Strawberry crop for hanging baskets

I'm planning to hang 14-inch cocoa-fiber-lined wire baskets inside the chicken-wire (walls and roof) "blueberry house" in my Lafayette garden this Spring.
Leaning toward day-neutral varieties, but considering using all 3 types. I have room for 8 baskets, but will probably only plant 4 this year as a trial. Will use drip irrigation applied early-early and again early-evening daily. Hoping to move the baskets into un-heated garage to winter-over. (Maybe surround each with a burlap bag full of straw?)
What varieties do you recommend for this crazy plan?!


Boulder County CO almost 6 years ago

tomato disease

What is the disease with the following signs? Yellow n redish n brown patches on ripening Very small tomatoes Change of flavor in the tomato Rough tomato skin What's the cure of the disease?


OUTSIDEUS fruits and vegetables disease issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

Getting started with poultry on a small scale

I am in the planning phases of starting a small-scale poultry operation. I want to raise broilers on pasture. My questions are:

  • What permits or licenses are required to sell directly to consumers on the farm and at farmers markets?
  • What are the local and state requirements to process the birds on my own farm? Will I need an inspected facility? If I use a local slaughterhouse, will I need any permits, licenses, inspections, etc?
  • Who do I talk to to get started on the right path?
  • What about adding eggs to the operation to sell directly to consumers at the farm or at market?
I am in the Tarrant/Parker County area and would likely be processing less than 10,000 birds per year.


Tarrant County TX poultry almost 6 years ago

What fruit trees are best suited to my are?

What fruit trees are best suited to my are?


Clermont County OH almost 6 years ago

What fruit trees are best suited to this area of Ohio?

What fruit trees are best suited to this area of Ohio?


Clermont County OH fruit trees almost 6 years ago

Greenhouse position

I am about to put up an 8.5' x 12.5' green house. Can you tell me if the length of it should run East to West or North to South. I am getting conflicting answers. Thank you so much!


Josephine County OR greenhouse gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Frozen Buttercup Squash

Is it safe to cook and eat a buttercup squash that was frozen whole.

Thank you.


VT food safety home food preservation almost 6 years ago

composting horse manure

I have an abundant supply of horse manure that I want to compost for my spring 2013 garden. I need suggestions for taking it from a raw state (from the horse barn) to a state ready for the spring garden.


Parker County TX compost manure almost 6 years ago

Orange Fungis

I have a orange colored fungis growing in my yard and would like to know sonething about it.



Marion County OR lawns and turf fungus horticulture almost 6 years ago

Xeroscaping/removing grass

Xeroscaping/ removing grass

I live in Pinon Valley
and want to reduce my water consumption by getting rid of my grass in my front
yard and xeroscape. Currently we have an island there covered in pine
needles from a large Ponderosa, included in the island are some small, growing
aspens, few sage bushes and another medium evergreen tree.

1. How do I get rid of grass, Roundup? When is best time of year to do this?

2. What should I replace the grass with? mulch or stone? Or nothing and let the
needles cover most of it.

3. Should I get rid of the ponderosa cause the needles cover whatever is on the
ground? Would cutting it down help the small aspens to grow?
The ponderosa is nice shade and looks nice, but needles are a pain to rake
unless I just let them lie as I do in the island.

3. My wife and I will do the work ourselves and I would prefer less work rather
than more. My son and I could cut down tree. I want a low maintenance and
low water front yard.

Thanks, Ron


Front_yeard_island_300x300%2523 Pine_trees_300x300%2523

El Paso County CO landscape design xeriscape almost 6 years ago

Personality colors

At one time, 4-H had a personality lesson that gave youth a color—green, blue, and so on. Of course, now when I want to use it again after 15 years, I cannot find the contents and questions that went with this lesson. Would you please tell me where I might be able to find this information? Thank you.


Iosco County MI 4-h true colors real colors almost 6 years ago

soil testing

My dirt seems to be clay, and we have added organic matter. is there a way to test it to see if the Ph is ok, and if other additives are ne eded? thanks-Kathy vanBeeck


Washington County OR soil and fertility issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

Colorado Blue Spruce

I have a large Colorado Blue Spruce in my front yard. It is shaded on the west side by Ash trees and the branches on that side are losing needles. There is actually substantial needle loss throughout the tree. The roots are beginning to show too. My concern is that the root ball is becoming exposed and the tree will become unstable. It is directly in front of my house, and when winds blow from the west, I'm concerned that the tree could fall on our house. Do you recommend cutting the tree down, or does it sound healthy?


Dscn3871_300x300%2523 Dscn3872_300x300%2523 Dscn3874_300x300%2523

Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

apples (mega)

Can you tell me what apple variety grows large enough to weigh in excess of one and one half pounds or more? This past season, I picked some from a tree that was hanging over the fence. Made really good apple sauce and eating. The one I missed in Oct.,I picked in November and it weighed 1.5#


Multnomah County OR fruits and vegetables apples horticulture almost 6 years ago

which variety to plant ?

which variety of blue berry would you suggest i plant this spring for the best eating, meaning probably the sweetest. i live very close to the senior center in bend and will probably only have enough room for 1 or 2 bushes.


Deschutes County OR fruits and vegetables blueberries horticulture almost 6 years ago

canning mushrooms

Can I substitute citric acid for ascorbic acid when canning mushrooms?


Erie County NY food processing canning mushrooms food science food and nutrit almost 6 years ago

Will there be Ohio workshops scheduled in 2013 on smart money management?

Will there be Ohio workshops scheduled in 2013 on smart money management?


Franklin County OH money management almost 6 years ago

sweet spanish yellow utah jumbo onion

Are these onions long day or intermediate day length? Can't find anything specific to this variety, so thought I would ask. Thanks for your help.

Lori Salars


Douglas County OR fruits and vegetables onions horticulture almost 6 years ago

Good afternoon, I work for the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development...

Good afternoon, I work for the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, and we are researching tax deductions for farmers donating fresh food. Many anti-hunger groups advertise tax deductions for food donations, but our research suggests that most farmers are not actually capable of taking this deduction. Specifically, Publication 526 (Charitable Contributions) states, "The amount you can claim as a contribution deduction is the smaller of its fair market value... or its cost basis." However, because farmers deduct the inputs for growing their food, the basis of their food equals zero. According to a local CPA, this means that farmers may not deduct charitable food donations. Can you tell me if this statement is correct and whether there are any exceptions (such as C corporations, which sometimes follow different rules). Thank you very much for your time and expertise, -Mindy Waite SMADC 301-274-1922 ex. 1


almost 6 years ago

Test Question

What is the best breed of a meat goat to purchase?


Peach County GA goats almost 6 years ago

Raised beds

How do I build a raised bed for my vegetable garden?


Montgomery County VA almost 6 years ago

Pine Beetle Awareness

I am an eighth grader at Cimarron Middle School in Parker, Colorado. Recently I was given a project in my advance science class. For this project, I am in a group with three of my colleagues. We decided on the topic of deforestation in the Rocky Mountains. After we looked into the topic, we found that pine beetles are a major problem. As a group of four (and our Boy Scout friends), we knew that if Park Services hadn't found a solution, it would be incredibly challenging for us to. Thus, we decided to raise awareness through a relay race and meeting. However, we have come to realize that the city of Parker has a significant number of young people. Which brings me to my question: How do we get people to attend, inform the public, and try to get donations, all without boring the attendants? Are there any ideas that you have seen? Or that you have?

Thank you!


Douglas County CO youth trees and shrubs trees for energy conservation 4-h almost 6 years ago

Where have all the squirrels gone?

I live in Roseburg, Oregon. For the last couple of months I have not seen any squirrels. I have a number of bird feeders, and suet baskets, normally they are frequented by many squirrels along with the birds; lately plenty of birds, not any squirrels! Where have they gone?


Douglas County OR wildlife squirrels almost 6 years ago

Earth Box Gardener--New to Gardening

I am a Denver resident with no backyard, but I have a huge patio. This year, we are investing in Earthboxes to grow tomatoes, basil, and a few other herbs. We are aware of all the hydroponic supply stores in the area, but a lot of these businesses promote marijuana growth and we are not interested in that. We are having a lot of trouble getting started and finding reliable resources on Earthbox/small space gardening for beginners. Any advice on soil types, best time to plant, and things to avoid? Or, if you could point me toward a reliable print source (book) in the field, I would be forever grateful.


Denver County CO lawn and garden equipment small space gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

Pecan Tree Fungus

We recently had a tree trimmer trim a large pecan tree and remove several clumps of mistletoe from upper branches. While he was up in the tree he noticed that the top side of the branches is covered in moss. He advised that ultimately the mistletoe and moss (both fungal) would kill the tree. The tree is old and beautiful and I would hate to lose it. He suggested we contact Clemson Extension to ask advice as to what we might be able to treat the tree with to save it. We did feed it in the fall with large tree spikes around the drip line.


Laurens County SC trees and shrubs disease issues tree health horticulture almost 6 years ago

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