We have had a woodpecker knocking on our roof every morning for the past two weeks. It takes up to 5 times to shoo it off (yelling, banging on windows). We have lived here (near Black Forest) for 19 years and usually don't have this issue till spring, and not that often. It is coming earlier each day. What can we do? (need sleep)


El Paso County CO wildlife damage management birds woodpeckers over 3 years ago

Seasoning iron skillets

Is there a recommended method to season an iron skillet before using it to cook with?


Washington County IA over 3 years ago

new peach tree with possible disease

Hi, I recently bought a red baron peach tree bare root, I was getting ready to plant and noticed this black mark with a "wound" looking spot on the trunk where it is seen, what is it... should I be worried about fir blight or is this treatable (do I scrap the tree and notify seller for fearof contaminating my other plants or plant and treat? Thanks!


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TX trees and shrubs horticulture over 3 years ago

When should I apply a preemergent herbicide?

When is the best time to apply a preemergent herbicide in the spring?


Sussex County DE lawns and turf grass preemergent herbicides over 3 years ago

4 H Judges Training

I am interested in judging 4H projects on the county level. Where, when, ad how do I become a judge?


Plymouth County IA over 3 years ago

Asphalt in Garden Soil

Hello, We live on the west edge of Lake Park, IA. From what we know, part of our land used to be a waste dump site area years ago. One area that we have tilled and used for gardening the past two years, contains a lot of asphalt chunks. We remove as many of these chunks each spring when we till, but they are everywhere. I'm really questioning how safe this garden in soil containing asphalt. Is there a soil test that could be done to check the levels and if so, how much would it cost? Thank you, Jena Boles


Dickinson County IA over 3 years ago

Seeking groundcover

I'm hoping to find a suitable groundcover for my small yard. I have a list of requirements to fulfill that I hope isn't impossible!

  • full sun for a few hours and partial shade for the rest of the day
  • stand up against dog urine
  • non toxic to pets
  • won't overgrow paths
  • 4 inches or less in height - no mowing
  • attracting butterflies is a plus but shouldn't be super attractive to bees


Fairfax County VA sustainable gardening and landscaping groundcovers horticulture over 3 years ago

Raised garden bed

We have an existing garden that has been built with pressure treated lumber (which may have not been the best choice) and wish to replace it with a higher 12"-16" in depth solution. The existing dimensions are around 10'L X 4'W. What are some options we should explore? Are there kit solutions or should this be built from scratch?


Washington County OR vegetable gardening horticulture over 3 years ago

Can you help me ID a mysterious nut?

Hello! I found this nut in a residential neighborhood in Austin. The tree was leafless (it's February), about 6 feet tall, and covered with dry, tripartite husks. Each husk held three nuts, each the size of a large peanut, but round. I tasted one (I know, I'm not supposed to do that!), and it tasted excellent -- rather like a hazelnut. I'm attaching a picture of the husks and nuts. Any help you can give is much appreciated! Thank you.



Travis County TX plant identification horticulture over 3 years ago

gardening classes

I would like to learn to garden, but have no experience. Does the Cherokee County Extension Office offer classes, or do you know any place that does?


Cherokee County GA master gardener program over 3 years ago

Currants Varieties best for Hillsboro Area

Hi - I'd like to plant some currants but am not having luck finding which varieties would work best here in Hillsboro.


Washington County OR fruits and vegetables horticulture over 3 years ago

Drought tolerant pasture grasses for horses

I'm in Lubbock and would like to know which grasses would be best for my pasture. I have horses so I'm looking for something they can graze and won't require a lot of watering.

Thank you
Jackie Dunlap


Lubbock County TX horses pastures and grazing horse nutrition forages for horses over 3 years ago

Energy Cost Comparison Charts

I really appreciate the energy cost comparison chart. What percent efficiency are you using for the woodburner? Propane furnace? What wood type are you using? Can you share the formulas for the cost comparison? I need to compare a propane furnace (92% efficient) with a supplemental wood furnace (65%) efficient burning mostly oak.


La Crosse County WI home energy over 3 years ago

Understory plants for Juglans hindsii

I am in search of a list of plants, mainly shrubs and small trees, that will survive under a Juglans hindsii (Northern CA Black Walnut). Any help is much appreciated.


San Mateo County CA over 3 years ago

Sugar ants under the concrete pad - have had the exterminators twice to remove them from the house

We have had a sugar ant problem that we tried to deal with ourselves starting about September. We finally gave in and called in the pest control. They sprayed outside and inside and all was well for a few weeks and then the ants started to resurface once again. We called the pest control back and are hoping that this will solve the problem.
We think that perhaps the ants are coming from under the cement pad - we live in a gated community of semi-detached units. Our adjoining neighbour has not had a problem but they sure like us!
Can you recommend what we can do to get something under the pad that would be taken to the queen and eliminate our problem once and for all?


OUTSIDEUS urban integrated pest management ants over 3 years ago

am redoing a flowerbed and would like best practice to eliminate weeds. old...

am redoing a flowerbed and would like best practice to eliminate weeds. old shrubs have been removed. I believe placing newspapers over soil with mulch on top is a good method if I let this stay in place a month or so. then I can plan and plant by end of March, what do you think?


Tarrant County TX landscape design weed issues horticulture over 3 years ago

Dried pod like thing

I have a Purple Robe locust that have locust borer problems, which I'm trying to treat. I was just looking at the tree and noticed these dried pod like things hanging from the tree. They are only about an inch in length and they seem attached by a white web like substance. I pulled one off and tried to break open. There was a white substance inside. Do you know what this is and should I be worried about it? I also saw one or two on my Japanese maple.


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Bernalillo County NM trees and shrubs insect issues disease issues horticulture over 3 years ago


I own HIGH RISE TREE CARE LLC. In new castle colorado. I need help finding companies that we can get training on pest management for trees and shrubs. Thank you for any advise


Garfield County CO insect issues horticulture over 3 years ago

I have a piece of land in North East Ontario,Canada. What kind of fruits and...

I have a piece of land in North East Ontario,Canada. What kind of fruits and veggies will be suitable for this region?


OUTSIDEUS fruits and vegetables canada plant hardiness zones over 3 years ago

Hybrid bermuda grass

Does the hybrid bermuda grass spread like the nonhybrid? I am looking at the Princess and these hybrids grow well in South Texas? If not, what would you suggest? I am also wondering how high it grows as I would like shorter grass and how they do in partial shade.
Thank you


TX lawns and turf landscape design horticulture over 3 years ago

Unthrifty apple trees

We have 2 dwarf apple trees. One (the short curved tree within the plastic ring) always has leaves and a few flowers, but has never "taken off". The other is covered with lichen. Today I discovered black patches and splitting bark. Both trees were purchased from reputable mailorder
nurseries 10 years ago. Is there a diagnosis and cure for either tree?


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Montgomery County VA trees and shrubs disease issues home apple production horticulture over 3 years ago

Horticultural Crops Webinars

I see the schedule for the upcoming Webinars, but how do I sign up to view them?


horticulture over 3 years ago

Pesky Doves

How do you rid your yard and porch of doves? There is a multitude of them that i can scare away but they return and are crappping everywhere. I live in town and I need a quick solution. They are dirty and annoying. Please help! Thank you!


Lee County IA over 3 years ago

Water drainage away from house

I'm seeking information to help us move water away from our house. Right now our soil is 1) not very healthy for plants and 2) high up on our foundation but our house sits lower than the street. I feel like we may need to add soil and or rocks to improve the yard and yet need help getting the water to flow away from the house. I'd love to have someone come look at the yard to give advice and thought of contacting a landscape architect but wondered if that is the correct route. Thanks.


Travis County TX landscape design horticulture over 3 years ago

Should we be teaching our 4-H kids technology or taking away the opertunity?

Hello, I'm currently my county's poultry committee president. At our latest meeting my mother and I brought up a rule change in our current record book "all required pages must be completed in your handwriting". Well in previous years we have seen many kids get marked down due to poor penmanship, spelling or grammar. Now I completely understand that some kids are capable of doing so and just don't try, but other kids with learning or other disabilities that make it impossible to write well are getting marked down. If we implemented the use of technology allowing kids the choice of handwritten or done with a fill in the blank adobe format, it takes away the disadvantage to some kids. Not only would spell/grammar check help kids but also text to speech and speech to text for those that have trouble both reading and writing. I also just recently had a head injury causing difficulties reading and writing. Although at MSU we use Microsoft office for most assignments so I have the technology that catches spelling and grammar errors along with e-text reading software. Now back to the Poultry committee, almost everyone on the committee still lives in the stone ages and are against the use of technology. Do you have any ideas how we can get our point through, which making these record books completed by handwriting only is a disadvantage to some kids? I thought 4-H was building tomorrow’s leaders today, tomorrow is technology and I believe we should be helping kids prepare for the future and give them equal opportunities. Your opinion, experience, knowledge or any other help would be greatly appreciated.


Lapeer County MI science 4-h over 3 years ago

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