non agricultural extension

define non agricultural extension.
in what ways is it similar with agricultural extension/


New Hampshire about 6 years ago

What variety of apricot is recommended for Butler county And where would...

What variety of apricot is recommended for Butler county And where would recommend purchasing trees Thanks Pete


Butler County Ohio about 6 years ago

I recently moved here from Tulsa, Oklahoma and was wondering if Brown Turkey...

I recently moved here from Tulsa, Oklahoma and was wondering if Brown Turkey Fig trees can be grown here successfully and if so, what is the best way to grow them with success? I am missing my beautiful fig trees that I left behind and would love to start one here.


Washington County Ohio fig trees horticulture about 6 years ago

Can you identify this grass?

Could you possibly look at these picture and see if you can identify this (grass I think) It is in several flower arrangements I have purchased. The stems are stout and long but the tops is somewhat wispy. looks somewhat like broom corn (sort-a) but doesn't have seeds. The stems are green an the tops are mostly brown with some green.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer!


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Denton County Texas horticulture about 6 years ago


How do you get moss/lichen (the white stuff that looks like bird dropping off a tile roof?


Multnomah County Oregon moss cleaning moss removal about 6 years ago

Soil contamination testing

Hi, I was thinking about growing some food crops in ground this year, rather than in containers as I have done before, but the site is in downtown Hillsboro and is next to a gas station. Is there any way I can get the soil tested for any possible contaminants which would maybe rule out this approach?


Washington County Oregon soil testing soil contamination about 6 years ago

Does Seltzer (Club Soda) Control Fire Ants

have heard that pouring seltzer on mounds smothers the nest. is this true ?


Laurens County South Carolina fire ants imported fire ants about 6 years ago

bradford pear tree

9 yr old bradford pear tree has hundreds of small holes circling around the trunk. tree looks otherwise healthy. what is causing this ?


Laurens County South Carolina fruit trees horticulture about 6 years ago

Water bacteria problem

Dear water experts

i live on indonesia with much human population.and hot temperature
my family well home now is small cloudy on surface. after neighbor make latrine/toilet.

i have go to local lab.but nothing satisfy result.just advise me to give chlorine and tawas powder
but cloudy on surface still exist.

curious about it.
so i culture fresh water on cup. i boiled agar and boiled agar with sugar.
after 1 day "it" is spread quickly.
both agar and boiled agar cup

it is looklike jellyfish with 8 dot

I don"t know what it is it,Bacteria,virus or something? and what species

There is some picture on agar plate,for evaluation
(sorry about poor english)

need advise and sugestion

Thank you



Agar_plate_with_sugar__1_300x300%2523 Agar_plate_without__sugar_300x300%2523 Just_water_300x300%2523

Outside United States in-home water quality and treatment options water quality water quality issues about 6 years ago

weaning weights

I weaned calves in October that right off the cow averaged 450 to 500 pounds. I kept two steers to fatten out. Long story short, I sold those two steers today, and they weighed 450 and 525 pounds. For the last three months they have been getting 50 pounds of silage two times a day. They did not gain any weight in three months. I am also subsidizing with brome hay. I have proven bulls and good momma cows. How can I improve my weaning weights or utilize my forage to get bigger calves? I know of cattle with less forage or no forage at all that produce bigger weaned calves.


Cass County Missouri beef cattle nutrition about 6 years ago

CA Gold Rush sawmill lumber

Dear Sir or Madam, For our scholarly journal, I'm researching this daguerreotype from the Gold Rush (probably 1853). It is of a man's cabin and I know he owned a sawmill. In this detail, in the distance you can see lumber stacked. The question would be, is this a building site and it's stacked there to build something? Or, is there sawmill nearby and this is fresh-cut wood staked for drying? There seems to be one piled stack as well as a lot stood up 'teepee' style. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Mark Johnson, editor The Daguerreian Annual



Allegheny County Pennsylvania forestry wood drying and processing about 6 years ago

Dying Monkey Puzzle Tree

We live in Florence on Munsel Lake and have a 40 plus foot Monkey Puzzle Tree that appears to be dying. Until early in 2012 the tree was beautiful and healthy. I am wondering if the tree has a disease or is just old and actually dying? I would be happy to send via email a photo of the tree, if that would help.


Lane County Oregon about 6 years ago


I know that grass is not "green," environmentally speaking--but some amount of it is required for large commercial developments. My company has attempted to quit using pesticides and herbicides on our properties, but the grass appears to be dying and our groundskeepers cannot keep up with the weeds. What suggestions do you have? What types of grass grow well in Douglas County, and how can I nourish it without chemical fertilizers? What are some natural ways to combat weeds that don't involve tons of man-hours? I'd appreciate whatever tips you can give! Thank you.


Douglas County Oregon lawns and turf about 6 years ago

How do you know how much a honeybee hive is worth?

How do you know how much a honeybee hive is worth?


Grainger County Tennessee about 6 years ago

Red Rodan Cabbage

How can I get a hold of some seed for this outstanding variety. It seems to have gone the way of the homing pigeon! I planted some 1999 seed of this variety in 2010 to overwinter. It started to bolt in the spring so I forgot about it, thinking I'd just use it for seed. However, when I went to that garden several weeks later, it was setting heads 3 ft in the air! We proceeded to harvest and eat cabbage off this planting for the next year--including small cabbages growing like brussel sprouts on the stem. We ate our last "fresh" cabbage from storage in December 2012. But I have no seed to replant! Didn't know it would be so hard to find! Please help!


Island County Washington fruits and vegetables horticulture about 6 years ago

Growing blueberries in north central TX

Hello, I would like to learn more about what plants grow well in what parts of TX. I would like to grow pecans, blackberries, blueberries, pumpkins, roses, wildflowers, and Christmas trees. I am assuming that these different plants require different soils, and I would like some help identifying what type of soil is required for each plant. I would like to grow them in Dallas, Ellis, Johnson, Hill, or Navarro counties. These are all in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 8.


Dallas County Texas about 6 years ago

Learning the Trade

I have a friend who would like the opportunity to work on a ranch or a farm for free to learn the trade. He has no experience and he simply wants to learn and help. Is there anyone that could use a good extra hand for free?


Texas farming ranching about 6 years ago


my gardener just sprayed my courtyard with roundup [a poisen for killing weeds] he then cmae to the door and asked me to have a look at a broken gate ..without even thinking i proceded to follow him .quickly realising i was bare foot and had trodden on the recently sprayed area i headed to shower to wash off. my question is if it had close contact with my foot which it did .. will it poison me ???? Kind regards Tammy


Outside United States human health pesticide safety about 6 years ago

Which Cherry?

I would like to plant a fruit bearing cherry tree and would like to know which one is the best for my location or even possible. I live in Florence, OR which is on the Coast and would like a pink bloom if possible.


Lane County Oregon fruit fruit trees about 6 years ago

cheyanne privot

how do your prune a privot bushand when?


Colorado trees and shrubs about 6 years ago

Incubator and Chick Eggs

I teach third grade in Boulder. We have new state standards on teaching the plant, animal, and human life cycle. We are interested in whether you still have a loan program for incubators and chick eggs. If you do, we'd be very interested in speaking with you. We would appreciate any additional materials you may have for the teaching of our upcoming unit as well.


Boulder County Colorado youth poultry 4-h poultry incubation about 6 years ago

Does Hydrangea paniculata Bombshell bloom on old wood or new wood?

Does Hydrangea paniculata Bombshell bloom on old wood or new wood?


Franklin County Ohio about 6 years ago

Bottling Butter

I have seen articles lately about bottling butter. Once said to boil it and bottle as you would vegetables. One said to put the bottles in the oven, add the butter, let it melt, and then secure with a boiled flat and ring.

Are these methods safe for keeping butter and margarine?


Salt Lake County Utah food safety home food preservation about 6 years ago

Good browse plants for goats?

What browse plants can I plant in the PNW that are safe for goats to eat that will give them good nutrition?



Lewis County Washington goats about 6 years ago

Christmas Cactus

A client called and would like to know how to get a Christmas cactus to bloom. Any suggestions?


Clay County South Dakota horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 6 years ago

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