Bed Bug nymphs or book lice??

Are any of these bed bug nymphs? My inlaws had a bed bug issue and slept at our house before they knew.


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Montgomery County MD insect id bed bug or book lice 6 days ago

FMD preparedness tools

What resources are there to plan for diseases like foot and mouth disease (FMD) on swine farms of 5,000 sows or more?


IN 6 days ago

Are my trees dead?

Last October all the leaves on my trees turned brown and fell off, now they just look dead. Did I not water them enough? One of them has red birds just sitting in them all the time.


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Yamhill County OR 6 days ago

Arborvitae damage

Is the damage on arborvitae pictured from rabbits, deer, or disease? What can be done to protect them? Thank you for your help and direction! Nancy Kirkbride


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Hennepin County MN arborvitae horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 6 days ago

Overwintered rootball evergreens

Our local nursery in northern Wisconsin has nice looking balsam firs, 12 to 15 feet tall, that have sat outside, rootballed, for the winter. Are they OK to plant next spring, or is frost damage likely?


Ramsey County MN evergreens horticulture overwintering 6 days ago

cross pollination of corn

Hello, I am wanting to plant sweet corn and maybe popcorn this year, but I live next to farms of field corn. Is there anyway or anything I can do with my corn to keep it from being cross pollinated by the field corn or by each other?


Freeborn County MN corn horticulture cross pollination 6 days ago

Honey locust pod prevention?

Hi, is there a spray I can do to prevent my tree from making all those pods? And if so, where can I get it and when can I do it?


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Douglas County CO trees and shrubs 6 days ago

Crabgrass prevention

Is it too early to put down crabgrass prevention granulars on lawn now in Western Oregon


Linn County OR lawns and turf horticulture crabgrass 6 days ago

soil anallsis

Where can I get my garden analized


Baltimore County MD soil soil test soil testing 6 days ago

blister beetles on potato crop NE Iowa

Dear ISU entomologists, In summer 2012-14, I had blister beetles on my organic potato plants. I found historic evidence of their presence on Iowa crops, but only in the late 1800s. No one at Seed Savers Exchange, Decorah, nor my farming neighbors, have ever seen them. They are black, slim, about an inch long. They eat all plant matter above ground, but most of the potato crop was unaffected. I buy guaranteed seed potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange. I planted no potatoes summer 2015 and 2016, and saw none on other nightshades in my raised bed garden. I read that one blister beetle in a bay of hay can kill a horse. So I am reluctant to try again. They seem to still be present in Colorado. Please advise what I could do to prevent them or to destroy them if they reappear in summer 2017. Thank you! -Julie Sandblom, rural NE Fayette County, Iowa


Fayette County IA 6 days ago

Shrub honeysuckle pruning

When is the best time and how should mature or overgrown honeysuckle shrubs be pruned to enhance growth and flowering?


Arapahoe County CO trees and shrubs 6 days ago

Invasive shrub

This shrub is growing wildly all over my property, mainly in shade. I've found it hard to identify but I heard that privet is very invasive and it resembles some of the photos I've seen online. Can you tell what it is? It looks glossy because it is wet. If necessary, I can take a drive picture. Thanks!


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Anne Arundel County MD privet shrub plant id invasive 6 days ago

Blue spruce

I am getting small pieces of the braches breaking off. Not discolored or dead.


Polk County IA 6 days ago

Silvery white gritty substance on dashboard of toyota

I have a substance that has been blowing out of my air conditioner/defroster vents for the last nine months. Got tired of it yesterday and googled. Google says there have been complaints of oxidation of aluminum from the air conditioner coils or cores in 2007 Toyota corollas. Have an appointment with my dealership on Saturday. Told them about it. They've never heard of it before. It would be good if I could prove what the substance was before I took it down to Lansing Saturday morning. Who could do this for me?


Isabella County MI 6 days ago

Leaning pear tree

Our pear tree has been leaning for years but is now worse with the recent rains. What is the best way to save the tree? It is leaning on the deck railing currently. Cut the large branch on right and let left large branch fill in? Staking for support? Using the sucker near to base to start over and cut tree just above that? Thank you


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Marion County OR fruit trees 6 days ago

what's eating my roses and African violets, our window shades

I have four miniature rose bushes bought on Valentine's Day a few years ago from a reputable florist in my area. They have grown to hip height, and bloom indoors once I take them in for the winter and the blooms are fragrant and beautiful. The leaves are starting to curl under. I have found a few aphids on two of them, and am currently using insecticidal soap on the under-side of the leaves along with using the soap on the roses and the soil. The leaves of the African violets, both of which were presents, are also starting to curl under. We just discovered we have a family of insects nearby which are the size of a thrip or a flea beetle and appears to be nesting on the fabric of our shades on the windows near the roses and violets. It's black, has lacey wings, 1/16" or less, jumps, but does not bite. It appears to leave this area to buzz around us when we read the newspaper in the next room before work. I did also find a slightly larger bug (only one), dead and slight bluish tinge to its back. Friend of mine, daughter of an agronomist, thinks it is a fly. Right now, the only warm place to spray the roses without us inhaling or possibly getting sprayed would be our front porch, which has only a wood teak chair on it right now and faces south. The house was built in 1910, and has storm windows that can be easily opened if it gets too hot or too full of spray. But it will get cold rapidly, too, so it's hard to figure out when I could spray without freezing them if the temperature suddenly drops. Also have a HEPA portable air filter if we need it. This is the first year I didn't have time to spray the plants and isolate them in the bathroom., and boy, am I paying for that decision to hold off since it seemed to be warm! How can I get rid of the bugs on the roses and on the fabric shades without having to throw either out. If you wish, you may share my question, but please don't share my name.


Ramsey County MN houseplants african violets minature roses horticulture 6 days ago

Transplanting large Spruce

I have 2 - 30-33 foot spruces that blew over in a recent wind storm. They have been in the ground for 11 years with no bracing but the ground is so unusually saturated that they couldn’t hold up in the 65 MPH winds we got last week. They laid over slowly and pulled the roots (see attached photo’s). The ground needs to dry for a few weeks before I could even get equipment to them to pick them. I’m considering attempting to transplant in an area that I can stake and guy them and hope that they survive. What are your thoughts on the odds of them surviving this? Until I can attempt, I was going to get soil and burlap on the exposed roots in hopes that we keep them alive. Very healthy trees until/when this happened. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


Spruce_tree_after_1_300x300%2523 Roots_300x300%2523 Spruce_tree_before_2_7_17_300x300%2523

Washoe County NV 6 days ago

fence row brush

I recently cut back or cut down my fence row brush. How can I kill it out and not harm my dog? Some of it is grown into fence. Ranges from small twigs to small trees.


Fayette County KY brush management horticulture fayette county kentucky 6 days ago

Tree watering

Would you suggest that I get my trees deep/watered now, since we've had minimal precipitation? I had it done the 3rd week of November, during another dry spell. Thanks, Sue Weinstock


Arapahoe County CO trees and shrubs 6 days ago

When to spray for pre-emergent weeks

Do you have a link or form listing the time pre-emergent weeds grow so can prepare to use weed control? This is for a lawn.


Oldham County KY weed control oldham county kentucky agriculture 6 days ago

Cooking classes

Hi, I work for a local non-profit and am trying to research organizations in the area that might offer free and reduced cooking classes for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thank you, Meagen Scott


Jefferson County KY cooking classes cooking 6 days ago

Cerds Canadenesis tree

Where can I buy a Cerds Canandenesis Redbud tree? I only find Eastern Redbuds listed at local landscape stores. Thank you Karen Foy


Washington County MN tree sources 6 days ago

Dethatching and overseeding lawn

I failed to work my 4,000 sq ft lawn in the fall. Can I dethatch and over seed in Febuary with good results. There is little traffic so getting it established shouldn't be a problem. What kind of seed is the least amount of maintenance, it is mostly sun with some shade mixed in.Soil test said add some lime and ninitrogen in the spring I should admit I have no interest in grass, just so it looks presentable. I live for my vegetable garden. THANKS


Wicomico County MD lawn seeding 6 days ago

Food waste for animal feed

Hello, my company has about 60 pounds of café food scrap a day. We used to give this food waste to a pig farmer who worked here, but he left and slaughtered his pigs. We would like to continue to donate our food waste to a pig farm but are unsure of how to find a certified pig farmer whom would want to take our food waste. Please contact me at or 717-944-1300 x 3761. Thank you!


Dauphin County PA swine nutrition swine 6 days ago


My Amaryllis, bought in December bloomed twice, second blooming yielded 4 very large red fliers at the same time. About a week after all had shriveled, I cut back the Almost foot and 1/2 stem which by now was falling over Down to the bulb. Two leaves ( each about 2") are now coming up What can I do to encourage blooming again? Should it be covered,out of direct and indirect light? In a Basement? In total darkness? Thanking you in advance for you expert advice.


Montgomery County MD amaryllis 6 days ago

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