Odd size jar caps

I have an order form to order odd size jar caps. The name of the company is lids r us. Is this a legitimate company


Yazoo County Mississippi 16 days ago

Is this black walnut dying?

The tree canopy seems very sparse for the time of year. Other black walnuts in neighborhood look fine. Maybe I should have it taken out instead of having dead branches removed. Can I be sure it isn't thousand cankers disease?


Olmsted County Minnesota black walnut tree thousand cankers disease 16 days ago

The canes have green leaves and look healthy.

We have a patch of Heritage raspberries. They have been great producers for the past 10 years. I cut the canes in half the patch back in March. In late May of this year, I picked 2 ripe beries. Since then the berries have not ripened, but remained small and very hard. Lots of blooms and lots of "hard" berries. We have another patch about 20' away, Jaclyn and Himbo, and they are doing great in this their second year. Seems like this may be some tipe of virus, but I don't really know. Any help would be appreciated.


Franklin County Pennsylvania horticulture raspberries 16 days ago


Good morning! Just to show you this flatidae that is on my lemon tree. This is in Puerto Rico. According to your pics looks like a Ormenoides venusta. I will like to save it for my students to classify it. What is the better way to preserve it? Thank you!


Puerto Rico insect issues 16 days ago

I am noticing spotting and yellowing on some of the lower leaves of my tomato...

I am noticing spotting and yellowing on some of the lower leaves of my tomato plants. (Please see pics). Can you identify for me what this might be and also how to keep it from killing my plants. Thanks! Amy Brummond


Anoka County Minnesota tomato 16 days ago

My elm tree leaves have green bumps on the bottom of the leaf. The bumps are...

My elm tree leaves have green bumps on the bottom of the leaf. The bumps are green, the diameter of a wooden match stick and appear in organized lines on the bottom of the leaf. They are perfectly round and protrude 1/8 inch from the leaves bottom surface. They are all uniform in size and are perfect little round green cylinders


Pennington County South Dakota trees and shrubs tree health elm trees 16 days ago

What should I do about webworms in my birch trees?

Caterpillars have infested my birch trees. Someone has identified them as webworms. Is there any danger in ignoring this infestation, and if not what treatment can I employ to eliminate this problem?


Clark County Washington webworms western tent caterpillars 16 days ago

We have two young Princeton Elms (2" trunk)we planted 6-7 years ago.This...

We have two young Princeton Elms (2" trunk)we planted 6-7 years ago.This year one of them began to leaf out, but the leaves wilted before fully opening. There are many "eggs"? on the trunk. The other Elm has the eggs, too, but seems healthy so far. Any idea what this is? Should we be worried?


Douglas County Minnesota 16 days ago

Horse trailer design

I am looking at a 2-horse stock horse trailer which has 2 box stalls instead of the usual side by side or slant design. It seems to me this would be more comfortable for the horses. Andy advice?


DuPage County Illinois horses trailers hauling horses 16 days ago

Unknown insect

I've looked in a few online sites and cannot find what this bug is. It is about an inch or so long. See attached photo. It was on a bush at Middle Creek Reservoir. Thanks.


Lebanon County Pennsylvania master gardener program bugs shrubs 16 days ago

What can be done to help our elderly lilacs?

We bought a home a couple years ago that's over 100 years old and there are a couple of lilacs planted along one of the outbuildings. They are quite tall (over 8 feet), the leaves don't start for about 4 feet from the ground, and they are barely producing flowers. Can anything be done to bring them back, or do we need to take them out and replant new ones?


Pine County Minnesota horticulture transplanting trees lilacs 16 days ago

Does it hurt to have dead limbs removed from a black walnut at this time of...

Does it hurt to have dead limbs removed from a black walnut at this time of year (i.e., the growing season)? Susan Goettsch, Rochester, MN


Olmsted County Minnesota trees 16 days ago

Hello, my name is Jessica and I have been having issues with my Hostas, as...

Hello, my name is Jessica and I have been having issues with my Hostas, as soon as they started to come up something started eating them. I have dug up as many as I can to save them and about half have pulled through. I rinsed off the roots and dipped them in a bleach water bath and potted them in new soil. I keep finding these tiny translucent worms and along with them are tiny white flies as well as tiny brown flies. As far as I can tell they stay in the soil and seldom fly. Also, I have found grub like worms (pretty sure they're different than the white grubs I've battled before) and another bug that looks like a mix of a centipede and caterpillar, tried to attach multiple photos but could only put one on. Any ideas would be of great help and very much appreciated. I have already lost close to 20 Hostas and my bleeding heart :-(


Morrison County Minnesota 16 days ago

Hi. I have a large, mature maple tree in my yard (silver maple I believe)....

Hi. I have a large, mature maple tree in my yard (silver maple I believe). Last year and again this year, the leaves are a lighter green color on portions of the tree. Also, leaves appear to be wilting and falling off on the very top of the tree. Wondering if you can help me identify and resolve this issue. I believe it may stem from lack of rain/moisture in our area the past two growing seasons, however we seem to have gotten a good amount of rain this season so far.


Lyon County Minnesota 16 days ago

Toad identification and questions

Two photos show little toads which pop out of moist piles of topsoil or chips, etc. They measure roughly 2 inches in overall body length, and I think they may be the Dwarf American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus charlesmithi), but the colors vary somewhat; 5 10 2015 - 5 Toad has a reddish shade of skin, while 5 16 2015 - 4 Toad is taupe in color. Perhaps they could be "teenagers" of the Anaxyrus amercanus americanus type, the Eastern American Toad, but they won't say, and I can't determine which. I follow a catch-and-release policy, putting them into my veg. garden, assuming they're benevolent and useful in snaring less-desirable insects. Can you identify these little visitors and tell me whether they're gardeners' friends? Thanks very much.


Montgomery County Maryland wildlife 16 days ago

Invasive species

Over the past 5 years I have watched a 5' x 5' patch of this weed turn into a monster weed invasion that has engulfed the best of ground covers, like liriope. I do not use herbicides but have been considering them as I have tried digging them out only to see a reemergence the following year. I have also tried a mass smothering with black plastic and they just grow with a greater ferocity out from the edges.


Anne Arundel County Maryland invasive houttuynia cordata control 16 days ago

How do I treat brown spots in my lawn?

In the fall of 2014, I had my lawn treated to rid it of excessive clover. That worked, but the lawn came up with some bare spots. I planted grass in these spots. and it is OK. In April of 2015 I had the lawn professionally aerated and overseeded. The grass started looking really thick and green, but for the last month it's starting to get a lot of brown (beige) blades and spots in the entire lawn. Should I fertilize or wait? The company that did my aerating said no weed and feed. I have about 1/2-acre lawn. Is it too late to fertilize? If not, what fertilizer should I use?


Frederick County Maryland lawn 16 days ago

I need help and advise. My neighbor lawn service broadcast Merit ( grub...

I need help and advise. My neighbor lawn service broadcast Merit ( grub Killer ) all over my vegetable garden. Bayer the chemical manufacturer is telling me not to eat any of the vegetable out of the Garden for this full growing season. We are trying to come up with a value of the vegetable and we were in need of estimated yields. We canned and froze a lot of food out of this garden but I have no clue on how many lb of tomatoes I get. I need to get your expected yields per plant and or per pack of seed so I can farley calculate the value of the vegetables that would have been produced in my garden. Is this something you can help with or get me to a group that can help? San Marzano tomatoes Beefsteak Tomatoes Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans Fordhook Lima beans Bush Cucumbers Black Beauty Zucchini Jalapeno Hungarian wax peppers Thank you for any help and advise. If it would help to come out and look at the garden that would be great. My phone # is 513-262-1236 Thanks again Jerry Hart


Hamilton County Ohio 16 days ago

I bought two apples trees this spring and am training them to a wire...

I bought two apples trees this spring and am training them to a wire (espalier). I was a little late in the spring to order a 'whip' from an online source so I went to Gertens and purchased a Honeycrisp in a 5 gallon pot and Haralson in a 7 gallon pot (smallest size they had). These were much larger than I needed/wanted but bought them anyway so as to get going this year. The trees had already leafed out and blossomed in fact. I cut them off at 18" and hoped they would resprout. They sat there for some time but as you can see from the picture, quite a few branches are growing again. My question: Should I prune off all the other branches except for the three I want (one going up and two going horizontal? Or will the other branches help recharge the tree? If that is the case when would I prune the others? Next spring? Thanks for your help


Ramsey County Minnesota 16 days ago

Hi, we just moved from MN to WI just over the St. Croix River. We purchased a...

Hi, we just moved from MN to WI just over the St. Croix River. We purchased a new home on 2 acres in the winter and the former owners said at closing "well...I hope you like to garden". I have so many gardens it is impossible for us to manage them. Not to mention, I think they let it go last year as they knew they were moving. So many plants need splitting. So many self seeding plants are going wild. Certain parts look like a jungle. However, it is very beautiful. I have a friend who know some about gardening that has offered to help sort things out, but she is not a professional. I don't have the funds to hire a Master Gardener to help. Do you have any written resources that could help us? So many plants I can't identify. I am thinking about starting a garden journal to at least start to identify all the different plants. It feels all so overwhelming that I almost don't know where to start. We did mulch like crazy. I have been trying to keep up with the weeding, but that is impossible. There are many weeds that have the connecting roots under the soil. Another friend asked how the gardens were and I sad beautiful and horrible at the same time. Thanks for the resources is you have any.


St. Croix County Wisconsin 16 days ago

What is slowly killing my trees?

I have several fruit trees (some type of pear or apple) that have had individual branches dying for the past three years. This year a large maple tree nearby seems to have developed the same symptoms. Leaves develop in the Spring then wilt, turn brown, and cling to tree, while the remainder of the tree appears healthy. One fruit tree is probably beyond saving as it is more than 50% dead at this time. Symptoms were first noticed 3 summers ago. Symptoms appear similar to descriptions caused by fire blight. However I have also found the same symptoms listed under verticillium wilt, which is known to affect maple trees. Water does not appear to be a problem. Other trees in the yard planted within the past 4-5 years are doing well. I have not fertilized due to conflicting instructions I have received from various sources. At present I am treating only with trimming of dead branches. I did notice a break in the bark of the maple tree several years ago which exteneded about 5 feet from near the root upward. I treated that with a pruning sealer and it appears to have almost fully healed. I am not sure what caused it, as it was not caused by physical injury. Other fruit trees have not developed anything similar on the bark. Each summer I appear to be loosing 3-5 branches or more per tree to this condition. I have uploaded some photos with the condition highlighted. The first two photos are from the maple tree. The third is from one of the fruit trees. Any suggestions on cause and treatment would be greatly appreciated.


Blair County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs maple tree 17 days ago

My daughter has a moth problem in her house. Located in Pickerington, she has...

My daughter has a moth problem in her house. Located in Pickerington, she has a few moths everyday. We are trying to find how they are getting in, and closing up small openings we see, but have not found there entry point yet. We are wondering if we knew what kind of moth, and its life cycle, perhaps we would now better where to look. Attached is a photo. This problem just began a couple of weeks ago. I looked online and found a similar photo on another site. It appears to be Ozarba aeria. But I am new to this identification thing so I could very well be wrong. Attached is a photo she took last night after she captured one under a glass.


Fairfield County Ohio moths insect identification 17 days ago

What is this plant/flower?

I'm hoping you can identify these flowers for me. They are in an existing flower bed but I don't recall them ever blooming before. I originally thought the pods were some type of glad I didn't yank the plants out. Thank you


Monroe County Pennsylvania horticulture 17 days ago

Cass county fair quilt exhibits.

I am teaching 3 girls in 4 H how to sew and quilt what is required in order to show their quilts? Does the quilt need a sleeve? Can the quilt be quilted by a 3rd party or do the girls need to do 100% of the work themselves? Do they need a label on the back of the quilt stating who made it date and title of quilt (if applicable)? Are there any other notes or tips I should be aware of to help the girls do their best at fair?


Iowa County Iowa 17 days ago

albino spider

I found this little guy on the wheel well of my truck...I've been looking and looking on the internet but can't find anything that remotely comes close to looking like this. Can you help me identify it?


Benzie County Michigan spiders 17 days ago

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