Identification of an empty pod attached to a leaf ?

While walking around a Christmas tree farm in Oregon City on Nov 29 I saw a few leaves on the ground with these tan, hollow, speckled pods attached to them. The pods are approx one inch in diameter. We cracked one open -- very easily because they are thin -- and there is nothing inside. The pods do not penetrate through the leaf; they are attached to one side. We can't tell whether they are a product of the tree / leaf, or a parasite, or something created by some kind of fauna.

Would you happen to know what they are?

Thanks very much for your time and assistance!


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I have root rot in my garden, which is situated in what was once a big...

I have root rot in my garden, which is situated in what was once a big avocado orchard. I have added compost and mulch on top of the very clay soil, and add gypsum when I put new plants in. I use phosphorous acid fungicide quite a lot. My garden is themed on scented flowers so many of them, eg gardenias, daphne, crabapple, prunus, are particularly sensitive to water moulds. Can you tell me any bad effects the acid will have on my soil? I also add Trichoderma periodically. Will the acid kill the good funghi?


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Shelf life of cooked turkey

I have cooked turkey in my frig that has been there for the 8th day. Will it still be safe to eat if I heat it to 160 degrees or bake in a pot pie in the oven, or can I freeze it and heat it before eating?


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What should be done with deteriorating American Boxwoods?

My American Boxwood which I started from cuttings 30+ years ago have grown to about 2-3 feet. Recently two of the Boxwoods look like a dog peed on them and the branch died. Now the dead is spreading and half the bush is dead! Looks like a third one is showing early signs. Help!



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Pine tree needles turning brown

My father has pine trees (long and short) needle that are turning brown. The complete needle seems to be dead and the dead needles cover a lot of the tree. Trees are 30 - 40 yrs old. NE Cheyenne



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Food and electricity outage

How long is food, particularly meat and frozen veggies, good when the electricity has been off in near freezing and below freezing temperatures?


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Need Advice On Cutting Back Freeze Split Live Oak

See attached picture... Rather than planting a new/replacement 1-1/2" to 2" live oak tree, could I cut the damaged tree off at the ground, or 3 feet up from the ground, and let it re-sprout a new tree so that I'm starting with a much more extensive root system than I would have with a brand new tree? If yes, should my cut be flush with the ground or 3 feet up, and should the cut be horizontal or slanted so that it sheds water?



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master gardner program

Please share calendar of future Master Gardner Programs for west michigan


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Cotton Root Rot in my yard

i have a pecan tree like 20 yo with a cotton root disease. Please let me know what to do or treat . thanks rosa


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What is a fair cash rent amount for farm land in Logan County, Ohio for 2014?

What is a fair cash rent amount for farm land in Logan County, Ohio for 2014?


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