New dirt or old?

I am transplanting 3 crape myrtles from a nursery to my yard in Georgetown. There are several in my yard now. Should I use any particular soil or additive for the new plants
Thanks, JW


Williamson County TX trees and shrubs crape myrtles almost 6 years ago

Maple tree is dropping ends of branches with buds

Hello, I have a maple tree that is showing signs of something, and it is not good. It is what I call a "weed maple" but most likely it is a "soft maple". We bought it because we needed shade fast. This year it has been dropping its ends of branches with buds. Mostly it is bud drop, but there are also 3 to 5 inch ends of branches with buds dropping all over the yard and deck. Are we loosing the tree? Thank you.


Walworth County WI plant disease maple trees horticulture almost 6 years ago

How big is a cow's esophagus?

We are developing a bolus to be given to cattle and would like to know what the diameter is of a cow's esophagus. What is the largest bolus that can be administered? Currently, our prototype is 50 mm (2 inches) at the widest part. Is this too wide?


beef cattle dairy cattle veterinary almost 6 years ago

Fertilizing azaleas

When I went to fertilize my azaleas put in last year, I find the plastic ground cover all around. Will the fertilizer go through the plastic barrier when watered? There is deep soil on top of the plastic and I dug the fertilizer into that ground cover over the plastic.


Washington County TN horticulture almost 6 years ago

Plant yard in Rolling Hills

We want to plant and improve our yard. We have lost most of what we had due to dogs, kids and increased water rates. What should we put with our soil, gypsum maybe? We plan on tilling the part that we will plant grass seed. Which brings up our other question. What is the best grass seed to plant? Thank you for any help you could give us.


WY almost 6 years ago

Cedar Trees

I am on the board of a condo complex. One of the owners thinks a Cedar (Western Red) is too close to a building. It is aprox. 40 ft. tall and 1 ft 6 inch in diam. at chest height (4.5 ft). The tree is 5.5 ft from a foundation and 3 ft from a cement sidewalk. Neither show any sign of damage from the roots. Is this too close to the building. If this is too close then how long before we would need to remove. Branches do over hang a tile roof. Thanks Denton


Multnomah County OR trees and shrubs urban forestry urban horticulture urban and community forestry almost 6 years ago

Looking for an Instructor/trainer

Do you have anywere to advertise for Instructors. Looking for an English Hunter Jumper instructor. 2 positions 1 full time with barn management responsibilities, 2nd part time job weekends and evenings. Working with show team do C circuit and Pony shows, must have experience with showing and teaching. Family business. Must work well with both children and adults at schooling barn. Must be available to take clients to shows on weekends South Lyon area.


Oakland County MI horses almost 6 years ago

I am the secretary for the Speaker Twp. Planning Commission. We are a very...

I am the secretary for the Speaker Twp. Planning Commission. We are a very small rural farming commumity in the thumb.Our commission has been working on updated ordinances and there has been a lot of community concern about the gas & oil leasing we are seeing in our area and would like some information on what we as a community can do to protect our citizens and yet not be to restrictive with ordinances. We also as a Committee know very little about the fracking and well drilling. Any suggestions?? Would it be possible for an informational seminar to be held in our area on this topic? Thank You for your help. Lori Gingiloski Speaker Twp. Planning Commission


Sanilac County MI almost 6 years ago

Keeping Cats out of My Yard

How can I keep cats (not mine—they're indoor only) out of my yard? Other people's cats use every freshly dug area as a cat box. Is there an inexpensive way to make my yard less attractive to them?


Marion County OR animals cats catbox almost 6 years ago

Soil Testing

Where can I have my backyard soil tested to understand how best to ammend it before planting sod?


Washington County OR soil testing almost 6 years ago

Moving Crocus, Daffodil, Tulip Bulbs

Is it safe to move bulbs (crocus, daffodils, tulips) after they've flowered in the Spring or must I wait until Fall?


Mesa County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

At what age can children start 4-H?

My son is almost two and very interested in animals. How old does he have to be to participate in 4-H?


Boulder County CO 4-h and youth almost 6 years ago


I asked a question about where I could obtain some cuttings for grafting but I never received an answer.


Grayson County TX almost 6 years ago

fungus gnats

Can I sterilize my potting soil by baking it or some other technique to insure that I won’t have any fungus gnats.

Another question: can the university test my out door soil and tell me if it’s in need of fertilizer.

Thanks Steve


Pitkin County CO soil and fertility issues soil testing horticulture almost 6 years ago

Plants to Grow Under Evergreen Trees

Can you recommend some plants that can grow under large spruce and pine trees where the grass doesn't grow due to shade and water competition from roots?


Denver County CO trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

My Mt St Helens Plum-Cherry has black knot disease. I have already cut out...

My Mt St Helens Plum-Cherry has black knot disease. I have already cut out most of the affected branches and twigs and burned them. 1. What do you recommend as a spray to kill the fungus and where can I buy it? 2. Are there any systemic treatments? 3. Also are the Newport plums highly susceptible?


Richland County OH almost 6 years ago

amending clay soil

Just moved into new town home with no black dirt...all clay. What products do we use to amend the clay for rhubarb and other plants to grow?


Polk County IA almost 6 years ago

Stinkbugs or Ladybugs?

We are tearing up an old veggie box to install a new one and the wood is swarming with these. They look like lady bugs or lady beetles but some websites say stinkbugs. Last year we had a lot of assassin bugs in this vegetable garden (on tomatoes). What are these please?


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Travis County TX integrated pest management almost 6 years ago

solitary bees in Charlotte

Our entire lawn is being taken over by solitary "bees" which emerge from clay holes (which look like ant holes) in late March. They keep multiplying and are now in the backyard as well. They do not sting, but swarm low to the ground. We want to get rid of them but do not want to harm the birds and beneficial insects. HELP!! Thanks for your advice!


Mecklenburg County NC insect issues insect management bees horticulture almost 6 years ago

Cherry Tree Protection

I have a small Cherry Tree and it still has some blossoms on -- is their anyway to protect it?

Otis Shaw


NM trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

yard weeds

I seem to have an abundance of what appears to be Deadnettle ( small purple flowers ) How do they get started in my garden & lawn? Weed & Feed for the lawn & weed killer in the garden ?


Union County NJ lawns and turf weed issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

how do i go about having the soil in my garden tested, everything in this one...

how do i go about having the soil in my garden tested, everything in this one garden is dieing


Baltimore County MD almost 6 years ago


How to plant seeds? Do I soak seeds first? the seeds are called CHARLIES from NEW BOSTON area. Do I fertilize or no?


Wayne County MI gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Permit to purchase ground squirrel bait?

For years I have bought 20-pound bags of ground squirrel control pellets. Today I was told I can not buy a 20-pound bag without a permit (new law for Jan 2013). I can buy five 4-pound bags (at about twice the price) without a permit--a pretty big loophole. What agency issues permits?


Marion County OR nuisance wildlife permitting and policy almost 6 years ago

Is horse manure from Evangeline Downs ok for a vegetable garden?

I recently purchased soil called "poohyai" that has horse manure from Evangeline Downs in it. Didn't realize this until after I bought it. Now I question whether this is ok for my garden because of the steroids, antibodies that race horses are subjected to. I still have time not to put it in my garden. Please let me know. Thank you!


Lafayette Parish LA soil and fertility issues nutrient management horticulture almost 6 years ago

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