Jasmine leaves turning bronze

Many leaves are turning red and bronze. Looks pretty but is this normal? They get plenty of sun and are in very large pots



Lewis County WA jasmine plant 7 days ago

Carrie Murphy

We have a large maple tree that has some kind of growth on it. We don't want to lose it so we need to identify what this growth is.


New Castle County DE trees and shrubs trees 7 days ago

Losing bark on my maple tree

This tree was in my yard 35 years ago when I bought the house so I don't know how old it is. It is beautiful orange/red in the fall, not sure what the proper name is. The bark is coming off the bottom of the trunk and the bark is turning green. I know that's lichen, but is my tree in danger? I don't want to lose it, but I don't want it to fall on the house either!! Since I just discovered this issue, I intend to do some tree probing tomorrow to see how stable it is! What do you think?


Img_3135_300x300%2523 Img_3136_300x300%2523 Img_3137_300x300%2523

St. Clair County MI trees and shrubs tree diseases 7 days ago

Will Evergreen Huckleberry and Holly berry cross polinate

I have planted some evergreen huckleberry bushes (vaccinium ovatum) near a large holly bush. Do I need to worry about them cross pollinating and becoming poisonous huckleberries? I have been eating them for several years with no ill affects, but thought that I'd ask you to make sure. Thanks Randy Okimoto


King County WA 7 days ago

Arborvitae transplanting

we had technito arborvitae planted in spring 2016. I think they are too close together (about 2-2.5 feet apart). I’m wondering about transplanting every other one to give them more room to grow. Can you give me any advice about doing this or who I could hire for it. Thank you,



Hennepin County MN 7 days ago

Soil Augmentation for Shrubs and Trees

Several years ago we replaced a railroad tie retaining wall with a rock wall. In the process we removed all the existing shrubs and trees along with some soil. When the new wall was complete we filed in with top soil and then a couple inches of hemlock bark. This has been in place three years. We are now planning to plant shrubs and a couple small trees in the area. Should we do a general augmentation to all of the soil or add the appropriate nutrients to each specific plant? Attached are three photos of the site.


Img_1962_300x300%2523 Img_1963_300x300%2523 Img_3967_300x300%2523

Lane County OR horticulture landscape 7 days ago

Lawn Problems Part 2

This is my most serious problem...Have large areas of this weed in North facing backyard which is generally shady. Weed is dead or dormant so areas are now mostly bare as well as in early spring as shown in Photo 2a. Grass has died in these areas and overseeding in Spring did not help. I do cut my grass short. What weed is this? What might be the best treatment? Thanks for your help


Photo_2_300x300%2523 Photo_2a_300x300%2523

Howard County MD lawn weed identification 7 days ago

elderberry prunning?

I have elderberry bush's along my fence line I know I'll never get rid of them but do they grow like lilacs with shoots coming up and if so can I cut those off. i'll


Rice County MN 7 days ago

Lawn Problems Part 1

Have this weed growing between houses in generally shady area. Normal grass has died in this area. I do cut my grass short. Photo 1 and 1a taken today just after mowing. What weed is this? What treatment might be best?


Photo_1_300x300%2523 Photo_1a_300x300%2523

Howard County MD crabgrass lawn weed identification 7 days ago


What plants can I plant near or around my Hostas to help deter deer from having their meal? I tried moth balls and they worked ok but I had to replenish them frequently.. Any suggestions> Thank You Dennis... GO GREEN.........Literally.............


Oakland County MI deer management 7 days ago

Fall lawn seeding

I called your hot line and didn’t get an answer but I am trying to find out if it is too late to have my yard hydroseeded. It is graded and raked and ready to go but I am getting conflicting advice about planting now. We live in Fort Gratiot mi about 2 blocks from Lake Huron.


St. Clair County MI lawns and turf 7 days ago

Time to Plant Red Raspberries

I'm digging out an 18 year old bed of Heritage Red Raspberry plants. I've ordered new plants to plant next spring, and I need to tell the grower when I want them shipped. Can you please tell me when the best time to plant them is. I'm in Grand Junction, Colorado (81505).

Thank you.


Mesa County CO 7 days ago

Iron fixing microbes

I have a single family home on approximately .5 acre of land in the Dunloggin section of Ellicott City. The house is connected to county drinking water & sewer service. The home & driveway are set into a hillside, with the house to the right of the driveway. At the top of the driveway, I constructed a retaining wall 30 years ago. A 4 inch plastic pipe pierces the retaining wall and drains the uphill portion of my land onto the driveway. Until this summer, the discharged groundwater was clear. Sometime during August, 2018 the groundwater began carrying a red-brown sediment and the water had an oily sheen. I contacted Howard County Bureau of Environmental Services and one of their employees examined the discharge in person. He identified the problem as being caused by iron fixing microbes that create iron floc and an oily film. I have several questions: Is there any doubt of his diagnosis? If any doubt, where could I have the soil and/or the discharge tested? Is there any way to neutralize the microbes causing this problem? I have extensive landscaping on the land uphill from the retaining wall. Can this microbe cause any problem with these plantings?


Howard County MD 7 days ago

Mailing home canned foods

Hi, just wondering if there really is any safe way to mail home canned foods? I have made an assortment of fruit items and canned them in a water bath canner - using all verified recipes and adjusting boiling time for my altitude. I want to mail some to my friend, but as she lives in Alaska I'm sure the mail will be taken in on a plane and that seems like a lot of pressure change. I intend to put each jar in a ziplock, wrap it in bubble wrap, lable the box "fragile", etc, but my main concern is that the seal will open in the process of changing pressure. Or it will open and re-seal as the plane goes up and then down. I know planes are pressurized, but maybe not the cargo hold? Or even if it is pressurized, I think they pressurize the cabin as if you were at 7,000ft or something (don't know that for sure). I canned my food at 3,000 ft, so that's still a big change. Let me know what you think, or if there is any actually research done on this. Thanks!


Deschutes County OR home food preservation food safety 7 days ago

Is this Nettle?

This was one of the first plants to green up after the snow melted and I want to eat new nettle plants once I identify it correctly .I know it has a few different leaf shapes. The leaves are opposing. The hairs on the stalk and leaves are relatively stiff although they didn't give me a rash. If this isn't nettle do you have any photos of the correct plant found in the interior? The older leaves would do well in my compost but eating the young leaves is my intention. I want to transplant some to my garden Thank you.



Matanuska-Susitna Borough AK plant identification 7 days ago

Best cover crop for small interior garden

Hi, I have a cabin in a valley near the Indian River in the Susitna drainage. With a few raised beds and two new Hugelkultur mounds, I'm wondering what cover crops are best for both undercropping my rhubarb and other starts. For the Hugelkultur mounds, I want to tap into the logs and leaves I buried . Any thoughts? Thank you.


Matanuska-Susitna Borough AK cover crops 7 days ago

Spaghetti Sauce

I canned spaghetti sauce and am now afraid to use it. I roasted plum tomatoes, some garlic and onion until cooked. I pureed it, added some Ball spaghetti seasoning, sugar and beef boullion, boiled it down, packed it in hot jars and put it water bath for about 65 minutes. The jars sealed fine. I didn't use lemon juice or additional citric acid (some was in the spaghetti sauce seasoning though). Everything I read is scaring me and making me think I need to toss the 5 pints of sauce. Is it safe to eat? Is there a way to know if it is safe to eat?


Montgomery County MD home food preservation 7 days ago

Dying Rhodos

We purchased our home about 2 years ago with existing plantings. The Rhododendrens didn't look very healthy last spring and I gave them some Hollytone and mulched with shredded pine bark. I recently had a soil test done including all my garden beds which showed a ph of 7.3 with excessive amounts of potassium, magnesium, & calcium. The recommendation was to apply 1 cup ground sulfur per sq yard. As you can see from the photo leaves are yellowing and dropping off with limbs dying back. I also think they were planted too deep - I know Rhodos don't like wet roots. I have a tree service coming to remove other plantings. Should I have these removed too or can they be saved? Most of my garden beds would like it more acid. Should I apply the sulfur in the rate recommended throughout the garden beds in the Fall? Reapply in the Spring?



Montgomery County MD rhododendrons shrub yellowing 7 days ago

Is it too late to apply nematodes to the lawn to fight Japanese Beetles?

Hi! It already getting cold now by mid-October in the Twin Cities and I received a pacakage of nematodes this week to apply to my lawn for fighting Japanese beetles. I think there may have been a frost last night. Does it pay to apply them anymore? Should we wait until it warms up a few degrees closer to 50s next week? Also, should we wear gloves when using a sprayer for nematodes to protect our skin? Please advise. Thank you!


Hennepin County MN nematodes 7 days ago

Arborvitae varieties

Hi I am in need of expert to help identify a certain type/variety of a arborvitae . I have been in need for a couple years now for identification of a certain type of arborvitae. It always seems to be around 30 foot tall with a width of around 5-7ft , the top seems to be more rounded rather then pointed with 3 main branches/trunks branching out from 1 main trunk . Can you please be so kind to view the photos below to help identify what variety this arborvitae may be ? There are many different variities out there and I am in hopes you may be able to help identify so I can finally make my purchase and finally get them planted and growing! Thanks in advance!


E3ad7fa2-c722-486d-b976-64712c1d29a6_300x300%2523 7548000c-4abc-4500-82b8-fd28f983d8bc_300x300%2523 5bd69cd9-80b9-40b0-9fb4-6cc9c41bda3b_300x300%2523

MI 7 days ago

Watering New Sod

Hi, A couple of weeks ago we had new sod installed in our backyard -- Fescue. It's predominantly shady, with spotty sun, but the sun is increasing gradually as the leaves fall. I've been following the recommended watering schedules, which has been daily watering for 30-45 minutes daily, usually in the morning. (I can't split it into multiple sessions because of my work schedule.) Yet the lawn has felt squishy and spongy, and I have a sense that I'm overwatering. There hasn't been much yellowing of the blades, but I've seen some very isolated yellowing. The soil below the turf is definitely wet, going down several inches. When I pick up a corner of sod pieces, I can see some root development, but it's hard to tell if any areas have started to truly knit their roots into the soil. I've begun to cut back to 15 to 20 minutes of watering daily, and I've considered watering every other day. I read the article on this website about watering, but it didn't cover newly laid sod. Any advice would be welcome. Steve Frandzel Corvallis


Benton County OR lawns and turf laying sod lawn irrigation 7 days ago

Turf Fertilization & maintenance

I did a U of DE soil test which showed the ph on my lawn is 7.6 with excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium. The instruction was to apply 3 lbs 35-0-5 per 1000 sq ft. Should I also add aluminium sulfate? If so, how much for 1,500 sq ft. Can we fertilize, adjust ph, & overseed at the same time? I should also say that we purchased our 1985 home in Rockville about 2 years ago. The previous (& only) owners had a lawn service contract for everything but it is doubtful whether either the owners or the lawn service ever did a soil test.


Montgomery County MD lawns and turf soil ph soil testing 7 days ago

What kind of bug is this?

We had bed bugs two years ago and both reacted very severely. We have recently found these little guys in our bed slats but haven’t been bitten. They look less like a bed bug than I remember I just want some peace of mind.



Kings County NY 7 days ago




Ottawa County MI 7 days ago

Should I be liming my lawn?

Hello, I live in SW Portland and I moved into a house in 2016 that was built in 2012. It has a small backyard lawn that I have been trying to take care of. The previous owners had two large dogs that really left some large bare spots. I have been working hard to get it into shape. I try to weed and feed the lawn twice a year. I also overseed the bare spots in the early Fall and it worked well. Over last winter, I noticed the many areas of the lawn started to thin out and moss developed. I used a product to get rid of the moss in the spring of this year and it worked pretty well. I was wondering if having moss was an indicator of having acidic soil? Should I lime my lawn? If so, what product could I use? I do not have a soil pH device. Thanks! Bill


Multnomah County OR lawns and turf 8 days ago

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