Small tree identification

I found this tree growing in the sand near where I worked and I can't tell what it is. I've asked a friend and looked online, but maybe it's too young to identify. It's very hardy. It was eaten by a cat twice and came back both times. I am currently keeping it in a pot in my room. It's very young, maybe three inches tall. I would appreciate any help identifying it.


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Chelan County Washington trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Beginning garden

Hi, I have a community garden plot that is 20 x 20. I am looking for some advice on what to plant that isn't too difficult and that my kids will enjoy. I am thinking fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs. Do you have a template or plans for beginning gardeners?


Hennepin County Minnesota vegetable gardening 1 day ago

Horse Pasture Spraying

Hi, What weed killer can I use in my two small horse paddocks?


Polk County Oregon small farm issues pastures weed issues 1 day ago

I lost a Miunt Royal plum, Psrker pear and Honeycrisp apple tree last year in...

I lost a Miunt Royal plum, Psrker pear and Honeycrisp apple tree last year in my back yard. I believe this happened after a friend pruned the plum too late and we had a wet spring. The trees were dug up and properly disposed of. I want to plant a new tree, preferably fruit, in the place where these trees were. I would also like to plant a bush such as honeyberry there. I'm a beekeeper, so I can't do anything that will hurt my bees who are nearby. What can I plant? Is blight in the soil? Should I add copper to the soil? Please help. Tess Galati 652.210.6799


Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago

Getting rid of Japanese knotweed...

Hi there: We are looking to permanently remove Japanese knotweed that is near a proposed rain garden we will install. I have asked two firms to give me an estimate--one said now (spring) is not the time to treat, but rather later in the season (late actually--like September). Another said we could treat now (the buds are vulnerable poking out, but not much green) and also later. Not sure which is best advice! Now the plant has a few shoots coming up and the remnants of the last season plants (like hosta tubes).


Montgomery County Maryland invasive japanese knotweed control 2 days ago

Lawn an turf cert for golf course

next cerf course for course managers


Crawford County Pennsylvania 2 days ago

Grafting potato and tomato plants

I've seen some information on grafting potato plant with tomato plants to grow both potatoes and tomatoes. I have avoided potatoes in the past because our community garden plot has issues with potato beetles and it was just too much of a chore to go pick off bugs every day. My question is if I try this method will the potato beetles eat my tomatoes or would this eliminate my potato beetle problem as there wouldn't be potato foliage for them to eat? Any insight is appreciated. I'm kind of looking for the best of both worlds situation.


Meeker County Minnesota 2 days ago

Boxelder Bugs

I am from Iowa and have heard of Boxelder bugs most of my life. I now live in Tenn. and have a problem with them gathering on my house in large numbers on sunny days. Can you explain the bugs and why they are in Tenn.



Iowa 2 days ago

Beetle ID

When I warmed up our log bldg. this Spring we hado beetles show up
Look similar to a burying beetle but wings are an orange with a black dots on each wing. Concerned since this is log bldg. Can send digital



St. Louis County Minnesota 2 days ago

Fiddle leaf fig cold exposure maybe?

Our weather in Alabama has been crazy last few weeks. I put my fiddle leaf fig outside as I do every year but suddenly we had a cold snap. I brought them back in but might not have been soon enough. I noticed next day several leaves were a reddish color & over next few days get darker. I'm assuming it was the cold exposure & I don't think it's dying but how's the best way to handle it? Should I cut affected leaves off, wait & let fall off or will this cause more shock? These are trees about 5-6 feet tall & seems most leaves affected are the larger ones & towards the upper part. Just want to save the trees & hopefully find a way to keep some sort of "balance" visually. In the pics you can see how much they're affected & has never looked this way. Thanks for listening and appreciate any help you can give!


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Jefferson County Alabama 2 days ago

Local Offices

I wanted to know where can i find a National map with the nearest local Cooperative Extension office in my state.


Puerto Rico 2 days ago

Dominant crop per county in MD and water demand

Hi. I am doing a water use report for Maryland and determining the consumptive water use. I need to know the primary crop per county and how much water it needs over the growing season. Based on our reported irrigation withdrawals, I estimate the growing season requiring irrigation in Maryland is April through September, although if I did the Delmarva separate from the rest of the state, that could be different.


Baltimore County Maryland field crops 2 days ago

Best time to transplant a 6' black hills spruce tree

Hello, i would like to transplant a 6' Black Hills spruce tree I have in my backyard - i read I should try to move it before the seasonal new growth begins - can you tell me when that typically is for the Big Lake, MN area? Thanks. Bob


Sherburne County Minnesota 2 days ago


My waxed bulb amaryllis has a second stem/stalk showing but doesn't want to grow any further, otherwise seemingly very healthy, please advise, thank you and have a blessed day ☺


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

Soil bug

Hi, I recently had my garden soil tested (flower, vegetable and berries) and found out it has symphlids. What are they and what can I do to get rid of them? We think we got them from Coffin Butte landfill compost. The person testing our soil said that it may be they are not heating their compost up hot enough for long enough. Thanks for any help you can offer. Sharon King


Benton County Oregon horticulture 2 days ago

Cover Crops For Small Gardens And Starting Seedlings


I'd like to get started on my garden preparation soon and I wondered if there were any cover crops you would suggest for a small garden. I know they are typically planted in the fall and I'm not sure if there are any you can do in Spring? I will be putting early veggies in as soon as possible (peas, etc.), so it would be either something I could plant and till in before then, or something I could plant in the areas of the garden which get the later crops.

Also, I'd like to start some seedlings inside this year, flowers, tomatoes, and peppers. So any resources on that would be appreciated. If I want to do melons and squash is it better to directly sow the seeds or are these also good started indoors?

Lastly, are there any products you'd recommend for this, grow lights, heating mats, etc? I won't have a lot of room, but hope to do 4-6 flats.

Thank you!


Alpena County Michigan 2 days ago

I live in a senior community and have no gardening space. What can I get...

I live in a senior community and have no gardening space. What can I get involved in with gardening - I do have a mostly shady window sill?


Baltimore County Maryland container garden gardening in senior community 2 days ago

What are these volunteers

When I see plants this healthy in March, I assume they are of no value to native insects/birds/bees, but I would like to know for certain before I pull them. Please advise. Thanks.



Baltimore County Maryland bulbs flowers crocus plant identification 2 days ago

lime pickles

why is lime no longer used for making pickles


Scott County Iowa 2 days ago

Trimming Oak Tree

Today is Thursday, March 23, 2017. Is it too late to trim a four foot section off the end of a very long branch on our oak tree?


Hennepin County Minnesota oak tree horticulture pruning trees 2 days ago

Invasion of Frogs

We recently opened our sump pump to daylight for water drainage issues. Since then we have had an invasion of frogs in our sump pump. Even after placing screens on both ends of the pipes, they are reappearing in our sump. This is a problem especially if they get caught in the pump mechanism. What do you suggest? The pest companies don't deal with them and neither do the lawn people!


Howard County Maryland frogs frog frogs in sump pump wildlife 2 days ago

Signing up

My daughter wants to join 4h.. is there a certain time to sign up or can i do it any time of year??


Morrow County Oregon 2 days ago

Seeding lawn after barricade application

Hi my lawn was accidentally sprayed with barricade herbicide, on Thursday march 16th .My yard was in bad condition I was applying weed b gone hoping to control chickweed, I had a mis-delivery of the above product from a commercial sprayer do to human error with address. Will breaking up the soil with aeration or running a de-thatcher set deep and power seeding make seeding possible,or before spending money on seed ,Will it be in my best interest to wait and live with bare dirt till fall (getting the benefit of the pre emergent ) or try to seed now to cover bare dirt in order to please my neighbors and satisfy this summers curb appeal of the property... thx Dave Condor


Jefferson County Kentucky lawns and turf 2 days ago

I plan on planting 25 blueberry bushes for personal use . I live in grand...

I plan on planting 25 blueberry bushes for personal use . I live in grand junction mi. My questions are what soil preparations would be best? And what if any blueberry bush is best? Thanks , Mike Wilson


Van Buren County Michigan blueberries 2 days ago

Lawn care

Our backyard is very damp this spring and the grass is dying. Not sure what is happening or what we should do. We live on the downhill part of Green.


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Douglas County Oregon lawns and turf horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 2 days ago

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