Who sells these Berry Items?

Hello - I live in Katy, TX near the West Houston Area around Zone 8b. I've heard good things about these types of berries and how well they do in warmer areas within the US, however, I'm having a difficult time finding a distributor or nursery locally or online (with good reviews and shipment to TX). I want to know if you know of anyone who sales any of the variety of berries listed below?

Dorman Red


Hybrid berry:



Harris County Texas almost 6 years ago

Canning Pie Fillings

I've noticed that current recipes for canning pie fillings call for using clear gel that, as you know, is a modified cornstarch. Is it safe to use regular cornstarch? I've always found that it works well! I understand that clear gel doesn't break down during the canning process, but is the reason for using it aesthetics only, or is there another reason?


Outside United States home food preservation canning almost 6 years ago

Rubber Plant

Can I grow a rubber plant outdoors


Outside United States indoor gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Pruning yew shrubs.

When is the best time to prune a yew shrub? They are budding and putting on new growth now (5/21/13)


Story County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Tree planting Offer

My name is Jeff Allen. I am the Operations Manager @ the Ambridge Water Authority. I have a lot at the Ambridge Reservoir in Raccoon Twp. The Authority recently removed an old house from the property and after I have the lot totally cleared I would like to have some trees planted on this lot. I was wondering if Penn State extension would like to use the lot to plant some trees possibly as a project. If so please contact me and we can discuss the details. I can be contacted via Email or on my mobile @ 724 601 4403. Thank you for your time I am looking forward to talk with you. Jeff Allen Operations Manager A.W.A.


Beaver County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Garden salad table

I built a garden salad table and I'm a little confused about the dirt I should use. I've read that it should be a soil-less media. Is that correct t?


Douglas County Colorado fruits and vegetables salad tables almost 6 years ago

How can I remove aspens?

I'm considering buying a house in Fort Collins (Timberline and Drake Road area). It has no sprinkler system and many shrubs and other plants are in very poor health. So while I have the landscaping torn up to address those issues, I would like to remove a cluster of aspens. They are not large - have perhaps been in the ground 8 years, and of course some small new trees have come up nearby and even a few suckers perhaps as much as 20 feet away.
* What steps can I take for best success in removing these trees and the roots/suckers in the vicinity?
* Is there a low toxicity product I should use in the stump area?
* How deep do the roots tend to go? Could I have deep rototilling done to address much of what has spread across the yard?

Thanks for enlightening me on this topic.


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Dying Blue Spruce Trees

My neighbor and I have quite a few blue spruce trees that appear to be dying. The dead branches are usually on the sunnier sides of the trees and start at the bottom of the trees and progress up the trees. There are no farm fields in the vicinity (no overspray) and neither of us use a lawn company to spray and maintain our lawns.


Monroe County Michigan almost 6 years ago

What Kind of Snake is This?

Is there someone there who can tell me what kind of snake from pictures I attach and written description, it could be a copperhead or a milk snake I am not sure.



Frederick County Maryland wildlife snakes almost 6 years ago

I've had carpenter bees nesting in the patio roof for at least seven years....

I've had carpenter bees nesting in the patio roof for at least seven years. On-line directive is to find out which insecticide is approved for my area before starting the holes. . Please let me know what in should use.


Cuyahoga County Ohio almost 6 years ago

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