Newly planted rhubarb is blooming. do I remove the blooms or let them go to seed? Can I use it this year?


Lake County South Dakota 17 days ago

Do I need to remove sand before putting soil down where above ground pool was removed?

We just removed a 24' round above ground pool. I am left with about 1" of sand over the area. Can I just put top soil on top of the sand or must I remove the sand? (I have no place to dispose of the used sand.)


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania master gardener program 17 days ago

wasp nest

We have a wasp or hornet nest on the wall outside our kitchen. It is about 8 inches ling and about 2 inches across. It is clay colored. What is the best and safest way to get rid of it?.


Baltimore County Maryland pest control wasps mud dauber nest 17 days ago

poisoned trees ?

how can I tell if my trees have been poisoned?


Jackson County Oregon horticulture tree health 17 days ago

soil compaction over septic leach fields

Our gated community CCR's prevent use of our "common areas" that would affect our septic leach fields...the request has been made to put a picnic table in the area that would cause occasional foot traffic. In the area, also according to the WSU edu horticulture info, vehicles other that riding lawnmowers should not be permitted in the our common grounds constitute approx. 50 acres, our yard care person uses a tractor pulling a mower to mow same. My own experience owning a small farm with a few horses and/or cattle had no effect on my drain field that had been in use for over 60 years. My feeling and experience is: that occasional use by 10-20 persons would have minimal effect on soil compaction. Can I have your comments, one way or the other? Randy Reilly, Board Member Staffordshire Park


Lane County Oregon septic systems 17 days ago

White pine has white fuzz

I have a white pine that was inspected by a city tree inspector. He thinks the tree may have early symptoms of white pine blister rust. The tree has white fuzzy like things on the trunk and some limbs. The tree also has lichens on many of the branches (pic 3). What do you believe the white fuzzy things are? They are kind of like spider egg sacks.


Dakota County Minnesota 17 days ago

last year some of my peony buds turned black/brown and never bloomed, and...

last year some of my peony buds turned black/brown and never bloomed, and there were large black spots all over the plant. How do I fix this?


Hennepin County Minnesota 17 days ago


best time to plant, how deep, how far apart, point up or down


Kenton County Kentucky sunflowers home horticulture heliotropes kenton county kentucky 17 days ago

I am looking for an evergreen (preferably broadleaf)that will be deer...

I am looking for an evergreen (preferably broadleaf)that will be deer resistant and tolerant of partial to full shade. They'll be located between azaleas that aren't doing too well (perhaps because of deer?) and planted as a hedge along my garage wall. Will pieris (some pink sp.) or kalmia latifolia be suitable? Any suggestions, even other evergreen plants, are appreciated. Thank,


Baltimore County Maryland plant selection shrub deer resistant shrub 17 days ago

Density of plants for sugar snap and snow pea crop

Dear Friends - I have a row of sugar snap peas and a row of snow peas growing. I planted the seeds six inches apart, but put two seeds at every spot, and most of them germinated, so I know have two plants every six inches. Are there any particular dangers to letting the two plants grow, every six inches, and/or do you think it's important to thin one of them out, so it's only plant every six inches? I have well amended, friable fertile soil, if that makes a difference. Thanks for your feedback on this.


Montgomery County Maryland vegetable snap peas spacing 17 days ago

What is this?

I keep noticing these little critters coming up the cracks of hardwood flooring in my apartment. Can anyone identify them and tell me how to get rid of them?


Outside United States insect issues insect id 17 days ago

Tomato Blight

Last summer our garden was hit with blight that destroyed the tomatoes, cucumbers squash. Is there any thing that needs to be done to the soil before planting this year to prevent a repeat of the blight this year?


Gratiot County Michigan 17 days ago




Jackson County Oregon 17 days ago

Thuja Green Giant

I've been researching Thuja Green Giant trees. Are these grown successfully in the Ames area? None of the nurseries around here seem to have them. We live near the river (high ground), so in the winter there are quite a few deer. We also have a 3 story apartment on one side of our property and would like to have a privacy screen that will grow in our lifetime (we're almost 60). We've considered Blue Spruce because of the Deer Resistance. We have several in the neighborhood that the deer leave alone. I fear the Blue Spruce will grow too slowly. Then I found the Thuja Green Giant online which makes all kinds of claims - zone 5, deer resistant, fast growing, dense foliage, tolerates ice and snow and some shade. I can not find this tree locally. What would you suggest? The other big problem is we just removed a fairly large Silver Maple and had the stump ground out. It has many large roots, some in the area we want to plant. The Soft Maple was getting large and out of control and we wanted privacy year round. HELP! Is there a n extension help line I can call? Are there any Thuja Giants on campus? Please talk about the success, growth rate, advantages / disadvantage of both Blue Spruce and Thuja Green Giant. We are open to suggestions for other trees also.


Story County Iowa 17 days ago

Interior drain insect

Found in my sink the remains of many insect wings (transluent, oval about three sixteen this of an inch) and some bodies. The bodies were black, slender and also about three sixteen the of an inch. Also found remains just above the sink on the window sill. Trying to find out what type of insect and if they have come from my drain or sewer. What can be done to treat for this type of insect?


Howard County Maryland insect issues pest control swarming ants swarming termites 17 days ago

Maple tree - no leaves in middle third of tree

Our maple tree is about 11 years old and probably 20+ ft tall. Just this spring we have noticed that it has leaves on the bottom and leaves on the top, but about a 1/3 swath in the middle of the tree has no leaves at all. Wondering if this could be Verticillium wilt or something else and if there is anything we can do to save it. The tree does not appear to have any damage to the trunk or bark. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Poweshiek County Iowa 17 days ago

I planted 1 year asparagus crowns last year is it ok to harvest this year ?

I planted 1 year asparagus crowns last year is it ok to harvest this year ?


Erie County New York horticulture harvesting asparagus 17 days ago

I have a big strange spot of dry grass on my lawn. The spot becomes larger,...

I have a big strange spot of dry grass on my lawn. The spot becomes larger, as it was half a meter in diameter 2 years ago, a meter last year, and almost two this year. Everything else is perfectly green. We have aerated and seeded the lawn last year, which helped a bit, but this year the area is dry again. There is virtually no thatch. I would greatly appreciate your help with diagnosis!


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture lawns and turf 17 days ago

Snow on the mountain -

How to I get rid of this plant, I have the green leaf variety and can't get it under control


Clinton County Michigan 17 days ago

What sweet corn seed types grow best in northern Minnesota?

What are some great sweet corn seed types that grow best in northern Minnesota? I am interested in brands that are sold in the local stores.


St. Louis County Minnesota 17 days ago

river birch tree

I have a river birch tree that is planted about 5 feet from the pool and 15 feet from my neighbors driveway. Will the roots from this tree damage my pool or my neighbors driveway? Also it constantly has brown spots on the leaves that then turn yellow and drop off. If I keep this tree what should I treat it with?


Collin County Texas 17 days ago

Can you tell me if these are morel mushrooms. See pictures. They are growing...

Can you tell me if these are morel mushrooms. See pictures. They are growing in one of my newly mulched areas--cedar mulch and soil that was trucked in by landscaper. The stems are hollow but I haven't dissected the entire mushroom.


Hennepin County Minnesota 17 days ago

Spraying Douglas Firs: toxin question

Hello, Our neighborhood in State College has a fungus problem with Douglas Firs. A local tree service ( is treating our trees with Chlorothalinol and Cupro 5000. In the below 2 reports, the first report has caused concerns and questions, as we have gardens, fruit trees, and many children playing in our yards. Although the 2nd report appears to identify that use of these toxins should not alarm us, can you speak to these fungicides and whether we should be concerned? Because we've been told by the tree service that they need to apply 3 treatments this spring-summer, we'd like to know what level of precautions we need to take. Today, we've covered a neighbor's unplanted garden and a berry bush. However, we did not cover nearby fruit trees. What type of concern should we have? Thanks you very much! 1. 2.


Centre County Pennsylvania horticulture fungus douglas fir 17 days ago

evergreen shrub

I need to know if there is a shrub that grows in Michigan, stays green year round, and only grows to around 3 feet tall. It will be in full sun in summer and full wind in winter. I need something to hide an ugly 4-foot-high electric utility box.


Genesee County Michigan trees and shrubs plant selection yew boxwood 18 days ago

Hello - I have a couple rhododendrons from gertens that I bought about 3...

Hello - I have a couple rhododendrons from gertens that I bought about 3 years ago. Bought them at about 18 inches high - they just haven't increased in size whatsoever. There is a little leaf burn from the nasty winter a couple years ago but otherwise they do seem pretty healthy. The leaves perk up with water but just not getting growth and the have never flowered. Any recommendations?


Hennepin County Minnesota rhododendron 18 days ago

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