When is the best time to dig up Iris's? Mine have become very dense and clumped together and probably too deep. I would like to dig them up, separate, trim and replant. Fall or spring?


Baltimore County Maryland flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials plant care 4 days ago

moscow lilac bush

my moscow lilac is about 6-7 years old. it is very healthy looking leaves are green all over, about 7 ft height, about 5 ft wide, nice shape, about 15ft in front of pine trees,it gets about 60-40 sun in spring 50-50 sun in summer My question it has NEVER produce flowers!! WHATS wrong ?? thank you Harry


Richland County Ohio 4 days ago

Please let me know what is destroying my beautiful bushes and how I can...

Please let me know what is destroying my beautiful bushes and how I can eliminate the pest. Thanks very much!!!


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Oceana County Michigan trees and shrubs insect issues gardening sustainable gardening and landscaping 4 days ago



I have these black pellet mounds spreading in my rock garden. I've had two exterminators out with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?



Livingston County Michigan gardening 4 days ago

Specifications for compost bin

We currently have three compost bins, rounds of field fencing, which work pretty well with rotation. We would like to make the 1st bin rat-proof, and assume the other two are not as critical because by the time I flip compost into them, the attraction for rats will be gone. We intend to use 1/2" mesh galvanized wire, stainless steel staples, and treated 2 X 4 wood frames, with a removable top of the same material, 4 X 4 X 4. Is a "bottom" panel essential? Does this meet your recommendations? Thanks!


Lane County Oregon compost 4 days ago


What plants/ trees can I plant under or near a black walnut tree?


Hennepin County Minnesota black walnut tree 4 days ago

Sick young maple tree

Hello, help please, I have some young blaze autumn maple trees (maybe 10 yrs old). The bark seems to be peeling, and now it seems that a fungus has started to grow on the tree. Are these signs of of a dying tree. The canopy still looks fairly good. Can this be treated with something,and or should the trunk be rapped? Thank you for your help, Paul


15372067042361417980909_300x300%2523 1537206722287-220942868_300x300%2523

Isanti County Minnesota tree health wood rotting fungi 4 days ago

A very strange bug/insect? I came across

I tried without success to identify this weird looking bug/insect or other form of life. I went through all sorts of websites and could find nothing like this. Please see attached photograph. I would appreciate any help in identification. I only saw it once.


_untitled__(24)_300x300%2523 Strange_insect_or_bug_jpg_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland 4 days ago

Doug Fir health/woodpecker

Hi, We have two very large Doug fir trees in front of our house and recently noticed a woodpecker damaging the trunk near the base of the south facing tree. I have included pictures of the trees and the woodpecker damage, wondering if this is a sign of disease or just poor health in this tree. Last year we added mulch to the area and I worry it didn’t let the roots of this tree breathe, is this a possibility for the cause of the issue and if so what can we do to help the tree?


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Multnomah County Oregon 4 days ago

what killed my Monarch chrysalis

Hi Entomologist, I am trying to raise Monarch butterflies and had my last 16 chrysalises destroyed by a gnat sized flying bug that came around the last 6 weeks or so and want to know what they are and how to prevent them from doing it in the future. I even built a screened shelter for the caterpillars to make sure the tachnid flies didn't get them since I had that problem earlier in the summer, but these are much different. The tachnid fly maggots were bigger and they put in about 3 maggots per caterpillar. These are much smaller and I saw one bug coming out of a bored hole in the chrysalis yesterday (see photos attached). I thought it was an ant until I saw it's wings after it fully broke through. Some chrysalises have holes drilled all the way through so it is possible to see daylight through them. Please let me know if you can help ID these nasty little demons. They are really a problem. I didn't find anything online about these. Other incidental information: they seem to swarm around the chrysalis especially when they first turn from the caterpillar into the chrysalis; I even think I saw these winged (adult?) bugs emerge from the caterpillar as it changed into the chrysalis (2 minute or so unzipping of the last skin) as though adult flies were actually living inside the caterpillar before it turned into a chrysalis Thank you for your expertise. I eagerly await your insight, John Kroll a troubled Monarch enthusiast (651-295-9985)


091718_jkroll_chrysalis_wideview_300x300%2523 091718_jkroll_maggots_closeup_300x300%2523 091718_jkroll_wingedbug_closeupii_300x300%2523

Anoka County Minnesota 4 days ago

myrtle spurge eradication

what is best way to get rid of myrtle spurge?


Denver County Colorado 4 days ago


Morning. We have had occasional issues with springtails. Since we will be moving shortly, I was curious as to whether we should be concerned about the potential of springtails finding their way into our moving boxes and then moving with us to our new home. Is this something we should be concerned about? Thank you. Paul and Betsy


Hennepin County Minnesota 4 days ago

Tomatoes_late season watering

Now that we are getting some rain and tomatoes are slowing down, should we keep watering them or let them ripen with the weather


Multnomah County Oregon 4 days ago

Two tone Tomatoes

What may be causing the stripes on my tomatoes. The variety is Jetstar and they did not have stripes the first half of the season.



Ramsey County Minnesota tomato problem tomato ripen 4 days ago

Selecting a Juniper for Deer Resistant Screening in Catonsville, less than 20 ft tall

From on-line info, looks like the Spartan Juniper would result in best result, with tight, dense foliage for a more formal appearance. However, Valley View Farm says they haven't had Spartan in stock in couple of years. Sun Nursery says Spartan doesn't do well in Maryland, and they don't carry it. What's going on with Spartan Juniper? Why so hard to find? Is it a poor choice for Maryland? If I rule out Spartan, then it looks like Blue Point Juniper may be the way to go, since it more readily available and almost as dense. Any advise on this?


Baltimore County Maryland screening plants junipers 4 days ago

What beehive destroyed in 1960

My dad burned down a beehive at behest of my Mundy township in1960. Were mites an issue? Testing available in area? Pesticides? Wonder if you have expert in bee history 1950-65? Thank you


Michigan pollinators 4 days ago

plains cottonwood tree branch tips falling off

Why are so many tips of our two big plains cottonwoods falling off. My neighbor says it may be the drought or squirrels sharpening their teeth on the ends of the branches. What do you think? Is it a problem or just normal?


Larimer County Colorado 4 days ago

My ash tree

I am including a couple of photos of the base of my Mountain Ash tree. Can you tell me what this is and if there is a remedy or special care I need to give it. Thanks, Denise Hazzard


Img_0443_300x300%2523 Img_0445_300x300%2523

Weld County Colorado 4 days ago

ash tree question

I have what is called flowering gall on my ash tree; also was told I have ash leaf curler before I was told it was gall. Have had regular tree sprays by Swingles. Will this impact health of tree? Will it impact future leaf growth? The gall "balls" are unsightly --will they fall with cold weather, snow? We had tree pruned in winter and I wonder if this made the tree more susceptible to gall, curler? Will I get gall again?

Thank you.


Denver County Colorado 4 days ago


This summer my Maples had 6 inch strips of bark laying on the ground around rhe base of the tree. The trees now show signs of die off of the leaves at the tops of the trees Any idea what's going on?


Herkimer County New York 4 days ago

soil test kit availability

Hello, can I still pick up or order a soil test kit in El Paso County? I want information about the soil under a large Juniper tree -- its hard to grow anything there. I hope a soil test will alert me to any amendents I can use this fall that will help with planting next spring.
Thank you,
Joan Zales
cell: 719 237-9582


El Paso County Colorado 4 days ago

I am in Hamilton county and am interested in planting a small wheat plot for...

I am in Hamilton county and am interested in planting a small wheat plot for personal use. I am having a hard time finding information on the appropriate variety to plant in this region. If anyone could tell me the right variety to plant and where to purchase seed that would be very helpful!


Ohio 4 days ago

is this weed or ornamental plant?

Just saw about 6 of them in my garden. They are slightly woody, ( nto soft but stiffer branching) and has some tiny pinkish violet flowers If weed, I have to pull them out ASAP Thanks for y our help



Calvert County Maryland weeds pink flowering weed common lespedeza flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 4 days ago

dragonfly swarm

Hello, Saturday there was a swarm of dragonflies flying and feeding down the entire block above my street. I have been living in the same house in Golden Valley, MN for 30 years and have never seen this before. This is not a concern because I love dragonflies and appreciate that they are beneficial insects. I’m just wondering why this is happening. Why this year? Nothing has changed on my street. I would really appreciate it if you can give me an idea why this is happening. Thank you, George Peters


Hennepin County Minnesota 4 days ago

Hydrangea Lime Light deformed flowers

Hello, My name is Liz . I have a small landscape design and maintenance business. One of my clients has some issues with their Lime Light Hydrangeas. They did not bloom on schedule. Usually, its late July/early August. There are some flowers now but they look different.

I've pruned them early spring, in April, for the past 4 years. There are about 10 of them, in a part-shade location. The one located in the most sun has some normal flowers and some deformed flowers.

I've also noticed more and more dead wood, each season, when I've come to prune, as well as some roots becoming exposed, on top of soil.

Have fertilized with 10-20-10 garden fertilizer, in the spring. Have added dirt, in the past, when I see roots coming up to surface. I'm not sure if that has helped much. Maybe there is some annual frost-heave going on there? There is bark mulch down. No barriers under mulch. Client has a hose/drip irrigation system around plants.

I've been advised to hold off pruning for a season and add a slow-release fertilizer, instead. Any ideas as to why flowers are deformed? Leaves look healthy.

Not sure if this is a disease, insect problem or a soil issue. Maybe they are getting too much shade from overhead trees?

Thank you for your time,


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Dakota County Minnesota 4 days ago

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