okay i need help

when would the shadow of a tree be shortest in missouri?


Crawford County Missouri science education almost 4 years ago

short day

why dont they just call them long nights instead?


Crawford County Missouri science education almost 4 years ago

What is proper way of trimming a large shrub magnolia tree? It stands about...

What is proper way of trimming a large shrub magnolia tree? It stands about 20 feet high and is at least 10 to 12 feet in diameter. A beautiful tree but seems overgrown and too large.


Minnesota pruning magnolia almost 4 years ago

Farm Loan Manager

I wanted to know what the average prices are that flight-ready bird producers are selling their quail for at this time.


Lee County South Carolina poultry almost 4 years ago

What should I do with potted Kentucky Coffee tree as winter approaches?

Hello! I am wondering about a Kentucky Coffee tree that my 8 year old daughter planted during a class activity at the Arboretum during a school field trip there this spring. It is doing really well! We replanted it in a 10″ pot and it is 12″-14″ high now with many branches. : ) My question is what to do with it over this coming winter? Can I leave it in the pot? Should I bury the pot? Do I have to plant it in the ground? It seems too small and delicate yet for that. Please help!


Hennepin County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Can my sick live oak be saved?

We have a medium sized live oak that suddenly lost almost all of its leaves this week. Earlier this year, we had a construction project that required several large trucks to pass over the root system on one side. Also, there are signs of overwatering with the soil being very moist and substantial brown patch appearing in the St. Augustine under the tree. I stopped watering, but was wondering if there was anything else I should do to try to save this tree.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated,
David of Camilla


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San Jacinto County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Pickles touched a copper-bottomed pot

My daughter was making refrigerator pickles last night and needed something large to cover the bowl they were to sit out in overnight on the counter. She used a large copper bottom pot to cover the bowl, and in the night, the pot shifted and the copper bottom fell into the brine. Now this morning, some of the pickles are discolored, and she wants to know whether they are safe to eat if she removes the discolored ones.


Griggs County North Dakota home food preservation canning pickling cucumbers almost 4 years ago

Soil Testing

Does the extention provide garden soil testing services and if so how detailed is the test.


Linn County Oregon soil and fertility issues horticulture almost 4 years ago

Planting cosmos seashell Fall, or spring?

A friend gave me Cosmos seashell mix. Shall I plant them now in Sept. (zone #8) or
Thank you, I am,
Donna N.E. TX


Cass County Texas horticulture almost 4 years ago

Torpedograss invading St. Augustine grass

I'm battling torpedo grass in my yard. I am in the process of re-sodding a large part of my front yard because it was solid torpedograss. I have sprigs of it in the remainder of my front yard and now in my back yard.

I know I can apply Round Up to kill it, but am looking for something I can spray on the entire yard to control/prevent torpedograss.

Please help me if you can.


Harris County Texas lawns and turf torpedograss horticulture almost 4 years ago

Veggi sellections for Alpine, Brewster Co.

I used the page for selecting vegetables to grow in the West Texas region, Brewster Co., Alpine. It spit me out. Why? Are we being under served? I'm interested in growing veggies in this area of high altitude, intense light, low rainfall, low humidity, high pH, shallow, caliche soil and unpredictably bad weather. Tell me, what would the fun be without these challenges? We need help here, to compensate for these conditions. Also, I'm Planning to extend the season with cool weather crops. I am looking for non hybrid, non GMO seed selections for this area. Thank you for your suggestions.


Brewster County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 4 years ago


what can be done to stop them?


Mahoning County Ohio almost 4 years ago

Forgot to add lemon juice to home canned tomatoes

I just pressure canned tomatoes without adding lemon juice. Are they safe to eat?


Woodbury County Iowa home food preservation tomatoes almost 4 years ago

Small moths

I have an infestation of long skinny little moths in my garage. I don't know how to get rid of them They have nested(?) in cushions, towels, all of my stuff. Please tell me how to get rid of them. Thank you


Douglas County Colorado insects almost 4 years ago


why did the helicopters not fall off the trees this year?


Jasper County Illinois trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

caution sign bug ID

Found this bug on my deck recently. With a clear caution sign on it's back, I'm wondering: Is it dangerous?



Prince George's County Maryland spiders insect identification orb weaver almost 4 years ago

white marked tussock caterpillar poop?

I saw a white marked tussock caterpillar excrete these interesting shaped balls one at a time from its end ....and wondered whether I just watched a caterpillar poop or are these the start of baby caterpillars?


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Prince George's County Maryland insect identification caterpillar excrement almost 4 years ago

Flowers on young fruit trees

Hi I have read that I should remove all the flowers from young fruit trees that were planted as bare rooted trees in the winter. Apparently the tress will grow more strongly. Is that your advice please? With thanks Jane


Outside United States almost 4 years ago


I want to can chopped tomatoes and add a jalapeno, clove of garlic and leaf of basil, to each quart. How do I figure out the correct time for pressure canning? Thank you...


Douglas County Oregon home food preservation almost 4 years ago

Humming Bird Moth Colorado


We live in Mineral Point, Wisconsin and tonight at dusk our family saw a "humming bird" we have never seen in our lives. The birds was feeding off of our flowers on our patio. We do have a huge garden with tomatoes on our property. Have you ever heard of a humming bird moth in Southwestern Wisconsin? We saw two and they looked exactly like the pictures on your web site.


Iowa County Wisconsin insect issues almost 4 years ago

fungicide solution

How to make my own fungicide solution for starting seeds


Oregon disease issues plant propagation horticulture almost 4 years ago

This summer I have seen what I think is some kind of fruit fly that I have...

This summer I have seen what I think is some kind of fruit fly that I have never seen before in my yard in southern MD. It is about 1/2 cm long with a black/brown 3-part body and translucent wings with black splotches across them. It holds its wings out flat and angled back like a jet plane. It has small stubby antennae. I have not seen these insects on any plants, but mainly on the siding on the west side of our house; in groups of 4 to 5. What is this insect?



Montgomery County Maryland insect identification picture-winged flies almost 4 years ago

Is it to late to plant apricot

I am thinking of buying a Chinese apricot. Is it to late in the year and is this variety a good idea? I planted a Tilton in the spring and it's doing well. Doug


Jefferson County Colorado almost 4 years ago

Snakes in my yard

I need help. I would like to get rid of snakes in my yard. How can I do that? Thanks


Centre County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

How do I stop squash bugs next year in the garden?

I have a major infestation of what seems to be squash bugs. They destroyed my winter squash, demolished my pumpkin plants and have started on my cucumbers. Since it's the end of the season, I'm more concerned with next year. How do I keep them from coming back? Can I till the old plants under? Should I pull them up and burn them? I'd like to stay as organic as possible, but am open to pesticides if needed.



Antrim County Michigan squash bugs organic squash bug control cucurbit problem horticulture almost 4 years ago

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