Rose Chafer on Apple Trees

When and how do you treat Rose chafers on apple trees? think I’ve read that seven is recommended but when is the right time do respray so you’re not damaging fruit and/or bees etc.


Gladwin County Michigan about 14 hours ago

Bur oak defoliation

Bur Oak defoliation


Gerdin_bur_oak_worm_6-13-18_300x300%2523 Gerdin_bldg_bur_oak_6-13-18_300x300%2523 Gerdin_barnyard_bur_oak_problem_6-13-18_300x300%2523

Isanti County Minnesota about 14 hours ago

Wilting eggplant in vegetable garden

I planted healthy eggplant starts in my vegi garden about a month ago and now the lower leaves are wilting and turning yellow, one plant much worse than the other (I pulled it out yesterday). Getting online I'm reading about this Verticulum wilt and it's making me panic. Should I pull up the rest of my garden and cover it with black plastic? I have corn, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, watermelon and various greens in other parts of the garden as well as raspberries, asparagus, fig and other fruit trees nearby. My Tomatoes are developing some leaf curling, not sure it that is part of the same problem. Suggestions? Thank you, Tracy


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon horticulture gardening about 15 hours ago

Tomato Plant Problems

My tomato plants were healthy and beautiful on Saturday. On Sunday morning we noticed yellow leaves. Today there are more yellow leaves, and now they are starting to die. Can you please help? The affected varieties are the Sweet 100s, but one of the Husky Cherry Reds is starting to show damage. They are planted in Miracle Gro Moisture Control potting soil.


Imag1035_300x300%2523 Imag1037_300x300%2523 Imag1042_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland tomatoes containers about 15 hours ago

Trimming Ash Trees

Can I trim my Ash tree now b/c some branches are blocking my satellite dish? The tree has been chemically treated for Emerald Ash Borer.


Anoka County Minnesota about 15 hours ago

What is killing all our young pines in the UP

We live on a 4 acre island in the Les Cheneaux area of the UP. We have quite a number of young pine trees- trunks about three inches wide near ground that seem to be dying off...they have a fungus and spider web like look to the branches but perhaps it is actual fungus and webs that have attached to a dead or dying tree. The lower branches seem to be the first to go...and eventually it moves up and the entire tree dies. I would appreciate any guidance you could offer and any remedy you could suggest. We are so sad these new growth trees are not surviving. We have lots dozens of large cedars due to winds and shallow roots and had expected these younger trees to grow up and fill in. It is a sorry sight to see now sparse our formerly wooded island has become.

We are in Mackinac County...which does not seem to be an option in the pull down list of counties below.


Goat_tree_2_300x300%2523 Goat_trees_300x300%2523

Michigan trees and shrubs forestry about 15 hours ago

Red Cedar branch dieback

Do you think this dieback is caused by Phomopsis? What are my options for control?



Howard County Maryland red cedar trees red cedar winter damage abiotic issues about 16 hours ago

Forsythia problem

Hello, We planted a forsythia bush in May. It was thriving until the rains came. Afterward, the leaves drooped and are now drying up. I scratched one branch and it was still green. Should I cut it back or leave it alone and hope for the best? Thanks so much!


Baltimore County Maryland shrubs forsythia forsythia drooping and drying up forsythia sclerotina disease issues about 17 hours ago

Yews - diseased? Insects?

I have several yews (over 70) that are 42" high and about 3' wide - these were installed three years ago - something is happening to them and we cant figure out why...they are starting at each end of the rows and working towards the middle. These were purchased from Angelica Nursery in Maryland and shipped here. The type is "Moon". Any advise would be greatly appreciated. It is not water damage. Thanks,


Img_7472_300x300%2523 Img_7473_300x300%2523

Macomb County Michigan about 17 hours ago

market to mealtime recipe cards

How can I get a set of these recipe cards?


Baltimore County Maryland about 17 hours ago

What’s wrong with my lilac?

Hello, Can you tell me what this is on my lilac tree? We discovered this when my husband cut the branch off because it was dying. It does not appear to be on any other branches. Any advice you can provide is appreciated.



Baltimore County Maryland wildlife pest cherry tree tree cherry tree with woodpecker holes pest - other about 17 hours ago

Tulip poplar sap

This year our trees are “raining” sap in in greater quantity than I recall from past years. Is this condition being experienced around the region or is this localized? What conditions are contributing to this? How long should we expect to experience this sap deluge? Any insight you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks. Jon


Montgomery County Maryland about 17 hours ago

1-14 days old chicks Manure problems

hi, my name is Rabiu from Nigeria, my questions are that:

what disease each mature color represents, what medication to be used for each and that causes pure watery manure as well? Thanks


Outside United States about 18 hours ago

Plant ID

This shrub is growing in a shaded lawn in Maplewood, MN. The berries are a bright orange/red color. The shrub is 9 feet tall with an equal spread. I took this photo on Sunday June 17.



Ramsey County Minnesota about 24 hours ago

What kind of moth is this?

We found this unusual looking, very large moth resting on our new siding outside our front door this am. It looks like it has a body of a spider with wings. Any ideas what it could be? The wing span is 4” wide.



King County Washington moth identification polyphemus moth about 24 hours ago

sweet slice cucumber - leaves

Hello, I am growing 2 sweet slice cucumber plants that I started from transplants bought at Valley View farms. The plants are in a container and I have used brand new Espoma potting mix. I mulched with pine bark. I have harvested one fruit from the plant. The leaves however are starting to turn yellow with brown spots. The bottom leaves on both plants are affected the most. Although there are male flowers and one healthy fruit on the plant, the ovaries of female flowers and tips of some of the tendrils are drying up.

I have given the plants Espoma liquid fertilizer (organic) and while planting, I added some organic fertilizer in the soil (Tomato Tone). Please see pictures and please help me identify and address the problem. Thank you very much!


32247432_10155400781000906_4420474405121949696_n_300x300%2523 Sweet_slice_2_300x300%2523 Sweet_slice_3_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland vegetable cucumber 1 day ago


Is it the policy of the 4H to show open discrimination towards a child who is currently in the program but has occasional PTSD issues at home but never at meetings. And when brought to the attention of the volunteers was told she could not come back.


Sanilac County Michigan 1 day ago

what is the name and treatment for this disease?

Today I noticed this spotting on the shrub in our garden. I do not know what kind of shrub it is. It is with some dogwoods and hostas. It has rained nearly everyday for 4 days straight, and I do not think this was on the shrub last summer. What is the name of the shrub? What is the treatment for the disease?


Img_2125_300x300%2523 Img_2125_300x300%2523

Itasca County Minnesota 1 day ago

Is this a bug bite?

I was outside during the day at a party and when I came back home I noticed two very small (very small) red puncture rooms on my inner knees. There is no itching or pain, and they're not bumpy. Just curious as to what they could be?


Img_2519_300x300%2523 Img_2521_300x300%2523

Chemung County New York 1 day ago

Small Blue Beech tree leaves look like something is wrong

​I​ bought a Blue Beech tree last fall and planted it in my backyard. It was about 1 inch diameter and 7 feet tall. I checked it this past week and noticed many of the leaves (maybe 1/3- 1/2) have pieces missing - like something is eating them, and have brown sections like they've dried up. I have attached two pictures to show how the leaves look. Do you have any idea of what is wrong? Is there something I can do to help it get more healthy? Thanks for your help! Lynn Norby


Img_20180610_202309_300x300%2523 Img_20180610_202317_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture beech tree 1 day ago

Eastern click beetle in Oregon?

I took this photo of a beetle I had not seen before on the window of my house just north of Corvallis. I looked it up and think it is an eastern click beetle. Do they live in Oregon?



Benton County Oregon insect insect identification 1 day ago

ash tree with dead branches

I noticed my ash tree did not seem to be providing as much shade as past years. As I looked up, I discovered a number of smaller dead braches on the interior of the tree and two large dead branches at the crown. I haven't noticed any fungal or insect signs so I think this is likely enviromental stress damage. I was reading on your site about root problems/constriction. I have a large trumpet vine nearby which has insidious roots. Could that cause the problem?


Steele County Minnesota 1 day ago

what is the fungeside used to treat black knot on plum trees? where can i get...

what is the fungeside used to treat black knot on plum trees? where can i get some?


Stark County Ohio 1 day ago

Please identify bug

Please tell me what these bugs are and how I should treat them. These plants are on a prairie perennials garden. So far, I think they are only affecting this one clump of plants. Do I need to be concerned with them spreading to other plants? One picture is a close-up of the bugs. The other shows damage to the plant. Thanks!


9d24ee8e-6a2f-448f-b2c6-18f891a943ca_300x300%2523 2d3b19e1-a0b4-4e25-8457-7d90ed8f28d4_300x300%2523

Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago

2 year old japanese lilac doesn't bloom

We bought a Japanese lilac 2 yrs ago and have never had a bloom or anything close. It is on the south side of our house but as you see we have a lot of old oak trees.


Another_view_of_japanese_lilac_300x300%2523 Japanese_lilac_300x300%2523

Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture japanese lilac trees 1 day ago

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