I have had three mature red oaks die on my property over the past couple of...

I have had three mature red oaks die on my property over the past couple of years. It is a rapid decline over a few months time. The last one is about to be removed, is there any type of analysis that could be done that would help diagnose the problem?



Trumbull County OH 7 days ago

Identify Pest or Insect

Is there a location in Eugene that I can bring some photos as well as as some actual specimens (trapped in clear tape/dead) of some sort of mite or insect that has been causing increasing levels of problems around my home and now my Hair as well? I will attach photos to show. From my research I am going to assume I have a multi pest situation. I know one bug is the stink bug. But I am guessing on the other one. Different stages of life and forms it goes through. My prediction. Is that it is also bird Louse or mites that are at play. I thought Bed bug and carpet beetle at first too. There are waxy and thick orangish insect casings that are left around on a freshly swept floor after the night, in the bedrooms, kitchen and everywhere now. Also little black specks at first but mainly just these insect casings now that have started to appear in Car. Also have started to feel the. On my skin, then my hair and I’ve been treated for head lice. The issue bavan in July when I noticed a bad Odor from the underneath of the bed in master bedroom. I threw away an expensive carpet under my bed even. It has just been This Mo th that bugs have started to crawl on my body. Can’t see them much, but feel and occasionally see out of my peripheral vision sort of clear colored tiny dots and have trapped a few on tape. Also I see these larvae looking things in pic inside the house but never on myself.


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Lane County OR 7 days ago

Microwaving water

I recently was told that microwaving water, rather than heating on a stove, is dangerous and has cancer causing properties. Is this true? Janet


Washakie County WY 7 days ago

Hyacinth bulbs

Hi, Someone just gave me a bag of hyacinth bulbs. Can I keep them in a cool dark place and save them for this coming fall, or are they goners? I'd prefer not to force them to bloom indoors. Thanks!


Hennepin County MN 7 days ago

Pole stage to semi-mature small leaved elm surrounding a potential development site

how tolerant are elms to compaction of roots and severance of roots please? Tree report quote: ''The building shown has minor RPA incursions on several of the retained trees. These incursions are slight and the RPAs can be off set into good rooting environments outside of the site to compensate. Elm is a species which is also tolerant of root severance and disturbance. For these reasons, the potential impact on the retained trees is low.'' any comments welcomed - are elms tolerant as quoted?


OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs horticulture elm 7 days ago

Can canning be done in an electric Instant Pot. I have seen several articles...

Can canning be done in an electric Instant Pot. I have seen several articles which say that you can, but I want to be sure..... and if so, do you have any fact sheets on doing so.


Greene County OH 7 days ago

Browning Sequoia Sappling

Hello! I have a sequoia sappling that has some browning happening (it started about a month and a half to two months ago). What do you suspect is causing this and is there anything I can do? Is my tree dying? I’ve only had my tree for about a year now and would appreciate any advice you have. Thank you!!


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Los Angeles County CA sequoia 7 days ago


I'm a first time owner of a Dahlia. I have it in my basement per instruction, but it is growing. It is now about 8-10 inch long very spindly. Is this normal? If not what should I do at this time. Thank you for your help


Anoka County MN 7 days ago

Grass seed recommendation

For some reason, my lawn now is unusually bare. It is in partial shade from two large elm trees. I would like a recommendation for a quick cover grass seed to put down before the first significant snow fall (Jack Eden) recommendation. I tend to think rye grass would be good. Then in the fall I could reseed with tall fescue. I do aerate each fall. thank you in advance,


Montgomery County MD lawns and turf plant care dormant seeding advice normal growth 8 days ago

Recipe for Candied Jalapenos

I am looking for a recipe for candied or sweet and hot jalapenos that is approved for canning. (also called cowboy candy) Hope you can help.


Jackson County OR home food preservation food safety 8 days ago

Too many purple coneflowers

I have a wildflower garden on my septic mound but the purple coneflowers are taking over. What can I do to control them, and grow other wildflowers. They get over 5' tall and bloom like crazy. The light is east and south. I live north of Northfield


Dakota County MN 8 days ago


hello, Wondering why there is no recommendation of 4-6 miles away from the house when doing squirrel removal? cordially, siobhan kane


Hennepin County MN squirrel removal 8 days ago

Tree planting

Is it ok to plant fruit and flowering bare foot trees now in Klamath Falls?


Klamath County OR fruit trees 8 days ago

Bradford Pears: No Berries This Winter (2017)

Thank You In Advance: Our two Bradford Pear trees have produced no berries this Winter (there are many such in the neighborhood, all with no berries). Normally, during the late Fall and Winter, the trees are loaded with berries: These berries are favored by Robins, and I have seen on one or two occasions Cedar Waxwings partake of the berries. This is a concern for me, as I know that the bee population has plummeted as has the insect population generally (at least in Germany this has occurred, research having show a 60% decline in the number of insects). Do you know why this berry deficit is occurring, Many Thanks, John Doyle


Charles County MD 8 days ago

What wild animal is visiting my yard?

I keep picking up piles of poop and want to know what is visiting my yard. It looks like a pile of cannon balls -- the balls are the size of peas, or plump raisins. The pile is a sort of round, about 4 inches across (lots of balls). I just picked up about 20 of those piles in my back yard. The yard is fenced with 6-ft wood privacy fence.


Fayette County KY fayette county kentucky horticulture animals 8 days ago

Re-planting bare ground

My wife and I are building a new mountain top home (7468) in Evergreen CO. Land around the build is now barren. Site is mostly southern and western exposure. Lot of scraped, bare slope. Is there a local landscape business that could hydro seed with a mix of xeric plant seed I.e. blue gama,artemisia, several others and, if timed and watered well, establish, maybe 1/3 of the area first time around. I realize several treatments might be needed. Barrow cactus, different types of low grasses and some wild flowers predated construction. I plan to try to establish some groundcover junipers myself. Thanks for your guidence


Jefferson County CO 8 days ago

White spire birch

Can you cut a white spire birch to 1 inch above ground to make a clump?


Hennepin County MN birch clumps 8 days ago

Application of feedlot manure to certified organic farmland

We have a 35 acre tract of farmland that we just got certified. Can I apply feedlot manure to the field from a feedlot that is NOT ORGANIC?

Also can I make compost that will be applied to the field with manure that does not come from an organic operation. Can you recommend any reference material or educational material that would help me learn about the do's and don'ts of organic crop growth and management?


Rio Grande County CO 8 days ago

Monarch Butterfly Migration Speaker

Can you help me contact an authority on the monarch, who can describe the tracking/tagging process and perhaps bring specimens to our community-invited, September 4, 2018, meeting of The Chestertown Garden Club. As we are about to publish our 2018/2019 program guide this month, I'm interested in talking with perspective presenters as soon as possible. Thanks for any help that can be provided.


Kent County MD 8 days ago

wild onions

we live in coos bay or. How do you kill wild onions


Coos County OR weed issues horticulture 8 days ago

Snake in my Basement?

Hello, The summer before last there was a black snake in my basement but we got it out the same day. It got in when the garage door was open. Since then, every once in awhile I would get a whiff of what smelled like fresh grass.(not the cucumbers or watermelon) Last night, in the middle of the night, I smelled the scent of fresh grass really strong permeating through my home. Then I heard a pop can fall over in the basement. (My boyfriend crushes pop cans down there.) I was too chicken to go downstairs, but I have a really good sense of smell and I used to be a nature girl so I can distinguish a lot of smells. However I have tried to find out info online about smells that snakes emit, (mostly for some reassurance). Also, we've had mice in the house before. Could they smell like fresh grass? Anyway, that is my question. Could it be a snake or a mouse or another critter that smells like fresh grass in my basement? (or maybe both because the snake followed the mouse) But which smells more like fresh grass? Thank You very much. I hope my question was detailed enough. Linda C.


Jefferson County OH 8 days ago


What’s the meaning of this symbol ?



New York County NY 8 days ago

Habitat Project

Very recently the large tract of land behind our neighborhood was bulldozed down. This was a heartbreak to my neighbors and me as we had all enjoyed seeing the many quail, jackrabbits and deer here on the east side of Bend. Several of my neighbors were saying how they wish to do something for an animal habitat somewhere since the one we saw from our own backyards is now gone. My question is, "Where can we go to find projects specifically for improving or protecting a local wildlife habitat?" My neighbors and I hoped it would be something we all could do together. Where I come from there were projects like "adopt a stream" where you cleaned trash out of a creek and planted native grasses and such. Are there projects like that here in Bend?


Deschutes County OR human-wildlife issues wildlife habitat 8 days ago

Over Wintering Dahlias

I have had Dahlias for several years. I have dug them in the fall and then planted them in dirt in a planter to store in my basement. This year, for the first time, the Dahlias have started to grow in the pot in the basement. Is this ok? Should I dig the bulbs, cut off the growth and replant or should I just leave them alone?


Hennepin County MN horticulture dahlias 8 days ago

Celebration Maple Tree

Last summer, our builder planted a Canticleer Pear tree in the narrow space next to our driveway. Shortly afterwards it died, I believe due to neglect when they planted it. So they replaced it with a Celebration Maple tree.

The maple tree is planted 4 feet from the edge of our driveway, 14 feet from our house and 13 feet from a newly planted red oak tree in the park area next to us.

We have a small residential lot in Aurora, Colorado. I am concerned about the mature size of the tree, surface roots eventually cracking our driveway and it's proximity to the oak tree in the park. I also know that many maple trees do not do well in alkaline soil.

We are debating about digging up the tree this spring and giving it away. If so, what might be a better tree to replace it? What is your advise?


Arapahoe County CO trees and shrubs 8 days ago

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