Please advise regarding time(s) of year to aerate in Denver hard clay soil.


Denver County Colorado lawn aeration 4 days ago

How do I get rid of voles in my pasture/hayfield?

Voles have taken over my horse and cow pastures, as well as my hayfields. Is there any suggestion for large areas? We've been throwing poison down the holes, but I don't think it's working, and I am very concerned about my large population of hawks and owls. We have allowed the coyote to remain on the property, but they don't seem to be making a dent.


Park County Colorado 4 days ago

Lead Testing for Soil?

Hello, We are planning 2 raised garden beds in our backyard to grow veggies. Our house was built in approx 1948...would you recommend that we have our soil tested for Lead before proceeding? If so, how would I go about doing this in Tillamook County? We live in Nehalem. Thank you! -Ashley


Tillamook County Oregon raised bed gardening soil testing 4 days ago

Sustainable suburban garden

I would like to convert my backyard to a sustainable garden that is both functional (providing food) and beautiful. What resources are there for me to understand how to do this?


Hennepin County Minnesota 4 days ago

Fish Choice for Five (5) Gallon Aquaponics Herb Garden

What are the recommendations for fish species for the above? thank you


Howard County Maryland aquaponics fish for aquaponic herb garden water gardening 4 days ago

contamination in soil

Hello, I am wondering if you could help me with more information about the condition of my soil. There is a development trying to go up about a block from my house and they are releasing that the soil is contaminated but they will clean it up. "Contamination on site consists of laboratory wastes,residues, glassware, foundry sands, and containers, as well as Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and suspected solvent and other hazardous liquid dumping. Soil samples and ground water samples revealed contamination throughout the site, isolated in various areas as indicated on the summary figures. Contaminants found on site include arsenic, lead, mercury, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PNAs). A “Facility” is defined by Michigan’s cleanup programs as any area, place, or property where hazardous substances in excess of established state unrestricted residential cleanup standards. Many samples revealed contaminants found at levels that exceed residential general cleanup criteria, meaning the site exceeds Part 201 criteria, and is therefore considered a “Facility”. I am wondering how to prove one way or another if it is already affecting our soil and/or if it will effect our soil once they start digging if it's not already. Any help you can offer me with this is greatly appreciated. Here is a link to the development proposal.


Oakland County Michigan 4 days ago

White growth on gardenia

My gardenia bonsai has been yellowing over the past week or so and I just noticed these little white growths on the branches of the tree. I looked online but couldn't find any information on this. I'm not sure if it is a disease or some sort of pest. One branch had many of them so I cut that branch off and it seems like the tree is doing better. There are still a handful of these little growths throughout the tree. What should I do for my gardenia?


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Wayne County Michigan 4 days ago

New to raised bed gardening, really raised!

Had some waist high wooden bins made so husband can continue to garden outside but not bend down. Depth to bottom is around 18”. Do we lay some inorganic matter in the bottom then soil, or all soil? How should we mix the soil, like bagged garden soil, a mix of some kind? Looking for suggestions on any/all aspects. Thanks


Howard County Maryland raised beds 4 days ago

Red flower thorn bush

Good morning; I was wondering the name of the bush I have. I've had it for 25 years and it was recently hit by a car. It was a big, beautiful bush and would like to replace it. I need the name of the bush. Thank you in advance. My name is Kris Lawson and I live in Bourbon County. I've included two photos. Hope this helps.


P3186749_300x300%2523 P3186750_300x300%2523

Bourbon County Kentucky bourbon county kentucky horticulture bush identification 4 days ago

Flea Beetles

I have gardened for two years in Newberg and each year the flea beetles arrive and do significant damage. I bought nemotodes last year and it didn't seem to help. I've since read that there are certain types of nemotodes for certain insects so maybe I purchased the wrong kind. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kirsten


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture flea beetles 4 days ago

Chestnut trees

We would like to try growing nut bearing trees on a property in zone 3 the zip code is 56576. Can you please give recommendations & I also want to know if any chestnut trees will survive the climate there. Thank you, Chrissy


Otter Tail County Minnesota nut trees horticulture zone 3 4 days ago


I plan on overseeding and want to put down weed killer before doing that. What is a good weed killer that won't kill grass? Or, what is the best combination of active ingredients to kill general types of weeds without killing grass?


Howard County Maryland overseeding lawn overseeding lawn in spring overseeding and using herbicides overseeding after using herbicides lawns and turf 4 days ago


Does cornmeal stop Horsetail weed from coming back?


Deschutes County Oregon horsetail corn gluten 5 days ago

Summer squash in Colorado

We have tried various brand seeds for both Zuchini and Yellow squash with very little success. Lots of big green leaves but essentially no fruit. And then we end up with downy mildew.
are there recommended varieties that we could try


Douglas County Colorado 5 days ago

Reducing/preventing Japanese beetle damage on organic grapes

How do I reduce/prevent Japanese beetle damage on organic grapes? I've read about spraying a Neem solution on leaves before and during beetle infestation. I've seen mesh rolled up on posts that cover the leaves in beetle season. Other options? Is Neem effective? Readily available at garden/hardware stores? Where would one buy the mesh?


Washtenaw County Michigan grapes 5 days ago

bulk soil

Hi! I have built some raised beds for my backyard and would like to fill them. I am wondering if there are any good resources to buy compost, topsoil, peat moss, vermiculite etc. to fill my beds in bulk so I am not spending hundreds of dollars at a box store. Thanks!


Winona County Minnesota 5 days ago

Only one apple tree

My 91 and 87 year old parents have been successfully raising and harvesting 300+ Haralson apples each year. Two summers ago they lost one of their two trees and only got 5 apples last year. They know they need two trees for pollination. Is there anything they can do to get a better harvest other than planting another tree? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Crow Wing County Minnesota fruit trees apple trees pollinating apple trees 5 days ago

prunella vulgaris, Lamiaceae-mint; Heal All

How do I get rid of this in my two year old lawn? When should I begin the project and how do I go about re-seeding with grass seed that will do well in some sun and some shade? We have three lawns to do...


Prunella_vulgaris__heal_all_300x300%2523 Prunella_vulgaris__lamiaceae-mint_300x300%2523

Clackamas County Oregon weed issues lawns and turf 5 days ago

Abtoes Blue redwoods

I have eleven abtoes blue redwood in my backyards and one is showing a lot of droopy limbs and some weird looking growths. We had a drought two years ago, thinking it could be stressed. I have a neighbor who hates them thinking he could be trying to kill them. I am afraid that the other redwood could be in danger. they are about 20 years + and have done great till know.


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Contra Costa County California tree health climate forests woodlands 5 days ago


I have a bail of cotton from Camp Springs MD is it worth anything?


Prince George's County Maryland cotton referral 5 days ago

Douglas Fir Laminated Root Rot

Hi, I currently oversee the care of a 4 acre residential property on the east side of the Olympic Pennusula (Poulsbo WA). Approximately 2.5 acres is forested with primarily Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Cherry, Alder, Maple and a few Madrona. The firs have been dying at an accerated rate (lots of blow downs), involving almost all of the existing firs. Laminated Root Rot was diagnosed. Is there any way to save the few healthy, sizeable firs? It's so tragic to watch and I feel helpless. Thanks, Shiela


Kitsap County Washington 5 days ago

Please identify this plant. It may or may not be some kin to a cruciferous. I...

Please identify this plant. It may or may not be some kin to a cruciferous. I hate to eradicate it if it is edible. It appeared in my garden in the summer/autumn 2017 and persisted through the winter. Both dates are represented in the attached photos. There may be some f2 mustard plants nearby in the photos. Thanks.


Unknown_20180319_132939_300x300%2523 Unknown_2017-11-20_10.36.46_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland weeds plant identification 5 days ago

Amend soil 2 yrs after planting Plant Select or not?

Two years ago, I landscaped my yards with Plant Select perennials. At the time, I put 66 cu yds compost amended soil in an 6675 sq ft yard for new sod as well as plants, shrubs & trees in borders. Since the soil in Aurora is clay with little top soil, I am wondering if I should top dress the plant beds with 2" amended soil or not this spring? When pulling back 4" gorilla mulch over plant beds, I see no evidence of any amended soil that was originally tilled in.

How do Plant Select plants do when the soil is not amended each year? Or am I wondering if Plant Select plants were developed to adapt to Colorado clay soils are they not in need of further soil amendments?

BTW I have not used dry or liquid fertilizer on the plant beds since planting 2 years ago. What would you recommend and how often?

Would really appreciate your recommendations.


Arapahoe County Colorado 5 days ago

Growing asparagus

We have. A lot of bent spears....what can we do?


King County Washington 5 days ago

Arborvitae dying

About 8 years ago we planted arborvitae. They thrived and gained 50% in height and then over the last two years they have slowly started dying. 1 Why are they dying? 2 What variety could we plant that would survive better? Jim


100_2333_300x300%2523 100_2336_300x300%2523 100_2337_300x300%2523

Washington County Oregon plant health arborvitae 5 days ago

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