I have yellow jackets - should I exterminate them?

I have had yellow jackets living in my shutters for years. They aren’t aggressive and have never stung anyone. I’ve always thought they were good for my garden by getting rid of other bugs. A new neighbor keeps bees and is complaining tha “my” yellow jackets are killing her bees. Should I let her exterminate “my” “pet” yellow jackets?


Marion County Oregon insect issues yellow jackets 9 days ago

Most successful crops in Adair County

Good morning I want to start nut and fruit orchards, berry patches and vegetable garden. What fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables thrive in Adair County? Thank you! Christy


Kentucky beginning farmer adair county kentucky agriculture 9 days ago


Hello. When is the proper time to cut back established hydrangeas? Also, I have one hydrangea that has never bloomed. My other three bloom like crazy! I would appreciate any help with my questions. Thank you!


Harford County Maryland shrubs plant care pruning hydrangeas 9 days ago

Planting Garlic


Is it too late to plant garlic in a raised bed? I'm near Lapeer, MI.

Thank you!


Lapeer County Michigan vegetables 9 days ago

Fall blooms

I live in Northeastern Oklahoma and it almost mid November. My 1 year old redbud tree has several blooms on it that should be on in spring. It that a bad sign for the tree ?



Rogers County Oklahoma 9 days ago

Frozen fruit for tots

Is it safe to feed your kids frozen mango and other frozen fruits?


Oregon fruits 10 days ago

Rose Care

How do I " winter" my rose bushes? They were planted this past Spring.


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Native Wapato?

I bought this at a local native plant nursery, however it doesn't look like the broadleaf wapato I am familiar with. Is it Sagittaria latifolia?


Img_0408_300x300%2523 Img_0411_300x300%2523 Img_0413_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon plant identification native plant identification 10 days ago

identifying two insects

Hello, Can you identify these two insects? Are they native to Portland Oregon?


Img_0113_300x300%2523 Park_2017_-_4_(2)_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon insect identification 10 days ago

How to prune Hydrangea L. (Hydrangeaceae) paniculata Siebold and similar Hydrangea trees

So where do I prune the Hydrangea L. (Hydrangeaceae) paniculata Siebold tree and similar Hydrangea trees? Do I cut right beneath the faded summer bloom or deeper on the stem? What time of the year is best to prune them? Is it too late this year?


Anoka County Minnesota horticulture pruning hydrangeas 10 days ago

Buying Vegetable Seeds - Does it make a difference where you get it from

Hello, Over the years, I've been buying vegetable seeds for my garden from places like Burpee and Baker Creek. I recently ordered some seeds from MIGardener (a guy who does a lot of gardening) because they are 99 cents and pretty cheap compared to Burpee, etc. The seeds are for the 2018 year and either come from his garden or (according to the website) from small family owned seed farms around the country. My question is - does it matter where you get it from in terms of quality. Thanks!


Howard County Maryland vegetables plant care seed sources seed quality and certified dealers 10 days ago

Forage treatments

I was looking for any information on dry forage treatments that can be used for silage and hay as well as haylage I know there are several kinds but what I was looking for was information on a specific product that is in michigan I believe the brand is called Edge forage treatment but I'm not quite sure it could be named something else any information I could get would be appreciated


Michigan pastures and forages 10 days ago

Sod around pine tree

We have a 20-30' white pine. This fall we put some sod down in that area, and put it up to 6" from the tree trunk. Is that ok, or should we remove some of it around the tree trunk? If so, how close to the tree trunk should we have the sod go?


Hennepin County Minnesota white pine 10 days ago

forage feeding by feed value

I have a commercial Alfalfa business providing small square bale alfalfa/alfalfa grass mix hay to several horse owners. I was wondering if their is someone I can talk to about making recommendations on feeding rate based on the quality of the forage I am providing? For example, based on a sample analysis how much hay with a RFV of 150 would I need to feed a 1200 lb horse getting limited exercise verses hay with a 190 RFV.


Jasper County Iowa 10 days ago

Trees are dying

I have about 25 large trees which are showing signs of dying from the center. I noticed a tamarack last year having a problem but now all of them show the same problem. There are holes in the bark-like woodpecker holes but all in a row. Many rows of these per tree. The trees are mostly Douglas fir but also pine and cedar are looking similar too. A nurseryman told me after looking at pictures I showed him that it was a bore and to spray them with Spinosad which I did but only as far are I could reach. Is there any hope for these trees? What can I do to stop this bore or do you think it's something else?


Columbia County Oregon 10 days ago

Downy mildew on cheddar cauliflower

Hello, I was wondering if cheddar cauliflower was susceptible to downy mildew? Since the leaves are not tied up around cheddar cauliflower while its growing, can the downy mildew spores still transfer to the head and infect it? I know white cauliflower is susceptible to downy mildew and the leaves are tied up during growth. Does the leaf tying difference between white and orange cauliflower have any effect on the spread of the disease? Thank you


Outside United States downy mildew powdery mildew 10 days ago

I plan on purchasing a whole uncooked organic turkey from a local farm on a...

I plan on purchasing a whole uncooked organic turkey from a local farm on a Tuesday and will not be able to cook it until Saturday morning.Will it be safe to keep it refrigerated in a home refrigerator for 3 days before cooking? Thank you


Montgomery County Ohio 10 days ago

Cooking ingredients vs mail time

My nephew is in the USArmy currently stationed in the middle east. To send Thanksgiving & Christmas

goodies, should I use oleo instead of butter because of longer mail times? And should cookies be crisp

instead of soft. I appreciate your experience and knowledge. Thank you.


Douglas County Colorado 10 days ago

Do you have any information about managing a pond/detention basin? We are a...

Do you have any information about managing a pond/detention basin? We are a small non-profit HOA with a pond to maintain. Issues we need to address are managing alge and geese.


Franklin County Ohio 10 days ago

What plant is this

Photos taken October 15. Plant is about 3’ tall


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Wyandotte County Kansas plant identification horticulture 10 days ago

Poinsettia pollen size

I have severe airborn poinsettia allergies. I am wondering what is the size of the pollen. I believe there might be masks that I could wear for pollen protection dependent upon the size of the pollen. Do you have any information on this topic?


Meeker County Minnesota poinsettias allergies 10 days ago

Apple and Walnut tree soil amenities

Greetings! I'm hoping to grow about 10 apple tree and a couple of walnut trees in this soil. Could you advise on what I should put in and add (organic material as well) to the soil? Thinking the Persian Walnut and Jonathan and Honeycrisp apple trees. Thoughts and recommendations?


Newaygo County Michigan 10 days ago

What is this Flower or weed

Came up in my garden the last two years. Please tell me about it. Thank you



Stearns County Minnesota 10 days ago

Wrapping trees

Hello, my next question for the experts is: should I wrap my newly planted trees? Landscaping was installed this summer. We have several aspen trees which the deer have used as scratching posts. In addition, is wrapping necessary to protect the trees from weather related damage? Online there are pros and cons to wrapping. Can you weigh in please. Thank you, Gina


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Continuing ed for farm pesticide

When is the next continuing Ed for route of pesticide lies license for farmers


Pottawattamie County Iowa 10 days ago

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