Hello, We recently found a very active bees nest in the ground next to our...

Hello, We recently found a very active bees nest in the ground next to our home in a wooded area. My concern is the bees are very active and may pose a danger to children playing in the yard. Is there someone I can call to take away the bees without killing them?


Hamilton County OH 2 days ago

Bay Winter Winds Taking a Toll on Young Evergreens

Several years ago we plants different types of evergreens and some of them are exposed to the winter winds off the Bay between our house and our neighbors. They are still alive but showing damage. Would it help to protect these trees if we wrapped them for the winter? If so, when do you suggest doing this?


Talbot County MD trees and shrubs trees evergreens 2 days ago

Ash tree borers

Recent news articles from East coast indicate loss of ash trees to a tree borer. Should we be taking preventive measures to protect ash trees here in Bend. The HOA I live in has over 30 large trees along city streets. The city of Bend has many ash trees also along streets. Please advise. Thank you. Randall Brady


Deschutes County OR 2 days ago

Wild Violet with White Leaves

Have you ever seen a wild violet with white leaves? Not white flowers, but leaves. I have one growing in my yard and I've never seen one before. I'm wondering how rare it is since I can't even find information about it online. Thanks.



Fayette County KY fayette county kentucky horticulture flower identification 2 days ago

Yard Issues

Hi, I have succulents on a slope in my front yard. I came home and notice holes in some of its areas with the dirt mounted up beside some of the holes. Can you diagnose these pictures and give some advice if possible. Also, does succulents attack earthworms or grumbs from moisture. If so, should I remove the plant from the slope? Thanks for any service you can provide.


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District of Columbia County DC groundcovers holes in beds 2 days ago

Apples or Bust

Hello, I have 2 golden delicious & 2 honey crisp apple trees that I planted as saplings about 12 to 15 yrs ago, finally in late winter of 2016 I did a descent pruning job and had a good harvest in the fall of 2016, so in late winter of 2017 I aggressively pruned them again and I didn't get any apples. What did I do wrong & what can I do to get quality apples? I will take quality or quantity any day, also what do you recommend for insects and apple tree problems. Thanks Pete


Washington County MN home apple production apple diseases apple thinning 2 days ago

Lowering the risk of secondary poisoning with Cholecalciferol based rodenticide?

Hello, I’m trying to develop an IPM program for a couple farm sites. Have you heard of Terad3 Blox rodenticide? The active ingredient is Cholecalciferol, the biologically active form of vitamin D, and is supposed be low risk for secondary poisoning in birds. Rodenticide is our best option for managing voles that overwinter in our hoop houses. "Cholecalciferol is completely nontoxic in small amounts, but massive single doses or prolonged low level exposure can prove toxic. Ingestion of excessive amounts of cholecalciferol induces hypercalcemia (elevated blood calcium levels), which ultimately results in heart problems and kidney failure." Thanks, Caroline Hooks


Charles County MD ipm 2 days ago

mostly clear film on soil of a container grown mountain laurel and nearby oak trunk

I have a mostly clear film on the surface of the soil in a plastic pot containing a Keepsake mountain laurel that I recently puchased. I have planted mountain laurels before and know that they can be difficult to establish and I have been concerned about the health of the plant since it did lose a significant number of leaves and seems to be losing another leaf now. Another thing that concerns me is that an oak tree nearby seems to have the same kind of film on portions of its trunk. I am not sure, but it seems like the area affected by the film on the trunk may have grown. I am wondering whether this film or whatever is causing it may be a problem for the mountain laurel and/or the oak tree. The oak is very large and it is near our power, phone, and cable lines, so I want to find out what is going on so that I can take measures to address any related issues. At the moment I do not have a good camera to take photos of the container and the oak, but I should be able to take photos this evening if that would hlep.


Howard County MD mountain laurel clear film on tree clear film on soil surface oak 2 days ago

Is our black maple sick?

We planted this tree in our backyard 3 years ago. Every fall it seems to lose leaves from its top and outermost branches first (see attached pic). My wife heard that with maples, this is a symptom of "girdling" and that we planted it incorrectly. She also heard that this is a terminal condition (our tree will die soon). Is this so? Is there anything we can do to save the tree? Thanks for your help. Craig Evans



Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

roadside flowers

What is the yellow flower that is tall(ish) blooming now on the sides of the road? I have looked and asked many people. I have gotten different answers. is it a tickseed sunflower.


Anne Arundel County MD plant identification flower identification goldenrod tickseed sunflower wingstem yellow flower on roadside yellow flower identification 2 days ago

Pecan tree dropping thousands of small black object s

Hello, I live in North Texas for the past week or so my pecan trees seem to be dropping thousands of small black round "poppy seed like" objects. So many other covers the ground and sounds like drops of light rain. My trees appear very healthy and we have had a great amount of rain this past summer. Does any one know what these small black object are? I can send pictures.


Hood County TX trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Donald Reimer

Question concerning Fusarium Wilt with tomatoes. I understand there is three variations of Fusarium Wilt: F – Fusarium Wilt (Race 1), FF – Fusarium Wilt (Race 2), and FFF – Fusarium Wilt (Race 3). My question is that when a tomato variety is resistant to FF, does that mean it is resistant to F – Fusarium Wilt (Race 2) only, or does that mean it is resistant to F – Fusarium Wilt (Race 1 and Race 2) ? My second question is that when a tomato variety is resistant to FFF, does that mean it is resistant to F – Fusarium Wilt (Race 3) only, or does that mean it is resistant to F – Fusarium Wilt (Race 1, Race 2, and Race 3) ? I searched the internet and it is quite confusing, but this is what I found: F – Fusarium Wilt (Race 1): Race 1 is the most widely found throughout the United States, especially in warm regions of the country. FF – Fusarium Wilt (Race 2): Race 2 is found in Arkansas, Florida, New Jersey, and Ohio FFF – Fusarium Wilt (Race 3): Race 3 is found in California, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.


Calvert County MD fruits and vegetables vegetables tomatoes disease issues 2 days ago

Looking for Identification

Could you tell me what type of weed this is? It is green in the summer, then turns woody in the fall?? Thank you! Roger Larson


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Cass County MN 2 days ago

apple infestation

honey crisp apples are riddled w/ bug like tunnels when cut open. How can I prevent this infestation? Thank You Tim


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Clark County WA apple bitter pit apple disorder 2 days ago

Level of Shade needed in Greenhouse for annuals such as impatiens, coleus, etc

I am having issues with shade loving annuals (impatiens, coleus, etc) in greenhouse. In the past we have had issues with too much sun on these plants. This past year we began to place the plants at ground level and even under benches at times. Any areas we thought we could gain shade for them. They performed much better; however I believe it was too much shade as the plants became very tall and leggy. After assessing this problem, we are thinking of creating a shaded area in greenhouse by way of an internal shade cloth. I am somewhat confused on what would be our best approach. Shade cloth is offered in different levels of shade. The company we order from offers 38%-51%-67%-74% in a WHITE SHADE CLOTH. They also offer 30%-47%-55%-63%-73%-80% in a BLACK SHADE CLOTH. I am in need of advice as to which color and which level of shade would be my best option for my situation.

Thank You, Mark Cecil "Foxtail Farm and Greenhouse"


Nelson County KY nelson county kentucky horticulture greenhouse construction 2 days ago

Peculiar insect

I saw a very peculiar insect in the woods yesterday. Do you know what it is? It seemed very friendly. Thanks, Russell 410-707-0573


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Howard County MD insect or spider id 2 days ago

Can you help identify this species? I have never seen such a large stinging...

Can you help identify this species? I have never seen such a large stinging insect in ohio before.



Lorain County OH 2 days ago

Pumpkin type

We grew a rogue pumpkin vine this summer, and it produced a pumpkin type we cannot identify. Possibly a Harlequin, but not sure. Can you please help, tell us what kind it is at its culinary uses?



Baltimore County MD pumpkin pumpkin volunteer pumpkin hybrid vegetable 2 days ago

assassin bugs or leaf footed bugs?????

We found these large groups of bugs on the pretzel plants at the Derwood Demo garden and found the ID wasn't as easy as first thought. The first inclination was some sort of squash bug. Then noticing the leg, leaf-footed bug, then noticing the proboscis, and somewhat slender body shape, assassin bug. The large grouping isn't likely for assassin bugs. However, the small red youngster in the one slide again made me think assassin. So apparently leaf-footed bugs have a proboscis that they hold closer to their body unlike the assassins who tend to make them quite noteworthy. BTW, the little red youngster, diligently followed around one of the older ones, who really didn't seem to mind. anyway no one ate it. Pleas help. I am concluding, Leaf footed bug , at this point. BTW, you guys rock! I always spend a lot of time researching before I resort to asking for help.


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Montgomery County MD insect issues 2 days ago

Where to find Apple Cider Mill (for non-hard cider) in they even exist?

Hi Co-Op Extension, I've been searching and searching for a non-hard Apple Cider Mill in Oregon. It seems like it doesn't exist...especially a larger one that has donuts, cider, and other fall goodies. I'm from the East Coast & I miss having fall cider and donuts. Can you help me locate one or two possible resources? Thanks! ~Abby M.


Washington County OR cider 3 days ago

drainage issues

I live on a golf course and there is a storm water outlet at the back of my property. The ground around the drain, 1-2 feet surrounding the drain, stays wet and when it rains large pools of water collect around the drain. I had DPW out and they told me that I was watering the grass too much. I have 4 zones that run for 5 minutes each 5 days per week. It has been this way for the 12 years that I have lived here. They also said that the Romulus water table was very high. I am not sure what this means, but I know that I was not told that I was in a flood zone when I purchased the property. I have also had to have 3 sump pumps put in in the past 7 years. I think that I have drainage problems and do not know what to do. Can you help direct me in the right direction?


Wayne County MI lawns and turf 3 days ago

Plum pits

During the cooking process I noticed that there may have been a pit that broken. Have I ruined the entire batch of plum sauce?


Wayne County MI 3 days ago

Is it okay to can in a water bath cherry tomatoes?

Is it okay to can in a water bath cherry tomatoes?


IA 3 days ago

Fall Lawn Reseeding

I have a fourteen year old Bluegrass Sod lawn. Over the past fourteen years I have lost about 25 % of my back yard grass partially due to loss of sunlight from the mature trees. We thinned the tree cover a bit but now are having our lawn aerated this fall and wish to reseed. I have an irrigation system and the back yard faces north. This season we have used a turf management company and overall, our lawn looks much better versus fertilizing it ourselves. What seed mix should I use in the bare areas? Will aeration really help new grass growth? I live in Lambertville, MI 48144.


Monroe County MI lawns and turf 3 days ago

Seeking to identify a type of bunchgrass in the high desert

I recently camped in a field at the Madras Municipal Airport for the eclipse, and was amazed at the cut bunchgrass all around, and wanted to identify it for an article I am writing. The sharp blades of grass were so hard that they punctured the tent floor and through a one-inch foam pad. I believe it may be bluebunch wheatgrass, but wanted to be sure. Please see attached photo. Thank you, Jeannine



Jefferson County OR plant identification horticulture grass 3 days ago

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