Hi, I've had this infestation of this grass for some years now and it is out...

Hi, I've had this infestation of this grass for some years now and it is out of hand. I would like to selectively remove it from my lawn and gardens with some sort of herbicide, but I can't seem to get an exact identification and then determine the proper treatment. If you could please I.D. this grass and offer (if possible) a remedy to kill it, it would be most appreciated. I have loaded some images on my website: ( If they are not adequate for identification, I can make better and more detailed images at your request. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Rick Hartigan



Hamilton County Ohio weed management grass lawn management almost 6 years ago

Mason Bee

I live in South Houston pretty close to galveston bay and Im wondering what kind of solitary bees we have here in Harris/Galveston County. Im really interested in Mason Bees. I recently ordered some Hornfaced Mason Bees and a few have started making nests in my Bee Condo. Ive seen bumble bees, carpenter bees and of course honey bees. I would like to attract local mason bees if there actually any here locally. If so, what kind are they? Blue Orchard Mason Bees maybe?


Galveston County Texas integrated pest management almost 6 years ago

Federal tax return

Hello: I filed my federal taxes with turbo tax and recently I was filing my state return with onepricetaxes. While doing so I had to input credit information about my college education which I don't remember doing so in turbo tax. This information boosted my federal refund amount to $1,470 meanwhile with turbotax I only received a $600 refund which has already been deposited into my bank account. Can I file my federal taxes again in order to receive the remaining difference? Please help, and thank you.


Story County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Problem with young tom

I have a male tom who is 8 months old. He is quite smart and a family pet. Three weeks ago, my boyfriend noticed him on his back out in his pen. I tried to right him on his feet. I brought him into my garage where it's warmer, and he has a place to eat and stay warm while I treat him. He looks like he might have blackhead. I am treating him by putting an antibiotic for poultry and turkeys in his water. He is eating and drinking fine but seems unable to get up on his feet. He has no sores or lesions. His feet are warm, so it's not frostbite. Any clue as to what is going on? I have been feeding him layer crumbles (although he is not kept with the chickens because of the problems chicken can spread). Is there a chance I am missing something here? Do turkeys recover from blackhead? I don't know what else he could have because he is alert and friendly. He is losing weight, but his stool doesn't look any different from his normal stool. I would hate to have to put him down.


Macomb County Michigan poultry turkeys almost 6 years ago

drone maturation for instrumental insemination

Is it necessary for instrumental insemination drones to fly to develop thoracic muscles in order to develop enough internal pressure for total evertion when popped for semen collection. If so how can a flight cage be arranged to prevent contamination of the selected drones by drifting.


Outside United States bee health bees drones bee reproduction almost 6 years ago

Juniper trees

If these trees are cut off will they die? We live in eastern Oregon and I am thinking of cutting some and replacing them with another more drought tolerant tree. Any suggestions?


Deschutes County Oregon forestry almost 6 years ago

time of lawn aeration

Should lawn be aerated once a year or both fall and spring?


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Are there any clinics or classes for hearding dogs within about 30 mins or so...

Are there any clinics or classes for hearding dogs within about 30 mins or so from Brown county? I spoke with an advisor at the dog show last year at the fair and she said they have clinics to take your dogs to over the summer. I did not get her contact info so i dont know who to ask.


Brown County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Cool weather seedlings

Hi, I am in SW Medford in Jackson County. I have raised beds & garden using the square foot gardening method. Given our climate, when is the best time to transplant seedlings such as lettuce, kale & peas? I do not have the experience nor the time to attempt planting these crops by seed. I do, however, plant radishes & carrots by seed because they are easy & predictable. :) Thanks for your advice & direction on this. Alicia


Jackson County Oregon gardening raised bed gardening planting dates almost 6 years ago

Overwintered Hanging Plants

Hi, I am in SW Medford in Jackson County. I over wintered a hanging strawberry basket and a hanging fuschia basket in my garage. Both plants appeared to survive the winter & are doing well. When is the best time to put them outside for next growing season? Today is March 24, 2013. Thanks for the advice with this.


Jackson County Oregon almost 6 years ago

Master Gardener documents

What is the Master Gardener Volunteer Training Agreement and why after over ten years of service does CCE need SS numbers.


Saratoga County New York master gardener program almost 6 years ago


Skye[gelding] is with other horses , about 15 of them.There are continuos attacks on Skye , and over the last 8 months , 9 big scars is evident all over his body. Can this relate to loss of weight and condition ? Urgent please , and thankyou !


Outside United States almost 6 years ago

Fodder Feed

Do you have information on fodder feed?


Pike County Ohio rabbit nutrition rabbits small animals fodder almost 6 years ago

New planting water requirments

We are considering putting in a xeriscape bed to replace some of our turf grass. How long does it take plants to get established after planting? I am wondering how long it will take until we can start weaning them off establishment watering patterns to lower water use patterns.

Thank you,


Adams County Colorado landscape design xeriscape horticulture almost 6 years ago

Tree Selection and Timing

I have a new addition on my home and would like to plant a bird-attracting tree in a small space—about 10 feet by 15 feet, although the crown of the tree could be above an 8-foot fence eventually and have lots of room. I have been researching winterberry, serviceberry, and hawthorn. I am 60+, don't really enjoy gardening (sorry), and would like a tree that doesn't require much maintenance. But I will pay an expert to have proper care. What should I choose? When should I plant my new tree? I'm ready to fill my new windows with birds to look at and identify. Final note: there is no water spigot nearby. What is the easiest way to water a new tree?


Multnomah County Oregon birds trees and shrubs attracting wildlife almost 6 years ago

sakura trees

which is the best season to plant sakura trees?


Outside United States trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Is there a replacement legume for birdsfoot trefoil?

I have read that birdsfoot trefoil is considered to be invasive in Michigan. However, it seems to also be recommended for seeding to renovate pastures (among other grasses, etc.). I really hate to plant something that is invasive. Can you recommend another legume for horse pasture seeding? Thanks so much for your advice. We have sandy soil and live near Chelsea, Michigan.


Washtenaw County Michigan horses pastures and grazing forages for horses legumes almost 6 years ago

Plants for clay soil

What are some plants that can thrive in dense clay soil that can also take dry spells?

I live east of Austin, so get hot, hot summer, too.



Travis County Texas horticulture almost 6 years ago

I have a pond that is about 1/2 acre. To control the filamentous algae, I add...

I have a pond that is about 1/2 acre. To control the filamentous algae, I add containers of baley straw. The place I used to buy Barley straw from does not have it this year. Can someone please let me know where I can purchase it? Thank you John


Stark County Ohio almost 6 years ago

black long beetle with yellow design on back and head long legs and antenna

five of these critters have been found in my house. what are they ? Do these beetles destroy trees ? do u think they have crawled out of fire wood that came out of state ?


Will County Illinois insect issues urban integrated pest management horticulture almost 6 years ago


I live in East Texas, approximately 20 miles north of Crockett ... I have had a severe mole hill problem for the past several years .. I've done everything ... recomended. Poisen works best, but only for a short time. I don't use spring traps because I don't ever know where the little buggers are going... my yard is around 2 acres ... I'm OK with the rest of the property having mole hills ... what is the best long lasting method of stopping these yard torpedos ...


Houston County Texas wildlife damage management rodents almost 6 years ago

Aphids in Cottonwoods


We live in Saratoga, WY on the North Platte with towering Cottonwoods all around. One problem with them has been the effect of late summer aphids and their sticky mess. The branches are much too high to use high pressure water. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!


Wyoming almost 6 years ago


Can cats and chickens get mites from goats? If so, how do you treat each animal for them?


Ingham County Michigan chickens mites goats almost 6 years ago

Seeds to order online?

Today's Denver Post said that seeds for cover crops could be ordered online from ColoState, and gave the web site; I didn't see where to click to order seeds (and there was no mention of available seeds).
The site is:

Thank you,
Gordon James


Denver County Colorado horticulture almost 6 years ago

soil preparation for planting tomatoes in the same bed as last year

Some of my tomato plants (that were planted in the same bed as the year before) did not produce or even grow. What do i need to do to prep the soil this year before planting tomatoes in the same beds.


Yamhill County Oregon tomatoes soil preparation almost 6 years ago

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