 month ago

Are the native Viburnum cultivars listed all equally "bird...

Are the native Viburnum cultivars listed all equally "bird friendly?" I am most interested in planting for wildlife food.


Houston County Minnesota about 1 month ago

How do I overwinter geraniums?

I have bareroot stored some geraniums in a box in a cool, dark basement. I am getting ready to repot them. Most of them have light yellow shoots with small leaves developing where I cut them back before storing. Should I cut those back or leave them when repotting?


Marathon County Wisconsin about 1 month ago

I have a Ponytail Palm tree that was my grandmothers. My Mom thinks its over...

I have a Ponytail Palm tree that was my grandmothers. My Mom thinks its over 50 yrs old, it stands about 13 ft. tall. is there anyway to tell what its age is?


Clatsop County Oregon horticulture palm about 1 month ago

what can I plant for erosion? Gravel,full sun, on a hill, no or very low...

what can I plant for erosion? Gravel,full sun, on a hill, no or very low maintanence? Thank you, Wendy


Morrison County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Vegetable garden calendar?

Hey there. I live in Battle Ground and am trying my hand at vegetable gardening in my new home. Do you have a year round planting schedule or calendar available by chance?


Clark County Washington gardening garden seed starting planting schedule about 1 month ago

Fungus on Pear Trees

Last year My pear trees had a fungus on the ends of the branches that wilted the leaves there and turned them black. Fruit production was limited on the branches only close to the trunk. What caused it and what should I do?


Iowa County Iowa about 1 month ago

check soil for toxins

I live in a home built in 1862 (lead is present in the paint)and I'm concerned about what might be in my soil. How can I test an area for growing edible vegetables? Thanks!


Clinton County Michigan soil and fertility issues about 1 month ago

Why did mother chicken repeatedly peck her day-old chick's head until she created a 1/2"

gash. The gash is red, has bled slightly, but is not actively bleeding at this time. I took the chick away from mom, put it in a small box by itself with a heat lamp at about 85 degrees, pine shavings, a waterer and a chick feeder. I applied a small amount of triple antibiotic ointment to the wound. The baby is alert, distress-calling like crazy, but seems to be okay for now. Now I don't know what to do from this point on. It seems important to note that prior to this chick, this hen just hatched 2 other chicks - about a day apart, 2 days ago and I found each one dead on the floor of the chicken house. I didn't see wounds on them and I did not witness them being pecked. I would be grateful for any advice you can offer. Thanks so much.


Alachua County Florida poultry about 1 month ago

Gardening - Where to Begin

Hello readers, I have been a homeowner for the past 11 years with a strong desire to learn gardening and landscaping. After many failed attempts with the "brown thumb" effect, I am seeking direct, hands-on training by way of an individual coach or small group to teach me the basics. Do you know where I can begin?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and guidance.


Harris County Texas horticulture gardening about 1 month ago

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