low growing water tolerant grass with 50% shade?

Hi, I live in NW WA state I hope you can help me even though I realize your in CO? I am trying to establish a very small piece of lawn at the end of a paved walk which comes downhill from my front yard. The walk also commutes water when it rains and tends to wash out the existing grass, again, at the end of the walk. I now have a new squarer cement end to the walk which spreads out the water over a much wider area thereby reliving some of the current. This is where I want to grow a moisture tolerant grass that is low growing if possible and still hardy enough to minimize soil erosion? Can you suggest a blend or one type of grass that would serve my needs or minimize the erosion? I realize that the answer may not solve the problem entirely but if it will help hold soil it will suffice.

LC and Thanks


King County Washington lawns and turf horticulture almost 6 years ago

Planting Small Tree Urban Setting

We removed an overgrown maple tree in our backyard in Hillsboro and want to plant another tree in that location. The desired tree would have nice foliage, be on the smaller side. We have clay soil. Could another maple grow well in the same location?


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs urban forestry almost 6 years ago

Pomegranates not ripening

It is mid-October and our pomegranates here in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas have not ripened. As shown in the included images, the hardened fruit skin has spots and the seeds are light colored and unripened.
I have read that this is produced by a fungus and I am considering using a Bordeaux Mix (10# Copper Sulfate/10# dry, hydrated lime/100 gal. water) this winter.
The closeup of the cut fruit with half of the seeds colored is not ripe, rather the colored seeds seem spoiled.


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Hidalgo County Texas fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago


Are there Botflies in North America?


Hardin County Kentucky insects entomology parasites almost 6 years ago

Pin Oak Losing Leaves

It is October 18, 2013 and my mature (40 years) Pin Oak has lost most of its leaves. My White Oaks are fine. The other pin oak is still full of green and some browning leaves.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Two questions, please: When should I prune my hydrangas? They are getting too...

Two questions, please: When should I prune my hydrangas? They are getting too tall. Also, same question about my echinacea.Thank you


Prince George's County Maryland shrubs pruning hydrangeas echinacea almost 6 years ago

White/ivory rock found in the root of a pine tree, What is it?

Hi we recently removed a pine tree in our back yard and we found a white/ivory, soft type of rock that was in the roots of the pine tree and we were wondering what it was and what its used for. Pretty much wanted the full breakdown and detail of what it is. Can you help us out?.
Thank you in advance.


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Torrance County New Mexico trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Invasive Catepillar Found??

Are you taking reports of Spodoptera Litura, also known as a type of Asian Cutworm. Found on our driveway on Furlong, Buckingham Township (ours is an agricultural neighborhood) ID'ed it, as it being in its 5th and late stage of development, where it obtains its full dark green color, yellowish marks and distinctive black triangles as shown. It is noted as a highly invasive crop killer. Photo attached. Will await yr reply. Thank you.



Bucks County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Commercial quality tomatoes in Texas


I would like to know what types of tomatoes (names) are grown commercially in Texas.

Thank you,

John Freitas


Harris County Texas tomatoes horticulture almost 6 years ago

Hi. I live in a community with extensive slops and hills. We would like to...

Hi. I live in a community with extensive slops and hills. We would like to replant/reseed these areas with grasses and wild flowers to eliminate mowing and control erosion (mostly from mowing). Can you recommend some solutions that are deer resistance and won't look like weeds. Thanks!


Anne Arundel County Maryland plant selection erosion control grasses and wildflowers almost 6 years ago

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