Apple Cider Vinegar Shelf Life

I have an open bottle of apple cider vinegar in my cupboard that has a best use by date of Sept. 2013 (four years ago). Is it still safe to use when I cook?


OR food safety food storage 1 day ago

can I replace a Cedar trees with Arbovitae trees to avoid cedar-apple rust fungus

I recently cut down 2 red cedar trees infected with apple-cedar rust (see photo). I want to replace them with a non-susceptible evergreen. Are Arbovitae trees (white or green cedar) susceptible to apple-cedar rust fungus?



Story County IA 1 day ago

Pigeon and Starling Problem

Any suggestions on getting rid of Pigeons and starlings. I have tried to find local bird abatement falconry with no luck. the birds are very bad in the barn and loafing shed where we cant block holes.


Baker County OR wildlife damage management starlings pigeon 1 day ago

Elm tree question

I don't know if you have arborists on duty, but I have a tree question. We have a large elm that we've been having treated with Arbotect 20 S fungicide treatments. It's two years since its last treatment and our "provider" Rainbow has suggested a two year interval vs. the three years we've done up to now. Is the two-year interval recommended for a large elm or are we safe with three years? Thanks!


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

False Virginia Creeper

I have false virginia creeper in a wooded area behind my home, It seems to be completely taking over as it seems to choke out the remaining trees. Is it ok to pull out and/or clip it's vines?


Oakland County MI trees and shrubs 1 day ago

How to kill off old perennial garden

I have a garden full of yellow perennials (not sure what they are, they bloom in late summer and look like spindly sun flowers) they are tubr bulbs and spread a lot. How can I get rid of them so I can plant something else? I've tilled the garden but there are bulbs everywhere, I'm afraid they will still find their way through the gardening mat.



Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

How to maintain/restore large lavender plant?

I am seeking information on how to maintain a large lavender plant. The plant was in great condition when I moved in, but I fear a year of just watering it has not been enough. Can you help instruct me on how to maintain this lavender plant?


20170424_115933_300x300%2523 20170424_115928_300x300%2523 20170424_115938_300x300%2523

Marion County OR horticulture lavendar lavender 1 day ago


My house faces east, and I have a big empty wall in front (faces south) that needs some plants near it. In this patch I have a row of hostas that I just divided up front, it is about 4 ft wide. I think I would rather have native and low maintenance evergreens so there is something there during winter, maybe around 3-4 ft high? This photo is around 1:45, so I start to lose sun around that time. I'm planning on adding rocks, not bark mulch after I finish cleaning up and tearing out old weed barrier. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for any help!!


Img_4070_300x300%2523 Img_4071_300x300%2523 Img_4073_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN horticulture landscaping 1 day ago

Healthy Suggestions for Parents packing breakfasts and lunches

Do you have a list of recommendations to give to parents that want to make their children healthy breakfast and lunches? I am looking for a list, similar to the list of healthy school celebration ideas. We would like to help our parents be able to pack a lunch that is just as nutritious as our school meals.


Sonoma County CA healthy food choices in schools 1 day ago

Few flowers on Merrill magnolia

My 4 year old Merrill magnolia seems very healthy, but does not really flower much. I had high hopes for all the buds, but only a few became flowers. It is starting to leaf out now, but only had about 12 blossoms. My husband says to be patient, it is a young tree. But I see much smaller ones with lots of blossoms. I plan to add phosphorous, but do you have other suggestions? It is in a sunny place with good dirt, seems very healthy and happy, other than the limited flowering.


Ramsey County MN 1 day ago

Help! I have a problem with carpenter bees making their nests in the...

Help! I have a problem with carpenter bees making their nests in the insulation of my house. The wood siding sticks out from the foundation about 1/2 ", the width of the underlayment (an insulation material) and the bees are drilling their holes up into that, leaving the telltale sign of a sawdust looking pile. We saw evidence of some last year and called ABEL pest control. He said the damage was already done for the year and suggested we spray the surface where the bees were going in early in the spring this year before they became active, with Thomson Water Seal. He thought that would deter them. We followed his advice, spraying 2 times in early spring of this year. Now the bees have multiplied to the point of sawdust piles along half of the perimeter of the house. What can I do? I am very reluctant to use pesticides because I know bees are pollinators and I don't like exposure to chemicals myself. Is there any way to stop these bees from destroying the exterior walls of my house? I have researched the problem online and find many contradictions. One problem is that the bees are laying their eggs in the insulation, and I fear that trapping them will cause them to bore into the interior of my house when they hatch out. Is this true? That would be worse! Please include the TIMING of treatment in the lifecycle of the bees with any advice. Thank you!


Greene County OH 1 day ago

Have the bees emerged yet?

Hi. This winter I didn't cut back my plants because I heard leaving the dead stalks up is good for bees to lay their eggs. What I'm wondering is when can I clean up the garden beds, cutting back the dead stalks. When will the bees no longer need them? Thanks!


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

Creeping Charlie


Creeping Charlie is taking over my lawn, not sure what to do, there are large patches that get larger every year although there are still areas of healthy grass in between.

Should I try to dig up the creeping Charlie and plant grass? Use and herbicide that won't kill surrounding grass? Any suggestions?

Thank you


Clay County SD 1 day ago

I believe my Ash Tree has Emerald Ash Borer

Greetings, I have a good size ash tree which is my favorite. This spring, it appears that the majority of the tree did not bud or grow leaves and looks dead. There are some new green shoots though coming off some of these branches, but they are sparse. There are also some apparent pieces or bark coming off. In talking with some people and doing some research online, it does appear that it could be an Emerald Tree borer. Do you know of anyone locally that would be able to look at my tree and tell me for sure, as well as what options I might have to treat it, if that is the best option. I would hate to lose this tree, but also don't know enough about trees to know if it is too far gone. Any assistance or contacts that you might have would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Wp_20170424_13_46_28_pro_300x300%2523 Wp_20170424_13_45_47_pro_300x300%2523 Wp_20170424_13_46_43_pro_300x300%2523

York County PA 1 day ago

Tree or shrub?

Please help me id this plant; it is 10' with purple flower buds. Thank you!



Wright County MN 1 day ago

What is this insect

I'm attaching 2 pictures of some sort of pesky flying insect that I have in my office. The plants I have in my office are a African violet and 2 Mother In Law Tongue plants. Could the plants be attracting this insect or could they have been dormant in the soil over the winter? If the plants are the cause, how would I get rid of the insects


1_300x300%2523 2_300x300%2523

Scott County MN 1 day ago

Where to buy composting worms locally?

Hello, I recently bought a "Garden Tower 2", which is a really cool self-contained planting system with a tube down the middle for composting. Do you know of anywhere I can get red wiggler composting worms locally? (Montgomery, Frederick counties, preferably, but would go further if needed.)


Montgomery County MD compost vermicomposting composting worms reg wigglers 1 day ago

Strange tree damage

I have an evergreen tree/bush in my yard that has recently begun to have entire branches dying off. I started cutting out the dead limbs and noticed a pattern of small shallow holes in the affected branches. There are other branches and trunks with the same patterned damage that have not yet died off. I am wondering if the tree is doomed or if there is something I can do to stop the problem?


Img_0958_1__300x300%2523 Img_0961_1__300x300%2523 Img_0962_1__300x300%2523

Frederick County MD wildlife woodpecker sapsucker sapsucker damage tree trunk holes 1 day ago

looking for a recommendation for vines

Good day, I'm building a trellis along my garage and would like to plant some vines. There is a crab apple tree (with dark pink blooms) that filters sun on part of the garage but the other end is very sunny mid-morning to late afternoon. I have a small magnolia tree with light pink blooms. Bushes are dogwood and nine-bark. Here is my wish list: I do want something native to MN, winter hardy, butterfly / hummingbird friendly, would love if it could have a pink or orange flower but color is not a deal breaker. I don't use chemicals. I do not want a vine that sends runners (like those darn ferns!!), is invasive or requires a lot of weekly care. I've searched the web but find conflicting information on everything I've chosen: trumpet vine, honeysuckle, clematis. . . . Is there any option that would work well for me? I've attached a picture of the back yard to give you an idea of my scope of work. (yes, I need to weed the gravel border!) Thank you for any suggestions you might have. Pat Engstrand Minneapolis


2016090501_300x300%2523 Trellis_partially_finished_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

planting nasturtiums

I've read that you should nick or abrade each nasturtium seed, then soak overnight before planting directly into the ground. Is this really necessary? Thanks


Chester County PA horticulture 1 day ago

Moss overtaking lawn

I have a double lot in St. Paul. The upper and lower yards are mostly flat, with a hillside between. The upper yard is sunny. The lower yard is more shaded--primarily by pine trees and a black walnut. For the last several years, I've noticed an ever increasing encroachment of moss into both yards. See photos. What causes this? What can be done to reverse it? I've also sent a photo of an invasive plant that has populated the hillside and appears in a portion of the lower yard (lower yard.2 photo). What is this plant? Thanks!


Invasive_plant_300x300%2523 Lower_yard_moss.2_300x300%2523 Upper_yard_moss.2_300x300%2523

Ramsey County MN 1 day ago

decorative Bartlett pear tree

My tree is 20 ft. tall, 8 inch diameter. It has about 8 limbs with no buds,or growth at all. At the base of tree it gets a fungus or mushroom looking growth, I have torn it off , grows back. We have clay base soil, and the tree is about 15 years old.
Last year I put 6 fertilizer tree stakes around limb line. They helped I think. Can you help me fix the problem,before more of it dyes off?


Macomb County MI fruit trees trees and shrubs 1 day ago

When to can each type of meat/vegetable/fruit

Good morning, I am somewhat new to canning. I canned strawberry jam about 10 years ago, but I really want to start canning more food to create a food storage supply. I have no idea when to can each type of fruit and vegetable. Do you have a "canning calendar" that shows me the ideal time to can these seasonal foods? Thank you very much, Laura Davidson


WA 2 days ago

Echinacea pests

Once my Echenacia produce buds they are attacked by small brownish beetles that distort the buds and cripple petal production. I tried researching what the insects were with no clear results. They are not Japanese Beetles. What can I do to prevent this infestation? My Echenacia are coming up with green leaves and looking good. Is there a preventative or systemic treatment for these bugs? Last year I used insecticidal soap to remove and try to eliminate them. Any help would be appreciated.


Anne Arundel County MD insect issues echinacea 2 days ago

Arena footing

I have a pond doen hill from arena with good grass I in between. Wonder what to add to make safe footing mix. Thinking stone dust base mixed with sand. Dillsburg pa


Dauphin County PA landscape design 2 days ago

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