Can you please tell me if the spider in the attached picture is a Brown...

Can you please tell me if the spider in the attached picture is a Brown Recluse. It's still in the jar, if you'd like a physical specimen. I could try to get a better picture, too.



Franklin County Ohio spiders spider identification brown recluse spiders 5 days ago

pruning a haralson apple tree

I have a haralson apple tree that needs some serious pruning. It is approximately 18' X 18' and fairly dense on the inside. I had a lot of blemishes on the fruit the last few years. How aggressive can I get with the pruning? Should I do it over 2-3 years. What is the best time to prune. Thanks for your help. Scott Clover Afton, MN


Washington County Minnesota apple trees horticulture pruning trees 5 days ago

cedar tree

during the last snow storm, our big beautiful tree got 3-4 limbs broke due to heavy snow. want to know if it can be saved. we live at 1046 Macland rd. and tree is in back yard


Anderson County Kentucky agriculture anderson county kentucky tree health 6 days ago

West side of house

The West Side of my home is about 10-15 feet wide and has a river birch (20years old) with hasta around the base. There are Amur maples on the side of the house I keep short. There is some sun, but shade rules the area. I can’t keep grass healthy there. Just had a thought about clover. To make matters worse we have a dog going in and out of the house in that area and what little grass I had is now mud. Looking for a solution. Don’t want a sidewalk but that may be the only answer. Hope you may have an idea. Thanks Nancy Kuehn


Hennepin County Minnesota landscaping horticulture plant recommendations 6 days ago

Milkweed seeds in March?

I thought milkweed burst their seed pods in the fall however mine are releasing seeds now in March. Is that normal? Will these seeds be viable if I plant them in the ground now?


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Prince George's County Maryland flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials native 6 days ago

Blown up moss and bare spots; what do I do?

We live in a wooded area. Early this week after picking up branches and debris I needed to blow leaves. Not only did I blow the leaves but I blew up the moss layer in several spots. It just came tight up. Now I have a patchey looking backyard. What should I do? It would take a Trojan effort to blow up all the moss. Raking doesn't remove it.I guess the force of the blower is what did it.


Howard County Maryland lawns and turf moss in wooded area 6 days ago

Palm plant

Can you tell me why this plant is turning yellow and what kind of plant it is? Is it not getting enough sun? I have another that is doing well.


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Cuyahoga County Ohio plant identification plant diagnostics potted palms 6 days ago

Cambistat use

I am concerned about the safety, short term & long term wisdom of using Cambistat on my mature northern pin oak tree. The trunk is approximately 24" D. It is about 60' tall & is located on a residential property & approximately 15' from a blacktop residential street. The area within the drip line is planted with hostas, lilies, iris, woods geraniums & solomons seals. The entire area is mulched with western red cedar chips. We have had some branch die back & this will be trimmed out this winter.I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


Dakota County Minnesota plant growth regulators cambistat 6 days ago

Brown and dead Arborvitae twigs and plants

Can you help identify a solution to prevent my arborvitae from continuing to die? The plant gets brown twigs and then just continues to turn brown.


Benton County Oregon tree care arborvitae arborvitae browning horticulture 6 days ago

Lot Mergers

Is it legal to merge two taxable parcels across a pathway easement or roadway easement created by an old platted subdivision?

And is there state law or regulations that addresses this issue?


Washtenaw County Michigan zoning and land use regulation subdivision land division act easements 6 days ago

What raspberry/blackberryvarieties are best for Grand Junction

As you know conditions are different here than Denver - hotter, dryer and lower elevation. Thank you!


Mesa County Colorado 6 days ago

Garden Plot Problem

SOS! I have a garden plot with Columbia Gardeners. Our plot is comprised of three large raised beds. We mulch with newspaper and straw. Our plot is usually very prosperous. Last year, my husband added soil to the beds using bags of Scotts Garden Soil. He tilled it in along with the old soil and the decomposed bedding that was left from last year. When we planted our vegetables, it was a disaster. Everything had a strong reaction to the soil and basically died or was stunted within one week. We replanted (such as tomatoes) and the same thing happened to the new plants. The only things that did ok were the onions. We then planted some tomatoes outside of the bed and they did well. My question is this. We are getting ready to get the plot ready for this year. What can we do to mitigate the problem? Should we just purchase top soil and add it to the beds, tilling it in well? Do you have any further suggestions? Appreciate any help you can provide.


Howard County Maryland soil vegetables possible soil contamination 6 days ago

When to transplant and direct sow cool crops

Hello, I have lettuce, radish and some other cool weather plants that I want to transplant or direct see for spring. Is there a time in March to do this (March 20th) or should I wait until the night temperatures are above mid 30s. I have floating row covers.


Howard County Maryland vegetables plant care planting schedule 6 days ago

treating Cytospora canker

I have a blue spruce in my front lawn and is infected with Cytospora canker and is there any treatment ? The tree is 86% green with the lower branches infected. Also what type of fertilizer could I use and how often would I water the tree? Thank you Mark


Baltimore County Maryland trees disease issues 6 days ago

Flukes in beef liver

Is it harmful to humans if infected liver is consumed


Outside United States health food safety 6 days ago

Evergreen trees pollen

Are evergreen trees in Portland/Vancouver area dropping pollen right now? There are some spring in the Juneau, Alaska area when the pollen comes off the trees in visible waves like fog. It floats on the waterways. Have a relative in Portland/Vancouver area suffering form spring airborne pollen and I wondered if that could be a big source.


Juneau Alaska pollen tree pollen 6 days ago

Spider identification

Wondering what this spider is? Venomous? Dangerous?


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Jefferson County Colorado 6 days ago


Are the size of buckeyes related to the size tree they came off of??


Medina County Ohio buckeye buckeye seed size 6 days ago

Trimming large black walnut

I have a very large black walnut tree that was pruned about 20 yrs ago. I believe it several hundred yrs old and want to save it, but want to cut it back so it is not such a danger to the house (10 ' away). How far back/down can i cut it. It is about 30+ " in diameter at the base


Licking County Ohio 6 days ago

What is this

Send me a email and I will send pic


Maricopa County Arizona 6 days ago

Walnut trees

If i cut my walnut yrees down how long will the jugline remain in the ground and affect my gardens? What do i need to do besides cut down the trees? Do i need to replace the soil in my gardens?


Anoka County Minnesota black walnut juglone 6 days ago

Fogging varroa with oxalic acid

The most popular formula for fogging verroa seems to be 25g. to 35g. oxalic dissolved in 100 ml. of 90% to 95% alcohol. Shooting an open flame at 180 proof alcohol mist seems to me to be highly explosive. Since the alcohol is merely a carrier for the oxalic, I would like to substitute distilled water at 100 ml./25g. My
questions are: would this be a safe substitution, and what would the optimum oxalic concentration be?
I will be using a Burgess propane fogger, appx. $60.00 at Rural King.


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania bee health 6 days ago


Hi, I put compressed cow manure on my raised garden beds last fall, oct. 2017, It was fairly fresh, I tilled it in. Will it be ok to plant in the beds this spring? Jerry


Michigan manure compost 6 days ago

do you mail soil sample test bags?

I'd like to test my soil for its Ph and other attributes such as are covered in a basic soil test: where can I find these?


Harford County Maryland soil testing 6 days ago

what type of prinate is this fossel of

can any one identify this fossel please and tell me if it holds any dollar value or what it would be worth to the right person


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Outside United States appraisal fossil fossil identification geology 6 days ago

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