unknown plant

wondering if you can identify this plant .... it is growing to about 12 to 14 foot tall with bloosoms of purple clusters and spreads fairly rapidly to other areas


Dakota County Minnesota 20 days ago

Help knowing how to best protect customers

Hi, I work with Paradise Energy Solutions. We are a full service photovoltaic company that works largely in the agricultural sector of SE PA and Northern MD. We have multiple bird operation customers who have contracted us to install photovoltaic systems on their farms in the next 3-4 months, and beyond. Is there practical advice on how contractors (like ourselves) can help protect our customers flocks from the spread of AI, should the virus become present in our area later this year? I am thinking especially in relation to working between a few different farms. Here are some specific questions I have: 1) If working on a farm that AI may be present, how long does it take for the virus to die naturally? 2) If moving from one bird operation to another within a few days time, are there practical precautions that we can take in relation to vehicles or job trailers? Any help and direction you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Lancaster County Pennsylvania 20 days ago


Dandelion like foliage, plant is about 4" tall about 6" diameter. Elongated buds can be observed opening slowly at dusk and will wilt next morning in direct sunlight. When overcast or in shady condition will remain open until noon. I believe it may be an oenothera.


Outside United States plant identification 20 days ago

Please help me identify this plant

I have searched everywhere online to find out what this is, but can't find a picture of it anywhere. Google seems to think it's a Mexican Petunia, but it's not the same. The one I am looking for has 5 tips on one leaf, and lots of flower petals (the Mexican petunia only has 5 petals). The plant is about 7 feet tall as well. I have searched everything, please help!


Outside United States 20 days ago

hazelnuts,Bees & pollinating.

Do hazelnuts produce better when you have Bee hives in the orchard doing the pollinating.


Santa Barbara County California 20 days ago


Will summercrisp pear trre and ure pear tree cross pollinate?


Pennington County South Dakota fruit trees pear trees 20 days ago

Preservation of Water Rights

Starwood is a small community north of Bend. We have a 13 acre common property which is farmable, but we are having difficulty growing crops which are sustainable on poor soil, yet we must continue to make use of this land in order to maintain water rights which support other elements of our community. What should we do?


Deschutes County Oregon small farm issues small farms water rights 20 days ago

What plant is this?

Couldn't find an exact match


Whitfield County Georgia 20 days ago


What is the name of all the brown moths i see on houses and ,lawns and gardens? And where do they come from?


Dakota County Minnesota insects moths butterflies 20 days ago

Food for wildlife

We live NW of Amboy, WA on 10 acres and would like to plant food to help the wildlife, primarily deer, through the winter to come. We are forested and reside at 750 feet elevation. What would be best to plant now (Sept. 15th) that will grow through the winter?


Clark County Washington wildlife damage management wildlife habitat 20 days ago

poke weed

Is poke weed toxic?


Kentucky horticulture weed edible plants poke weed 21 days ago

Holes in flower bed

It isn't much to go on, but are you able to tell me what critter/insect would dig these? They appear to be dug from underneath as the holes are "clean" at the openings.


Michigan 21 days ago

I live in Bloomington, mn and wonder when I should cut my spent Asiatic...

I live in Bloomington, mn and wonder when I should cut my spent Asiatic Lilies back to the I cut them back in October or wait until next Spring we do with the hydrangeas? Thank you much for your assistance!


Hennepin County Minnesota 21 days ago

Plant Living Fences

I was interested in making a privacy fence for my house out of hedges or bushes in Minnesota and as a novice I don't really know where to start. If anybody has any suggestions - I would like it to be less than 6 feet tall, hopefully not something that needs tons of attention in pruning, and something that can withstand a harsh winter.


Ramsey County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture 21 days ago

Is this tree dying of oak wilt?

The red oak in my backyard has been declining for the past 3-4 years. Someone mentioned that it might be oak wilt. How can I get a diagnosis? And if it is oak wilt, what authorities do I need to inform? I'm under the impression that it hasn't officially made it to Howard County, MD yet.


Howard County Maryland disease oak tree 21 days ago

Plant living fences

I want to make walls by planting natural trees like Hicksii Yew and Green Velvet Boxwood. What are your advices? I would like to invite you at my home to discuss these or you may send me all the information regarding the above mentioned project. What are the best trees to grow in MN for fencings? How does the weather affects them? What months to start growing them? How much does it cost or how expensive are they? Thank you all, I really appreciate your assistance and your services too. Thanks Abdi at White Bear Lake MN


Ramsey County Minnesota trees and shrubs landscape design horticulture 21 days ago

Ripe red tomatoes with yellow mottling

Hello, I have seeded and transplanted heirloom tomatoes for about six years. I have rotated crops and amended soil fairly well. This year I have a fairly good crop, but the red beefstake types (Abe Lincoln) and even a few of my red cherry tomatoes have yellow mottling on the ripe fruit. The leaves have yellowed and look curled a lot, but it is also mid September. Any ideas? The fruit seems to taste fine, but figured I should ask. I also think that I need to let the soil I have put them in rest next year. The yellow mottled cherry that I just picked is in a container! Thank you very much.


Adams County Colorado fruits and vegetables 21 days ago

Growing in my garden

This just popped up in my garden over the past month. Right among my strawberries. No idea what it is but has interesting pods growing


Polk County Iowa plant identification horticulture 21 days ago

Can I plant trees in the fall?

Can fruit trees from a nursery be successfully planted in the fall? Or should I wait until spring for the best chance?


Eaton County Michigan fruits and vegetables planting fruit trees 21 days ago

Is this plant poisonous?

I received a splinter from this plant stem and now seeking treatment for infection. Can you identify this and tell me if it is poisonous? Please send information. The doctor is requesting it.


St. Clair County Michigan plant identification 21 days ago

Green oak leaf drop

I have a mixed hard and soft wood 40 acre forest, with red, white and pin oak. Now (mid September) observing many green partly eaten oak leaves on the ground. Leaf is partly eaten (including the veins). Might have one side of the leaf eaten, or a quarter of the leaf eaten before it falls from the tree. What is eating them, and why so many doing so in such large numbers? I do not ever remember so much since gypsy moths--but this is the wrong season for them. Trees are too high to be able to observe whomever it is up close.


Manistee County Michigan forestry trees and shrubs 21 days ago

Whats wrong with my Apples

I planted an apple tree about 15 years ago and every year it has this same problem. I do not spray so I am sure that is the root of the problem. Can you identify this disease and suggest an organic solution that might not be perfect but would improve the situation. Also the apples are very sweet if I ignore the skin. Does it hurt to eat these apples if peeled?


Queen Anne's County Maryland fruit apple sooty blotch flyspeck apple fungal disease 21 days ago

I see lots of "wildflowers" along the highway this time of year...

I see lots of "wildflowers" along the highway this time of year that look like small sunflowers but with multiple flowers per stem. Do you know what they are? I am looking for something to put on a septic mound. These seem to do well in poor soil and must reseed themselves.


Red Lake County Minnesota flower 21 days ago

Inquiry re Background of Brundage 96 Certified Wheat

My deceased wife's family was named Brundage which is not a very common name. I would like to know the background of the naming of Brundage 96 certified seed wheat. Thank you. John Ray Alexandria VA. I saw a reference to the name in a local newspaper in Adams County Washington State where I am from originally.


Alexandria Virginia 21 days ago

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