A Bat Nuisance

We apparently have bats roosting in the corner of the entryway to our home. (The entry has brick siding up to the roof of the entry, open on one side with a brick column/pillar). The problem being they leave droppings all over the corner of the porch, which isn't healthy to keep sweeping away. I am looking for a way to resolve keeping the bats away.


Anoka County MN bats 2 days ago

Hostas and pine needles

Would hostas thrive, not directly under a row of white pines but near them? It is shady and grass does not grow there. It does get some pine needles dropping in the area. And, can hostas be split at anytime or do we need to wait til fall? Thank you!


Washington County MN 2 days ago

Growing pumpkins in Colorado

I'm looking for tips on growing pumpkins in northern Colorado. Any info you can provide regarding varieties (I'd like to grow some large ones), how much and how frequently to water, etc would be greatly appreciated! Thanks- Kirk von Bernuth


Larimer County CO fruits and vegetables 2 days ago

Starting a new plant from an existing one

I have a Smoke Bush that is giving off shoots. Is it possible to cut the shoot and plant it. I think the shoots are coming from the growing bush, rather than independently from the ground with roots. Is it possible that the cut shoot, if put in water, will develop roots. Thank you. Julia


Lane County OR horticulture plant propagation 2 days ago

too much manure?

I made the mistake of having 5 yards of "topsoil" delivered before looking at it. It was comprised of (about) 75% dry (composted?) cow manure and 25% red soil. I put it in my new beds and have noticed seeding coming up (if at all) yellow and some disfigured. I purchased a soil test kit and was surprised to see little color change on both the nitrogen and potasium (so little color they really went readable. I would have thought the Nitrogen would have read very high!? So I am not sure what is going on. The natural of the soil is very porous - could it be that drying is leading to this? Some of the mature planting (purchased bedding plants) have yet to exhibit changes but they have only been in a week or two. I have attached some pics. The seedling are sunflower and red ornamental millet. Could you point me towards some potential remedy or further tests?


Img_3862_300x300%2523 Img_3860_300x300%2523 Img_3858_300x300%2523

Chester County PA 2 days ago

Gooseneck Loosestrive Eradication

I ignorantly planted gooseneck loosestrife in a flowerbed, it is now taking over. How can I get rid of it?


Hennepin County MN horticulture weed control 2 days ago

Brownish Red 5-pointed leaf

This is growing in a few places in my front yard (this one in the photo is always in the shade, among ferns). Any idea what it is? -Michelle



Ramsey County MN 2 days ago

Is this bug a jigger?

I think I saw some jigger bugs but they aren't supposed to be in Vermont.


Img_1897_300x300%2523 Img_1898_300x300%2523

Chittenden County VT 2 days ago

Pear Tree & Maple Tree Problem

Both these trees are only 1 year old. Any ideas what is going on and how can it be treated?


Deanjon_pear_bg_300x300%2523 Sugar_maple_bg_300x300%2523

Isabella County MI fruit trees 2 days ago

House finches in tomato basket

Every year house finches build a nest in one of several hanging baskets I have on my 3rd floor balcony. This year they have chosen to build in the cherry tomato basket. It is the least sheltered from the wind. When the weather is severe, I usually move the basket down to a table - about 5 feet. Will this bother the finches, or should I just hope the wind doesn't get too bad before the babies fly away? Some years I have not had to move it at all. Last year, I had to move it several times, but the finches chose a different basket last year so it was not a problem. Otherwise, the finches & tomatoes coexist happily. Thank you.


Hennepin County MN wildlife horticulture birds 2 days ago


IS THIS KUDZU? Attached are 2 photos of what I think is Kudzu. We worked 3 days, 2 people to clear it out of a hillside. Corner of Sycamore Ave and Jane St. Louisville 40206



Jefferson County KY kudzu 2 days ago

Residential Soil testing

I have had difficulties growing grass in various locations in my suburban lawn. Where can I get my soil tested to determine what the deficiencies and over abundant chemicals are in my lawn?



Arapahoe County CO 2 days ago

Lawn weed identification and control

Can you identify these 2 flowering plants (photos attached) that are quite abundant in my lawn this Spring? What would be suitable control measures? Thank you.


100_1851_300x300%2523 100_1850_300x300%2523

Barry County MI plant identification 2 days ago

Moss in landscaping shrub and flower beds.

I need to barkdust my landscaping beds where various shrubs and perennials exist. This year moss has grown in all of them. I want to barkdust these areas. My lot is .28 of an acre and there are a lot of beds and barkdust areas. Should I treat them with something before putting down the barkdust? Is there a non-chemical homemade solution I can apply if so? Thank you so much for your help!


Marion County OR barkdust moss 2 days ago

Red maple tree

My Red Maple tree leaves seem to be shriveling around the edges just wondering if it has some sort of disease going on. Please get back to me Thanks


Carver County MN 2 days ago

Fox tail removal

What do I use to kill fox tail in my hay meadow


Madison County TX 2 days ago

native perennials

looking to plant native flowering perennials that the deer dont fancy suggestions appreciated


Montgomery County MD native perennials wildflowers native wildflowers deer resistant flowers deer resistant native perennials deer 2 days ago

Bug ID

What is this insect? It is on my windowsill in Havre De Grace.



Harford County MD insect identification crane fly insect giant crane fly giant mosquito tipula crane flies 2 days ago

Best fescue for Lexington/Midway area

Can you recommend a fescue? Or, something else that establishes quickly? Just bought a house and need some quick erosion control.


Davidson County NC groundcovers horticulture fescue 2 days ago

Mystery Malus

I am seeking to identify 2 different "wild" apple trees. They are not grafted but both have wonderful fruits. I understand that identification by observation is next to impossible...especially in this situation. Do you have a resource for a person or place that will/can do genetic testing, that may be able to identify if it is a recognized cultivar ?


Jackson County MI fruit trees 2 days ago

Skimmia: white specks on leaves with no sign of infestation

After the really hot weather our skimmia has developed white specks on new growth leaves. Appears on the top side of the leaves, nothing underneath. No sign of mites or other pests. Plants in the front yard and back yard show the specks. Otherwise they are growing well, seem healthy, plenty of new berries.

Are the specks a cause for worry? If so, what should I do?

Also, these plants haven't been fed in several years. Would it be safe to top dress with Black Forest Organic soil conditioner to feed and hold moisture during the summer months?



Multnomah County OR skimmia skimmia japonica 2 days ago

Fir tree is dying

I live outside Sandy Oregon. I have a 50ft fir tree that has lost it's needles. Is there anything to do to save it?


Clackamas County OR 2 days ago

Cottonwood tree versus cement.

A sixty foot healthy cottonwood tree roots is breaking up concrete in the driveway. Rather than remove the whole tree i would like cut a lateral root that is on the side of the tree that faces the house to control the damage. Would this work ? Is trimming a root like trimming a branch?


20170525_104522_300x300%2523 20170525_103802_300x300%2523 20170525_103750_300x300%2523

Wright County MN 2 days ago

How do I get rid of tiny black/brownish hard shell flying insect-(looks like carpet) beetle in car

My son came home from school locked his car, got up the next morning to go to school and had tons of these insects in the car some dead some not. We have no idea what they are, they resemble carpet beetles we vacuum only to have more an hour or so later. We sprayed home defense and it killed several but they come back. There's nothing in the car that we can see that they are feeding on my son said when he sprayed under the dash they seemed to swarm out but cannot find a source. Strangest thing I've ever seen. It's been in the high 80's so left the car shut and locked thinking we could kill them that way but they just keep coming back.


Marion County IN insect issues 2 days ago

Looking for a Paleozoic fish expert

Recently found a fossil in Mazon Creek Area need expert in Field to look at it.


Img_0611_300x300%2523 Img_0612_300x300%2523

Cook County IL 2 days ago

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