Bark coming off tree - cause and treatment?

We have an autumn blaze maple planted 2.5 years ago. It is 2 inches in caliper now.

It looks healthy except for a spot where the bark is peeling off (pictured). The bark there was brittle and flaked off.

Under the bark we found several insects (also pictured). We've seen these same insects throughout our landscaping. It looks as if they burrowed a hole into the tree.

We're unsure if the insects are the cause of this problem or if there is some other problem that the insects are taking advantage of.

Is this anything to be concerned about, and if so what should we do?


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Oakland County MI trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Peony shriveling up after eight years

Can you tell me what is going on with my flowers? The garden centers indicate everything from mites to a virus? We have applied a systemic and fertilized.


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Weld County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

drummond maple dropping leaves

My Maple tree (7 yrs. old) is dropping leaves almost like fall. Is it the heat, lack of rain or do I have a pest?


Fort Bend County TX almost 6 years ago

Aspen leaf abnormality

My aspen trees by my house in Evergreen are missing their tip. They curl in and look dry and brown in that area. They are falling off the tree now and are quite dry. There is some yellowish color along the stem near where the point would be. What could this be caused by?



Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

I have what I think is yellow evening primrose. My friend would like some for...

I have what I think is yellow evening primrose. My friend would like some for her garden. Is it to late to divide it and plant in her new garden? Should I wait until fall or spring? Should I cut back the foliage now or wait until the fall?



Anne Arundel County MD plant id almost 6 years ago

Mushroom Speaker wanted

Hi, I am a Westchester County NY master gardener. I am also president of my gardern club looking for a knowledgeable speaker on mushrooms for a November 12 meeting. I don't see the topic on your Speakers bureau list. We would want a power point presentation with a brief description of the biology/botany of fungi, a bit about growing mushrooms commercially,descriptions of the various sorts one cooks with. As you are in the heart of mushroom territory we were wondering if you could recommend such a speaker. Would really appreciate it. thanks, Chris Murray 914-967-3204


Westchester County NY master gardener program mushrooms almost 6 years ago

Teens Gardening

How can you get teens interested in gardening?


Westmoreland County PA youth gardening youth gardening almost 6 years ago

The back of our house, south side has many mature trees which go across our...

The back of our house, south side has many mature trees which go across our entire back yard as privacy from the neighbor in back. There are large vines growing on most of the trees, pulling the limbs and killing the large tree limbs. We tried to cut back the vines, but they are massive, so we had difficulty removing all of them. What should be done to save the trees? 3- Photos are attached. Thank you.



Baltimore County MD trees and shrubs weeds invasive almost 6 years ago

In late spring, I noticed that our mature pin oak tree had limbs with brown...

In late spring, I noticed that our mature pin oak tree had limbs with brown leaves. Then the pin oak lost some leaves and several branches are now bare. I suspect anthracnose since the ground at the base of the tree puddles with water when it rains. What should be done--remove tree limbs or leave them? can we plant a shade shrub or plant underneath to help with drainage? The tree is on the west side of the house, somewhat shaded by the house. Photos are attached. Thank you. Barbara



Baltimore County MD trees and shrubs pin oak almost 6 years ago

Chinese Pistache status

Why do you list the Chinese Pistache as a Texas Superstar tree when it's on the top 24 Invasive Plants List in the City of Austin and is listed as an invasive on the Invasive Plant Atlas of the US?


Travis County TX chinese pistache almost 6 years ago

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