Root Identification

We have a root growing into a toilet between the flange and foundation. The root bundle removed (for the third time) was over 2" in diameter. The closest plants are 20 feet away--red tips, crepe Mertles, and live oaks. Can you identify the tree/bush from the root either by the distance, a photo of the root, or a sample of the root? Should I mail the root to you for analysis?



Travis County Texas trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago


How do you get bats out of the attic and keep them out?


Gladwin County Michigan bats nuisance wildlife almost 6 years ago

Dog Waste and Compost

I have a two-part question. First, I wanted to add a couple of raised gardens in my yard. However, the sunny area of the yard also happens to be where my three German shepherds enjoy a winter of dropping their waste. What, if anything, should be done to the soil prior to double digging my new beds?

Second, I have a compost pile I generated throughout the last year, and I was planning on using the compost in the garden plots. Although I took care to ensure that no dog waste was put into the pile, inevitably some of the foliage from the back yard has been in contact with dog waste. Should this pile be used in the garden? Can a soil test be performed on the compost and yard plots? I have read that dog waste can contain parasites that can be harmful to humans. I have also read that these parasites are also tracked into the house all year long as well.


Hennepin County Minnesota compost horticulture almost 6 years ago

ovary of a hen

A hen has only one ovary. The statement is true or false.


Outside United States almost 6 years ago

Is this a beetle ?

Please see attached picture, what kind of bug is it and how can I get rid of them ? Thank you.



Harris County Texas almost 6 years ago

Do my mealworms have paracites

My mealworms are developing what look like bubbles on their sides near their the feet, two bubbles on each side. These then rupture, they loose fluids and die. I began seeing this 5 days ago. I have had these about a month, and am removing affected worms as soon as I see them.



Marion County Oregon insect issues entomology almost 6 years ago

Fungus? on leaves of Amazon Lily.

This plant must be at least 10 yrs old. It's in a 12"pot & has never been replanted. It has recently developed a dark brown spot surrounded by deep yellow fading round the edges to pale yellow. Now one large leaf is showing swirls of differing greens in the center of the leaf not on the tip or the edge. I'm afraid this will develop into another yellow patch.
Another new leaf has developed a rough nobbly surface with slightly differing shades of green. I have been cutting infected leaves off 12 or more! I have used fungicide and fed with a balanced fertilizer. ANY IDEAS? { I worked with Robyn from Nursery Supply, for 20 years, may be you know her?}


Denver County Colorado plant disease gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

killing moss around fruit

what is safe to use around fruit bearing plants to kill moss? We have a raspberry patch and we eat the fruit. I have used Tide laundry soap on my roof but I don't want to kill my plants or taint the fruit and am unsure what is safe.


Polk County Oregon moss removal horticulture almost 6 years ago

Finding my altitude

I'm trying to find out what our altitude is and what pound of pressure should be used on a pressure canner in Adams County.


Adams County Colorado canning pressure canning almost 6 years ago

"Miner's Candle" -- year two

Hi. First, I just want to say thanks for this awesome resource! Second, what can you tell me about two really lovely "Miner's candle" plants that I have in my yard--BY ACCIDENT--but most welcome! They grew to about 6' last summer and had lots of small, yellow flowers. They look dry and dead (I didn't prune or cut at all for winter). How can I encourage them to reproduce or return? Bees love 'em!!

Best, Susan Liehe -- Denver



Denver County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

Appropriate Age for a Market Animal or Breeding Project

How old does a child need to be to take on a market animal or breeding project?


Klamath County Oregon 4-h almost 6 years ago

Annual flowers for planters under a tree

What are good showy varieties of impatiens for Fort Collins for brick planter under a snow crab shade tree.

Also which begonias varieties for same location and condition as above


Larimer County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

Fodder Systems

I have seen advertised these Fodder Systems. In the Fodder System you essentially hydroponically sprout barely seed and then feed it to animals as a supplement. My question is, is it worth it? I know that it would increase digestablitity of barley, but it can't be fed alone. Is the economics of purchasing the barley, the system, etc. worth the benefit it could yield? Would it be better to just supplement with the barley rather than the fodder produced?


Albany County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

Horseradish problems

Hi - I planted horseradish in really large pots last year and dug one of the pots up a month or so ago. Instead of a few large roots, I have dozens of spindly sized roots. Is there something I can do better? I don't want to plant it in my raised beds for fear it will be a nuisance.



Washington County Oregon horticulture almost 6 years ago

I have 2 questions. I am considering putting in a garden for personal use....

I have 2 questions. I am considering putting in a garden for personal use. What is the charge to test my soil? Secondly, I was wondering if it is the correct time to spray a pre-emergant to prevent crabgrass? I understand the soil temperature should be in the 50's and the map shows the 30's but it seems like it's time to do this. Thanks for helping out a REAL beginner, Kim


Butler County Ohio almost 6 years ago

noting tree disease in Ann Arbor neighborhood

For the past few years I have noticed diseases affecting our maple trees in our neighborhood. One which I see described in your publications as tar spots and realize that it is not fatal to the tree. However, I am now noting white patches at the base of many of our maple trees (and now a few Sycamores) and have seen parts of these trees dying off. It seems to be getting worse and worse and I really wonder if all of our maple trees will die of this disease in the new few years. Are you aware of what this disease is? Does the City of Ann Arbor's forestry division know about it? I will attempt to attach some photos I've taken on Pine Valley and Page Streets in Ann Arbor so you can see what I'm seeing.

Thank you for any information you can provide

Caroline Mohai


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Washtenaw County Michigan trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

I have small black flying insects in my house. Is it possible you can help me...

I have small black flying insects in my house. Is it possible you can help me identify them. Thank you.


Mahoning County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Snow Peas - how to know if they were damaged during sprouting by cold

I planted my snow peas on March 17...two weeks ago. Last weekend it got down to 10 degrees F. I dug up a row and found that the seeds had a long white root? did not feel mushy ...and I am wondering if they would have been damaged and never fully sprout? Wondering how long I should wait to see if they got damaged...usually I see sprouts breaking thru the soil in two weeks.


Jefferson County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

seedling damage

Something is eating my seedlings. I have recently planted broccoli starts, and have snow peas growing from seed, both of which are being nibbled on. I don't see signs of slugs, and my garden is outside of my kitchen window so I can watch for birds. There are a few small birds now and then that do peck a little but hardly enough to cause the damage.
I have a lawn adjacent to the garden, and what appears to be rodent holes in it. Could they be the problem?
I'm thinking of using a wax pepper spray to solve the problem, will that damage my seedlings? Should I make some kind of an effort to get rid of the rodents?


Lane County Oregon vegetable gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Several of our neighbors have planted Pampas grass that is thriving.Our...

Several of our neighbors have planted Pampas grass that is thriving.
Our Pampas grass plants are not growing, or seem to be growing reluctantly.
We have planted them in protected areas next to fences but possibly the plants are too shaded. They get about 4 hours of eastern sun/day. There is a home on the east side of us so both the fence and the house next door block additional sunlight. Last year was the third year the 3 grass plants have been planted and one of them grew tall and produced a few plumes though it still looked stark. Another seemed to be starting to grow more happily and produced one plume.
Could the shade be the issue? (we do have a drip system which waters them regularly)
We have also provided good soil, we think. Most of the plants in our yards are doing very well.
I watched your video on ornamental grasses and saw that Plume grass is a good alternative. We may consider that.
Looking forward to your response.
Thank you


Larimer County Colorado landscape plants almost 6 years ago

Water well located in Central Texas

We are located in Luling, TX and have a waterwell. We use it exclusivly to water our property and gardens.
There is a green, leafy like substance that comes through the hoses upon start up. Once we let it run for a while, the majority of it will clear, but not entirely. Unsure if this is algae coming from the well? Any information would be appreciated.


Caldwell County Texas drinking water private water systems almost 6 years ago

Hello, I am helping my parents solve and perhaps mitigate the potential for...

Hello, I am helping my parents solve and perhaps mitigate the potential for foundering in their horses. In the past early growing season they decided to overseed thier pasture in attempt to enhance the plant nutritional value available to the horses. Unfortently they have recently lost several horses to old age since then. Now with only one horse left to use the pasture we are finding the amount of clover available to be far too much for one horse. With spring rapidly approaching and therefore spring grass we wish to apply a herbicide to the pasture to diminish the amount of clover available to the horse if it is safe to do so. Can you recommend a product that is safe to use in this situation with a relatively short residual? What time of year would be best to apply the product? Also, what other integrated pest management solutions may be useful in this situation. Thank you, Cody


Medina County Ohio almost 6 years ago

starting a new club

A horse facility I am involved with wants to start a new 4-H horse club. I was wondering how to start a new club?


El Paso County Colorado almost 6 years ago

What would be good to put in where I'm tearing out bush honeysuckle along a...

What would be good to put in where I'm tearing out bush honeysuckle along a creek? There's a mature canopy (lots of honey locust and osage orange). Is there anything I can establish to prevent or slow the honeysuckle from coming back? Thanks.


Miami County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Identify this fast growing tree?

These trees are in a friends yard, they seem to have come up all over the place, even up under the foundation! We're wondering if they might be runners from near by mature trees, and what it is and what to do about removal. They're about 6 ft high, and seemed to appear over the last year. The leaves have just come out and are a bit tacky. I'm sending pictures of the small trees and the two mature trees nearby. Thanks!


Photo_2_300x300%2523 Photo_2_300x300%2523 Photo_4_300x300%2523

Multnomah County Oregon tree identification horticulture almost 6 years ago

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