Obtaining a PA License for lawn weed and fertization application

HI, I am inquiring how one obtains a license for commercial application of lawn fertilizer and weed control.. Please include the cost of obtaining and maintaining the license as well. Thank you. Janice Yanofsky


Cumberland County Pennsylvania pesticide safety integrated pest management about 1 month ago

Clover with small yellow flower

the leaves look like clover leaves with a slight purple tint on the edge and the yellow flower has 5 petels. What is the best way to get rid of it without killing the grass


Harford County Maryland lawn weed about 1 month ago

Knock out rose

What are my knockout roses doing? Over the last several years I have noted that as the summer goes on the growth becomes more wild looking - the blooms get smaller and the stems get more thorny.


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McCracken County Kentucky about 1 month ago

Strange bean plant!

I have found two or three strange bean plants popping up under my bird feeders. Often the seeds that fall will sprout and grow, however, as far as I can see, I have never seen these beans before in any bird seed that I have purchased... the kind of small plant has very rounded leaves and produces long thin beans. When the husks are opened, the beans inside are shaped like trapezoids! See attached photos.


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Spartanburg County South Carolina about 1 month ago

Cucumber leaf

I am re-posting this from Any idea what it is? I will cite eXtension in any answer. Thanks
David Hughes

Yellow marking on cucumber leaf, any idea of causal agent?

Plants are in nethouse, grafting in squash. Age 4 weeks. Watering EC water is 0.5 dS/m and pH 6.2



Centre County Pennsylvania about 1 month ago

bug on my apple tree

is this a good bug or bad bug? leaves seem to be damaged where bugs are (2)



Anne Arundel County Maryland insect id probable clearwing sphynx moth about 1 month ago

huge grub worms

We have found what appears to be grub worms as large as our hands on our property. They are white in color and have pincers. Any idea what they are and if they are harmful to my children? We've seen them as long as almost 3 inches and as fat as a quarter or slightly fatter.



Bexar County Texas about 1 month ago

Tree identity

Found on dry site in Lisbon Portugal. 6m tall tree covered in pink flowers 12 - 15cms across in October.



Outside United States trees and shrubs portugal plant identification about 1 month ago

Diseased Bur Oak?

I noticed the bark darkening at the base of my Bur Oak during the summer months, but now the bark is starting to peel. See photo. Can you identify what is going on? Is there a treatment? Will it kill the tree?



Collin County Texas about 1 month ago

Doug Fir problem

At base of some doug fir trees is something that looks like coffee grounds. There are holes in the bark that are 1/32" to 1/16". I'm wondering if the trees will fall on me etc.


Linn County Oregon tree health diagnosis of plant problems trees about 1 month ago

Replacement trees

We are removing 2 large cottonwood trees from our back yard. What would you suggest we replace them with? We live in Loveland,on a lake,the back yard faces west.


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

i poor what do i do

I 59 years old now what does this cost any thing at all


Monroe County Indiana about 1 month ago

Growing wasabi in Asheville

Hey, I am growing wasabi in Asheville in a large well drained pot above ground and next to my house in an urban area and its been doing great. Winter is coming however, I am wondering should I bring it inside?


Buncombe County North Carolina wasabi horticulture container gardening about 1 month ago

Vegetable Garden Soil Testing

I would like to have my garden soil tested. How or where is the best way to do so?


Minnehaha County South Dakota about 1 month ago

Cat tails/ Wet land

I'm interested in adding a driveway to my property but it would need to go through a wet land with cat tails. Can I cut the cat tails out and fill it with stone for my driveway? Can I/ must I relocate the water /wet land to a different area first? I can get pics if it helps. Thank you in advance.


Beaver County Pennsylvania zoning and land use regulation sustainable gardening and landscaping about 1 month ago

Hardy pomegranate?

Hello, Can you recommend a hardy pomegranate? I have a sheltered location and wanted to give it a try. I saw that the cultivar "alley cat" pomegranate was on auction at the recent fundraiser at the Boone County arboretum, but I can't find out anything about this cultivar online with Google. I'm wondering if this could be an extra-hardy pomegranate; and if so where to obtain it!


Hamilton County Ohio pomegranate horticulture about 1 month ago


1) which stored biomolecule is having high energy level?
2) any two basic differences between oils and fats
3) why is sunflower oil considered better than coconut oil for edible purpose?


Outside United States nutrition about 1 month ago

Farm structures and building

Mention five maintanance of farm structuces and buildings


Outside United States about 1 month ago


I have bentgrass on 80% of my lawn. Should I try to gat rid of it or let it take over the entire lawn? How should I get rid of it?


Oakland County Michigan about 1 month ago

American Pokeweed (phytolacca Americana)

We have a serious problem with this plant in our back yard. We did not know what it was and instead of planting our vegetable garden this year, we let the "named weed above" get out of control. I JUST found out what it even is and evidently it is very poisonous. we don't know what the best way to get rid ot it would be. Can you help advise us please?


Anne Arundel County Maryland weed pokeweed about 1 month ago


I have 46 Oak Trees & no Acorns this year. What's up?


Wright County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Unknown animal in my home

Can you please help me identify what kind of animal is in my home? After hearing something moving things around under my kitchen sink I finally got the nerve to go look and found a pile of animal scat in the very far back corner. The cabinet doors are always shut so it was dark inside the cabinet. I have attached pics. I have four kids living in my home with me and am afraid one of their curiosities will get the best of them and someone is going to get bitten or sick. I want the creature out of here. I terrified of mice so even though we do not have any as you can see in my pics I do keep some sticky traps out just as a precaution lol. Thank you in advance.


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Ector County Texas wildlife damage management about 1 month ago

Ornamental pear tree struck by a vehicle

A pear tree 15+ feet tall and about 8 years old was struck by a vehicle that lost control and veered into the yard. The bark was rubbed off in an area about 1.5 ft verically and about 1/3 of the way around the tree trunk. A lot of leaves and berries were shaken loose, but no branches were damaged. The tree was perfectly straight but now is leaning. The base is not uprooted at all, but the tree is firmly now in its leaning position. Will the tree suffer or be okay? Can I get it straightened? How should I go about doing that? Is there anything that should be done to help the area with the missing bark heal? Thank you!


Img_3017_300x300%2523 Img_3018_300x300%2523 Img_3015_300x300%2523

Lake County Indiana trees and shrubs pear trees horticulture about 1 month ago

Plant question

Is the plant galetta or Pleuraphis jamesii native to the state of Colorado?


Mesa County Colorado about 1 month ago

How invasive is this plant

Hi I have sedum gold moss planted under a dwarf Japanese maple. Will this plant kill the tree?


Outside United States invasive species moss invasive plants invasive trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

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