Peonies Zone 8a

Is it even worth thinking about growing peonies here? I am in Fort Worth.

If it can be done, how do we get them to grow?


Tarrant County Texas 15 days ago

Identify this plant

Please identify the plant in the picture. It appears to be a vine mixed in with Jap stilt-grass. I pulled this piece out.



Howard County Maryland vine buckwheat vine vine identification 15 days ago

Please identify

Elmo with plant.



Snohomish County Washington mushrooms 15 days ago

Cool weather- are the tomatoes done?

Hello, I was caught unprepared by the cool temperatures yesterday and yesterday evening. I have many tomatoes and bell peppers still on the vine. Some are close to ripe, but many are still quite immature. With temperatures falling below 50 degrees last night, and sustained below 70 degrees yesterday and today, and given that I did not cover the plants. The only thing perhaps going for me is that the plants are in a raised garden, with some protective arborvitae windscreen cover from the east and south. Is it likely the unripened fruit has "chill damage" and won't ripen? Should I bring all the fruit inside to see if I can ripen in a paper bag in a cool location? Or, will it still ripen on the vine? Looks like we have better weather coming over the weekend, but is it too late given the chill over the last 36 hours?


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture tomatoes 15 days ago

Moss identification

On my hikes at Cleary Lake Regional Park near Prior Lake in Scott County, I have found one particular location where (what I believe to be) a certain kind of moss grows. (See attached pictures.) Unlike typical forest floor moss that appears "short-cut" and "fuzzy", this moss has longer green spires that give it much more dimension. It blankets the ground in patches alongside one part of a shaded trail near some wetlands. While there would seem to be many other similar locations that this moss would grow in the park, I have only observed it along one particular stretch of one trail segment. I am curious to know what type of moss this is - assuming it even is a moss. Can you help identify it? Thank you for any insights you can share. Jim Guttmann


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Scott County Minnesota 15 days ago

insect identification

What kind of insect is this? That's a nickel behind it to help estimate size. Thanks in advance for your help!



Prince George's County Maryland insect identification 15 days ago

Plant identification

Do you know what this is. Is it poinious


Pierce County Washington 15 days ago

Identy help

Im trying to find out what this is and i have tried the plant identifier several times with no help,,,,
Please help,,,,
Thank you for your time and consideration


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Cumberland County North Carolina horticulture plant identification 15 days ago

Youth Development - 4H Cloverbuds

Hi, I'm interested in involving my 1st grader in 4H Cloverbuds. Is there a program locally available for this? Also are there any clubs and/or programs available for those who home educate? Thank you!


Marion County Kentucky 4-h clubs 4h youth development 4-h cloverbuds marion county kentucky 15 days ago

Disease of fruite tree

My cherry tree is losing leaves and some of the branches are dying and

There gum oozing from its trunk.please help me


Photo_2016-09-15_03-08-19_300x300%2523 Photo_2016-09-15_03-08-33_300x300%2523 Photo_2016-09-15_03-08-26_300x300%2523

Outside United States peach trees horticulture disease issues 15 days ago

Dwarf apple tree bark

My dwarf Apple trees were planted in the Spring, I did have some Japanese beetle issues earlier on the year but the apple trees have remained healthy looking until a few weeks ago. The bark at the base of the trunk is being removed. Is this due to an insect or a disease that is causing it. and what can I do to prevent further damage? See attached pictures.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Fayette County Kentucky tree health dwarf apple tree horticulture fayette county kentucky 15 days ago

What is this bush

This bush has purple new growth, and pink flowers in the spring.


DeKalb County Georgia 15 days ago

Alfalfa Lawn

How would I slowly add alfalfa into empty parts of our lawn?


Oregon horticulture lawns and turf 15 days ago

Orange striped insect help

Any idea what type of insect this is? Thank you!



El Paso County Colorado 15 days ago

DIY PVC Air Powered Water Gun

Hello, I hope you all are doing well.
I am trying to make a DIY water gun and I have already designed a body (which is basically a 4 in by 26 in PVC water pipe with an opening for a cleanout cap to put in water and another hole where a schrader valve is inserted to allow for air to be pumped in).

However, I don't know what to do to create an opening from the 4 inch PVC end cap side to allow for me to insert a rubber tube that extends to a brass ball valve with a nozzle (or anything else that allows me to control the water flow). Could you give me any suggestions on what to do?

Basically i want to add a rubber tube along with a way to control water flow onto the end of my water tank.

PS. I would prefer if the parts were somewhat common (like something i could get at home depot) and the PSI rating should be around 120 (i would use around 80 psi but just to stay on the safe side).
Thank you!


Texas 15 days ago

What plant is this?

Please help me identify this shrub I've been seeing in my neighborhood lately. Pretty pillow-like pink blooms sit atop, dark green, dense foliage in mid-September, Chicago area. Seems to do well in shade. Mounding, about 3 feet high. Thanks for your help! Janis


Img_20160910_092223_300x300%2523 Img_20160910_092212_300x300%2523 Img_20160910_092154_300x300%2523

Cook County Illinois trees and shrubs plant identification 15 days ago

Juniper tree

Does my tree have savings or is it gone. Do I need a arborist



Harris County Texas trees and shrubs 15 days ago

What is this vine?

It showed up on my back fence, just wondering what it is.



Benton County Arkansas horticulture plant identification 15 days ago

Weird Weed

Does anyone know what this weed is? It is taking over the yard and the center is black and stains whatever it touches. When you walk around them in jeans, it looks like ink on your pant legs. Very course stem. Thanks



Baker County Florida horticulture weed issues 15 days ago


I believe I had leaf spot. I cut all cane down and shop vac'd up all leaves and wood chips for weed control. What do or can I use to spray or spread on dirt to get rid of the leaf spot in dirt? And can I put some weed control solution on it? or put down more wood chip to control weeds> I have been very diligent about cane removal in fall and spring. and keep weeds pulled. How can I get rid of Canadian thistle with roots running a foot or more deep. I have tilled and dug down that far in the past to get roots. Trying to be organic, so what do you suggest? Or throw that out the window and just use something.This is actually Tammy but will use my husbands email. Plan on using information to take care of my personal back yard raspberries. 10 x 20 feet.


Dakota County Minnesota horticulture raspberry diseases 15 days ago


what is this tiny creature?...


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Tazewell County Illinois plant identification houseplants 15 days ago

ground cover

Do you know if it is possible to buy

Horse Herb seed ???

If yes where? We have a problem growing a ground cover because of shade under trees.


Harris County Texas 15 days ago

what to do about walnut trees

The prior owners of my home had a Black Walnut tree growing next to the garden for many years. It has since been cut down, but nothing grows well at that end of the garden. I'm told Black Walnut leaves contain a natural herbicide that may have poisoned the soil. Is that true? Is there some way to salvage the soil?


Washington County Oregon walnut trees horticulture 15 days ago

Bug identification

What is this bug? It was eating flies. It curled up like a pill bug when i touched it with a piece of pine needle cluster.
Oakland Twp, Oakland County, Michigan



Wayne County Michigan rove beetle beetle identification 15 days ago

Leaf identification

What tree does this leaf belong to ?



Johnson County Kansas trees and shrubs plant identification tree identification 15 days ago

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