Creek bank erosion

What can I do to control erosion? I bought my property in September 2015 and have lost fence in several places.


Fayette County TX about 1 month ago

Choosing Appropriate Plants and Structure for a Bioswale

Hello. I am building a new home on a lot that has an unplanned water feature - - a small spring. My plan is to direct the water towards the nearest city catch basin via a bioswale. This will involve working with an excavation company to trench and line the swale appropriately. I'm relatively comfortable taking care of this on my own, but there are two main questions I need some help with: 1) Is there a standard structure for building a good bioswale in terms of the layering of rock and gravel? 2) What's best in terms of plants, again in terms of layering from grasses to shrubs and tree? Any input would be very much appreciated!


Multnomah County OR sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture plant selection about 1 month ago

I need help with my Boxwoods!

I have many boxwood plants lining my driveway. Last year they were green and healthy, but over the last six months they have started turning orangish (not in a good OSU way). We had a few that died over the summer as they went from orangish to orange to yellow to tan. I would like to prevent the loss of the rest of my boxwoods. I have asked advice from professional "yard people" and was told by one to spray for spider mites, the other person said it is a soil issue, but did not have any clue what to do about it. After reading research on the spider mite spray I decided to not do that. So here I am watching them change color... I am attaching photos of some of the plants. The driveway is sloped ~10 degrees (I measured) or at an 11% grade. This problem did not start with the cold weather, it started toward late summer. We do have an in ground sprinkler system, so they should not have been dry. Because of the steep slope, I can't imagine water pooling on them either. Do you have any advice? I don't want to watch them just die off. Thank you. Verna Ourada


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Yamhill County OR horticulture boxwood about 1 month ago

How to get rid of a bee hive?

Last summer we had a bee hive form in our dryer vent which exits on the side of our house. I sealed up the vent in the summer to stop the bees from going in. Now that we have had a freeze, can I reach in with tongs or a vacuum cleaner to try to remove the hive? Do you have any other suggestions? Do you think the bees are all dead because of the freeze? Thanks in advance.


Montgomery County MD stinging insects possible wasps possible yellow jackets about 1 month ago

Do I need a blower on a natural gas vented space heater

Seems there is little info on pros/cons of a blower on a space heater. Looking for an 180 sq ft room.


Cook County IL engineering about 1 month ago

Moles in my yard!

I live in Hopkins county near Manitou, KY on HYW 630. It really got going last year and I see efidence of it even today . I have a growing yard full of moles killing my yard. I have tried several baits to try to kill them , but I sure could use some help eradicating these moles. Please provide any advse you may have.


Hopkins County KY moles in yard horticulture hopkins county kentucky about 1 month ago

Residential Pigeon Control

Good Afternoon, My elderly parents have at least two nuisance pigeons roosting on their residential roof top, making a mess of the walkways and roof. Can Penn State Extension assist in any way? Thank you, Sandra


Allegheny County PA nuisance wildlife pigeons about 1 month ago

Raspberry Caroline

Hi, Do you know of anywhere/anyone in Europe who can supply Raspberry Caroline canes? Thanks Kit


OUTSIDEUS about 1 month ago

Tree trimming

When is the bet time to trim a basswood tree, and, what do we need to know about it?


Dakota County MN horticulture american basswood about 1 month ago

Landscape berm design

How wide should the top of an earth berm be in order to plant a tree on it? Most likely some type of evergreen


Lancaster County NE landscape design horticulture trees and shrubs about 1 month ago

I have a small farm of about 65 acares of lan and want to know if " Teff...

I have a small farm of about 65 acares of lan and want to know if " Teff "is a good cash crop?


AR about 1 month ago

How deep to plant and avocado pit

How deep to plant an avocado pit. This avocado has been in soil with the top inch of pit exposed for about 4 months. It now looks like the pit is splitting in two and the roots are coming out of the bottom of the small container. I'm going to repot into a larger container but should I cover the pit entirely with soil?



Clark County NV indoor plants avocado seed horticulture avocado tree about 1 month ago

test for toxins?

Hello, I would like to plant vegetables for personal consumption in my yard in Chicago but am concerned about potential toxins in my soil and would like to know if I need to build raised beds or container garden. Does the soil test cover this as well?


Cook County IL about 1 month ago

Brought my plant inside too late.

Hi my name is Kenny. I need some help saving my plant. I believe that plant is a "Yellow spotted croton" but I'm sure you know better than I. I brought it inside about a month ago, yes it was outside in 30 degree weather. Is there anything I can do to save my plant. Thank you for being there and thank you for the help. See attached photos -Kenny - Go Beavers


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Benton County OR plant health horticulture house plant about 1 month ago

Hello, I am reaching out in effort to research what the laws and regulations...

Hello, I am reaching out in effort to research what the laws and regulations are for selling produce in Ohio. My husband and I have recently purchased a farm. I am interested in selling some of the extra produce that I grow this season. I have not been able to locate any information on licensure or regulations in regards to selling at your home or in farmers markets. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide. I am looking to sell via a stand in my front yard in Baltimore, Ohio. I would also like to sell at farmer's market. Ideally, in the future I would like to turn the property in a some what self sufficient farm or homestead. Any information on making this dream a reality and who I should contact for additional information on turning a property into a homestead would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alyssa Huntwork


Licking County OH farmers market rules selling at farmers markets about 1 month ago


I have collected a specimen of a flying insect found in a shipment of tapioca starch. Can I send it to someone with OSU to find out what type of bug it is?



Washington County OR household pests insect identification pantry pests about 1 month ago

Plant ID

My brother came across this plant in Ripley MD down near the creek bottom. So unusual to him was curious about ID. Thanks

Charles County (sorry)



Garrett County MD plant identification possible holly possible mahonia about 1 month ago

Oak tree appears to be dying

I have a very old oak tree in my back yard. My yard backs up to a strip of what looks like leftover woods that must belong to the state or county. It is a little northeast of Sligo Creek, about 1 mile from downtown Silver Spring. The tree in my back yard seems to be part of this remnant. During some past years, large. spongy fungal growths tended to appear on the tree's trunk near the base. I removed these growths (although not always immediately). Now the tree seems to be losing most of its branches (all quite high up) on one side. The branches that fall often seem rotted and/or full of fungus. A number of the trees in the woody strip behind my back yard also seem to have been dying, and some months ago the county sent in workmen to remove them. Do you think my tree is dying as well? Is it the fungus that killed it, or some other factor? Is there anything I can do about it?


Montgomery County MD oak tree tree decline about 1 month ago

Soil Test (#73B34L)

I am just learning about land management and was wondering if I could get some advise from an expert. I have attached a few pictures of the area (the hill side) which is approximately 200' by 60' on the other side of the stream I would like to plant in the spring. My goal is to plant plants that are low maintenance, will provide color throughout the year while controlling erosion. This area is a focal point from our family room and deck. Currently, the land has a low growing green plant of sorts that I was going to kill-off, add the recommended fertilizer to the area, and then replace with something below or what you may recommend. What I determined so far (and please correct me if I am wrong) that this piece of land is a "Non-tidal Wetland Hydroperid" and I was thinking that the below plant might do well is this environment: By the creek bank - Carcxbromides - bromelike sedge Top of the hill - Lilium Michiganese - MI Lily (Tree Lily), Symphotrichum Novae Anglia - New Englandaster, Symphyotrichum praeatrum - Willowaster, Symphyotrichum puniceum - purple stemmed, Sysphyotrichum Swamp Lester Middle of the hill - Triadenum Vigniem - Virginia March St John Wart, Vernomia Missurica - Viola cucellata, Abies Balsoea - Balsam Fir And mix between each level maybe some type of Fern, wild flowers, Lilie bulbs, or tulips Thank you in advance for any direction you may provide me. Mary Surko 586.574.1266



Barry County MI land management wetlands landscaping plant choices wetland plants about 1 month ago


I am not seeing any gold finch. Is there a problem with this bird.


Howard County MD birds wildlife goldfinches about 1 month ago

soil problem

My soil is literally like dark baby powder. When putting in a fence it would fill the holes back before we could put the post in. very powdery and very dry soil makes it hard to grow anything. I can"t even grow good weeds.What can I plant here?


Meeker County MN horticulture soils about 1 month ago

horse manure

why is it not advisable to spread the horse manure in the field where the horses are kept?


OUTSIDEUS about 1 month ago

Fermented feed for chickens?

A lot of people I encounter are trying to cut their feed bill by fermenting their poultry feed. Does this make any sense at all? I'm inclined to stick with a good quality commercial feed, but people are fermenting grains and even layer pellets. I have concerns about this; for example, I wonder if some of the nutrients used as co-enzymes will be consumed by the fermentation organisms?

The idea behind fermenting feed is that it somehow increases the nutrients available in the feed. I'm not sure if this is more likely to unbalance the ration than to improve it.


Alameda County CA chickens poultry about 1 month ago


can the GE 10.6 chest freezer freeze a sachet of plastic water into ice? and how many hours would it generally take. The reason for the question is that the direction states that it is a food freezer, would that include liquid as well?
Thank you,Leonel


St. Lucie County FL about 1 month ago

Is this spider dangerous

I have found this spider at work and I am unsure whether it is dangerous.
I live in the UK



OUTSIDEUS spiders spider identification steatoda nobilis noble false widow false widow about 1 month ago

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