adding calcium to garden soil

I had a soil test of two areas that I will be using to grow mixed vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, peppers, herbs). It showed very low calcium in both samples, but the Ph was 6.6 and 6.3 in the two samples. I'm not sure I want to add calcium carbonate with the Ph almost optimal. I want to prevent blossom end rot on the tomatoes. How can I adjust the calcium levels?


Charles County MD soil vegetable blossom end rot prevention 2 days ago

safety of close cat poop to my crops intended for raw consumption

My neighbor has a mulched area adjacent to my slightly raised bed in which I grow vegetables, many of them for consumption raw. Will the presence of cat excrement in this area endanger me if I eat the vegetables raw (kale, beans, carrots, lettuce)? Last year her area was engulfed with overgrowth, including Bermuda grass, which I cleared out and burned (with a propane torch); following that she had someone come in and finish clearing the area and he put mulch in the area next to my yard. Looks great but neighborhood cats have fouled the area. I cannot move these crops because another neighbor has erected a fence which cuts off much of my sun and so limits where I can grow vegetables. I have worked (hard) for 30 years to improve the soil in the growing areas...and would like to continue to benefit from my labor. Thank you so much.


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Baltimore MD vegetable cat near garden 2 days ago

Private land development

We currently building a home on a section of 3 acres of farmland along the Willamette river. There is a mid section of the property that has a seasonal stream/wetland area. I would like to do our best to conserve & manage this area, to eliminate unnecessary erosion, and also to create a native garden of vegetation. I'm looking for reasorces that will be helpful, in starting that planning process.


Benton County OR sustainable gardening and landscaping 2 days ago

Trimming a Japenes Lace Leaf Maple tree

I am looking for a recommendation for someone to trim our Japenese Lace Leaf Maple tree. I live in Doylestown, PA


Bucks County PA 2 days ago

residual herbicide in growing cover crop

I have been using Prowl H2O and LV4 to kill early broadleaf weeds in my overwintering cover crop blend ahead of soybeans. These fields are sprayed in April, and I do not want to kill the rye/triticale until near planting in May. My question is whether the residual Prowl (to control lambsquarter, etc.) is effective or if it is metabolized by the covers which often reach 3 feet tall or more before burndown?


Buchanan County IA 2 days ago

pruning fruit trees

Should we prune our bartlett pear tree and our apple tree every year, or every two years?


Washington County OR pruning fruit trees horticulture 2 days ago

Annual Trimming of knock rosebushes

I have two 1 year old knock rose bushes. They did very well last summer. As of now, with the warm weather we are having, there is a lot of growth n new leaves beginning. The bush is about 5 to 6 ft now. I want to trim them back . I don't want them that high or higher. My question is when would be the best time to trim them back? I thought Feb is the time but our warm weather is my concern. Would appreciate your recommendations. Thank you


Baltimore County MD shrubs roses pruning roses 2 days ago

Unseasonal weather

With the unusually warm temps, things are coming up in my flower gardens. The forecast now is for snow & colder temps. What should I do? Will they survive? Nothing is covered now.


Hennepin County MN frost 2 days ago

Box Elder Bug Infestation

A client of mine has thousands of box elder bugs crawling over the entire house. Is there a way to get rid of them? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Montgomery County MD boxelder bugs boxelder bugs swarming pest insects 2 days ago

Organic Soil

Looking for locations that sell organic soil or compost in bulk or is there a free resource?


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Hoop house for community garden?

ANy suggestions on where to buy a smaller hoop house that could be semi-easily taken down and put up every year by volunteers? Do you know anywhere local that sells hoop house kits or materials--we would love to support a local business rather than walmart or something. It is also ideal to have someone install it for us/show us how to put it up and take it down every year...any suggestions on where to find the labor? Recap: Where can I buy a semi-permanent hoop house locally in mpls? Who would install it and teach us how to install it the following year? Thank you!


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

What is this Ivy called on the Minneapolis Club

Trying to find out what type this Ivy is called (name) at the Minneapolis Club. 729 2nd Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55402



Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Forced tulips

Hello, I'm forcing tulip bulbs & I noticed the tips of the leaves are yellow. The reminding of the leaf is green. I did move the plants outside when the weather was in the 50. - 60's, now I have them inside & plants get about 3 hours of direct sun. Is it normal for the tips to be yellow. 2 plants out of 3 have the yellow tips.


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

Health of existing trees?

I have a number of trees on my property that I need an expert to examine and let me know the state of their health. Do you have anyone, or organization, that I can contact to have someone come out and examine my trees.


Baltimore County MD arborist international society of arboriculture trees 2 days ago

St Augustine grass

Do Augustine grass grow well in the state of Georgia (Newton County)?


Newton County GA 2 days ago

Controlling scale on Pachysandra

For the last 5 years, I've experienced severe damage to several pachysandra patches as a result of scale infestation; they always seem to sneak up without warning. I'd like to use a horticultural oil this season to control them. Is this a good time? Is it safe to use on pachysandra?


Kent County MD pachysandra euonymus scale on pachysandra pachysandra scale groundcovers 2 days ago

Too early to start watering?

It has been so dry and some of my perennials have begun to grow and foundation planting are looking dry. Do I need to start watering?


Howard County MD miscellaneous perennials watering in early spring spring drought flower 2 days ago

Grass/field burning

Does grass burning near sumacs damage them?


Olmsted County MN 2 days ago

Is spring here?

Dear HGIC,

My roses are leafing out, Spring bulbs are all up. Buds on other plants are swelling. Should I begin the garden work I normally do in April? I live in Maryland, but inside the beltway so have heat island effects.

1) Should I rake the leaves out of the beds and apply a spring mulch?
2) I was planning on transplanting some plants, but wanted to do it when their roots would be able to grow and settle in. Should I go ahead and do that now?
3) I was also planning to plant some new plants. Is now the time to do it or should I continue to wait until mid-April, as originally planned?
4) Should I water since plants no longer seem dormant. It is awfully dry. Usually I don't water in the winter because it freezes and the plants are dormant. I had put away the hoses. Is it worth getting them out now?



Montgomery County MD gardening spring gardening spring yard work 3 days ago


What kind of a beetle is this. It was in my flower bed last summer. I took a photo because of the interesting patterns



Olmsted County MN 3 days ago

jefferson county underground water

How to I find graphs or maps of the underground water sources throughout Jefferson county?


Iowa County IA 3 days ago

in search of =>how best to transplant a Japanese Red Maple from Towson to Bethesda

Hello at my childhood home there is a very mature tree (10+ years) that I want to dig up an move to a perfect spot in my new front yard. Can anyone tell me how best to do this step-by-step? The tree is 4 foot tall and 5 feet wide. I would lie to know, what about the soil (PH) in the destination area? what do I put down first? The spot is full sun (maybe a little shade). I have all kinds of miriacle grow, root tone and holly tone. What PH, drainage and depth of hole is best? i plan to get Uhaul and move it. I would be grateful for all advice possible. John


Montgomery County MD japanese maple transplanting japanese maple transplanting mature tree tree 3 days ago

pond algae question

We just purchased a property with a 3/4 acre pond that averages approximately averages approximately 7 feet deep. The previous owners stated that they have always treated the pond for algae but left us very vague instructions on how to do so. They did leave behind a coffee can full of copper sulfate and stated that they have tried other chemicals in the past but they felt this worked the best. The pond gets full sun through out the day with no shaded areas. They did state that they typically spread a certain type of straw over the ice during the winter months which eventually goes to work on the algae when the ice melts however, Ohio has already seen very warm weather here in late February and we are already seeing algae form on the surface. The pond does have bluegill, bass and catfish in it and my family will be swimming in the pond. What is the best form of treatment and when and how should we apply. Any info that can be shared with us would be much appreciated.


Stark County OH 3 days ago

What is the best bark for blueberrie: Fir, Cedar, or Hemlock

What is the best bark for blueberries Cedar or hemlock or fir


Marion County OR mulch horticulture sustainable gardening and landscaping 3 days ago

Carlisle Barracks guest speaker inquiry

Interested in having Master Gardener speak at Army War College in CARLISLE - for small group of interested military folks. We have a small community garden plot. I am a military spouse, and also work for a garden products company. Please call to discuss a PA MASTER GARDENER, who is interested in participating in in a garden 101 clinic for our military gardeners. Thanks so much. Our families travel the globe...and we need some tips on how to have a successful garden during our time here. Sincerely, Kari Bowser Senior Spouse Rep. 615-962-3255


Cumberland County PA horticulture 3 days ago

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