Common Blue Violet

Hello - what is the best way to get rid of common blue violets that have infiltrated patches of lawn without killing the grass as well?


Hennepin County MN weed removal wild violets horticulture lawns and turf 16 days ago

Pollen Sources

Is there a source near the Denver area where I can buy pollen, to hand-pollenate my backyard fruit trees? I have a Bing cherry and a Honeycrisp apple. I don't think there are others anywhere near my home, so I'll probably have to pollenate them myself.

Thank you for taking the time to consider and respond to my inquiry.


Jefferson County CO 16 days ago

pollinator appreciation day

Im a Master Gardener in butte co cal. We want to host a pollinator appreciationday at our demo gardens. I heard Rich Little at the annnual OBA meeting talk about a program like this at OSU. What can you tell me about this program?


Butte County CA environmental education 16 days ago

small black bug found in my bed, what the heck is it?

small black bug found in my bed. it was avout 1/2 an inch in length. and appeared to have dual pincers in its head. instead of its butt like an earwig would have. what is it? i took some pictures that came out rather well.


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Fairfax County VA 16 days ago

New growth on bareroot fruit trees?

In March, I planted several bareroot apple trees. Each are approximately 3-4' tall. One has growth at top of the trunk, but several others have growth near the base of the tree. This growth appears to be above the graft. Should this growth be removed, or allowed to grow? If the existing trunk does not recover, should it be pruned down? Thank you!


20180507_185315_300x300%2523 20180507_185330_300x300%2523 20180507_185352_001_300x300%2523

St. Mary's County MD fruit fruit trees apple trees bareroot fruit trees bareroot apple trees leafing at base 16 days ago

Golden Chain Tree vs Weeping Golden Chain Tree

what is the difference and how big does a weeping Golden chain tree get and how wide? Neighbor bought one and wants to put it within a few feet of property line.


Marion County OR trees and shrubs landscape plants horticulture 16 days ago

Magnolia tree

I have a magnolia tree{small} 6 ft tall and mature. It has turned black with a gray spots .

Is it treatable??? It is blossoming now but no leaves yet.



St. Clair County MI 16 days ago

We have around 20 austrian pines. A few have had some issues. Needles dropped...

We have around 20 austrian pines. A few have had some issues. Needles dropped off the boytom part of one tree over the winter. The tree next to it is beginning to drop its needles. Ive attached photos of the tree needles. What us going on and how can i stop it?


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Delta County CO trees and shrubs 16 days ago

Black WAlnut/juglone

I have bought a home in Trinidad with a huge black walnut tree. I’ve discovered that it puts out juglone, which is toxic to many plants. W hat can safely plant beneath it? The planting area is probably only 15’ x 30’, and I understand the roots extend 50’ to 80’.


Las Animas County CO trees and shrubs juglone black walnut black walnut toxicity 16 days ago

When to fertilize Spring 2018?

I live in Andover in the northe metro. Do you think it is time yet to put down the first fertilizer with the crabgrass preventer?


Anoka County MN lawns and turf horticulture fertilizer 16 days ago

Grand County Seed Mix where to procure?

where can I purchase the Grand County Seed mix?


Grand County CO 16 days ago

soil testing

I'd like to bring a soil sample in for testing. I have lost a red maple, an arborvitae, and a dogwood -- all within a 10 foot radius. I'm thinking that the sewer lines may be ruptured or leaking even though I don't have any problems with the toilets in the house. In the past I have used your services for Ph testing of the soil in my garden.


New Castle County DE soil testing 16 days ago

Weed identification

Our backyard backs up to a small pond and there are some kind of plant/weed that is in the shore area of the pond and has spread into our yard. It seems to have a thick root and spreads quickly. When it seems to be full grown, it is about 6' tall. We have included a picture up close of what it looks like when it starts growing and also when full grown. We are wanting to see if it can be identified and determined what we can do to get rid of it without harming our lawn or the pond.


Img_20180507_163146244_300x300%2523 Img_20180507_163127609_300x300%2523

Anoka County MN horticulture weed identification 16 days ago

Colorado Proven

I am an Oklahoma OSU Extension Master Gardener, visiting my son in Colorado Springs. I'll be here about 3 weeks and one goal is to help them get their backyard presentable. I am unfamiliar with the growing season and plant selections in this area. Do you have a fact sheet or publication that lists Colorado proven plants? I'm looking mostly for low growing shrubs and perennials that are low maintenance (for obvious reasons) :)
Any help is appreciated.
Edit: I've decided to put 3, hardy, dwarf (6-8'), colorful trees along the back fence. Suggestions appreciated.


El Paso County CO 16 days ago

Starting a mushroom growing business

I want to start a mushroom growing business. Thinking of building a green house and start the production. What are the requirements on doing mass production of mushroom in Lane County - City of Cottage Grove? Is it a profitable venture?


Lane County OR small farms 16 days ago


Hello We have two large ash trees we'd like to treat for eab. We also need to fertilize/weed (all in one) control our lawn. Would you please tell me what order to apply and how long to wait between each of those two applications? Thank you so much!


Hennepin County MN 16 days ago

Best Rabbit-resistant Shade Perennials

Any suggestions for the Rabbit-resistant Shade Perennials for the Twin Cities area?


Hennepin County MN 16 days ago

Beautiful hardy vine with yellow flowers

Please identify and tell me how to proliferate if possible It has no fragrance, not jasmine does not seem to be in the rose family, no thorns very prolific I have to prune 3-4 times per year. Loves the west facing wall


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Horry County SC horticulture plant identification 16 days ago

Problem with a Japanese Maple

I have a Japanese maple which has not sprouted it spring leaves. Should i be concerned that there is something wrong with it? It looks like it has buds however all the other trees on my property have sprouted and have lots of leaves. It was fine last year before it went dormant.


Img_2521_300x300%2523 Img_2522_300x300%2523 Img_2518_300x300%2523

Bexar County TX 16 days ago

What is this and where can I buy more

This plant grew in our garden a couple of years ago. We are not sure how it got there, birds or wild flower seeds perhaps. I have take a picture to Gertens and several other places and no one knows anything about it. It is about 4 ft tall, red tubular flowers, fern like leaves. The hummingbirds and butterflies love it. Please help.


Red_flowers_300x300%2523 Red_flowers2_300x300%2523 Red_flowers3_300x300%2523

Ramsey County MN horticulture plant identification 16 days ago

Mystery Disappearance

This morning while checking flower beds I noticed one of Japanese Lily plants was missing. Planted this spring 3 plants, two doing great, but third was not flourishing as much. Well this morning it was completely gone. Hole looks like it was pulled up not pull down. Is in courtyard with no signs of gophers or similar creatures. Do have gray squirrels. Could they be at fault? What can I do to prevent? Thank you


Marion County OR horticulture lily 16 days ago

Pruning a Burning Bush

Can I still prune my burning bush, today is 5-7-18 . I live in the Excelsior/Chan area. If so do I need to do it like now or do I still have a week or so, thank you I really appreciate your help! I forgot to ask can I prune a foot or two it is about 8 ft tall?


Hennepin County MN burning bush horticulture pruning shrubs 16 days ago

Lawn Moss

I live in West Lakeland and outside of fighting Buckthorn we have enjoyed the area these past thirty years. Our place has very large Red and White Oak trees that yield a lot of shade. My problem now is yard moss that is growing everywhere even in sunny spots some places it feels like you are walking on sponges. The last few years the problem has increased considerably. Any suggestions or answers Verlin Hanson 12877 17th St. No. Stillwater, 651-238-8515. Thank You


Washington County MN 16 days ago

Arbor Vitae

We live on Lake Michigan so we get very cold winds. I put up a snow fence this winter to protect my trees from deer, etc. The arbor vitae is healthy on top but dead up to about where the snow fence was. There was no salt, etc. there. Would you have any ideas of what may have happened and if I need to get rid of it and replant something hardier to have a full plant to the ground again? If so what would you recommend that is that cylinder shape?
Thank you.
Rilla Nameth



Oceana County MI trees and shrubs 16 days ago

Mowing Height for lawns

how high should your grass be after mowing? 3 inches? 4 inches?


Howard County MD lawns and turf 16 days ago

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