What is this bug?

My brother is a landscaper in South East Michigan. This bug landed on him and flew away. He wants to know what it is. Thanks for your help.



Wayne County Michigan insects 27 days ago

Florence Crab Apple Tree

I am trying to purchase a couple Florence Crab Apple trees for my farm. Grandma had a branch of Florence grafted on when I was growing up. Makes the BEST pickled apples! Do you know a nursery where I can purchase either the whole tree, or a scion? Thank you very much.
Melvin Pierce
Scranton, ND
NDSU BS 1976


Slope County North Dakota 27 days ago

potting soil for hazelnuts

Hello I am going to pot some hazelnut suckers this fall that I am taking from my trees. I was just wondering if the a special potting soil mix I should be using. Thanks Tom


Marion County Oregon horticulture soil and fertility issues 27 days ago

Two Questions

Might you be able to identify the two following photos. The brown is from a tree and the purple berries from roadside vegetation. Thank you!


Img_1372_300x300%2523 Img_1975_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland plant identification trees and shrubs 27 days ago

Spotted in my backyard in Churchton, MD

Hello! What is this? It is about 3 inches long...pretty fast...kind of shy...and appears to be carrying a similar (but not identical) bug on its back! The pic is two views I managed to get. Fascinating...but I could not find a single similar pic online. Thank you!



Anne Arundel County Maryland insect or spider id 27 days ago

Hops Rhizome

Hello Good Person,
Please tell me how to permanently eradicate hops roots and rhizomes.
I think the rhizomes were planted in spring of 2016. Currently ~10 shoots are sprouting up within about a 40 square foot area. I need to kill them with assurance that they will never return.
I’ve cut back the lengthy vines (I think they are called ‘binds”) from about 18 feet long to 10 inches, and saturated the leaves, stems and a tiny portion of the roots with a systemic solution called “Poison Ivy and Trough Brush Killer,” made by Ortho. Hardware store garden shop employees told me this poison would kill the rhizome and all the roots. Is this true? Or, do I still need to dig out the rhizomes?
Should I do multiple applications of the systemic poison? If so how often?
I applied poison on Friday, and it will rain though Monday, so I plan on applying poison again on Tuesday.
Sorry I don’t know what species of hops this is, other than it’s not Chinook and I didn't take any photos.
Thanks in advance for your expertise.


Boulder County Colorado 27 days ago

Any idea what type of bug this is? It's from south east Michigan

I appreciate your help.



Wayne County Michigan 27 days ago

What kind of bug is this?

HI there
Wondering what this is. ..



Hennepin County Minnesota insect identification sowbug 27 days ago

Small garden for restaurant

What soil test would i need todo to be able to sell the produce that i grown on my restaurant land to the public. We want to start a small garden to utilize for some of our dishes.


Emmet County Michigan 27 days ago

Chicken soup confused

I want to do chicken soup no noodles but it ask to use pressure cooker but I have xl power pressure cooker I need to know how long do I have to leave it to cook or can I do it on the stove and for how long need help


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania 27 days ago

narrow pine tree

looking for the narrowest columnar pine that does well in Colorado. would like a maximum of 5' wide at maturity.


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs 27 days ago

where to obtain apple grafting device

I have heard of a way to graft apple scions to root stock using a Lucite block template. Have you heard of this and where might I obtain one, or plans to make one?


Washington County Oregon grafting grafting fruit trees 27 days ago

apple tree species identification from leaf DNA

I neighbor says you can test apple leaves to ID the species from DNA. I cannot find mention of this on your site. Is my neighbor correct?


Washington County Oregon tree identification 27 days ago

prepare soil for grass seed

I have a long needle pine tree that I use to through cut branch from other trees and dead fall.I have clean them up and would like to plant grass seed under some of it. what would I have to do to the soil. The tree is 35 to 40 years old or so. there is grass that is filling in from the edges as we have been clean up


Hennepin County Minnesota planting grass seed 27 days ago

storing winter vegetables

I have potatoes, onions, winter squash, and sweet potatoes that need to be stored for the winter. I know i should not store onions and potatoes close to each other, but what about the others? thanks


Benton County Oregon food storage 27 days ago

okra bugs in SC

Can you identify the bugs.



Maryland insect id vegetable possible scentless plant bug 27 days ago

Winterizing Clematis

How do I prepare my clematis for winter? I planted it pot to ground when it was on several inches tall. It has thrived on a trellis to 15 feet but has never bloomed. I would like it to do well next Spring. Thank you.


Marion County Oregon clematis 27 days ago


My mom spotted a few of these in her yard. In the sun they looked orange. When I took the pic this is how it turned out (my camera isnt the best). My question is what kind and dangerous or not.



Pendleton County Kentucky agriculture mushroom identification pendleton county kentucky 27 days ago

Moon Flowers

Harvested some Moon Flower seeds in Kansas City but before I plant them.....are they aggressive here?


Boulder County Colorado 27 days ago

What's wrong with my peach plum tree?

Thank you!



Linn County Oregon 27 days ago


could someone help me to id this spider?



Washington County Oregon spiders spider identification household pests 28 days ago

Black spots on maple leaves topside

Our maple trees have black spots on them, first year it's happened. Are they an issue? Send me an email address & I will send photo. Thank you



Hennepin County Minnesota 28 days ago

Cutting back roses

When is the best time to cut back my rose bushes? How far down should I cut them and what are the guidelines for thinning them?


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs 28 days ago

My redbud tree is loosing bark and looks sick

Can I spray my red bud tree with fungicide to help it?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Oakland County Michigan trees and shrubs 28 days ago

Is this a brown recluse?

My neighbor Barbara Christopher found this spider. Is it poisonous? Is it a brown recluse?



Washington County Oregon spider identification brown recluse 28 days ago

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