pig farrowing

I just had a gilt give birth to 15 premature piglets born approximately on the 95th day. They were all stillborn. This was her first pregnancy. We AI'd her. What would cause her to not carry them full term? I am so sad and confused. Do you think the semen could have been bad? She seems so healthy. We have battled having an infestation of starlings in our barn. We have challenges keeping her water free of starling droppings. Could this have caused her to come into labor prematurely? She is a Yorkshire, 2 years old. She may be a little heavy but seems so healthy. Her mother had litters up to 21 piglets. Could you please shed some light on this unfortunate situation? We would like to breed her again soon.


Deschutes County OR swine swine reproduction about 6 years ago

If a Parcel was Platted in 1915, is it Subject to the Land Division Act of 1967?

The Michigan Vehicle Code says that the speed limit on a highway or part of highway on land platted under the Land Division Act of 1967 shall be 25 mph. There is a 25 mph sign in my community on land platted in 1915 - is it likely subject to the Land Division Act of 1967?


Wayne County MI about 6 years ago

Onion Seed Planting Depth

I have Milton planter with 1-1/2" depth bands that reportedly was used for onion seed. Many onion seed sources suggest 1/4"-3/4" planting depth. I read message 1808 and it suggests 1".
The quick question, should I feel confident the Milton planter with 1-1/2" depth bands will do the job in west central Iowa?
Thanks for the information in Message 1808.


Cass County IA fruits and vegetables horticulture about 6 years ago

soil amendments

what are the techniques in applying soil amendments?


OUTSIDEUS soil and fertility issues horticulture about 6 years ago

Norfolk Island Pine

I received a small Norfolk Island Pine tree and sent a question to the company that grows these. They are not familiar with our area and sent me your e-mail address. I would like to know if I can transplant this to a larger pot, will it survive out on my deck and can it survive if planted in the ground? I live in Mesa. Thank you.


Maricopa County AZ trees and shrubs houseplants horticulture about 6 years ago

barn swallows

What can I do to keep the birds (barn swallows, I think ) from building mud nests under the eaves? The birds do not bother me, but the poop they drop on arrival makes a mess of the side of my shop.


OR birds human-wildlife issues about 6 years ago

Special land use, conditional zoning, non conforming use

If one of the use mentioned in the title are issued, does it go with the land forever


Cass County MI about 6 years ago

identify 10 ft tall reeds in pond

These ten feet tall reeds are taking over my pond. They have a feathery top

and straw-like reeds. They proliferate and cut off view. Can not fish in lake.

Blackbirds nest. They are making the small lake a swamp. please help.


Ocean County NJ pond and water gardens horticulture about 6 years ago

Ppm calculation

Hi how to calculate ppm. Is 100 ppn solution for sweet pepper good for seedlings. I wonder why my pepper plants have small white spot as you can see in the photo


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

FL fruits and vegetables horticulture about 6 years ago

lawn issues

We just purchased a home in Lucas and the lawn had been left unkept for 7 months. There appears to be some grass but a lot of weeds and deep cracks on the soil. This is a acrea lot. The man who cuts the lawn said to just fertilzer the lawn in the spring and it would be fine but I am not in total agreement. Would you suggest putting a top layer of top soil on before the fertilizer? Any suggestions please. Thanks


Collin County TX about 6 years ago

after we pressure canned our pork (hot packed, cubed, one inch head space,...

after we pressure canned our pork (hot packed, cubed, one inch head space, 11psi for 75 min) and removed the jars the liquid inside the jar is about 2 inches from the top and about an inch of the meat is not covered by the liquid. My question is 1. Is this ok and if not can i reprossess? and 2. does the water level inside the canner have to cover the top of the cans or is it ok to have only 3 inches of water at the bottom of the canner as the recipe suggests?


OH about 6 years ago

All kind of stickers



Bexar County TX pasture grassbur about 6 years ago

I have 11 acres in highland county and was buying fencing and was asked by...

I have 11 acres in highland county and was buying fencing and was asked by the cashier if I was "tax exempt". What are the qualifications for tax exempt status? What qualifies as a farm? Thanks


farm management ohio about 6 years ago

worms, ants, or termites

I have something I cannot identify that is eating cardboard-type material, as well as the surface of a wood shelf. No termite type of tubes are visible, no wings, or swarms, just the damage is visible, and it is entirely in paperboard or cardboard.
Also, I have something funny going on with the cement foundations in that it looks like there is a white fuzzy material and the cement surface is peeling and breaking.


Box Elder County UT integrated pest management urban integrated pest management about 6 years ago

Christmas tree water

My Christmas tree has been in its stand for two weeks. The first 3 to 4 days it adsorbed water well (a couple of pints a day on an 8-foot tree). The last 10 days it has not adsorbed any water. The needles are starting to fall off the tree. What can be done to get it to adsorb water again? Will it slow down the loss of needles?


Allegan County MI christmas trees about 6 years ago

Would like this bug identified. It was found beside my bed in a hotel.

Would like this bug identified. It was found beside my bed in a hotel.



OH about 6 years ago

What type of bush is this?

I have 3 of these bushes in my yard. We just purchased this house and noticed that they grow extremely fast. Can I prune them down? They're starting to grow out into the sidewalk and have sprouted up about a foot in the last 6 months!!



Lane County OR trees and shrubs horticulture about 6 years ago

Emerald Cedars In Toronto Winter

Hi, I hope this finds you well! I live in a condo and my balcony is located on the south west corner of the building. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and my building is about 1km away from Lake Ontario. I have about 30 emerald cedars that are 6 feet tall in planters that are 2 feet tall. This is the first winter for my cedars since I bought them in the spring. Do I have to use burlap to wrap the cedars in the winter? If you could let me know, that would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Brian


OUTSIDEUS trees and shrubs horticulture about 6 years ago


Saltpeter solution(potassium nitrate/ sodium nitrate) or common salt solution( sodium chloride); which can best remove microbes from glass jars (collected from trash bins or dump site) to the minimum. In case of any, can it be termed disinfectant, antiseptic or sterilizing agent. what procedure is to be used in cleaning the jars with the selected substance.


OUTSIDEUS food safety home food preservation about 6 years ago


How do I handle a biting child?


MI child care biting about 6 years ago

OZ divided

I am trying to figure out 4oz Divided by 5


Wake County NC science about 6 years ago

Heirloom seed varieties in Davis County

I could find no heirloom varieties in your "Home Vegetable Garden Variety Recommendations for Utah." The heirloom reference I used was William Woys Weaver's "Heirloom Vegetable Gardening; A Master Gardener's Guide to Planting, Seed Saving, and Cultural History" (1997). Of course, your list contained numerous hybrids, but none of the open-pollinated varieties were identified in Weaver. Perhaps, my question should also be about the differences between open-pollinated and heirloom varieties because I originally supposed there were no differences.


Davis County UT seeds horticulture about 6 years ago

I live in the midst of land long used for industrial crops (corn soy). I have...

I live in the midst of land long used for industrial crops (corn soy). I have a few hobby sheep, and their manure seems to simply sit around unappreciated. Is it possible that the long history of sterility has wiped out the dung beetles locally? A more primitive question: I'm fairly new here. do dung beetles live in this area? If the answers are both yes, are there sources to bring back the dung beetle?


Lucas County OH about 6 years ago

Waterlilies and an old lagoon.

I am associated with a Buddhist spiritual center (at 7700') which has an old (superseded) "...40-foot by 120-Foot subsurface flow constructed wet land cells with a 30 mil plastic liner. Water Depth can be adjusted from 2-3 feet. We can set up a recalculating pump..."
The director of water resources there would like to convert it to a Lily pond and also there is a 15' pond that he wants lilies to be grown in too..

Water Lilies have huge symbolism within Buddhism, and I imagine this is why they are being considered. Richard also said that he wanted the lilies to be a food source for the local beaver population. I know nothing about this.

Is there a better us for this wetland area no longer part of some type of water treatment facility? Native? native and the odd water lily. Leave as is for the ducks? Duck rafts? Cattails?...

Any ideas and possible resource sites would be most helpful.


Larimer County CO pond and water gardens horticulture about 6 years ago

Spacing for hardwood tree planting

We are restoring an area around a retired gravel mining pond. We are planting some hardwood species (alder, maple, birch) for noxious weed control, restoration, and future sustainable timber harvest. I can find all sorts of published information on how to care for timber and forest lands...but not on particulars on planting them. The biggest question I have now is: "How far apart to plant the liners?" but I'll take any other pointers or publication recommendations you have.


Benton County OR forestry trees and shrubs forest restoration tree planting horticulture about 6 years ago

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