I live in an area with a very hot summer, dry and mild winters. I bought a rosemary plant and it was good and then I started to dry and then I died.


Outside United States rosemary 6 days ago

Raised bed soil quality

I've been using raised beds for several years to grow veggies in the summer. I used to fertilize every spring with a 2-2-2 organic chicken manure but over time the soil got too "hot" and if affected my yield. The past 2 years I mixed in plain peat moss to tame it down a bit, but then this past summer most of my tomatoes and quite a few bell peppers suffered from blossom rot. I understand that lime should help the rot, but I'm also wondering if I should be adding nutrients of some kind now so that they can fully leach into the soil before planting time arrives?


Multnomah County Oregon soil raised bed gardening tomatoes 6 days ago

What rock is this?

I have a weird grey rock with thin white circles and lines


15502494031855490275222776092465_300x300%2523 Dsc_0214_300x300%2523 Dsc_0217_300x300%2523

Outside United States rock identification geology 6 days ago

Seeet black cherry

I planted sweet black cherry tree 7 year ago Still not giving fruits Last spring I had on the tree Only 25 cherry What can I do to make my sweet cherry tree produce fruit? Can sour cherry tree pollinate sweet cherry tree? If I plant sour cherry tree next to sweet cherry tree ? Thank you.


Queens County New York 6 days ago

Cuting back shrub?

Hello, this shrub has grown very tall. If I cut it down to provide screening between my and my neighbor’s yard, will it harm the plant? When and how should this be done?


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District of Columbia County District of Columbia shrubs plant care 6 days ago

A lot of webs in my yard

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is and the best way to get rid of it from my backyard



Palm Beach County Florida 6 days ago

Bat in the house during winter.

I have a bat that has come out of migration too early and has been flying around the house. It is warm in the house and it will not settle down again. I am worried the bat will starve since it is using up all of its energy and obviously has nothing to eat to replenish itself. What do i do? It is still early Febuary. Is there a rehabber that will take it? Or should i leave it alone and hope my cats dont get it? Can i rehab it? If so how whould i do so? Any advice would be good. I am worried for this little guy.


Floyd County Iowa 6 days ago

What is this?

Can you please identify this Spider for me and tell me if it is harmful?Have found several of them around our front door and outhouse.



Outside United States 7 days ago

Red Meat and CVD Podcast

Hello! I am an undergraduate student in the HES department looking for an expert to interview for a podcast project I am working on. I am fascinated in the role that red meats play in the human diet and potential negative outcomes of over consumption. I would appreciate 5-10 minutes of someone's time to answer some questions on the topic.

Thank you,
Jordan Scott


Larimer County Colorado 7 days ago


Where do I find an abortist?


District of Columbia County District of Columbia trees 7 days ago

Catching yellow jacket queens

I want to put out traps to catch the queens as they emerge from their winter hiding spots. I am in a rural field setting outside of Portland. Is there a certain month to set out the traps. I figure if I catch one queen, that is one less nest around my house this summer. Also, what would be the suggested bait. I found meat is good bait for workers in the summer, but maybe the queen is looking for a different nourishment as she emerges. Thanks for any suggestions.


Clackamas County Oregon wasps yellow jackets 7 days ago

Wet compost

How can I fix?


Multnomah County Oregon compost 7 days ago

What Zone Am I

I recently asked about container plants that could winter-over and the answer I got said to plant 2 zones hardier. Question: What zone am I and which zone(s) would be two zones hardier. I am at: 219 Glenrae Dr., Catonsville, Md 21228


Baltimore County Maryland plant selection plant care hardiness zone 7 days ago

What are these guys?

We have a guest bathroom that doesn't get used very often. I found these larvae (?) in the toilet one day. Any idea what they may be? And if I'm in the wrong place - please let me know where the right place is. I'm sending 3 photos. The first two are related to the question - the third is just a nice pic from the other day to thank you for your time :-)


Larvae_2_300x300%2523 Larvae_1_300x300%2523 Centennial_ice_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland pest control insect or spider id drain fly larvae 7 days ago

Oak & Maple trees

Some of the bark on two of my trees is black. Are you able to identify the problem from these photos?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland trees disease issues 7 days ago

Goose or duck?

The bird in the attached picture was with a flock of Canada geese in an industrial park on SE international way in Milwaukie. (The industrial park itself has plenty of lawn, is bordered partly by a protected wetland, and is close to the Willamette River.) There’s a bit of a debate amongst my friends and I as to whether it’s just a different kind of goose or a duck. Can you settle the debate?



Clackamas County Oregon 7 days ago

Lawn moss and red thread in a lawn

I just treated my lawn for moss today(2-14)Can I treat for red thread as well or should I wait for a period of time AND can u recommend the best fertilizer for red thread and is it ok to do it now or wait til later in the spring. Please advise, I'm gettiing so many different opinions. Thank you so much, Ron


Lane County Oregon lawns and turf 7 days ago

Indoor kumquat stems turing brown

Hi, Just this past week, my indoor kumquat started turning brown in some of the stems and leaves. Please see images below. It lives in a large (10gal?) container in the living room/north facing window right now with my lemon and calamondin, which are doing well. It bloomed well during the summer and fruited well. You can still see some fruit in the pics. What might be the cause of this sudden die back and what should I do to save the tree? I feel like cutting off the browning stems and leave, but should I do anything else to it? I haven't changed the watering regime of about a quart once a week. (I keep it on the dry side during the winter like the other two citrus trees). Thank you very much!


Img_20190214_143704_300x300%2523 Img_20190214_143659_300x300%2523 Img_20190214_143647_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Maryland houseplants citrus indoors citrus 7 days ago

What To Grow and Looking for Resources

Hi, I'm exploring starting a small farm in Maryland and am trying to get an idea of what can be grown and/or does well in this area. I think Maryland is in a very good climate for a variety of produce, but it would be really great to be able to get some insight into this. Also, this website has a wealth of information on it, but I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a few I could look at first for the same purpose. Thanks so much for your help!


Montgomery County Maryland 7 days ago

composting Alpaca manure


Can you please give me a step by step procedure for composting alpaca manure? I have a 3 bin composting system with each bin measuring about 1 cubic yd. Those piles rarely get hot. I'm also thinking of starting a larger pile somewhere. What materials do I need to add to the alpaca manure? How long will it take to kill potential pathogens (especially if it's not heating up)? How often to turn it? Thanks!


Portage County Ohio 7 days ago

Ten yr old Desert Museum Palo Verde dying?

I have two ten yr old DM palo verde trees planted in my front landscape. One of them has lost a lot of it's leaves leaving it sort of scruffy looking. Small, sparse leaf cover, the other tree looks full and normal. Now the green of the tree trunks themselves in that tree seem to have a yellow cast which is noticeable because the second tree 40 or 50 feet away is still normal in color. I used a treatment for root borers recommended by the local nursery but the tree seems no better, maybe worse. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


Pinal County Arizona 7 days ago

Home made cheddar cheese question

I made some cheddar which, after aging, smells wonderful. But when I taste it, the first sensation is delicious but then I get a distinctly bitter after taste. PH is about 5-5.5. I used low temperature pasteurized milk. Using C101 cultures from New England Cheesemaking Supply. Made with rennet tablets. Am I using too much rennet? Dipped in 2-3 layers of cheese wax. Aged at around 55 degrees in a wine cooler that has trouble in the hottest days main tannin g it temp. Could get temp up to 70 for a few hours. Happens with cheeses aged between 2 and up to 20 months.


Yamhill County Oregon cheese food safety 7 days ago

Pruning Crabapples

I am going to schedule an arborist to prune my two crabapples. Since it is the dead of winter, can they prune without cleaning tools between each cut? Thanks.


Denver County Colorado fire blight in apple 7 days ago

How to remove Tall Fescue

We just bought forested property with a house and meadow. Our priority is to make the house liveable but my concern is that our meadow is entirely of a bunch grass, probably TallFescue. I want to get rid of it and plant pollinators (buckwheat, red clover, alfalfa, sages, etc). Please advise how to proceed. PS: deer do not browse on it.Thank you.


New Castle County Delaware 7 days ago

Spring bush hogging timing

To minimize disturbance to grassland wildlife, we would like to bush hog our grasslands after winter and before the wildlife nesting season. Therefore, it seems as if March is the best time for bush hogging to balance grassland management and wildlife habitat (here in Northern Virginia). However, March is a notoriously wet month and driving heavy equipment through wet soils can have serious negative consequences. Is there a good way to balance bush hogging timing to benefit wildlife while not causing soil damage?


Loudoun County Virginia 7 days ago

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