Blight or Insect Damage on Blackberry Bushes

Dear Sir or Madam, In the last week or so, I have been noticing significant discoloration of leaves on my year-old blackberry bushes. The problem started at the base of the plant, leaves initially developing some yellowish coloration, then turning grayish-purple, then dying. Photos are attached. The white spots are remaining Sevin dust (I was dealing with a Japanese beetle infestation). The plants have already developed significant numbers of berries, and these seem to be maturing as normal. There seems to be a lesser case of the same thing on the neighboring red raspberry bushes, though I also saw a bit of white film in a few of the leaves (aphids, maybe?) Any advice you can provide would be most appreciated.


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Montgomery County Maryland blackberries small fruit foliage issues 4 days ago

Phragmite control

Can you tell me what is the best way to control the ohragmites that are taking over my property by a pond. Pretty soon they will take over my lawn.


Macomb County Michigan weed issues 4 days ago

disease resistant trees

are there any disease resistant pine or spruce trees i can plant? how can i prevent my pine and spruce trees from getting diseases?


Clinton County Michigan 4 days ago

Lawn damage from possible grubs

Our lawn is irrigated (underground sprinkling) and we always "mow high," but we now have patches of dead grass. Thinking it might be grubs so read your 04/13/18 tip sheet by Terry Davis. Thinking this would not be the time of year to see the grubs when peeling back the sod. Is there a way now to actually confirm if it IS grub damage and is there something we should do now (mid-July) for grubs?


Kent County Michigan lawn grubs 4 days ago

Lilac borer?

We just had a lilac planted and mulched mid-Spring. It has been stressed since then and we just noticed in mid-July some frass underneath at the base of the shrub. We took a photo underneath and there's a small space under the bark. Is there any treatment for a potential borer at this time of year?



Montgomery County Maryland lilac shrub borer 4 days ago


What are the best fragrant rose plants for making rose water?


Hennepin County Minnesota fragrant roses 4 days ago

Tree frogs are silent!

Has there been a problem with the tree frogs in Tillamook county? I heard them early in the season, but the nights have been quiet for over a month. I really miss them?


Tillamook County Oregon amphibians tree frogs 4 days ago

Two spiders to identify

The first spider was in my basement bathroom. I’ve seen others of its kind before in the same location. Interestingly, they’ve all seemed impaired, almost like they’re drunk, with discoordinated movements, slow response times, and taking bizarre paths across the floor. I’m wondering if it might be a woodlouse spider? The second is in a web outside my patio door. I’m wondering if it’s a male black widow spider? (If it is, should I squish it? I’ve killed several female black widows in our garage and around our house in the last few years, and I don’t want my girls to inadvertently have an encounter with others, so I’d like to limit their population. I had recently been wondering what a male looks like and coincidentally I saw this guy just yesterday, after Googling male black widows, and I thought he looked a lot like some of the photos). Thanks so much for the help! Thanks so


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Jefferson County Colorado 4 days ago

Large Concentration of Poison Oak on new Public Path

Can anyone confirm this is Poison Oak? If so, who in authority can help eradicate it since it's along a new and potentially well-traveled family foot/bike path? Located East of Primrose off Barger, along the new Jessen multi-use path, along North side of path all the way to Beltline.


20180717_194222_300x300%2523 20180717_194422_300x300%2523 20180717_194156_300x300%2523

Oregon poison oak plant identification 4 days ago

Half dying Japanese lilac tree


We moved into a home in the south metro area two years ago and inherited a mature (10 year old) Japanese Lilac tree. The previous owner mentioned it would need to be replaced, but I was stubborn and wanted to keep it.

The first summer about half of it's branches appeared dead. I trimmed many of them off hoping it would recover. This last spring it showed promising signs of life, good buds, some flowers, but still the leaves were a little smaller and there were fewer flowers than the second one we have in our backyard.

Now as the weather has gotten hot, about half of the leaves appear to be wilting. I see no physical damage or pests. The yard is irrigated and the soil drains well.

Any idea what's wrong with my tree and how I might be able to save it?


Dakota County Minnesota japanese lilac trees 4 days ago

Some thing is killing my garden and shrubs. Please help.

I haven't ever had this problem before. Some of the other gardeners in Forest Grove where I live referred me to your extension service. So far it has gotten the potatoes the worst, followed by some of the tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cukes, pumpkin, royal purple beans, beets and now looks to be getting my peppers. I also have white fungus looking stuff on the leaves of one of my shrubs that is near the garden boxes. It is spread across many garden boxes on both sides of the yard. I'm hoping to get this stopped before my whole yard is dead. I have included some pictures below and have many more.


Img_0970_300x300%2523 Img_0954_300x300%2523 Img_0975_300x300%2523

Washington County Oregon disease issues plant health horticulture 4 days ago

Amazon tree boa behavior

I’ve posted before and how my tree boa wasn’t using his perches but after a few more days he started getting more used to his enclosure and using the perches. I currently have a tree which has great perches (it’s fake but very secure) and now instead of using it he has been getting inside the tree and squeezing himself in there. He’s active and everything else shows positive signs but is this normal? He has a hide but I’m not sure what this means


Jefferson County Kentucky reptile husbandry 4 days ago

Safe for Water bath canning?

Hello! I have developed a wonderful recipe for some Prickly Pear BBQ Sauce and want to know if it is safe for a water bath canning method. The recipe is as follows: 1 cup ketchup 1/2 cup Prickly Pear Syrup (which I make with 1 cup Prickly Pear Juice I make from the fruit and 1 cup sugar cooked down to syrup consistency) 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (raw organic) 2 TBSP Honey 2 TBSP Molasses (organic) 1/4 cup my own cajun seasoning which I will post below I combine all ingredients and cook until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. My cajun seasoning: 2 TBSP granulated garlic 2 TBSP granulated onion 2 TBSP dried oregano 2 TBSP dried basil 1 TBSP dried thyme 2 TBSP black pepper 2 tsp Dried Chipolte 5 TBSP Paprika 3 1/2 TBSP season salt (I combine these all and keep in a container to use per recipe) I would love to know if my BBQ is safe for a water bath. I am going to also make a Blueberry Pear Syrup this year with equal parts blueberries and pears with my steam juicer. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Lane County Oregon home food preservation food safety 4 days ago

Help identify plant

Would you know what this plant is, and if i should remove it.


20180717_202333_300x300%2523 20180717_202340_300x300%2523

Oakland County Michigan plant identification 4 days ago

Looking for a county Fair judge

Looking for a judge for Lac qui Parle county fair judge to judge grain, fruits and vegetables on September 5th 2018 at 6 pm can any body help


Lac qui Parle County Minnesota 4 days ago

Killing Jap beetle grubs

Would it be wise to attempt to get rid of our problem with jap beetle by apply a chemical to our lawn? To make things more difficult we have a dog in our yard


Hennepin County Minnesota insect management japanese beetles japanese beetle control 4 days ago

Japanese beatles

Your brochure states that carbaryl and permethrin are effective for eliminating jb. I can't find a product containing those insecticides. What product contains those two ingredients????


Ramsey County Minnesota 4 days ago

Dwarf Elegans Spruce Dying

Hello there! We built a house in Prior Lake and last fall installed our landscaping. I just noticed this Elegans Spruce which had been doing well all of a sudden is curling up and dying. This plant faces west and receives a lot of light and we have been watering well. I inspected it and only could find one yellow fuzzy caterpillar on it. The other spruce next to it seem okay. If you look at the photos, i did note where the smaller branches join a larger branch, there are darker brown areas there that appear different from the other healthy spruce. I’m wondering about a fungus maybe with the humidity we have been having and rain? Any thoughts or ideas to try? Thank u!


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Scott County Minnesota 4 days ago

poplar trees

I live in West Salem and have a few really tall (what I think are) white poplar trees. The other day I noticed several clusters of small holes in the bark. I don't know if they are diseased or if they pose a danger to my home. I was also wondering if it could be from woodpeckers. I'm hoping they won't have to be removed. Do you have someone who can take a look and help me figure out what to do?


37254324_2197842463563688_3653963089432281088_n_300x300%2523 37376096_2197843206896947_2293426147091808256_n_300x300%2523 37281001_2197843290230272_3678312684962447360_n_300x300%2523

Polk County Oregon 4 days ago

Neighbor's aspens are invading!!!

My neighbors planted aspen trees in their yard several years ago, and we've had shoots in our lawn ever since. We just mow them down, and that seemed to work for a few years, but now they're really getting out of control, and popping up everywhere! The ones in the rocks I trim down as low as I can with snippers. Is there way to get rid of them, short of asking our neighbors to kill off their trees? Maybe something I can put on the stem of each shoot after I cut it? PLEASE HELP!


Arapahoe County Colorado 4 days ago

Fruit flies and black aphids on/in our cherry trees

We have one very large cherry tree that finally produced a ton of cherries this year but after eating several, upon pitting some, I discovered tiny white worms inside most all of them. I understand they are from some type of fruit fly. We have several small cherry trees as well and have had an infestation of black aphids on all of them. Additionally, our hops have been ruined by aphids. We introduced, a bit too late, a few thousand lady bugs who have been instrumental in the fight on the aphids. Unfortunately, much damage was already done and there are still lots of aphids out there. We are wanting to know how we can organically fight these little destructors, both the fruit flies and the aphids, as I understand the fruit fly worms will drop into the ground only to come back to haunt us next season. Please help!


Deschutes County Oregon organic production horticulture 4 days ago

Pompas grass

I have a LOVE for pompas grass but I realize that it is not combatable with our zone, which is zone 4. Is there any way that I could make it compatible with our zone? Do you know who I could talk to in order for this to happen?


Hennepin County Minnesota 4 days ago

removal of low growing evergreen plant

I do not know if this ancient is juniper or cedar, low growing frond upon frond, underneaths are brown except tips. prickly. I want to successfully REMOVE it all. Advice please. I live in Montrose, CO


Montrose County Colorado 4 days ago

What is eating my bananas

Wondering what is eating my bananas and avocados. Left them out to ripen and found large chunks of them gone.. like a worm or insect had eaten it. A bunch of black dried stuff looking like seeds left right below the fruit, as if it was poop.. but It didn't look like typical mouse poop. Black stuff inside, too. I have never had mice to my knowledge.


20180717_155419_300x300%2523 20180717_155523_300x300%2523

Yakima County Washington 4 days ago

What Kind of Bug is This?

It went from the small brown shell to the large bug with the green wings. What is it? It was on a silver maple.



Hennepin County Minnesota 4 days ago

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