Cherries are turning half brown

A bunch of the cherries on our tree are turning half brown. I'm attaching a picture. Do you know what this is?



Ionia County MI fruits and vegetables fruit trees cherry diseases bacterial canker in cherries almost 4 years ago

How can I get rid of brown rot on my peach trees?

How can I get rid of brown rot on my peach trees?


Baltimore County MD fruit peaches brown rot almost 4 years ago

Fertilizing Hydrangeas

How often should I fertilize my hydrangeas and what is the best tpe? I have been using Miracle Gro 30-10-10 that I mix in water. Thank you!


Oakland County MI flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

Do our aspens have a disease, drought damage or other?

We have five columnar aspens in need of some help. This spring I noticed that the leaves on one never came in on the top and the rest of them look weak and wilted. Recently, I've been noticing this on the other trees closest to this one. I'm suspecting it's a disease that's spreading. Can I bring a sample branch for someone to look at? I'm attaching a picture for reference. Thanks!


Aspen1_300x300%2523 Aspen2_300x300%2523

Larimer County CO trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Kelp use in vegetable gardening

How helpful is kelp in vegetable gardening? Why is it so expensive? Do the benefits justify the cost?


Boulder County CO fruits and vegetables almost 4 years ago

Tagged Morning Glory, but I don't think so....

...bought this potted at Home Depot, Princess Anne location. Now come to realize that it doesn't have the iconic morning glory leaf. Any idea of what it is? Blooming very nicely daily and growing swiftly up the railing as I wanted. Note the tap in the lower corner of the pic. Thanks.



Virginia Beach VA almost 4 years ago

What is the definition of "Berry Touch"

This term pops up in various spray management recommendations, but can't find a definition of when this is. Appreciate your definition.


Warren County TN pesticides almost 4 years ago

vine-like weeds

I moved from Gillette to Cheyenne last year, and have come across many plants I do not recognize. I have vine-like plants which a neighbor identified as weeds. They are not bind weeds (with which I am very familiar). The medium-green leaves on these vines are about 4 x the size of bind weeds. The tallest ones I have come across are about 10-12", leaves 3" x 1.25-1.50". They curl around each other, so far not up any structures, even weed plants the same height. Any idea what I'm looking at? IF THERE IS A FEE FOR A RESPONSE, PLEASE DON'T BOTHER TO ANSWER. THANK YOU!!


Laramie County WY almost 4 years ago

Hello my name is Tyler Geckle and I am interested in joining 4-h and I was...

Hello my name is Tyler Geckle and I am interested in joining 4-h and I was wondering how I could enter Hancock County 4-h program. I would also like to know what all the courses are available.


Hancock County OH almost 4 years ago

What is this plant?

Our neighbor has this bush and it smells wonderful! But no one can tell me what it is! I'm in Austin, Texas.


Bush_1_300x300%2523 Bush_2_300x300%2523

Travis County TX plant identification almost 4 years ago

I grow a lot of vegetables, but am having problems with my cabbage. The...

I grow a lot of vegetables, but am having problems with my cabbage. The caterpillars and slugs have been an ongoing issue. This year I applied BT regularly and have the caterpillars under control. I thought I was controlling the slugs too with regular applications of Sluggo and some beer, but as I harvested my first heads of the season last week, I found several inside the heads. It seems they get in and have it so good they don't come out for the traps/poison. We still clean and eat them fried, but it is unappetizing and the friends who get some are always very put off. Any advice?


Montgomery County MD vegetables cabbage slugs almost 4 years ago

horse semating video


Columbia County WA almost 4 years ago

ripening cherry rot

Is there an organic way to stop my cherries rotting as they ripen? Is it too late once they're already ripening?


Lane County OR trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

mold exposure

I have been exposed to alot of black mold while cleaning in exchange for deposit. Property manage said not harmful to me. Now I have moved 86 yr old mother and Arthritic brother to move in and we now have white mold on everything including a vehicle that is infested. What do we do? Who do we call? What do we do with no place to stay and no money until we know safe steps to take? I am extremely ill and have been since March 8th when atarted cleaning this home. Please help!


Umatilla County OR mildew and mold control almost 4 years ago

Drought-Tolerant Privacy Hedge With Non-Invasive Roots?

I'm looking to plant privacy hedges/trees/vines between my house and the chain-link fence which separates me from the neighbors. It's a fence-line of about 40-50 feet, I live in Los Angeles County and would like to keep the plants in my yard native, or at least fairly drought-tolerant. The thing is, the distance between my house and the fence is only about 4 feet, and running parallel to both, right down the center, is where my sewer line is buried. I'd ideally like to have a hedge, tree, or vine which grows up to around 8-10 feet tall, while filling in to provide privacy, however I'm very concerned about the possibility that something which grows that tall and fast might have roots which will invade my sewer line. Is there something out there that might fit my needs?
Thanks in advance!


Los Angeles County CA horticulture almost 4 years ago



I have a very mature cherry tree in my yard. We had no blooms this year (we usually have a very large crop). The entire tree has been taken over by aphids. I have tried spraying them off with the hose, spraying with water and dr. bronners soap, and releasing ladybugs. They seem to be getting worse instead of better. I am very stressed out about this and didn't know where else to turn. We hesitate to use chemicals, but at this point I really need a solution so we can enjoy our small backyard again and not infest our vegetable garden. Please help!

Thank you,

Sarah Forcina


Denver County CO trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Lawn brown spots

The brown spots in my lawn seem to be getting worse. What treatment do you recommend?


El Paso County CO lawns and turf almost 4 years ago

taking out aspen trees

I have an aspen clump that is growing too close to a retaining wall and building. I need to remove the aspen and its roots. I have read that I should kill the tree before cutting it down to avoid having the roots aggressively spread after cutting down the tree. Can you tell me the best way to take out an aspen tree. This is a clump with 4 trunks, about 3-6" in diameter, and the tree is about 35 feet tall.


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

alkali balance

Let me preface my question with i was a long time Cody resident, who lived on the alkali flats. I resently read that cheese and yogurt production produce acidic whey that cant be disposed of. Could this be a cheaper altervative to the big piles of sulfer that were called a wind bourne toxin when I was young.


Yamhill County OR environment almost 4 years ago

Plant ID

What is this plant? It is found in or near wooded area. Would like to get rid of it


Elleann_petersen_sample_1_300x300%2523 Elleann_petersen_sample_2_300x300%2523 Elleann_petersen_sample_3_300x300%2523

Yankton County SD trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Plants turning yellow and not growing

I bought bags of "something" called topsoil and steer manure from Walmart, mixed them and put them in all my flower pots and around plants. Now all the stems, leaves and new growth is turning yellow. Even the color in the petunias is fading. What can I do to salvage them?


Utah County UT almost 4 years ago

Cleaning product .

What cleaning products are safe to use on acrylic tubs and showers? All the soft scrubs say not for acrylic. Can't find "the Works"which I have been using since I had the acrylic unit installed. What else can I use?


Washington County PA cleaning almost 4 years ago

Squash Plants turning yellow

All of my young squash plants' leaves are turning yellow. This is happening to both winter and summer squash. I put new compost mix (compost + manure + dirt) in the garden this year. Could that be it? Is there anything that I can do?



Benton County OR fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 4 years ago

blackberry disease?

My blackberries were purchased as root cuttings. They got away from me and are growing semi-wild in the backyard. This year the fruit is not developing correctly. While the individual seedlet bulbs on each berry are supposed to turn, green, then red and then black, some are turning a milky white and that bulblet is a little mushy. I don't find an answer on the internet.

Can you help. What is causing it and what I can do to correct it?


Tarrant County TX blackberries almost 4 years ago

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