I have piglets that are 9 days old 4 of them started losing their hair at the base of their ears and down their back, this kind of looks like mange on a dog, they may also have a loose stool. I have lost these 4 , the other 8 look healthy but I' m afraid something is going on and I will loose the others the mother seems to be healthy. Any idea what's going on. I don' t want to loose the rest of them!



Lee County AL swine swine health almost 6 years ago

My wisteria has yellow spots (most with a very tiny brown center) on most...

My wisteria has yellow spots (most with a very tiny brown center) on most leaves. Otherwise, the plant looks very healthy. What is it? What should I do?



Anne Arundel County MD wisteria vines vine with leaf spot almost 6 years ago

Mulberry tree stopped giving fruit and is a plum fruit

Can a mulberry tree give its fruit and died out since 1995? A lot of rain this year turned the former mulberry tree producing plum fruit? Is it safe to eat or poisonous?



Wayne County MI trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

black raspberries

We have some black raspberries that were flooded , not sure if there was berries on them at the time, this was 2 weeks ago when we had flash flooding. would the berries be ok to eat .


Buchanan County IA almost 6 years ago

Are penstemen toxic to humans

I work at a preschool where there are lota of penstemen and Indian Paintbrush. Are they toxic?


Summit County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

getting rid of poison parsnips

We have just discovered that we have a rather large infestation of the "posion parsnips" that have been in the news. They are primarily in the tall, uncut, grassy areas of our acreage in western Dallas County. What is the best method to get rid of it? The area is purely recreational.


Polk County IA almost 6 years ago

Shockwave therapy

My friend is about out of options for treatment of her 19yr old navicular gelding. She is considering Shockwave therapy. What do the experts think of this type of treatment and is there anyone out there who had used it successfully or otherwise? Thanks!


horses shockwave almost 6 years ago

Parasite Resistance to Anthelmintics

I have heard that parasites can develop resistance to certain chemicals just like bacteria can. Is this the reason why dewormers are rotated? In addition, how do parasites develop resistance so easily? Is it because they produce quickly and on a large scale? In addition, do they have properties similar to bacteria such as conjugation and other means? Thank you


swine health animal welfare herd health dairy herd health almost 6 years ago

recommendations for Willamette valley

I've expanded my garden and I'm looking for a list of proven reliable performers (fruits and vegetables) specific to Salem area gardens. Can you please point me in the proper direction? Thanks! Tina


Marion County OR fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

Bear Grass

How can I get seed's for Bear Grass that grow in Oregon? I have seen it on Television Area around Oregon Trails.


OR wildflowers and native plants almost 6 years ago

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