timing for yellow jacket nest placement

i want to have my traps out early enough to capture the queens. i live in the hood river valley. i've seen honey bees grazing blossoms in my yard. Is this too early? The bait is expensive and the directions say it is only good for two weeks so i want to use it as efficiently as possible


Hood River County Oregon 9 days ago

Stink Bugs

I have lived Lexington for the past 10 years, and have never had a problem here, or anywhere in the U. S. or overseas. During the past 10 months, Stink Bugs have been invading my house. The smell is horrible. Every day during the warm months, several can be found on the floor, sinks, walls. Even during this very cold weather, I find a few every week. I made the mistake of squashing the first one, but now trap them with an upside down clear plastic cup and a piece of cardboard and flush down the toilet.

Is there any way to rid these stinkers from my house?

Thank you,

Ann Spanier


Fayette County Kentucky fayette county kentucky horticulture stink bugs 9 days ago

Land Slippage

My parents live on a hill on Lake Williamstown in Williamstown, KY. On March 10, 2018 they noticed that their land on the hill is literally slipping away or sinking. I have attached a picture for reference. We have no idea what this is or who to contact to ask for help. We would be grateful for any help you can give us with this . Jeanie Baker



Grant County Kentucky agriculture grant county kentucky landslide 9 days ago

Adding nitrogen to garden soil

We have been using a no-til gardening method for about 5 years using a 3 to 5" layer of wood chips over the garden surface. Good results in the first 4 years but last year plants failed to thrive. A soil test (King County's cooperative extension service) revealed low nitrogen (7) and low ph (6.2). Evidently the wood chips had gradually worked into the soil. We are now planning to rake off the top layer of mulch to work the recommended additives - blood meal, gypsum and lime - into the soil before replacing the wood mulch. I am planning to use aged chicken compost for extra insurance when planting. Is this the correct way to proceed? Any other suggestions? Thank you


King County Washington 9 days ago

box elder bus out of control

Every Spring and Fall the south side of my house is covered with box elder bugs. They are getting into my house. I must have caught 10-12 inside of my house over the last 2 weeks..



St. Clair County Michigan 9 days ago

Lacebugs on Elm Trees

Our Elm trees (3) were treated for Lacebugs on 8/11/17. The tree care company used a soil injection insecticide. My question is whether we will need to re-treat the trees again this Spring or Summer? Or, after the treatment, what is the likelihood they will return this summer? Thank you for your help. PK


Harris County Texas 9 days ago

Aquaponics course

Does University of Maryland offer any Aquaponics or Hydroponics courses ?


Howard County Maryland 9 days ago

trimming a weeping japanese maple

I have a mature weeping Japanese Maple (I think it's referred to as a "Laceleaf"). Unfortunately, it was neglected for several years and desperately needs trimming. 2 questions: 1) I read that it's not good to trim in the spring because sap will run from branches. Is that a problem? 2) I also read that when trimming a tree, I should wipe tools with alcohol wipes in between cuts (to prevent any disease). Is that a good idea? THANKS.


Japanese_maple_300x300%2523 Japanese_maple_close_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland japanese maple tree pruning 9 days ago

Suggestions for Small Tree or large shrub

I live in Highlands Ranch where the soil is for the most part clay. I would like to put in a small tree or medium sized shrub or shrubs outside my south facing dining room window --- the heat get quite intense on this side of the house with direct sun for most of the day. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!


Douglas County Colorado 9 days ago


When is last frost for clare, mi


Isabella County Michigan 9 days ago

stink bugs

We have a ton of those fake lady bugs/ stink bugs. is there any thing that will keep them away?


Franklin County Vermont 9 days ago

Wilt in my soil

Is there something I can use to treat my garden soil to get wilt out of it? Last year all of my tomatoe plants died overnight. I appreciate any help you can give me. Teresa acton


Kentucky 9 days ago

lawn algae

Hello. I have a patch of this 'algae' in an area (10' x 30') of my yard that used to be, I'm guessing, a graveled parking area for a boat. This stuff is like hitting a patch of slimy ice. My local adviser at Thompson's Nursery says it is an algae, that she has had problems with it, and has spoken with you folks about it and suggested contacting to see if there was anything new and approved for control of this lovely. Photo attached. Thanks Mark



Lincoln County Oregon 9 days ago

Name of plant

Received this plant at my mother's funeral. Would like to know the name of this plant and how to care for it so it flourishes and gross beautiful. Thank you Gary.


Img_20180113_095049682_hdr_300x300%2523 Img_20180113_095038506_hdr_300x300%2523 Img_20180113_095027554_hdr_300x300%2523

Scott County Minnesota plant identification indoor plants radermachera sinica 9 days ago

Is now the time for corn gluten?

I see that the forsythia are blooming but it seems to be colder than usual so I can't imagine the soil is yet at 55 degrees if outside temperature is not. When would you say ideal date will be this year for Silver Spring - in 2018. Thanking you in advance for your guidance.


Montgomery County Maryland weeds lawn corn gluten 9 days ago

Orange and Black Striped Oak Caterpillars

3-4 years ago a Willow Oak (10 " diameter) in our yard was infested in late summer with Orange and Black Striped Oak Caterpillars. They were identified through Cooperative Extension, a picture is attached. I had never seen them before this and have resided here for 25+ years. Am I correct that the general advice is that they do not cause lasting damage and do not require treatment? They have defoliated about 40-50% of the leaves of the Willow Oak annually since they arrived, and for the last 2 summers have done the same thing to a Pin Oak (15" diameter) about 100 yards away at the opposite end of our lot. The Pin Oak has lost some of the lower branches, though I am not certain that this caterpillar is the cause. Is there any environmentally safe prevention we could use such as a dormant oil spray? 50 feet from the Pin Oak there is a 5' Wye Oak Sapling planted 4 years ago. Any suggestions on protecting it from infestation? Is it more at risk for damage or loss because of size/ age? Thank you John



Frederick County Maryland trees pest insects and mites 9 days ago

Pruning white pines

Will cutting the tops off my tall white pines damage the health of the trees? My neighbor wants them trimmed so they can’t fall on her house.



Howard County Maryland pines trees topping 9 days ago

Bees in city limits

Are there any law about keeping need in Nashville city limit


Williamson County Tennessee 9 days ago

Organic wood preservative for posts?

I have a 4x4 cedar post which I am going to use to mount a large birdhouse. Is there any type of safe non toxic wood preservative I could use on the portion in the ground so it will last longer? I purchased the cedar post instead of a typical treated 4x4 to be more environmentally safe. Thank you John


Frederick County Maryland miscellaneous wood preservative 9 days ago

Fruit plants

You advertise fruit plants in local paper when can I order them pay for them what kind


Breathitt County Kentucky agriculture breathitt county kentucky fruit 10 days ago

Ornamental Grass Maintenance

I have a couple of questions about the long term care of Calamagrostis acutiflora "Karl Foerster" feather grass. The center of the grass has died out. Based on Plantalk #1068 it appears this is an indicator that the plant needs to be divided. Does this happen faster if the growth is limited by landscape fabric or is it based on age? Is the center dying accelerated by more or less water? Can I excavate the plant, remove dead sections and compress remaining healthy roots into one bunch to maintain plant size and replant or do the divisions need to be smaller? Since this is a cool season grass I assume it should be divided in the Fall but can it survive an early spring division done in March? Can I use a post hole digger and take out the center of the plant and replace with new soil? I have a group of about 30 plants that are 9 years old. Some are doing excellent but many are dying in the center. Looking for help to know how to maintain all of them at the same size and health. thanks


Douglas County Colorado 10 days ago

Evergreen shrubs to plant under oaks

Are there any evergreen shrubs I can plant within a large oak tree's dripline to provide screening from a moderately busy through street?


Wayne County Michigan trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Purple Autumn Ash Tree

I used a product called Tenacity to kill the broad leaf grass in my yard. It was recommended by a Landscaper. My Ash tree is set in 1 1/2" gravel and flower bed. The grass is 15' from the base of the tree. The Tenacity got into the roots of the tree on the North side and literally killed about 60% of the leaves. Some of the leaves started to come back very weak before winter set in. My question is will I lose the tree come spring or is there something I can do to keep it alive. I have been watering it all winter.
Thank you, Joe Gold I have heard the manufacture has since said to stop using the product.


Boulder County Colorado 10 days ago

moss control in strawberry bed

Would it hurt strawberries to use moss control fertilizer in the strawberry bed, or very close to the strawberry plants?


Lane County Oregon strawberries horticulture moss 10 days ago

Iris naturalized

I'm newly transplanted to Lafayette from So. Calif. I have inherited some naturalized
iris plants. When do I fertilize them?


Boulder County Colorado 10 days ago

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