avocado leaf bugs

On a whim I stuck three avocado seeds in a planter a year ago. Now I have 3 avocado trees about 3-4 feet high. While taking a close up of the leaves today I noticed several leaves (not all of them) have many small white whisp-like things on them. Dust but not dust. Are my avocado trees infested with something? Is so, what do I do about that?


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Prince George's County Maryland houseplants avocado white wisps 2 days ago

Invasive plant in gardens

HELP! I am doing battle with a a plant that is choking out everything! It has narrow, purple leaves and a dense mat of roots. It grows to about 24 to 30 inches with spikes coming up later in the season. Last year I thought my partner had planted something and I let it grow. She did not, so I dug out large mats of roots last fall. The mats are back with shoots coming up so I am digging out large sections of planting beds again with no expectation of success. All ideas are welcome and thank you.


Anne Arundel County Maryland invasive weed identification 2 days ago

Issue with Mars Seedless Grape Plant?

A customer just brought a Mars Seedless Grape plant to our Extension office in Potter County, Pennsylvania. He is concerned about the liquid balls "bleeding" from the plant. Can anyone tell me if this is a negative issue related to grafting? Or if it's a normal physiological property of the plant?



Potter County Pennsylvania grapes viticulture 2 days ago

fruit trees that squirrels don't like

We have lots of squirrels that come into our yard. Are there any fruit trees that do well in Weld County that squirrels do not like the fruit?


Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Does soil test test for Lead?

I'd specifically like test results for lead content, will this test provide that?


Oakland County Michigan 2 days ago

Thawed Meat

My freezer door was open for a week is the meat bad


DuPage County Illinois 2 days ago

Blight in the garden

Hello, last year I have blight on my tomatoes and cucumbers in my raised cedar garden bed. Last year we moved, I tossed all the soil and took my raised beds with me. My question is I have placed my bed at my new home filled them with new leaf grow, composted humus and manure etc. Do you think I will have a problem with the blight being in the wood? I don't use chemicals in the garden, but before I plant my seedlings do I need to treat the wood/soil? I have also sanitized all my starter pots that I started my seeds in. Thank you!


Montgomery County Maryland vegetables tomatoes cucumbers 2 days ago

Lawn fertilizer

What is a recommended fertilizer for grass


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf 2 days ago

tree issues and broad leaf weeds

Hi I'm attaching pictures with problems on trees and would like to know if you guys can recommend something to help me . My phone number in Louisville is 509-3137 or you can email me the answers. Thanks in advance. I think one tree has black rot and little balls around some branches. I also have several ash trees that have signs of ash borer. If the tree shows signs of ash borer is it to late to treat? What should we use to treat my problems. Broad leaf is really bad this year on my yard in Jefferson county. What should we used to eradicate these weeds without messing up the yard. Thanks in advance for the response.


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Jefferson County Kentucky trees and shrubs tree health 2 days ago

wild apple

On our homesite in Wabasha County, we have a single (wild?) apple tree that produces delicious fruit. It seems to be very resistant to diseases and bugs. It ripens to a rich, dark red color almost approaching black. We don't know anything about it. If you think it might be worthy of interest please be welcome to use it for research.


Wabasha County Minnesota horticulture apple trees 2 days ago


If preemergence gets into a perennial flower bed when treating for crab grass, will it stop flowers that have not emerged from coming up Doesn't preemergence stop seed from germinating, not plants from coming up?


Poweshiek County Iowa 2 days ago

moss in raised beds

Hello, I have moss starting to grow in my raised beds. Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? I noticed it last year toward the end of the season and now in spring they are fairly covered.
Thank you.


Ingham County Michigan gardening weed issues 2 days ago

Plants that poison dogs

We have had repeated episodes in both our (large breed) dogs that seems to be some kind of poisoning. It seems to have nearly instant effect, affects their cardiac systems (extremely fast heart rates) primarily, and causes severe pacing, anxiety, and distress. Veterinarians have no idea what it is. It seems to be prevalent and most dangerous in early to late spring. We have had times where they nearly drag us across the yard to get at a lawn weed that seems to have some extremely powerful attraction to them, but no one seems to know what it is. They have access to both landscaped areas and pasture land (without other animals -- that we know of). Some notes are attached below. We also have mushrooms on the property, but the dogs appear to leave these alone. Can you help or even direct us for an identification or solution?


Yamhill County Oregon horticulture toxic plants 2 days ago

heating cables for starting seeds

What is the best method for using heating cables to start seeds indoors? I have a bed that has a floor of a sheet of insulating board to which I laid heating cable, over which I put 2 inches of contractors sand. the cable is warm until I put the sand over it then it seems to quit. The surface temp never seems to rise above the ambient air temp. The cables do not cross. The rows are approx. 1+1/2 inches apart. Should I use less sand, or a finer sand, nothing, or some other medium?


Blair County Pennsylvania 3 days ago

Bed Bug?

This is Micah Johnson, I'm a family physician. A patient of mine brought this bug after he was bitten at night and he found this bug next to his bed on the floor. He had a scar on his arm that was suggestive of bedbugs. However, the bug he brought was a bit larger than expected for a bed bug.


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Ramsey County Minnesota 3 days ago

please help me identify these weedsand guide mein eradicatingthem from my yard

these weeds are growing very quickly in my yard. I have been to garden centers at home stores and I van find nothing that appears to be these purplish red tubular shoots and the white flimsy things on stems, along with short creeping broadleaf ground cover. any questions or concerns please call Pat 443-392-7162. I may be able to get some better pics if these aren't clear enough. Also what can I use to rid my yard of these pesky weeds. I live about 500 feet from Bird River if that is of any concern with the treatment.


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Baltimore County Maryland weed control dead nettle speedwell hairy bittercress veronica weed weed identification 3 days ago

Odd pruning of trees

I have seen over the last number of years medium to even large trees being pruned back very heavily, almost like shrubs. I've always understood this to be potentially harmful to trees. I'm assuming they are trying to obtain a more contained and rounded form? Any ither ideas why one would do this or if they should? I'll attach a photo. Thank you!



Anoka County Minnesota tree pruning 3 days ago

I am trying to find out if in fact coffee grounds are ok for my planting...

I am trying to find out if in fact coffee grounds are ok for my planting beds. I do have a collection of Hydrangeas and azaleas and rhododendrons. I am also using Pine needles for mulch. I am discovering different perspectives. most of the grounds I have saved are 1 to 2 months old. Can I use too much? any information would be helpful


Hamilton County Ohio coffee grounds fertilizer ratio coffee grounds as soil amendment 3 days ago

Bugs destroying my yard

They live in the ground, eat everything and make nest? Of the left overs with a hole they live in under the nest.


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Jackson County Oregon insect issues horticulture 3 days ago

canning with out salt

Is it possible to can and pickle with out the use of salt. I now need to stay at 1500mg a day, and would love to keep the salt out of everything possible, is there something else I need to add?

Thank you so much for the help.


Larimer County Colorado 3 days ago

low maintenance dwarf apple tree

I want to buy a low maintenance dwarf apple tree that is disease resistant (i.e. requires minimal spraying for pests) and perhaps would be cross pollinated by nearby crab apple trees, if possible. Does the Liberty variety meet these requirements? If not, what variety do you recommend? Also, I'd like to know if any pecan trees are adapted to central Iowa winters. Thanks


Story County Iowa 3 days ago


Are there any trees you would recommend for the Aitkin city area that would do well and provide fall color, preferably orange or red? We have both wet and dry areas to plant in.


Aitkin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Perplexing picking

Can I can small picked brussel sprouts?


Jackson County Oregon food safety home food preservation 3 days ago

Denver lawn - starting over

I am buying a Denver house that has nothing but dirt and weeds for a yard. This is a golden opportunity to draw up a great landscape plan and really improve the place!

My question is about types of grass for the lawn. We will be installing a sprinkler system, killing the weeds with an herbicide, and preparing the soil.

I found your publication, "Renovating the Home Lawn" ( to be very helpful. Still, I am not sure what types of seeds to use.

I'd like a variety that can tolerate sun and some foot traffic. A nice, thick, even, green turf would be lovely, but I am a realist about living in a semi-arid place. I don't want to water too much, and if the grass could withstand a drought period, that would be good, too!

In other words, I want it all! Any suggestions?


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf 3 days ago

transplanting a tree

Hi, I have an Amer Maple shrub and an Amer Maple tree that have been in a shady part of my yard for many years. Since they remain small and spindly there, I plan to move them to a sunnier spot. When can I transplant them? Thanks Amy


Scott County Minnesota 3 days ago

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