When to transplant and direct sow cool crops

Hello, I have lettuce, radish and some other cool weather plants that I want to transplant or direct see for spring. Is there a time in March to do this (March 20th) or should I wait until the night temperatures are above mid 30s. I have floating row covers.


Howard County Maryland vegetables plant care planting schedule 4 days ago

treating Cytospora canker

I have a blue spruce in my front lawn and is infected with Cytospora canker and is there any treatment ? The tree is 86% green with the lower branches infected. Also what type of fertilizer could I use and how often would I water the tree? Thank you Mark


Baltimore County Maryland trees disease issues 4 days ago

Flukes in beef liver

Is it harmful to humans if infected liver is consumed


Outside United States health food safety 4 days ago

Evergreen trees pollen

Are evergreen trees in Portland/Vancouver area dropping pollen right now? There are some spring in the Juneau, Alaska area when the pollen comes off the trees in visible waves like fog. It floats on the waterways. Have a relative in Portland/Vancouver area suffering form spring airborne pollen and I wondered if that could be a big source.


Juneau Alaska pollen tree pollen 4 days ago

Spider identification

Wondering what this spider is? Venomous? Dangerous?


Img_0978_300x300%2523 Img_0979_300x300%2523 Img_0980_300x300%2523

Jefferson County Colorado 4 days ago


Are the size of buckeyes related to the size tree they came off of??


Medina County Ohio buckeye buckeye seed size 4 days ago

Walnut trees

If i cut my walnut yrees down how long will the jugline remain in the ground and affect my gardens? What do i need to do besides cut down the trees? Do i need to replace the soil in my gardens?


Anoka County Minnesota black walnut juglone 4 days ago

Fogging varroa with oxalic acid

The most popular formula for fogging verroa seems to be 25g. to 35g. oxalic dissolved in 100 ml. of 90% to 95% alcohol. Shooting an open flame at 180 proof alcohol mist seems to me to be highly explosive. Since the alcohol is merely a carrier for the oxalic, I would like to substitute distilled water at 100 ml./25g. My
questions are: would this be a safe substitution, and what would the optimum oxalic concentration be?
I will be using a Burgess propane fogger, appx. $60.00 at Rural King.


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania bee health 4 days ago


Hi, I put compressed cow manure on my raised garden beds last fall, oct. 2017, It was fairly fresh, I tilled it in. Will it be ok to plant in the beds this spring? Jerry


Michigan manure compost 4 days ago

do you mail soil sample test bags?

I'd like to test my soil for its Ph and other attributes such as are covered in a basic soil test: where can I find these?


Harford County Maryland soil testing 4 days ago

what type of prinate is this fossel of

can any one identify this fossel please and tell me if it holds any dollar value or what it would be worth to the right person


15210618931541630412850_300x300%2523 1521061924725930662858_300x300%2523 1521061957601992006987_300x300%2523

Outside United States appraisal fossil fossil identification geology 4 days ago

sick rhodo

I have a 50+ year old wild type rhodo (one of many) that is sickening - I suspect a fungal disease. Leaves are yellowing and drooping, with bulls-eye spots that are white in the center with dead brown and dying red rings of tissue. A nearby rhodo is sickening. About one half of the sick rhodo has died and been romved. Any suggestions on causation and treatment would be appreciated.


Img_0494_300x300%2523 Img_0495_300x300%2523 Img_0496_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland disease issues shrubs plant care 4 days ago

How to treat peach tree that has brown rot? please give me as much...

How to treat peach tree that has brown rot? please give me as much instructions as possible!


Clark County Ohio peach brown rot 4 days ago

Emerald Ash Borer update question

Hello, I have ash trees that have been successfully treated against the EAB in Jefferson County Kentucky. I'm wondering since so many ash trees have died in the last few years, is the EAB still a problem that must be defended against as of March 2018? In other words, has the EAB's damage been done to such an extent, that it's killed off it's food* source and it will die off from lack of this food (or host)? *Or perhaps the ash trees are just hosts, not food. If that is not the case yet in 2018, is that a likely scenario for 2019 or perhaps a few years after that? Thanks in advance for your opinion.


Jefferson County Kentucky 4 days ago


I have a lavender bed (Provence) that has plants from the two past seasons and this year I intend on filling in some of the holes with additional plants. Is there a way for me to trim/cut back the existing lavender so that everything is the same size and shape or will you always be able to tell which plants are old and which are new? Does it matter when in the season I do this shaping and planting?
Thanks for your help!


Denver County Colorado lavender lavender maintenance 4 days ago

Indian strawberry

I believe that my lawn is being invaded by a weed....indian strawberry.... What is the best treatment for ridding this weed.....I’m tired of trying to pull them Out.....can’t keep up with their growth.... Thank you for your assistance in this matter Brian Eblovi 720-318-8034


Boulder County Colorado 4 days ago

Hole in backyard

I noticed a hole in my backyard in the fall. It has gotten a little bigger since that time. Current dimensions are 21 inches diameter and 27 inches deep. The bottom of the hole has approx 2-4 inches of water. I don't know what is causing this or who to call to try to get the hole taken care of. +


Hole_1_300x300%2523 Hole_2_300x300%2523 Hole_3_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland lawns and turf soil wildlife hole in yard 4 days ago

dead raccoons

I have found 3 dead raccoons in my sheds and farm yard in the last month. Only one had lacerations. I have a dog who checks out the sheds on her own. What causes of death could endanger her in case she locates a half dead one or interacts with the dead bodies?


Benton County Iowa 4 days ago

Is this a fossil nest?

Found this rock and cracked it open and a few egg shaped objects where inside. One Broke loose. Is this a nest of some sort?


Img_20180225_093519_300x300%2523 Img_20180225_094628_300x300%2523 Img_20180225_094636-1-1_300x300%2523

Clackamas County Oregon geology fossil identification rock identification 5 days ago

My photinia is sudsing

I noticed that my photinia was producing suds today. On one limb to the right, in the picture, you can see bubbles midway up and suds on down. ON the left there is a white blotch of bubbles at the base - which did appear to have dripped down from up that limb when I got closer. I saw bubble remnants above the white blotch. What in the world is going on? I figured you would know what this is about. Thank you!



Yamhill County Oregon tree health photinia 5 days ago

pruning Concord grape vine

Hi, Several years ago I moved inherited a garden with an established concord grape vine. The first year I did no pruning and had a bumper crop of ripe grapes. The next 2 years I pruned aggressively and grapes developed but did not ripen. Last year I discovered black rot mold and based on UMD CE's advice (Question:406857) I began spraying every few weeks. I also cut back leaves so grapes would get sun, but they still didn't ripen (only a few on each bunch). I just pruned the vine based on what I learned on line (choosing 10 healthy looking 1 year old spurs that are pencil thick. Should I spray the vine just to make sure there are no mites or mold that survived the winter? Attached are two photos.


Img-0858_300x300%2523 Img-0857_300x300%2523

District of Columbia County District of Columbia grapes fruit concord grapes 5 days ago

larvae-like things in compost

I have a closed composter. I opened up the left-hand compartment on the weekend, which hadn't been used or added to since summer. It is filled with larvae like objects (see picture). They are not moving. I spread some of the compost on the ground, where it has been for the last few days. The "larvae" have not moved. (And no birds have eaten them AFAIK.) Any idea what they are? What should I do? Throw it out? Ignore the larvae and proceed to use the compost?



Lane County Oregon insect issues compost insect identification soldier fly 5 days ago

How to incorporate agriculture into a child's daily routine.

I work at an after school daycare for about 3 hours each day and we mainly play the entire time but I have been considering doing a few fun demonstrations or activities for the kids that involve agriculture and can teach the children a few things simultaneously.


Payne County Oklahoma 5 days ago

Our yard is being dug up for plumbing, not all of it though

We live in Portland, Oregon and have some grass and some moss and some grass struggling because dogs pee in the front yard. The backyard is lush with good grass. Is there somewhere we can have the earth tested from our front yard to see what fertilizer we might need and what type of grass seed to plant in late March, after the plumbing job is complete?


Front_yard_grass_300x300%2523 Another_view__gets_some_morning_sun_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon lawns and turf grass lawn fertilizer grass seed 5 days ago

treated lumber

is it safe for me to use treated lumber for vestable garden


Gaston County North Carolina horticulture raised beds vegetable gardening treated lumber safety 5 days ago

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