tree/shrub support

I have four emerald green arborvitaes that are 9-10' tall and about 8 years old. During the high winds of the storm on 2 March I noticed a couple of them starting to lean over so I went out and tied some support rope around them. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't been home they would have blown over, although they are next to a pergola that may have kept them mostly upright depending on which direction a particular gust came from. Are these shrubs normally shallow-rooted, or is it possible I have issues because they are planted next to a stone patio? Should I do anything to make sure I don't have this issue in the future?



Harford County Maryland arborvitae tree trees lodging over 7 days ago

Swallow returned but left

Our first swallow appeared at our old two nests on our porch to our delight. He slept one night beside one nest then worked for three days constantly on other nest. But then all of a sudden he left mid afternoon and now had not returned at all for three days. What's wrong? Will we have another swallow come and nest with us. This would have been our fourth year of loving them. Are the two nests too old?


Houston County Georgia 7 days ago

Canning jars overflow

I have had my pressure cooker calibrated at extension center. I have the correct head space in my jars but I still have leakage and unsealed lids on my fruit and vegetables. I have notice the quality of the flat lids seems to be less that it used to be on both Kerr and Ball brands. What can I do?


Delta County Colorado 7 days ago

leaves turning black on all perenials

what can I do ii use copper spray according to directions


Erie County Ohio 7 days ago

Totem strawberry

Hi, i need information about of this variety, I am a producer from Mexico, and I would like to know about this variety of strawberry. Thanks


Outside United States 8 days ago

tomato spotted wilt virus

Hello. If I have had problems with tomato spotted wilt virus in the past (including last summer), would it help to not grow tomatoes or other nightshades at all for a few years? I was given this advice, but I'd really like to keep growing tomatoes. Thanks!


Boulder County Colorado 8 days ago

Grub hatch

We have a large number of grubs that keep the racoons digging up our grass and garden beds. When should we expect their hatch this spring so that we can treat with insecticide? We are in Annapolis. Many thanks!


Anne Arundel County Maryland grubs lawn raccoons 8 days ago

Grass Type

Hello! I have some unique patches popping up in my lawn. It seems to radiate out from a center point like a crown. The blades are thicker. I thought maybe it was a crab grass, but it doesn’t seem to respond. I’d like to replace with a lawn blend tolerant to our sun exposed, but poorly draining back yard. Thanks! Grass pictures attached .


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Lane County Oregon horticulture 8 days ago

What type of plant is this?

Is this a Pothos plant? Can it be grown in water or do I need to put it in soil? If it needs soil, what kind does it need?



Cuyahoga County Ohio 8 days ago

Killing of stink bugs/elder bugs I have them all over I have used soap lots of soap

I need them gone killed lady bugs too. I have them everywhere. Please help is there a bird that will eat them. What about bats. What can I do you guys suppose to know everything about this. I know it it’s a nuisance but by golly there has to be something. Thanks Viv


Columbia County Oregon 8 days ago

Use Cambistat for a Pin Oak

Three years ago during construction of my friend's house, the excavator dug within two feet of the pin oak. An arborist recommended a treatment of cambistat, to generate root growth after disturbance. Also recommended a reapplication in three years, now. The question is: Since the three years are up, does the tree need another cambistat treatment? I'm not sure if cambistat is a one time proposition or it actually needs to be reapplied. Note: The tree is doing well. They are very fond of this large tree and want to do everything we can to make sure it continues to live. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Montgomery County Maryland pin oak tree cambistat 8 days ago

seeds that were frozen

I usually have left over seeds, flowers and veggies. I do buy most new but use last years radishes, lettuce and carrots seeds. I forgot them in the garage this year so they were frozen most of the winter as well as some flower seeds that I had picked. Will they germinate?


Crow Wing County Minnesota 8 days ago

Pruning lavender in Central OR

I didn't prune lavender in the fall after reading that spring is a good time. Hoping that is correct...and have enjoyed the looks of the lavender this winter. It is on the west side of the house, sandy,rocky soil, with drip irrigation and has been growing very well.



Deschutes County Oregon 8 days ago

Annuals in full sun

What would be easy to grow (annuals) in Maryland soil in full sun against a brick wall (house).


Frederick County Maryland flowers annuals full sun 8 days ago

Soil problem

I believe I recently contracted vasilion fungus in my garden at home I got a load of compost from a local composter 2 years ago from that point on nothing has grown in my garden petunias used to be grow like weeds the plant matures to about 1/3 of adulthood before it collapses upon itself with a completely undeveloped root ball other plants are now being affected such as roses and dahlias is there anything I can do to fumigate my soil to get rid of this or can you suggest some place I can have my soil tested


Sonoma County California 8 days ago

lawn-getting rid of moss, planting grass seed, and fertilizing

Hi, We have a lot of moss on our partly shady mostly sunny lawn. I would like to know how to get rid of it. Then I would like to plant grass seed and fertilize. I was wondering if you could recommend a method and schedule to do all of these things? I am also wondering if I need to apply lime and also if I need to apply a weed and feed for other lawn weeds. Thank you so much!


Howard County Maryland lawn moss 8 days ago

Food preservation course

I saw a cancelled workshop for a food preservation course, do you offer these in person on a regular basis? I am looking to expand my knowledge into pressure canning versus just water bath canning. Also, does the Berrien County extension office test pressure canners?


Berrien County Michigan 8 days ago

Small gardening in Michigan's Thumb

What good options are there for a shaded, fecund garden about 15 square feet? There is a garage, house, and tall spruces blocking most light, but in the afternoons there is partial sun and direct sun in some areas.

The photo shows afternoon sun. The downspout can't be moved. For shaded area, I need some ideas about what to replace Creeping Charlie and the other weeds.

My goal is to replace the lawn and make it more of a viewing garden without the need to mow, just weed as needed.



St. Clair County Michigan trees and shrubs shade gardening 8 days ago

timing for yellow jacket nest placement

i want to have my traps out early enough to capture the queens. i live in the hood river valley. i've seen honey bees grazing blossoms in my yard. Is this too early? The bait is expensive and the directions say it is only good for two weeks so i want to use it as efficiently as possible


Hood River County Oregon 8 days ago

Stink Bugs

I have lived Lexington for the past 10 years, and have never had a problem here, or anywhere in the U. S. or overseas. During the past 10 months, Stink Bugs have been invading my house. The smell is horrible. Every day during the warm months, several can be found on the floor, sinks, walls. Even during this very cold weather, I find a few every week. I made the mistake of squashing the first one, but now trap them with an upside down clear plastic cup and a piece of cardboard and flush down the toilet.

Is there any way to rid these stinkers from my house?

Thank you,

Ann Spanier


Fayette County Kentucky fayette county kentucky horticulture stink bugs 8 days ago

Land Slippage

My parents live on a hill on Lake Williamstown in Williamstown, KY. On March 10, 2018 they noticed that their land on the hill is literally slipping away or sinking. I have attached a picture for reference. We have no idea what this is or who to contact to ask for help. We would be grateful for any help you can give us with this . Jeanie Baker



Grant County Kentucky agriculture grant county kentucky landslide 8 days ago

Adding nitrogen to garden soil

We have been using a no-til gardening method for about 5 years using a 3 to 5" layer of wood chips over the garden surface. Good results in the first 4 years but last year plants failed to thrive. A soil test (King County's cooperative extension service) revealed low nitrogen (7) and low ph (6.2). Evidently the wood chips had gradually worked into the soil. We are now planning to rake off the top layer of mulch to work the recommended additives - blood meal, gypsum and lime - into the soil before replacing the wood mulch. I am planning to use aged chicken compost for extra insurance when planting. Is this the correct way to proceed? Any other suggestions? Thank you


King County Washington 8 days ago

box elder bus out of control

Every Spring and Fall the south side of my house is covered with box elder bugs. They are getting into my house. I must have caught 10-12 inside of my house over the last 2 weeks..



St. Clair County Michigan 8 days ago

Lacebugs on Elm Trees

Our Elm trees (3) were treated for Lacebugs on 8/11/17. The tree care company used a soil injection insecticide. My question is whether we will need to re-treat the trees again this Spring or Summer? Or, after the treatment, what is the likelihood they will return this summer? Thank you for your help. PK


Harris County Texas 8 days ago

Aquaponics course

Does University of Maryland offer any Aquaponics or Hydroponics courses ?


Howard County Maryland 8 days ago

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