Dormant Lawn Seeding

We finished our new house in Rochester MN, in November 2018. A landscape contractor recommended we dormant seed our lawn in November which we had him do. Now we have very poor emergence to nothing in some areas this spring. The landscaper is telling us that this was an unusually hard winter for dormant seeding in the Rochester MN area and won't gaurantee the seed. Was this a tough year for dormant seeding or is this just not a good practice in this area?


Olmsted County MN 3 days ago

Korean Spice Viburnum has no leaves and small flowers

Last fall I noticed some dried up/dead leaves and branches on a 4-5 yr old Korean spice viburnum. Planted 2 (near each other, partial sun)and one looks great this spring while this one has small flowers but hardly any leaves. Any suggestions to bring it back to life??


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Oakland County MI 3 days ago

Lawn - Thinning grass, uneven ground and moss growing

Hi - Over the past few years our lawn has deteriorated. The grass is thinning to a point where moss is growing in between grass patches. This spring there is a large area where no grass is growing at all. Any advice on what to do to try to reverse this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Emily


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Hennepin County MN 3 days ago

Maple tree samaras (helicopters)

I actually live in Indiana (but no one is answering questions there, so I hope you can help) and have attached photos of the maple tree in question. I'm sorry I don't know exactly what kind it is. My question is about the samaras (helicopters). I have never seen the tree shed ones that are so small. As you can see in the first photo, there are a few large and mid- sized ones, but the majority are tiny. Is there an explanation for this ? I have never seen this before. Thank-you in advance.


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OH 3 days ago

Vegetable brand suggestions

HI , Can you recommend types of green bean, carrot, green onions, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, pumpkins that would be best for a garden in Parker?

Thank you,



Douglas County CO 3 days ago

Something eating my Columbine flowers

I have beautiful volunteer Columbines blooming but noticed what looks like spit and now beetles, small dark brown with orange shoulders. Also some tiny orange color eggs. Tried ‘Safer’ spray with no results. Help!!!


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Jackson County OR horticulture 3 days ago


I planted an Iris about 5 yrs ago and every year it comes up with just the leaves but never flowers. What can I do? Thank you, Gina



Ramsey County MN 3 days ago

Blue Muffin Viburnum

Help! I will be planting a couple of Blue Muffin viburnum shrubs. Do I need another type of viburnum to ensure I will get flowers and berries for the birds? Bachman's says no but looking online it says I would need a Chicago Lustre Viburnum to pollinate. Thanks in advance Linda


Hennepin County MN 3 days ago


What kind of weed is this ? What can I used to get rid of this without killing the grass ? Thanks


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Anne Arundel County MD lawns and turf weed identification 3 days ago

Vegetable Gardening - Fertilization

I am planning a vegetable garden this year but did not get a soil test done :( The garden has not been used for about 4 years, no amendments or fertilizer have been added. The area was originally year round heated greenhouse and I believe the soil was brought in as it is fluffy and not full of clay or sand.

I will be planting leafy greens, carrots, radishes, broccoli, squash, pumpkins, melons and various herbs.

Should I apply some type of all around fertilizer prior to planting, should I side dress when planting, or should I just take the easy route and use Miracle Grow regularly.

Any input you have would be appreciated.



Elbert County CO 3 days ago

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