Home deck edible plants and plants to ward off mosquitoes and other pests

Hi. My deck faces true south. I am trying to grow plants in containers. I have grown jalapeños, seranos, parsley, thyme, oregano, sweet peppers, and marigolds. What else can be grown on my deck? What are good plants for warding and heading off pests. Thanks


Prince George's County MD mosquitoes pest control repellent plants 11 days ago

Jalapeño pest

Hello, what can I do to rid my jalapeño plants of that worm that’s got like white rice stuck on its back. Well not really warm it’s more like a Catapillar it easy the leaves from the plant so what can I do to prevent those creatures from coming out.thank you


Prince George's County MD vegetables peppers hornworm 12 days ago

Pleaching Trees in Minnesota

We are interested in a style of formal tree pruning called pleaching. It appears to be more common in Europe than in the United States. From what I have read, the best type of tree for pleaching is one that takes hard pruning and grows straight. European hornbeam and lime (not citrus, but tilia or basswood) seem to be common choices in Europe. What types of trees in Minnesota would be ideal for a pleached tree allee? Any thoughts or suggestions on what might work best in Minnesota would be very much appreciated. Also, are you aware of any places in the metro area where we can see an example of pleached trees? Finally, are there any sources you are aware of where we can purchase trees that are already trained in a pleaching frame? Thank you!


Ramsey County MN pleaching 12 days ago

Brown stains underneat leaf of Caucasica Laurel

Can anybody help identify this unsightly problem on the underside of the leaf on most of my Caucasica Laurel, top surface and color excellent?


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Douglas County OR horticulture 12 days ago

Freeze impacts on insects

Would prolonged freezing temperatures this winter have a positive effect on killing overwintering pests such as mosquitoes, aphids, etc.?


Baltimore MD insects miscellaneous freezing temperatures on overwintering pests 12 days ago

Hoya Carnosa Plant

I have been growing this plant from a slip i took from a friends plant (3 years ago), looks very good. What is the care and will it ever flower for me? It has grown 2 very long vines and I believe that is where the flower should come in. Help please.


Hennepin County MN 12 days ago

Identification of grass

I am wondering what this grass is— and if it is invasive.


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Middlesex County VA phragmites 12 days ago

What type of spider is this

Hi my name is sue and I live in Dubbo n.s.w. Australia
..can you tell what kind of spider is this



OUTSIDEUS 12 days ago

Strawberry cultivation as annuals

I am growing in a community garden so I am only able to grow strawberries as annual crops. I have a few questions:

First, what is the difference between "day neutral" and "everbearing" for the non-june bearing varieties?

Second, The UMD page for strawberries recommends pinching off buds before early July, and I was wondering if this advice holds if I am interested exclusively in a first-year crop? I imagine it would increase fall and next-spring production, but if I am unable to benefit from the next-spring production I was thinking it might be better to get whatever spring and early-summer production I can from the first year.

Finally, I am wondering why the particular recommended everbearing types are recommended in small fruit pamphlet HG68. Why Tristar/Tribute over Eversweet (said to be especially heat tolerant) and Seascape (recommended to commercial growers in MD in "Season-Long Strawberry Production by Lantz et al.)? Would a different type than Tristar/Tribute be recommended for maximizing first year production? Thanks!


Montgomery County MD fruit strawberries normal growth everbearing strawberries small fruit strawberries as annuals day-neutral strawberries 12 days ago

My husband and I are interested in beginning woodworking. Would you have any...

My husband and I are interested in beginning woodworking. Would you have any advise for us? Classes, etc? Thank you for any help ! God bless!


Montgomery County OH 12 days ago

ladybug colony

In a recently logged area we found a 4 x 4 meter area covered in ladybug colonies. My concern is that the area is within inches of the logging road and the ladybugs are out and exposed during the middle of winter. This was an area that was previously shaded by the forest and now is in direct sunlight when weather permits. Is the slight warmth of the sun the reason for the "hatch"? Should anything be done to assist the ladybugs?


Lane County OR insects 12 days ago


How do we garden herbs?


Douglas County CO 12 days ago

Larger Boxwoods with orange/rusty leaves

Hello & Happy New Year!!

I have several customers that have the larger Boxwoods. The leaves are turning an orange/rusty color.

They are not dying (yet). The leaves still have moisture & are soft & flexible. We are in Colorado Springs. This is happening in 3 different customers in 3 different points in the city.

Is this a disease, insect, or from a wet spring/summer & very dry late summer/fall & early winter?


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El Paso County CO trees and shrubs 12 days ago

Winter care for blueberry bushes

1) is it ok to placed pruned Nobel fir branches loosely around the blueberry bush as wind/cold protection during the winter ? 2) what nutrients do the fir needles provide to the soil around the blueberry bush?


Washington County OR horticulture sustainable gardening and landscaping 12 days ago

Christmas trees

If I cut down some of my hard woods (maple,ash,birch) pull the stumps.Can I replant x mas trees ? Some one told me if I did the x mas tree would die off in about 6 to 8 years because of the hardwood roots that were left behind in the ground.


Franklin County VT christmas trees 12 days ago

Raising chickens for eggs and meat

I am interested in learning more about raising chickens for eggs and meat - in order to sell. We have a farm in northeastern Pendleton County. Do you have any programs or courses - I work full time.


Pendleton County KY agriculture pendleton county kentucky raising chickens 12 days ago

How do I contact Matt parker

How do I contact Matt parker


NC 13 days ago

What is this plant?

I thought this was a gardenia plant. But these blooms appeared with sooty centers. Please advise.


2017-12-25_15.10.24_300x300%2523 2017-12-25_15.10.51_300x300%2523

Sumter County FL plant identification 13 days ago

Historical Prices for Crops

Is there someplace I can find the historical prices for crops in Oregon? Specifically back to 1970 through 1990. If that data doesn't go back that far, how far back does it go? Thanks and hope to hear soon!


Washington County OR 13 days ago

Lawn rodent control

Small holes (1-1/2") and runways spreading all over my lawn. What can be done to control rodent infestation?


Benton County OR wildlife damage management horticulture voles 13 days ago

Christmas tree insect?

My neighbor is finding large numbers of these insects near their indoor Christmas tree, and suspect that is where they originated. But not absolutely certain. Any idea what it is? Psocid?


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District of Columbia County DC insect identification aphid 13 days ago

Identify a plant that my cat chomped on.

Can you help me identify a plant? My cat took a couple of bites out of it and I need to know if it is toxic to him. We found out that one of his kidney levels is up and this could be the culprit. Thank you very much! Noreen


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Marion County OR houseplants plant identification 13 days ago

Pruning roses in Denver

Hi, thanks so much for taking my question. I have many different types of roses in my Denver garden. Given how warm it has been this year I have not pruned my roses back at all - they have been so green well into December with no die back. Should I do any pruning now or wait until late April to prune? Any advice that differs for climbers and shrubs vs. tea rose and floribundas?


Denver County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials rose pruning time rose pruning 13 days ago

Farm tax excempt number

We have a 42 acres and I was wondering how to apply for a tax excempt number


Athens County OH 13 days ago

Locating sites to place new bee hives

Are there websites where a new beekeeper can network to place a hive or two on someone's land or on open spaces in Colo.? I am specifically interested in land around Boulder, Broomfield, Adams counties or Lakewood. The goals is to place a few hives in 1 or 2 locations. Thank you!!


Boulder County CO 13 days ago

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