Rhubarb plant - relocating?

Hi, I have a 1 year old rhubarb plant which is doing well...planted last Spring, haven't harvested any yet. I am going to have to move the plant by next Spring...I know it's not a great idea but it is required or I will lose it. Any suggestions on timing, method, etc.?

Thanks in advance!


Allegheny County PA horticulture 6 days ago

Poisonous Mushrooms

Recently poisonous mushroom started growing in my yard. I have these questions: Could they have grown from spores in my commercial compost? Are they a risk to my dog or other animals? How do I get rid of them? Thanks so much for your advice! Kathy



Benton County OR mushrooms 6 days ago

Peeling Bark-Autumn Blaze Maple

I believe my autumn blaze maple has either sun scald or frost damage on the south side. The trunk is roughly 10 inches in diameter; the bark peeled off mid-summer in large sections. I recall some insects underneath, but not many. I do know how this all started or how long ago. There are no dead branches and other than the damaged section, it appears to be healthy. Should I wrap this area in the winter or attempt to mitigate the damage further in some other manner? Two Pics are attached. Thank you for your help.


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Larimer County CO 6 days ago

clematis vine being eaten to bits

on trellis for over 12 years with nary a problem. However, recently, there has been many little sticks on the ground and the entire vine is being dived into by ????? as if it wants the plant for a nest. Any ideas what this could be. I have lost so much of the plant due to this bird/rat/raccoon's deisre for a snack or ???


El Paso County CO 6 days ago

alsike vs red clover

I had a horse die Sunday evening. She was perfectly healthy and only 14. I found 7 horses drooling 2 of which had very large amounts of drool looked like gallons at a time. foamy puddles all over. My mare collapsed and every few seconds it looked like she was running uncontrollably. My gelding wanted to lay down peacefully and was able to keep him up. This went on for 3 hours until she died and the gelding seems to be coming out of it, but much slower than the others. I feel so helpless. No vet would come to help. Just said remove from hay, they will come out of it. I sent off a sample of hay for testing. Everyone is telling me that she had to of died from something else. I can't rest until I know more. This was their 3rd bale of this hay and I knew there was some clover, but not a great deal. I don't think this is your typical clover. How do I find out if anyone else has been through this? Shouldn't situations like this be reported?


Iowa County IA 6 days ago

identifying a fall flower

I saw these dry flowers beside a path in The Dalles. Can you please tell me what they are? Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Wasco County OR plant identification 6 days ago

Turf Grass reseeding

We renovated our lawn in mid-October ( removed the old, brought in mulch and gravel, tilled, limed, reseeded and covered with dry grass mulch) and most of the new grass is coming up. There are a few bare patches as the heavy rains may have washed some of the seed away. Is it too late to sow some extra seed in the bare patch areas or should we wait until next spring.


Clackamas County OR 6 days ago

Canning pickled gizzards for the shelf

Do I have to hot bath or pressure can the pickled gizzards for the shelf and if so for how long. I also would like to know the same for pickled eggs. I really don't want to store them all in the refrigerator.


IA 6 days ago

Small Scale Integrated Farm

Thinking of a commercial rabbit farm ( starting with hundred expanding to thousands)( producing rabbits for all its uses) incorporated with Guinea fowl, goats, private fish pond, corn, timothy grass, alfalfa grass and soya bean. The farm would be in partnership with a foreign national. I want to say it is a small scale integrated farming that may welcome tourist what classification can this be? which area is best for this?


Ingham County MI 6 days ago

healthy maple tree with leaf rot or scale?

My parents live in Dallas and this beautiful maple has doubled in size in about 3 years. Although healthy, this fall, a few leaves have turned yellow.

I've read that it could be verticillium wilt that could kill the tree or anthracnose?

Can you give us guidance on how to diagnose and treat the tree?
Thank you!!


Maple1_300x300%2523 Maple2_300x300%2523

Collin County TX 6 days ago

Black Hills spruce in a pot over winter

Hello. I have a 5 foot black hills spruce in a plastic, 16 inch pot which will not get planted this fall due delays in my landscaping project. Would it be best to store it in my garage where it will get limited light over winter? My garage door has windows so it will get some indirect light. If I put in in the garage. Please tell me the best method to make sure it stays healthy over winter. I live in Lakeville, MN 55044. Zone 4.


Dakota County MN black hills spruce horticulture overwintering 6 days ago

Help for my new peonies

Just received several peony plants that I had ordered online. I mistakenly assumed when I ordered them that they would be sent in the spring. Now with these fledgling plants on my doorstep, I am confused as to what to do. If I plant them now, is there enough grow time to allow them to establish roots before the snow flies? Or, is storage a better idea? Thank you for any help you can give me. Natalie Olsen


Macomb County MI 6 days ago

Hobo Spider?

Is this a hobo spider?


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Yakima County WA spider identification 7 days ago

Growing sweet corn in Denver

Do folks successfully grow sweet corn in sw Denver(Franktown)?


Adams County CO 7 days ago

dish soap

I have broccoli that came up from the roots of my early planting. They are now putting on nice heads. But they are full of aphids. I rinse the crowns in hot and cold water, soak them for hours in water, rinse again and cant get rid of the bugs. My neighbor said to spray the plants with a mixture of dish soap andwater to kill the aphids. Question: wont the soap penetrate into the heads? Will the soap wash off ? I dont want to be feeding dish soap to my family. Im to the point of pulling it all out and let the goats enjoy !


Clackamas County OR insect issues fruits and vegetables 7 days ago

Trees and Potted plants over winter?

Greetings I am new to the area. I come from zone 7A. I recently bought a house in South Metro area. This fall I was given a #25 river birch tree and several 8" perennials (lambs ear, sedum and some herbs). I haven't any time to plant them and I was wondering if it would be safe to leave these plants in pots over winter? or should I try to get them in the ground ASAP? If I leave them in the pots what's a good way to store them? In burlap? Any recommendations for locations for planting the tree would be appreciated.


Dakota County MN 7 days ago

Plants/Shrubs for sale?? Specifically ........

I am looking for plants - specifically
**Witch Hazel (common here?)
-Forsythia and Bittersweet show OK through zone 8 so should be OK- I assume
- Any ideas? Any leads?


Wake County NC 7 days ago

Hard Round Mushroom or Fungus on lawn

Hi, for two years now, my front lawn has had these massive hard mushroom looking growths that flourish at the end of the summer into fall. Last year I removed about 6 of them and they are back again. The root system is about 2-3 inches deep. The growth is about 4 to 6 inches wide.


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Lehigh County PA 7 days ago

Unidentifiable Bug

Hello, I’m not sure if this is correct forum to post this question but I have experienced severe bites on my calf from an unknown bug. These are photos that have captured I just really want to know if it’s something to be worried about in terms of infestation. Also, what kind of bug is it?


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Philadelphia County PA 7 days ago

What is this?

Found these wierd bumps on a piece of wood from a dead tree that was cut for firewood. The wood has been laying on the ground since summer. Not sure what type of tree it was. Trying to figure out what it is. Location was Dowagiac, Michigan (Cass County).



Cass County MI firewood wood rotting fungi 7 days ago

Honey locust pods

Every year, my honey locust tree has produced hundreds of seed pods. This year is different, there have been very few. I had the tree trimmed early in the summer. Could that be why?


Franklin County OH 7 days ago

Glyphosate and cold temps

Is it prudent to apply glyphosate to weeds in flowerbeds in November? I'm in Colorado and the temperatures lately have been in the low 40's to 50's for a high, Just wondering...


Jefferson County CO 7 days ago

Is heat treated firewood safe from concerns of oak wilt?


I have a wood burning fireplace and would like to purchase wood. I have several oaks on my property (and in the neighborhood) that I care deeply for. I do not currently have dry firewood from my property that I can burn in my fireplace.

If I purchase firewood from a supplier who has been certified with the MN Dept. of Ag, can I be confident that heat treating process will kill the oak wilt fungus? They state the moisture content of the wood is below 15%. There is plenty of information out there about heat treating in relation to EAB but I cannot find much on oak.

Thank you for your help.


Ramsey County MN 7 days ago

late monarch release--time-sensitive

Greetings. I have 6 monarch chrysalises that are due to become monarchs in a few days. I was told it has to be 55 degrees before they can be released. Where can I take them? Does the Arboretum have an indoor place for butterflies? Please reply ASAP. Thanks.


Anoka County MN monarch butterflies arboretum 7 days ago

How to overwinter potted Japanese maple

Hi, I have a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) sapling in a 10-12 inch pot that I purchased last spring and moved to a bigger pot once. The tree is about 2-3 feet tall. What is the best way to care for it over the winter--keep it indoors or keep it outdoors in a protected area? If I keep it outdoors, what are some steps I can take to protect it? Thanks, Sheila


Ramsey County MN potted plants 7 days ago

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