HELP infestation of this bug??

Hi I currently just moved into my college apartment and things have been going well until I started seeing this small black flying bugs everyday in my room. I've killed 7 so far over the past 4 days. and I know there will be more, their body is also hard when I squish them almost like a bee of some sort? it crunches when I kill them in a tissue, please help me figure out what kind of bug this is so I can put a stop to it.


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Chester County Pennsylvania insect black flying insects 3 days ago


Just wondered what kind of a spider this is


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Hamilton County Ohio spider identification 3 days ago

Stilt grass

Is it safe to use pre emergent crabgrass herbicide on liriope to control still grass


Baltimore County Maryland groundcovers invasive stiltgrass preemergent on liriope crabgrass preemergent on liriope liriope 3 days ago

Plant ID

Are these weeds?


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Plant ID

What a plant is this?


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Anne Arundel County Maryland plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 3 days ago

Aucuba death

Hello, We had three heathy plants which are three years old and then one started to blacken around stems, and now is completed black (poor baby). The other two are still beautiful and do not show signs of ill health. Do not see insect on plants nor anything on one that is not on others. Any advice before we replace the dead plant?


Montgomery County Pennsylvania 3 days ago

root maggots and turnips

I'm wondering about the damage done to our turnips this year. After a bit of online research, I have thought that this might be due to root maggots and secondary decay. The turnips, according to when planted by seed (August 7), should be mature enough to harvest right now.



Alpena County Michigan 3 days ago

Unusually small, pale leaves on carefully tended Linden

Every year, my Linden tree has exceptionally small, pale leaves and I’m wondering why. Most of the leaves are 1.5” at the longest measurement, with a few at 2”, and their color is a pale green. The color never darkens after the tree leafs out. This gives the tree an anemic and sparse canopy.
The entire tree is the same color throughout the canopy and season. It was unusually wet this Spring and early Summer, but then drought conditions for the past 8 or so weeks (I have rain gauge: total rainfall during drought < 2” and that was after more than 4 weeks of zero precipitation). I’ve watered the tree 2 or 3 times in that time and regularly irrigate shrubs planted this July along the dripline of the tree.
My soil is exceptionally fast draining (never has standing water, never muddy feeling) and a reputable arborist fertilizes the roots with an organic concoction (fish emulsion, kelp, etc.) in the Spring and Fall.
It was ca. 5 “ caliper and dormant when it was planted 3 years ago using a 90” tree spade. It was labeled a Greenspire and has a wide Hershey’s kiss form.
Can you think of any reason why my tree is like this, or anything else I could do to attain the dense, dark foliage of other Lindens? There are plenty of other Greenspires in my county that are a lush and deep green.
Oh, and the flowers: I’m not familiar with other Greenspire flowers, but mine do not have the strong fragrance I expect from a Linden.
Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions and/or information! Aly


Bucks County Pennsylvania 3 days ago

please help us and the bees!!

We need help with a bee hive in our house roof. If anyone there can take the bees we will clean up and put things back in order. We do not want to kill the bees but there are a lot of them and we need our roof back. PLEASE and Thank You!! (we live in Lebanon)



Linn County Oregon 3 days ago

Small flowers

Hi. I brought my morning glories inside in early September this year. They are now in the south facing window, but get only 2 to 3 days of sun as most days have been rainy or cloudy. I water them every 3 days when the surface of the soil looks dry. The humidity is 60 in the room and there is no fan. I open the window occasionally when its hot. Anyway, a week after I brought them in that, the leaves began to turn yellow and fall and the vines are getting thinner. But there are new blooms and leaves only much smaller in size. One of my morning glories was only size of a quarter coin. Before the were twice as big. And my vines are becoming bare. Will my flowers become big again? Will my vines grow new leaves in spots where leaves once were? Why is this happening? Thank you.



Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 3 days ago

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