Fern chopper ID request

What is eating my ferns? Will they grow back next year?


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Prince George's County Maryland insect or spider id 2 days ago

Cone flowers

Cone flowers are perennials. I have cone flowers for one year and then they never come back. What am I doing wrong?


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 3 days ago

Help me save my hollies!

I received these holly bushes (species unknown) from a friend who was transplanting and moving things around in her own garden. I planted them one week ago today. They were beautiful and vibrant (with light green new growth growing on top) when we planted them. After 2 days of heat, and 5 days of rain, they now look like this AND I've noticed "white somethings" on the leaves in addition to the large black areas. I'd love any advice on saving them! Thank you!


Img_5643_300x300%2523 Img_5644_300x300%2523 Img_5645_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland shrubs hollies establishing themselves cottony camellia scale 3 days ago

bites in and around hastings

What is biting us and our pets in the yard? vet had 3 cases today the pic of the childs head is from a day care today and they dog pic was posted 3 days ago. this is real i got 1 on my neck was not outside long. black people are not being affected and we need imediate help in this town. asap .Kids Will Be Kids Child Care this is the daycare and hastings vet posted also. u cant feel em bite and hrs later they itch bad. idk but try help us. and the pic of bug was taken off the dog and blown up


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Dakota County Minnesota 3 days ago

Did a spider bite me

Didn't notice tell the next day it's been 2days now there is a pus like substance coming out of two little holes


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Sangamon County Illinois 3 days ago

do thy bite?

i had one land on my finger i studyed if after i killed it.
dos it bite what happens if thy do. shod i expt more


Sacramento County California 3 days ago

Stinging Nettle Impersonator

Greetings. A little background. I have been using Stinging Nettle for over 20 years, am well familiar with it and have been growing it in my yard for 10 years. 4 years ago something started growing in my raised beds in my front yard, and it spread rapidly and choked out everything else. It is now easily 4 times the size of my Actual Nettle patch in thd back. It is near identical to my atinging Nettle, with the exception that it grows to 5 or 6 feet, and has absolutely no stingers on the ttge leaves... the stalks though, Do... just like Stinging Nettle. I want to harvest it and use it Nutritionaly, but because I cant 100 percent identify it, I am scared to ingest it. Any help or direction would be incredibly helpful... Thank you in advance TJ


Illinois 3 days ago

White pine needles dropping now

Should we be concerned that our 70 year old white pine is shedding yellow needles now like it does in the fall? I noticed some browning on the tips after the winter and chalked it up to winter burn. New growth is coming as usual. Other white pines down the block appear to be doing the same as ours. The needles don’t seem to have banding or nodules. The falling needles seem to be throughout the tree, as in fall. It just started shedding today.


Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

caring for turf grass (tall fescue) during extended rainy weather

Since it is not good to take off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time, Is it best/less harmful to 1) mow when the grass and turf is wet (like it is now) or 2) wait until the rain ends and it all dries before mowing? Although, at this point, either way I'll be taking off more than 1/3.


Harford County Maryland lawn mowing 3 days ago

Brown Spots and Dead Branches

Good Evening, I have a plant we use the leaves for cooking and I had in the house all winter but since taking it outside a week ago it now has brown spots and the branches are dying :( I have a similar problem with 2 boxwood plants drying up. Could it be related? Thank you,


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Montgomery County Maryland boxwood thorns scale insect houseplant possible citrus browning 3 days ago

which viburnum is this?

I was given a baby plant as a gift by an acquaintance of ours, who just said it was a Viburnum, and I am not sure which Viburnum is this. I saw the parent bush at his house (near Cold Spring in NY) (planted by a landscaper) in the fall, - it was very big, and had tons of beautiful red berries. My Viburnum didn't bloom last year, but this year I spotted a couple of flowers, but I still can't identify this variety by pictures I found on the Internet. The flowers look exactly like those of Viburnum alnifolium, however, the leaves are somewhat different. Thanking you in advance.


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Orange County New York viburnum 3 days ago

What is this plant?

We recently bought a house in McMinnville with a very overgrown garden. After thinning out plants, I developed a severe itchy rash which the doctor said looks like poison oak. This is the closest thing to poison oak that we could find. It has leaves in groups of 3. What is it? How best to clear it out, since there is a lot of it around the house.


Img_2452_1__300x300%2523 Img_2451_1__300x300%2523

Yamhill County Oregon horticulture plant identification 3 days ago

Planting in Michigan

When would be the best time to start my seeding herbs outside in the garden? I was surprised to see my sage and garlic have come back from last year. And so far they are doing very well.


Livingston County Michigan 3 days ago

Codling moth biofix date for Corvallis, Oregon

Hi - I'm looking for reported biofix dates for codling moth in the Corvallis Area for 2018.

I live just east of Corvallis in Linn county, near the pear germplasm repository.

Thank you!


Benton County Oregon 3 days ago

Is this Boxwood Blight?

I just heard about a fungus called Boxwood Blight that kills boxwood plants. I was wondering if anyone can help me determine if that is what I found on my boxwood? I just bought 5 boxwood a couple weeks ago from English Garden's. They were in containers for around 7-10 days, then I planted all 5 next to eachother yesterday.

I picked a few leaves off one of the plants to show a closeup. From some of the research I've read, a symptom of blight is black stems (mine don't have that.)

I only have one other boxwood and it's in the backyard (while the other 5 are in the front, all next to each other.) The one in the back which I bought and planted last year doesn't have any spots or brown leaves at all.

Is this just dead leaves, or something more serious like blight?


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Oakland County Michigan trees and shrubs boxwood blight 3 days ago

Rose bush

Hi, I have a potted shrub rose bush. About a third of the leaves have turned bright yellow. There are no spots or markings of any kind on the leaves. The top of the rose bush has buds. It's been in a very large pot for about 4-5 yrs and I fertilize it every year with a combo of food/insecticide/fungicide mix. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help. Jan Brittan


Multnomah County Oregon diagnosis of plant problems 3 days ago

Bishops Weed

A slope in my yard is covered in pachysandra and is being overrun with Bishop's Weed. I have spent a great deal of time trying to dig it out, to no avail. I also have ivy in the area and wonder if it might overtake the Bishop's Weed, which I would prefer? I would appreciate any advice you might offer.

Thank you,


St. Clair County Michigan weed issues 3 days ago

Replacing soil contaminated with lead

I have read that it is enough to replace 8” of lead-contaminated soil. I have read that most nutrients are concentrated in the top 6” of soil. Our home is 110 years old, so it seems practical to assume that our soil is contaminated with lead. We don’t grow vegetables or fruit, but I have abandoned my herb garden and begun growing herbs in containers. Could I safely replace 8” of soil in my herb garden and grow herbs in the ground? Thanks for your help. Go well and stay well.


Baltimore Maryland soil lead soil test 3 days ago

Plants for a septic mound

Would bearberry be a suitable plant for a septic mound? Thanks!


Aitkin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Small skinny white insect


I work for a lawn care company and we have just started noticing a small white skinny insect in lawns. It is appearing in areas that looked damaged but can't confirm that they are causing damage (not Sod web Worms). They are much smaller than Chinch Bugs. No one at the office has been able to identify. I have seen them mainly in the thatch layer and near the crown level. I have included a poor picture below but hoping it may help.




Denver County Colorado 3 days ago

panicle hydrangea pruning

Hello! My panicle hydrangea was getting out of hand with new growth so I cut it back today. I want it to have a canopy/ tree like form. I am worried that I cut too many thick branches and i've created an irreversible problem. I snapped a pic... what do you think? Will it be ok? Thank you, Laura



Howard County Maryland plant care shrubs 3 days ago

Aphids and ants on our apple trees

Hi, we recently moved to this property and are working to revive a still productive selection of apple and cherry trees. I'm noticing a lot of leaf curl and inside the curl, are huge amounts of aphids and ants as well as ants runnign up and down the tree trunk. Is there a way to naturally get rid of these pests?


Clackamas County Oregon horticulture fruit trees 3 days ago

canning class?

I have been canning for about 10 years, since my husband is a Calvert County Master Gardener and cultivates a prolific garden. In the past, you have offered classes on food preservation. Are more on the schedule? I am always looking for new techniques, recipes, safety hints, etc. Thank you! - Mary Ann Munn


Calvert County Maryland 3 days ago

Japanese Knotweed

Help! Invasive bamboo (Japanese Knotweed) is invading my yard and making it smaller every year! I recently discovered that the 10-foot "hedge" I thought we had has actually robbed me of 5-6 feet of yard and is now making its way into my vegetable garden. I just want it gone. How do I rid my life, and yard, of this intruder?


St. Louis County Minnesota 3 days ago

Autumn Blaze Maple Leaf Red Bumps

I have 6 Autumn Blaze Maples in my yard, all younger trees (maybe 5 years old) and all have red bumps on the top of the leaves. I was reading on your website that this is likely Maple Bladder Gall but it mentions this occurs on the underside of the leaf and this is on top. I have attached a picture. Can you tell me what this is and if there is anything I should be doing to address it? Thank you in advance for your help!! Very much appreciated.



Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

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