WE have several Cleveland Pear trees lining our street. They are all sick...

WE have several Cleveland Pear trees lining our street. They are all sick have what looks like a brown bug,scales and are weeping a liquid. If we have our tree treated will it become reinfected by the others or should the homeowners asso. be notified and all the trees removed.... very few look healthy.


Delaware County OH pear diseases 4 days ago

What kind of spider is this

My son picked this spider up from a wood pile in the back yard. I told him that it was a brown Recluse. But then I read on a spider web site that you cant find brown recluse spiders in Southern California. Can somebody tell me what kind of spider this is. chino California



San Bernardino County CA 4 days ago

Poa Trivialis (light green circle patches) in my Kentucky blue and tall fescue lawn.

Will Tenacity get rid of the Poa Trivialis? Also how and when to use Tenacity.


Chester County PA 4 days ago

Plum trees

I'm looking to add a plum tree to my backyard in Plymouth. The ground has a lot of clay. I'm looking for a tree that produces large edible fruit and can survive our winters. I would appreciate suggestions on what kind and if I need two for pollination. Thank you.


Hennepin County MN 4 days ago

lawn care

I have a new lawn (sod). A good amount of weeds in front this spring. I have avoided conventional weed killers and fertilizers in the past. Silly? I would like to keep lawn looking nice;I would also like to do little damage to environment,etc. thanks!


Ramsey County MN lawn care lawn weeds lawns and turf 4 days ago

maple tree roots

Our neighbor has a very large maple tree in his back yard that is close to our property line. The branches are starting to grow over our house and we plan on having those trimmed over our property. Our concern is that the roots may be approaching our foundation. Is there a way to tell how far into our yard the roots go? If they are close to our house, can we have the roots cut so they won't grow anymore without harming the tree?


Howard County MD maple tree roots tree trimming maple trees and roots 4 days ago

What is this plant?

Hello, These pictures are of a plant that pops up all over my woodland garden in Bethesda, almost overnight.It looks a little like Allegheny spurge but I don't thinbk that's what it is. Is it a weed or is it something that could actually work as a groundcover in the right place. Many thanks for your help, Sarah Fox


Img_20170420_111125_300x300%2523 Img_20170420_111619_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD plant identification 4 days ago


I've heard that the nightshade family can be a problem for raspberries. Can I plant eggplant near my raspberries - how far away should I place my eggplants? My Raspberries are in a raised bed with a wood frame. Thank you, Carolyn


Multnomah County OR raspberries nightshade vegetables 4 days ago

Lawn food for newly seeded yard

I know fall is better to put in a lawn, I don't have a choice, new yard. What lawn food/fertilizer is good to give my seed a jump start now, this spring? I live in the eastern end of Frederick co. Clay clay clay! I can't afford to put in top soil at this time, would like to get something to grow before mud slides happen. :0)


Frederick County MD lawns and turf lawn fertilizer 4 days ago

We live on a 5 acre wooded lot made up of mostly Ash Trees. Due to the...

We live on a 5 acre wooded lot made up of mostly Ash Trees. Due to the Emerald Ash Borer killing the majority, if not all of them, we are trying to find someone that may want to buy the timber. Could you advise who we could call?


Licking County OH timber markets 4 days ago

Guide Books

We’re relatively new to Minnesota and will be looking to landscape/develop our yard as it is basically just a lawn. Would like to find a good (pictures and specifications) encyclopedia type of guide book which details-out the planting options we have here in the Minnesota area. I know there is quite a lot of good information here on-line but I’m more of a physical book kind of person. Thanks John Proper


Hennepin County MN 4 days ago


My azaleas have something that eat it's leaves every year. Tiny white dots appear on the leaves late summer or fall. It is a sap sucker of some kind. I got some Neem oil to spray on them before they get bugs. Is this a good treatment and when is the best time to spray them?


Union County PA 4 days ago

Boxelder bugs in Oregon B

Your website says the bugs live on boxelder trees. We have no Boxelder trees on our rural, Western Oregon forested land. We did have millions of the bugs on our house this spring, which of course caused quite a problem indoors until we sprayed. Do you know the life-cycle of the bugs? What trees would they be living on here?


Washington County OR insect issues boxelder bugs 4 days ago

perennials or shrubs

Which perennials or shrubs would do well on the east side of the house, next to the house? Had no luck with the lilies planted two years ago. Thanks.


Laramie County WY 4 days ago

Pine tree fungus ?

Hello, I do tree/lawn work. I have a pine tree branch here with some type of fungus Id like to send in for testing. Wondering if I can mail in my sample to you . Thanks :)


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Howard County MD tree fungus on pine 4 days ago

Cedar tree fungus

A few of our cedars on our condo property have begun leaking fairly large quantities of sap down the trunks. A tree trimmer recently told us it looks like we have a fungus of some sort and that it should be treated if at all possible. Is this a common problem and what action should we take?



Washington County OR 4 days ago

Mole problems

Hello! We have had mole issues for the past couple of summers and have used Grub Killer. It's worked quite well except for last year when the moles returned in late August/early Sept. What month would you suggest we apply the Grub Killer to make it the most effective? Thanks SO much! Sylvia


Anoka County MN grubs in lawns mole control 4 days ago

DC Extension services???

What is with D.C. Extension services?? Do they exist? What is the story there?


District of Columbia County DC district of columbia extension referral to sandy barber bandier 4 days ago

acidic tomato varieties

Which tomato varieties are the most acidic?


Washington County MD vegetable tomatoes 4 days ago

Peppers; transplanting

I started my peppers earlier than I should have; the weather was so nice it was impossible to resist. Now the plants are getting tall and spindly & need to be transplanted; when I do can I bury the stem as one does with tomato's? Thank you Steve.


Itasca County MN peppers 4 days ago

Plant Identification

This is a new home for us. This came up next to the house and I have no idea what it is, any thoughts? Thank you.


Kimg0448_300x300%2523 Kimg0447_300x300%2523

PA 4 days ago


What is the minimum numbers of required acres per horse in Fremont county IA?


Fremont County IA 4 days ago

Is my tree dead?

I can't for the life of me remember the type of tree that it is. It had princess in the name, my husband picked it out. It bloomed brass/red/orange leaves last year. it was planted mid summer. we bought it from Frank Otte Nursery, added the soil and starter they suggested. It had a a major problem with bugs eating the leaves last year. But this year she has yet to bloom. Our dogwood located in the front yard of our property approximately 20ft away has already bloomed leaves as well as flowers. I have done the branch test, its white in the inside no green that i could see, was kind of flexible to break off so i don't think its dead, but then again I'm not sure. Maybe the bugs killed it last year? Maybe a late bloomer? I'm just looking for some guidance. Thank you.


Bullitt County KY bullitt county kentucky horticulture tree health 4 days ago


I received potted daffodils for a gift. Can I plant them now or should I wait until they die back and save bulbs to plant in fall?


Baltimore County MD daffodils bulb flower 4 days ago

Distance of white pine from home

I have a white pine that was planted about 4 feet from the southwest corner of my brick 2 level home. The downspout is just around the corner from the tree. It was planted about 22 years ago and now is about 30-35 feet tall. The grass around the tree does not grow well and there are some visible roots. My question and concern is whether I should cut down the tree and grind the stump to prevent the roots from going into my foundation and drain tiles. The tree branches do hang over my roof and there is some moss growing on the asphalt shingles. Do you feel the tree is too close to the house and should be removed or any other suggestion. I contacted a tree removal company and they are set to come tomorrow, but I suddenly remembered your resource. I decided that I should consult you 1st. The diameter is 18-24 inches. thanks for your immediate response. Henry


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Oakland County MI trees and shrubs tree roots and house foundation 4 days ago

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