Need to test my garden soil

I live in Bend. How can I get a soil test for my backyard vegetable garden?


Deschutes County Oregon horticulture soil testing 3 days ago

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

I.m removing my six blueberry plants this fall (18+yrs old) due to chronic mummy berry disease. I've tried everything & plan to relocate a new bed elsewhere in the yard. Suggestions for mummy berry resistant plants? Also, want to plant some raspberries & blackberries in the existing blueberry space, 11' X 16'. Is that a large enough area; for how many plants? Suggestions for everbearing? We live out of Stayton on 1.5 acres, with rocky, clay soil. Thanks. Pam Davis


Linn County Oregon blueberries 3 days ago

Diseased leaves on a green ash tree

Please help to diagnose problem. This just recently developed in the past couple of weeks. Tree does not appear have damage from emerald ash borer based on pictures and info about that problem. I haven’t seen any insects present on bark or leaves. Besides the spotted effect, the leaves are curling up. Also a lot of leaf drop is occurring now. Thank you


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Frederick County Maryland disease issues trees leaf spot on ash 3 days ago

Vole Problem

Hello folks,
I have a pretty significant vole problem in my lawn. I live in Boulder, next to open space. I have read the fact sheet, 6.507 and need to check and see the easiest and most effective way to rid my lawn of the critters. I have seen the little critters, (dark brown, about the size of a hamster.) I don't have any animals and would like to get rid of them, especially before the winter season. I went to McGuckin's today to talk with them but they suggested talking with you because of the area (about 1000 feet) and access to the chemical suggested. Also wondered about calling an exterminator. I saw them about 3 weeks ago and they have since, destroyed a big part of grass with trails visible, as well as tracks. Thanks for your time and please advise.Janet Madden


Boulder County Colorado 3 days ago


I have two asian pear trees and two european (bartlett and comice) pear trees that all heavily cropped this year. Almost all the fruit is deeply dimpled and distorted with hard spots that make the pears unusable. As far as I can tell the damage is from the brown marmorated stink bug. I have picked and destroyed the pears and will rake and destroy all leaves at leaf fall. Please advise as to tree management strategies from here on to ensure usable fruit next year. I'd like to be as organic as possible using cultural practices but also incorporate a spray schedule to keep the pests out of my orchard. Whenever I see a stink bug it goes in a bucket of soapy water but that isn't enough! What else can/should I do to protect our fruit crop and fruit trees from these critters?


Clackamas County Oregon brown marmorated stinkbugs 3 days ago

What is this little plant?

can you help me identify this little plant? it is only 3-4 inches tall. It appears to be rayless . The flowers are a mustard yellow ish. It is incredibly aromatic similar to a marigold. It grows in the gravel around my house and i have seen in in other neighborhoods in bare dirt or gravel. It is a very humble little thing, but. I want to make sure it is safe for my grandson to play around. Thank you.



El Paso County Colorado 3 days ago

River birch leaves.

River birch leaves. I have three river birch trees that were planted four seasons ago. One of them is very healthy two of them are stunted they have small shriveled leaves at the tips of the branches. My neighbors had Bartletts come out and look at their trees for a different reason and he then looked at mine and said it was mouse ears. Which according to my research is a nickel deficiency. What should be my remediation this fall and next spring.


Kent County Michigan tree diseases 3 days ago

Broom plants

Do broom plants require Holly Tone, or just regular fertilizer?


Kent County Delaware trees and shrubs fertilizer shrubs 3 days ago

Peach Tree Curly Leaf

How do you use Neem oil on peach tree for curly leaf. when do you spray it and are there detailed quantity of Neem oil to use and anything else to include with it for spraying. I have an organic garden want to keep it that way. Please help me.


Tehama County California 3 days ago

How to Care for Fruit Trees

In May, I purchased a 28 acre farm in Cottage Grove which has several varieties of fruit trees including apple, plum, and numerous pear trees. It appears these trees have been neglected for several years; some have broken branches and look like they could stand to be thinned a bit. They produce fruit which appear misshapen and have brown spots. This doesn't bother the deer and bees who love them! I have found your web site to be very informative and helpful, so I would like to obtain some guidance on what I can do to improve the quality of fruit, and how to better maintain them. Thanks.



Lane County Oregon small fruits 3 days ago

Single goat

One of my two goats was killed by a cougar. Do I have to get a second goat or will my remaining goat be OK being single?


Linn County Oregon 3 days ago

Need help identify a weed with creeping root system

Dear Master Gardener, I’ve found this weed in a few of my flower bed. When I dig it up, I found its root system reaching out pretty far and deep, with plants shooting up above ground here and there. Very difficult to take all the root out as they break easily. Could you please advise what this weed is, and how best to get rid of them? Thank you very much!


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Hennepin County Minnesota plant identification weeds 3 days ago

white pine weevil

I need advice on preventing/treating white pine weevil. The dead tops of the trees have already been removed, but I want to prevent them next year. I have had weevil damage now for 3 years. I used 2 different local "tree/insect" contractors with out success. Should I do a treatment in the fall and spring? Thank you


Lincoln County Wyoming 3 days ago

Kunekune pigs

I was wondering if you know if I can raise kunekune pigs for personal use in Laport on a single family home lot?


Larimer County Colorado 3 days ago

What kind of Pesticides do I use for my willow tree

My weeping willow tree something is eating it. And I have tried every thing. And nothing works. What can I do?


Walker County Alabama weeping willow 3 days ago

Crape myrtle

My poor tree, I know it has been a crazy weather year, but is there anything I can do before it goes dormant? It never finished blooming on the tips, some areas look they might get a bud, but larger areas look like no hope. Thank you for any suggestions



Baltimore County Maryland crapemyrtle dead limb pruning plant care 3 days ago

Is this poison ivy?

I had a tree fall down and it is covered with Virginia creeper and this vine. The leaves are rather large with long out shoots and do not look like traditional poison ivy. Thanks Bob Johnson


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Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Stink bugs

We have thousands! They are living in the frames of our slider doors, covering the e terror walls, coming in through windows. How do we get rid of them?


Clinton County Michigan insect issues 3 days ago

Big brown bat

Hi! I need expert advice please. This Summer a very cute big brown bat started living in my garage. He hasn’t caused any trouble and he doesn’t bother anybody. He doesn’t spend every night in our garage but I would say he spends probably four or five nights a week in our garage. And he’s always alone. I love bats and believe very strongly that they need to be protected. I have no problem with this guy staying in my garage for the winter but I want to make sure that that’s the best place for him to be. We do have a bat house but I hate to put it up because my children and I all love to see our cute little bat every day. What should I do to secure that he will have a healthy winter? And do I even need to worry about him or will he know where to go to hibernate for winter? Thank you.



Van Buren County Michigan 3 days ago

Disposing of sick plants and crop rotation

It looks like my squash plants had powdery mildew (yellow squash, zucchini, maybe the cucumbers). I removed affected leaves initially, and I've recently pulled out the plants (before all the heavy rains could wash it into the soil, I hope). My compost doesn't get hot enough to eliminate diseases. Can I put these plants in the compostable paper bags that are picked up by Randy's Sanitation to go to community composting (Minnetonka), or should they go into plastic garbage bags and into the garbage? Do I really have to wait more than 2 years before using that area again for squash?


Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Cause of Rapid Death of Taxus densiformis Shrubs

I am trying to identify what is causing the death of several 5-9 year old yews on my property and what can be done to save the remaining fifty shrubs on the propoerty. The yellowing and die off started with one shrub about two months ago and has spread rapidly to adjacent plants.


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Anne Arundel County Maryland root rot yew dieback root rot from inundation abiotic issues 3 days ago

Starting a small garden

Hello, I am looking to start a small garden in my backyard in Glenarden, MD. I know I need raised beds and soil but I’m wondering if you could point me to a resource that can tell me exactly what I need and where to start. Also, I know that I’m pretty late in the season but what crops are best to plant for beginners that can still be planted before October 1st? This will be my first garden and I’m hoping to feed my family from it. Thank you


Prince George's County Maryland soil fall crops vegetable plant selection 3 days ago


How does one stop 'stink bugs from entering ones home?


Shiawassee County Michigan 3 days ago

Lawn Fungus

Assuming the lawns in our association are suffering from a fungal disease*, if not treated this year will it: not likely, likely or definitely reappear next year? I've seen many recommendations from aeration to milk/water solution spray and of course fungicides. What is your best suggestion? *Symptoms include a circular browning of grass that appeared about a month ago and has spread in circumference and number. Our sod is +/- 2 years old with very little top soil on top of clay. Thank you.


Dakota County Minnesota lawns and turf 3 days ago

Groundhog? Gopher?

will you be kind enough to identify?



Baltimore County Maryland wildlife groundhog animal identification pest - other furry animal in backyard 3 days ago

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