Weird cucumber

Hello, I submitted a question a few days ago about this cucumber but wasn't able to up load photos. I'm trying again. Thanks


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Multnomah County Oregon vegetable disorder 18 days ago

My landscaping is dying

I have burning bushes, a Japanese maple, and a hydrangea that are dying from the top down. They have been in the ground for over a year. It started with the hydrangea. The leaves turn yellow at the top and it works it's way down. The leaves turn brown, dry up and fall off. Could this be a parasite or fungus? Is there any way to save them?


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Clark County Kentucky home landscapes clark county kentucky agriculture 18 days ago

Sod Question

My city re-sodded my backyard in May after bulldozing half of it for a long-term pipe-laying project. Two months after the sod was laid, it's very obvious where the sod lies over the construction-impacted vs. non-impacted area. I'm assuming the city went cheap and provided little or no topsoil beneath the impacted area (yes, they've been subject to equal watering and fertilizing). So my question is, can I expect this demarcation to lessen over time? Will this even out? Or is this going to be more or less permanent? I'm trying to figure out how big of a stink to make with the city at this point, but I don't know how big of a deal this is (I have not yet signed the release they've asked for).


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King County Washington 18 days ago

Identify Bush

What kind of bush is this?



Charles County Maryland 18 days ago

Identify Plant 2

Is this a weed?



Charles County Maryland plant identification weed issues 18 days ago

Identify Plant

What kind of plant is this?



Charles County Maryland plant id wild aster symphyotrichum racemosum symphyotrichum dumosum flower identification 18 days ago


Every spring I have these weird patches of grass that seem to be spreading. Early summer a lot of the areas seem to turn brown and die off? What is it and how do I treat for a healthy thick lawn?



Dakota County Minnesota bentgrass turf patch diseases 18 days ago

lilac leaf damage

Can you help me determine what is wrong & whether the shrub can be saved? This lilac was planted last summer and seemed happy & healthy until a few weeks ago when brown spots appeared on part of the plant. They have spread rapidly in the last 10 days. We had difficulty with a maple tree in this same area of the yard a few years ago and it eventually died after a similar leaf issue.


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Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs 18 days ago

Sea lampreys

Could sea lampreys be harvested and smoked, as eels are? I know they are edible and considered a French delicacy. How would one harvest them?


Oakland County Michigan 18 days ago

Flowering crab problem

Hello- I have a flowering crab in my backyard that is dropping some leaves this summer. The tree still looks full and green at this point but I am concerned about the dead leaves because this is new. Also, the leaves on the tree have spots. What is this? And, what should I do for it? Thanks.



Hennepin County Minnesota crab apple trees apple scab black rot 18 days ago

Flowering crab apple issue

I have a flowering crab apple in my backyard. This summer it has been dropping leaves and, while it still looks full and green, the leaves on the tree are spotted. What is wrong with it and what should I do for it?


Hennepin County Minnesota 18 days ago

Ascochyta Leaf Blight of Turf?

We have an HOA of 46 homes. Many of the lawns have bare or dying areas, similar to the attached photo. Can you diagnose & give us a treatment? Thank you! Paul Tharp



Larimer County Colorado lawns and turf 18 days ago

Frustrated about peaches

We are picking peaches but they are mainly green and hard on one side and rotting on the other. I assume this is Brown rot. They also have peach scab. But what I've read says that this should only effect the skin and the peach flesh is fine. This is not the case in ours, as they are hard under the peach scab. We have sprayed copper sulfate before bloom and then neem oil routinely. We are extremely frustrated. Any suggestions?


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Howard County Maryland fruit brown rot on peaches peach diseases peach scab spray schedule brown rot spray schedule peach spray schedule 18 days ago

wild ginger - not as healthy

Hello and thank you! My wild ginger plants are looking less and less healthy. There is a brownish tinge around the edge. I eventually want them to grow and replace a large part of my lawn. I am not sure how much watering is best these days. Should soil be damp an inch below? I also had gotten some wild ginger from a neighbor and all of those died. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Have a wonderful day.


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Ramsey County Minnesota wild ginger 18 days ago

cucumber plant

Hello and thank you! More and more yellow spots are showing up on this cucmber plant. I have been pulling the lower leaves which have more spots. Now spots are showing up on the upper leaves as well. Should I pull out the entire plant? Or will it be ok to have it keep growing? I do not want it to get a virus or contaminate my soil for the next years. Thank you



Ramsey County Minnesota 18 days ago

White Berry Bush

Can you identify this?



Clackamas County Oregon plant identification 18 days ago

What kind of bug?

Wondering if this is a good ladybug or the asian kind on my oak tree. If Asian is there recommended spray to kill them?



Benson County North Dakota 18 days ago

Conifer ID

What is this? Are those normal spores or a disease?



Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

Twisty Purple Birch?

What do you think?


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Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

Yellow Bush ID

Over 6 feet tall. Any idea?



Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

Climbing Hydrangea?

Do you agree?


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Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

How to treat grape vines infested with Japanese beetles?

Hello, The grape vines overgrown on the fences that surround our yard are infested with Japanese beetles. They have moved from grape vines to our rose bushes. What is the best way to treat? I've tried picking them off, but there are hundreds. Is there a safe chemical? Do we cut down the vines first and then treat or treat and then cut down the vines? We have a dog. We have some herbs, tomatoes, and flowers growing as well. This is my first encounter with Japanese Beetles. I would appreciate any specific information you can give me. Thank-you, Teresa Whitman



Ramsey County Minnesota 18 days ago

Flowering Tree ID

Any idea?



Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

Twisty Vine ID

What is this?


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Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

ID of shrub planted between star jasmine

What do you think this is?


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Clackamas County Oregon 18 days ago

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