Slice seeding a lawn in the fall

When is it too late in the fall to seed a lawn?


Ingham County MI 6 days ago

Two Norfolk pinned

What do I do when two Norfolk lines are growing in the same pot


MD houseplants plant care 6 days ago

Spider ID

We found a spider like the one in the attached photo, with three brown “dashes” on its abdomen. This photo from the internet was labeled “unidentified”



Clackamas County OR spider identification 6 days ago

Controlling Canada Thistle

These plants have emerged on the part of the lawn where topsoil was spread after reconstructing the leech field for our new septic system. Best way to eradicate them?


Chittenden County VT 6 days ago

Odd Grass Patches in my Yard

Hello, I have a very nice, well-kept, irrigated lawn. But I have 3 or 4 odd patches of grass (maybe weed). For the last few years, they have gotten bigger, and I've gotten more of them. It looks a lot like regular grass, however, stays much shorter in length, and a different color of green. Please look at the attached photo. If you could tell me what it is, and how I could treat it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Joe



Anoka County MN horticulture lawns and turf 6 days ago

Human Medicines Versus Poultry

Can Human Medicines Be Used To Cure Poultry Diseases?


OUTSIDEUS poultry 6 days ago

new Leyland Cypress

Hello I purchased several of these and they were totally great and looked very health I had them in front of the garage for a couple days kept them watered and looked great I moved them to the side of the house until I had time to get them planted as I take care of my mother and she had several Dr. appointments and after the first day I thought hmm it looks like they got burnt and the 2nd day they looked more so but only on the side the sun hit not on the other side I moved them into the shade for the time being 2 of them had fallen over and they looked great as they didn't get nearly as much sun could it be that the sun burnt them? I have 4 more different type cypress I got at the same place before I had seen them turn brown I have kept them in the front of the house and they don't get much sun but look great. any ideas or did I waste my money here. I do not have pics right now to upload but can if you would like to see them. It is 2am when I seen you site. Thanks, Dennis


Columbiana County OH trees and shrubs 6 days ago


What kind of spider is this? I found one just like this one in my bath tub.


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Travis County TX 6 days ago


my husband found this mushroom this afternoon 10/12/18. can you tell us anything about them?



Van Buren County IA 6 days ago


when do we know the best time to harvest onions. We had WallaWalla sweets and pulled them when they started to go to seed. But they aren't very 'onion-y' tho very large. (6'' in dia)


Washington County OR onions vegetable gardening horticulture 6 days ago

Please Help Us!

My boyfriend has been struggling with an invisible itch for a year. He said it feels like microscopic bugs are crawling all over him. He only feels the itch when he is on the couch or in bed. He has no bites or rash. We can’t see any bugs. I don't feel the bugs. Our guests don't feel the bugs. Our roommate didn't feel the bugs. We think it might be something that he has an allergy to.

It started in Boulder over a year ago. He said he had dust mites. After spraying bed bug spray, he said the bugs went away. They came back a short while later. He said he accidentally reintroduced them inside. I’ve read about dust mites and asked a couple of allergists. They are rare in Colorado because of our dry climate. Is this correct?

He moved in with me in February. We live in Denver. He started feeling the bugs again in March of this year. He said it started up again after visiting with a homeless friend. We sprayed the bed bug spray. It worked for a night but the itch came back. We have thrown away at least six sets of bedding, a couch, and a rug. Sometimes he finds relief but only for a night or two. We've thoroughly dusted, vacuumed, mopped. We've steam cleaned twice. I've purchased filters that trap allergens. We've bombed with two canisters of fogger.
He wants to spray bed bug chemicals again and get rid of another couch. We’ve talked to three exterminators. They said they don’t spray for dust mites. What other microscopic bug could this be? Does bed bug spray work on all bugs? What are the side effects of this chemical?

He says the bug is persistent and spreads…that's why it keeps coming back. He has also felt the itch when we visited his family in New York and visited two separate Airbnbs in Colorado? He doesn’t feel the itch when we are camping or hiking or at friends’ houses. Could he be transferring them to some places but not others?

I am trying to be sympathetic but he has ruled out all other possibilities for the itch. He thinks the only cause could be bugs. He is mad at me because I don’t trust him when he says he used bed bug spray and got rid of them when he lived in Boulder. He said the only reason they came back is because he brought a blanket in from his shed and reintroduced them into the house. I’m mad at him for not researching other possibilities or trying to treat his anxiety. This invisible itch is doing a lot of damage to our relationship. I love him and he loves me but we are not handling this. He’s not sleeping in our bedroom because he says I transferred the bugs from the floor near the couch back up to the bed. For some reason, he feels more comfortable in the other room. This is painful.

I’ve read about so many other causes for this kind of an itch. There are so many physical and psychological causes. I know my boyfriend is afraid to think about the other causes. I am too. I think we have to have an open mind if we are to solve this problem. He doesn’t want to think about it.

I’ve read blog posts where people have a similar itch but no cause or real cure was found. He thinks going to the doctor is going to be a waste of time and money. I have read about many people going to the doctor and then the doctor had no answers. Does this mean he shouldn’t go? He wants to spray more chemicals in the house. Should I let him? I told him I wouldn’t allow more toxins to be sprayed in the house. He said that this decision is adversely affecting our relationship. He’s right.

I have not excluded the possibility of a bug of some sort. If it is a bug, I want to know which one it is and how to get rid of it. I don’t want to spray bed bug spray and cross my fingers. I have taken three samples (on masking tape). One is of the bed, one is the couch, and the other is the floor in front of the couch. Where can I send these samples to be tested? Has anyone heard of microscopic bugs that are so easily transferred to other places? Will masking tape pick up other possible causes such as allergens?

I don’t know what to do. My family and friends think he needs to see a doctor. His friends agree and believe that spraying chemicals is not a good idea. I think all of us agree that my boyfriend is very anxious at work, at home, and with me. We’ve talked about him moving into an apartment if he can’t sleep here and he’s anxious in the city. He talks about how the city makes him anxious often. He itches in my home. Now I won’t let him spray. It would seem that moving out would solve most of these issues. I don’t want him to move out. Should he move if the bugs and anxiety are in Denver and with me? Will our relationship survive if we tried living together and it didn’t work?

This summer, I hope to buy a house in a quiet neighborhood outside of Denver. My fear is that he is going to itch there too. I’m afraid he is going to say we transferred them there too.

I don’t know what to do. I need help. Can anyone help?


Denver County CO 6 days ago

Ginger jus.

Dear, I would like to make and sell ginger jus. ( ginger+sugar+water)

Do I have to add additive to preserve it?


home food preservation 6 days ago

What kind of insect is this?

I’m seeing these big in my kitchen, crawling over my pantry, on my counter tops, I’ve seen a few in my shower. They don’t seem to jump or fly.. they are very slow moving. What is it, I need to know so I can treat it. They are so small


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Allegheny County PA beetles 6 days ago

best time to plant

when is best time to plant camellias in Pacific Northwest Live on Lynnwood / Everett line


Snohomish County WA 6 days ago


can u tell me what kind of spider this is? Found on my kitchen counter



Beadle County SD 6 days ago

Type of spider

What type of spider is this, and would this spider be a good pet?


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Marion County FL 7 days ago

Huge spiders

Found more than 8 of these spiders in our pool today. What are they?? Yuck!! I can bring them by your office if you would like


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Deschutes County OR 7 days ago

How can I identify what kind of apple tree I have?

That’s pretty much what I would like to know. I have a apple tree in my yard, they good apples , sort of tart and turn full red if I leave them until October. Is there a way to know what species or name of my apples?


Ramsey County MN 7 days ago

Transplanting Pineapple

Hello expert,
A couple years ago, I started growing pineapples in Colorado Springs, but now they are starting to get big, and I'm trying to figure out if I should transplant them to a bigger pot or let them keep growing.They're in a green house in my living room, so if I transplant to a bigger pot, they won't be able to be in the green house anymore. What should I do to keep my pineapples healthy and eventually bear fruit?


El Paso County CO 7 days ago

Animal Scat

I picked up some poop in my yard last Sunday and when I went out today to do some work, there were two more little piles within a few inches of the first one. Something seems to be marking its territory. There are a couple dogs in our neighborhood but they're on leashes or in fenced yards. I wonder what critter is doing this? I've seen raccoons and foxes in our neighborhood but they've never bothered me. And I'm not particularly bothered by this mess, but I am curious to know what it is. Any thoughts?



Ramsey County MN 7 days ago

black willow trees

i live in ely Nevada and there are two black willow trees in a lot that was donated to the city one is 14'8 inches around and the other is about 29' foot at the base on the tree can you give me a estimate on how old they are


White Pine County NV 7 days ago

Mushroom certification

Do you offer another mushroom certification class or just information on foraging this time of year?


Kent County MI 7 days ago

Jasmine leaves turning bronze

Many leaves are turning red and bronze. Looks pretty but is this normal? They get plenty of sun and are in very large pots



Lewis County WA jasmine plant 7 days ago

Carrie Murphy

We have a large maple tree that has some kind of growth on it. We don't want to lose it so we need to identify what this growth is.


New Castle County DE trees and shrubs trees 7 days ago

Losing bark on my maple tree

This tree was in my yard 35 years ago when I bought the house so I don't know how old it is. It is beautiful orange/red in the fall, not sure what the proper name is. The bark is coming off the bottom of the trunk and the bark is turning green. I know that's lichen, but is my tree in danger? I don't want to lose it, but I don't want it to fall on the house either!! Since I just discovered this issue, I intend to do some tree probing tomorrow to see how stable it is! What do you think?


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St. Clair County MI trees and shrubs tree diseases 7 days ago

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