info on Agriculture Science Degree program

can you pls give me details of Agriculture Science Degree program. i am 18 years old. After A/Ls in Bio Science scheme. Pls let me know the duration of the course and fees. Thanks Sardha Talagala (Colombo Sri Lanka)


Outside United States 7 days ago

How do I take care of roses?

I just moved in to our new house, there are roses lining the driveway. How do I take care of them in the winter and Spring? Do they look healthy? thank you


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Anne Arundel County Maryland shrub roses 7 days ago


Hello, My name is Morgan and I’m really hoping that you can help me with a problem that I’m having with my ferret. She’s a female, she’s only 4 months old and I just bought her a few weeks ago. She’s up to date on shots, descented and fixed. The first day I brought her home you could tell she hasn’t been handled much. I gave her space, I didn’t immediately start messing with her I just set her cage up and left her alone for a few hours to get comfortable. That same night I decided to spend some alone time with her to try and gain her trust, I sat outside of her cage and talked to her for about 20 minutes before I tried to get her out. I didn’t reach my hand in to grab her, I opened the door and let her come out on her own. Since her cage is on a platform and far from the ground I cupped my hands and put them in front of the door for her to step on so I could lift her safely to the ground. She sniffed around for a second and then bit the crap out of me, breaking the skin and making me bleed. She actually sunk her teeth into my hand and I had to pry her mouth open to get her off of me. After that I picked her up by the scruff of her neck and told her no. And then put her back in her cage. I tried again about 20 minutes later, this time I used a towel. I successfully picked her up and put her on the floor. I let her run around the room for an hour or two while I sat on the floor talking to her so that she could get to know and trust me. It’s now been almost 3 weeks since I’ve had her. I take her out of her cage and let her play for at least two hours everyday. I would take her out more if it weren’t for her biting problem. She knows who I am by now, I’ve never hit her or scared her to the point where she should feel the need to bite. I’m not talking about a playful nibble, I’m talking about a full forced bite that breaks the skin every time. This is an everyday thing, every time I get her out or put her back in her cage she bites me. If I stick my hand in her cage to tidy up, or fill her food bowl she tries to bite me. When I’m sitting on the floor playing with her, she will walk up to me and sink her teeth into my legs or feet very quickly. It’s coming to the point that I don’t even want to take her out of her cage anymore. I understand she’s a baby and she’s in a new place, but I’ve handled her more than enough since she’s been here, I try discipline by scruffing and time out. Nothing seems to be working and she’s not showing any improvement. She’s adorable and I would love to keep her but if she doesn’t stop biting and leaving marks all over my body for absolutely no reason she’s gonna have to go. I have a toddler that I don’t let near her but would like to in the future. Please help.


Monroe County Michigan small animals exotic companion animal behavior 7 days ago

What creature is creating these mud piles?

I just noticed these small piles of dried mud in the barkdust along the foundation on the east side of my garage. I don't see anything similar in the rest of the yard nor have I seen it before. I dug into one of the piles and found a whitish insect(?), but I'm not certain it is the culprit. What is creating these mud piles and do I need to be concerned?


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Washington County Oregon 7 days ago

Type, health and age of pine trees/local extention service representative available for home visits

I am concerned that the pine trees are getting to the age that we have to worry about them falling into our yard. The photos were taken from our deck. The trees are at least 26 years old (that's how long we have been living in our home). They are tall enough that they are in reach of striking our house. Do you have representatives in Frederick County that are available for home visits? We are hoping that we can show our neighbors an expert opinion to back up our concerns. thank you!


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Frederick County Maryland pines tree certified arborists 7 days ago

Pistachios and oleanders

Can you plant Oleanders next to nut trees such as pistachios


Luna County New Mexico horticulture 7 days ago


On my urban property, I have a 40+' blue spuce trees. For the last several years underneath the tree we have seen a falcon feasting on a pigeon. More than OK for me. My question: is it at all possible to purchase falcons somewhere. I would release one or two on my property to keep the pigeons as well as other pests at bay.


Denver County Colorado 7 days ago

I'm facing a land management decision on our farm which would benefit from...

I'm facing a land management decision on our farm which would benefit from your advice. Long story short, we have 14 acres of poor soil that has been in corn/soybeans, which our local farmers do not want to cash rent anymore. My long-term plan is to, within the next 5 years, enroll it in CRP/plant it in one of their prairie practices. I'm told that the CRP program is currently at its national acreage cap and it may be awhile before new enrollment applications are accepted. In the meantime, my concern is keeping this acreage in commercial agriculture and thus maintaining our property's eligibility for CAUV taxation. We are looking at planting these acres in hay, to be sprayed and replaced with prairie forbs/grasses within a few years. My concerns are: 1) Choosing a hay seed mix that will not introduce problem non-native grasses that would create a long-term competition problem for the future prairie natives; and 2) Choosing a hay mix that, while it's in the field, will itself create maximum desirable habitat for grassland birds (especially meadowlarks and sparrows) and any plant stragglers that persist will contribute positively to our future prairie. I understand that most commonly-used hay species around here (grasses and legumes) are both cool season and non-native. Can you offer some thoughts or recommendations? Sincerely, Larry Smith


Richland County Ohio 7 days ago

Gardening pot drainage issues

Have a dense shady area that is best suited for pots. Issue is little I've tried allows enough drainage for an area that becomes very wet for one reason or another. I've tried adding sand, pea gravel at the bottom, and non disintegrating packing peanuts (doesn't work too bad, but can get pricey). I've even gone to the extent of covering them each time it rains. I prefer keeping the pots as light weight as possible. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Anoka County Minnesota 7 days ago


Blueberry growing In your blueberry growing guidelines, it's mentioned to plant 2 cultivars for better fruit production. Does it matter if the cultivars are both early, both mid, or both late season? In trying to learn best methods for growing blueberries, I've read both that two different seasons give you berries over a longer period. But also read that two cultivars of the same season gives more flowers opening at the same time, so better opportunity for more pollination.


Minnesota 7 days ago

Black Locust Coppicing?

I am interested in introducing Black Locust to my property in Southcentral Alaska, with the intent of coppicing it for periodic harvesting for firewood and fence posts. I appreciate its fast growth, nitrogen fixing abilities, hardwood qualities, overall burning characteristics, and resistance to deer browse (and theoretically ... moose?). However, I understand that it hails from the Eastern US and may not be desired in our state. Local options such as Alder, Willow, and Birch are all less energy-dense, and I fear that at least coppiced willow and birch would be more prone to moose browse - though pollarding could be an option, I suppose. Two questions: -Is Black Locust considered an invasive species according to any official or unofficial Alaskan registries of such things? -Regardless of Black Locust's invasive status, are there other native species that you would recommend for coppicing/pollarding for fuel wood?


Anchorage Alaska 7 days ago

Do I need to start seeds inside?

I was planning on planting veggies in the ground and herbs in a box but I was wondering if I had to start the seeds inside. I have nowhere in the house that gets a lot of sun - sadly, and wasn't sure if it was a requirement - I get they will start better - but do I have to do it? Would it be a waste to go out in mid April and mid May to plant seeds in the ground? I am in Champlin so I have sand.


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture seed starting 7 days ago

Choice of Replacement Tree

Hi folks, we have a number of trees on our property in the South Hills (Blanton Heights area) that have died or are dying - conifers and elms. We want to replace some of them with a varietal that will do better in the soil and predicted climate change. The areas get good sun in the afternoon, have plenty of space (would not be buried in the midst of other trees), the soil is that nasty hard clay. There is a slight to moderate slope to each of these areas. We are at 1100 ft so we do get snow and ice periodically and have lost major parts of trees (and whole trees) due to those recently. Some of the trees would be near (within 8 ft) our driveway and the rural road that runs by our house. Would dogwoods be OK in this environment? And Oak (and if so what varieties). Anyway - would appreciate any ideas you can give here. Thanks!!


Lane County Oregon 7 days ago

Well Water Testing

How can I get my well water tested?


Lane County Oregon 7 days ago


I cut 4 branches from my pine tree 18 months ago. This winter in December I noticed Sap coming from the notches left after the cuts. What could be the cause and what possible treatments are their



Prince George's County Maryland pine tree excessive sap 7 days ago

noxious weed or invasive?

Is common morning glory Ipomoea purpurea a noxious weed or invasive? I have looked at many of the charts of USDA, etc, including the one from HGIC (by the way, love the ease at getting around the new site) but an still not sure which this morning glory is. Looks like it's invasive in Arizona and Arkansas? Can we not plant it at all? or rip it out whenever we see it? Seems like some times under controlled situations, it can serve a purpose?


Montgomery County Maryland invasives ipomoea purpurea 7 days ago

What animal would do this?

We are a bit baffled in my neighborhood what animal did this to our tree in backyard on Saturday night. We thought to big and high to be a deer, we obviously don't have moose lol, bears are not up and about I would imagine....? thoughts



Baltimore County Maryland wildlife possible deer squirrels 7 days ago

crabgrass killer

Crabgrass has established itself on a small corners of my lawn. What is the best pre-emergent crabgrass killer for the Salisbury, Md. area? Is pre-emergent the best way to start the killing process followed by a post-emergent killer? The area is only about 15 by 30 feet but is very persistent. Thanks.


Wicomico County Maryland lawn crabgrass 7 days ago

Plastic Mulch confusion

Hello, I read a lot that plastic mulch is very good. On the other hand I learned plants root need Oxygen. Plastic does not let air to get to the soil and usually irrigation is done under the plastic so how does this work?


Montgomery County Maryland plastic mulch weeds 7 days ago

Seeds from catalogs vs. Home and Garden Centers & Home Depot

I have received quite a few seed catalogs in the last month and I'm wondering - besides the larger selection, what is the difference between the seeds I could buy from the catalog and the seeds I could by at Home & Garden Centers like Homestead Gardens?


Prince George's County Maryland seeds 7 days ago

Old Azaleas

My azaleas are over 45 years old and this was the first year that they didn’t look healthy. Less leaves & flowers and now lichen growing all over. Is this there life expectancy or is there something I can do to help them?


Rockland County New York azaleas 7 days ago

Insect Investation on Japanese Maple

I noticed small white specks on the bark of my Mikawa Yatsubusa Japanese Maple and need help with identification and treatment. Thank You.


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Harford County Maryland scale insects insect or spider id trees japanese maple scale pest insects and mites 8 days ago

growing daikon radish

Hi. One of my gardens is in a 100 year flood plain. While it rarely floods the field does not drain well. I'm working to compost it and would like to plant something that will help aerate the soil for other crops. I'm attaching the soil test. Do you think daikon radishes would work?



Frederick County Maryland cover crops vegetables plant care daikon radishes flood plain 8 days ago

Dwarf fruit trees

I have a small yard but would love to have several kinds of fruit trees. Are dwarf fruit trees a good option? Also would a dwarf honey crisp tree self pollinate? Does it pollinate with other fruit trees? Which trees are self pollinating and which are not? What is your opinion of dwarf plum, peach, pear or cherry trees in Minnesota? What should I plan on space wise for each tree? I am no longer young and would have trouble picking fruit from a full size tree so, besides yard space, this is probably my best option. Thank you


Hennepin County Minnesota fruit trees 8 days ago




El Paso County Colorado 8 days ago

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