Leaf holes like lace on Hollyhock plants... Treatment

My hollyhocks had scale last 2 years , now just leaf holes and dying leaves no scales or EGGS on underneath of leaves but tiny lace like holes till they are see through. Needle nosed black bugs are sapping buds but I've sprayed them and pick off the others,but no insects appear on leaves yet holes occur. What causes such damage ? Shall I spray with an oil base organic for this problem? Anything besides Iron to water and fertilizer to create resistance? I fed with liquid Iron in the spring and gave doses of miracle grow to all now giving Bat poop tea in moderation .


Larimer County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

Black Widow Infestation

Last year we started having black widows around our house in the woods. This year we are covered in them. Today I killed 70 of them just around our pool and garbage cans. We have nests with hundreds of babies in. No one believes us or knows what to do. We are a licensed 501c3 animal shelter and are very worried for our 2 small children and the animals. We also dont want to use harmful chemicals or kill the other insects. This is very creapy and odd. Can you please help us.


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York County PA spiders black widow spiders almost 6 years ago

Deciduous trees are raining sap

We have aspen and locust trees raining sap all over. They did not used to do this. Help! The bottoms of our shoes are sticky, the driveway is sticky and we can't see out of the car windows unless we wash them each day.


Deschutes County OR trees and shrubs insect issues almost 6 years ago

Hi. about 4 years ago, we started having problems with anthracnose on our...

Hi. about 4 years ago, we started having problems with anthracnose on our blueberries, due to the wet weather. Now, even with a dry year we have problems with it. We do the cultural practices, pruning, etc. but it doesn't seem to help much. Our policy is to not spray when berries are on (we are U-pick). My question is, can we knock back the anthracnose innoculum by using a copper Octanoate spray after harveston the plants? Would it be benificial to spray on the ground also? (lots of infected fruit drops). Thanks for your input. Tom. TLC Blueberry.


Tioga County NY blueberries blueberry diseases almost 6 years ago

Thatchy lawn, what now?

We moved into a 40 year old house last month. The lawn is quite uneven. Some of it is nice and lush, but there are thatchy bits. It seems like the sprinkler system has good coverage. I've looked at you charts about when to fertilize and aerate, etc. But should I do any of that now, in late July? Or just get with the new schedule, fertilize in the fall, aerate in the spring... Thank you!

PS. We have not been allowing the clippings to stay on the lawn, I think we'll start with leaving them.


Jefferson County CO lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Help with my vegetable delimma

what can be causing my vegetables to have a poor root system?


Comal County TX vegetables almost 6 years ago

Small catapillars? infesting my cottonwoods

I have noticed that my cottonwoods, I live on cow creek, leaves are all dry and curling up. When I took a closer look, there are small black catapiller type looking things all over the leaves eating them. Anybody else seen this? I've lived here for seventeen years and this is a new one. Reminds me of the ones we had in Minnesota on the elm trees except they don't seem to have webs, nor do I see them on the ground at all. What to do, what to do, hah! Any ideas? I'm off to check out the neighbors trees. Thank you. Ann Reis 39015 County Road 33, Steamboat Springs, CO.


CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

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$5.00 money order mail today


Lucas County OH almost 6 years ago

Best planting time for arborvitae?

Hi, I've got some arborvitae that were planted last summer right before a heat wave. I didn't have a choice about planting them at that time. Most of them have made it through to this year, with the exception of 3 that need to be replaced. I'd like to do that replacement in September, but I'm wondering if I should wait until next spring. March or April? Thanks!


Linn County OR horticulture almost 6 years ago

dry splochy leaves

I have five mature maple trees along the road in front of my house. One of them is suddenly drying out and the leaves are splotchy and falling off. A few weeks ago, just before we noticed this problem starting, we had a large silver maple removed. I shaded two of our remaining trees part of the day so we originally thought it just wasn't used to the sun but the other tree seems to be doing fine. I also wonder if we are getting some interaction between trees because the tree removal service applied a stump killer (I think just Round up) to the tree that was taken down. Any ideas what it likely is and what we need to do to save the tree?



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Box Elder County UT urban forestry almost 6 years ago

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