suburban trees

I am looking for suggestions on which trees to plant in my suburban aurora home. I do not like aspens because they tend to throw up shoots and do not live long. I also do not like fruit trees because they tend to be messy. What trees will grow fast and strait without using excessive water? Thank you Christopher Ames


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Hello- I have a mature serviceberry, 12' tall, canadensis most likely...

Hello- I have a mature serviceberry, 12' tall, canadensis most likely straight species... suffering from cedar apple rust, but now it has grubs in over 50% of the fruit. Can you tell me what this insect is and how to use IPM to control it? I have a feeling that I won't be able to do much about it for next year's crop I have never noticed this in the past. thanks you have been very helpful in the past Darin



Baltimore Maryland trees and shrubs serviceberry fruit pest larvae in serviceberry fruit oriental fruit moth larvae almost 6 years ago


I am a cub scout leader and we are looking for a program that talks about recycling, water conservation, etc. Do you have anything that is little to no cost? We are in Palmer Twp and can come to you or you visit us.


Northampton County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Huge vines killing my trees

I have very large vines spreading from tree to tree, killing them. I would like to know what they are and how to get rid of them. I have 17 acres of mostly wooded property and need to stop them.


York County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Watering trees

I recently moved into a house with 8 large spruce trees (more than 50 feet tall). There is no irrigation system but the previous owner used to water them with a hose. How much water do they need? They are all in an un-landscaped area that has a forest floor feel. Does it make sense to set up a drip system for these trees? I'm also wondering how old these trees can live to be.


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Scarlet Pimpernel and honeybees

I have read that the scarlet pimpernel flower is toxic to animals and humans. Does that toxicity extend to honeybees?


Alameda County California honeybees almost 6 years ago

Why doesn't stark county extension office offer pressure canner checks? If we...

Why doesn't stark county extension office offer pressure canner checks? If we don't have a home canning agent in our county why not have one come to our county on a set date so we can get our canners checked, so we can can safely? I have tried to get Hartville Hardware interested in offering the service since they have all the replacement parts and canning supplies. They don't seem to be interested. They used to have Norma come and do it every year. Can you tell me who in Stark County can check canners? Cheryl Myers


Stark County Ohio almost 6 years ago

Little white chrysalis

I was digging in a patch of garden up next to my house early April & I found a bunch of little pearly white (& a few light pink) slightly rippled, ovalish chrysalis about 1/4in long & almost as fat in the soil. I thought they were baby bird poos at first but it's early May & some empty broken chrysalis skins are on the garden surface including a pink 1. There was even a half skin next to a tidy hole in a comfrey leaf. What do they turn into & should I be on the lookout for them?


Yamhill County Oregon insect issues almost 6 years ago


Are sickle mowers like Rouse making a come back to reduce the chances of blister beedles and weevils being compressed into the alfalfa through conditioner rolls? I always used haybine or diskbine type of equipment in Western South Dakota without a problem but blister beedles are starting to show up in the area. What is the best way to cut alfalfa now days to reduces the chances the beedles don't get into your hay? Alot of our hay goes for horse use and the beedles are so toxic to horses.


Pennington County South Dakota field crops farm machinery agricultural engineering hay production horse hay almost 6 years ago

dog urine - wellhead protection area

Another dog park question. Does dog urine have a negative impact on a wetland area or a wellhead protection area? If there is any effect would it be worse in times of drought because it wouldn't be diluted by rain -- or worse because rain washes urine into the soil?


Johnson County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Beetle control

I live in Elbert county Colorado at 6500 Ft elevation. I have pondarosa pines I will spray for beetles in our area. When is the best time to spray and what should I use?


Elbert County Colorado pine bark beetles almost 6 years ago

Lawn having a midlife crisis - needs facelift to look 20 not 50!

I have about 10 acres of lawn that I need to spray for dandelions, crab grass and thistles. I live in southeast South Dakota. There are also apple trees, lilacs, maples, and evergreens on the property too. The only animals are wild rabbits and a herd of about 30 deer that pass through at dusk. What is the best and most cost effective product to spray on the lawn to get rid of these intruders and make the lawn look healthy? Can I apply it now? Where can I purchase it?


Minnehaha County South Dakota lawns and turf weed issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

How to establish Wild Plum

I recently bought some property and would like to establish a wild plum thicket but not sure how to accomplish that. Native wild plum are in the vicinity and in the same soil type (sandy loam) as where I would like to get them started. Should I did up/transplant seedlings, plant seeds or maybe something else?


Callahan County Texas trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

Tree recommendations for small yards

I recently had to cut down a couple of dead pine trees in my front yard, and the HOA notified me that it is a requirement to have atleast two trees planted in that location. I would like to plant the trees a little farther from the house so as not to cover up the house, but doing so would put them closer to the sidewalk and driveway. I should also note that the water main comes in from the corner of the front yard. I thought Magnolia trees would be a good size, not quite as large as oaks, but turns out I was wrong. I also found out that Magnolias have a shallow root system that can cause problems with sidewalks and foundations. My yard is about 60' X 30' divided by a walkway to front door, so two sections about 30' X 30'. What trees are recommended for a yard that is about 30' X 30'? I was thinking maybe dogwoods or crepe myrtles. Also, it is a two story, so are there any varieties that grow taller than 20'-25' without being too large for the lot?


Harris County Texas trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

What's the best and quickest way to get rid of these plants from my yard and...

What's the best and quickest way to get rid of these plants from my yard and not kill my grass in the process?



DeKalb County Georgia almost 6 years ago

Peach Tree Problem

Our peach tree which was bought last year died all of a sudden about three weeks ago right after leaves were coming out. Branches all dried out. We had been watering our fruit tress at least 10 gallons a week since mid March. This is our second peach tree. The first one died the same way. The peach tree was planted the same spot where the first one was at.

I searched some peach tree diseases online and found out that PTSL (peach tree short life) seemed to match how our peach tree died. But I am not 100% sure. If it is the case, we'd like to know:

1. where to get a Guardian rootstock peach tree in Southern Utah area?
2. does any landscape business in Southern Utah do fumigation?

Thank you,
Lulu Tuan


Iron County Utah almost 6 years ago

dead grass

We have 2 areas in our lawn where grass refuses to grow. We have tried just about every thing & nothing has worked to get grass to grow. Do you have a lawn expert that travels around & makes diagnoses of lawn problems for a fee?


Larimer County Colorado lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Horse Pasture Management

What chemicals can I spray on pasture to control weeds? There are a lot of dandelions. We have a lot of clover (which doesn't have to be killed). There are some small fern like looking weeds that are taking over sections or that pasture. I can rotate between paddocks so I can keep tht horse off of one being treated if I have to do so. How long does the horse have to stay off after treatment.


Butler County Pennsylvania pasture management almost 6 years ago

coffin bone

what is remedy for a coffin bone with no pitch completly flat parrallel to bottom of foot


Harris County Texas almost 6 years ago

perennial or annual

Is salvia "marcus" an annual or perennial plant?


Polk County Oregon almost 6 years ago

packaging materials for produce

We are farming approx. 10 acres in conventional vegetables in the upper Hood River Valley area. We are having problems locating packing supplies in the Pacific Northwest for the produce (clam shells, produce boxes, vented bags) for selling bulk/wholesale quantities (to stores, restaurants, or wholesaler). Can you suggest any companies we might contact for supplies?


Hood River County Oregon small farms almost 6 years ago

Evaluation of Hoop Row Cover Materials

I am in the E Mtns and would like to know what advice your office can give regarding hoop row covers, materials and possible complications involved. I have built two raised beds for gardening. Also, what suggestions for another smaller bed for strawberries Especially how to overwinter.


Bernalillo County New Mexico almost 6 years ago

a cherry tree from sown bing cherry seeds

Dear Expert, Last year I sowed several seeds of bing cherry fruit bought from California. I put the cheery seeds in the fridge for one month and sowed them. I managed to get only one cherry tree. However, my cherry tree grows very slowly with long and narrow leaves. After 10 months it looks like a miniature peach tree (only 2 inches in height). Please find attached photo. I understand that a sown cherry tree is not always true to type. However, I have 2 questions about my cherry tree: 1- Is my cherry tree subject to some mutation to become a miniature tree?, and 2- Does any cherry cultivar (variety) have such long and thin leaves like those of peach trees? Please kindly give me your expertise answers and advise if the cherry tree is of any value. Many thanks for your time and attention. Best regards, Vu Hung



Outside United States almost 6 years ago

wasp vacuum removal for venom

I am looking for a person who will remove bees/wasps/hornets by vacuum to sell to laboratories for their venom. I live in Medford, Oregon.

When I lived in Yamhill county 15 plus years ago, there was a gentleman from the coast who did this for me. He said he would travel hundreds of miles for the bees/wasps, but I lost that contact information long ago.

Can you refer anyone from Oregon or Northern California who provides this service?

Thank you very much!


Jackson County Oregon integrated pest management bees almost 6 years ago

Relocating a Boxwood Bush

Can we move a 4 ft boxwood bush and/or divide large hosta this weekend or is it the wrong time of year?


Anne Arundel County Maryland almost 6 years ago

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