What is this bug?

Good Morning,

We are experiencing lots of new bugs around our house this fall.

They are about a third the size of a mature Boxelder bug and similar in appearance. We have always seen Boxelder bugs here in Grand Junction around this time of year.

These new bugs are small enough to get around the screens and are in most of the windows of our house. They have a distinctive odor if disturbed. I've been using the vacuum to collect them in the house.
Are they something we need to worry about? Are they laying eggs in the house? Is there a good way to get rid of them?

Thank you.
Pete Woodbury



Mesa County Colorado 11 days ago


Can blackberries be easily transplanted? I have a homeowner whose blackberries have gotten away from her and spread to areas that overtake a walkway and deck. She likes the blackberries, so I'd like to move them to a more appropriate location. When should I move them, now or wait till spring? Thank you!


Harford County Maryland fruit blackberries transplanting brambles 11 days ago

English Walnuts

We moved to a new house this spring and were excited to find we had three English Walnut trees. We've harvested them all and have been cracking them, but I've noticed some of them have a slight fuzz on the outside of the nut meat, inside the shell. I assume this is mold and I should throw these out. My question is what if I miss some? Is there something I can do to assure I get rid of any that may be on them? Should I be soaking and dehydrating them? What's the best way to store them? Thank you!


Lenawee County Michigan 11 days ago

Mystery Tree

We came across this blossom on a tree yesterday. The leaves resemble elderberry leaves. The base of the tree has many trunks. It is on the edge of the woods but could be an “escaped” domestic/ornamental...Any idea what it could be?


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Clackamas County Oregon 11 days ago

Praying Mantis ootheca on Butterfly bushes that I want to prune back

Thank you for your help. I have three butterfly bushes of unknown age, but they are not young. I keep them to help pollinators (bees and butterflies are my faves). I always find praying mantises living in them, and this year have 3-4 ootheca that I would like to keep healthy and happy until spring. I do understand that it is important to keep each ootheca oriented upright for proper development.

I have been told that I should have already pruned the bushes down to 18" from the ground this season. It will not work to leave only the branches with the ootheca on them on the bushes as my community's grounds crew is certain to cut them down when I am not home.

Would the ootheca be kept safely enough if I cut off all the branches and keep the ootheca-ed branches upright outside through the winter?

Thank you, KLS


Howard County Maryland wildlife praying mantis praying mantis egg case butterfly bushes with ootheca saving praying mantis egg case beneficial insects and pollinators 11 days ago


what ginseng plant is found in Northeast mississippi


Mississippi 11 days ago


What can you do with horses you can no longer take care of


Story County Iowa 11 days ago

dried food

Our farm grows and sells dried beans, complying with all agricultural regulations. One of our markets is holding a holiday bazaar this year. How can we legally sell a dried bean soup mix? All ingredients would be dry - the beans, pasta, onions, celery, garlic and spices. What labeling is required?


Yamhill County Oregon food entrepreneurship 11 days ago

when to harvest brussels sprouts

Hi. I live in St Louis Park and still have 6 lovely Brussels sprouts plants in my garden. The leaves have wilted but the sprouts still look great. I was planning on leaving them in the ground until Thanksgiving week, then harvesting them to cook for Thanksgiving day. I know it is supposed to get quite cold on Friday night (low of about 10 degrees). We are going out of town on Sat Nov 11 for a week. Should I harvest them before I leave? If so, what is best way to keep them, leave sprouts attached to the stalk or remove? Put stalks or sprouts in fridge, put in unheated garage? Thanks for your help!


Hennepin County Minnesota 11 days ago

Is this powdery mildew on my peony plant?

If it is powdery mildew, what can I do to control it? It's on the stems and leaves. The plant will still flower.



Isabella County Michigan powdery mildew 11 days ago


Can you tell me what is wrong with my plant? It has new growth, but then the tips of the leaves turn brown. Is it salvageable? Thank you, Gina


Img_0966_300x300%2523 Img_0967_300x300%2523

Douglas County Colorado houseplants 11 days ago

Elephant ears

This season we moved some elephant ears from their containers and planted them in ground. They responded beautifully, and are quite large now. Should we wait until frost to bring them in or get them inn prior to frost? Should we put them in containers over winter, or should we separate the bulbs and dry them out over winter? What about the foliage if we put them in containers? I'd like your best practice recommendations as a horticulturist, and any links to information that may help me out as well. As always I thank you and appreciate your advice.


Harford County Maryland bulbs elephant ears overwintering elephant ers flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 11 days ago

Hen of the woods?

These are growing on a fallen down rotting Oak. Are these Hen of the Woods?


Img_0178_300x300%2523 Img_0180_300x300%2523 Img_0179_300x300%2523

McHenry County Illinois 11 days ago

what is this plant/weed please?

it has spikes on leaves too


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Outside United States 11 days ago

My Amaryllis from last winter stayed green all summer, just now drying and...

My Amaryllis from last winter stayed green all summer, just now drying and going dormant. How long must they remain dormant before I start to water and grow again?


Ramsey County Minnesota 12 days ago

Cut Fig Tree?

This fig tree has been in Pigtown for some years in our .007 acre backyard. For years we annually cut it very short, then we left longer stalks. Last year we did not cut it back, and this year we had a fantastic crop. It is about 9 feet tall, and the pictured buds may be the only ones that did not fruit. Should we continue to not cut it back? If it keeps growing we may not be able to reach the fruit to harvest it or grow much else in the fig tree's shade. Thank you for your assistance.


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Baltimore Maryland fruit figs fig finally fruiting pruning figs 12 days ago

Pest identification

Hello - I have container flower plants on the balcony of my 14 floor apartment. Since mid summer, I’ve noticed the same type of pest in and around my potted plants. Please help in identifying.


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Hudson County New Jersey insect identification western conifer seed bug 12 days ago

what types of leaves are good mulch for south & west facing rose beds?

Hi, I have many types of bagged leaves, not aged, though. Have two long rose beds of crappy soil, although good drainage, since they're up against the house with gravel below (I hope). Are there certain leaves that would chemically be a nice match for roses? I'm not going to shred them. Therefore, I wonder if the small red leaves are good. I think they're maple, about 2" by 2", and kind of shield shaped. I also have oak leaves on hand, ash, and middle sized maple leaves. Thank you.


Benton County Oregon horticulture 12 days ago

fall weed treatment

Hello - Would spraying my weeds (knotweed and crabgrass) do any good this time of year when the ground is almost frozen? 8 Nov. 2017.


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture weed control 12 days ago

pecan trees

Is growing a pecan tree feasible in PG county? I would love to have one, having grown up with them in Alabama.


Prince George's County Maryland fruit plant care pecan trees in maryland pecan viability 12 days ago

Wintering strawberries

If during the day the temperature gets anywhere from 40 to 45 and at night it gets down into 26 to 30 should there be cover. They went from a break green to a dull green and a little bit of red / rust color


Anoka County Minnesota overwintering strawberries winter care of perennials horticulture 12 days ago

Cover strawberry

What if the temperature gets 40 45 degrees during the day but freezes at night should they be covered or no..strawberry plants plant went ed bright green to a dull green and a red color or rust.


Anoka County Minnesota 12 days ago

sedum slump

my sedum plants no longer remain upright this year. They are a beautiful color but have flopped out from the middle. Some of last years stems are noticable. Do I need to remove more growth from the previous year next spring? cut them now to the ground? More fertilizer? more or less water? We have clay soil


Blue Earth County Minnesota 12 days ago

Planting this late

I have just received many many bulbs and plants that were ordered in aug/sept. They were dekivered yesterday and today. Yes, i have been in touch with brecks. Can they be saved? Overwintered in any way. Should i chop through the dirt? I am 30 miles n of Brainerd, the ground is frozen. I need help! Can i store them until spring? Any help would be great. I must have at least 150 bulbs/plants. I already also left a voicemail. Thank you. Beth Blomquist (


Hennepin County Minnesota 12 days ago

Master gardener program

i would like to take the master gardener program. when is it available, times, costs, prerequisites, requirements, and the like


Scott County Kentucky scott county kentucky horticulture master gardener program 12 days ago

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