Food Safety Questions for Farmers

II have a few questions to ask about food safety and our supply. I'm doing a project for my Nutrition class and Northern Kentucky University. I would like to talk with someone who works directly with farmers. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I was wondering if I could get a contact for the best person to talk to?


Hamilton County Ohio almost 6 years ago

air injection into clay/gumbo soil

we have soil that will not absorb the rain. what will help? harris county texas.


Harris County Texas soil and fertility issues soil soil amendments almost 6 years ago

Garden Fly Control

We just planted our Fall backyard garden and have encountered many types of flies. Afraid they may be fruit and vegetable destroyers. What can we use for control?


Harris County Texas integrated pest management insect issues gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Summer Reading Program

Do you have a summer reading program for this year's Dig into Reading theme?


Grundy County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Needing Help Identifying Plant

I need to know what this plant is so I don't accidentally kill it with Roundup or Preen. Photo included. This plant grows quite flat to the ground, and its blossoms have very short stems, roughly 1"-3" in height. They bloom in late March for a month or so. In the winter, when dormant, they still have leaves but are fairly inconspicuous. I heard they were fleabane, but the picture online doesn't look like what I have. Any help will be appreciated.



Douglas County Oregon plant identification horticulture almost 6 years ago

driveway run off

We need to reconstruct our unpaved gravel parking space and repave the driveway that is located beside the parking area. Currently there is considerable run off from the downspouts and the parking area onto the driveway. Who do we contact to evaluate the needs for runoff.


Marion County Oregon irrigation and water management water management almost 6 years ago

lawn area sinking

Over the last 4 years of living on this property we have watched our lawn "sink" in several places. They were initially just a slight "dip" in the grass, this spring the "dip" has increased in depth to about 4 - 6 inchs. How can we determine the cause?


Marion County Oregon lawns and turf turfgrass urban horticulture lawn care horticulture almost 6 years ago

I was given a small jade plant about 3 months ago - its about six inches in...

I was given a small jade plant about 3 months ago - its about six inches in height/width. I keep it indoors at work on a window ledge with plenty of indirect sunlight - watered infrequently (about twice a month). Recently, I noticed it has this white cottony sticky material under the leaves where the leaves connect to the stem. I don't see any bugs, just the white material. What is it? Is it dangerous to my plant? How do I fix the problem? Thanks!


Wicomico County Maryland indoor gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Low Flow Outdoor Sprinkler Installation

I hope you can help me. I have been searching and searching for a listing of certified installers for the low flow irrigation sprinklers. I live in Broomfield. Broomfield offers the audits, but has no information via their web site or by phone as to how to find a certified installer. The Center for Resourse Managment has nothing on their website of value to point me in the right direction. In fact, many of the people listed as certified are not available for hire and/or they are city employees. Of course, when you call any landscape company they say they can install them even if they are not certified. Seriously, it should not be so hard to find a certified installer given the situation we are in.

Thanks you so much. I sure hope you can help as I most people do not have hours and hours to search for something that is so important and they may just give up.


Broomfield County Colorado lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Is there some kind of weed or grass that may have just started coming out...

Is there some kind of weed or grass that may have just started coming out (Granville) since March 30? My horse is showing allergy symptoms-swollen throat latch, skin lesion on ventral midline. too early for midges. This plant is currently blooming in the pasture...chickweed? not? not sure if it even is of concern.


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Licking County Ohio weeds livestock horse pasture almost 6 years ago

Wood chip uses

Hi. We recently chipped up some large wood debris on our property: old oak, fir, and pine branches that had probably been sitting on the ground for a year or more. Looking for advice/caution on what to do with the chipped material. We have blueberries and wine grapevines, and we were thinking about placing chipped material around the base of each, but we're not sure if this will be helpful or harmful to the plants (i.e., if the wood chipped material is too harsh and not well enough decomposed). Looking for recommendations on best applications on our property and would love your thoughts. Thank you SO much.


Marion County Oregon woody biomass production and management blueberries mulching horticulture almost 6 years ago

Packaging fresh/smoked salsa for distribution

I am starting a food cart to sell my smoked salsa to the public. The food cart is my State certified commercial kitchen. This product is not canned or cooked other than all the vegetables are smoked prior to putting the salsa together. What are the PH requirements, can you recommend a PH meter for this type of product, are there FDA requirements that must also be met? You can see our salsa at to show you what it is, how we make it, what our goals are, etc.


Clackamas County Oregon commercial food processing almost 6 years ago

Safe plastics to use in vegetable hydroponics system?

I've read some conflicting articles on the use of different plastics in hydroponic gardening in particular the use of PVC pipe and fittings and #2 HDPE plastic tubs. I'm wondering which plastics are food safe for a hydroponic garden?


Fairfield County Connecticut hydroponics horticulture almost 6 years ago

Making a Will

My husband and I are working on our Will. Can you provide a list of things we should include in our Will? We want to be as prepared as possible before meeting with our attorney. We would be OK with visiting some websites to obtain a list or information about what to consider when making out a Will.


Boone County Iowa personal finance estate planning wills almost 6 years ago

My yard has had grubs since I've moved here in 1998. I've applied the Grub-X...

My yard has had grubs since I've moved here in 1998. I've applied the Grub-X many seasons in August and it doesn't seem to do any good. Our yard has patchy bare spots. I've heard milky spore is effective getting rid of certain kinds of grubs. Do you think milky spore would work? I have a grub in a plastic baggie from my yard. Where could I go to get the grub identified and find out what I can do to get rid of these grubs? I live just west of Riverside Hospital in Columbus if that's helpful info.


Franklin County Ohio almost 6 years ago

flowering trees

I would like to plant a small/med pink flowering tree in my front yard at the edge near the sidewalk and corner of my yard that DOES NOT bear fruit. I live in Utah County. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!


Utah County Utah trees and shrubs landscaping almost 6 years ago

My husband grew up in England, and would like to grow black currants in our...

My husband grew up in England, and would like to grow black currants in our garden. Most of the catalogs list Ohio as a state to which they cannot ship black currants, but other sites say rust resistant varieties are allowed. My question: which varieties are allowed/ recommended, and where can I get them? Thanks.


Summit County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Can you identify this moth?

We found this moth this morning. The closest identification we could find looked like an owl-eyed bird dropping or cerma cora. They are only found in the eastern to mid-states. So, what is this moth, and is it one we should be concerned about?



Linn County Oregon insects entomology insect identification almost 6 years ago

planting new lawn

Last year about one-third of my back lawn completely died; leaving dirt spots with little clumps of remaing grass. I want to re-sead this spring but have never done this. Do I need to apply a layer of top soil or would simply raking out the area and re-seading be adequate. Also I don't know how thick to apply the new seed, and how often I need to water the newly re-seaded area. I have Denver water so the water restrictions are now in place. Is there an exemption for planting new lawn.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Howard Formisano


Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

d-Con mouse killer & Evergreen Shrubs

I have mice nesting under some thick evergreen shrubs by the patio. I want to put
d-Con mouse killing pellets under shrubs but I am concerned the d-Con will leach to the shrub roots as they are watered frequently. Will the mouse killing food product hurt the evergreen shrubs???? Thank you


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Seed planting brassicas in Central Texas

When is the proper time to seed brassicas in Central Texas? I am starting seed in an outdoor seed bed to be transplanted to a holding bed and then into a growing bed.
I hope to raise broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, collards and kale. Also, what varieties perform best in our area? And, is clubroot prevalent here. I'm in deep clay in north Austin.


Travis County Texas horticulture almost 6 years ago

hazelnut/filbert trees

I would like to put in a couple of hazelnut trees in our south facing front yard. The information I have found on the net indicates that they are native to Colorado and I know of a couple trees in Red Rocks Canyon on the westside of Colorado Springs. On the web there are different varieties listed hardy to zones 4 to 9. We are in zone 5B. I don't know which varieties to get and how many to ensure good pollination. There seems to be conflicting information on water needs. Some say they are drought resistant and others say they like wet and cool climate. I want to make sure I get the right trees for our area. Could you let me know any info on the subject and where I may be able to purchase trees that are one year away from bearing? Thanks very much.


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

best lawn service providers

Weed control and grass that stays green


Montgomery County Ohio horticulture almost 6 years ago

hard fruit production in Central Texas

I am located in North Austin and have deep clay soil. I want to have a few hard fruit trees but am limited as I "farm" a suburban lot. Has anyone had any luck raising apple, pear and fig on cordons or espallier? I have an east and a west facing fence w/ about 50 lineal feet each and hoped to utilize for fruit.


Travis County Texas fruit trees almost 6 years ago

NO connection?

I could not connect to follow the session. VERY DISAPPOINTED


Monroe County Indiana almost 6 years ago

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