Habitat Project

Very recently the large tract of land behind our neighborhood was bulldozed down. This was a heartbreak to my neighbors and me as we had all enjoyed seeing the many quail, jackrabbits and deer here on the east side of Bend. Several of my neighbors were saying how they wish to do something for an animal habitat somewhere since the one we saw from our own backyards is now gone. My question is, "Where can we go to find projects specifically for improving or protecting a local wildlife habitat?" My neighbors and I hoped it would be something we all could do together. Where I come from there were projects like "adopt a stream" where you cleaned trash out of a creek and planted native grasses and such. Are there projects like that here in Bend?


Deschutes County OR human-wildlife issues wildlife habitat 6 days ago

Over Wintering Dahlias

I have had Dahlias for several years. I have dug them in the fall and then planted them in dirt in a planter to store in my basement. This year, for the first time, the Dahlias have started to grow in the pot in the basement. Is this ok? Should I dig the bulbs, cut off the growth and replant or should I just leave them alone?


Hennepin County MN horticulture dahlias 6 days ago

Celebration Maple Tree

Last summer, our builder planted a Canticleer Pear tree in the narrow space next to our driveway. Shortly afterwards it died, I believe due to neglect when they planted it. So they replaced it with a Celebration Maple tree.

The maple tree is planted 4 feet from the edge of our driveway, 14 feet from our house and 13 feet from a newly planted red oak tree in the park area next to us.

We have a small residential lot in Aurora, Colorado. I am concerned about the mature size of the tree, surface roots eventually cracking our driveway and it's proximity to the oak tree in the park. I also know that many maple trees do not do well in alkaline soil.

We are debating about digging up the tree this spring and giving it away. If so, what might be a better tree to replace it? What is your advise?


Arapahoe County CO trees and shrubs 6 days ago

Garden plant, weed?

I have a plant popping up in several places in the flower gardens around the house. It seems to stay out of the grass. What is it, and should I just enjoy it or wage war?



Hennepin County MN plant identification lamium 6 days ago

actually, I have two questions

1. I have a raised planting box. I would like to grow asparagus in it. I also want to grow a companion plant such as strawberries. 2. I can't keep up with the weeds in the yard. I plan on putting down a weed barrier and cover it with either hemlock bark or a good top soil blend about 3 inches deep. what would you suggest? A permeable ground cover would allow water to penetrate for the trees and shrubs.


Washington County OR 6 days ago

Trying to Find a Lawn Mowing Company

Hello, I am trying to find some ladies to mow my lawn. The woman who does it now is about ready to retire. I do not want a "crew" to come and attack my lawn as has been done before. Kathy Lamb, with her small lawn mower, does a wonderful job. Would like to find a women's lawn care company(saw a truck with two women a few years ago but do not know the name now). Kathy does not know of anyone, and I have asked around - seems to be a big secret. Can you help? I live in Lakewood, CO.


Jefferson County CO lawns and turf 6 days ago

Small black bugs with little white colored wings

Woke up this morning and found these small insects on the ceiling next to my bathroom. I don't know what these are, but I'm thinking they are termites. If anybody knows please let me know. Thank you in advance.


15155244431491367159452_300x300%2523 1515524463935230682948_300x300%2523 15155244791642074140996_300x300%2523

Los Angeles County CA 7 days ago

Maple Tree Trimming

The attached pictures show a young maple tree we have. It looks like I have two leaders and I wondering if I should trim one off. If so, can you advise me on which to take off?


Img_5207_300x300%2523 Img_5208_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN 7 days ago

bugs a munchin ...not a christmas carol

My plight with troublesome bugs is minor in comparison to the damage caused to elm/ash trees as described by Master Gardener Vicki Spencer in the January 2018 issue of San Isabel Electric Association's Colorado Country Life magazine.

I'm submitting a request to identify an insect and hopefully obtain a treatment solution. So far my online research into this issue has resulted in nothing helpful as yet.

I had always wanted to grow yellow Alyssum montanum 'Mountain Gold' and tried several times to propagate it from seed without any long term success. To my surprise last spring I stumbled across an acceptable substitute Aurinia saxatilis …at of all things the plant section at a Walmart! These robust plants bloomed superbly and I planned on establishing them as perennials in a set of custom built planters I was constructing which reside at 9000 feet and receive a sunny southern exposure all year.

I experienced no problems with my perennial garden project up in the high Colorado mountain valley I’d moved to …until about mid-July when a literal horde of tiny black beetles (less than 1/8 inch in size) started munching on the Aurinia saxatilis specimens. None of my other perennials succumbed to any insect damage ...but I do enjoy lots of hummingbirds and butterflies that visit.

The infestation was so thick that I submerged the plants (still in their original containers) in buckets of water to get the beetles to float to the surface of the pail to try to collect and remove them. I then moved the plants to another location on my property where unfortunately they still were subsequently covered thickly with beetles. The only relief I obtained was to stick them in the ground near an area that had a large ant population. Ultimately, the ants feasted on the beetles which saved the foliage from being totally eradicated.

These plants should display profuse yellow blooms again this spring …only to be attacked by an onslaught of the tiny black beetles during the summer. I don’t usually like to resort to pesticide use, but my long hoped for wish to establish a yellow spring flowering rock garden plant might cause me to consider such a solution.

Can you help identify the insect and suggest a permanent solution to deterring their coming to visit me again next summer?

See attached picture:



Huerfano County CO 7 days ago

field lime application

How early could I have lime applied and still reap the most benefit for my investment.


Nelson County KY nelson county kentucky horticulture lime application 7 days ago

Salty well water

We live in NE Texas on 10 acres. We only maintain an acre that the house is on. Some of my landscaping has survived the well water but some has not. Is there something we can do to use the well for watering? We use reverse osmosis for inside use but can't use it for the amount of outside water needed.


Hunt County TX 7 days ago

We have cropland we currenlty been share cropping with person who farms its....

We have cropland we currenlty been share cropping with person who farms its. Looking at possibility of doing cash rent. I am looking for information or data to determine the average cash rent, and/or how to determine appropriate cash rent to charge, for cropland located in Highland and Brown Counties. Do you have any info/data for this, or can you direct me to where to find it?


Highland County OH 7 days ago

Black Walnut Trees and Sheep

I found a previous question and your comment about black walnut trees and you mentioned it’s toxicity to horse, goats, and sheep. Your writing is the only reference I have found to it’s effect on sheep. I just moved to a farm with these walnut trees and trying to determine whether to cut them all down even though they are the only shade trees near my house. I want sheep and horses, and have read plenty about the tree affecting horses, but nothing about sheep. So to be clear: it is not safe for sheep to graze land near black walnut trees and to eat the grass under and around these trees? I don’t want sick sheep so I’m looking for a clear answer. If I do need to cut the mature trees, how would I go about ‘healing the land’ to be used at a later time by horses and sheep? How would one get rid of the jugalone in the soil, etc.? I don’t plan to move from this property so I’m looking at the big picture of healing the land also for an organic garden. Thanks so much for your help!


Hall County GA sheep 7 days ago

living in Huntingtown , Md. what are the dying trees on my property

We are harvesting the standing dead wood on my property and I am curious as to the species of the tree we are harvesting for fire wood. These are 100 ft tall trees and a real ropey bark layer. Thank you


Calvert County MD tree identification firewood tree bark trees snags identifying dead tree species tree identification by bark normal growth 7 days ago

Magnolia Scale

I have magnolia scale. I've attached a photo of how they looked last spring, but they were the brown waxy this fall. I sprayed during the time the crawlers came out, but I'm sure I didn't get everything directly sprayed due to foliage. I'm wondering (hoping) the recent ridiculously cold snap may kill many since I've heard emerald ash borers may die @ -30. Is there any hope they'll be killed off, or do I still need to poison again this spring? I don't like spraying due to the problems with bees......



Hennepin County MN 7 days ago

Suburban Front Yard Shade Tree

Hello- I'm looking to select a new shade tree in my front yard to replace the Maple tree I just removed. Looking for help in selecting the right tree, as my prior Maple tree created all kinds of problems with large surface roots which messed up my lawn and sprinkler system. Here's what I'm looking for in a replacement tree. -40-50' full/thick shade tree -Fast growing (tree will be in full sun) -Tree with minimal yard mess/droppings during summer months (seedless?) -Root system that remains well below surface so lawn contour remains relatively flat/level up to trunk -Disease and insect tollerant -Our soil is primarily a sand/clay mix Looking for a list of tree that hopefully meet my preferences. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bruce


Hennepin County MN 7 days ago

Infestation of a vine propagated gord type weed

Can you provide the name of the broad leaf, ground hugging, vine type 'gord' producing plant that is infesting more and more land. I live in Colorado City South of Pueblo where it is greatly expanding but have noticed large infestations along I-25. The leaves are what I would call elongated,heart shaped and can be 8 inches or more long and the plant gives off a noxious smell. The gords are approx. 3-4 in diameter max. Is it a noxious weed? The plants are dried up now or I would send a picture of the leaves. Thanks, Bob



Pueblo County CO fruits and vegetables 7 days ago

Planting grass seed in the winter

What type of grass seed do you recommend to plant now? My lawn is patchy w lots of weeds in certain areas.
Thank you!


Douglas County CO lawns and turf 7 days ago

groth on a 18"high alberta spruce i received just before Christmas

18"high Alberta spruce i received just before Christmas it has been in the house and is starting to get new shoots on some upper branches should i plant it outside now or wait til spring I live in
spring,tx. 77373 we are in a 9 zone


Harris County TX trees and shrubs 7 days ago

Blackberry Vines

How do I get rid of blackberry vines


Washington County OR 7 days ago

Older Fruit to heavily prune for fruit production

Hi there, We have an older (smaller) orchard on our property...some trees possibly 100 years old. There are only about 20 trees total, varying from apple, pear, and cherry. They went many, many years without ever being pruned. We get fruit from these trees, but would really like to maximize on fruit production and feel safe picking from them...some of the trees are so tall, they cannot be picked. I have seen older orchards where trees have almost been leveled to drastically lower the tree height. Is this something that can be done? If not, how heavily can we prune and still have fruit production? Are we better off to start planting new ones and eventually phase these out? Also, one of the trees is a Transparent Apple is has some serious rot and we lost a few large branches in wind storms this past year. Is it possible to add a root hormone to a cutting and grow a new tree? I have attached some photos for examples. Thank you for taking the time to answer my very novice questions :)


Apple_300x300%2523 Apple_pear_300x300%2523 Transparentapple_300x300%2523

Marion County OR fruit trees horticulture pruning 7 days ago

Farmer to Farmer Grant for Madagascar

Sirs, Madams, I am looking for the opportunities to partner with University of Maryland in the implementation of F2F program in Madagascar. I have two activities that I would like to promote: an integrated poultry, soybean and corn production and the intensification and diversification of SRI Rice Intensification System and off season vegetables. My name is Adele Rahelimihajandralambo. I graduated and received a MS in Agricultural Education/Extension from Montana State University Bozeman. Actually, I run a consultancy and trade business in Hanover Maryland


Anne Arundel County MD 7 days ago

What are the white”drip” spots on my Pine Tree

I just notice these white “drip” spots that are on both the needles and the branches of my Ponderosa Pine and would like to know if this is some kind of disease or fungus that needs to be taken care of before it harms the tree. Wasn’t sure where to go to find out that information so seeking it from you. Hoping you can help but if you don’t know what it is can you please send me to the right department or website, etc. to get my questions answered - THANKS!!


Douglas County CO trees and shrubs 8 days ago

Mason Bee cleaning for spring

I understand that someone local makes a "sand blasting jar for cleaning the mites off of mason bees. Do you have contact information for that person? I would love to get a jar and possibly have a class with him. Rosalie Movius


Washington County OR mason bees pollinators 8 days ago

Tree planting in January?

Dear Experts, I am writing to get advice about tree planting. The county planted a tree in the right of way in front of our house last week--when temperatures were in the teens. A neighbor also received a tree the preceding week. I have always thought that its best to plant new shrubs/trees in late fall, before the ground freezes, in order that a plant will be able to establish roots before the heat of the summer. I am concerned that our new tree will die before the ground thaws. We haven't watered it yet, since the temperatures are still below freezing. What should we do? And, if you think this was not the right time to plant, would you please let the county know? Thank you!


Montgomery County MD trees tree planting in frozen soil tree planting in winter normal growth 8 days ago

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