Pet Friendly Weed Killer

I recently purchased a home in Eugene with a Fenced back yard for my dog. Very small & maintainable. My first time to live in Oregon. I can see weeds are going to be an issue. What if anything do you recommend for products safe to work effectively without harming my dog.


Lane County Oregon weed issues about 1 month ago

Can diazinon spoil

I have a spray bottle measuring 900 ml, so I put 2 table spoon of diazinon in 900 ml of water have it for a couple months and I spray my veggies with it but nothing haven. Worms and bugs still eating them like crazy. Can I get some advice please ?


Outside United States pesticides pesticide safety about 1 month ago

Identifying a plant, plant removal

Can you help me identify this plant? I'm not sure if it is a shrub or a type of tree. It appears to spread by sending shoots underground, and is actually clumps of these, some of which become quite woody and send out branches. The tallest sections are about 9 ft. tall. I would like to remove these, what is the best way to do that? Thank you!


Img_2580_300x300%2523 Img_2579_300x300%2523

Jefferson County Kentucky plant identification about 1 month ago

Redwood siding woodpecker holes

Hi, Our 27 year old house has some redwood siding on it. Woodpeckers and flickers have made holes in it in a few places, knotholes have either fallen out or been pecked out. Who can answer this animal/wood/insect siding question please? What should we fill the holes with? How can we deter birds? Insects? In some places we can see the Tyvek house wrap and want to cover before coldest weather hits. Many thanks.


Washington County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Tall Pine Trees

What is happening to our tall pine trees ?? All the same species of tree all 40 foot in height or taller so far we have lost over 2 dozen with more being affected At first it looks like someone drilled many holes , the bark peels off then it dies and breaks off What do we do to remedy this and what is it ??


Dscn0286_300x300%2523 Dscn0285_300x300%2523 Dscn0284_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland tree dead tall pines about 1 month ago

What is invading our Tall Pine Trees ??

Something is invading our tall pine trees ,first I notice holes in the trees as if someone drilled into it ,then the bark starts coming off and in a matter of no time the tree is standing dead then breaks and falls over there are at least 2 dozen down and many more affected All the same type of pine , all 40 feet in height or taller .What is it and what needs to be done to stop it ??


Dscn0246_300x300%2523 Dscn0247_300x300%2523 Dscn0248_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland trees tree dead tall pines about 1 month ago

frozen smoked vacuum sealed salmon left out overnight...

Hi, I'm wondering if my vacuum packed smoked salmon, which was frozen when I put in on the counter, would still be safe to eat after 10 hours?


Outside United States food safety about 1 month ago

tri colored willow bush

The first tri colored bush I had got hit by a car and by the next spring was dead on that side. I tried trimming it but it was not working so I planted another one. Now this one has been hit by a fuel truck. I thought that if I trimmed it right away it would do better but I see half the leaves on the bush are dying. Can i save the bush?


Susquehanna County Pennsylvania pruning about 1 month ago

Long Needle White Pine trees

I have a question I was hoping you would be able to answer for me please. Attached is a picture of our eastern white pine trees I believe. When we moved into this home we were able to view on the other side of the valley the mountain range in the distance which was quite beautiful. In only a couple of years these trees have grown quite a lot in height now pretty much blocking the view. I was wondering is by cutting off tops of these pines, may 1/3 of overall height , if that would somehow kill the tree. I would not want to kill these trees as they are beautiful as well but sure would like the view back of mountain range. I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you. Sincerely, John Fox



Perry County Pennsylvania about 1 month ago

Groundcover as front yard

I have a landscaper who wants to use Vinca Minor as the ground cover for my small front yard area, no lawn. I am curious if there would be a better choice using a native species. Or a ground cover that would be more conducive for pollinators and butterflies.Typical front yard, facing east, would get morning summer sun then shadow of house as sun passes over and west. Thank you.


Multnomah County Oregon plant selection horticulture sustainable gardening and landscaping about 1 month ago

Protecting my foundation

I have several trees (medium sized voluntary trees) that are having an adverse affect on my homes foundation. The home inspector said that I should put down a root barrier. Can you tell me what type of root barrier will stop the roots from causing further damage? I have read that some root barriers are not effective. I am not worried about the trees, as I said they are volunteers and do nothing for the yard.

I would appreciate your input on this.


Harris County Texas about 1 month ago

What kind of snake is this? From Tijuana

Found it dead in the road of our community


Img-20161128-wa0008_300x300%2523 Img-20161128-wa0007_300x300%2523

Outside United States snakes mexico about 1 month ago

Parents Helathcare Extension

Is it possible to file an extension to stay on your parents healthcare insurance after turning 26?


Bucks County Pennsylvania about 1 month ago

Hellebores--to cut back or not to cut back?

I have heaps of helleborus orientalis. Most of this year's leaves are still green, but the new leaves are beginning to pop up. They will brighten my Winter with their blooms in Jan/Feb. If I cut back the old (still green) leaves now while the weather is decent for working outside will that leave the new ones at the mercy of the weather when it gets bitter? Or should I leave the old leaves on to protect the new shoots and end up with them becoming tattered and beat up?


Howard County Maryland flower hellebores culture about 1 month ago

Goose and duck meat pens

I was wondering how many birds per meat pen was needed? My local office does not know. I am new to poultry in 4-h. Thanks, Dru Yeager


Gunnison County Colorado poultry about 1 month ago

Mushroom at Base of Tree

We have what we believe to be a fruitless mulberry in our front yard that was already a large tree when we bought our home in 1986. In the summer of last year we noticed a large mushroom growing at the base after weeks of rain. This summer after another rainy spell the same type of mushroom appeared again in about the same location. Recently my aunt told me this was a sign the tree is rotting on the inside and therefore the tree is a hazard despite it appearing healthy. I hate the thought of having this great shade tree cut down and I'm afraid we don't have it in our budget at this time to do so anyway. However, at the same time I'm very worried about the possibility of the tree falling on our home or worse our neighbors! Can you please tell me if mushrooms at the roots of a tree are always a sign the tree is rotting inside? Or if there is any way for us to check the tree ourselves to see if it is rotting?


Pic_2_fungus_300x300%2523 Pic_5_trunk_300x300%2523 Pic_4_tree_300x300%2523

Dallas County Texas about 1 month ago

insecticides and fungicides compadablity

Would you find me a chart of what insecticides can be mixed with other insecticides what fungicides can be mixed with other fungicides, and what insecticides can be mixed with fungicides? thank you


Kent County Michigan pesticides about 1 month ago

Trees not developing

Hi I have 6 apple trees reminding out of 14. Most of the apple trees are State Fair or Sweet 16. All where planted around 2007-08 Northern Mn close to Meadowlands. I was told by the retailer where I bought them from, that that small part of the state does not or will not grow Apple trees. The PH is 6.7 and I planted them in a old hay field that is set up for good drainage. I have a fence around each of the trees and I cut down the tall grass all around the area. Trees get sun all day. The 6 that are left seem to do well for 3-4 years then die off and new shoots form a new trees. So I don't have much of a tree. I think I had 12 Apples this year. I live in Texas so I only get to work on them in June and July. 2 years ago I came up in March and was able to prune them. I use store bought fruit fret. spikes. In that 9 years, we had a good amount of rain throughout the summer in that area. What can I do to increase growth or am I luck to have what I have. Can you recommend a Apple tree to plant there that might work for me? My goal is to have fruit for the deer and other animals. Thanks, Greg


St. Louis County Minnesota fruit trees about 1 month ago

Red currants and coumadin?

How high in vitamin K are red currants? Should someone on coumadin (Warfarin) be careful eating them raw or in pies, etc. ?


Snohomish County Washington about 1 month ago

Shira plum tree needs pruning

We moved into a house with a mature plum tree that is in sore need of pruning. It is December now so likely too late to prune, right? When is our next opportunity and how should we do it?


Multnomah County Oregon trees and shrubs pruning horticulture about 1 month ago

High altitude storage of homemade breat

Hi, I live in Santa Fe, NM (7000 Ft. elevation) and I make homemade bread using a bread machine. I have only lived here a year after moving here from Los Angeles. I started storing my bread in a wooden bread box, that has some ventilation due to cracks in the side of the door. I put my bread box in a cabinet above my countertop. My bread seems to be drying out very quickly. Is there a particular way I should be storing my bread in the bread box? Should my bread box have no ventilation as to keep moisture in due to living at high altitude and is putting it in a cabinet making it worse? If it were more of a moist bread to begin with would that be of benefit? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.


Santa Fe County New Mexico food storage food safety about 1 month ago

Plant Disease? Can I save these plants?

Hello! At my place of work, we have two plants (see pictures) in our lobby. They were purchased from a local nursery. They now have brown nodules on them. The nodules seem to be weeping and dripping a little on to the floor. We would love to save these plants if possible. What is the issue that is going on with these plants? What is the best course of action to save them or would it make better sense to simply replace them with different plants? Thank you so very much for your help. Your office and the work you all do is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!


Img_0572_300x300%2523 Img_0573_300x300%2523 Img_0574_300x300%2523

Richmond Virginia houseplant scale insect on office houseplant about 1 month ago

Lawn grass

We are moving to Bardstown mid-December and the lawn at the house we are buying has mostly weeds. My questions are: 1. What can I plant? 2. Should I plant seed over the weeds? 3. What do I do about the weeds? 4. Should I plant sod? 5. When should I do what I have to do? I guess you get the picture, so any help will be appreciated. Adrian R Guerrero 270-505-3034



Nelson County Kentucky grass horticulture nelson county kentucky about 1 month ago

raw soybean plants to horses

Is it okay to feed raw soybean in the pod to horses.


Allegheny County Pennsylvania horses about 1 month ago

Pruning Colorado Blue & Black Hill Spruce trees?

I have a few spruce trees that are starting to overgrown some of my landscape areas. I've heard that you can prune/trim these, but am apprehensive.

One, can you trim spruce trees?

If so, when is the right time of the year to do that?

I'm assuming that if you can trim, you would only try to cut the leading tips where next years growth would originate. Any suggestions?

Many thanks!


Carver County Minnesota pruning spruce trees about 1 month ago

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