This Azalea barely bloomed this season and now has a spongy like fungus or disease all over it. I need help identifying it and how to properly dispose of it, please.


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Lewis County Washington 2 days ago

Ash Tree

We live in Abingdon, near Festival Shopping Center, and have two ash trees that are dying. Has this area been impacted by the emerald ash borer? We have many dead branches all over. Last year it began with the leaves wilting and looking sickly. This year many of the leaves did not return, as the branches have died. Thank you, Carolyn


Harford County Maryland trees pest insects and mites emerald ash borer 2 days ago

Moving a Honey Locust Tree

Can I successfully relocate a honey locust tree which was planted in the autumn of 2015 and it has now grown to a height of over 10-12’ tall. Would I need to hire a professional tree mover? Thank you for your help!


Sherburne County Minnesota 2 days ago

Evergreen selection

We live in Mt, Hood Parkdale and are looking for evergreen suggestions for planting in the entry area (west side of home). We do not want it to exceed 8-10' and if it had some color variation that would be great. It would get later day sun. It is also on the dryer side of lot although we do have an irrigation system.


Hood River County Oregon trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Leaf dropping

my 100+ year old mulberry tree has in the last week been dropping leaves like crazy. My front yard looked more like mid Sept than mid Jun. I literally raked up a full large plastic bag of leaves this morning. The rate of dropping has slowed but it has far from stopped. Should i be very worried. This tree covers my entire front yard.


Baltimore County Maryland abiotic issues trees disease issues 3 days ago

my question

how long do you have to own a horse to do dad potter at county fair with it


Oregon 3 days ago

Non flowering hydrangea

I purchased a hydrangea for my shade garden about 4 years ago. It grows but never buds or flowers. What can I do to get it to flower?


Itasca County Minnesota 3 days ago

Problem hedge

My hedge looks like it is dying. Could someone help me identify the problem.


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Prince George's County Maryland shrubs declining yews 3 days ago

Plant ID and health

Hello we moved into a new house recently and one of the plants that was previously planted appears to have something wrong with it. Most of the areas that are distressed appear to be related to certain branches as some of the plant looks ok. We are looking for help Id'ing the plant and any advice on what ails it or how to improve its health. The plant is on the westside of the house so the house blocks most of the morning sun but it does recieve sun in the afternoon. Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Washington County Oregon 3 days ago

Is this a good bug or bad bug?

My question is in the subject line. If it is a bad bug, what should I do? The bug is a little dusty because it was in a plastic bag withdraw soil. If you need a better picture, please let me know.


Img_6472_300x300%2523 Img_6473_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland insect or spider id 3 days ago

Garden pest identification

Hi, I have a ground cherry growing in a pot in my garden and recently noticed that the leaves were being eaten by something. There are a lot of ants on the plant so I suspected aphids, but today I found these guys munching on the leaves. Any idea what they are? I’ve never seen them before.


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Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture insect identification 3 days ago

how to care for trees in a drought

I am a new member of the Paonia Tree Board and we would like to get information out to people regarding watering trees in a drought. Do you have some handy information we can put on our facebook page?
We also want to inventory the street trees in Paonia so we can begin to take care of them. Is there an app that can make the inventory process easier for us volunteers?
Thank you for your time.


Delta County Colorado trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Rose chafers

I am dealing with a biblical plague of rose chafers. So far, after 24 hours, I am still picking them off by hand into a jar with soapy water. They do seem to be significantly diminished, but that is because I have time to do this this week. They continue to fly in. I used Sevin on plants that I won't be consuming the leaves, but this leaves the kale, beets, arugula, lettuce, etc. vulnerable. Maybe I need to put up row covers? But no one in town has them for sale right now so I would have to DIY. Any other ideas to save more poor, young vegetable garden?


Beltrami County Minnesota hort rose chafers 3 days ago

propagating strawberries

I have a fruitful ever bearing strawberry plant. I want to start a new one in another location by cutting it and transplanting the cut section. Does it matter where or how I cut it and plant it? How should it all be done?.


Charles County Maryland fruit strawberry propagation 3 days ago

Promoting moss growth

An area in my yard used to be lawn but over the years shade from tree growth (Doug firs and laurels) has caused the grass to almost die out. Moss has started to take over which I like. How do I encourage Moss and fern growth, and kill the remaining sporadic grass growth without killing the moss?


Clackamas County Oregon 3 days ago

Good or bad worm or grub?

We have never had these worms until we had new black dirt and sod put in our yard, 3 years ago. Are they from the dirt and or sod? Are they good or bad? Should we try to get rid of them or leave them alone? We have a lot of them.


20180618_142028_300x300%2523 20180618_142022_300x300%2523

Washington County Minnesota 3 days ago

Elephant ear plants

My elephant ear plants grew so healthy and well last year, but this year the plant did not come back. I saw some white creamy stuff in the holes where the plant grew. What happened because it has not came back yet. Is the plant itself diseased (bulbs), what can I do to revive it if anything


Prince George's County Maryland bulbs flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials hardiness of elephant ear 3 days ago

persimmon tree

Why are all the small persimmons falling off the tree before they develop ? My tree is several years old and I had lots of fruit last year. Unfortunately someone or a squirrel ate most of them but at least the fruit grew to full size . But this year most of them are falling off.


Montgomery County Maryland tree fruit 3 days ago

Poison Ivy

I am looking at a piece of property for which the intended use will be to produce vegetables. Right now the field is full of poison ivy. What is the best remediation for poison ivy? Controlled burn? Grazing? Mowing? Herbicide spray?


Washtenaw County Michigan weed issues 3 days ago

Magnolia - little gem Magnolia tree health

Hello, In NW, Washington, DC , my building had 4 little gem magnolias planted in Oct. 2017. They didn't look too good when they were planted; they look worse now. Bare branches, darker than normal mottled colored bark (images4 and 5). They are planted in a bedding circle surrounded by a driveway which faces south. Can you tell me what might be the issue? Images attached... Thank you in advance for any help!


Magnolia2_300x300%2523 Magnolia4_300x300%2523 Magnolia5_300x300%2523

District of Columbia County District of Columbia trees abiotic issues 3 days ago

Apple Tree Trouble

Our 60 year old apple tree looks distressed. It bloomed in the spring and has a few apples but leaves are turning yellow, there are dead limbs and there is an orange fungus on the bark but not on the leaves. The internet said it could be lichens or rust but the pictures don't look the same. We live in Kingsville, Md. My husband wants to cut the tree down. I know it needs trimming but don't think that would cause yellow leaves and whatever that gross stuff is on the bark!


Img_0337_300x300%2523 Img_0338_300x300%2523 Img_0339_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland fruit trees old apple tree decline 3 days ago

Boron resistant plants and milkweed starts

Looking for boron resistant plants. Dwarf maple suffered, would like to replace him with tree that will reach no more than 6-8'. East facing, gets morning sun, afternoon shade. Tried milkweed from seed and failed. Is there a source for plant starts?


Jackson County Oregon horticulture 3 days ago


Our property has been infested with caterpillars. I thought they were tent worms but my son thinks they are gypsy worms. We have millions of them and they are killing off my trees. We started spraying them 8 days ago with Dawn dish soap and water. 6 days ago we started using Sevens spray. 3 days ago we started scooping them into a bucket and burning them. We have burnt 5 buckets full. This hasn't even made a dent in them. It looks like 20 of our pine trees will need to be cut down - they are solid brown. My Silver Maple is covered with the worms and when we spray the trunk of the tree they fall off in sheets. We don't know what to do. They cover my house and pole barn exterior. Please give me suggestions.


Ingham County Michigan insect issues 3 days ago

Eggshells on tomatoe plants

I ground up eggshells in a blender with water. Can I pour the resulting mixture around tomatoe plants to help replace calcium lost in the dirt ph? Thanks, Dave Brauhn


Linn County Iowa 3 days ago

Cassava Farming

Hello: 1) Can Cassava be grown in the United States? 2) Where can I get more information about Cassava Farming? Thanks for your help. Glen


Anne Arundel County Maryland vegetables farming plant care cassava 3 days ago

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