Grass Like Weed Infestation

A gentleman brought some thing and wire grass that has small seeds. He has it on his property in the Upper Peninsula in what he calls his deer field. He has used Round-up and other types of weed fighting chemicals, but nothing seems to kill it. He would like to know what kind of grass/weed it is and how to eradicate it.


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Kalkaska County MI weed issues almost 6 years ago

Bee removal

I have some bees that have made a home in one of my deck posts - posts are 2 ft x 2 ft stucco coated. I would like to find a bee keeper that could come and take them rather than calling an exterminator to kill them. Do you have any contacts that could come and take the bees?

Kevin Tully


El Paso County CO insects almost 6 years ago

I planted 2 Honey Crisp trees a coupe of years ago. One now has a apple and...

I planted 2 Honey Crisp trees a coupe of years ago. One now has a apple and way to late i starte to read up on it it - better late than nver. With which trees does it pollinate with with? There a crab apple tree about 100 yards way.


Calvert County MD almost 6 years ago

Native landscape

What are the best plants for Del Rio, Tx landscaping that are low maintenance, hardy and colorful?


Val Verde County TX landscape plants almost 6 years ago

Scale infestation on ornamental orange tree

Our 39 year old ornamental orange tree developed leaf drop last Fall, at which time I discovered spider mites. I used Safer spray (pyrethrin and potassium salt of fatty acids) and the mites were gone after 5 weekly applications. The leaf drop continued and I found what appears to be a soft scale infestation (a row of scales on one branch, which I removed; black "spots" on the underside of some leaves; honeydew on some leaves). Most of the leaves have fallen and several secondary branches appear dead. Pyrethrins and soap are apparently recommend for scale. Should I do this? Should I cut the branches back? Any need to treat the soil in the planter? Please advise. We love our tree!



Delaware County PA almost 6 years ago

I found this rather large bug in the garden today and was wondering if it is...

I found this rather large bug in the garden today and was wondering if it is related to Euphoria inda (Bumble Flower bug). I have a great image of one from last year but I can only include one image here.



Montgomery County MD insect identification beetles grape leaf beetle almost 6 years ago

Re: FIGSEarly on the my figs are fine. A couple of weeks after they start to...

Early on the my figs are fine. A couple of weeks after they start to ripen I notice little brown bugs coming out of the opening. Is there any way I can spray before the ripening begins to prevent these bugs from ruining my crop.

I live near Tyler, Texas.

George Darden (903) 849-2099

Thank you.


Henderson County TX trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables insect issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

What nocturnal animal would disturb a yellow jacket nest?

Found a yellow jacket nest in the ground coming out of a plant. The next day, there was a hole where the nest was, most yellow jackets were gone, with a few misplaced. This client was wondering what type of nocturnal animal would dig up a nest and eat the bees?


Clackamas County OR wildlife damage management almost 6 years ago

pollenating bees

Client would like to know how to protect underground hibernating bees. Other animals have gotten into the underground holes and have destroyed the bees. This past winter, client covered the bee holes with cement slabs and he did not have any bees this summer. What can he do to protect the bees throughout the winter so he will have them in the summer.


Alpena County MI insect issues bees almost 6 years ago

What insect is this?

I thought this was a lady beetle, but I am unable to identify it with my online searching. Any idea?



Jackson County OR insect issues almost 6 years ago

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