My large flowered clematis was very healthy and this morning all the flowers...

My large flowered clematis was very healthy and this morning all the flowers are wilting. Should I dig it up and replace with something else or is there some eay to save it. It is on an East facing wall that is in sunlight until about 2 in the afternoon. Thank you for your advice.



Delaware County Ohio 3 days ago

Wild strawberry weed

How would you suggest getting rid of wild strawberries growing in the grass? I don't like to use poisons but do plan to make the area drain better so there won't be standing water.


Anne Arundel County Maryland weeds 3 days ago

Hello, I am principal of a school and I've had a few parents calling...

Hello, I am principal of a school and I've had a few parents calling concerned that their child has come home with ticks on them. I am aware of what a tick looks like, and what we are seeing is a large amount of a small black bug which I'm think could be weevils. Was wondering if these are out right now in Ohio? Thanks for any info! Not sure if my image loaded properly, but I sent a pic of it.



Stark County Ohio 3 days ago

What is this?

I have this plant spreading across my lawn and it appears resistant to any mainstream weed killer. Any idea what it is and how I could kill it? It appears to wrap around the roots of other plants. I've not seen it have a flower. Thank you



Nobles County Minnesota horticulture plant identification 3 days ago

Suspected Poa Annua or annual bluegrass in lawn

This is starting the 4th year since I had new sod put in the front yard. Last year I noticed a few round spots in my yard but had no idea what it was and the fellow who has been mowing my lawn put weed killer on it. I don’t think he knows what it is either as it just got worse as time went on. My neighbor’s nephew said he thought it was Poa Annua. After doing some research online I think it is too but want to confirm it if you can by the picture I’m sending. I’ve read about the pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides and don’t think I should do it myself. Where do I look for people who know what they are doing for help? I’m in the Tigard area. I live downside of Bull Mountain and because of a water problem my front yard is on sand and silt and dries out faster so I need to water more than if it was on dirt which I’m sure complicates things, After doing some reading I don’t think there is much that can be done until fall. I’m wondering if I can scratch out as much of the Poe annua in the next month and get some grass seed rooted before the pre-emergence is applied? Also, since it is a sod lawn what would be the best grass mix to use? My neighbor uses the same fellow to mow her lawn and she has the problem too so I’m thinking it came from his lawn mower as no one else close has the problem. Is this possible? Any help or information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joan Stremich



Washington County Oregon 3 days ago

Piaute Medium Wheat Grass

I recently purchased some baled grass from my hay dealer here in Washington State. Our horses found it extremely palatable and was some of the best hay we have fed ever. In fact it was like they could not get enough of this hay. I asked my hay dealer what it was at the time of purchased and he got it from Eastern Oregon in the "dryland" area and it was called Piaute Medium Wheat Grass. I have done an extensive search for a couple of weeks and cannot locate such a strain of grass. I found a Piaute Orchard Grass used in the dryland areas but not a wheat grass. Can you provide any insight in the Piaute Medium Wheat Grass and is such a species even exist. I would like to research seed availability in reseeding our pastures using wheat grass. For clarification this is not a grain type wheat that was cut and baled before seed heads set. What we purchased had seed heads with the heads quite small in nature but the wheat grass was long stemmed. Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated as I am very interesting is acquiring seed stock for sowing.


Thurston County Washington field crops 3 days ago

Farm Land Rental Rate


I am looking to lease my land out to a farmer but I am having issues coming up with a reasonable rate as I am new to the process. How do I go about calculating a rate for the land the farmer wants to lease per month. I live in Brandywine


Prince George's County Maryland farm management 3 days ago


Is there a way to contain the spread of this bamboo? I’m trying to prevent it from taking over the garden area. The owner tried cutting some ofthe bamboo that is behind his garden 2 years ago. Now it is starting to spread into beds inside the garden. How can it be contained?


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Prince George's County Maryland bamboo invasive 3 days ago

Chicken grower 101 class

Will the growers you are working with let us be growers in Garrett County MD? Jennifer Burns 240 321 7304


Garrett County Maryland 3 days ago

What to plant for a screen in a narrow area?

In a narrow area between my drive and neighbor's yard, I would like to plant a screen that would also block the view of my large garage when you turn onto our street. Would Skip Laurel be a good choice? Thuja or Arborvitae? Cypress? I can space them out, but may need to trim them to keep them narrow vertically, maybe 5 feet or so front to back. Separating our back yards, but in line with whatever I plant, are several mature, and very tall, pine trees -- I forget what kind. I would not want what I plant to be so tall.
Thank you!


Worcester County Maryland plant selection narrow evergreens 3 days ago

How do I get rid of thistle plants in a garden and in the lawn?

Hello! I bought a home in Minnetonka late last year and have started to tackle the gardens and lawn. Thistle is throughout 50% of a large garden in my back yard, and is now creeping out about 1.5 feet beyond the garden into the grass. There are a few other thistle plants in other gardens too. How do I treat this? I'd like it gone. Is there a natural way to treat it that works? Realistically, what can I expect in terms of results? Options I'm considering: - Treat it myself - but I'm not a gardener - Bring a service in to treat it - Bring a service in to treat the garden, then till it up and just start over with a clean slate next year. What do you think is the best way to get rid of the thistle? Thank you. Mary Pat Blake Cell 314-409-3111


Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Raised Beds

What’s the best soil components to put in a raised bed and what proportions? Thank you!


Grant County Minnesota 3 days ago

Pear trees and caterpillars

For the first time in decades, my Bosc, Red and yellow Barletts have little green caterpillars which are eating the leaves with gusto. How do I safely treat the trees?


Linn County Oregon fruit trees 3 days ago


If a violation of the zoning ordinance can be seen from the road, is it legal for a code enforcement officer to enter the property to inspect the entire parcel?


Muskegon County Michigan zoning and land use regulation 3 days ago

Is this a truffle?

Hello, I found this a couple days ago in our woodlot. Is it a truffle? Also can you identify what these spheres are that are on the roots? Thank you! Last questions... is the last picture a truffle? What kind?


Img_20180514_142701_300x300%2523 Img_20180514_130243_300x300%2523 Img_20180516_144300_300x300%2523

Josephine County Oregon truffles 3 days ago

How can I pasteurize homemade tempeh?

How can I pasteurize homemade tempeh?


Franklin County Ohio 3 days ago

Landscaping issue

Hello, I live in Middle River (Bowley's Quarters) right next to a Critical Bay area. My property sits on the corner of an intersection and I am in a bit of a dilemma. The county road is higher than my property in one area and my neighbor's home was built up on a hill, which leads to heavy pooling of water in my yard during moderate to heavy rains. This year, I would like to do something about it because the soil erosion is getting out of control. My idea is to work on amending the soil and to plant a few rain gardens in the areas where the pooling is the worst. The issue is that all of the drainage issues are on the side of my home closest to the Critical Bay area and I do not want to divert more of the sediment roll-off into this area. Is there any guidance you can provide? Thank you!


Side_yard_4_300x300%2523 Side_yard_1_300x300%2523 Side_yard_2_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland drainage erosion 3 days ago

Lilac Pruning

I’m thinking of cutting back about 1/3 of these vertical branches each year for the next 3 years to about 6” above the ground. Is that the correct approach to managing this Lilac? Is this the correct time to do the first cutting?



Clackamas County Oregon lilac bushes pruning shrubs 3 days ago

Monarch milkweed plants

Can I grow monarch milkweed plants in Bethlehem Pennsylvania?


Northampton County Pennsylvania butterflies 3 days ago

What kind of tree

Gd daughter brought home this doemint tree from school. Before I plant it in yard I want to know what type tree .. I potted it and it is leaving out but I don’t recognize the variety. Can someone help me Thanks W. Marshall, Ofallon, Mo



Missouri 3 days ago

Is this Panicle Hydrangea?

Hi, Is this Panicle Hydrangea? I’d like clean this area, so just making sure that I won’t remove it for good. Thanks in advance.


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Montgomery County Maryland plant identification shrubs 3 days ago

Rodents eatting roots of hostas

I have hostas around a stucco building, the ground is covered with landscape fabric and decorative rock covering that. Hostas have thrived for years. Now, something is eating roots and there is a small hole about size of egg, alongside the stucco, against bldg. I cannot see tunneling because of the decorative rock covering the area. Have lost about 10 healthy plants and it continues. There are NO roots at all, just crumbles of what used to be the stems of plants. If voles or moles, how do I eliminate them?


Ramsey County Minnesota 3 days ago

A poison ivy tree??

As a person very sensative to poison ivy, i typically try to either control it through spraying or just be careful to avoid it. Yesterday, however, i was surprised to find that on my wooded property i have what looks like classic poison ivy leaves and braches with the exception that these are actually ‘trees’ which are 20 to 30 feet tall and have tree diameters of up to 3 to 4”? Could this really be, and if so, how do i even attempt to control or kill these trees?? They seem to be thriving and growing larger and larger! I would be glad to supply pics if necessary...thx! Thank you, Stephen


Oakland County Michigan 3 days ago

Losing bark / black bark on apple trees

Bark turned black two springs ago (2016) where I pruned my four apple trees at the top. This year the black areas of the bark are peeling away completely. Also the black area is a little larger. Why? Does the area with black bark need to be pruned off? Are the limbs beyond the peeling area salvageable?


Img_20180515_201249_300x300%2523 Img_20180515_201228_300x300%2523 Img_20180515_201209_300x300%2523

Crow Wing County Minnesota 3 days ago

What's wrong with my tomato seedlings?

I just transplanted tomato seedlings started indoors, and they are all gradually displaying the same problem: curled and wilting leaves. I started them in a Burpee seed starting kit and just now transplanted them into larger cups with a potting mix labelled for seed starting. I think I saw some evidence of this starting on a plant or two before transplanting but now it's spreading like crazy. Several varieties are affected: Martian Giant, Indigo Kumquat, Ananas Noire, Chocolate Pear, Cherokee Purple. Help! Is there anything I can do to save my tomatoes? This is the first time I've attempted this, and I followed the instructions on your site. Oh yes, I watered with half-strength solution of generic plant food after transplanting. (Next morning: Now I see white blotches on some of the stems.) . Thanks in advance!


Img_1593_300x300%2523 Img_1589_300x300%2523 Img_1590_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

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