I am thinking about planting this type of Tree. Is it safe from all the other firs ,pines that are dying? Can this tree be planted about 2 to 3 feet off the edge of a concrete driveway? I am concerned about the reflection of the sun, Or have you any recommendations on what might be a good tree to plant? Will be planting 5 or 6 trees. Thank You Dave


Washington County Minnesota horticulture spruce 3 days ago

Apple tree leaves sad

We planted three fruit trees last fall and the plum and cherry are doing well, but the apple tree is starting to look sad, don’t see any bugs on it, and the others don’t look dry, so wondering what it is.


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Ramsey County Minnesota fruit trees horticulture four lined plant bug 3 days ago

Jap tree lilac not flowering year two!

Hello, we live in Willmar Minnesota. We purchased six large chapter he lilacs and planted them in August 2016. Both the spring of 2017 and 2018 the trees did not produce more than one or two flowers each. I drove around Willmar and all other jab tree lilacs looked healthy and were flowering. The nursery and we bought them from us to wait it out one more year and they are not guaranteed. They compared them to apple trees that they have some good and some bad years and that the first year they were not flower well. What hours do not look nice at all. It would be wonderful if someone from the area could stop by and give me their opinion. I am an agronomist and avid gardener but I cannot figure it out.


Kandiyohi County Minnesota japanese tree lilac lilac fails to bloom 3 days ago

Tiny white crawler

I was on my hands and knees on a rug and spotted this tiny white bug crawling. Close up it looks furry. What the heck is it?


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Livingston County Michigan insect identification 3 days ago

How do I kill this wild grass? in my lawn?

I have several patches of the grass or plant shown in the photos in my lawn. These patches seem to be growing rapidly. Weed killer (Weed-B-gone) has no apparent effect. My neighbor thought this might be Nutsenge?, but a killer that is supposed to kill Nutsenge also seemed to have no effect. Can you identify this plant and let me know if there is any way to kill it without killing the rest of the lawn? Thanks. John Rawcliffe


Img_1440_300x300%2523 Img_1439_300x300%2523 Img_1438_300x300%2523

Livingston County Michigan crabgrass weed identification nutsedge 3 days ago

Invasive species / fungus killing conifers

I have property in Iron County with conifers and maples on it. Last year I noticed that some conifers are starting to die. What actions do I need to take to care for the existing trees? I was listening to telephone time the other day. They were talking about a program where a person would walk your property with you and explain the plants that you have and what to do to care for them. Do you know anything about this program? Thanks for your help, Jim Cwerenz



Iron County Michigan 3 days ago

small black bees

4 bee stings from these. Nesting in rotten wood in ground. Small black bees, maybe with silver or white small detail. Stings hurt like nettles. Swelling. Still hurts 4 hours later. How do I kill these?


Img_6790_300x300%2523 Img_6789_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon insect issues insect identification 3 days ago

Cedar-Hawthorn Rust treatment

My neighbor has a Hawthorn tree w/ Cedar-Hawthorn rust- I am not certain of the variety the rust is. The tree was planted last year - and developed rust last year, with a slight evidence of the disease. He did not act upon it, but this year the tree is covered. We are inMichigan , midstate near Lake Michigan within the northern city limits, which I am sure accounts for some near by cedars. We would be in zone 6 since we are 30 miles from the lake. Since rust is not uncommon on the Hawthorn, and Cedars are a host, I am wondering there is any treatment for the fungus? If so what would be recommended. Thank you.



Kent County Michigan cedar-hawthorn rust 3 days ago

What's eating my Alpine Currant leaves?

Please see the attached photos. Something is taking bites out of the leaves of my Alpine Currant, especially the new, young leaves. Yet, I cannot see any insects anywhere on the plant. Something is also biting off the tops of new shoots. I'm wondering if the latter is being done by deer, although I thought the Alpine Currant was deer resistant. What can I do to prevent this leaf chewing / new shoot eating? Thank you


Img_20180718_125011733_rev_300x300%2523 Img_20180718_125025170_300x300%2523 Img_20180718_125047165_300x300%2523

Deschutes County Oregon horticulture 3 days ago

Dying? Maple tree in metro Detroit.

Last year my mature maple seemed to have some dead branches that I thought were from the Winter. This year more branches did not produce leaves but had buds. The propellers seem to be drying up on branches that have leaves. After bringing branches to a local nursery, I was told I just needed to aggressively prune this tree in the Fall. They said the there was an issue with circulation in the branches. Thanks for your help.


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Wayne County Michigan 3 days ago

Wild mint

What type of wild mint is this?


Img_20180718_155837495_300x300%2523 Img_20180718_155853564_300x300%2523

Mathews County Virginia plant identification 3 days ago

Landscaping shrubs & plants for Atlanta, Mi.

Our winters can be brutal. I have lost many plants & fruit trees to the incredible lower temperatures, that may be well below zero, with wind chills -20 to -30, which are not uncommon. What would you suggest for landscaping options? Do you recommend soil testing? We've learned that straw works excellent for protection through the winter. Thank you, kindly for your response. Linda Hilty


Montmorency County Michigan cold-weather landscaping soil test 3 days ago

Magnolia scale

Does it work to just pick off the scales? I can reach most of them.


Hennepin County Minnesota magnolia scale 3 days ago

Tree Identification

Can you help me identify this tree? It was planted by a squirrel and is doing quite well. My yard is only 40 wide, and the tree is about 6 feet from a side fence. Should I leave it to enjoy? If it's going to be a problem, I can cut it down now while that's still possible. Thank you!



Hennepin County Minnesota tree id ohio buckeye 3 days ago

Aspen tree failing health

We have several Aspen trees on our property that are either near death or yellowing with serious health issues. Looking closely at the trees they appear not to have an insect infestation. There is damage to the bark but no bore holes. In some cases the bark has deteriorated. The leaves that are yellowing have black specks on them that look to be internal to the leaf structure. I have attached photos. Can you identify the problem and provide a possible solution?


Img_3395_300x300%2523 Img_3401_300x300%2523 Img_3398_300x300%2523

Larimer County Colorado 3 days ago




Linn County Oregon weeds bamboo 3 days ago

my 3-yr-old raspberry plants are barely producing

After digging up and discarding raspberry plants (from your suggestion) due to a stem-borer infestation, then covering the plot with black plastic for 18 months, I replanted. First year, some berries. Second year, some berries. THis year, hardly ANY berries, despite the fact that the plants look healthy as can be! What's up? No pollinators? Some new pest? Bad luck? A curse? I'd appreciate your input. Thanks. Michael Ehlers in Boulder


Boulder County Colorado 3 days ago

Dutch elm

We have a 100 year old elm that is exhibiting problems. It seems to be actively dying from the top down. It may be affecting other trees. Please help!



Anne Arundel County Maryland trees elm dying disease issues 3 days ago

drug treatment for lawns

is the liquid insecticide designed for treatment of lawns for grubs effective?


Anne Arundel County Maryland lawns and turf grub control pesticides 3 days ago


Hello, my houseplant has mealy bugs, I want to move it away from other house plants while I treat with neem oil. If I put it outside will it infect my outside plants?


Anoka County Minnesota 3 days ago

Asian pears in MN

I've become aware that some orchard supply companies in the Pacific Northwest are marketing Asian pears that claim a USDA zone rating compatible with the Twin Cities area. Do you have any thoughts on the reliability of these ratings, and are you aware of anyone successfully growing Asian pears here? Thank you! Eric Stone


Ramsey County Minnesota horticulture asian pear 3 days ago

Red Flower

Just wondering what this is?



Mackinac County Michigan flower identification 3 days ago

planting grass

I'm planting planting grass seed and i want to cover the seed with a mulch. Can I use white pine needles to use as a mulch. would that be too acidic.


Todd County Minnesota 3 days ago

Boxelder or Elm Seed Bug

My community is having a debate about whether the picture attached is of a boxelder bug or an elm seed bug. I say the former. We live in St Johns [in N PDX] and have seen many of these around here.



Multnomah County Oregon insect identification insect issues 3 days ago

Liriope Spicata Hardiness in Zone 4

Greetings All
I would like to plant liriope spicata in my yard instead of grass. I recently bought my home on Higgins Lake (near Roscommon MI) which is in zone 4.
I had a very good experience with liriope in West MI (zone 6) as a ground cover. According to what I have read, liriope spicata is hardy to zone 4.
Because I am planning to plant several hundred square feet of liriope, I need to know if the plant is likely to survive northern MI winters. If so, do you have any tips to improve the chances that the plants will survive? Would it be best to plant in the spring?
Thank you.


Roscommon County Michigan home landscapes ground cover 3 days ago

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