Blackberry Invasion

I purchased a home with greenhouses. Unoccupied for 1.5 years, blackberry plants are taking over. How can I remove them without herbicides?


Lincoln County Oregon weed issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Methane gases produced and used on the farm

We have several large farms in Barry County. Has research been done on harvesting the methane gases produced from our Michigan farms? What are the overhead costs and potential of using such fuels? Whom can I contact with more questions?


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Michigan anaerobic digestion and biogas biodiesel methane about 6 years ago

Winter composting

What process is used in the winter to enable composting to continue outside and in very low temperatures, some below freezing?


Josephine County Oregon sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture about 6 years ago

Pecan and fruit tree spray schedule

Where can I find information about a spray schedule for pecan and fruit trees? Fertilization also? Thanks


Washington County Texas pesticide safety about 6 years ago

watering potted plants

Can I safely water potted plants in this freezing weather? The plants look dry.


Polk County Oregon container gardening horticulture about 6 years ago


Is there anything that repells rattlesnakes? We recently purchased some raw land and saw a nice fat rattler on it. There are many rocky crags on the property so I figured there would be some but want to repel them so my grandchildren won't come across them, especially near where we will build the house. Any advice?


wildlife damage management reptiles human-wildlife issues about 6 years ago

Our pond is has muck around the edges and we use it for party and swimming...

Our pond is has muck around the edges and we use it for party and swimming and fishing, etc. All I need is for the muck at the swimming area to be removed. Is this possible?


Meigs County Ohio freshwater aquaculture recreational pond management about 6 years ago


the question I asked was this" on testing my soil I find it is deficient in phosphate and was going to add triple super phosphate but then I read an article which indicates that super phosphates can tie up trace minerals so would I be better adding bone meal ?? Thank you


Richland County South Carolina soil and fertility issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Stressed Thornless Hawthorn "Crimson "Cloud"

A "Crimson Cloud" Thornless hawthorn has been growing along a verge in my daughter's neighborhood for at least 30 years. It is stressed by its location; close proximity to paved walk and roadway and by "pruning" by the utility company to keep it out of overhead wires. It has taken on a shrub-like appearance. However, it is still a pleasure to see in flower and in winter. Are there any measures we can take to improve its chances of survival?


Schenectady County New York trees and shrubs horticulture about 6 years ago

Balled & Burlaped, Container or Bare Root?

I am planning extensive planting of trees on my property. Am I better off seeking out bare root trees or sticking with container or balled & burlaped trees? And of the latter two, which is preferable? Some will be shade trees, some will be specimen trees and others will be flowering trees. I wish to be as economical as possible without compromising hardiness and optimum establishment.


New Castle County Delaware trees and shrubs landscaping horticulture about 6 years ago

Fertilizing trees and shrubs

Is it necessary to fertilize trees and shrubs every year? Is it more important to do that during a drought?


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs about 6 years ago

Swine lactation

Is there a specific time limit to wait when giving oxytocin shots to sows for lactation


Missouri swine swine health swine reproduction about 6 years ago

100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck

Hi there Extension experts!

I have been reading with great interest a debate being had on Andrew Sullivan's blog about a question that President Obama received when he participated in a reddit session - and has been debated by White House Staffers

I wanted to "Ask the Experts" in Extension about your thoughts - the Andrew Sullivan blog post talks about horses being prey animals, but I don't know if they act differently in herds, and there's information being posted about ducks, but I'd appreciate some science-based expertise on the subject. What say you Extension experts? Would you rather take on 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?


horses training and behavior about 6 years ago

Shrubby Cinquefolia

Hi there, I am in the process of going through my vast assortment of pictures taken this past summer while travelling from the Northwest (Tacoma) via Vancouver Island to Alaska and then all the provinces north of the Great Lakes to Labrador, then Newfoundland and eventually to Truro, N.S. I agreed to make a presentation to the local seniors of our community, Binz, Switzerland, this coming February. I am attempting to obtain the names of many flowers I permanently stored in my camera and some of themI just simply pose the greatest difficulties . The picture I have is in two segments. The first shows the plant, the second the flower. The name and date of the location are defined in the files name. Can you tell me, whether this is what I think it might be? Thank you so much for your help. John Huber, 8122 Binz, Switzerland


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Outside United States wildflowers and native plants horticulture about 6 years ago

selection of house windows

We plan to renovate an older resdidence and would like to know more about window quality. Wooden frame windows don't seem to be the way to go, and a reliable carpenter tells us that the "clad " windows seem to rot from the inside because of trapped moisture. We are thinking of vinyl or metal framed windows. How do the R values compare between triple and double paned, gas filled windows? Thank you very much. Bernie Uran


Koochiching County Minnesota housing home energy windows and doors windows about 6 years ago

Western whorled milkweed removal

How do you effectively get rid of western whorled milkweed?
Delta County Colorado
Grass and some alfalfa pasture


Delta County Colorado field crops weed management pasture management hops production tree fruit production about 6 years ago

4-H involvement in religion and politics

My daughter is in a 4-H horse club. The leader requires all members to be her "friend" on her personal Facebook page in order to facilitate 4-H group communications and post 4-H events. In addition to all the 4-H communications, this leader uses her Facebook page to post her daily political and religious views with links to political and religious videos and text. Isn't 4-H supposed to be inclusive and not burden the kids and families with personal politics? Is there any official state 4-H policy around this that I can refer the leader to when I ask her politely to start a separate Facebook page to be used only for the business of 4-H?


Clackamas County Oregon youth 4-h and youth about 6 years ago

Strawberry crop for hanging baskets

I'm planning to hang 14-inch cocoa-fiber-lined wire baskets inside the chicken-wire (walls and roof) "blueberry house" in my Lafayette garden this Spring.
Leaning toward day-neutral varieties, but considering using all 3 types. I have room for 8 baskets, but will probably only plant 4 this year as a trial. Will use drip irrigation applied early-early and again early-evening daily. Hoping to move the baskets into un-heated garage to winter-over. (Maybe surround each with a burlap bag full of straw?)
What varieties do you recommend for this crazy plan?!


Boulder County Colorado about 6 years ago

tomato disease

What is the disease with the following signs? Yellow n redish n brown patches on ripening Very small tomatoes Change of flavor in the tomato Rough tomato skin What's the cure of the disease?


Outside United States fruits and vegetables disease issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Getting started with poultry on a small scale

I am in the planning phases of starting a small-scale poultry operation. I want to raise broilers on pasture. My questions are:

  • What permits or licenses are required to sell directly to consumers on the farm and at farmers markets?
  • What are the local and state requirements to process the birds on my own farm? Will I need an inspected facility? If I use a local slaughterhouse, will I need any permits, licenses, inspections, etc?
  • Who do I talk to to get started on the right path?
  • What about adding eggs to the operation to sell directly to consumers at the farm or at market?
I am in the Tarrant/Parker County area and would likely be processing less than 10,000 birds per year.


Tarrant County Texas poultry about 6 years ago

What fruit trees are best suited to my are?

What fruit trees are best suited to my are?


Clermont County Ohio about 6 years ago

What fruit trees are best suited to this area of Ohio?

What fruit trees are best suited to this area of Ohio?


Clermont County Ohio fruit trees about 6 years ago

Greenhouse position

I am about to put up an 8.5' x 12.5' green house. Can you tell me if the length of it should run East to West or North to South. I am getting conflicting answers. Thank you so much!


Josephine County Oregon greenhouse gardening horticulture about 6 years ago

Frozen Buttercup Squash

Is it safe to cook and eat a buttercup squash that was frozen whole.

Thank you.


Vermont food safety home food preservation about 6 years ago

composting horse manure

I have an abundant supply of horse manure that I want to compost for my spring 2013 garden. I need suggestions for taking it from a raw state (from the horse barn) to a state ready for the spring garden.


Parker County Texas compost manure about 6 years ago

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