Having a difficult time getting a good crop of rhubarb. We have a sandy soil in nw MI, near Cadillac. Do I, and when do I put some kind of material on the plants I have left?


Wexford County Michigan fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

I have a 36 acre property in Baltimore County. We have many, many ash trees...

I have a 36 acre property in Baltimore County. We have many, many ash trees and I hold my breath every year that we don't get Ash Borers. I am curious, should I release predatory wasps preemptively? Thank you.


Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs emerald ash borer ash trees almost 6 years ago

pinholes and lacy leaves- Frontier Elm


The Millions of Trees project planted a Frontier Elm in the easement in front of our house last fall. The tree looks vigorous and healthy. However something is eating its' leaves. There are pinholes in the leaves and some of them are quite lacy. I noticed that two more Frontier Elms on the next block are having the same issues. What should we do for these trees?

We live on S. Lincoln St. in the Denver Metro Area.

Please advise Thank You,
Marian Straight


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

sun scald or disease?

I have a tree ( I believe it is an Ash) that has a lot of bark on the south side of the trunk that is separating from the trunk and suckers growing from the damaged area. Should I wrap the trunk with something and/or try to stick the bark back on with a poultice like pruning paint? I would really like to keep the tree if possible. Thanks


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

summer garden - what to plant?

What should I plant in my small garden plot... 20 ft X 20 ft.... Just hauled in 3" of garden soil .... ready to plant something....
Any suggestions...


Brazos County Texas gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

What's wrong with my apple tree?

Hi there
I planted a Honeycrisp Apple Tree three years ago. The first year, it had flowers and produced fruit. The second year there was no fruit, though it still appeared healthy. This year, the flowers wilted and the leaves shriveled. I was hoping someone could diagnose the trouble from this image. Is this tree a goner? Is it fire blight?



Hennepin County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Zone garden book

Best current gardening book for zone 8. Want something with a large indoor outdoor index of landscape and food plants and trees


Linn County Oregon horticulture almost 6 years ago


A Lake County resident found this rock 30 years ago on his desert property. He would like to know if it is a meteorite or, if not, what type of rock it might be. It weighs 4.59 lbs, and is not magnetic.


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Lake County Oregon science almost 6 years ago

Berry plants

Best tasting June bearing stawberry for our zone. Millers Benton's Hoods are what I picked in the fields way back when


Linn County Oregon almost 6 years ago

To replant green beans or not?

We need an answer for a lady. Her green beans were up about 9 inches and something ate about the top half. Will they continue to grow or should she replant? If she needs to replant is it too late?
Also, can she use liquid fence around them since they are something she will be eating.


Barry County Michigan fruits and vegetables almost 6 years ago

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