Have cocoons everywhere in house, exterminator could not help us.

Could you please help me identify this pest? I sent pictures before, no help from reputable exterminator. I did stain on my microscope one of the recent cocoons and there was a visible image of a worm inside under 40 X magnification. I could not get a picture of the stained cocoon under microscope.



Baltimore County Maryland clothes moth cocoons cocoons in house worm in cocoon 3 days ago

Crabgrass control

No need to answer as I found a article on the site that answered these questions. I don’t want to waste your time but thanks for being available.

What is the best and most economical means of controlling and decreasing crabgrass in a lawn? Granular or liquid application? With or without fertilizer? Time of year or soil temperature?


Allegany County Maryland lawns and turf weeds crabgrass control lawn weeds 3 days ago


How do we kill the Spotted Lanternfly? What can I spray on the adults and eggs to kill them if I see any? Can I use insecticide?


Baltimore County Maryland pesticides pest control invasives spotted lanternfly how to kill spotted landernfly spotted lanternfly pesticides trees 3 days ago

Aphids on native honeysuckle

Every year, aphids destroy most of the blooms on my honeysuckle. What is the best way to treat this pest?


Howard County Maryland aphids natives native honeysuckle pest insects and mites aphids on native honeysuckle vines 3 days ago

preventing return of squash bugs

We had a terrible time with squarsh bugs last year. We are moving the location of this years planting, destroyed last year plants and now want to prevent the return of the bugs. I read that an insecticide before planting will help and that there are other steps to prevent the bug before they get extablished. And you give some suffestionsl


Mesa County Colorado squash bugs 3 days ago

Foundation Plants

My house has a southern exposure, and poor soil over deep clay. The land slopes on one side of the front porch. The soil was recently cleared due to a porch construction project. I need low maintenance plants, as I am partially disabled. Can you suggest shrubs suitable for this area?


Baltimore Maryland shrubs landscaping junipers hollies 3 days ago

Pruning Blueberries

With this freezing weather, I was wondering when I should prune my Blueberry Plant?


Douglas County Oregon blueberries horticulture pruning 3 days ago

equine fecal counts

Can you tell me where I can take equine fecal matter to obtain an egg count? Also what the cost would be? Thank you


New Castle County Delaware equine horse horses 3 days ago

Black mold on my crepe myrtle

Last summer, my newly planted shrub variety crepe myrtle Developed a black mold or fungus which prevented it from Blooming. It was over the entire plant-trunk, branches leaves And buds. I treated it several times with a Bayer product for mold And fungus but it still remains completely black. Should I cut The plant way back this spring to remove all the disease?


Worcester County Maryland trees and shrubs shrubs crape myrtle crape myrtle powdery mildew shrub has black mold crape myrtle with black mold disease issues 3 days ago

What is the best variety of tomato for a container garden?

I’m new to gardening and wanted to grow a tomato plant this summer.


Cecil County Maryland container gardening tomatoes in containers tomato in container vegetables 3 days ago

Ash Borer

I have a very large ash tree that is infected. There is a lot of die off at the top and a tree service told me that it was infected and needs to come down. Is there any financial assistance to help with the removal of this tree?


Montgomery County Maryland emerald ash borer invasive ash trees tree removal financial assistance ash borer infest tree removal dead ash tree 3 days ago

I am looking for someone to remove a large black walnut tree from my yard...

I am looking for someone to remove a large black walnut tree from my yard with the donation of the wood in lieu of removal cost. It is located in my back yard and is very inconvenient as it fruits heavily and makes mowing nearly impossible. Has also caused a few severely sprained ankles. Thank you for your attention. Looking forwarding to any help you may be able to provide.


Franklin County Ohio trees and shrubs 3 days ago

What are these bugs, found in bed

A few days ago, my daughter work up with bites on her leg, thigh and torso. The same happened to my son last year. I did a deep clean of her bed, and found these bugs living mostly in dust in screw holes and other crevices of her bed. Same with my son's bed last year. They are easily visible in light and also were on the spare mattress in her trundle.


Img_0845_300x300%2523 Img_0842_300x300%2523 Img_0846_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland insect or spider id pest insects and mites carpet beetle larvae 3 days ago

Stink Bug Infestation inside the Home

Home is being infested with "Stink Bugs" What can I do? Are there chemicals or would a Pest Control Company be effective. I can't find the source but they show up out of nowhere. There are quite a few dead ones between the regular windows and storm windows. With spring approaching I'm concerned about an increase in their numbers.


Garrett County Maryland pest control stink bugs invasives brown marmorated stinkbugs stink bugs in home 3 days ago

Can indoor lady bugs be re-homes?

My neighbor is online seeking an exterminator for lady bugs inside her home. Something she goes through every year. Is there a way that they could be caught and re-homed to my yard? "Warm weather means lady bugs and the red/black bugs will be out soon and they somehow get inside." I've shared HGIC ladybug information with her. What else can we do?


Prince George's County Maryland beneficial pest control 4 days ago

Wood chips, Bark mulch

Hi, can we use any type of wood for Bark Mulch? Ash, Elm, etc., are they ok to not attract pests that could contaminate. Any recommendations? Does wood mulch attract rodents & insects? Are there any downfalls or things to avoid when using Bark Mulch? Thank You, Lee


Arapahoe County Colorado mulch 4 days ago

Starting liatris bulbs indoors

Hi, I am planning a butterfly garden for the front yard and would like to start blazing star liatris indoors. When is the best time for me to start the bulbs? Any other ideas for a butterfly garden are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Ramsey County Minnesota 4 days ago

Too Late to Spray Peach Trees for Fungus?

Hi- I have two and three year old peach trees. The trees have had problems with fungus in the past. Is it too late to spray them for the upcoming peach season?


Baltimore Maryland fruit plant care peach bmp 4 days ago

ID a Flower

Can you identify the flower in the attached picture?



Dakota County Minnesota 4 days ago

Find Answer

I have asked a question but am not sure how to find the answer if it has been answered. Unfortunately, I guess I used too ordinary a title because there were so many answers when I searched. Can't figure out the order of questions/answers. They are not apparently in chronological order. If the answer is supposed to come to my e-mail address, guess it hasn't been sent yet. Maybe I didn't "make it public" so it's not on the website. Thanks.


Kerr County Texas 4 days ago

Ash tree restoration

Our Ash tree, (about 13 inch diameter trunk) has had several branches, (1-2 in dia) die. Is there a treatment to help prevent more branches from dying?


Iowa County Iowa 4 days ago

Chicken manure

I keep a few chickens and allowed them to run in a fenced area approx 15x 50 foot. We live near the water and a water rat was coming out and taking everything from my old garden so I decided to move the garden to the area where my chickens were. It is further from the water and fenced which I hoped would keep the water rat out. It did, but the garden did poorly. There is plenty of sun. I thought the ground would be good as the chickens fertilized it, but it did badly. Too much fertilizer? What can I do to help? Chickens not in there for a year now.


Anne Arundel County Maryland soil testing vegetables compost chicken manure soil test soil in old chicken yard manure in vegetable garden composting manures 4 days ago

Black layer on golf greens.

Hello. I am the assistant superintendent at Golf at the Legacy in Faribault, MN. A black layer has occurred about 3/4" below the surface causing us to almost lose the entire green last year. We did punch and remove cores twice last fall, thinned out the woods around the green for airflow, and dropped a couple big trees (sad) to allow more sunlight. My question is: will this black layer survive winter and if so, any methods for dealing with it aside from rebuilding the green?


Rice County Minnesota lawns and turf 4 days ago

chipmunk in Fort Collins

We have a chipmunk living around our back patio in SE Fort Collins. From the few glances we have had, he looks like one we would normally see in the mountains. Are chipmunks common in East Fort Collins?

Should we do anything about him?

Thank you



Larimer County Colorado chipmunks 4 days ago

soil warming

what does it mean when the instructions on the seed packet say to plant "when the soil starts to warm"? also, what does it mean when they say "as soon as the ground is workable"? do these mean the same thing? is there a rough temp i am looking for? i live in mount hood parkdale which is about 16 miles south of hood river off the 35 if that helps.


Hood River County Oregon soil seed starting 4 days ago

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