Jalapeño jelly

I want to make the jalapeño jelly recipe as given in the Ball canning book. I would like to make a hotter version and am wondering how I might go about doing that safely. Would I leave in the seed and membranes of the jalapeños or would I use a spice bag with the seeds to add heat then remove it before canning? I have seen recipes calling for each way. Also, if I don't have cheesecloth for a spice bag, can I use a coffee filter? Please advise. Thank you!


Salt Lake County Utah canning jelly almost 4 years ago

dangers of black walnut tree

tomatoes were covered with sticky sap from the leaves of a black walnut tree. Heavy rain washed the sticky stuff off, are the tomatoes going to be safe to eat when ripe. Also is this sap going to contaminate the soil for growing next year,they are in containers. Is there anywhere I can take the tomatoes to see if they are contaminated with this juglone (the sap from the tree), if you can not tell me if they are safe?


Minnehaha County South Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Am very concerned about oak wilt on my property and my neighbors. Please...

Am very concerned about oak wilt on my property and my neighbors. Please advise. Two trees on his property and one on mine have died. Please help. Have taken pictures, and will be attending the seminar at Bunker Hills, Wednesday pm. Thank you, Vicki A. Churches. 651.462.1487.


Anoka County Minnesota almost 4 years ago

Can you help me identify this broadleaf weed? I did not see it in your list,...

Can you help me identify this broadleaf weed? I did not see it in your list, although garlic mustard looked closest. I do not know much about the flowering, as I have not observed it flowering. It seems to have popped up where I planted new grass seed using compost from the county site, and in a single year it is taking over my back yard. Last year it was tiny, this year it seems larger and more numerous, growing in clusters/patches. Height is at or below grass level. Thanks, Chris



Ramsey County Minnesota almost 4 years ago

Tree question

I live on 10 acres just outside of Parker CO. We have about a hundred native Douglas Fir. This year, I have notice two trees that have experienced browning of a branch about midway up the tree, and then within a month the whole tree dies. These are mature, older trees in an undisturbed pasture area. It does not appear like beetle kill with the typical top down browning. On the first tree noticed, the branch was on one of three main trunks. Within weeks, all of the branches on that trunk were dead. The rest of the tree still appears alive. The second tree you can see from the photo, has just started to die. This tree appears to have some trunk damage, but not the first tree.


Tree_001_300x300%2523 Tree_002_300x300%2523 Tree_004_300x300%2523

Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Here are two pictures of my wonderful cactus. A former neighbor of mine gave...

Here are two pictures of my wonderful cactus. A former neighbor of mine gave me a slip several years ago saying that she received it from her sister in California. I have been keeping it indoors during the winter. Do you have any idea what it is? Thank you for your help.



Anne Arundel County Maryland plant id possible christmas cactus almost 4 years ago

Legal to mail okra from Texas to Oregon?

I live in Sherman, Texas and my son in Portland, Oregon asked me to ship him some okra from my garden. Are there any legal restrictions on this?


Grayson County Texas interstate plant shipment almost 4 years ago

Really small batch jelly

I would like to make a jar or two of fruit based pepper jelly but I don't want to go through the whole jelly making process. Can I melt a jar of store bought apple, crabapple, quince, or cranberry jelly and simmer it with fresh hot peppers or dried red pepper flakes to make pepper jelly? I would strain out the solids before putting it back in the jar. Would it set again? How long should I simmer it? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I have made jelly numerous times with success. I'm looking for a quick alternative.


Butler County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

white splotches on my young sugar maple

Hello I also have a young under 10 yr old sugar maple with many white splotches. I am concerned when looking at it the leaves near the top are a yellow color and some have completly died. My property soil is moist. I have lost two other young trees this year. A purple leaf plum and an ornamental cherry. My criimson maple seems fine. Any idea what might be causing the distress on this sugar maple? I should further note I have a large amount of circadas and also circada killing hornets.


Saginaw County Michigan trees and shrubs maple trees almost 4 years ago

help to identify a plant

I accessed this site via and would like help identifying a plant. Please see the attached photos. It looks like a native shrub, tolerates drought, is in direct sun, and has thorns. I have never seen it bloom, so I do not know the color of the bloom. Most of the plant was cut down approximately five years ago, and it has since grown leggy. I want to know when is the best time to prune it to a smaller size. Thank you.


Dsc_0002_300x300%2523 Dsc_0004_300x300%2523

Travis County Texas plant identification horticulture almost 4 years ago

I am growing either a lemon or etrog plant, not sure which it is, in a pot...

I am growing either a lemon or etrog plant, not sure which it is, in a pot from seed. it is doing quite well outside this summer, about a foot high and lots of leaves on top but the bottom leaves have yellowed and I have taken them off. should i cut off the top and re-root it and if so how, or how can i support new growth on the bottom? i will be taking it inside again so it will not get the sun like it does now and i want this to grow as much as is possible till next spring when it can return outdoors.


Baltimore Maryland plant id lemon or etrog almost 4 years ago

weed identification

Can you tell me what this weed/p k ant is called and is it native to central Oregon?



Crook County Oregon weed issues plant identification horticulture almost 4 years ago

Can you tell me why our yard would have been hit by lightning 3 times in 20 years?

We have had lightning hit our yard 3 times in the past 20 years (twice in the last 3 years). Twice it hit trees in our yard, and the other time it created a hole between our house and our neighbor's house. Besides marking the trees, it also did some damage to electronics in our house, damaging our refrigerator all 3 times. Can you tell me why this is happening?



Franklin County Ohio lightning damage lrk almost 4 years ago

Bees in my tree!

Greetings: I have 2 large catalpa trees in my front yard. The smaller of the two has a honey bee hive & comb in the hollow of the trunk. This is the second summer for them in this tree. I'm concerned not only for the safety of the bees but also for the safety of the tree itself. Besides the bees taking up residence, the tree seems to be doing fine; it is well established. This is unfamiliar territory for me. Any advice is appreciated. Please help!

~Mary Rink~

Sioux Falls


Minnehaha County South Dakota trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture almost 4 years ago

Pine Fungus

What can I do to protect my Ponderosa Pines from the current infestation that is killing the trees?


Hood River County Oregon forestry trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Potato gall?

One of our clients brought in a sample from her Yukon Gold potato plant that has "thick, odd growth on stems." The plant, which is growing in a new, raised bed, has started to die back. It has been fertilized with composted horse manure. She has been watering the plant for 1-1/2 hrs. 3 to 4 days a week. Can you identify these growths?



Coos County Oregon disease issues potatoes horticulture almost 4 years ago

I have asked many times...why don't my endless summer hydrangeas bloom? I...

I have asked many times...why don't my endless summer hydrangeas bloom? I know they need sun to bloom. But why all the green leaves and no blooms?


Olmsted County Minnesota almost 4 years ago

Can I use untreated rabbit fertilizer on my vegetable garden?

Hello, my family recently adopted a pet rabbit and I am wondering if I can till his droppings into my vegetable garden? I do not have a compost pile, so I won't be able to compost or age the manure first. I would have to apply the droppings directly from the hutch to the soil.

I appreciate any thoughts or advice.



Weld County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 4 years ago

small shrubs for sun in colorado

Is there a list available of recommended small shrubs (3-31/2 feet tall, and wide) for Colorado (Denver metro Area) with full sun? Thanks.


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Tiny green insect in house

This morning I noticed a tickle on my arm, and looked and there was the tiniest green bug crawling along. I smooshed him. Later in another chair in the same room, another one was on me. One bug, well, things get inside, but 2 bugs in the same room indicates that I need to freak out. And do something.

It was transparent and light green and no bigger than a flea. Not a flea. I have houseplants in the room (which I removed).... could it be an aphid? Do they get on people? What are they and how to get rid of them?


Barry County Michigan insect issues household pests almost 4 years ago

lace bugs

I have treated my azaleas with a systemic insecticide today and my landscape service will do it again in the spring....will the plants survive?


Henrico County Virginia almost 4 years ago

What is causing my tamarack to lose its needles?

Is my tamarack dying? I have three tamaracks in the yard. One has turned brown and lost its needles like in the fall. The other two seem to be OK. Is it dead or just going though the natural fall changes early? If dead, what are the possible causes? Are the other two trees in danger?


Ramsey County Minnesota trees and shrubs lrk tamarack horticulture almost 4 years ago

tall fescue weeds in bluegrass

For the better part of this summer I have been killing tall fescue in my lawn at home and at the nursing home where I work. I bought a commercial grade grass seed to plant in the bare spots. Before I started seeding I checked the label and just about fell over when I read that the seed was for four different varieties of TALL FESCUE! The varieties are: Tarheel II, Coyote II, Innovator, and Dynamic II. My question is, am I making a mistake or am I going to be pleased with these grass varieties? Are these varieties of tall fescue different from the clumpy, invasive patches of ugly grass that I have been trying so hard to kill?


North Dakota lawns and turf weed issues almost 4 years ago

i live in scott Co. and have got back into beekeeping after losses several...

i live in scott Co. and have got back into beekeeping after losses several years ago. was wandering if any beekeeping clubs were located in scott co, i heard there were one in Robbins TN but cannot get a phone number, i also have another beekeeper who wants to join that club also if it exists still


Scott County Tennessee almost 4 years ago




Genesee County Michigan home food preservation almost 4 years ago

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