Green pepper problem

Do you know what’s causing our green peppers to have this problem?



Denver County Colorado 3 days ago

e coli in well after testing and impact on garden and soil

We just had our well tested. It showed a presence of e coli and coriform. We have installed a UV filter with additional filters for solid substances and charcoal. My questions are the following:
1.)Should I clear out and throw away my garden bed vegetables because of contamination.... this is heartbreaking as my garden is amazing?
2.) How do I test my garden bed soil for e coli?
3.) How do I get rid of the e-coli in my garden beds and soil if it present?
Many thanks for expert help!


Del Norte County California irrigation and water management 3 days ago

Mountain Ash dropping branches

Mountain Ash (40 feet) is dropping small (18-24") branches. There are some bug eggs under a few of the leaves.


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Anchorage Alaska 3 days ago

Arborvitae danger

Daughter bought home. Three arborvitae planted on corner of lot are very large. The bottom branches blocks view of street when leaving driveway. Also block view of street for motorists turning on to street Is it ok to trim up several feet to open view?


Milwaukee County Wisconsin arborvitae 3 days ago

Insect ID

A friend who lives in Multnomah County showed me this photo of an unusual insect that I have never seen. I could not identify it. What is the name of this insect? Is it invasive? If it is is there anything in particular that I should do about it?



Yamhill County Oregon insect identification buffalo treehopper 3 days ago

Clumps of Fast Growing Grass or Weeds

We have climps of fast growing grass or weeds taking over our lawn; it's more than 50% of our lawn & spreading to the neighbors' lawns. It grows incredibly fast. What is it & how can we get rid of it? Thank you for your help.



Harford County Maryland lawn weed yellow nutsedge 3 days ago

Tiny bugs on swamp milkweed

Are these the hatchlings of milkweed beetles?



Olmsted County Minnesota aphids on milkweed 3 days ago

Trying to figure out what type of a large bush this is. Has green blossoms...

Trying to figure out what type of a large bush this is. Has green blossoms and my bees love it



Cuyahoga County Ohio 3 days ago


My clams come back every year but turn brown about now no leaves are green no spots just dead leaves?


Sussex County New Jersey 3 days ago

Honey Crisp Apples

We have over 60 honey crisp apple trees. Trees are 4 years old. Trees have produced very few apples. The trees themselves looks beautiful. This year none. Just sent our soil sample into MSU. Help.


Kalkaska County Michigan apple trees non-productive fruit tree 3 days ago

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