saving our Vina

Hello, our Vinca is being overcome by grass. We used Grass be Gone on the Vinca because the company claims it does not hurt ornamentals, but clearly this product has killed off grass as well as the Vinca. How can we get the Vinca to return and suppress the grass now. We think many of the grass seeds got blown into the vinca when seeding the grass (near the vinca ) many years ago. Thanks , Tim


Nevada County CA groundcovers 8 days ago

do you offer canning classes?

do you offer canning classes?


Warren County OH 8 days ago

Coffee Compost

hello, my name is Annette Recently I've been becoming more and more disturbed with the amount of waste my work produces ( Dutch Bros ). Thats what lead me to your article on how coffee grounds can be a great addition to compost piles. What I hope to do is create a efficient way to make use of all the coffee grounds that go to waste everyday, if you have any suggestions on how I can put this idea into affect id greatly appreciate it.


Clark County WA 8 days ago

hardier turf

What are the hardier types of grass that grow easiest in Chesapeake? Currently have fescue and it does not do well in my back yard that is in partial shade and with two bigger dogs


Chesapeake VA lawns and turf 8 days ago

What types of tree’s

I have two questions. What kind of oak is the first picture? What kind of tree is the second picture? I know oaks are good for wild life but is the second tree good also.


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Cheboygan County MI trees and shrubs gardening attracting wildlife plant identification horticulture tree identification 8 days ago

Gardening in Lake County, Oregon

I will be living in Summer Lake, Oregon and would like to know what types of fruits & vegetables would grow best there?


Lake County OR vegetable gardening 8 days ago

Bag worms treatment

Last year I had bagworms in my aborivate tree. They destroyed much of the tree. Will the tree regrow and what can I do to prevent this from happening again to this and my other trees? Thanks Helen


Cecil County MD pest control pest insects and mites bagworms 8 days ago

How to keep deer out of a garden.

Hello, We have neighbors who tried a garden for the first time last year. But the deer or some other critter cleaned them out. They had tomatoes, peppers and some herbs. Please suggest the kind of fencing or other protection they should use to keep deer and other varmints out of their garden. Thanks, Steve Longabaugh


Ingham County MI deer resistant plants 8 days ago

Tiny black bugs

We recently discovered tiny black bug with wings and antennae (that look like wings), gathered along the upper molding in our family room. They are also in the track of our sliding doors. What are these?


Washtenaw County MI 8 days ago


We have saucer magnolia that we need to move to a better spot. It has been in its current location only since the Fall of 2017. It is growing well but it is in front of a red twig dogwood and they are starting to crowd each other. When and how can we move the magnolia? At this point it is approx 7 ft tall by 3 ft wide



Macomb County MI 8 days ago


Can somebody please tell me if the leaves in the picture are from pawlonia tormentosa or another variety of pawlonia ?



MN plant id 8 days ago

Soil in garden shed

I have quite a large amount of soil appearing in my workshed though which I suspect a hole in said shed I cleared all dirt and within two days was back .is this moles or some other creature


OUTSIDEUS wildlife damage management 8 days ago

Drought and high traffic grass

I recently moved to Elbert County and have about 1 1/2 acres fenced for my dogs. When we moved in a few months ago the land had a mix of weeds and native grass (no irrigation or shade trees). Since then my 2 young boxers have run it all into a dusty dirt pit. I need to get some type of drought and traffic toterant grass established quick in the spring. What type(s) and method do you recommend? Also how long do I have to keep them off this new grass. Thank you for your advice!


Elbert County CO 8 days ago

Soaking and stratifying bean seeds

Hi, I'm writing an experiment proposal for a biology class on the subject of seed germination, and I want to ask an expert about their stance on soaking and/or temperature stratifying pole bean seeds before planting them. How would soaking/chilling the seeds affect their germination rate?


Marion County OR 8 days ago

Curious about this spider

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is? Me and my boyfriend was eating at ihop and this spider came crawling down so I had to pull him by his shirt to get him out the way. If I didn’t see the spider I believe my boyfriend would’ve got bitten.



Orleans Parish LA 8 days ago

garden soil used to build raised bed

I plan to build 4 raised beds for vegetable garden in early spring. I need to purchase garden soil to fill these beds. I appreciate if you can give me some advice about what kind of soil I should use, what to look for when shopping for garden soil, any recommended outfit to purchase garden soil. I thank you in advance for your advice.


Anne Arundel County MD soil vegetables 9 days ago

weed prevention in raised bed for vegetable garden

I plan to build 4 raised beds for vegetables in my old garden which was over run with weeds last few years. I like to use only organic material for weed prevention. Several on-line videos suggest to lay down cardboard (from store or moving boxes) inside the raised bed before filling in top soil. This method can suffocate weeds while allowing water and roots to penetrate through. The cardboard should decompose overtime. I am a little uneasy about it. Do you recommend such a method to prevent weeds in raised bed? Do you see any issue if using such method? Would appreciate your expert opinion. Thanks very much.


Anne Arundel County MD mulch vegetables raised beds cardboard mulch plant care 9 days ago


I don’t know the name of the rock, is it worth anything?



Essex County NJ 9 days ago

How to read soil reports?

My fiance and I are shopping for our first house, and we're looking at properties with acreage to support horses, gardening, and other livestock (cow and chickens). However, I was never good at reading soil reports and the one generated on Acre Value says this property we're looking at is soil code MIB, Mancelona-East Lake loamy soils, 0-6% slopes, all fields, Soil Class 3, Avg NCCPI 31.8. It's 10.02 acres. Could you tell me if this property could support horse pastures? Or just translate the report so I can understand what it means in more layman terms? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Leelanau County MI 9 days ago

Christmas cactus

I have a print out of your information which i have read over and over BUT it does not answer the following: I have a large pot that came with several different colored plants several years ago. A very pale pink that has really enlarged and a deep red are blooming well from November to January but another reddish plant died that first year and now there is a large bald spot in which nothing grows. I have tried rooted cuttings but they rot almost immediately. I did replace the earth in that area but to no avail. What can I do? Will only replanting the entire group in a new pot help? When and how to I do this? I have broken others in that process and hate to lose this group. I have not heard this problem on the WCCO monring call in program. Thanks, Karin


Washington County MN christmas cactus 9 days ago

Hemp production

What , if any , news on growing hemp in mason county, in 2019 , do you have? As a farm owner, I am interested in becoming a licensed hemp grower, processor and hemp product producing land owner.


Mason County KY hemp production mason county kentucky agriculture 9 days ago

Should I rake all the pine needles off my backyard right now?

Hello! I am a recent homeowner in Saint Louis park and in my backyard is a beautiful, what I think is a red pine. The red pine is dropping a ton of needles in the backyard, and the previous owner said I better stay on top of racking if I don’t want my grass to die. Can I rake up all the pine needles now in the winter since there is no snow or is that bad for the grass? Should I wait until spring? Also - is it normal for this pine tree to shed so many needles like that? There is a pretty thick coat of pine needles on the yard. I hope the tree is okay. It is a really pretty tree! Thanks for the help!! Graham



Hennepin County MN pine trees 9 days ago

Oak sucker dressing

It’s mid-January and I am going to cut suckers around the base of my oak trees(some of the suckers are 2+ inches in diameter). Do I need to seal the cuts, or will they naturally seal before they are at risk of oak wilt?


Dakota County MN horticulture oak tree tree suckers 9 days ago

In home grown produce - legal to sell?

I'm currently renting a reasonably sized home with little room outside (A driveway takes up most of the lot). Later in life I would hope to have property with a sizable garden/farm and greenhouses, but currently one needs to get to that point. I currently have interest in growing microgreens, sprouts, shoots, and/or herbs under grow lights in one or two spare bonus rooms this house has, and was looking for clear cut information on the permits, regulations, inspections, etc. necessary to establish business relationships with local restaurants or other food service entities. I'm currently growing some for experimentation and personal consumption. No soil is used in the production, as either coconut coir, hydroponic mats, or nothing at all is used. My main questions are: Would I be clear to sell agricultural products grown in a residential home to businesses? Would I be able to sell to individuals either in or out of the residential home? Would cottage law apply in this situation, or am I really just free from most restriction as long as I don't provide a processed product? (And follow relevant small business law) What form factors can I sell the product in—totally unprocessed (delivered roots and all), or cut plants harvested and packed in some form? If I couldn't process at home, would I be able to bring the whole product into a licensed facility it is being sold to and harvest there as an added service? I know I'm asking a few questions, but I just want to make sure I'm doing everything by the book. If there are some great relevant resources, I would love to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks! Home: Lansing, Ingham County, MI, USA Possible Markets: Lansing, Grand Rapids, Metro Detroit, MI


Ingham County MI 9 days ago

Roof scat

I was on the roof of our house and spied this scat. I thought that it may be from a large cat but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated!
(Known cat scat on left in picture with glove for comparison)


20190110_110555_300x300%2523 20190110_142300_300x300%2523

Washington County OR scat id wildlife 9 days ago

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