Your dairy cows

I'm interested in purchasing some of your cheese. I'd like to know if your dairy cows are treated with antibiotics or hormones and if your dairy is certified humane.Thank you


Lane County Oregon 6 days ago

greenhouse whiteflies

Where to find parasitoids. will they help? Have tried garlic oil, soap, neemoil and pepper spray. Would Delphastus catalinae (beetles) help?


Custer County Colorado 7 days ago

Arborvitae Storm Damage

Hello - I’m looking for some advice/help in determining how to handle storm damaged trees in backyard of home I recently purchased. The trees sustained heavy damage last winter. I’m wondering if I can prune and to what level I should. Or if they are a total loss. They were clearly planted as a privacy barrier but were not maintained. Seem overgrown, leading to ongoing bending and breaking. Any advice on what to do here, would be greatly appreciated. Please see attached images.


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Washington County Oregon 7 days ago

Cluster Fly Pheromone

Hello there. I've communicated with your team in the past about cluster flies. They are a real problem at our home. We've done our best to seal windows, etc. in order to keep them out. I recently learned that they may emit a pheromone that leads other cluster flies to follow them to the "safety" of our home. If we wanted to eliminate the possible pheromone how would we do that? What type of cleaner or odor eliminator could we possibly use to neutralize it? Thank you, David Wrenshall, MN


Carlton County Minnesota cluster flies insect issues 7 days ago

Getting rid of goat head

We are amending the soil soon and want to plant grass in the spring. We want to get rid of the goat heads now what’s the best way to do that? Thank you!! Susan


Denver County Colorado 7 days ago

During the OSU farm trade show, an OSU researcher referred me to Bulletin...

During the OSU farm trade show, an OSU researcher referred me to Bulletin #472 to be found at After visiting that page, I am unable to find a reference to that bulletin, nor a link to a catalog of bulletins. The search dialog was not revealing. Could you please give me a link to the catalog of bulletins? Many thanks.


Greene County Ohio 7 days ago

Hypomyces on oyster mushrooms

Are you aware of discovery of and classification of a Hypomyces growing on wild oyster mushrooms? I found some recently and if unknown, would like to submit sample for evaluation before the fruiting bodies are composted . I have a couple of pictures at this time.


Oregon mushrooms 7 days ago

Oregon Grape

is a Mahonia aquafolia 'Compacta' a dwarf variety of Mahonia aquafolia? If not, why not?


Multnomah County Oregon mahonia 7 days ago

Controlling non-native birds.

What are effective methods for discouraging starlings from landing on roof? Spikes, sprays, tacky materials, sounds, electric strips, predator immitators, are all recommended. What about installing a 45 degree metal corner strip to the peak?


Linn County Oregon wildlife damage management birds 7 days ago

some kind of cabage or brocoli?

Several years ago I grew sprouting broccoli in my garden. This year I dug up much of the lawn not far from where the broccoli had been. Before I reseeded the dug up ground, plants that looked a little bit like the spouting broccoli were appearing. They didn't produce spouts, but the leaves were so similar that I wondered if they are some sort of cabbage. In Ireland they have a vegetable called spring cabbage with leaves that look very much like those on the mystery plant. So my question is what is the plant and is it edible?


Img_3038_300x300%2523 Img_3039_300x300%2523

Washington County Oregon 7 days ago

Watering your garden with softened water!

I recently had a company (Hague Quality Water of Maryland) install a purification system in my house. Shortly thereafter my garden started to turn brown and the greenery was rapidly deteriorating. It seems that the softened water has salt in it and that this was causing the problem. When I bypassed the purification system the foliage began to recover. The company says they've never heard that softened water is bad for gardens yet everything I read on the internet says it is. Can you provide any clarification? Thank you,


Montgomery County Maryland miscellaneous water softener effect on plants 7 days ago

Wasp Sprays vs. other critters

Will wasp sprays kill other animals when used as directed? Since you spray wasp nests from 10' or more, there is a lot of overspray on the ground. Can I assume that unless I directly spray a critter, that they will not get enough poison to kill them?


New York 7 days ago

Heucheras for full sun location

What Heucheras have local MC gardeners found successful for full sun? We live in N. Potomac in the Dufief/Westleigh area. We are planting 2 new beds in the spring in conjunction with our new walkway. Heucheras were one of the plants suggested but there are many varieties and online I see mixed results with full sun placement. Local input would be great.



Montgomery County Maryland groundcovers plant selection heuchera full sun 7 days ago

Korean Lilac tree - something eating/stripping the bark off of branches

I'm finding that several braches on this small tree have stripped bark. The bark seems to be taken or eaten in strips that can follow along a branch anywhere from 1 to 6 inches long and seem to follow a path on one side only of the branch, usually the top of it. The main trunk of the tree hasn't been disturbed. Only the upper bigger branches seem to be the target. I have noticed a woodpecker landing in the tree as a hanging finch feeder is close by but I haven't seen or heard it pecking at the tree. I also haven't noticed any bugs on the branches either and wondering what could survive our cold temps. Should I spray the tree to kill bugs that might be there under the bark and will it hurt the tree since much of the bark has recently been stripped probably within the last two weeks? What can I do to discourage the woodpecker if you suspect that is the problem?., .


Hennepin County Minnesota 7 days ago

Edible white berries

Looking for a plant/bush with edible white berries/native to Oregon. Thank you.


Columbia County Oregon native plants 7 days ago

cherry laurel

One of our cherry laurels developed some white stuff (I believe the gardner said it was spider mites) and some of the leaves lost color so he cut them off. The bush not has leaves only at the top. Will the others grow back as it looks funny now. The white stuff has gone to other cherry laurels. The gardner said he sprayed them with horticulture oil. Is that enough or should he spray them with something else ? How can I tell if he sprayed the other bushes as they look more white now than before while the origonal looks less white? Will the other effected bushes lose their leaves during winter or do I have until spring to address it,


Baltimore County Maryland insect issues cherry laurel shrub possible white prunicola scale 7 days ago

What bite is this

What bite is this? Its super pain and can feel hardness inside and is redness



Suffolk County New York 7 days ago

Spearmint /peppermint

Here is a photo Is one on left spearmint and on right peppermint? Any distinguishing features?



Frederick County Maryland herbs plant identification spearmint peppermint 7 days ago

Grafted tree question

I purchased a 4 foot Alvocado tree, which looks like it is just branch grafted to the rootstock. Will this turn into a actual tree, or just remain a branch with roots?


Minnesota avocado tree 7 days ago

Artificial light for Bird of Paradise plant in winter

I have a Strelitzia Regina - currently only 3 years old - which in winter I bring in to a double-glazed South-facing porch. I am sure it will benefit from daily artificial light for some hours. The location is 50°North in ‘not so sunny’ UK. Any advice will be most welcome


Outside United States tropical plants strelizia 7 days ago

Amending soil @ new home

We are going to amend the soil in our yard in Brighton, before the winter freeze. We plan to plant a low water grass, in the Spring, in much of the yard.

The existing soil is mostly clay & has never been amended.

We have some aged manure, grass & leaves & have been told to purchase peat moss for tilling into the soil. Do you recommend Sphagnum or Mountain Peat?

We have a heavy duty rototiller & a few volunteers.

Can you please suggest a simple outline with, clear steps for this project? We greatly appreciate your time & your expertise.


Adams County Colorado soil and fertility issues 7 days ago

Overwintering a Peruvian Lily

I planted a Peruvian Lily in a pot in the spring and it bloomed all summer and fall outdoors. When nights got cold, I brought it into the garage and the blooms died. I cut them back. Can I keep it in the garage or does it need to be in the house that's heated? How iften do I water it? How do I iverwinter it so it will. Lom again next summer? I love its flowers!!


Lane County Oregon lilies 7 days ago

Can you identify this weed?

This weed is quickly invading my lawn. Can you identify it and tell me how to get rid of it?



Loudoun County Virginia 7 days ago

Trying to Locate Publication HGA-00043

Can't locate it on your website. It is entitled "Growing Apples in Interior Alaska."


Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska 7 days ago

Wintering Mandevilla

We brought the Mandevilla inside in the same planter it lived in all summer. How would you suggest we hold it over for spring?


Washington County Minnesota overwintering mandevilla 7 days ago

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