Packaging fresh/smoked salsa for distribution

I am starting a food cart to sell my smoked salsa to the public. The food cart is my State certified commercial kitchen. This product is not canned or cooked other than all the vegetables are smoked prior to putting the salsa together. What are the PH requirements, can you recommend a PH meter for this type of product, are there FDA requirements that must also be met? You can see our salsa at to show you what it is, how we make it, what our goals are, etc.


Clackamas County Oregon commercial food processing almost 6 years ago

Safe plastics to use in vegetable hydroponics system?

I've read some conflicting articles on the use of different plastics in hydroponic gardening in particular the use of PVC pipe and fittings and #2 HDPE plastic tubs. I'm wondering which plastics are food safe for a hydroponic garden?


Fairfield County Connecticut hydroponics horticulture almost 6 years ago

Making a Will

My husband and I are working on our Will. Can you provide a list of things we should include in our Will? We want to be as prepared as possible before meeting with our attorney. We would be OK with visiting some websites to obtain a list or information about what to consider when making out a Will.


Boone County Iowa personal finance estate planning wills almost 6 years ago

My yard has had grubs since I've moved here in 1998. I've applied the Grub-X...

My yard has had grubs since I've moved here in 1998. I've applied the Grub-X many seasons in August and it doesn't seem to do any good. Our yard has patchy bare spots. I've heard milky spore is effective getting rid of certain kinds of grubs. Do you think milky spore would work? I have a grub in a plastic baggie from my yard. Where could I go to get the grub identified and find out what I can do to get rid of these grubs? I live just west of Riverside Hospital in Columbus if that's helpful info.


Franklin County Ohio almost 6 years ago

flowering trees

I would like to plant a small/med pink flowering tree in my front yard at the edge near the sidewalk and corner of my yard that DOES NOT bear fruit. I live in Utah County. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!


Utah County Utah trees and shrubs landscaping almost 6 years ago

My husband grew up in England, and would like to grow black currants in our...

My husband grew up in England, and would like to grow black currants in our garden. Most of the catalogs list Ohio as a state to which they cannot ship black currants, but other sites say rust resistant varieties are allowed. My question: which varieties are allowed/ recommended, and where can I get them? Thanks.


Summit County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Can you identify this moth?

We found this moth this morning. The closest identification we could find looked like an owl-eyed bird dropping or cerma cora. They are only found in the eastern to mid-states. So, what is this moth, and is it one we should be concerned about?



Linn County Oregon insects entomology insect identification almost 6 years ago

planting new lawn

Last year about one-third of my back lawn completely died; leaving dirt spots with little clumps of remaing grass. I want to re-sead this spring but have never done this. Do I need to apply a layer of top soil or would simply raking out the area and re-seading be adequate. Also I don't know how thick to apply the new seed, and how often I need to water the newly re-seaded area. I have Denver water so the water restrictions are now in place. Is there an exemption for planting new lawn.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Howard Formisano


Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

d-Con mouse killer & Evergreen Shrubs

I have mice nesting under some thick evergreen shrubs by the patio. I want to put
d-Con mouse killing pellets under shrubs but I am concerned the d-Con will leach to the shrub roots as they are watered frequently. Will the mouse killing food product hurt the evergreen shrubs???? Thank you


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Seed planting brassicas in Central Texas

When is the proper time to seed brassicas in Central Texas? I am starting seed in an outdoor seed bed to be transplanted to a holding bed and then into a growing bed.
I hope to raise broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, collards and kale. Also, what varieties perform best in our area? And, is clubroot prevalent here. I'm in deep clay in north Austin.


Travis County Texas horticulture almost 6 years ago

hazelnut/filbert trees

I would like to put in a couple of hazelnut trees in our south facing front yard. The information I have found on the net indicates that they are native to Colorado and I know of a couple trees in Red Rocks Canyon on the westside of Colorado Springs. On the web there are different varieties listed hardy to zones 4 to 9. We are in zone 5B. I don't know which varieties to get and how many to ensure good pollination. There seems to be conflicting information on water needs. Some say they are drought resistant and others say they like wet and cool climate. I want to make sure I get the right trees for our area. Could you let me know any info on the subject and where I may be able to purchase trees that are one year away from bearing? Thanks very much.


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

best lawn service providers

Weed control and grass that stays green


Montgomery County Ohio horticulture almost 6 years ago

hard fruit production in Central Texas

I am located in North Austin and have deep clay soil. I want to have a few hard fruit trees but am limited as I "farm" a suburban lot. Has anyone had any luck raising apple, pear and fig on cordons or espallier? I have an east and a west facing fence w/ about 50 lineal feet each and hoped to utilize for fruit.


Travis County Texas fruit trees almost 6 years ago

NO connection?

I could not connect to follow the session. VERY DISAPPOINTED


Monroe County Indiana almost 6 years ago

spring & summer fertilizing lawns under severe watering restrictions

I live in Denver and this year will be under severe water rationing. Should I let the lawn grow naturally and cut back on the fertilizing that would do under normal watering years?


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Chicken death

A client suspects his chicken flock might have coccidiosis. Is there a place on campus he can send the chicken intestine to have this confirmed?


Macomb County Michigan poultry poultry health almost 6 years ago

Moving existing perennials to new locations

We need to move a few established perennials to new locations due to yard/garden improvements. Spring fever has me in the mood to do this now. So my question is how early can I transplant these items?

The plants current conditions...
1. Honeysuckle Vine: starting to green up and I see buds for new leaves.
2. Iris Bed: spikey leaves are about 6" high.
3. Rhubarb: just starting to show "red boils" at ground surface.
4. Russian Sage: was cut to ground in March.

Looking forward to learn your transplanting recommendations!

Best regards,
Kelly Berlin
Ken Caryl (plains side) resident


Jefferson County Colorado transplanting almost 6 years ago

We just bought a house that has a cherry tree and four apple trees and I...

We just bought a house that has a cherry tree and four apple trees and I would like to know when I should spray for pest to be able to have fresh fruit this year. This is our first time with fruit trees. I also will have grape vines I will be putting in and blue berries. Do they sell something on the market that is organic spray or something? Thank you, Mrs. Irvin


Clinton County Michigan almost 6 years ago

Pesticides in my food

Is there a science based publication that explains the amounts and the health risks of pesticides in the food in grocery stores in two groups, organically produced and non-organically produced? I looked under Extension publications and did not find anything, perhaps I just missed it.


Benton County Oregon nutrition food safety on the farm almost 6 years ago

What are deer resistant plants?

What are deer resistant plants?


Montgomery County Maryland wildlife damage management almost 6 years ago

Where can I find this Bulletin? Utzinger, J. D., R. C. Funt, M. Ellis, R. L....

Where can I find this Bulletin? Utzinger, J. D., R. C. Funt, M. Ellis, R. L. Miller. 1986. OSU Extension Bulletin 591, "Growing and Using Fruit at Home." and Bulletin 313- Pruning Fruit Trees


Wyandot County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Sweet potatoes in Minnesota

Is there anything special that I need to know to grow sweet potatoes in Minnesota?


Nicollet County Minnesota fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

tomato container size & material

How deep & wide should a container be for a cherry tomato & an heirloom tomato plant? Should I use wood, terra cotta or plastic or does it matter


Mesa County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

Starting a Garden

I want to start a garden in my backyard. My neighbor told me he started a raised garden and had lots of success his first year. I want to do the same, but would prefer to plant directly into the ground. Can you offer some steps I need to get started? Here is what I have done so far: I have already started indoor seedlings for some of the things I want to grow (tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and strawberries). I have consulted companion planting guides and laid out what I want to plant and where. (I submitted a diagram below.) I have also looked at differing types of compost materials, such as horse vs. rabbit manure, personal composting, and so on. (I am leaning toward buying initial compost and then keeping a compost bin.)

I have looked at information about how to build raised beds, but I don't think I can do it or afford to just buy the boxes. So I want to just turn over my soil, compost it, and cover it with plastic for a few weeks before transporting my seedlings. Is this a good plan, or should I be doing something else?



District of Columbia County District of Columbia compost vegetable gardening almost 6 years ago

what are a list of deer resistant plants for home garden? What is the best...

what are a list of deer resistant plants for home garden? What is the best deer repellent for a wooddland garden? Are my "deer resistant Jonquils" safe?


Prince William County Virginia landscape plants urban horticulture almost 6 years ago

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