Apple tree spraying

For the past two years we are trying to grow organic apples in two espelia trees. Insects keep ruining the fruit. What and when do I spray?


Washington County Oregon fruit trees horticulture almost 6 years ago

planting Veggies in galvanized planters

I want to plant some herbs and veggies in a large galvanized tank. Should I line it with plastic to prevent zinc from leaching into the soil? One internet entry said that if zinc levels get too high the growth of plants can be impaired. Also, what about safety for human consumption?


Washington County Oregon horticulture almost 6 years ago

cost effective organic soil amendments,perenial grazing seed mixes

Hello, I am a rancher on the CO/NM border(Trinidad, CO/Raton,NM). We have several hay fields(alfalfa and grass/alfalfa) under pivot irrigation that we want to seed for permanent grazing with cattle. Soil tests are within acceptable range for NPK, but the current stands are not vigorous or as productive as they should be. I am working toward a field-scope compost program, but at this point we do not have enough raw material to get under way. I have talked with a number of sea mineral/ fish emulsion/sea kelp companies.Of course, they all say that their product is the way to go, but it is expensive. I have several skeptical brothers so I have to be sure of getting good results for the investment. Please advise me on your recommendations for seed mixes (6500' elevation) and soil amendments. Let me know if you have questions(575-376-2827). Thank you!
Julia Stafford


Colfax County New Mexico organic production pastures and forages soil testing forages ranch almost 6 years ago

soil mix recipe for containers

I have purchased a City Pickers garden kit. I would like to mix my own soil for the container. The instructions say the main ingredients should be sphagnum peat moss and/or coir, plus vermiculite and/ or perlite. They say not to use forest by-products such as bark, forest humus, sawdust, or things that are partially composted. I'm not sure what proportions of the recommended ingredients to use. Any information would be helpful.


Luna County New Mexico soil and fertility issues container garden container gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

metabolizable protein

We feed our cat both wet- and dryfood. The dryfood label shows 30% protein and the wetfood label shows 11% protein. Our vet said if we should "subtract out" the 80% moisture in the wetfood we end up with more than 50% protein. But, this does not say how much of the protein is metabolized in the body. An article in Cat Fancy magazine suggests cats need 40% protein in their diet. They do not say if this is crude or metabloizable protein. Can you help clarify this for me? Thank you, Darryl Davis


Benton County Oregon animal nutrition almost 6 years ago

Spring Clean-up

I've read a lot regarding mulching with leaves, etc., in Fall, but I cannot find anything on when I can remove the mulch from my roses, perennials, etc. Is it too early to start raking up the leaves now?


El Paso County Colorado mulch flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

Lime or Chicken Liter

I am trying to decide on wether I should use lime or chicken liter in my pastures this year. I am trying to cut cost and which choice would be more beneficial for me to use, or should I just "bite the bullet" and do both?


Houston County Texas fertilization almost 6 years ago

When does winter ryegrass die?

It's time to plant peas here in PA. The winter ryegrass cover crop is still going strong. I have cut it and pulled up clumps which I turned over, but it does not show any signs of dying. I do not rototill. Is this grass going to die by the middle of May when it is time to plant the later vegetables?


Lehigh County Pennsylvania vegetable gardening almost 6 years ago

Pasture Rehabilitation

I have a 14 acre pasture area on my small place in Polk County. It has become more moss than grass, reducing the actual food available to the sheep grazing on it. What can I do that will be cost effective and bring back the grass? I don't have the means to plow it up and re-seed...I'd have to hire it out. Can someone come out an take a look at it or give me a suggestion? Thanks.


Polk County Oregon field crops pastures and forages almost 6 years ago

Pine Tree

Why does my blue spruce pine tree have brown pods coming off the ends?


Missaukee County Michigan trees and shrubs evergreens almost 6 years ago

i have arborviate along the north edge of my property. Some of them seem to...

i have arborviate along the north edge of my property. Some of them seem to be withering away from the top down. they sit next to a cultivated field that uses current farming practices such as broadcasting herbicides and fungicides. I noticed no problems, except for bagworms 3 years ago, until last summer. Could the overspray be killing my trees? I also have heard that arborvitae have a 20 or so year life cycle. Is this true? My garden is close to the same field but does not indicate stress from overspray.


Wyandot County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Peach tree web worms

we recently bought `8 acres outside of Gilmer, Texas. The site has 3 peach trees and we noticed today (March 31) that they appear to have web worms. What should we use to control/eliminate the web worms? Thanks!


Upshur County Texas webworms almost 6 years ago


I purchased an amaryllis bulb 6 weeks before Christmas 2012. It bloomed as expected. It did not produce any leaves. I barely kept it watered in a cool but sunny cellar. It then produced a large stem that bloomed again just in time for Easter 03/31/13. It never produced any leaves. Is it unusual for an amaryllis to rebloom, as this one did, within 3 months?


Androscoggin County Maine horticulture almost 6 years ago

I have 8 backyard chickens and compost the manure. However, my garden is near...

I have 8 backyard chickens and compost the manure. However, my garden is near the coop and I am also thinking about planting hanging strawberries near the run. Is there a concern with flies from the coop contaminating leaf vegetables and strawberries in the gardens? My husband said he heard that no amount of washing will remove contamination from salmonella or e coli.


Lorain County Ohio almost 6 years ago

scotch thistle problem

I have what I believe to be a scotch thistle problem on an area of my property. Last year it overtook a small wetland area I had that used to have cattails in it but because of the drought or because of the thistles those died and the thistles took over. I would like to eliminate the issue this year before it gets out of control. How do I do that. Thank you.


El Paso County Colorado weed issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

lawn grass turning to seed

My lawn has a lot of grass turning to seed. How can I eliminate this grass?


Marion County Oregon lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

growing potatos and sweet potatos white grub control

what can i do or use to control white grube that are eating the potatosin the ground


Manistee County Michigan fruits and vegetables vegetables almost 6 years ago


I would like to know what the average rent is in NW Iowa County O'Brien for Low Land. Just west of Primghar Iowa


O'Brien County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Rent on Low land

Will you give me an estimate on what the rent on land in NW IA O'Brien Co ... would be for low land that has been tiled out?


O'Brien County Iowa almost 6 years ago

spring fertilizing

I have about a half bag of SCOTTS WINTERIZER left over from last fall. Can I use it this time of year (April) for a spring feeding? Should I use this WITH/AND a regular "turf builder", or not at all ?


Arapahoe County Colorado lawn and garden equipment fertilizer horticulture almost 6 years ago


What is the best way to eliminate and prevent further growth of Nutsedge?


Jackson County Oregon weed management horticulture almost 6 years ago

Root Identification

We have a root growing into a toilet between the flange and foundation. The root bundle removed (for the third time) was over 2" in diameter. The closest plants are 20 feet away--red tips, crepe Mertles, and live oaks. Can you identify the tree/bush from the root either by the distance, a photo of the root, or a sample of the root? Should I mail the root to you for analysis?



Travis County Texas trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago


How do you get bats out of the attic and keep them out?


Gladwin County Michigan bats nuisance wildlife almost 6 years ago

Dog Waste and Compost

I have a two-part question. First, I wanted to add a couple of raised gardens in my yard. However, the sunny area of the yard also happens to be where my three German shepherds enjoy a winter of dropping their waste. What, if anything, should be done to the soil prior to double digging my new beds?

Second, I have a compost pile I generated throughout the last year, and I was planning on using the compost in the garden plots. Although I took care to ensure that no dog waste was put into the pile, inevitably some of the foliage from the back yard has been in contact with dog waste. Should this pile be used in the garden? Can a soil test be performed on the compost and yard plots? I have read that dog waste can contain parasites that can be harmful to humans. I have also read that these parasites are also tracked into the house all year long as well.


Hennepin County Minnesota compost horticulture almost 6 years ago

ovary of a hen

A hen has only one ovary. The statement is true or false.


Outside United States almost 6 years ago

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