Infested home

hi. After I paid 2diferent pest control company I still have this unknown bugs. I Ben trating the house for over 4month with many insecticed. Please hel. This are very tiny all over my house. They jump but only bite when they get bigger.


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Hampden County MA insect identification 12 days ago

Could someone please tell me what kind of spider this is?

I was laying in bed and felt something crawling on my neck. I reached up and threw this spider across the room. It's now dead but I was wondering if we should be concerned.



Woodford County KY entomology spider identification woodford county kentucky 12 days ago

Best time of the year to fertilize flowering shrubs? As well as Epson Salt

Best time of the year to fertilize flowering shrubs? As well as Epson Salt


Douglas County OR trees and shrubs 13 days ago

Railroad cross ties

How long until they are safe for raised vegetable beds?


Ector County TX raised bed material 13 days ago

Joy of Giving

Do you want the gifts wrapped? I have some to bring and thought you would like to see what comes in. Please advise.


Fayette County KY fayette county kentucky family and consumer sciences 13 days ago

Cottonwood tree roots invading the garden

I have a Cottonwood tree in my front yard that is located about 11 feet from a garden fence. The longest branches of this tree extend about 14 feet beyond the garden fence. Many of the Cottonwood tree roots are spreading throughout the garden beds. How do I block the tree roots from invading our vegetable garden without harming the Cottonwood tree?


Larimer County CO 13 days ago

What Is This ?

Hi, I live in the Bronx, just south of the Bronx Zoo. I only have one tree ( LoL ) a Weeping White Pine I bought in Pennsylvania 6 years ago I have in my small front yard

I noticed it has this strange white stuff on the needles, and some browning and falling off
I'd like to buy something to get rid of it, but dont know what it is or what to buy. Does anyone recognize it ??
Jason in the Bronx


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Bronx County NY 13 days ago

Pepper plant transplant shock help?

A little over a week ago my girlfriend tried to separate two of our larger pepper plants (about 1' tall each) that were in a pot together and very intertwined. We soaked the root ball in water and then carefully tried to remove the two plants from each other. They now have their own pots, both of which are much larger than the previous one they were sharing. Since the move though they have been very droopy. We have been giving them the same amount of water as we were prior to the move, taking care to ensure the soil isn't too dry or wet, yet they are still droopy over a week later. We have them in the right environment temperature wise, and they are exposed to two grow-lights around 3' away from the plants. They get roughly 12 hours of light per day, and 12 hours of darkness. We mist them in the morning, and then a few hours before the light goes off. Ideally I would like these two to bounce back if possible, I just didn't expect the shock to take this long, though I might be overreacting. The plants have lost a few leaves in the last few days but new leaves seem to be slowly appearing on top. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Pierce County WA vegetable gardening transplanting 13 days ago

Better Process Control School - possible course offering?

Hello, My name is Lynn Holiday and I am the Quality Assurance Manager for the ConAgra Brands, Vlasic division facility located in Imlay City, MI. I would like to see if there is an opportunity to host an educator in our facility to provide Better Process Control School training for our plant leadership team. I am not having much luck finding a resource that has this training locally and I feel it is a very worthwhile class for our leadership team to be able to take advantage of attending, if at all possible. January or February of 2019 would be ideal for this training, at our manufacturing facility located in Imlay City, MI. Please let me know if this is an option, or provide a name of someone I could contact for further information. Thank you very much for your time!


Lapeer County MI 13 days ago

Upsidedown garden disaster

Hello. I gave upsidedown garden a try this past summer and it was a disaster. My Beefsteaks were the size of cherry tomatoes. I only got one greenbean per plant (2 plants). One bell pepper on a bush plant. Everything was so small. I used Miracle Grown garden soil. Help. Loren


San Diego County CA vegetable gardening 13 days ago

My Phalaenopsis Orchid has spots on underside of leaves ... Fungus?


I purchased this orchid a year ago from a reputable grower (Fantasy Orchids in Louisville, CO).

This orchid has done extremely well in my house. It has rebloomed once already, and grew more leaves and roots this past summer. Currently it has two flower spikes, each about 3 inches long.
As you can see from the attached photos, it has spots on the underside of one of its lower leaves.

I have removed two leaves already and swabbed the cut/torn edges with isopropyl alcohol. I also moved this plant 5 feet away from the other orchids. I saw spots on a third leaf (same plant), but did not remove it.

The spots have not increased in the past 7 days. No similar spots have appeared on my other orchids.

Should I treat my plants with any substances that would kill the fungus or prevent more fungus from developing? Whatever I use must be safe for cats. They are very curious and have adventurous palates.
Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. If I need to apply fungicide or other remedies, can you tell me where to buy them?

Thank you for your help.


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Denver County CO orchid 13 days ago

Soil Tests and raised bed mix from SO Compost

I just finished putting in a couple of raised beds here in the White City area.I bought raised bed mix fro SO Compost at their facility just off 140.I needed something to fill the beds with,but I am not sure that the fill I bought is that good or not.Anyone else have info on that container mix? Where might I get a soil test on this fill?Would it be a simple ph test,or is there a place I could gt a ph test done? I understand that the Master Gardeners have a plant sale in the spring.I like heart Tomatoes,and will want to find some to plant in the spring.I also want to find some pepper plants,both hot and sweet.Does the plant sale normally have a selection of both? Is there a way to contact Master Gardeners,(other than Facebook) to ask basic questions? Thanks.


Jackson County OR 13 days ago

blue spruce die off

I have lost two blue spruces to something and a third now has whatever is impacting the trees. I sprayed them with Sevin to no avail. What should I use to control whatever the pest? White pines and fur trees in my yard have not been affected just the blue spruces. The needles turn brown and drop off. Thank you,


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Harford County MD spruce cytospora on spruce cytospora canker tree disease issues 13 days ago

How to stop arbor vitae roots from invading raised beds

My raised beds are, currently, approx 1 yard from the trunks of an arbor vitae hedge. These raised beds have been there for 10+ years. I plan to redo the raised beds and move them so that the back edge is approx 1 and 1/2 yards from the trees' trunks. Over the years roots from the arbor vitae have made there way into the raised beds. Since I am renewing the beds, I wondered if putting a layer of weed barrier under the raised bed would help to stop the roots invading the raised beds without cutting off water to same roots. The raised beds are 1 foot deep.


Clark County WA 13 days ago

Lavender Production in Huntington, Oregon (44.3542, -117.2488)

The Barber Ranch in Huntington, Oregon is evaluating the feasibility of a 14-acre Lavender farming enterprise. Lavender responds favorably to drip irrigation. 1. Similar to your Drip Irrigation Guides for Onions and Potatoes (Pubs em8901 and em8912), I was interested in understanding how to configure a drip system specific to Lavender. 2. In addition to the drip system, I would need parameters for water delivery from the well. Particularly, issues regarding GPM, pressures, etc. 3. Finally, I need information on drilling the well on the ranch. (Commercial well drillers have offered significantly different solutions.) The area designated for the planting was once the Burnt River bed (it was re-routed by the railroad) and is ideal for Lavender production (sandy loam). The Water table is only 48" below the soil. Nonetheless, would it be prudent to drill to a much greater well depth? And, are there laws regarding minimum well depth? Thank You, Ernest Miller


Baker County OR herbs lavender small farms irrigation and water management 13 days ago

cultivated elderberry toxicity

We have been growing and eating black elderberries in our garden for over 15 years...same with others in the neighborhood. We freeze them and use them raw/uncooked as an ingredient in smoothies throughout the winter. Recently the subject of their toxicity (seeds) has come up...when eaten uncooked. Have we been "poisoning" ourselves all these years? Neither of us has experienced any of the symptoms I've read far as we know. Are there cultivars that possibly have less/minimal amts of the toxins? We consider elders highly nutritious especially in winter and it seems that cooking them would destroy some of the nutrients...vit C? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Lane County OR food safety 13 days ago

How many grams of sugar in a teaspoon? Really?

On this web page: your university states there are exactly 4.2 grams of sugar per teaspoon. But that has to very misleading, as the weight must depend on the size of the sugar crystals! and you do not state any information about that! A teaspoon of powdered sugar must be heavier than a teaspoon of common household granulated sugar, which has to be heavier than a teaspoon of coarse grained sugar (like used on some pastries and candies). It's all about the density.


MI sugar 13 days ago

Mold mites

I feel That for mold there in the carpeting water made us very Sick my dog died and brother I've been very sick


Cass County ND mold 13 days ago

can cat urine seep through carpet and padding onto a concrete slab? if so,...

can cat urine seep through carpet and padding onto a concrete slab? if so, how do you treat the concrete to eliminate the odor and prevent other pets from smelling it and urinating on those spots once re-carpeted? If tile is laid on untreated concrete will the odor be eliminated or will it seep through?


Lee County FL cat 13 days ago

Bird mites

Having a allergic reaction to what I believe is bird mites had it for bout 3 months been to hospital a few times but they just say it dry skin and look at me crazy what do I do? Movement in scalp snap bites in back hair stand up skin looks like larvae coming out in shower have red blister that don't go away it ruining my life I need experts please fatigue cant sleep good


Denver County CO 13 days ago

soft dahlia tubers

Hi, ."
I recently dug up my dahlias and had washed the dirt off and put them in crates to dry out for a few days. Within those few days the tubers became soft and "squishy." Not mushy, just pliable. Are they ok?


Whatcom County WA dahlias 13 days ago

Python programming

Question in image


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Grayson County KY 13 days ago

Where to buy a goat in yamhill county?

I'm looking to buy a couple of goats, however it's not as simple as doing an internet search. Some farms only sell goat milk, some farms don't have any goats for sale until four months from now, and some farms just "rescue" goats but won't sell them. How do I shop for a pair of goats? What's the secret to finding goats?? Thanks!


Yamhill County OR goats 14 days ago

Pittosporum leaves black and sticky

Hi I live in Australia (southern states, Melbourne) and have been growing three pittosporum trees in my wee back yard for 4 years to create a screen. However the leaves have started going horribly black and speckly, some yellowing too (see photos). The decking under the leaves is also speckled with a very sticky substance that looks like dripping sap or something. The soil is shallow and pretty heavy clay, and they get a fair amount of sunlight most of the day, maybe 6 hours. Can you please help me understand what this is and if these trees are redeemable or have they had it!? :-(


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OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs 14 days ago

What kind of bug?

I have found a total of 7 of these in my house on my walls over 1 year. What kind of bug is it? Are them harmful?



Marion County OR insect issues 14 days ago

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