honey bees

we have honey bees in our garage wall how can we remove them without harming them?


Lane County Oregon bees almost 6 years ago

Evergreen trees dying

I have 4 evergreen trees that are starting to get brown spots & 1 tree is dead looking in the middle. Can I save them? What can I do & what may be causeing it. Thanks kim Schneider


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Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Brown/dead Arbor vitae trees

I have 8 brown/dead Arbor vitae trees in my yard, they were fine last summer. Mid winter there were 5 or 6 that had turned brown (reddish brown), it appears to be spreading. What can I do before they are all gone? Thank you!


Anoka County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Using Railroad Ties for Raised Beds

Can I use railroad ties (soaked in creosote) to build a raised bed for grapes? Is there a concern about creosote leeching into the fruit and making it inedible? Many thanks in advance...


Washington County Oregon horticulture almost 6 years ago


This weed is in a 3 x 3 foot patch in clients lawn. I am thinking it is Common Yarrow. Could you verify and let me know how to treat the weed.


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Alpena County Michigan weed issues almost 6 years ago

I am looking into using a rain barrel to water the vegetables in my garden,...

I am looking into using a rain barrel to water the vegetables in my garden, however in order to have a rain barrel I need to place a Mosquito Donut in it to avoid an infestation. So is the chemical that is used inthe Mosquito Donut ok to use for the garden?


Baltimore County Maryland vegetables rain barrel watering vegetables almost 6 years ago

Ficus tree care, outside in Arizona

Do Ficus trees have a pruning season? Can I do anything to minimize the REALLY messy berries? Do they need fertilized? These trees are 30' or so tall with approx 20' to 30' canopies. They are beautiful but so messy & the dogs track the berries into the house, they ruin the carpet. thank you in advance for any help!


Arizona trees and shrubs pruning horticulture almost 6 years ago

Apricot curling leaves

The leaves on my mature apricot tree are all curled [lengthwise]. They are not wilted, and they do not have the reddish spots I see in pictures of peach tree leaf curl. They do have some small yellow spots, but not a lot of them. A nearby neighbor's apricot tree died over the winter. Is mine endangered? Is there something I should be doing?


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Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

How can I treat hawthorne tree bark damage?

My two hawthorne trees appear to have bark damage this spring. How can I treat them or should I contact a specialist?


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Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

planting soybeans

can we plant soybean in a field sprayed with 1 qt. atrazine 8 week ago surface applied 3 inches of rain as of today some broadleaf weeds and soybean scattered a week ago have 2 leaves and look healthy can we plant soybeans


Daviess County Kentucky soybeans kentucky almost 6 years ago

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