My name is Heather Cummings. I work for Bridge House for people with disabilities. We help them find work go back to school and over all wellness. We were looking to see if we can get lessons and or work with the horses.


Fairfield County Connecticut 17 days ago

Need to know what type of plum tree I have

I have a plum tree with red plums (white flowers) that has the sweetest fruit ever! Even the skins are sweet. I'd like to know what kind it is so I can get another 1-2 trees... How can I have this tree researched?


Pine County Minnesota fruit trees tree identification plum trees 17 days ago

Bee houses and time to plant bulbs

I just purchased what is called a bee and insect house. It's not a hive, but sold as a place for bees to rest. Is this a worthwhile purchase? Also, I have daylily bulbs. When can I plant them and could I start them indoors. Thank you so much.


Hennepin County Minnesota bees daylilies 17 days ago

20' Trident Maple Tree Leaves Curling, Turning Solid Black

I have three 20 yr old Trident Maple Trees in my front yard, one 20 yr old Trident in my back yard, and five 10 yr old Tridents in my back yard. They are roughly 20 to 30 ft tall. This morning, I noticed that all of their Spring leaves are curling and some are fully rolled and slate gray to black in color.



Montgomery County Maryland tree trident maple maple leaves black trident maple leaves black maple 17 days ago

What is this? Definitely NOT spinach!

Just bought 4 of these at a garden store. They said it was spinach, but it has a very tangy flavor. Nothing like the taste of spinach! What is it? It was in the edibles section, but now I'm stumped!



Atlantic County New Jersey plant identification horticulture herbs 17 days ago

moving irises

My husband is building a new deck. Unfortunately the old one was ringed by irises. Because he is moving the stairway, I will loose a few irises. Can I transplant them this spring? If so, how do I go about doing that?


Otter Tail County Minnesota 17 days ago

Coffee grounds

How do I use coffee grounds in flower garden?


Marion County Oregon horticulture soil amendments 17 days ago

Ground Ivy Control

What Lawn product may I buy to remove the ground ivy (creeping Charlie). I live in Baltimore City. It is covering my backyard. Please help. Will any of the lawn care products work that is sold at the various store, such as Home Depot?


Baltimore Maryland weed control creeping charlie ground ivy weed 17 days ago

Spanish bluebell infestation

I know that Sodiun Chloride would work but it is unavailable due to Islamic terrorist fears. Is there anything else that would work? Such as sodium Hypochlorite ( bleach) or anything else? The damn things are taking over my garden.


Outside United States plant disease horticulture integrated pest management 17 days ago

Black Locusts Cuttings in Winter In Northern Idaho

Do the pots with my cuttings in northern Idaho need to be protected from freezing in winter?


Idaho horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Garden soil PH at 8.6

Hi- I recently sent a soil sample into the U of M for analysis. pH is 8.6 K is 300+ppm Bray P is 100+ppm Olsen P is 50+ ppm It did not give me a nitrate reading for some reason, but suggested I supplement the vegetable garden with .15 lbs/ 100 sq ft. I took the sample this spring, after having placed wood ash and a lot of cow manure on my garden last fall. I tilled the garden twice prior to sampling. I have two questions- how do I effectively decrease the pH of the garden (1000 Square feet) and still be able to plant and grow vegetables? Secondly, I would have assumed the manure would have brought up the N of the garden effectively. Should I still apply the recommended N? Thanks for your help!


Wright County Minnesota modifying soil ph 17 days ago

asparagus crown storage

How long can asparagus crowns be stored before they must be planted? Can they be stored for an entire year? Must any special requirements be met to store them or can they just be put in the refrigerator?


Charles County Maryland asparagus asparagus crown storage vegetable 17 days ago

Hardy rose for partial shade

I am looking for a climbing rose that do well in partial shade in zone three


Buffalo County Wisconsin horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Planting Under a Spruce


We recently had to trim our large Spruce tree and now have a large space underneath it for planting. What would work well in deer country?


Cheyenne County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping 17 days ago

Vegetable container gardening

Hello. I was able to get a couple of 5 gallon (food) containers from my work cafeteria. I want to use them in my sunny yard to plant vegetables. I got a little over anxious and purchased a few bags of garden soil from Home Depot. Now I read this wasn't the best choice. Can you give me a "recipe" for good soil. Also, do I need to put drainage holes on the bottom of the container ? If so, how large should they be? We have moles/voles, so don't want them too large. oh, one more thing? Which vegetables would be best to put in those containers? Tomatoes will be in the raised bed. I have cucumbers, a variety of squash, and a variety of peppers. Thank you in advance for your help.


Prince George's County Maryland soil vegetable gardening raised beds container soil mix 17 days ago

Dead Nettle

How soon can I transplant Dead Nettle? And will it grow well on a hill?


Carver County Minnesota 17 days ago

Live Oak Disease?

We purchased a home late last year in the Cypress, TX area. The Live Oak in the front yard appears to be diseased. Many large portions of the bark on the trunk have fallen off. The bark appears to have split on several branches. The tree appears to have a lot of lichen or moss growing on the bark.

Can the tree be saved, or should we replace it?


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Harris County Texas 17 days ago

Spruce trees turning copper color

We have several spruce trees on the property that we bought last fall. We noticed some copper color on one of them at that time. Now this spring half of one of the trees has turned that color and another very large one next to it is also turning. The side affected is on the east and color change starts at tips. Can you tell us what is happening? Thank you


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Ottawa County Michigan 17 days ago

help ! i have a wetland

hi, I have a wetland of local significance on a rental property. And the hydrology of the property has been distroyed by the previous owner putting in a bmx track . plus its filled with non-native grass. is there someone I could get help from about the restoration ?



Benton County Oregon landscape design 17 days ago

Only leaf buds

Why do 2 of my 15 blueberry plants have only leaf buds and no flower buds? The others have a nice balance of both


Spokane County Washington blueberry plants horticulture blueberries 17 days ago

Aphids on my 4 ash trees

What do I do to get rid of these aphids on my ash trees? Assuming I have Leafcurl ash aphids. From googled pictures.


Minnehaha County South Dakota horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Apple tree issue

Hi, As you can see by the picture I have a Haralson apple tree, I am not exactly sure on its age. I planted the tree 3 years ago, and I bought it from a local nursery and the tree was about 8 ft tall or so at the time. It appears to be roughly 18" or so now. My question is this, is it ok to have 3 main stems.. it appears this tree is growing 3 main stems. Am I supposed to cut the outer 2 off so I have one? Also why is there no branches about 4 to 7 feet up on the tree?


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Clay County Minnesota 17 days ago

Food for Pine Trees

What kind of plant food can I give to my Pine Tree? There are some branches with brown needles. Thank you.


Nassau County New York horticulture trees and shrubs 17 days ago

Restoration Soil Amendments

Has there been a benefit to amending high pH, high clay content soils in preparation for restoration seeding with any of the following? What has happened? Are they worth the cost?

Biotic Earth



Quantum Growth Light

Quantum Growth VSC


Weld County Colorado soil and fertility issues 17 days ago

Creeping Charlie and Lilac questions

I would like to seed/sod but have creeping Charlie in my yard. How is it best to proceed at this time to rid that and yet have a nice lawn for summer? Next question, I have lilacs that are about 12 feet tall along a boundary line. They did not do well last year and may have a disease. I need to check into that. Also, they need to be cut down. I don't want to make them worse, how should I proceed with them, when, how much to cut at a time, etc. Thank you!


Anoka County Minnesota creeping charlie lilac bushes 17 days ago

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