growing rhubarb in central oregon

I was given a rhubarb plant and I love it, but have never grown it over here on the dry side of the state. How to plant it? What does it need to thrive?


Deschutes County Oregon gardening horticulture about 6 years ago




Oakland County Michigan about 6 years ago

rodent ID

some sort of rodent has set up residence in my yard/garden. large mounds of dirt, no obvious holes, with obvious tunnels running between mounds of dirt. also, how to remove this rodent without using poisons? thanks! Sam


Lane County Oregon wildlife damage management lawns and turf moles gopher control about 6 years ago

Do you have any suggestions to prevent starvation of colonies due to brood...

Do you have any suggestions to prevent starvation of colonies due to brood buildup followed by periods of freezing weather?


Tennessee about 6 years ago

soil types

I would like to start a small organic family farm. I am looking at 10 acres in Eagle Point and I would like to inquire as to what sort of crops would be best suited to that soil type. From the information I have the soil is as follows Soils SYMBOL NAME ASPECT LOSLOPE HISLOPE NONIRR IRR CLASS NIAUM IAUM CFOOT TREE NONIRRCL RECNO LIMITATION TYPE 27B Carney clay 1 5 IVe IIIs 0 3 15 0 4 5868 Severe All 33A Coker clay 0 3 IVw IVw 0 5 12 0 4 5699 Severe All I would appreciate any help to maintain healthy crop and soil conditions in an organic environment. Thank you. Ron


Jackson County Oregon about 6 years ago

Much Love for Mosses

What are the guidelines for increasing the amount of moss on my property? Is it possible to move it from one place to another? How does one go about doing this?


Multnomah County Oregon moss horticulture about 6 years ago

Portland's favorite ornamentals?

There are so many plants in this world-- I find it so inspiring and so fascinating! However, I have no aesthetic design sense... so trying to pick out great plants for my yard is a little intimidating. I'm on a tight budget, too, which doesn't help. And, to top it all off, I'm not so great with high-maintenance plants. I should mention that my yard is sunny and the ground is full of what appear to be boulders. Real shovel-stoppers. The yard is big, but I'm definitely not opposed to keeping it simple-- however, I can envision the fences brimming with blossoming vines, and bamboo creating a private sanctuary, maybe a small tree (a fruit tree?) or two. Can you give me any advice?


Multnomah County Oregon landscaping about 6 years ago

i put up a polly greenhouse last fall,now it has a mold smell in is...

i put up a polly greenhouse last fall,now it has a mold smell in is always wet on the polly do i need to do anything about the mold smell? how do i get rid of the moisture without freezing my lettuce plants


Ashtabula County Ohio about 6 years ago

Help us keep the neighbors safe from our loud backyard?

Hi! I am a renter who lives in NE Portland, and I have a pretty barren, but large, backyard. Our landlords have partnered with us, to an extent, to help rehabilitate this yard-- we do the work and they pay for the stuff and give us a rent discount. I want to put in kind of a patio with an outdoor dinner table, so that in the summer we can eat and play board games and drink wine to our hearts' content. However, I really would like to avoid disturbing the neighbors. Planting noise-absorbing plants along the borders of the yard seems to be a logical idea. Any thoughts on lovely native or low-maintenance plants that might be good as a barrier?


Multnomah County Oregon landscape plants landscaping urban horticulture horticulture about 6 years ago

lawn care in salem

Iam new to salem. please tell all about improving an existing residential that has had poor maintenance for several years, to include seeding (which grass?), fertilizing, long term health. Has afternoon sun & sprinkler system


Marion County Oregon horticulture about 6 years ago

Soil and Water testing?


What do I need to know to find out how to test the soil and water on my property? Is there a local office in my county to follow up with?

thank you for your assistancel


Clermont County Ohio water testing and interpretation soil testing about 6 years ago

Iron Chlorosis

I have iron chlorosis affecting my autumn blaze and red maples. I read iron sequestrine 138, or Miller's ferriplus are indicated for this problem. I cannot find this in area garden stores so I need to order online. How is this best applied to trees and when?

Thanks for your help!



Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs disease issues soil and fertility issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Soil test

I am in the process of starting a garden in my back yard. I would like to get more information on the quality of my soil. I would like to have it tested and have not found a location to send a sample to. Can you point me in the right direction?


Tarrant County Texas soil and fertility issues horticulture about 6 years ago

What kinds of ants live in eastern ND?

My five-year-old daughter wants to know what kind of ants live around us, and whether they will hurt her flower garden this summer. Thank you!


Grand Forks County North Dakota integrated pest management insect issues garden about 6 years ago

Flax Hay

I want to know if flax hay is worth buying and feeding to cattle


Hennepin County Minnesota pastures and forages about 6 years ago

maple tree

my maple trees are dropping sap all over my driveway and has white puss pockets under the limbs. And maybe a spider sack looking things on limbs??? what is it and how can I treat. BTW trees are 50' tall or so and trunks are about 18" across.


Umatilla County Oregon integrated pest management insects about 6 years ago

Cushing's Disease in horses


I have a horse that was diagnosed with EMS a few years ago. How likely is it that a horse with EMS will develop Cushing's in later years?
Thank you
Debbie Harris


Franklin County Vermont horses horse health about 6 years ago

weed control and then reseeding grass???timing

If I use on my lawn a weed & feed with crabgrass control, and I have also used the spray on lawn moth control. How soon can i go back and rake up and reseed grass to my bare spots I have?


Umatilla County Oregon lawns and turf horticulture about 6 years ago

When should I apply broad leaf herbicide to my Bermuda lawn ?

I have 2 acres near college station and in prior years it has been overrun with thistles and horse nettle. Which non-licensed broad leaf herbicide is recommended?

It's a weekend house and I only make it out there to mow about once a month.

I applied
Dimension 2EW Dithiopyra pre-emergent 4 weeks ago and plan to reapply in two more.


Burleson County Texas lawns and turf horticulture about 6 years ago

lawn aeration and seeding

When is the best time in the spring to aerate and overseed a lawn? What is the best grass seed to use?


Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf about 6 years ago

i have been finding several lone black bees in my house. they are about the...

i have been finding several lone black bees in my house. they are about the size of a normal honey bee. want to know what thwy are so i my get rid of them if i can and figure out where they are coming from


Rutherford County Tennessee about 6 years ago

Frequency of dosing with Panacur Powerpack

My 2 year old gelding was losing weight and not wanting to eat last summer. My vet did blood work which only showed slight anemia, and then finally suggested doing a Panacur Powerpack thinking he might have encysted small strongyles. I did it in late October and it was like a miracle, Max began eating hungrily and has put on a great deal of weight. However, last week he began to go off his feed, not finishing his Ultium (which the vet had suggested to help put on weight) and not even finishing his hay and alfalfa. Should I do the Panacur Powerpack again, or perhaps Quest, or what would you suggest?


Montgomery County Texas horses about 6 years ago

hay analysis

Where can i get my hay analyzed?


Wake County North Carolina about 6 years ago

Walla Walla Onion Seeds

Waiting for the Grange to get in their supply of Walla Walla Onion sets and so far every time I get there they are gone! So, I found a package of Walla Walla Onion seeds and wondering if I start the seeds NOW (have a greenhouse) will I succeed? Never heard of anyone starting their onions out with seeds. Thank You BJ


Jackson County Oregon horticulture about 6 years ago

Can large strongyles cause pain and tenderness

My hosrse has been diagnosed with large strongyles for 6 years now. Each year it is a battle to keep him worm free, with different treatment from different Vets. (as we have moved 3 times). No one seems to know if it causes him pain or discomfort. I have owned him for 11 years and know his personality.This winter he has gotten really grumpy, pins his ears and kicks his hind feet up under his belly when you do anything more than a slow walk. Was better right after deworming, but started again after a month.


Kaufman County Texas about 6 years ago

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