Tree ID

Is this a pecan seedling?



Prince George's County Maryland pecan trees nut pecan tree pecan seedlings tree identification about 22 hours ago

Huge garden weed

We were vacationing for a month and returned to find a 5foot tall weed


Img_2966_300x300%2523 Img_2969_300x300%2523

Frederick County Maryland weed issues plant identification american burnweed about 22 hours ago

Pruning apple trees now

We have several small apple trees - all about 15 years old. They are bearing fruit this year but it is all infected despite our regular Neem treatments. I would like to simply prune the trees now, removing all fruit and extraneous limbs (and hopefully the disease vectors), and start over again next year. Will this harm my trees in any way? Any other thoughts?


Washington County Oregon disease issues pruning horticulture about 22 hours ago

Noxious weeds

I live by a Black Hawk Co. Park owned by City of Waterloo. The field next to my home is full of Canadian Thistle and has been getting worse over the years. It would be nice if the City would mow this but they won't. The thistle is in my yard and over the 30+ years of living here they have not maintained it other than letting what was a pheasant cover now fill with thistle and small trees. We were told that they would burn it to keep it for pheasant. Never done. The thistle is also a problem for the neighbor across the street who farms for Farmer's Market. Is there anything that can be done? The location is the 1100 blk of Martin Rd. Waterloo, IA.


Black Hawk County Iowa about 22 hours ago

Little bugs on the basswood trees?

We own a resort in Orr, MN and our grounds have many basswood trees. We recently noticed tiny little bugs on the leaves. We have never seen bugs like this before. They are eating the leaves. We don't know if this is related, but all around the trees on the ground is extremely sticky. We hope you can tell us what these bugs are, why they are showing up, and how we can get rid of them. Thank you!


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St. Louis County Minnesota about 23 hours ago

Joe Pye Weed Dying

I have a stand of Joe Pye Weed and noticed some of the stems are dying off. I look closely and there are small holes in the stems. I saw a small whitish caterpillar with black stripes inside one of the holes. I also noticed small piles of something? beneath the stems. Any idea what's happening or what I can do? I'm not sure if the cause is insect damage or not. Next to the Joe Pye is a stand of rudbeckia that is wilting and dying off but I can't find any insect damage on the rudbeckia plants. So many two separate issues at play here?


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Howard County Maryland native plants native eupatorium eupatorium borer eupatorium borer moth joe pye borer joe pye weed about 23 hours ago

wilting native perennials

I have a small native perennial garden in my yard. Last year, nearly all of my mist flower began to wilt and then die. None of it came back this year. Now, the next set of plants over from the mist flower are wilting and dying. I don't see any insect injuries on the stems. The plants wilt from the flower first but eventually the entire stem dies off. The plants currently impacted are a tall rudbeckia variety. Any suggestions?


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Howard County Maryland rudbeckia natives southern blight rudbeckia dying mist flower about 23 hours ago

Cause of and Treatment for Sick Ivy/Honeysuckle?

This spring/summer, in my side yard, my English Ivy and pink honeysuckle bush have lost almost all of their leaves. This has happened to the honeysuckle in the past years but never to the ivy. The honeysuckle has responded in the past to an anti-fungal spray, but it didn't help much this year. The ivy has brown burned looking spots in the leaves that remain. The honeysuckle got whitish mildewy- looking spots before the leaves fell off. What could be the cause and how might I treat it? I am attaching pictures of both.


Img_1541_300x300%2523 Img_1543_300x300%2523 Img_1544_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland english ivy native invasive english ivy english ivy disease mildew on native honeysuckle native honeysuckle about 23 hours ago

Evaluating tree health

My backyard has a lot of trees ( in Hillandale Forest area of M County) two of which are dead and need to be removed. My question is does the extension service have recommendations for an independent expert who would, for a fee, come and evaluate the health of the remaining trees to determine if they are in need of selective pruning or feeding or if they are in decline and would also need to be removed. I'm leary of using a tree removal co. to evaluate as I suspect they would suggest a lot removals or pruning that may be biased towards keeping their company busy as opposed to what's best for the trees. Any suggestions or referrals ? Thank you for your help.


Montgomery County Maryland trees and shrubs trees arborist about 24 hours ago

Is this Liorope?

Pls help me identify this plant. Thanks in advance. --


Img_7136_300x300%2523 Img_7137_300x300%2523 Img_7138_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland plant identification flower identification liriope ground cover about 24 hours ago

Big Branches Falling From Walnut Tree

I have a walnut tree about 60 feet tall. This summer, big branches from high atop the tree are breaking off and falling to the ground. These branches could hurt someone badly. We have had little rain and no storms or wind. These branches are loaded with walnuts. What is causing this to happen? It has happened three times within 10 days. I hate this, as it's a beautiful tree and has always looked healthy.


Jefferson County Missouri horticulture trees and shrubs 1 day ago

What is this?

Some kind of fungus-looking substance has encircled the trunk of a dogwood in our yard. Our landscaper Randy Tuma has "never seen anything like it". Can I send a picture to you for an opinion?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Allegheny County Pennsylvania 1 day ago

Pool Build and Tree

Hi, my wife and I are considering putting a pool in our back yard. Due to wetland/property setbacks, we are left with only one spot that would not encroach on these and that is next to a very large oak tree. I do not want to harm this tree, so my question is how close to this tree can we get without doing so? Attached are a few pictures to get an idea of this location. My guess is that there will be about 10-15 feet between the tree trunk and the pool.


20170727_090837_300x300%2523 20170727_090851_300x300%2523 20170727_090845_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

Utility work damaged my Miss Kim lilac hedge

What is the best think to do? One (in a row of 11) was rolled over be a backhoe tread. Now lying on ground. Branches mostly broken They dug about 1 foot from a couple others. I think the crushed one should grow back. The lilacs have been there for many years and are over 5 feet high.


Hennepin County Minnesota 1 day ago

What is the name of this tree

Good morning. I took this picture of a beautiful free in San Francisco and need to know the name of it.
Does anyone know? It has such beautiful flowers and bark.
Thank you.



Fresno County California plant identification 1 day ago

Plant identification

Hello - Could you please tell me what type of plant this is and if it can be grown in the Portland, Oregon climate? I took the pictures in Lincoln City, OR. Thank you!


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Clackamas County Oregon 1 day ago

yellow rocket weed

Is yellow rocket poisonous to horses if in a hay field that will be cut and bailed? If so do you know how to get rid of it? Thank you so much.


Iowa 1 day ago

pith necreosis of tomatoes

My beloved tomatoes seem to be suffering from pith necrosis. I have some questions. Can I eat the tomatoes from these plants? How do I prevent this from happening again? Can I stop/cure it once my tomatoes are affected? I appreciate any help you can give. Nan Sartori Hibbing, MN


St. Louis County Minnesota 1 day ago

Prayer plant mold

I have a large prayer plant and the soil on top is full of white fuzzy mold.Would the mold go down into the dirt? Do I have to repot it? I have not watered it for 2 weeks now.


P_20170727_082211_(1)_300x300%2523 P_20170727_082249_300x300%2523

Wright County Minnesota 1 day ago

Tussock moth

Sorry my previous notes and photos disappeared. I have a tussock caterpillar colony on my milkweed plants. Should I leave them or remove them? This is the first year for my milkweed plants. I was hoping for monarch caterpillars. What is your opinion about what I should do about the tussock moths caterpillars? Thank you,

The photos came through this time.


20170727_083716_300x300%2523 20170727_083716_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland 1 day ago

Identify a weed

Plz help me figure out if this potfrom Mt Vernon has noxious weeds or something worth saving. Thank you, Barbara 21013



Baltimore County Maryland plant identification 1 day ago

Possible Way to Save a Tree

We have a tree that looks like it may have a disease. We wonder if there is a treatment to save it?


Northampton County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs 1 day ago

Tomato virus

I believe my tomatoes have a virus called "beet curly top virus". Is it possible for this area, and is there a cure. Also can it be transferred fro one garden to another.'


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Charles County Maryland fruits and vegetables vegetables tomatoes 1 day ago

Fruit tree questions

Hello, I am wondering if you can point me in the direction of a producer who sells dwarf Apple and pear trees in the area. Or, a good online producer. I'm looking specifically for Liberty, Honeycrisp, Haralson, Frostbite, William's Pride, summer crisp, Parker, and luscious (all varieties recommended on this website) :) Also, I'm new to the area, is it best to plant fruit trees in the fall?


Scott County Minnesota 1 day ago

Rasberries wilting

Hi guys, I planted 5 Rasberries from bare roots around late March. Three of them are doing great, one is wilted and looks like it is dead but the other is exploding with biomass but is not putting on any fruit. Can you suggest what is wrong with these two plants? I know that extra nitrogen can make plants grow fast with no fruit but the soil all the plants are in is basically the same. This plant that is growing fast is next to a road and is at the end of a slight downhill. Thanks!


Ras1_300x300%2523 Ras_2_300x300%2523 Ras3_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Pennsylvania 1 day ago

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