For the last several years I've been fighting a leaf spot disease I believe...

For the last several years I've been fighting a leaf spot disease I believe to be septoria. I've followed the often quoted suggestions like crop rotation, pluck affected leaves, water early, use black plastic mulch, feed plants, use certified seed, etc. Each year the plants start out looking great but end up losing most of their foliage. I was thinking about a program of routine treatment with a copper fungicide but just read the results are not conclusive. What elese can I try? I'm losing hope!


Stark County Ohio 3 days ago

Impact of honey bees on native bees

Does adding a hive of honey bees do anything (negative or positive) to the population of native pollinators in your yard?


Washtenaw County Michigan pollinators 3 days ago

infestation of sparrows

we live in Allentown. We have a small 20x20 courtyard infront of our concrete front porch. The courtyard has 4 ft bushes around 70% of it. These bushes have so many birds in them only during the day. the branches are white with droppings , the black iron fending is coated. they are now getting up into the porch roof and the dropping are on our newly painted wall. we have tried and lighted owl and keep moving it , we have tried an ultrasonic bird device. The have no fear. Noise does not bother them due to the traffic and loud music from cars. we hit the top of bushes with a stick and they just move to the next bush few fly away.My husband and i have resp issues and are very concerned. Next we are going to wrap all the bushes with a mesh we found at home depot. What else can we do? Exterminator??


Lehigh County Pennsylvania 3 days ago

What kind of spider is this?

My uncle was biten for this spider and it is really strange, should he goes to the doctor for this?



Outside United States spiders 3 days ago

Honeycrisp apple seedlings

We have seedlings from Honeycrisp apples, which we grew over the winter by placing the seeds in a cool moist area. Some have red stems, some have green stems. They are growing rapidly. Is there any difference/concern with which color the stems are? We want to plant a couple in our back yard eventually. Please advise. Thank you



Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

A Bat In My House.

Can you please help me with this bat


Hinds County Mississippi 3 days ago


I don't know what type of spider this is and it's starting to creep me out I have a photo of it



Outside United States spiders 3 days ago

Best Time to Plant: Carrots, Arugula and Kale?

Hello, I live in SE Portland. When would be the best time to plant carrots, arugula and kale if doing so by seed? Do you have any recommendations for soil amendments to use when planting? Also, if I have a choice between planting these items in a raised bed or in the ground, would any of the planned crops do better in either the raised beds or the ground? Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!


Multnomah County Oregon 3 days ago

What does "danger of frost has passed" mean?

Hello, I am planning on growing parsley, basil and bush green beans this year. I read on the UMD extension website that you should direct sow bush green beans outdoors when the "danger of frost has passed." I'm not too sure what that means (is that around April 1, April 15 or May 10?). I know for some vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, it's straight forward to not transplant anything until around Mother's Day. But I'm not too sure about green beans or parsley or basil that I will direct sow. The weather will be low 40s high 60s this coming week and I'm wondering if I could plant the parsley or bean seeds tomorrow or if that is too early. Could you clarify what "danger of frost has passed" means? Also, I've only done "indoor sowing" for tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Is it "better" to do some indoor sowing for parsley, basil and lettuce and then transplant when the time is right or is it better to just sow outdoors? Thanks!


Howard County Maryland vegetables herbs planting 3 days ago

Insulin Plant

We have recently acquired a Costus Igneus/Insulin Plant and are having difficulties finding information on growing conditions, temperature... We are unsure how to keep it alive here in CO. Do you happen to have any information on this plant?

Thank you so much!


Larimer County Colorado 3 days ago


What kind of caterpillar is this?


Img_20170325_150354666_300x300%2523 Img_20170325_150416369_hdr_300x300%2523 Img_20170325_150406949_hdr_300x300%2523

Texas 3 days ago

Plant Identification

Is this Oregano, if not what is it? I've recently become intrigued by growing food and started with herbs. This came from a ready pod that they you just plant and water. When it first sprouted I harvested way too early, but when I went to clean out the pot I found half the pod and a few seed so I replanted. It looks nothing like what was in there before and is far larger than anything I have googled, so I'm just wondering what is it?


Img_20170325_165009_300x300%2523 Img_20170325_165014_300x300%2523 Img_20170325_165029_300x300%2523

Kalamazoo County Michigan 3 days ago

Is this a lawn pest I should be worried about

I have been having trouble with dead spots in my lawn and I originally suspected poor irrigation where the sprinklers weren't supplying enough water but it is too widespread and seems to be getting worse.

I discovered this insect while removing some dead grass and I'm wondering if this could be the culprit. Probably wishful thinking but...



Denver County Colorado lawns and turf 3 days ago

Are my oaks dead or dying

I have 2 oak trees in my yard and I am concerned they might be dead. Both had leaves develop last spring which quickly turned brown. They never fell off during the fall or winter. I installed a septic system close by about 4 ago. I wonder if I may have damaged them. I'm near the Nolin lake area. Thank you.


Grayson County Kentucky oak trees grayson county kentucky agriculture 3 days ago

Pinon yellowing

It is well watered but turnng yellow like it lacks some nutrient. What can i do to return it to its former green It is anout 11 feet high and re-planted last year Thanks



Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Weather Tolerant, Deer Deterrent Flowers


I'm new to Colorado and new to gardening. We live on property in Franktown, and I'd like to plant some flowering plants around our house and yard. We frequently have deer on our property, and of course the weather can be extreme. What would be good choices for lovely flowers that can both deter deer AND withstand our temperatures? Thank you very much! Sally


Douglas County Colorado 3 days ago


I am presenting groundcover information at the Dubuque County Master Gardeners Spring Seminar in a week. Two questions where your authoritative answers will be helpful. 1. PM1332 Product 4728, Groundcovers by Cynthia Haynes is listed as out of stock. Is a reprint planned? Until then, can we view the publication as a pdf? 2. What low maintenance cover can be planted on steep sunny slopes that are currently mowed (precariously) or weed-whacked? For most applications, native plants that would require periodic burning are outside the scope of interest and capability. We need something that does not require weeding once established. Any candidates? Thank you!


Dubuque County Iowa 3 days ago

Linden tree

I have a littleleaf linden that over this winter has shown limbs with bark totally stripped off. Is this a disease or parasite?


Carroll County Maryland linden with stripped bark 3 days ago

N2 for asparagus

How much Nitrogen is recommended for asparagus ?


Marion County Oregon soil and fertility issues 3 days ago

master gardner education

How do I enter the master Gardner program?


Lane County Oregon master gardener program 3 days ago

New lawn

I live near the Devil's Backbone. We had to replace our leach line and now have over 3000 sq. ft of lawn to replace. Do you recommend seed or sod and when is the best time to put the lawn in?


Larimer County Colorado lawns and turf 3 days ago

Leaf composting

Should I clear the fallen leaves from my trellised plants or can I turn them over into the soil for mulch?


Contra Costa County California composting 4 days ago

Are there any landscaping plants that deer won't eat?

Last winter (2015/2016) the deer ate all 36 10-year-old beautiful knockout roses and several other old plants also. I do not remember the name; they have red leaves and strong thorns. They are about 20 years old. The deer did not touch our Japanese azaleas. We have a planting area about 6 feet wide across the entire front of the house that is raised about 2 feet with bricks retaining the soil. Our house, because of the loss of so many plants, does not have an inviting appearance. Can you suggest any plants of different heights that the deer might not find so enticing? A couple weeks ago we saw a few new sprouts on the roses and were hopeful that they would recover but this morning all the new sprouts and leaves are gone. Fencing is not a solution for the front of the house. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thank you.


Harford County Maryland deer resistant plants 4 days ago

Plant Crimson Pointe Flowering Plum in Spring?

Hello! I would like to plant a privacy screen of trees beside a low fence. I was considering the Crimson Pointe flowering plum, but I'm open to anything that looks nice and has a low diameter. Can you please recommend a tree that would grow well in the Baltimore area in relatively clay soil? The location has lots of sun and low wind. I'm willing to wait till fall to plant but would prefer to plant in spring if possible. Thanks!


Baltimore County Maryland tree fastigate flowering plum 4 days ago

Weird mushroom growth on Abies

Hello! I work at a box-store nursery and I have found an odd mushroom-like growth on my dwarf spruce and kinnikinnick. They both came from the same vendor, but arrived 5 weeks apart. They were clean when they arrived, and the infestations on both were found on the same day. The plant otherwise seems healthy with no discoloration, leaf loss, or insect activity. The two plants are about 50' from each other and, to my knowledge, have never come into contact with each other. Given the retail-nature of the garden center, a customer may have touched both, but that's the only spreading vector I can think of (other than nature..wind, bird, etc). It doesn't seem to be spreading very rapidly. I've include a picture of the growth on a small, 1 gallon sized dwarf alberta spruce.


Img_20170323_140938_300x300%2523 Img_20170323_140927_300x300%2523 Img_20170323_140921_300x300%2523

Benton County Oregon fungus 4 days ago

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