Hydraulic fracturing, regulation of the oil and gas industry; Actual water, land and air testing.

I am a native of Battle Creek Michigan, where, as a young child, I watched our drinking water as it was being contaminated. I was told then, as I am again being told now, don’t worry so much. It’s insignificant and won’t hurt the environment. After decades have passed, I still, will not, drink any of Battle Creeks water. I don’t care who tells me its safe to drink.

Fracking; it’s the same thing all over again.
I’m now grown up and I know better.
How can I find out exactly how many gas and oil wells are in operation right now in the state of Michigan?
How many are using the Hydraulic Fracturing Process?
Were environmental studies done at all of the well sits prior, during and after the wells were drilled?
How often will testing be done after the wells were drilled and for how long.
Has drinking water been tested before, during and after the wells were drilled and up to how fare away from the drill sites location has drinking water been tested.
I understand that there is contamination of drinking water in the state of New York, due to fracking.
I have done some scientific work during my career.
I would like to take a personal look at the data and procedures used and the credentials of the people that have done and are doing the studies.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Don Bradstreet

Oil and Gas Educational Meeting—Allegan Date: January 9, 2013
Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Location: 3255 122nd Ave., Allegan, MI 49010
Contact: Allegan Extension, 269-673-0370, Allegan County Farm Bureau, 269-355-1500

This educational program’s goal is to help landowners better understand oil, gas, and mineral leasing agreements, pitfalls and concerns in contracts, horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing and the regulation of the oil and gas industry.



MI fracking oil and gas leasing about 6 years ago

Pea weavils

Hello, What are the best ways to stop pea weavils on peas? I would prefer organic methods if they yield results. Thank you so much!


Josephine County OR fruits and vegetables insect issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Cleaning pruning tools - is alcohol as effective as bleach?

When cleaning pruning tools to prevent the spread of disease in small fruits, is 70% Isoprophyl Alcohol as effective as a bleach solution? If the latter is used, how much bleach should be added to one cup of water? Can you suggest a site where this topic is treated?


Cuyahoga County OH disinfect pruning tools about 6 years ago

hazelnut pollination

We just moved to Corbett onto a property that has been left to the blackberries for about 6 years. The other day we discovered a tall (about 25' high) hazelnut tree. We have found signs that there were animals trampling around below it too, so we think it might have produced nuts. We cannot find another hazelnut on the property, however. I don't want to wait until it is too late to find out it doesn't have a pollinator. Is there a hazelnut variety that acts as a universal pollinator? Or do you have other suggestions for what we can do so we can have lots of wonderful hazelnuts?


Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs horticulture about 6 years ago

Do you have to attend 4-H in the county you live? For example, my...

Do you have to attend 4-H in the county you live? For example, my granddaughter lives in Ross County. Can she attend meetings and show animals in Adams County where I live?


Adams County OH about 6 years ago

Time for pruning fruit trees

What is the best time to prune our apple,pear,peach,nectarine,and sweet cherry trees? All are 2-3 years old and semi-dwarf.


Jackson County OR trees and shrubs pruning horticulture about 6 years ago

length of growing season

How long is the planting season for fruit/veggies in Ouray Co. 81427? What grows best up there? My wife won't move there unless she knows the answer to this question.


Clackamas County OR fruits and vegetables horticulture about 6 years ago

insect pods

I brought a houseplant inside from being on my front porch. Shortly thereafter, little hard pods/shells/cases appeared on the wall near the plant. I took one to Paulino Gardens and the expert there said it was not insect related because it was hard and didn't have a soft interior. I moved the plant to another room. These mysterious pods again appeared on the wall in the other room. They only appeared near the plant that I brought in. I'm pretty convinced that they a. are traveling with the plant and b. are insect based. Do you have any idea what they are? They are very small - a 16th of an inch or so. They caused spots on the paint on the walls where they attached themselves. Please let me know what you think and what I should do about them. The damage to the paint is a concern, as it the health of the plant and other plants in my house. Thanks


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Denver County CO indoor gardening urban integrated pest management household pests houseplants about 6 years ago

About a spider?

Would like to know is this spider harmfull and what is it



Lincoln County OR integrated pest management spiders about 6 years ago

Sustainable Agriculture in Marion County

I am writing a story for SEDCOR - the economic development nonprofit for Marion County. The focus is on sustainable agriculture with a sub-theme of job creation and innovation. I would appreciate any resources and a contact to inteview.


Multnomah County OR sustainable agriculture job creation about 6 years ago

xeriscape grass shady areas

I live in Denver and have an area i would like to plant with buffalo grass. one corner is shaded from the south by a tree and from the west by a building and thus has full sun for only a few hours in the morning. My reading suggests buffalo grass would be a poor choice in that corner. is there a better choice of grass with similar xeriscape characteristics for such an area?


Denver County CO wildflowers and native plants lawns and turf xeriscape about 6 years ago

I have a very old apple tree thats ready to pass on and I'd like to save it....

I have a very old apple tree thats ready to pass on and I'd like to save it. I'd like to try and graft it to rootstock. Where do I get the rootstock? I live in Highland County. Thanks for your time.


OH home apple production apple rootstocks about 6 years ago

Community Garden planning

I am working with a small group of residents to create a budget for a community garden in our neighborhood. We are looking for costs to build raised beds. Do you have any cost models we could use?
Member of GIFT (Garden Initiative For the Triangle)


Denver County CO fruits and vegetables community garden about 6 years ago

Tomato Soup

Hi, I was wondering if there is a safe recipe for making home canned tomato soup? I cannot find anything in my canning books. It seems like you should be able to at least make a base that you can add milk to when you warm it up.


Clackamas County OR food safety home food preservation about 6 years ago

ground dwelling yellow jackets

I have a nest of ground dwelling yellow jackets on the edge of my yard that I need to eradicate. I would like to do this while they are dormant this winter. What is the best product to use in this situation? Our roommate has already been attacked while he was raking leaves this fall so getting rid of them before spring is a priority.


Yamhill County OR integrated pest management insect issues about 6 years ago

Tomato plants died midsummer 2012

Last year (2011) we lost one tomato plant and pulled it up by the roots and disposed of it. This year on 4 plants the fruit set and then one by one the plants turned brown and had to be destroyed. We got no production this year in 2012. I suspect some kind of fungal disease is present in the soil. Do you have a suggestion?


Jefferson County CO fruits and vegetables about 6 years ago

Vegetable varieties

What varieties of corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, peas and radishes grow best in Colorado Springs, CO?


El Paso County CO fruits and vegetables about 6 years ago

beef cattle artificial insemination

In the coming months, are there going to be any classes anywhere in Oregon on the artificial insemination of beef cattle?


Linn County OR beef cattle reproduction about 6 years ago

What would you recommend to get rid of bed bugs?

We just found out we have bed bugs. We cannot afford an exterminator as we are on a fixed income. We did get some spray for them called Bug Max by Enforcer. My sister stayed with us and the people she was staying with have them and now we do! Do you think the foggers for them would work? Would you recommend that? I would really appreciate it if you have any info for me and my husband.


Scioto County OH about 6 years ago

Special use mining permit

Does PA 113 supersede local townships special use criteria and regulations ?


Berrien County MI about 6 years ago

hanging spider plant watering

I just received a spider plant potted in a ball covered with moss which has
small plantlets inserted on the sides. It's BIG and I don't know how to water
it ... sit in a bucket? .....


Deschutes County OR indoor gardening horticulture about 6 years ago

Hardy Fuchsias for zone 6 in USA

Are there any Hardy Fuchsias that will over-winter in zone 6 in the USA. If yes, where is the best place to buy them. Thanks David Tucker.


Jefferson County KY horticulture about 6 years ago

apple orchard notifications from cornell

Does Cornell provide information on current insects and IPM techniques during the year either online or email? For instance, I'm from Massachusetts and Umass does in its IPM Berry Blast -- a periodic e-message that highlights specific pest issues (insect, disease or weed), on a timely basis through the growing season. These messages contain basic identification and life cycle information along with integrated management (IPM) recommendations for pests likely to be found at the time the message is issued. Recommendations are based on current information.


Onondaga County NY apples orchard horticulture about 6 years ago

Pruning fruit trees

What is the best time and method for pruning fruit trees, cherry and apple and concord grape vine?


Jackson County OR fruit trees horticulture about 6 years ago

breed of cat

On December 24, 2012, we found a cat inside our house. She seems different because she has two-color eyes (one green, one blue). What kind of cat is this?


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OUTSIDEUS companion animals about 6 years ago

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