Lilly leaf miners

When I discovered that all my day lillys had been attacked by leaf miners I cut them all back to the ground three weeks ago. Now new growth is emerging and the new six inch leaves are already showing signs of infestation. What to do?


Howard County Maryland insect issues flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 2 days ago

Red Cedar dead branches

About a fourth of tree branches appear to be brown and dying. Is there a treatment for these symptoms? John


Hennepin County Minnesota red cedar 2 days ago

I am looking for a recipe for fruit pie filling, that you can. I got the...

I am looking for a recipe for fruit pie filling, that you can. I got the recipe from here many years ago, but can't find it. Do you have it still? I was specifically looking for the apple and peach pie filling.


Champaign County Ohio 2 days ago

Lawn care

My lawn has large dry, yellow areas in several places. I water regularly and have recently fertilized. Some areas are green and look healthy. Is there something I can do about this? Did it last summer too. Thanks. JC Simmons


Washington County Oregon 2 days ago

identify this wild shrub -flower

  • I recently ran across this red flowered shrub and cant identify, the upper set of leaves I believe are raspberry, the spiked leaves in the center of the pic is what Im referring to.



Wayne County Michigan 2 days ago

potato plant seedhead?

My potato plants have flowered and I'm going to start digging little ones soon. I noticed today that some have what looks like a little green tomato where the flower used to be, kind of like the flower has gone to seed. I've never seen this before. I planted newly purchased seed potatoes this spring after several years of just relying on whatever potato volunteers came up from last year. I moved the new ones to a new bed. What are the little green tomato-looking things?


Washington County Oregon 2 days ago

Is my bearberry plant spreading, or are these just young weeds?

Hi. I planted some bearberry plants in my garden with the goal of establishing them as ground cover. I'm uploading a photo of the original plant, and also of some small shoots whose leaves look to me like the the same plant, spreading the way I wanted. But before I let them grow, can you please take a look at the photos, and let me know if you concur? Thanks!


Imag0373_300x300%2523 Imag0375_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification weed issues 2 days ago

green fungus on tree bark

Hello , We have several trees on our property of different varieties. The bark on the trunks and branches our becoming covered with a type of green fungus. I am concerned with the two Maple Trees in our front yard that are starting to show signs of it. What would it be and what can I do to stop it ? I see it happening to a lot of trees in different areas.. Thank You, Charlie Meyers


Somerset County Pennsylvania 2 days ago

Maple leaf viburnum plant

My maple leaf viburnum looks very sick. Any ideas on what may be causing it and remedies? Thanks very much.


Maple_leaf_viburnum_20170720_161349_300x300%2523 Maple_leaf_viburnum_2_20170726_104017_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs shrubs disease issues 2 days ago

Solanum-like plant ID

Hi, this is Mike Crossley, an entomology PhD student at University of Wisconsin, studying Colorado potato beetle. I recently collected some potato beetles (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) from buffalobur (Solanum rostratum) in eastern Colorado, and noticed many beetles on a plant unknown to me (picture attached). I was wondering if you or someone you know could identify this for me? I found the plant in a few locations within Comanche National Grassland - specifically about 4 miles in to Picket Wire Canyon.



Otero County Colorado 2 days ago

Leaf-Gro applications?

How should Leaf-Gro be utilized in home gardens? Solely as a mulch? Strictly as compost? As a soil amendment, and if so, what are recommended additives, if any, which can be included with Leaf-Gro to maximize its utility? I've always used my own compost as compost, mulch, and soil additive, but I'd include Leaf-Gro if an significant advantage could be realized. Thanks for any information you can supply.


Montgomery County Maryland soil and fertility issues compost 2 days ago

coffee plant leaves.

Recently purchases a four foot coffee plant- I transplanted it as the pot seemed small for the large plant. Now some of the leaves are curling slightly but others look nice and crisp. Have placed it out side on nice days -otherwise it is in a filtered light on south - west porch. What am I doing wrong. Water when soil feels dry.


Carver County Minnesota 2 days ago

Are my squash plants in trouble?!!

My very large squash plants are looking absolutely perfect. They have blossoms, and plenty of bees visiting. But the stems have problems. I'm afraid of what it may mean. I have done nothing but sprayed a few times with neem oil. Please tell me that it is nothing to worry about! (See photos)


Img_1555_300x300%2523 Img_1556_300x300%2523 Img_1559_300x300%2523

Calvert County Maryland fruits and vegetables vegetables squash 2 days ago

Landscaping - proper plants

Hello, I have a sloping backyard (pics attached). It's quite a grade. It fills up with stiltgrass, which I mow. However - I find it unstable and I don't think I want to continue mowing it in my senior years. I would like to plant suitable plants that like shade and rich soil as a ground cover that might crowd out the stiltgrass. I have had some success with pachysandra, but I think too much would look boring. I am trying some grasses but they sure don't grow fast. (I think they need more sun.) Do you have any suggestions? Otherwise, I guess it just comes down to mowing. Thanks.


Yard_1_300x300%2523 Yard_2_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland landscaping plant selection shady slope 2 days ago

Dollar Weed

How to I rid my yard of the dollar weed plant?


Beaver County Pennsylvania 2 days ago


we planted radishes and the grew nicely but no radishes just a long redish root....what did we do wrong


Berks County Pennsylvania 2 days ago

What type of tree is this? What is wrong with my tree?

Hello - We have a tree on our balcony that is showing signs of distress. We do not know what type of tree it is nor what the issue may be. Can you tell us what type of a tree it is and why the tips of the leaves are turning brown? Is this an overwatering problem or a root problem due to the tree being too big for the outdoor balcony planter?


Img_1505_300x300%2523 Img_1507_300x300%2523 Img_1509_300x300%2523

Outside United States 2 days ago

I don't know the kind of snake

I had this small snake on garage floor. I have not seen one like this in Florida. Can you please identify. I picked up and moved to grass area, but want to make sure it's a friendly snake. Thank you


Img_7160_300x300%2523 Img_7161_300x300%2523

Brevard County Florida 2 days ago

Two woodland plants to identify

Just curious what these might be. One seems to have a type of grape leaf, the other sumac?


Img_1122_300x300%2523 Img_1123_300x300%2523

Carroll County Maryland plant identification trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Wasp nest

Can you ID what kind of wasps made this nest and if they are pollinators? I'm hoping that you can see the critters in the photos I've included. I have many, many different kinds of pollinators in my organic gardens. I'm so excited to have honey bees as well! I plant lots of natives and have vegetable and fruit gardens. This hive is immediately outside my property in a tall tree on the edge of woods. Thank you.


Img_4685_300x300%2523 Img_4684_300x300%2523 Img_4680_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland bald faced hornet 2 days ago

Green bean canning with ham base (boullion)

Will green beans be safe if canned with ham base put in the water that goes into the canning jar? This gives them delicious flavor and I would like to prepare the jarred beans with this flavorful liquid.
Thanks so much.


Michigan 2 days ago

Decidious shade trees

I just lost my ash tree to emerald ash borer. I like to replace it. A decidious tree is preferred to enjoy shade in summer and sunlight in winter. Location will be facing south.


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Cottonwoods leaves are drying up and falling off

It's late July and we have been in the mid 90's for weeks. My cottonwoods are 1-4 years old, they are planted in a row for a windbreak and run on a drip system. I water them every other day for an hour, so they each get 2 gallons of water every time they are watered. They were fertilizer spiked in spring, now the leaves on about a forth of them are drying up and falling off. Are they getting to much or not enough water? I also have a row of blue spruce that get everything the same and about 4 of them are loosing needles and turning brown.


Natrona County Wyoming tree care watering colorado blue spruce riparian tree cottonwood evapotranspiration 2 days ago

What is this

What is this?



Beltrami County Minnesota insect identification spider identification harvestman 2 days ago

Shrubs and trees in raised beds

Hi, I live in LaSalle Colorado. I have a raised bed that is 3 feet tall. Sandy/sandy loam soil. it is north facing. I would like to plant some shrubs, and perennials but am concerned about winter root damage. Do you have any suggestions as to steps I can take to protect them?


Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 days ago

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