Even more fungus in the garden

Today while picking tomatoes I noticed this mushroom.
Can you tell me what kind of mushroom this is?



Clearwater County Minnesota 4 days ago

More fungus in the garden

Earlier in the season I noticed this fungus growing on top of the sod I put in my compost pile.
Do you know what kind of fungus this is?


Img_20180721_150633113_300x300%2523 Img_20180721_150641511_300x300%2523

Clearwater County Minnesota 4 days ago

Fungus in the garden

Earlier in the season I had these mushrooms come up between the potatoes. What sort of mushrooms are these?


Img_20180722_133822496_300x300%2523 Img_20180722_133831100_300x300%2523 Img_20180722_134006581_300x300%2523

Clearwater County Minnesota 4 days ago

Harry Lauder walking stick

Our 20+ year old HL walking stick shrub has been failing for last two years. It has only a few branches with leaves, although those appear green and healthy. No changes in area around it. What’s going on? My inclination is to cut it way back this autumn. Will that kill it? Help please !


A8eb6c3a-da8f-4bd2-b585-324d71b26d9b_300x300%2523 85942880-e64c-4b94-aafe-ce7994119b40_300x300%2523 08a1b45f-32a3-4c28-8fc4-352f40421967_300x300%2523

Washtenaw County Michigan 4 days ago

How can I become a resource for Huron County 4-H leaders & children?

I am currently running a ceramic shop in Pigeon, MI and I am very excited to offer the knowledge and information about ceramics in the Arts with the children of 4-H. I am not sure where to start and I would like an outline of what the children should be learning during the process. Can you please let me know who I should contact and where I can get the points to cover in the subject? I am interested in breathing new life into an old hobby. Thank you for your time, Laurie Cook Cloud of Dust Ceramics


Huron County Michigan 4 days ago

Tomato plants are dying

Our tomato plants started to develop spotty leaves and the whole plant is dying in a few days. It seems to be spreading to all the tomato plants.


37c6b4e6-98a0-4376-8a17-abd48c9696e5_300x300%2523 56b317d5-f467-4a76-8418-26d46776d6d2_300x300%2523 Ea61670a-80ef-4a9c-9a6d-dff9e1c7010e_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland vegetables tomatoes 4 days ago

Invasive vine

How do I best get rid of invasive euonymus? I hate to use herbicides, but cannot figure out any other solution.


Hamilton County Ohio 4 days ago

Caterpillar on Geraniums

In the last two days, I've noticed about 3 of these critters on my potted geraniums on my front porch. I've also noticed a lot of round holes in the leaves of the geraniums. Mostly, I'm wondering what the critter is. But, a lot of geraniums flowers seem to have died without blooming recently. I thought that could be related to how wet the weather has been (lots of brown, moldy leaves on the plants also). But, could these fellows be killing off the buds?



Baltimore County Maryland insect or spider id tobacco bud worm 4 days ago

River Rock removal/donation

I am turning my easement from a rock bed into a xeric garden and have a lot of river rock to offload somewhere- at least 200 sq ft. I do not have a pickup or other way to move this off the property. Are there any landscaping organizations or recycling services that would accept this as a donation and be able to haul it away?


Denver County Colorado 4 days ago

removing a "bat house"

I've had a bat house (granddaughter built) in my driveway for about ten years with absolutely no sign that bats have ever been there.--no sight, no droppings. I'd like to take this out of my driveway to utilize the space. (Would also like the bat house to be utilized by someone nearer a body of water if I can find one.) My trees have grown to surround the structure so I have no hope of its helping bats (sigh). Should I wait to disassemble the bat house (on a 22 foot pole) just in case or is my conclusion pretty much on target that no bat lives there? Also, how should I proceed with this knowing that wasps, hornets or whatever might have nested inside?


Baltimore County Maryland bat house wildlife 4 days ago

Tree tyoe

What kind of tree is this? See attached photos.


8ae53402-ccf8-4d6d-835b-814a692919d5_300x300%2523 A22ffc5a-b17f-4dfd-8cdd-8626aa312ac4_300x300%2523

Grayson County Texas 4 days ago

red oak cavity in base of tree

What should I do about this? Because of the nature of the wound and how the bark has attempted to grow around it, the cavity holds water. It seems to me that only allows quicker decay. Should I cut a groove in the base to allow the water to drain out? Should I cover the opening so no water gets in? Should I fill the cavity with concrete or something to prevent water from getting in? The cavity is about 5" x 9". The red oak is about 16" dbh and 60 feet tall. It is adjacent to our house. Maybe it needs to come down??? Thank you.


Red_oak_cavity_1_300x300%2523 Red_oak_cavity_2_300x300%2523

Kent County Michigan trees and shrubs sustainable gardening and landscaping gardening 4 days ago

Lawn weed

Need to identify this weed as it is taking over lawn.



New Castle County Delaware weed issues weeds plant identification lawn weeds 4 days ago

Apple & Pear Scab

I am a home gardener and I've had issues with what I believe to be apple scab for several years. I've used the fungicide that the garden center has given me each year several times and I still have the issue on all of my fruit. Can you please tell me the best fungicide to use and the proper timing/amounts so that I can get this under control next year??


Img_5118_300x300%2523 Img_5121_(1)_300x300%2523

Kent County Michigan 4 days ago

what kind of holly

Can you tell me if this bush is a type of holly? I have attached several photos to help identify this plant.


Img_3140_300x300%2523 Img_3141_300x300%2523 Img_3142_300x300%2523

Colorado 4 days ago

Shrub by stream bank

This is a regular andclise up photo of a shrub growing by stream bank in my neighborhood. Is this an invasive or native? If the former, what us the best management tactic. Thank you, Barbara


96996d99-0c85-4460-b77e-2dec62d453af_300x300%2523 74eb73db-2d58-41d6-9103-63908eecac71_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials native 4 days ago

Grass Id please

This grass grew unseen by me until I noticed it this am. It’s pretty but I pulled it up anyway.


A0256a9e-b007-49ab-a170-d14d8b8c4c42_300x300%2523 03a74547-9561-4448-9087-7e6ccb5a32bd_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland plant identification weeds 4 days ago

Linden under attack

I have a linden tree in need of some help; it has looked increasingly sickly over the last few years, and this year it didn't flower or drop seeds at all. I've treated for Japanese beetles, but I am now noticing black spots on the leaves, which have already started dropping last week. From what I've read, it sounds like a fungal infection? Just wondering if there is anything I can do, if a copper spray will help, when I should apply, etc. Thank you for any guidance!


20180916_104411_300x300%2523 20180916_104429_300x300%2523

Olmsted County Minnesota fungal diseases 4 days ago

What is this weed?

The first 2 pictures are of a grassy weed that has taken over our entire side yard. If uncut, it will grow over a foot tall. Loves sun or shade. Any idea what it is and how to control it safely? Some of it is growing near our 80 ft deep well so don't want to poison our drinking supply. What is picture #3? It seems to have flower buds near the bottom of the leaf stems. I believe it is an invasive weed? Any good weed identifier books so that I do not have to bother you in the future? Thank you so much!


Dsc03680_300x300%2523 Dsc03686_300x300%2523 Dsc03690_300x300%2523

Carroll County Maryland weeds invasive japanese stiltgrass mulberry weed 4 days ago

Plants with tuber roots

I want to know what is eating my plant tubers? First, I noticed the leaves just lying on the ground next to the plant, but then realized that there was something eating the tuber roots of my Saxifrage/Bergenia plants. Literally the tubers are gnawed into until the plant is destroyed. What is doing this and how do I stop them from killing the rest of my plants?


Denver County Colorado 4 days ago

"This vine can do permanent harm"...Ellen Nibali

Enjoyed your answer to the question of "the mile a minute vine..." {Baltimore Sun 9/16/18} Where as "mile a minute" is an appropriate name which people can relate to.... DEVIL's TONGUE is a name that is explicitly understood by the gardening novice. Use the name DEVIL's TONGUE in lieu of "tear thumb" and watch people nod in their immediate understanding!!


Harford County Maryland weeds mile a minute comment on nibali article 4 days ago

Broadleaf signalgrass?

I've been curious about a weed grass in my and my neighbor's front lawn. Neither of us likes to mow, so there's lots of growth, especially crabgrass and what I think might be Broadleaf signalgrass, or Brachiaria platyphylla. I've attached two photos. I used the Virginia Tech weed ID guide to narrow it down. WIhat do you think?


Brachiaria_platyphylla_1_300x300%2523 Brachiaria_platyphylla_2_300x300%2523

Baltimore Maryland identification weed crabgrass 4 days ago

Sugar maple leaves and trunk

Its about 5 years old the tips have no leaves or buds. Alit of leaves have white spits. Sone have round holes . The trunk has like a whitish mold. What can i do to help the issue


20180916_082449_300x300%2523 20180916_082443_300x300%2523 20180916_082305_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland trees disease issues 4 days ago

What type of spider is this?

Please tell me what type of spider this is. It is about the size of the top of a pop can. Found in Douglas County, CO. One of the pictures was taken at night and the other the next morning.


091fd505-d2c3-4a07-a35b-c33f8d743201_300x300%2523 E950fccf-c002-4e53-b68a-b21fe13255e4_300x300%2523 E8cc684a-f9a7-4776-a90d-27a37840fba3_300x300%2523

Douglas County Colorado 4 days ago

Horse safe shade trees

can you tell me what types of shade trees would be safe for my horses in their pasture. We live in Wellington Colorado


Larimer County Colorado 4 days ago

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