Are there commercially available products that can be purchased locally for homeowners to apply for treatment of bagworms? If not, who can treat the trees infested?


Kent County DE pests bagworms almost 6 years ago


We have had blueberries for 35 years. Last year - for the first time - one of the bushes started to die. The leaves acted just like they do in the fall, but it was happening when the berries were still on the bush, mid-summer. The berries would stop growing at the point that the leaves started to turn red. I thought it was just one of the bushes dying off, but they year the same thing is happening to the bush next to it. There are no signs of insects. Any ideas?



Multnomah County OR blueberries horticulture almost 6 years ago


what is the sum of 2 1/5 and 3 2/6


IN almost 6 years ago

Poison Ivy in Compost

Is composting poison ivy a good idea? The reason I ask is that I am allergic to the stuff, but have a grass catcher on my mower, so I would not contact the clippings. But should I avoid composting because the plant oils in the final product would back into my garden, and maybe even (in trace amounts) in the next year's crop?


Boone County AR weed issues compost composting poison ivy horticulture almost 6 years ago


Hello,I had planted tomatoes,okras,chilly,cucumbers in pots filled with medium of red soil +cows dung+compost now the yield is over.If the medium to be used for next cultivation how can it be enriched?


OUTSIDEUS container vegetable gardening almost 6 years ago


can I bring my geranims inside


Genesee County MI almost 6 years ago

I read the story on the BMSB pheromone traps on your site, are these...

I read the story on the BMSB pheromone traps on your site, are these available to the general public, if so where can I buy them?


Loudoun County VA pest control bmsb almost 6 years ago

Home Canning Unsweetened Fruit Juice

Is it safe to home can unsweetened fresh squeezed fruit juice (specifically blackberry) and if so how long should the jars be boiled for using the water bath method? Is it safe to make a syrup using only blackberry juice and honey as the sweetener and is it safe to substitute honey for sugar in savory recipes such as Ball's Zesty Zucchini Relish or the OSU recipe for pickled beets? I am unable to eat processed sugars and am having a hard time finding recipes without sugar.
Thank you!


Lane County OR home food preservation almost 6 years ago

Earlier question about recipe safety

I submitted a question earlier, and I think I provided the wrong email address. Sorry. I wanted to know whether this recipe for canning would be safe:


Cuyahoga County OH home food preservation canning eggplants almost 6 years ago

Are tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, and potatoes edible if a beetle or...

Are tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, and potatoes edible if a beetle or stinkbug got to them? I have stink bugs in my potato plants, and squash and/or stink bugs on the other plants.


Montgomery County MD vegetables pest control stinkbugs almost 6 years ago

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