Plastic packaging for a food concentrate

I am developing a product that is a fruit concentrate, like a paste. What is the very best way other than a jar to air tight package this for sales? I would like it to be as sustainable as possible and then housed in a recycled box or wrap. Where do I begin from the finished product ready for storage in a one time use sealed package. Is there a way to package it without needing to be in the refrigerated section of the store? Thank you!


Multnomah County Oregon food safety food packaging about 6 years ago

Hi my 8 year old niece wants to join 4H we live in Summit Co and have a goat...

Hi my 8 year old niece wants to join 4H we live in Summit Co and have a goat farm. What do we need to do so she can show our goats and what does she need to do to join so she can show her goat? Thank you.


Summit County Ohio about 6 years ago

Strangles; Strep life cycle

How long can strep equi live on a farm; i.e. what is the length of possible exposure to new horses coming to a farm that has had strangles (strep equi infection)


Hennepin County Minnesota horses horse health strangles about 6 years ago

Hydroponic gardening

Do you have information on starting a hydroponic gardening


Oregon hydroponics horticulture about 6 years ago

Identify and Treat Plant Problem

I have an Ipomoea batatas ‘Blackie’ plant in a container with a couple other plants. It's just the Ipomoea that is having any problems. I've looked high and low to identify the problem, but don't see anything that fits. I'm attaching a picture of a leaf with the problem; but briefly, new leave quickly shoot up from the stem and within a few days develop tiny, bunched spots mainly along the veins of the leaf. The leaf then shrivels up within a couple days and falls off. I really like the plant, so if there's a way to fix this I'd like to know!


Daniel Kelber
Any ideas? I thought someone was supposed to get back to me within 2-3 days.



Cook County Illinois disease issues plant disease horticulture about 6 years ago

The need for extension action programmes

Which are the needs for extension action programmes


Outside United States program evaluation programs about 6 years ago


Please list the different methods of brooding chicks.


Outside United States poultry poultry housing home processing of poultry about 6 years ago

Distance between poultry pens

What are the standard distances that should be between large poultry pens?


Outside United States poultry poultry housing about 6 years ago

Cleaning Mildewed Books

A window shelf has leaked (and then dried again)without my knowledge. As I was relocating my books to another bookcase, I noticed that I have several books that now have marks of mildew. How do I remove it (or have I lost the entire bunch)?


Marion County Oregon mildew and mold control about 6 years ago

disease resistant roses

could you name any pink rose varieties that are disease resistant here? thank you


Pierce County Washington trees and shrubs roses horticulture about 6 years ago

Do you do soil testing for pH, N, K, P, and other minerals? How much does the...

Do you do soil testing for pH, N, K, P, and other minerals? How much does the testing cost and how long does it take to get the results?


Licking County Ohio about 6 years ago

pollenators for barlett pears

Will comice,Bosc and D'anglo pears pollenate Bartlett pears?


Washington County Oregon fruit trees pear horticulture about 6 years ago

separation and transplanting yucca elephantipes and dracaenas

Can I do a fifteen minute soak on them without drowning them?



Denver County Colorado about 6 years ago

Turf Type Tall Fescues

Periodic contact with Tom Cook's grass plots and advice over many years resulted in a beautiful Turf-Type-Tall-Fescue lawn for me over about 20 years. Our village association is on the usual glacial till here in Issaquah, WA. Which of the TTTF mixtures would you advise for us?


King County Washington lawns and turf horticulture about 6 years ago

Rabbits eating cables, hoses in parked cars.

Help! My neighbors and I in Mesa are experiencing car problems due to rabbits eating car hoses and cables (spark plug wires, etc). How can we get rid of them, or at least keep them away from our vehicles? Damages have ranged from a few hundred to two thousand dollars! Some of us park our cars for prolonged periods yet others are being driven regularly and we are still having this problem.


Maricopa County Arizona wildlife damage management rabbit behavior about 6 years ago


Do all evergreens belong to the same genus?


Garfield County Colorado trees and shrubs about 6 years ago

accessory buildings

Our present zoning requires that a residential home must be built before an accessory building is allowed. Since we are in a rural area, this has been a major issue and we would like to revise this zoning to allow accessory building in all districts within limitations. Any documentation or direction you can provide would be certainly appreciated.


Iron County Michigan about 6 years ago

get rid of Squirrels digging in Lawn

How can I get rid of squirrels digging holes in my lawn? I live in North east Queens, NY. I tried Spraying Squirrel Stopper by Messina Wildlife and Hot Shot's Hot Pepper Spray but I'm not really sure if either one does anything.


Queens County New York wildlife damage management lawns and turf about 6 years ago

Can red Pontiac potato seed be shipped to Colorado?

For the last two to three years I have been ordering red Pontiac seed potatoes from Gurney's Seed & Nursery, but this year they said they were not available. Burpees said they could not ship them to Colorado. Is there some regulation that prevents their entry into Colorado?


Larimer County Colorado fruits and vegetables horticulture about 6 years ago

white fly invasion!

A new lawn and plants put in last spring brought us hordes of white flies by summer that cover the yards and extend above the gutter line on the house. We have never seen them before nor do they like the other neighbors yards. Our new yards are almost unusable, how can we get rid of them!!?


Washington County Oregon integrated pest management european crane fly about 6 years ago

goat herding

We are planning to move in Natrona County and have Boer goats (only 2) and plan to raise a few kids a year to supply ourselves with meat. Can you give me information on the grasslands around the area pertaining to grazing a few goats? Is there browse there that would help along with our feeding them? What pertinent information can you offer? I really am not sure what questions to ask. We are also looking in Campbell County for land. Any thoughts on that?


Natrona County Wyoming goats about 6 years ago

How to start up a Fairy Garden buisness?

I am a nurseryman of 32 years, and looking to retire in about 10 years, I would like to research the art of "Fairy Gardening" from growing the plants that would be put in them, looking for list of growers of these plants, finding a wholesale fairy garden furniture provider, containers etc. Also a lead to someone to give tips on the start up plan, and marketing. This would be a project for me to start at my home and a personal buisness. Any help would be appreciated.


Decatur County Georgia about 6 years ago

winterizing your lawn

I live in the country in Linn County on 10 acres so there's always lots of weeds to contend with. What can I put on my lawn in the winter that will give it nutrients and also kill weeds and moss? I live in the grass seed capital of the world and my lawn is not pretty.


Linn County Oregon lawns and turf weed issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Is "blackhead" a problem (for turkeys) in Clermont County?

Is "blackhead" a problem (for turkeys) in Clermont County?


Clermont County Ohio turkeys about 6 years ago

cherry tree mold/worms

We have an 8-year-old Stella cherry tree in our backyard. It produced good fruit yields for its first four years. For the past few years the fruit begins to ripen, and then as soon as it ripens a mold takes over and makes the fruit soft and unappealing. Also, when we cut into the cherries, we often find a small grey worm against the pit. We have used dormant sprays in the past, but they do not seem to take care of the problem. Any recommendations?


Multnomah County Oregon fruits and vegetables insect issues horticulture about 6 years ago

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