Is it possible to have someone come out and look at my tree and give advise...

Is it possible to have someone come out and look at my tree and give advise as to whether it needs to be cut down? It is some type of chestnut tree and has a lichen-like growth on its branches.


Hennepin County Minnesota 21 days ago


Does Iowa State University Extension offer any help with wildlife removal and preservation of bats from an attic to an area within the same county that they presently at?


Decatur County Iowa wildlife damage management bats 21 days ago

Emerald Ash Borer

Has the EAB been spotted in Delaware County? I have several ash trees that do not look healthy; woodpeckers, suckers, broken bark, bark flaking off, and ivy growing on one of them. I want to know what might be happening to them.


Delaware County Pennsylvania 21 days ago

LED Lighting

I am interested in using LED lighting for indoor growth of Lettice and Strawberries. Is there information available for the type of LED lights to use, spectrum specific or best colors to use, and length of exposure time for vegetative and fruiting growth? Thank you. Ray VanderLeest


Elbert County Colorado fruits and vegetables 21 days ago

New lawn

We are new arrivals to Colorado from Australia. We have a young family and would like to establish a new lawn. We live at 8400 feet, the soil is mostly decomposed granite, the lawn area will have a have south eastern aspect, will get 50/50 sun shade through the day and there is little if any Ponderosa pine litter in the area we wish to lawn. We have read Kentucky bluegrass is the best option.


Park County Colorado lawns and turf 21 days ago


I purchaced a condo in Eugene and there is Ivy going up several of the trees. Will this cause harm to the trees?


Lane County Oregon horticulture invasive species english ivy removal 21 days ago

I have an infestation of something that is making holes in my hosts plants...

I have an infestation of something that is making holes in my hosts plants outside. The damage looks like the damage done by slugs but the things are on the ground under the plants and are not clear in color, they are a milky white opaque color and look kind of like an upside down jelly fish or upside down mushroom. Any help with identifying and a way to get rid of them would be greatly appreciated!!!


Minnesota horticulture trees and shrubs insect issues 21 days ago

Rose Bush has half dead canes

I have a "double delight" rose bush that I recently purchased and planted. I have noticed that some of the canes appear to be half dead. One of side of the cane is brown and woodlike with no green, while the other side is green and growing new stems. It appears that even the new stems are growing half dead where whatever grows on one side starts to die and the other side will grow. Is there anything to solve this issue?


Orange County Florida 21 days ago

we have a willow tree, 15 yrs old, that was blown over and a large root...

we have a willow tree, 15 yrs old, that was blown over and a large root cracked off. that was 4 years ago. we keep the branches trimmed so it doesnt become top heavy but i can still push the trunk and it does move. is there any fertilizer which i could use to assist the root system to become stronger? ur advice would be much appreciated


Outside United States trees and shrubs fertilizer tree 21 days ago

Planting Russian Sage

The tag that came with my Perovskia (named Peek a Blue") says to plant the crown one inch below the soil level. Is it also planted like this in Colorado?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs 21 days ago

Broadleaf evergreen shrubs

Hello, We like to plant some broadleaf evergreen shrubs for privacy. We live in Greenwood Village. The area receives low to medium moisture and shade to part shade. They will be located near several large pine trees. We also need them to be deer resistant. What do you recommend? Sincerely, Suzanne


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 21 days ago

Mulch vs Compost

Am I better off putting down mulch in my wife's flower beds or top dressing with 2-3 inches of compost instead? Also how do I control (or should I care) about the mushrooms growing in the mulched beds that I currently have?


Virginia Beach Virginia 21 days ago

Oregon blue spider identification request

I was doing some streamside geology and disturbed this Beautiful Spider in a small den on the bank behind several inches of clay and sediment. It is apx 1/2" to 3/4" BLUE (might make it easier) in the Willamette Valley, Baker Creek, Yamhill County, Oregon apx 300 ft above sea level. I was hoping someone might know a little about it Thank You for Your Time


Yamhill County Oregon insects spiders spider id 21 days ago

soil activator

How helpful is soil activator for lawns, what is it made of, and what does it do?


El Paso County Colorado soil and fertility issues 21 days ago

Pins and Needles

I barely touched this plant and my fingers starting stinging intensely. No blisters, no itching. But hours later, fingers still feel like pins and needles.

Main plant stem and leaf stems have tiny hairs sticking out. Plant was about a foot tall. Appeared to have seed like or flower like clusters coming off of main stalk.

Any idea what this plant might be?


Austin County Texas horticulture plant identification 21 days ago

Hello, the edges right around all the leaves of my cabbage plants are turning...

  • Hello, the edges right around all the leaves of my cabbage plants are turning brown and wilted. Otherwise the plants are very big and have already started to curve into a proper cabbage. What is the problem?


Outside United States vegetable production cabbage 21 days ago

Bent Locust Branch

I need your advice. I have a young Locust tree in my front yard and one of the two main leader branches is bending towards the other. Because they are the two center branches, I want to keep them both, but I need to find a way to encourage the bent branch to straighten-out. I have included photos showing the tree from both sides.

I have thought of several options, such as using Bonsai Wire to straighten the bent branch; or selective pruning to encourage growth on the convex side to bend the branch back straight with the weight of offshoot branches, but I want your expert opinion.


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs 21 days ago

Is 'Potato Dirt' Usable?

I'm planning to grow potatoes for the first time and I'm reading that after you grow potatoes you shouldn't plant tomatoes and some other plants in that dirt for three years. Is this true? (My question is about more than crop rotation - people seem to believe that 'potato dirt' is somehow tainted.)


Snohomish County Washington soil potatoes 21 days ago


My cactus has outgrown its space. It is prolific! This year it bloomed at Christmas. All the blosspms fell and it bloomed again for Valentines Day!

But it is causing space problems and I don't have another location to put it. How do I prune or divide it without killing it?


Mesa County Colorado houseplants 21 days ago

Where can I buy an oryzalin product locally? Are there any other pre-emergent...

Where can I buy an oryzalin product locally? Are there any other pre-emergent herbicides that come with a colorant agent?


Dakota County Minnesota 21 days ago

Impact of Grassy Weed Spray on Lilies

We have 'Over the Top II' Grass Killer product by Ferti-lome VPG company.
The active ingredient is Sethoxydym 18%.
We are planning to use this product (spray) to kill the grassy weeds in a flower bed that has day lilies and the regular lilies.
Will this product affect (kill) the lilies?


Arapahoe County Colorado weeds 21 days ago

Climbing roses and Japanese beatles

Hi everyone! :) I'm going into our third full growing season at our first home, and we've put in a LOT of roses last year - over 60. Yes I'm crazy. They are generally doing beautifully, but I know my 6' trellises won't be big enough through the end of this summer for most of the climbers with how fast they ALL took off! (I guess I made them happy? lots of blooms, lots of growth, and most wintered over BEAUTIFULLY) What are good supports that would work well in our area, longer-term and not attached to the house if possible? Thanks! Also, we have japanese beatles in the neighborhood so badly. All my Ebb Tides lost a full flush of flowers last summer to them, let alone all the other roses and hibiscus and... yeah. I live in a big housing complex in Ypsilanti that has a lot of farm land and open area around it (to the south of Textile), but we're in the middle of the complex (1/2 mile in!). I'm tempted to ask a neighbor across the street who does NOT garden if I can put traps up at their house, but is there anything else I can do? I don't want to spray for bugs in my garden so butterflies can visit and the bees can thrive (some are already visiting the crocuses!), but I can't stand those beatles eatting up the roses I've worked so hard on! Thanks for your help! :)


Washtenaw County Michigan 21 days ago

Crossbow and dogs

is Crossbow for scotch broom toxic to dogs?


Santa Clara County California 21 days ago

optimum soil for blueberries in containers

I just purchased two Chandler blueberry plants and will put them in large 24 inch diameter plastic containers.what is the best Soil to put in those containers? should the soil contain a lot of clay? how much Potting mix percentage? thank you for your help in the past and great advice. mae t.


Marion County Oregon horticulture blueberries 21 days ago

I need soil test results for Beds 2 & 3.

You have sent me soil test results for beds 1 & 4. How 'bout beds 2 & 3. I sent soil samples for them also. I am surprised to see how alkaline my soil is. I have been careful over the years to keep acid bearing things out of my compost. Should I continue to do that or will the N in the fertilizer take care of that. Actually 7.2 in Bed 1 is close to balanced.


Washtenaw County Michigan 21 days ago

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