Perimeter fenceline managment without sprays

I am slowly transitioning our property to less and less sprays. We currently use roundup plus a pre-emergent and burning to control the growth on our perimeter fence. Enabling us to maintain electric current and keep predators out. I would like to find a grass ( preferably not clover as I have horses as well) to plant on the fence line that would max out at about 4-6 inches. Thus reducing the weeds that just take over as soon as the pre-emergent wares off. I would also use this under my grape vines. Any suggestions, I cant seem to find this method online but I am sure I am not the first to think of it. Otherwise my pastures are healthy save the winter sacrifice pasture and I am making excellent process on spray reduction since re-planting specific areas.


Marion County Oregon over 5 years ago

Purchase Chestnut Trees

A MSUE Macomb client is interested in purchasing 100 chestnut trees to plant in Bad Axe, MI, and raise as a cash crop. Any ideas where to purchase? Also, where can he get information on raising the trees properly?


Macomb County Michigan trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

On the American Boxwood Society website there was noted a link for and IPM...

On the American Boxwood Society website there was noted a link for and IPM Mgmt Pgm for Boxwoods. I could not pick it up on the internet. Can you help?


Union County New Jersey over 5 years ago

White Spots on Maple Tree

Our maple tree is roughly 40 years old and there is a pattern of white spots all along the tree on the east side. They continue up the tree about 12 feet. They are only on one side of the tree. The east side of the tree faces our house.

Any ideas what these spots are or the cause?



Isabella County Michigan trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Shipping Fruit to PA

Am I allowed to ship/express mail grapefruit from the tree in my backyard (non-inspected fruit) to Lancaster, PA? I live in Phoenix, AZ.


Maricopa County Arizona food safety over 5 years ago

I started a small cut flower farm specializing in dahlias last year and grew...

I started a small cut flower farm specializing in dahlias last year and grew near Afton, MN. The plants grew nice and healthy and were blooming great until they were hit really hard with Corn Rootworm Beetles. They devoured every dahlia bloom that opened and shut down my operation from late August till frost. I was curious to know any remidies for these beetles; or companion crops. Also curious to hear if any pests like this will be impacted by the harsh winter we have been having.


Washington County Minnesota over 5 years ago

Did i ruin my maple syrup?

Hello I live in Canada. Last weekend my friend came to help me identify my sugar maple trees, since it's harder in the winter without the leaves. I used what I had on hand to mark them. Rust-Oleum spray paint N1910 830 to mark my 60 maples with numbers 8 inches high. Then i regretted it. Did I make the sap toxic or will it just dry off? I plan on harvesting the sap in about 2 weeks to make maple syrup. I want to make sure it's 100% safe as I'll give it away to my family and friends. I called the paint manufacturer but they say the paint is toxic when wet but safe when completely dry. But that they can't tell me if the sap is safe.


Outside United States forestry maple trees maple syrup syrup harvest over 5 years ago

salt cedar

how do you get rid of unwanted salt cedar plants


Nye County Nevada over 5 years ago


February 13, 2014Shitake and other Mushrooms:Where can I find accurate and more detailed information on growing Shitake and or other Mushrooms? Plus, I will be having my 8 mature Oaks trimmed with Arborist supervision plus, two Oaks will be removed. These two trees may have Oak Wilt. (according to a tree trimming business owner) Can I or the Arborist supervisor on site at removal, ID this disease? After reading the Extension’s pages on Oak Wilt, I am not convinced but can see that these trees may have the disease, and it sounds like leaving tall stumps of these two trees would be a bad idea for growing Shitake Mushrooms, however is it possible to strip the bark, bowl them out on top for planters, and paint or use a deck Australian Timber Oil to help control the sap spread by bugs? Thank you,Steve


Olmsted County Minnesota fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

Abnormality on Pothos houseplant

I have had this Pothos plant for 50 yrs & it's developed a growth abnormality I've never seen & have not been able to find info on. Where there should be a leaf, this spike just grows straight up & keeps getting taller. I am attaching a photo. Thanks for any info you can give me.



Colorado houseplants over 5 years ago

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