watering trees in January- good idea? even possible?

Howdy Team! Wondering with the low snow fall and warm temps, should we give a few pine trees and blue spruces a drink? Are they "dormant" and it would it be "useless"?


San Miguel County CO trees and shrubs 15 days ago

Kaffir Lime Tree

What over the counter food should I buy to feed my kaffir lime tree.


Ingham County MI lime trees 15 days ago

Baby pall python refusing to eat

My mom bought me a baby ball python for Christmas, but my mom told me she hasn't ate since November. Only a few weeks before my mom bought her. Since then we've tried feeding her , but she's refused it all. My dad and I have her enclosure with high humidity and her temperature as always around 75-80. We have a damp towel over her tank to help with humidity, hoping that will help her appetite. So far it hasn't. I have no idea what to do at this point. Im hoping I'll get answers here.


Sullivan County NY reptile husbandry ball python python regius 15 days ago

Hello. OK here is an interesting report. I have a jar of alfalfa seed that I...

Hello. OK here is an interesting report. I have a jar of alfalfa seed that I have had in storage, unheated and uncooled, for almost 40 years. The jar is fairly well sealed, but has been subjected to temps of 10 below to 100 above F for the last decade or more. I found the jar last month- did a germination test and amazingly get well over 50% germination. It seems that this would be worth reporting in a publication of some sort. I can provide pictures or seed samples. Know any student or faculty interested in this information? -Brian Blair


Hocking County OH 16 days ago


Keep Bee’s away from Bird Bath Birds want come near the Bee’s in the bird Barh


OUTSIDEUS bees 16 days ago


We have a tree in our area NW Washington County that something is boring holes in it and I was wondering if I sent you a picture of the tree if you could tell me what kind of animal it might be. It is leaving lots of wood chips around.



Washington County OR wildlife damage management 16 days ago

Bed Bug?

Hello, I came acrosss your site whilst trying to identify a nymph which I found crawling on my phone screen. I noticed them crawling on my screen when i was on my sofa and in bed and automatically thought they were bed bugs. I have closely inspeceted my bed and sofa and not found any other signs of bed bugs or other bugs. The picture here is of a smaller bug I felt on my arm shorlty after seeing a slightly larger,browner in colour, bug on my phone screen. I`ll upload a picture if I manage to get one.
Please help...Still itching!!



OUTSIDEUS insect identification entomology 16 days ago

Please help identify strange clear blobs found while crabbing

These unknown creatures were found when crabbing in Newport and these were pulled up. They look like some sort of jelly or fish larvae as it seems they have some sort of central nervous system. Please help identify


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Lincoln County OR 16 days ago

Purchasing land for the future

I am looking to purchase land and need to find the right balance between something my family and I can enjoy as a retreat/vacation or mountain home as well as I would like to get some property that I can create some type of small operation on. Ideally, I would like to be able to put horses on it, grow some type of crop or have good hunting land. I need help in understanding the options available to me as well as putting together a business plan.


CO horse pasture hunting small acreages business plan 16 days ago

New Farmer Questions

(I sent these questions to Boone County before I saw this "Ask an Expert" section, but I'm sending it to you guys anyway for extra help. Thanks) Hi there, I am a new farmer. I have lots of questions and I feel like I basically need a crash course on the ins and outs of selling my produce. My farm is actually located in Casey County but my residence is in Boone County. I have not moved to Casey County yet but plan on it in the next couple of years. I'm hoping that someone at the Boone County office can help me despite the fact that my farm is located in another county. I know that I could ask the Casey County Extension office but I was hoping I could borrow the Boone County office since they are closer and I can hopefully drop by when I need help instead of having to take a day off during the week to travel to the Casey County Office. I’m usually at my farm during the weekend when everyone is closed. I’m going to summarize now and hope you can point me in the right direction: I am CNG (certified naturally grown); I am KY Proud - Homegrown by Heroes; I have a Farm Number; This year (2018) I’ll harvest roughly 1/2 acre of garlic; Next year I plan on 2 acres of garlic; I am also expanding what I grow to a variety of peppers, onions, shallots and herbs in 2018; I want to learn about selling in bulk (wholesale); I have heard of local auction houses for produce, the Terminal Markets and food distributors-where can I learn more details about these options; How do they work and what does it takes to sell that way?; Where can I find information about handling and packaging produce from field to market?; What legalities, rules, regulations, practices, techniques and such should I be aware of?; Where can I find current wholesale/bulk market prices for US produce/commodities that I can rely on?; I want to complete the soil test but the Casey County Extension office is closed during the weekends when I am usually there. Could I possibly get a soil test kit from the Boone County office but mail the sample to the Casey County office for actual servicing? (Unless its okay to send the sample to the Boone County location.).

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’m hoping someone from the Boone County Extension Office can help me with these.

Thanks so much!!!
- Marilyn


Boone County KY beginning farmer boone county kentucky agriculture 16 days ago

Seedless locust tree

We have had a seedless locust for about 20 years. For the first time this year, it produced many seed pods. Is this normal, and will it continue to do so now that it has started?


Denver County CO trees and shrubs seedless locust tree seedless locust setting seeds 16 days ago

Photography class or club for teens

I'm looking for a photography club or class for my 14 yr old daughter. My older daughters were involved with 4H but focused on horses. Is there a club that focuses on photography?


Carroll County MD 16 days ago

Ash trees: Systemic pesticide for Emerald Ash Borer

I am having some tree pruning done during winter, primarily to mitigate some early-season snow damage (the damage occurred more that 2 months ago, during October). My trees are located in Jefferson County near the town of Morrison. The pruning company I'm considering has also suggested treating my three ash trees with "Systemic pesticide for Emerald Ash Borer and other insect pests" as a prophylactic measure (cost estimate $529). I have four questions about this:
Is prophylactic treatment of ash trees with a systemic pesticide advised?
If so, is a specific chemical recommended?
Should such treatment occur during a specific season (other than the dead of winter)?
And, finally, is the price estimate of $529 reasonable for treating a total of three ash trees?
Thank you in advance for your time.


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs 16 days ago

Water testing

We are wanting to stock a pond on a mini farm, and before I want to make sure the water is ado quite to support. We have no algae nor plants taking over pond. I have many more questions on farming, honey bees......


Bullitt County KY agriculture bullitt county kentucky pond management 16 days ago

Home owner treatment of Pear (Pyrus spp.)-Pacific Coast Pear Rust

I have a customer wanting to know how to treat cedar apple rust on his Bartlett pear tree. I read the info on the item but didn't see any homeowner treatments listed.


Marion County OR 16 days ago

Backyard wildlife conservation

I'm looking for user-friendly books or handouts that I can refer to for backyard Wildlife Conservation ideas. Something for the average person with a small yard in a sub division. I'd like to be able to hand them out to my middle school and high school actually also two friends and Neighbors in my subdivision.


Boone County KY wildlife management boone county kentucky environmental education 16 days ago

Pesticide management research project

I am an AP Research student conducting a research project on how various pest management methods impact crop yield. For my research I need to interview farmers, and I would like to know if you can help me reach out to farmers that would be willing to be interviewed, because I don't think i will be able to find a large enough population of farmers to carryout my research on my own. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank-you!


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Baltimore County MD 16 days ago

Cleaning procedures in SD daycare

What is the law regarding cleaning/ disinfecting in SD? Shouldn’t a daycare provide more than just windex to staff cleaning up poop smears in the bathroom? Also does SD have a law that daycare employees should be provided with gloves when they come into contact with blood or change poopy diapers? Or is disinfecting toys at least once a month required?I’m curious about regulations in SD regarding the spreading of germs and disease, but I have not seen anything posted online specific to sanitizing procedures.


Minnehaha County SD 16 days ago

pruning hydrangeas

I have two hydrangeas, the kind with the lacy, flat flowers. They are over 5 ft. tall. When and how is the proper time to prune them, so that I don't remove all of next summer's blossoms?


Marion County OR 16 days ago

Tree farm

Iam wanting to start a tree farm, I interested in growing Austrian Pine and Colorado Blue Spruce. Can you give me any advise regarding where I can buy seedlings (1000) or would it be better to buy potted trees. What kind of license do I need. Any information would help, thank you.


El Paso County CO 16 days ago

grass type

I have one acre I want to reseed it was used for horses and only weeds exist, it has not been irrigated .I am irrigating and improving soil,I want it to be low water and lower grow. the yard next it is Kentucky and fescue.Lakewood by foothills.No grazing only dogs.


Jefferson County CO 16 days ago

Ladybug Survivial

This morning I found a ladybug - traditional round shaped, red with black dots - on the metal threshold between my front door and storm door. Alive ! It's 19 degrees so I brought her in and placed her in the pot of one of my house plants. What can I possibly do to help her survive til spring? Appreciate any advice. Thank you.


Anne Arundel County MD beneficial insects and pollinators ladybugs inside 16 days ago

Malformed candles on Ponderosa pines?

Around my home in northern El Paso county I have several acres of Ponderosa pines. I have noticed that several of the trees have "malformed" candles (twisted and crooked) compared to what I have come to expect. They also have many more brown needles compared to some of the other trees (note the difference between the trees in the first photo) Some of the candles appear to have stunted and/or dead needles. (See photos) In general, they don't look healthy. Is this anything to be concerned about? Thanks.


Dsc_0466_300x300%2523 Dsc_0467_300x300%2523 Dsc_0468_300x300%2523

El Paso County CO trees and shrubs 16 days ago

Sick Palms

Our 5foot potted palms were brought in from the outside when the weather cooled and they have a wilting dry appearance. I have watered them weekly but there seems to be a slow death. I have successfully overwintered these palms for 5 years. Can I severely prune them to encourage new growth?



Ramsey County MN horticulture houseplants 16 days ago

Milkweed Plants

Hello, there is a milkweed plant that grows by the back fence on our property. Late last fall I noticed there was part of a open pod with some seeds that had not scattered on its own. I picked it off and put it in a sack. Can I start milkweed plants indoors this winter from these seeds? Thank you for your assistance. Shelly Wacker


Iowa County IA 16 days ago

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