infestation of spruce gall adelgid

Our block has a really bad infestation of this critter. All of our trees and the trees down our dead end block have been infected so bad that we are not able to save them. I am not able to find much about this bug in Minnesota searches. Most searches also say they do not tend to infest enough to kill trees. They only make the trees appear less desirable to look at. Since the U of MN does not have much info on this I was wondering if you wanted to quickly take a look before we take the trees down. They were beautiful trees about three years ago. They are about 30ft high and only 15years old.
Second question: What should we do with the trees to make sure the insects do not have a chance to hatch and infect another area of trees? We have a christmas tree farmer down the road that would appreciate not receiving this bug. Thanks for the help.


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Washington County MN 1 day ago


⠠⠩⠑⠀⠊⠎⠀⠍⠔⠑⠀⠝⠪ What does that mean ?


MI 1 day ago

Mold on a Cherry Tree

I have a North Star cherry tree. The trunk has developed rips in the bark, and black mold along a spot on the west side. Do I destroy the tree, and if so, what may I grow in the same spot? Several other North Stars grow nearby. What preventive measures should I take? Thank you, Neal Baxter, Minneapolis


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

Apple Tree selection

Please advise on the purchase of a 4 in 1 semi dwarf apple tree. Would this type of tree do well in Rockville where I live? Are these trees resistant to fungus or would another variety be a better choice?


Montgomery County MD fruit apple tree selection four in one semi dwarf apple tree fruit tree selection 1 day ago

Invasive species or Native Plant?

We have a 1 acre forest area by our house. The attached picture is a ground cover that is all over the floor of the Forrest. Is this plant native? Or an invasive species?



Marion County OR plant identification 1 day ago

Gardening - Type of weed

I have a vining invasive weed taking over my backyard. I was wondering what type of weed it is and what I can do nonchemically and/or chemically to get rid of it?


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Baltimore County MD weeds plant identification ground ivy 1 day ago

maple tree roots above ground

We have silver maples and a cloud/celebration maple. All 3 the roots are raising up so much the mower blade hits them and they can trip you walking there. Suggestions, PLEASE. Hubby says add dirt. What is going to keep them from just coming up through that?


Mille Lacs County MN 1 day ago


I wanted to do some weedless landscaping. I had learned from some organic farmers about using old newspaper, clothes, and cardboard to be the base of the garden bed. If I do that by my house, should I worry about attracting termites? Are clothes, like old sheets, a viable alternative to cardboard and newspapers? Thanks!


Kent County MI 1 day ago

What is this flowering plant in my lawn?

Can you please tell me what I found growing in a corner of my property on a hill under my neighbor's white pine trees? I tried the weed identification pictures, but didn't see anything like it. They are about 20" tall, with a fairly shallow root system on a 3" taproot. The young leaves resemble Creeping Charlie, but the mature leaves are soft, jagged or scalloped heart-shaped, alternating on the sturdy, upright stems (1 or 2 per root). There are a few small clusters of tiny white flowers similar to Spirea at the top - blooming the third week of April. Pictures attached of pulled plant on the grass, roots, and flowers. Is it a weed? Invasive, Should I eradicate it? If so, will pulling it suffice? The soil is soft & moist, making it easy to pull right now.


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Baltimore County MD weeds garlic mustard 1 day ago

Natural weed killer

I want to get rid of SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN that invaded my hosta garden. Can I just carefully spray them with the salt/ vinegar/ dawn solution without harming the hostas?


Washington County MN 1 day ago

Blueberry leaves

Our leaves are wilting and falling off. They don't turn colors or have obvious issues but look healthy and green and then after a few days droop and wilt and then fall off. It is a young plant, currently in a planter in our house by a window until we plant outside.



Dakota County MN 1 day ago

Need advise for replanting after huge dying cotton wood trees taken down last summer.

Have a new 30'X30' of open ground space after taking out three Big Balm of Gilean cotton wood trees and had stumps ground down. I now have at least 6" of sawdust over - never been used - open ground that is surrounded by Spruce trees from very mature to 15' tall. Should I try to remove all the sawdust mixed with years of decaying leaves and start something new on this ground? Would like to fill the space in with what might work AND have minimal maintainance to none. Thank You!


Beltrami County MN horticulture trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Type of Lime to add to my vegetable Garden

My last U of Mn soil sample showed I need to add LIME to my garden. I plan to start planting mid to late next month. I have a rotary spreader. What kind, type of lime should/can I apply with my spreader. I know how much to apply but are there pellets? or granuals? or powder types? After reading the U of M info sounds like I need some help especially with "kind" as I plan on applying soon to help with THIS season's vegies. Could also apply some after harvest to work over this coming winter. Thank You!


Beltrami County MN soil test garden liming horticulture 1 day ago

Sunset Maple Tree

Our Red Sunset Maple is 10 to 12 Years old on the east side of our house with ample water. Last year the flowers and then leaves came out in Spring as usual.There was a spell of very warm weather followed by several days of freezing weather. The leaves started to change to red in June and fall from the tree. Over half of the leaves fell. The rest of the tree lost it's leaves in the Fall as usual. We thought the tree may have been confused because of the drastic weather change and would revert to normal this year. We are in the open country toward Roy which does not have any protection from the weather. This year, I don't see any budding. I have not seen any insects. The tips of the branches are brittle to break off. (I have only tried a few) I have not scratched any bark or tried to break or prune any larger branches. Is the tree dying or dead? Is there anything we can do?


Washington County OR tree health diagnosis of plant problems 1 day ago

Perennials for Heavy Clay

We have very poor heavy clay soil in our back yard. Last summer we had the landscaping redone. A new retaining wall was installed. At the base of the wall we had planted Black Eyed Susan, May Night Salvia and Autum Fire Sedum. We have never had perennials planted in this area before. None of the plants survived the winter. 3 to 4 feet of snow collected in front of the wall during winter and the clay doesn't drain well at all. Our landscaper believes the soil is too poor and stays too wet for these plants to survive a winter in conditions like this. He's not sure what plants could be used in a situation like this. Do you have any suggestions what could be done - what could be planted? A picture of the area is attached. The camera is facing straight south. Thanks for your help! Steve Retzlaff 651-428-4683



Dakota County MN 1 day ago

Weedish looking plant ID

I can't seem to find online what these plants are. It's growing near a woodland edge in my yard in Frederick MD. They seem to be a little sticky to the touch and have a somewhat square stem. Can you let me know what it is and if it's invasive? Thank you in advance.


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Frederick County MD weeds plant identification catchweed 1 day ago

Morning Glories

The seed packet said 4-6 weeks. I planted them in peat pots in a bay window 3 weeks ago and they are crawling all over. Too early to put them out? Will they become pot bound? Would it be better to transplant them into something bigger until it is time to put them outside?
Someone told me they need a LARGE amount of soil to grow. Could I put them in an "earth box" (maybe 8 -12 inches deep?)


Hennepin County MN 1 day ago

Pollinator for Haralson Apple

Good afternoon, I planted a Haralson apple tree last fall and it survived the winter nicely. I understand that in order to get it to fruit, I will need a companion apple of a different variety to pollinate it. I'm open to anything, as I really just need a pollinator, so long as it isn't a huge tree. What tree should I buy? What would be best for this?


Ramsey County MN 1 day ago

oregon salal blight?

Hi, i have been noticing a lot of salal around my area, Lakeside, ore. that is turning white. It seems to be killing the plant eventually. I was wondering if anyone else has taken notice and if so what is the info you can give me. Thanks Ed


Coos County OR horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 1 day ago

Extremely steep bank (cliff)

I have a home on a very steep hill. Excavation of site for house has left a very steep bank (approx. 60 to 70 degrees and 13 feet high) on each end of house. Bank consists of solid rock in places, sharp smaller rocks and subsoil. Erosion is a big problem that I would like to address with some kind of planting if possible. Moderate sun. Any ideas?


Lebanon County PA 1 day ago

vegtable garden

what vegetables should not be planted next to each other. we have had trouble in the past where some seeds do not produce or do not come up. thank you for your help


Carver County MN 1 day ago

carpet beetles

Thank you! I have an infestation of varied carpet beetles in my Lake Oswego, Oregon home. I have had the house and crawl space treated twice and still have the beetles. Question: is it correct that the varied carpet beetle could be present here because of a fall accumulation of deciduous tree leaves? I know they are coming into the house from the crawl space - no leaves there. What would another host be and what is the correct way to rid of my house of them?


Clackamas County OR insect issues carpet beetles 1 day ago

What is taking the tops off my apple blossom buds

I have 2 apple trees and one of then is flowering out somewhat normally and the outer has damage to most of the blossoms. see attached pictures. I pruned both trees this winter and sprayed them both with dormant oil once. we live in Albany Oregon. The pictures were taken 4/23 when we first noticed the damage. I think the damaged tree is a Granny Smith and the undamaged one is gravenstein (both trees are very old and I'm just guessing at variety). what is going on and what can i do? Thanks Derek


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Linn County OR horticulture fruit trees 1 day ago

Weeds taking over a lawn

I live in a condo and weeds have been taking over! One lawn was mostly dirt last fall and now just weeds. What do you suggest? Should we dig it up and start by planting new grass? The association aerated the grass last fall, but it has not solved any of our problems.


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Westmoreland County PA 1 day ago

My moonshine yarrow keeps disappearing

I've had the 'Moonshine' variety of yarrow growing in my gardens for many years. A few years ago I had to redo my main garden because of a new well being dug nearby. I brought in a 50/50 mix of soil/compost from our county composite site to rebuild the area. Everything grew incredibly well that first year, including the yarrow. But the next spring it was gone as if it had never been there. So I bought new plants in large containers and planted them dispersed once again among my Johnson's Blue geraniums. Now this spring they are gone again just like last year. What's going on here? Yarrow doesn't die in MN ... does it? And deer don't eat it. Nothing else has been disturbed. Other yarrows that I have planted in other gardens are already up and thriving. I'm baffled.


Anoka County MN 1 day ago

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