Table Grapes on the internet

Hi, on the internet I found a website called where you can sell table grapes of different varities and get connections with importers from all over the world.
Please if you can reccomend other good website or ecommerce website where i can promote my table grapes. I have a large production produced on 371 acres of land.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Best regards.


OUTSIDEUS marketing farm management grapes vineyard economic and business management marketing farm management almost 6 years ago

Tomato Problems - curling and falling off vine

Client had problems last year with tomatoes. This year started with new soil, sterilized pots, purchased disease resistent varieties.

The leaves are curling. The small green tomatoes fall off the vine.


Chippewa County MI fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

Do moles eat plants or not?

A 2002 OSU Extension publication states "Up to 20 percent of the diet of Townsend’s mole is plant material," yet other publications say moles don't eat plants or bulbs, only voles do. Also, I have read that moles are good for ridding your garden of white grubs and other possible pests. So should I worry about tunnels in my garden or not?


Yamhill County OR wildlife damage management moles almost 6 years ago

Fungus & Mold all over our property

Fungus (including mushrooms) & Mold is taking over our property. There is brownish lichen-like stuff growing all over the place... around the pool, in cracks, on cement, & mushrooms in our lawn... I can smell the moldy/musty odor everywhere... Is there a safe-for-animals, natural product I can spray our yard & flower beds with? (We do NOT have leaves or rotting grass materials - I know that can create it) Our property is located on West Main St (Hollywood Orchard area) about 2 miles from the SOU Garden extension on Hanley Road. You can call me at 541-840-9694 - if you would - that would be great! Thanks for your help! Cynthia


Jackson County OR mildew and mold control almost 6 years ago

Dying evergreens

I notice a number of dead and dying trees lately--narrow, slim evergreens that may be a type of juniper. Some are still green on one side but brown and dead looking on the other. I'm wondering if this is disease, weather, or what? I sure don't want to plant any in my yard.


Boulder County CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

shade plant or weed ID

I found a patch of these plants on a very shady hillside while I was clearing the area from vines. What is it? They're an interesting shape and they are starting to bloom. Wondering if I should keep them or are they an invasive weed (like a lot of my landscape).



Prince George's County MD pachysandra almost 6 years ago

Overwhelmed by ants

My lakeside lawn is being overtaken by ants. They crawl on us when we sit there, and they have turned grass into dirt. What can I do to turn back this onslaught?


Brookings County SD integrated pest management urban integrated pest management ants urban pests almost 6 years ago

Backyard apple tree dying! Why? Can it be saved?

Hi - we have an apple tree in our backyard that is dying quickly. Most of it didn't leaf out this year and the bark is black and peeling. Do you know what this could be, and if it is possible to save it?
thanks - Jill


Larimer County CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

problems in veggie garden

i'm having a problem with my veggie plants they are stunted,turn yellow with brown spots on them and look to have some sort of thin black bug that doesn't seem to move. i sprayed them with a pyrethin spray and also added nitrogen to the soil. still having problems and now my salvia is getting some it and other plants close to the garden. i live in the crooked lake area north of petoskey. please help me. enclosed are pics


Bugs_in_the_garden_2013-06-25_019_300x300%2523 Bugs_in_the_garden_2013-06-25_009_300x300%2523 Bugs_in_the_garden_2013-06-25_008_300x300%2523

Emmet County MI fruits and vegetables insect issues almost 6 years ago

Apple fire blight

I have a dwarf fuji that hasn't been cared for properly for awhile. No fruit this year. Dried up tiny apples and twigs. Dark brownish orange. Load of apples last year but scabby and unhealthy. It looks like fire blight to me. I am looking for an organic fungicide. I have pruned it way back and cleaned up the diseased looking parts. What should I use on it?


Marion County OR fruit trees almost 6 years ago

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