Baby onions?

What are these, please?



Suffolk County New York wild chives allium about 1 month ago

Grub Identification

We dug this grub up when removing a tomato plant. I've not seen one like it. Can you tell me what it is?


Img_1508_300x300%2523 Img_1507_300x300%2523

Dakota County Minnesota insect identification moth pupa about 1 month ago

Spotted green beetle

Over the last few days I have experienced an infestation of the spotted green beetle. It has attacked various plants in my vegetable garden , primarily the late spinach, chard, rhubarb leaves and basil. Also, they have totally decimated the petals of all of my mum plants. Besides picking them off and putting them into soapy weather, is there any other way of control? Do they overwinter? I’m located in SW Michigan, in the town of Union Pier. Thanks for any advice. Marge Spears


Berrien County Michigan urban integrated pest management vegetables about 1 month ago


I planted 400 Columbia Star marionberries in 2016 (from plugs) and had a healthy crop this July. I've been growing traditional (thorns) marionberries for about 15 years at another location. These new berries act a bit differently. The old canes were cut to the ground in August and the new canes are on trellises and look great. But I see new canes emerging from the crown plus hundreds of branches off of the trellised canes. Should I cut off these side branches which are several feet long, or try to tie them on to the trellis and should I cut the emerging canes at the crown? I've never had this much growth and not sure what to do at this time of year. Thanks!


Multnomah County Oregon pruning horticulture about 1 month ago

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is?

I found this spider in my bathroom and was wondering if you could tell me what kind of spider this is. I live in New York and never seen one before.



Erie County New York about 1 month ago

How do you get rid of mold on maple tree bark

how do I get rid of a green mold on my maple trees. Bark is also peeling off.


Lake County Ohio tree tree health about 1 month ago

What is this

I have these spiders everywhere at my work place and would like to know what they are


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Sarasota County Florida spiders about 1 month ago

Poisonous Trees

So I'm making some caramel apples for a Halloween party and I was planning on using sticks from my yard as the handles (I'm dying the caramel black so it's part of the feeling, think Snow White). I have a bunch of sugar maples, a few Chinese elms, and a Walnut tree in my yard. Are there branches from any tree I should stay away from using that might make my poisonous apples actually poisonous?


Wayne County Michigan about 1 month ago


I have a banana tree that is supposed to be for indoors, but it is getting too tall. I can't find anything on how to care for this tree. Called Stark Brothers and didn't get anything but what was in the book. Can I treat it like a regular banana tree? I did find a couple of ways to care for one outside.

Janice Brown
Lobelville Tn


Perry County Tennessee tropical plants horticulture banana tree fruit trees about 1 month ago

Pets have died, fleas have not

We have a very messy house, lots of accumulated clothing and some upholstered furniture, severe flea infestation left behind from one cat in one room, moderate to few in other rooms / areas. Wife in hospital for at least another week, no pets or people in house. Flea bombed extensively Sunday, I've been out of house 4 straight days; stopped in house last night; some are still there, about 5 or 6 in total during my 10 minutes in the house jumped on my slacks, I picked off or sprayed. Was a dozen or 2 last week when I went in the one worst room. Am I gaining ground? Will they die off without animal hosts? Should I bomb againA before serious vacuum cleaning? Does baking soda really work?


Baltimore County Maryland pest control fleas fleas alive after bomb cat fleas about 1 month ago

Transplanting an asparagus bed

I am consolidating my garden plots. This requires moving a productive bed of asparagus. I planted the bed about 6 years ago. Harvests for the past 3 years have been very abundant. Can you provide tips on moving the bed this fall to another location? I have already prepped the destination bed.


Howard County Maryland asparagus transplanting asparagus time to transplant asparagus vegetable about 1 month ago

yellow jackets in house wall

I have yellow jacket wasps in my house wall somewhere: every day several come flying into the house an I can't see the hole. Should I have an exterminator come? I don't want to spray poison into the hole if it is continuous (communicates) with the interior space of my house. But my family is afraid they will get stung, just walking in the hallway. What should I do?


Montgomery County Maryland insects yellow jackets yellow jackets in house wall wasps in house wall pest control about 1 month ago


What kind of snake is this



Page County Virginia eastern ratsnake pantherophis alleghaniensis about 1 month ago

seed or fertilize first?

Do you put down seed now and then fertilize for weeds and for the grass to strengthen or the other way around?


Howard County Maryland overseeding lawn first fertilize or seed lawn fertilizing lawn about 1 month ago

Is the walnut husk fly an aggressive,biting insect.We have been blaming deer...

Is the walnut husk fly an aggressive,biting insect.We have been blaming deer flies for those burning welts but now I have my doubts


Ross County Ohio about 1 month ago

Buckthorn removal and White Pine with yellow needles

Hello, Re: Buckthorn: We have a yard in Ham Lake, Minnesota with a couple acres and many trees. We've recently been educated about Buckthorn and discovered we had a lot. We removed them and carefully treated the stumps with roundup. (We pulled as many small ones as we could.) Now we have a large pile of them and we could use a wood chipper. There are several female trees with berries and I have a Question about that..... is that a good option to use a wood chipper when berries are present? If it's not a problem and won't spread seed we can just spread the chips on our land. If it not okay I suppose we can dispose of them at the Anoka County comp. site- for trees & brush, etc. On a side note: We also notice a large amount of these shrub/trees in our neighbors you have an any information or brochure about the bad effects of this plant that I can share with them? Re: White Pine: Our beautiful large White Pine developed a large amount of yellow needles in Oct. I thought it may be dry and I watered it a lot. The lower section has since dropped the needles but not the top. From this info can you tell me anything to help it? It's so beautiful we'd don't want to lose it. Thank you kindly for your help/info. Mary in Ham Lake, MN 55304


Ramsey County Minnesota about 1 month ago

blue spruce

we have a blue spruce that was planted 20 years ago and my husband is worried it is going to get into our water line and wants to take it down. i believe it is over the water line . we live in a city and i don't know how far down the line is. what is you opinion about removing the tree.


Jefferson County New York tree roots and pipes about 1 month ago

understory management of river birch tree

My daughter has a very small back yard with a large river birch tree. See attached. We removed the grass and planted some PA sedge and Itea Virginica. See 2nd photo. 2 questions - there is a neighborhood cat using the area near the base of the tree as a litter box and killed the PA sedge and heuchera. Actually saw the cat in that exact area. What do you recommend to repel this cat (chemical, motion detector water sprayers)? Fortunately the shrubs and pa sedge further from the base of the tree are still doing well. After solving the cat problem. We would like to vegetate (foam flowers, pachysandra procumbens are some ideas). Of course the area around the tree is most delicate. I was thinking for the winter to add pine bark wood chips to give time to get rid of the cat. I don't know about adding any soil. The roots are very close to surface. Also, we had an arborist look at the tree. It's in very good condition. It will need some pruning in near future. Thank you!


River_birch_tree_1_300x300%2523 River_birch_tree_plantings_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland cats river birch cat using garden as litter box discouraging cat activity cat problems about 1 month ago

Human Parasites

I have some critters biting, mostly on my head. We cannot see evidence of lice, fleas, or ticks. I have collected 25 tape lift samples where I feel biting and see nothing living under 30X scope. I do see what appears to be "molt castings" or dead bodies of segmented worms or arthropods (flat on bottom). I have used pet flea shampoo several times to no avail, even when mixing in pyrethrin spider spray! What are those things!


Img_0981_300x300%2523 Img_0996_300x300%2523 Img_0999_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon about 1 month ago

Wine Plants

Does vineyard plants, like branches, roots, grapes, have medical benefits?


Queen Anne's County Maryland grape grape vines nutrition of grape vines nutrition from grape vines fruit about 1 month ago

Killing grass with cardboard - for pea gravel not garden

Hi, I'd like to kill the grass around my raised beds and replace it with pea gravel. All the info I see online is intended to prep the area for a garden. But I don't want to grow anything there. They all talk about covering the cardboard with mulch but I suspect the main reason is to hold down the cardboard? But that seems like it would be a waste of money for me and I'd have to remove and dispose of it later. Do you think I could cover the cardboard with weed barrier then the pea gravel (and/or bricks or pavers until I get the pea gravel)? Thanks.


Boulder County Colorado about 1 month ago

Ducks not laying after molt

My ducks molted in early August and haven't started laying eggs again. In addition, they are eating very little feed. How can I encourage them to start laying again?


Lane County Oregon ducks about 1 month ago

Internet Use and Open Meetings Act Violations

What type of internet posts would violate the Open Meetings Act? Can municipal board members post opinions on issues without violating the OMA? Or can councilmembers only express their opinions on issues during public meetings?


1) A councilmember expressing their opinion on their campaign website regarding a possible zoning issue.

2) A councilmember answers a question from a resident on social media regarding their opinion on an ordinance.

3) Two councilmembers running for re-election as a slate hold a townhall type session to answer questions from residents.

Thank you.


Oakland County Michigan about 1 month ago

biting black spots

i just had extermination of bed bugs now i am getting bit with little black spots on my skin and all over my house. they dont appear to move but i can sometimes scrap tem off my skin as im feeling bit. What are they? bird mites?


Providence County Rhode Island about 1 month ago

Should I invest in lantana?

Over the last couple of years I've noticed a beautiful plant that I've identified as lantana. From what I've read online, it was originally a semi-tropical or tropical plant native to various parts of the world, including some parts of the Americas. Online I see lantana plants being offered but very little information about them. Online I've learned they have become invasive in some parts of the world. Also, some are considered perennials and others annuals, perhaps depending on the climate zone where they're planted. Please give me some feedback about lantanas (HGIC website doesn't have much about them via SEARCH): Are they generally considered annuals or perennials here in Zones 6 or 7? Are there recommended varieties or cultivars--as some apparently have seeds (drupes) and others don't--which may go to "invasiveness." Also, I've seen the "seeds" may be toxic--a problem? And do they grow well here without major insect or disease problems? Do you know if Brookside Garden has lantanas that I could check out? And please add anything I haven't even thought of! As usual, thank you so much for helping.


Howard County Maryland flowers annual flowers lantana lantana winter hardiness about 1 month ago

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