We have cropland we currenlty been share cropping with person who farms its....

We have cropland we currenlty been share cropping with person who farms its. Looking at possibility of doing cash rent. I am looking for information or data to determine the average cash rent, and/or how to determine appropriate cash rent to charge, for cropland located in Highland and Brown Counties. Do you have any info/data for this, or can you direct me to where to find it?


Highland County OH 8 days ago

Black Walnut Trees and Sheep

I found a previous question and your comment about black walnut trees and you mentioned it’s toxicity to horse, goats, and sheep. Your writing is the only reference I have found to it’s effect on sheep. I just moved to a farm with these walnut trees and trying to determine whether to cut them all down even though they are the only shade trees near my house. I want sheep and horses, and have read plenty about the tree affecting horses, but nothing about sheep. So to be clear: it is not safe for sheep to graze land near black walnut trees and to eat the grass under and around these trees? I don’t want sick sheep so I’m looking for a clear answer. If I do need to cut the mature trees, how would I go about ‘healing the land’ to be used at a later time by horses and sheep? How would one get rid of the jugalone in the soil, etc.? I don’t plan to move from this property so I’m looking at the big picture of healing the land also for an organic garden. Thanks so much for your help!


Hall County GA sheep 8 days ago

living in Huntingtown , Md. what are the dying trees on my property

We are harvesting the standing dead wood on my property and I am curious as to the species of the tree we are harvesting for fire wood. These are 100 ft tall trees and a real ropey bark layer. Thank you


Calvert County MD tree identification firewood tree bark trees snags identifying dead tree species tree identification by bark normal growth 9 days ago

Magnolia Scale

I have magnolia scale. I've attached a photo of how they looked last spring, but they were the brown waxy this fall. I sprayed during the time the crawlers came out, but I'm sure I didn't get everything directly sprayed due to foliage. I'm wondering (hoping) the recent ridiculously cold snap may kill many since I've heard emerald ash borers may die @ -30. Is there any hope they'll be killed off, or do I still need to poison again this spring? I don't like spraying due to the problems with bees......



Hennepin County MN 9 days ago

Recommended Tall rhododendrons for Silver Spring Maryland

Good morning, I plan to plant tall growing (6' - 8') rhododendron this year (have installed a deer fence), and would like to know what varieties are recommended for the Silver Spring area. I read the IPM brochure regarding rhododendron, but it does not discuss recommended varieties. Please let me know whom I should contact to discuss this; University of Maryland, National Arboretum, Brookside Gardens, etc. Thanks much


Montgomery County MD shrubs normal growth rhododendrons rhododendron varieties recommended tall rhododendrons plant selection 9 days ago

Suburban Front Yard Shade Tree

Hello- I'm looking to select a new shade tree in my front yard to replace the Maple tree I just removed. Looking for help in selecting the right tree, as my prior Maple tree created all kinds of problems with large surface roots which messed up my lawn and sprinkler system. Here's what I'm looking for in a replacement tree. -40-50' full/thick shade tree -Fast growing (tree will be in full sun) -Tree with minimal yard mess/droppings during summer months (seedless?) -Root system that remains well below surface so lawn contour remains relatively flat/level up to trunk -Disease and insect tollerant -Our soil is primarily a sand/clay mix Looking for a list of tree that hopefully meet my preferences. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bruce


Hennepin County MN 9 days ago

Infestation of a vine propagated gord type weed

Can you provide the name of the broad leaf, ground hugging, vine type 'gord' producing plant that is infesting more and more land. I live in Colorado City South of Pueblo where it is greatly expanding but have noticed large infestations along I-25. The leaves are what I would call elongated,heart shaped and can be 8 inches or more long and the plant gives off a noxious smell. The gords are approx. 3-4 in diameter max. Is it a noxious weed? The plants are dried up now or I would send a picture of the leaves. Thanks, Bob



Pueblo County CO fruits and vegetables 9 days ago

Speaker for garden club Jan 16

Candleridge Garden club needs a speaker for our 7pm meeting. Subject: wildlife certification of our yards- how do we qualify


Tarrant County TX 9 days ago

Planting grass seed in the winter

What type of grass seed do you recommend to plant now? My lawn is patchy w lots of weeds in certain areas.
Thank you!


Douglas County CO lawns and turf 9 days ago

groth on a 18"high alberta spruce i received just before Christmas

18"high Alberta spruce i received just before Christmas it has been in the house and is starting to get new shoots on some upper branches should i plant it outside now or wait til spring I live in
spring,tx. 77373 we are in a 9 zone


Harris County TX trees and shrubs 9 days ago

Stormwater Remediation/ Rain Garden Design

I just recently purchased my house and was searching the web for Stormwater Remediation designs. I then learned that Howard County offers a CleanScapes Program through their clean water howard initiative that will reimburse a portion of my project. I was hoping to use predominantly native plants (I have 2 non-invasive non-natives I was hoping to propagate from my moms garden).I had planned on doing most of the landscaping/planting myself mostly due to budgetary restraints, but was reaching out to see if you could point me in the direction of Master Gardeners and/or landscapers who have experience with this program and if so, how to get in contact with them. Additional Note: My one neighbor would also be willing to consider landscaping his area of our adjoining properties. I mention this as it might turn into a larger project with different constraints.


20180108_160339_300x300%2523 Img_1975_300x300%2523 Img_1984_300x300%2523

Howard County MD 9 days ago

Blackberry Vines

How do I get rid of blackberry vines


Washington County OR 9 days ago

Older Fruit to heavily prune for fruit production

Hi there, We have an older (smaller) orchard on our property...some trees possibly 100 years old. There are only about 20 trees total, varying from apple, pear, and cherry. They went many, many years without ever being pruned. We get fruit from these trees, but would really like to maximize on fruit production and feel safe picking from them...some of the trees are so tall, they cannot be picked. I have seen older orchards where trees have almost been leveled to drastically lower the tree height. Is this something that can be done? If not, how heavily can we prune and still have fruit production? Are we better off to start planting new ones and eventually phase these out? Also, one of the trees is a Transparent Apple is has some serious rot and we lost a few large branches in wind storms this past year. Is it possible to add a root hormone to a cutting and grow a new tree? I have attached some photos for examples. Thank you for taking the time to answer my very novice questions :)


Apple_300x300%2523 Apple_pear_300x300%2523 Transparentapple_300x300%2523

Marion County OR fruit trees horticulture pruning 9 days ago

Farmer to Farmer Grant for Madagascar

Sirs, Madams, I am looking for the opportunities to partner with University of Maryland in the implementation of F2F program in Madagascar. I have two activities that I would like to promote: an integrated poultry, soybean and corn production and the intensification and diversification of SRI Rice Intensification System and off season vegetables. My name is Adele Rahelimihajandralambo. I graduated and received a MS in Agricultural Education/Extension from Montana State University Bozeman. Actually, I run a consultancy and trade business in Hanover Maryland


Anne Arundel County MD 9 days ago

What are the white”drip” spots on my Pine Tree

I just notice these white “drip” spots that are on both the needles and the branches of my Ponderosa Pine and would like to know if this is some kind of disease or fungus that needs to be taken care of before it harms the tree. Wasn’t sure where to go to find out that information so seeking it from you. Hoping you can help but if you don’t know what it is can you please send me to the right department or website, etc. to get my questions answered - THANKS!!


Douglas County CO trees and shrubs 9 days ago

Mason Bee cleaning for spring

I understand that someone local makes a "sand blasting jar for cleaning the mites off of mason bees. Do you have contact information for that person? I would love to get a jar and possibly have a class with him. Rosalie Movius


Washington County OR mason bees pollinators 9 days ago

Tree planting in January?

Dear Experts, I am writing to get advice about tree planting. The county planted a tree in the right of way in front of our house last week--when temperatures were in the teens. A neighbor also received a tree the preceding week. I have always thought that its best to plant new shrubs/trees in late fall, before the ground freezes, in order that a plant will be able to establish roots before the heat of the summer. I am concerned that our new tree will die before the ground thaws. We haven't watered it yet, since the temperatures are still below freezing. What should we do? And, if you think this was not the right time to plant, would you please let the county know? Thank you!


Montgomery County MD trees tree planting in frozen soil tree planting in winter normal growth 9 days ago

What are the top 5

For townhome assoc landscape projects what are the most common and low maintence ......please include top 3 in each catergorie. 1 shrubs 2. perenials.


Hennepin County MN 9 days ago

Prune Apple Trees

We have very old apple trees needing pruning. And can the suckers be used to start trees.


Lincoln County OR fruit trees pruning trees horticulture apple trees 9 days ago

Trees in a treeless area

Hello, A western Alasks village does not have trees. However thereby is an unattractive sewage lagoon right in town. Are there any trees we could plant around the lagoon to improve esthetics?



Bethel Census Area AK 9 days ago

Growing local grasses over a sheet of plywood

Hello requesting advice on how to grow local grasses on top of old sheets of plywood. The plywood will originate from abandoning and chrushing very old boxes that were used to collect honeybucket waste in plastic bags. Some local gravel is available. Obtaining soil would require barging. Would compost work? Maybe a geofabric would hold soil in place to support the plant’s growth? Would stumpkiller chemicals help? suggestions?


E8313216-fc96-4328-a992-08df42d3793a_300x300%2523 6845c0ac-2ed0-498f-b39b-63330b86f8dc_300x300%2523 995c54af-c178-4377-b93a-3effa9114ea1_300x300%2523

Bethel Census Area AK 9 days ago

Prairie Insects

Hello, I am an art teacher from Kennedy Community School in St. Joseph MN that sits on a prairie. For the students to learn more about the prairie I was hoping to have them explore the bugs that live in the MN Praires. Would one of your experts have a moment to share the names of some of the insects possibly living in our schools backyard. Thank you Alicia Peters


Stearns County MN horticulture insect identification 10 days ago

Chickens Infectious Bronchitis Virus?

I have a serious problem here with my chickens. Every year for the past 3 years I have bought 3 chickens to raise in my back yard. I am on my 3rd set of 3. Every year they grow like weeds, start laying eggs around 5 to 6 months. I get an egg a day 6 days a week from each chicken, perfect eggs. Then around 4 to 5 months after they start laying eggs they slowly one by one start laying rubber eggs from the roost it breaks, the shell is like a broken balloon, if they aren't rubber they have soft spots on them that break when laid, sometimes the egg is shell less or wrinkled or has like grit on the outside the color is faded, sometimes the eggs are half normal and the other half is real light and thin. So far this year I have 2 doing this almost everyday for the last 2 months. Usually about 6 days a week. Once in awhile I get a normal one in the nest. They will lay the rubber egg on the roost at night and then 2 or 3 times during the day they go in the nest like they are trying to lay an egg but come out do their song and dance like they laid an egg and nothing. I have one that is laying normal beautiful eggs 6 days a week right now she hasn't shown any signs of this virus or whatever it is they have. I suspect it is Infectious Bronchitis Virus from what I have researched on line, I have read about all the diseases. But the only symptom they have for IBV is the egg abnormalities. I saw pictures of what the eggs look like with IBV, I have seen every example of those eggs in my Hen House. They don't have any cold of flu like symptoms, they have lots of energy, healthy appetites, drink plenty of water. I have tried everything even grinding up calcium pills and vitamin D and roasting egg shells and grinding them in a coffee grinder to a fine powder adding it to their treats I give them when I get home from work everyday. Usually pasta, cottage cheese, hard boiled mashed up eggs, cooked rice, cooked barley or oatmeal. They have Oyster shells all the time and eat plenty of them so I know it isn't a calcium problem. I feed them good Layer Crumbles from the feed mill and have tried different brands from different feed mills. Also I supplement it with game bird feed with extra protein from the feed mill in the winter. They are spoiled and love me so much. But I can't see having chickens that lay junk eggs that I have to clean up and throw away everyday, I should still have my first 3 chickens and they should still be laying eggs at 3 years old but they were all taken to Animal Control for the same problems. My last 3 chickens one of them was so sick when she turned about one year old she was gasping for air and couldn't hold herself up one day. I took her to a Vet in Portland (DoveLewis) that I had called before I went, to see if they could treat a Chicken they said yes no problem bring her in. So I took her in, they took her in the back and said they don't know whats wrong with her or didn't really know much about chickens. Then they wouldn't let me see her until I paid the bill of $200 and they did nothing. I paid the bill, they got on the phone and Said "He paid the bill you can bring Rosie out now" WOW I was very angry about that. So they held my pet for ransom until I paid the bill. So anyhow I brought her home and force fed her food, water and she finally did survive with lots of rest and Nursing from myself. I finally had to take her to animal control because she kept getting sick, she didn’t eat or drink water and she was very light, her feathers were dull and downward and she would stand around and sleep all the time, sometimes she wouldn't come off the roost all day. I couldn't bare watching her die. She had the same problem before she got sick laying rubber eggs or shell less eggs from the roost. Then after I nurse her back to health she never laid another egg again. It was sad! The other 2 I also had to take to animal control because they were getting sick as well. I am not spending 100's of dollars on vets to tell me nothing? I need help! I want my chickens to live a happy healthy normal life doing what they do... lay eggs. They free range all day long while I'm at work. They have a very nice home with everything they need. I do not know how to help them. I called a Avian Vet in Lake Oswego and made a appt. but I cancelled it because they wanted $71 per chicken just to walk in the door and that doesn't include any tests, antibiotics or vaccines. I don't know if you are the right person to help me but I thought I would start here and maybe you can direct me to the appropriate office? When I was a kid in the Midwest I raised chickens to make money I had 100’s of chickens in my barn yard. I never had problems with virus’s, diseases and never saw a rubber egg. Something is not right! I thought maybe it was because they were outside all day with the wild birds but everybody's Chickens are outside and if that was the case they would all be dying from bird diseases. I have neighbors about a block away that has chickens and they seem fine. I wouldn’t mind paying a vet bill if I was sure they were going to fix my chickens. I know there is no cure for IBV but there are vaccines available to control it and maybe my Chickens can live a happy life? I had a friend tell me about this website, he said I could get help here! Thanks for Everything I hope you can help me. The pictures included are of the 3 chickens I currently have. The Black Austrolorpe (pepper) and one of the RIR's (Mango in front) are the ones that are laying the bum eggs. The other RIR (Punkin in the back) is laying normal eggs still. They seem healthy but Pepper is kind of Nervous sometimes she was traumatized by the neighbors dog one day he got one of her tail feathers and the older Black Austrolorpe (Rosie) that I had to take to Animal Control was her buddy she is in the picture with Pepper but you can't see all of Rosie. They were always together even though she was raised with the RIR's. Glen Portland Oregon 97203


Img_8187_300x300%2523 Img_8186_300x300%2523

Multnomah County OR 10 days ago

Are there state wide scholarship opportunities for 4-H members? I am aware of...

Are there state wide scholarship opportunities for 4-H members? I am aware of the county specific scholarship opportunities but curious if there are opportunities for high school seniors at the state or national 4-H level? The Ohio Achievement Record is the form we are using for local awards, can that be used for any state or national scholarships for high school seniors pursuing a secondary education at a state school in Ohio? Thanks, KB


Portage County OH 10 days ago

Bats in the Attic - winter time

Hello, After hearing squeaks and scratches in the walls and attic, I finally found the cause...bat(s)! I didn't think they were active in the winter. I managed to catch a glimpse of the bat as it was crawling through a gap in in the eave. I am thinking it was a little brown bat. It then flew to an insulated wall in the attic and I'm assuming it is nesting or making a home in the insulation. I can see the droppings near the opening in the eave where the bat is gaining access to the attic. Should I follow the guidelines from the "Bats in the Houses" webpage on this site? Thank you.


Olmsted County MN wildlife bats 10 days ago

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