Tree health

Need to determine if a tree is in need of cutting down. Just had a tree in backyard fall on house and another tree is suspect. Is there anyone available who could come and advise? We live very nearby off Riggs Rd.


Prince George's County MD 1 day ago

Black Hills Spruce Suffering from Needle Cast

Hello. Our Black Hills Spruce trees -- twenty of them, ranging from 15' to 25' in height -- appear to be losing the battle to Rhizosphaera needle cast. What can we do to help them survive? Thanks. Steve


Stearns County MN black hill spruce horticulture needle cast 1 day ago

Leggy Miss Kim

I recently had a soil sample tested and found it to be 7.4 pH, with a score of 43 for phosphorus. Other things seemed normal. We have about 8 Miss Kim lilacs in our backyard that have done well until a few years ago. They have become very "leggy" and thin. I have replanted several and the new ones are doing just fine. There is good drainage and they get full sun. I have read that Miss Kim should not have severe pruning. Should I dig up the older ones (16 years old) and replant, or is there something I can do to revive them? Thanks


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Rice County MN 1 day ago

Wet and swampy yard areas

We have just purchased a home in Carroll County and it has several natural springs on the property. We are looking to create better drainage in the yards to allow for mowing and better flow to the natural creeks that already exist . We have considered drain tile but need advice on best placement for it. Thank You, Jack Richard-Math


Montgomery County MD 1 day ago

Planting NW plants for landscaping

Hello, I am planning out some new plantings in my yard and wonder if you offer any resources, guides or advise to people that wish to make good decisions on choosing trees, bushes, plants. We would like low water use, non-invasive and NW native plants for the varied amount (full sun to full shade) of sunlight in our yard. Please let me know if you have lists of plants or are able to review a list or plan for landscaping. THanks, -Sheri Lilli


Washington County OR sustainable landscaping 1 day ago

Is there available through publications or other places,where I can get...

Is there available through publications or other places,where I can get information thru a survey, showing what the cash rents for farmland are in the state of Ohio?


Medina County OH cash rent 1 day ago

Bark falling off, trees dying

A lot of the trees in the area around my house (Columbia paths) are dying after their bark falls off. Anything that can be done? What is causing this? Probably affecting 10-20% of trees I can see. See picture.


Img_2882_300x300%2523 Img_2881_300x300%2523

Howard County MD emerald ash borer ash tree bark falling off bark falling off tree 1 day ago

Grub ID

Is there a way to identify the grub in the photo? It is described as copper in color and has a metallic sheen. Found in a garden in Rosemount, MN.



Ramsey County MN grub horticulture insect identification 1 day ago


I have a tiny red bug on my mint that turns the leaves black in spots. I also noticed it on my russian sage plant in another part of my garden, with the same condition, black spots on the leaves.


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

Leafless brugmansia

Is my brugmansia dead? It was in the garage all winter and it should have growth by now (May).


Washington County OR brugmansia 1 day ago

I'm Worried

I'm worried. I've mown my two acre lawn twice this season. We aren't "grass farmers" so don't use anything on the turf, fertilizer or pesticides. It's only our second summer on the property (Silverbrook Twnshp, Carlton Cty) so I can't speak for the previous owner but judging from the condition it seems they put a low priority on the lawn also. Here's what's bugging me: there were thousands of dandelions blooming but I did not see one single fly, bee, wasp, moth, butterfly or other pollinator. Zero. Not even one. Should I (we - all of us) be very troubled by this? I'll say I have had a few black fly bites but the number of insects in general has been very, very low.


Carlton County MN 1 day ago

Glyphosate (Roundup) Injury on Red Raspberry

My Red raspberries leaves are turning light pale green. Some leaves are malformed. Help! What's going on with my patch???? The first and second images are what we first noticed last week. It was scattered throughout the patch. The last image is what we noticed this morning - this is prevalent throughout the patch. Note, the black raspberries still look OK.


Img_6338_300x300%2523 Red_rasp1_300x300%2523 Red_rasp2_300x300%2523

Monroe County MI fruits and vegetables raspberries raspberry diseases herbicide damage raspberry glyphosate damage 1 day ago

flies on Rocket shrub

Never seen this before but hundreds of flies eating at the tiny white flowers on the Rocket, problem is that its right next to the door and many fly in . Suggestions would be welcome thank you, Catherine


Talbot County MD invasive species barberry invasive plant shrub rocket shrub flies on shrub 1 day ago

Flower in bloom that just rotted


I planted 2 yrs ago some flowers (I cannot remember their name, I attached a picture). This year they were just gorgeous. I noticed today that many leaves at the bottom were dead and I wanted to remove them, when I noticed that they were rotting at the bottom of the stems, with the rotten part moving upwards. As soon as touched all the branches fell off and the whole plant just broke off from the roots in the ground. I am wondering what might have caused this to happen to what appeared to be a perfectly health plant not so long ago. We live in Cedar Mill. We didn't have rain for about 10 days and I did not water. The soil is dried out (there is a layer of decent soil over clay). I have a few more of these flowers that appear to be still healthy and I would like to save them. Thanks in advance for your help


Flower-1_300x300%2523 Flower-2_300x300%2523 Flower-3_300x300%2523

Washington County OR horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials diagnosis of plant problems 1 day ago

Discoloration of Shrub

I have three Techny Arborvitae shrubs in my yard. They were planted there about three years ago. Late last year I started to see discoloration of the leaves. I am looking for guidance as to what is wrong and what I should do to correct the issue. I really appreciate your help. Thank You Frank



Ramsey County MN trees and shrubs plant health horticulture 1 day ago

Frost nipped locust trees

I have two locust trees in the backyard of my Lafayette MHP home. Both were just ready to leaf out when the recent cold snap with accompanying freezing temperatures, hail and heavy wet snow two weeks ago hit our area pretty hard. Now we're noticing that our two locust trees have a few skimpy branches with a few leaves around the bottom most limbs on both trees but virtually no foliage or "leaf out" on the upper limbs. Will the trees heal themselves from the frost bite and eventually leaf out or is there something I need to do to help them survive?


Img_0665_300x300%2523 Img_0666_300x300%2523 Img_0667_300x300%2523

Boulder County CO trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Dry stack rock garden bed for flowers

Hello, I am building a dry stack rock garden bed. I have a whole lot of rocks (ranging in many sizes) on my property (mostly irregular shaped). And I've been stacking them to create a wall that is one foot high in a 6x3 feet rectangle to create a "raised bed." I wanted to fill it with dirt and then plant flowers (sun flowers, bulbs like tulips and daffodils and peonies, as well as alliums and phlox). In terms of stability, nothing really is holding the rock wall together except gravity and "careful placement." Will the roots of the flowers push out against the wall and make it come crumbling down? Or if it rains, is there water pressure that will push against it? My other question is, the rocks are sitting on top of weed fabric and I don't intend to dig any of the dirt on the bottom since it is a pain to dig red clay. Is there a dirt height requirement for these flowers? Is one foot high enough? The picture shows my unfinished wall but gives an idea of what it looks like.



Howard County MD dry stack wall raised bed 1 day ago

Identify field planting?

this is a small flower, plant about 4-5 " high...planted solid in a field just North of Silverton Or. on the way to Mollala..field is so white and solid it looks like snow. At first I thought it lime laid down. Is this a cover crop??? and what is it?? It's either Marion county or Clackamas county..... and only one large field.


Img_2821_300x300%2523 Img_2823_300x300%2523

Marion County OR field crops plant identification 1 day ago

Amur maples-prune or replace?

We have a hedge of amur maples that are 14 years old. Some are dying out (branches are dead, no longer leafing, etc.). If we severely cut them back will they rejuvenate or should we replace them?


Img_1095_300x300%2523 Img_1100_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN 2 days ago


My ficus plant has suddenly developed little flakes of something on the leaves and the leaves are very sticky. It looks like the plant may be dying. What do you think this might be?


Howard County MD ficus houseplant fig tree with scale ficus with scale ficus with sticky leaves 2 days ago

Weeds or wild flowers

Can you tell me the name of this weed and the best way to get rid of it. Seems to love my ground cover and it is almost impossible to pull.



Washington County OR plant id 2 days ago

maple tree leave black spots

Maple tree has this on its leaves. There are a couple different fungal disease .can you help me out with information


1495755491374_300x300%2523 1495755639004_300x300%2523

Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

silver maple leaves with black spots and shriveled

My silver maple has many leaves that have black spots and are shriveled. Some of them are falling off the tree. Bark is also falling off. Is it diseased or it just because of the strangely warm winter we had?


Ramsey County MN horticulture maple trees 2 days ago


It was very interesting to see the questions you have bee responding to recently, but, since you don't include your ans. , can't see why you bother. One would think that an organization such as yours would have an underling intent to inform as many people as possible about caring for the environment.????

Ah! Yea, below you suggest allowing your ? to be available "So others can learn by the and.. I would suspect we'd learn much more from ALL your ans., and can't imagine a privacy issue, unless you need to include identification of sense, which seems quite unnecessary.


Baltimore County MD 2 days ago

fireplace ashes

I have saved the ashes from my winter fires in the fireplace. I heard they are good for the garden.
Are they good for flowers? vegetables? What do you recommend I do with them?
Thank you


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

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