What the heck is this bug - I found 4 dead ones in basement

Please help! I am freaking out because I found about 4 dead ones of these in my basement. I think it may be a cockroach or a ground beetle. My house is about 115 years old and has a small damp basement in which I run a dehumidifier constantly. I have only seen these bugs dead along the one wall in the basement that is close to the drain and I have not seen them on the main floor of the house. Please help before I loose my marbles. Thank You! Candace Nelson


Bug_topside_300x300%2523 Bug_underside_300x300%2523

Ramsey County MN insect identification 2 days ago

Unknown conifer?

The little sproutling conifer (?) popped up in my yard this spring. It seems happy enough in semi-shade, but I wonder whether I could move it elsewhere, as its one-time location was in a planting box close to our house foundation. The two photos show its overall aspect and size [the container is a gallon-sized pot] and the character of its foliage. I'd like to know its identity, growth habits, mature size expectation,etc., in the event it can be transplanted to a more suitable location. Many thanks for your assistance.


Mystery_conifer_-_foliage_close-up_300x300%2523 Mystery_conifer_-_overall_aspect_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD tree eastern red cedar 2 days ago

Hornets eating bath on Ash trees

I have large hornets eating the bark off my 3 Ash trees this year. Only on the branches, not the trunk. No nests. Never seen this before. They aren't phased by hornet spray. What should I do? I'm in zip code 21087. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. Thanks


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Baltimore County MD ash tree european hornet 2 days ago


Can I pick up and move my hollyhocks now? If I do this should I cut the plant down a little before I move it?


Cass County MN hollyhocks 2 days ago

Cutting Garden

Hello, What is a cutting garden and what is it good for? Where are they located? A person's back yard, etc? Thank you


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Issues with oaks - 2 different trees, 2 different problems

These are (bur?) oaks I grew from acorns gathered in D.C. They were transplanted from pots a year ago to our yard in Tilghman Island. Over the summer, they developed two different problems. 1. One has deformed looking bark - that started out normal-looking but has gotten oddly ridged on its branches and trunk -- (although the newest growth looks normal). 2. The second tree has white moldy-looking stuff on its leaves. Looking for info on the problems and on possible solutions? Thank you!


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DC tree bur oak corky growth of bur oak powdery mildew on oak 2 days ago

spring flower bulbs

I have some tulip, daffodil and crocus bulbs. When should I plant them? I live in Southern Maryland. Thanks.


Charles County MD bulbs tulip daffodils 2 days ago

Micro-Sized insects

I don't know anything about bugs, insects, and pests. Recently, I have been having a problem with some form of insect on and around me. They are barely visible to the naked eye. I have been able to use a good phone camera to get some images. Would something this small be an insect, or a micro-organism and where would I get help getting rid of them? Dr said they were not lice, scabies, or other usual human parasite, but treated with Nix anyway. It didn't help. Looking for guidance on where I can find help


Josephine County OR 2 days ago

What kind of snake is this?

There was a baby snake under my ashtray outside this morning, what kind of snake is it?


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Ulster County NY storeria dekayi dekayi northern brown snake 2 days ago

Plants that like moist soil in spring

I am planting a smallish rain garden. What shrubs do well with wet spring and dry summer soil?


Multnomah County OR 2 days ago

No sugar pickled beets

I just bwb canned pickled beet slices with a ratio of 1:1:1/8 cup vinegar:water:pickling salt ( because it is what I remember doing last year but maybe it was different...and I don't like to add sugar) and realized while it was processing that I didn't check. Am I going to need to store these in the refrigerator?


Multnomah County OR home food preservation food safety 2 days ago

Can anyone identify this type of spider?

Can anyone identify this type of large spider? Found outside my home, about 40 miles west of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Thank you.

By the way, sorry it's not a close-up, but I wasn't getting any closer to it than that!



Chester County PA 3 days ago

Oregon Raceway Park

Located just East of Grass Valley O.R.P. is the largest race track in Oregon. Now in our 9th year we are continuing to develop the facility. We have two large new areas that have been graded and are in bare dirt that we would like to stabilize and plant with grass. Their use is for tent camping and parking areas. We have a 15' Toro Mower (golf course type) and need a hearty and traffic resistant grass that will hold up with a minimum of care. What can you recommend?


Sherman County OR plant selection horticulture lawns and turf 3 days ago

Volunteer potatoes

A huge potato plant has grown since June and recently quit blooming. Plant is still green and healthy - any chance of potatoes beneath? Should I let it continue to grow and hope for no frost?


Douglas County CO fruits and vegetables 3 days ago

Is this snakeroot?

I have this growing my horse field. My horse nor goats will eat it. I wanted to know is it poisonous to either animal? I can take more pics if needed. Thank you!


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Anne Arundel County MD 3 days ago

phone lines plant what?

Many maples have been cut down because of of phone lines in my neighborhood. What should we be planting to replace them in this area? Would a jujube tree work in the Prince Georges area? Smaller and great fruit I hear. I welcome other ideas. Thanks, my local nursery shut down.


Prince George's County MD selection tree jujube 3 days ago

Cutting back Roses

All of my rose bushes have gone through a big growth spurt since I trimmed them back in August. Plus they are all blooming again. They are now way too tall to go in to winter. Can I still cut them back at this time of year? If so how much can I cut? Thank you for your help.


Adams County CO trees and shrubs 3 days ago

rotting, mushy walnets

We have lived in Clear Lake for 25 years with 2 walnut trees. This is the first year that I can remember in which the majority of fallen walnuts are black and mushy. What could be the problem? Thanks.


Cerro Gordo County IA 3 days ago


What is the cost per fourth grade student/teacher/parent for the trip?


MD 3 days ago

How long can you freeze zucchini for?

How long can you freeze zucchini for?


Henry County OH 3 days ago

Protecting young trees from animals

We want to plant a mixture of deciduous and pine trees near Sisters. How best to protect them from deer, rabbits and moles? Thanks!


Lane County OR 3 days ago

Hello I was told that if these are the bees you want to keep, you will come...

Hello I was told that if these are the bees you want to keep, you will come out and remove them ..



Summit County OH bees bee identification 3 days ago


How can I kill them? They are taking over my lawn.


Baltimore County MD lawn weed violets 3 days ago

White pine needle Drop

Hello, I'm trying to figure out why our white pines are dropping needles. My research has led me to believe it's just early annual needle drop, jump started from drought stress. Could this be anything else? Thanks,


Img_5075_300x300%2523 Needle_drop_300x300%2523

Charles County MD white pine tree needle drop 3 days ago

Aspen spread

We have three Aspen trees in our front yard. The roots are spreading and sending up shoots all over the lawn. I have talked to three landscapers and every one of them told me that the only solution is to remove the trees. I hate to cut down large trees! Is there any other way to solve our problem?


Larimer County CO trees and shrubs 3 days ago

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