Bluebonnet control in warm season pastures

We have a field of KR bluestem that has suffered due to recent drought conditions. The field has always had some bluebonnets but with the recent thinning of the KR, the bluebonnets have increased and are covering a large extent of the pasture, greater than 50% ground cover in some areas. Should control of them be considered by spraying during the rossette stage to aid in the KR to naturally reseed and improve?


Austin County Texas field crops pastures and forages over 5 years ago

Bacterial Wilt on tomatoes

Do you have a cure or treatment for bacterial wilt on tomatoes?


Pennsylvania home gardening horticulture family consumer education over 5 years ago

Is it possible for multicolored glads to revert to a previous stock or color,...

Is it possible for multicolored glads to revert to a previous stock or color, maybe a pre-hybrid color? I would swear when I first planted mine there were many colors and now they are all the same, shocking pink and white,but still very large and healthy plants. I did leave them in the ground several years ago during a Central NY winter and maybe half survived. Could survival of the fittest cause all to revert to single color blooms? Please advise. Harry Young


Oneida County New York gladiolus over 5 years ago

I would like to know about providing nests for Mason bees.

I've been reading up on them and how they can help with pollinating fruit and vegetable plants. I've seen a nest box for sale in a vegetable catalog. Would the bees just naturally come to the location? This whole topic sounds really beneficial.


Garrett County Maryland beekeeping mason bees over 5 years ago

unwanted crab apple fruit

I know it's a few months off, but I thought about this while watching the Rose Bowl. I need to find a way to reduce/eliminate fruit from our crab apple. Some years it's not so bad. Last year I found only one (a single) crab apple fruit in the driveway. Yay! This year it was horrible. A very good crop, coupled with the fact that most of the fruit didn't drop until it was rotten, made it so that I'm still sweeping fruit off the driveway and sidewalk, which are now totally smeared with the remains of rotten fruit. Hopefully it's over. I tried the Florel fruit reducing spray a couple of years ago, but didn't get very good results. Any suggestions for this year other than cutting the tree down, which I won't do? It's a beautiful tree nine months of the year. I see the same messy results in front of the Crook County courthouse and Prineville PD. Thanks


Crook County Oregon fruit trees horticulture over 5 years ago

What are good plants for an orchard floor?

I'm going to be planting approx. 24 fruit trees in an area of about 80 X 150 ft. This is going to be a new orchard located on a slight slope in full sunlight. I'm going to be spacing the trees about 20 ft. from each other and 20 ft. between rows. What is the best kind of plant (or plants) to use as a ground cover?
Thanks very much.


Jefferson County West Virginia fruit trees orchard over 5 years ago

website payment trouble

How can you completer your assessment if the website accepted your payment, but asks for another payment?


Philadelphia County Pennsylvania extension programs conference registration over 5 years ago

tiny little bugs in soil of my houseplants

I have these little tiny bugs scurrying around in my topsoil in my houseplants. What are these critters and how should I get rid of them? Thanks !



Yamhill County Oregon insect issues houseplants over 5 years ago

What happens internally when grafting grapevines?

Would you please provide a description of what happens "internally" when grafting grapevines? What happens to the new part (scion I think it is called) and to the vine? Does the scion grow somehow into the vine, or is it all "one-way" - vine somehow pushing itself into the scion?


Franklin County Ohio grapes grafting over 5 years ago


Hallo there?
I know you and your colleagues are experts in poultry. Being a person living with disability am writing to request you to send me more information on Poultry and Chicks Management, Small Flocks, Backyard Poultry, Nutrition Management, Feed Requirements, Types and Formulations, Breeding and Chicken Improvement, Health and Biosecurity, Diseases and Pest and how to control them, Waste Management, Hatchery, Egg Quality, Structures, Housing Designs and Systems, Environment, Equipments, Management of Free-range and small scale confined poultry units, Sanitation, in fact anything to do with poultry and much more through reading, listening and watching materials (Publications/Books, Pictures, Audios and Videos) especially on DUAL-PURPOSE and INDIGENOUS chicken breeds.
Later I also intend to keep Rabbits. I wish to train and share the knowledge with my neighbors and others with interest on good poultry and rabbit husbandry once I succeed with my projects.
Am soon starting the poultry business here in Kitale – Kenya and wish to know more on poultry matters.
Am waiting to have some funding for my project from the government to start me off as am privileged to have access to email facility so I could reach you. I cant guess when I will be near and next to a computer to send you the next mail as am in a rural establishment.
I hope this mail finds you well as am looking forward to your kind considerations on the matter.
Best regards,
Berry Kinuthia Ndegwa,
Post Office Box 553,


Outside United States poultry over 5 years ago

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