Boxelder or Elm Seed Bug

My community is having a debate about whether the picture attached is of a boxelder bug or an elm seed bug. I say the former. We live in St Johns [in N PDX] and have seen many of these around here.



Multnomah County Oregon insect identification insect issues 5 days ago

Liriope Spicata Hardiness in Zone 4

Greetings All
I would like to plant liriope spicata in my yard instead of grass. I recently bought my home on Higgins Lake (near Roscommon MI) which is in zone 4.
I had a very good experience with liriope in West MI (zone 6) as a ground cover. According to what I have read, liriope spicata is hardy to zone 4.
Because I am planning to plant several hundred square feet of liriope, I need to know if the plant is likely to survive northern MI winters. If so, do you have any tips to improve the chances that the plants will survive? Would it be best to plant in the spring?
Thank you.


Roscommon County Michigan home landscapes ground cover 5 days ago

Pin Oak - Borer Problem

I've a 35+ year old 70 feet tall Pin Oak which has a number of weeping holes from some type of borer. I noticed two to four of this type of wound on many Olney, MD pin oaks, including mine, over 10 years ago. The wounds then were not over three feet up the trunk. Now they are visible in greater numbers that reach to at least 12 feet above ground...spaced between three and 30 inches apart. A previous attempt to dig out a borer failed. I could try again if suggested. I have not seen an adult beetle on the bark. I've noted no other symptoms of a problem besides these weeping holes. Has this weakened or might it weaken the tree such that the trunk or tap root could more easily snap in a high wind? Even unaware of this issue, my neighbor is concerned for his roof and family safety. I do not have to keep this tree and when appropriate, will increase light in the back yard by swapping in a much smaller species. Thank you for any advice provided.


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Montgomery County Maryland trees 5 days ago

vines and japanese beetles

Hi, What vines or climbing plant don't Japanese beetles attack? I need a replacement for my gazebo. Currently I have Virginia creeper.



Ramsey County Minnesota japanese beetles 5 days ago


We have a big lawn in Eden Prairie. We are considering IMMEDIATE OPTIONS to control invasive species that is overwhelming native grass in the backyard. To whom can we turn? I am getting older and my ability and inclination to crawl up the hill all summer and cut down each stalk of invasive plant is diminishing. The real problem, of course, comes from the other side of the fence up the hill.


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Hennepin County Minnesota weed control 5 days ago

What is this bug?

I seem to have an infestation of this small, gray beetle, mostly in my basement. I’ve vacuumed up 2-3 dozen per day since returning from vacation on Sunday. It seems rather harmless, but I still don’t want it in my house! Can you help me identify it? I live in a rural area of western Hennepin County. I have seen them outside recently too. Thank you!


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Hennepin County Minnesota insect id 5 days ago

William Baffin Rose shoots

These shoots are relentless and spread everywhere. How can I prevent them?


Winona County Minnesota 5 days ago

Oak trees struck by lightning

Hi. Two days ago I witnessed a ball of lightning explode at the crown of two 70 foot red oaks twenty feet from my living room. Bark was blasted off of both trees, primarily on one side, and the path of discharge is quite clear. Please advise a course of action. Thanks, Bruce Lahti in Brighton


Livingston County Michigan red oak and lightuning damage 5 days ago

brown lawn

Our front lawn has large brown patches and several smaller ones. It is mostly sunny and we have no pets.



Hennepin County Minnesota 5 days ago

small rhubarb stalks

After a spring of hard picking I have one rhubarb plant with many small stalks. While my other plants also have some small regrowth there remains some larger ones. Should I care about this condition and if so what should I do?


Pennington County South Dakota 5 days ago

Leaves curling on Tomato Plant

The leaves on one of my container tomato plant's are curling; is this a sign of something wrong with the plant?



Wayne County Michigan 5 days ago

Pressure cooker failed to work; can I save my jarred salmon & start over?

I started to pressure cook 12 jarred salmon. It started the cooking process but failed to gain pressure so I turned the heat off; took the jars out & waited for them to cool enough. I have them in my refrigerator. Is it safe to re-cook them once I have a new seal for my pressure cooker? I hated to have to do something else with all that good fish.


Anchorage Alaska pressure canning home food preservation 5 days ago

Need advice on caring for backyard apple tree

Hi. I live in northeast Oregon. I moved into my mother's house and 2 years ago and inherited a backyard apple tree. I do not know what kind of apple tree this is. When my mom moved in 5 or 6 years ago, the apple tree was already there. She never did anything with the apple tree, but when I moved in with her, I read up on taking care of apple trees and the first fall I was here, I trimmed all the dead branches off the tree, around October or so. I literally took off about 1/8 of the tree. Last year, after the intense pruning I did, the apple tree produced nothing but leaves. I think there were 3 apples on the whole tree. This year, it filled out with hundreds of buds and now is covered in apples. The branches are so heavy, some are only 2 feet from the ground now. I even thinned some of the apples where I could reach them. I keep the ones picked up off the ground daily. I am unsure now of what, when or if to spray the tree. We did plant 2 cherry trees in line with our apple tree this spring. Some of the apples have worm holes in them and I have read up on what I can find on the internet about this, but am no closer to figuring out what kind of insect this is or how to properly care for the tree. I would appreciate any advice or guidance. Thanks - Ellen E.


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Union County Oregon fruit trees horticulture apples 5 days ago

tilling vs topdressing

I am redoing my back lawn because the soil is very uneven and has hard lumps. The plan was to apply roundup, till it, let it sprout and do a second roundup application. Then we would add 3" of soil amendment and till it in. But because of difficulties getting a large tiller into the back yard, I am now considering just doing a top dressing with 3" of good topsoil after I burn down the existing lawn. The existing soil structure is quite mature, drains well, and grows everything well, so I believe new roots could penetrate it well and drainage would not be a problem if I don't till it. I am concerned about being sure I kill all that is there now and being sure I don't get sprouting of new seeds under the top dressing. How can I be sure that nothing sprouts up from the old soil layer? Can I add a layer of Preen before adding the top dressing? Or can I use Roundup with an emergent inhibitor without affecting the new seed on top of the top dressing? Does this top dressing approach seem feasible? Thank you, Dave.


Ingham County Michigan reseeding lawns and turf 5 days ago

AJax as NIS

Can AJax cleaner be used as a nonionic surfactant with Tenacity herbicide for nimblewill? If so, in what quantity per gallon? Thanks,


Washington County Maryland pesticides herbicides non ionic surfactant 5 days ago

Lawn fungus

Good morning, what kind of fungus is this on my ( fescue )lawn and how can I get rid of it? Any and all considerations in this matter will be highly appropriated.


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Kent County Delaware lawns and turf grass fungus fungus on my lawn lawn 5 days ago

italian cypresse

I accidentally watered my Italian cypresse for 7 hours using my dripping system about 20 days ago. Will this overwater damage the root? I planted them at end of February and started to water them 1.5 hours per week (except that 7 hours mistake)in May. They are 10-12 feet tall when I planted them. For the last couple of day, I noticed there are more and more limb are falling done. What should I do for the falling limbs? The weather is hot for the last two week. I am not sure the falling limb are caused by over watering or less watering, should I keep watering them?please advice


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs 5 days ago

Jap Beetle control

I'd like to control the beetle in our yard and was wondering if trying to kill the grubs would be worth a try. Will this work if my neighbors don't do the same? With these beetles all over applying something to my yard make any sense? If so, is there a product safe for pets and other insects


Hennepin County Minnesota 5 days ago

Lakewood Arborists

Is there a database that the extension uses to recommend Arborists? I live in Lakewood and would like to hire a reputable company to help with a fee tree issues.


Jefferson County Colorado 5 days ago

Autumn Blaze Chlorisis

I have a 10yr old autumn blaze that has presented yellow/green leaves and even leaves turning red this time of the year the past few seasons. Wondering if there is anything I can do to the soil to help?


Jefferson County Colorado 5 days ago

How to get rid of suckers and roots

We have a large tree in the front yard. It’s roots are covered in suckers. These routes extends rather yard under our landscape bed and likely under our foundation. We are concerned with the roots interfering with our septic field and the foundation. If we cut down the tree will that illuminate the problem? If not, what else needs to be done?


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Livingston County Michigan 5 days ago

Barberry Loopers

Hello, we have 2 barberry shrubs. When we return from vacation, we saw that one shrub had no leaves. Something was eating it. The next day we noticed lots of leaves gone on our next Barberry shrub. I went out last night and found many many Barberry Loopers. We have never had the situation before. How can I get rid of the Barberry Loopers? Will my shrub come back? Anything else I can do? Thank you for your time and help


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Hennepin County Minnesota 5 days ago

Turn Out on Pasture

This year has been so wet and hot the pastures are very lush. My mare had laminitis last August and I have been very careful with her including not being on pasture since May of this year. I'd like to turn her out but I am thinking the pastures are just too active right now. Is it too much of a risk? I would turn them out at night with a grazing muzzle.


Polk County Iowa 5 days ago

Beetle or Spider

I've researched this insect with no success in Identifying it. What is it? At first I was thinking it's a spider as there is some webbing near this bug but looking closer it seems to only have 6 legs (unless there are modified legs I'm not seeing to make 8) which would possibly lead to a beetle of some sort. It is certainly an interesting bug which I would like to find out more about it's structures, colors, and food sources.


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Hennepin County Minnesota 5 days ago

Where are the bees (Hermantown)

Hello. I have both flower and vegetable gardens in Hermantown, MN. I haven't seen many bees this season and I'm growing concerned. I've had lots of bees enjoying my flowers and veggies in past seasons and this is truly unique. Is there a specific issue in my area?


St. Louis County Minnesota horticulture bees 5 days ago

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