If factory farms are required to add fencing, buffers, screening who enforces it?

No matter how large or small, farms located next to neighboring homes ask for trouble if they add more animals then their land can hold. Not only are the farmers disrespectful of their neighbors enjoyment of their own properties, but they have no concern for others health. Neighbors can tolerate a handful of animals while they live in agriculture zoned areas, but when they pay property taxes on rural residential acreages and are located in small communities with each living on one acre plots, with each property having separate wells and septic systems, the next door farm should know better then to enlarge his farm from a handful of animals to hundreds more requiring more buildings. This has naturally caused anger from all nearby neighbors, but since it is agriculture, no one will take on this matter with the odors, the noises and the dust. Because the farm is considered small( not to the neighbors), nothing can be one will listen..... we are told to contact a different agency and totally get the run around. Not even the county health department will return our calls or respond to our letters. We all would like to put up fencing, tall shrubs and screening, but feel that the farm should do this and pay the cost. Plus, to block out all the nuisances the buffering and screening should be located as close as possible to the farm buildings with the animals and the manure. My question is who specifically does one ask to check out this site: is fencing only done out of respect at some farms, or can it be required or mandated or expected? Or is this just a civil matter that the courts decide in a lawsuit? If this is our only option will the Right to Farm Act or Farm Bureau kick in to help protect the farmer? Selling and moving is not a option since now our property values have been reduced and no one will want to live this close to such a large nuisance right next door. By the way, the farmer has only about 2.5 acres in the middle of nice ranch homes, alongside a fairway of a golf course, so you can see why we do not want to move. Why this farmer wants to live here and farm is a good question also.


Tuscarawas County Ohio farm - premise farm management over 5 years ago

Past living Christmas trees (Douglas firs) declining

We have 5 Douglas firs which we purchased with the root balls as Christmas trees over the 16 years in our house. The tallest (oldest I think) is 20-25 ft. high and has lost all needles on the top half of the tree. The process has been occurring over the last few years. After reading about the 2 diseases which most often affect Douglas firs, I'm guessing it has been infected by one of those diseases.

Is the tree salvageable? If so, what would you suggest doing? Can a tree grow back the needles as it "recovers" from disease? My husband has noticed another Douglas fir on one side of the diseased tree beginning to thin out. I'm assuming the diseases can travel between trees as they are planted 20' or so apart. Should we have all the trees treated for disease? We haven't fed the trees in several years. Could that be a reason they might now be prone to disease? Do you know of any reputable tree services in the Frederick area?


Frederick County Maryland trees and shrubs douglas fir douglas fir browning over 5 years ago

late season burrcucumber control

I have been spraying corn and beans last of July-first part of August with a hiboy (custom app) due to late emergence with RR. Have been told Peak has a 60 day carryover to control late emerging weeds. Is this correct and can I use it on corn and beans?who is the mfg and how do I contact them? Thanks JimShover


Delaware County Iowa weed control over 5 years ago

Dormant spraying peach trees

I live in Johnson County Tx and I would like to know when is the best time to spray peach trees with dormant oil? What type would you recommend?


Johnson County Texas trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

LIFE news article

I just read article in DMRegister (Dec. 2) about" Life " helping older adults stay active. Do we have such a program in Madison county and if so how do I find out about it?


Madison County Iowa over 5 years ago

Home infested with Case-making moth

my home has been infested with what appears to be a case making moth which originated from wood product from Ikea. The infestation has destroyed art, photos, our beds, clothing and we are losing our minds trying to get rid of them. We have been sleeping on cots for 6 months... Can you please help?


Multnomah County Oregon insect issues household insects over 5 years ago

Dog grooming classes

I am looking for dog grooming classes so I can groom my dogs and save money. Do you offer them, or know where I can go? I don't want to do this for a job, just for my own dogs. Thank you.


Washington County Oregon consumer education dog health over 5 years ago

I live in Southern Arizona at 5200' on one of the 'sky islands' in the...

I live in Southern Arizona at 5200' on one of the 'sky islands' in the Coronado National Forest. I'm interested in growing fruit trees - particularly the Honeycrisp. Temperatures range between 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit, but mostly in the 20-90 degree range. Daily temperature variation can be 40-50 degrees. I get 18-20" of rain per year - mostly July through September. Humidity ranges between 10-70% daily during non-monsoon and between 30-90% daily during monsoon. Soil is surprising dark and rich. Not sure about acidity. There are both hardwoods and pines in the area. Do you think I can get the Honeycrisp to flourish in this environment with supplemental watering? If not the Honeycrisp, what other fruit trees might work for me? The sky islands are a bit of an ecological odd duck. I am neither desert not alpine - somewhere in between. Thanks in advance.



Santa Cruz County Arizona trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Zoning/PUD Restrictions on mega livestock / poultry farms

What preemptive measures can be established at the township level to stop or restrict the development of agricultural land for mega farms for cattle, pork or poultry? The township in question is Macon Township, Lenawee County.


Lenawee County Michigan over 5 years ago

What is this stuff I see on my yard?

Identify please. Found on sandy soil. It looks like wet tissue paper to the eye. These photos are 10X.


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Burleson County Texas lawns and turf horticulture over 5 years ago

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