Oystershell Scale on Aspen Trees

What is the best oil to use on oyster scale on aspen trees


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Images of plants

do you have images of diseased and healthy edible plants I could search through so I could check that against my own plants. would be nice to compare stuff i grow with images


Centre County Pennsylvania plant disease horticulture almost 6 years ago

I live in an older suburb and, want to protect my vegatable garden and hens...

I live in an older suburb and, want to protect my vegatable garden and hens from lead contamination. My garage has been painted recently, and, I don't see any signs of older paint flakes.


Cuyahoga County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Soil Test

It seems many gardening guides recommend a soil test first before buying and applying fertilizers. Where can I get my garden soil tested?


Lane County Oregon fertility soil soil tests almost 6 years ago

Controlling willow re-growth after land clearing

We recently cleared 6 acres east of Palisade and plan to plant peaches next spring. The land had laid fallow for over 25 years and had overgrown with willows and other weeds and trees. We do not want the willows to regrow and need advice as to proper pre-emergent or herbicide to use to keep the land clear. If we deep ripped now would it control willow re-growth or would it be better to spray now and deep rip and level next spring. If spraying is the answer, who would you recommend for the job?

Chris Young


Mesa County Colorado fruits and vegetables herbicides horticulture almost 6 years ago

Good afternoon, I have fly/bee looking insects swarming around and looks like...

Good afternoon, I have fly/bee looking insects swarming around and looks like making holes in the yard in Hagerstown MD. I don't believe they are harmful, just wondering the name and how long we can expect them to be around the area.


Washington County Maryland almost 6 years ago

Why are my holly trees losing leaves?

Why are my holly trees losing leaves?


Talbot County Maryland trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Rhubarb protection

I put buckets over my rhubarb these past couple of days to help protect it from this latest subfreezing weather which got down to 15 degrees at night where I live. Is our rhubarb going to make it? When I removed the buckets it appears the newly sprouted leaves were frozen.


Arapahoe County Colorado fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Ground cover vine is killing my grass

I have a ground cover vine in my yard that is spreading and killing grass as it grows. I have tried weed and feed and it hasn't killed it. Is there anything else I can use that won't kill the whole yard, or is that is what needs to happen?


Ingham County Michigan lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Length of the grub stage in beetles' life cycle

One of Virginia's pesticide applicator training manuals discusses the life cycle of beetles (specifically, stored-product pests). The manual states that beetles' grub stage may last 14 to 16 months. A reviewer changed this time span to 16 to 60 days, depending on temperature and available food materials. Which is correct? Thanks!


Montgomery County Virginia almost 6 years ago

I am planning to buy a pressure canner and recommendations I see on Amazon...

I am planning to buy a pressure canner and recommendations I see on Amazon from reviewers say get the gauge checked before you use it. They say some extension services will do this. If you don't, where can I get this service? haven't bought it yet, thought I'd better work out the safety issue before I did. thanks in advance


Prince George's County Maryland home food preservation almost 6 years ago

limestone vs sandstone for paddock/sacrifice area

I am planning to refresh my sacrifice area.
1. There is a sandstone quarry about 5 miles from my house and a limestone quarry about 20 miles away. I expect the delivery cost would be much cheaper from the closer quarry. Most articles mention limestone. Is sandstone acceptable also?
2. Where do you recommend that I purchase road-grade Geo-textile fabric?
3. If Geo fabric was put in under the initial layer of rock about 6 years ago, do you think I need another layer now?


Dauphin County Pennsylvania horses facilities sacrifice area almost 6 years ago

Hay yield comparison, drought vs normal

I am trying to find a comparison of hay-grass yield (small bales, not alfalfa) in drought years (non-irrigated) vs. normal years. This is for Adams County, CO, on a 5-acre tract.



Adams County Colorado hay production almost 6 years ago

Temperature and Humidity for day 18 and beyond for hatching chickens

Hello - Our eggs at the preschool are at 21 days today, and they're starting to bounce around, although no sounds are coming, and no eggs are cracked yet. However, we are concerned about the right temperature and humidity for the last few days. Several sites cite different temperatures and humidity. We're trying to keep the humidity up around 70% and the temp around 85, but this is very hard to maintain. We've seen that the humidity can be as high as 80% and the temp as high as 100 degrees. What is recommended for New Mexico? - Thanks, Melissa


Bernalillo County New Mexico almost 6 years ago

garden bed filler?

I live in Grants Pass, and am building some raised beds. Can you suggest some inexpensive alternatives for garden soil.


Josephine County Oregon gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

I am writing an article about youth gardening for my journalism class at...

I am writing an article about youth gardening for my journalism class at Montgomery Blair High School. Would you please tell me what local schools are using your Growing Healthy Habits Curriculum? Would you have contact info for someone at a local school using the curriculum? How many schools have used the curriculum? Does the curriculum tie into other work the students are doing in school? Thank you, Andrea Brown


Montgomery County Maryland almost 6 years ago

Horticulture Degree

Is there a school in Colorado in which one might obtain an associates or bachelors degree in horticulture?


Garfield County Colorado almost 6 years ago

I would like to know if it is okay to pressure can, for example, 3 jars of...

I would like to know if it is okay to pressure can, for example, 3 jars of asparagus in the same batch with 4 jars of green beans. Any 2 vegetables really, provided the required canning time is the same obviously. Thank you! My thinking is if I only have small quantities and don't want to run the pressure canner 2 times for just 3 or 4 jars each load. Also, if I do not have a full load should I place empty jars in the canner so the filled ones don't fall over? Thank you so much!.


Carroll County Maryland food safety home food preservation almost 6 years ago

Could you recommend vegetables or melons for the Bethesda area?

I live in Bethesda, near the corner of River Rd. and Seven Locks Rd. I am starting a 10x16 size Vegetable garden and was wondering if you would reccommend some vegetables and maybe melons that do well in this area. Thank you, Kay.


Montgomery County Maryland vegetables melons vegetable cultivars almost 6 years ago

Deep Freezer vs Freezer

Is there a difference between a "deep freezer" vs a "chest freezer"? I was under the impression that a "DEEP" freezer built up ice/frost and has to be thawed a few times a year, and it keeps items at a constant "deep" freeze. Whereas a regular chest freezer, that doesn't build up frost, fluctuates in temperature allowing it to 'auto-thaw', thus, the items in it are not at a constant temperature, which in turn is likely to shorten its "quality" and/or "safety" life. So what is true? I am asking in terms of the need to store breast milk and a friend of mine telling me they had to trade up their chest freezer for a "deep freeze" freezer.


Albany County Wyoming food safety almost 6 years ago

start up dumpling business

I would like to review my business stat up idea's with your innovation center on this business.


Multnomah County Oregon almost 6 years ago

to cover or not to cover raised beds?

Hi, I just planted a number of raised beds with spring seeds in Colorado, and a few onion and leek starts. Now, it's snowing. Should I cover the beds with a tarp, or let the snow sink in? The seeds were planted within planting times designated for my region, so I imagine they are a little cold-hardy. The question is if they are better off with the snow for insulation, or a tarp for insulation. Thanks!


Larimer County Colorado fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

White moths on lawn

Hi,I have little white moths on my lawn and also have dead patches of grass. Do the moths cause the dead patches? If so how do I get rid of them?


Jackson County Oregon lawns and turf insect issues almost 6 years ago

Can this tree be saved?

We are currently undergoing a street improvement project (new sidewalk, curb, new paving, center swale, etc) and our huge sycamore tree may be a victim. The site has been excavated 2-3 feet down and we have lost about 15 feet of previously undisturbed grass, sidewalk and gravel on one side of the tree. It is 18 feet from the foundation of the house. The contractors say the tree will stay, but we are wondering if it is realistic to expect this specimen to survive. I have included images to show the approximate size (9 ft trunk circumference, 50 ft high) and the root damage already inflicted. We are concerned about the survivability of the tree, and the possibility that leaving it will ruin the future sidewalk that will be nearly butted up against the trunk. It would be easier to take it out now than later, but we hate to lose this tree which is located on the south exposure of our home, providing us with a lot of shade during our intensely hot summers. Thanks for your help. I have included three images, one shows previous to excavation.


Photo-11_300x300%2523 Photo-12_300x300%2523 Photo-13_300x300%2523

Malheur County Oregon trees and shrubs tree health arboriculture street trees almost 6 years ago

Mixing spray

The instructions say to mix 4 ounces of the powder to 50 gallons of water. How much of the powder do I mix to make one gallon of spray?


Roane County West Virginia almost 6 years ago

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