lawn problem

Last year I began seeing small, conical or vertical holes in my lawn. They were accompanied by small dirt piles next to them. They have already begun to appear this spring. I have note observed any animals or insects that might be causing the problem. My law has become extremely rough and irregular and difficult to walk on. Can you give me an idea about the problem and a solution?


Salt Lake County UT almost 6 years ago


There are so many weed killers out there that can be used to control weeds in the garden but how do I know what one is best and wont harm the plants I want to grow? I see some that are for broad leaf but a lot of the plants are broad leaf will they kill my vegetable plants? I am very confused when I look at the store. I just don't want to kill my plants too.


Berrien County MI weed management almost 6 years ago


Every year my zuchinni grows really great until about a few weeks after they are ready to pick and then a bug gets on them that is gray in color and looks like a stink bug. How can I get rid of that bug and not harm the plants?


Berrien County MI fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

Organic fertilizer for apple & plum trees

I live at 7420' elevation in El Paso County near County Line Road (Douglas County), and have mostly 'rotten' granite type soil for my 20 yr old+
dwarf Yellow Transparent, dwarf Haralson apple trees and my two dwarf Damson
plum trees. All I've ever done to them is to prune and water (water twice a week only but deeply)...never fertilized. Despite the drought last year, all my trees produced.....17+ boxes of apples; they were pretty small though they're supposed to be 'regular' size...not so many plums but they were good quality & size. (1) What kind of organic (I'm trying to keep all my fruit trees organic....I've never used pesticide) fertilizer should I get for my apple trees? (2) Plum trees? (3) When and how should it be applied? All of the fruit trees are on a slope in my backyard which makes good watering hard to do. I've noticed that the soil seems pretty compacted
especially around one apple tree and the plum trees and am planning to buy a step aerator (non-plug). (4) Would that type of aerator be helpful or should I invest in something else?
Thanks for answering any of my four questions.


El Paso County CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

I am interested in bee keeping and I am thinking that taking the bee master...

I am interested in bee keeping and I am thinking that taking the bee master beginner course. Is there a certain time of year that you should start a hive? thanks for your attention to my question, Tom Wilkinson


Knox County TN almost 6 years ago

sandy rockey soil

local watering restrictions allow a maximum of i5 min. per head 2 days per week. I have 12 stations, which equals 360 min. allowed per wk.. The type of soil I have I believe allows the water to run thru.Would it be better for the lawn to sprinkle 5 min. or less 6 days per wk. This would use the same amt. of water or less and provide better moisture for the lawn. Do you agree, and if so could I get a variance to do this? The location is in Centennial Co. Thanks! Bill.


Arapahoe County CO lawns and turf almost 6 years ago


Hi I have established blue berries. They have been in the ground 4 years. My soil has a lot of clay. When I planted them, I prepared them well, but now I noticed that they need a topsoil or something, because roots are scene and clay is apparent. So my question is, what should I add to the top the soil.
Thank you
Gayla Gonsells


Clark County WA fruits and vegetables soil and fertility issues blueberry production gardening soil amendments mulching mulching trees horticulture almost 6 years ago

Non-lethal underground vermin control

We live in Peyton, CO. I've noticed this year we have underground vermin eating roots and killing plants, mainly our 5 year old Russian Sage (5 so far). I've seen tunnel paths that are about 4" wide that form a small tunnel mound. I know we have ground squirrels but I haven't been able to identify the tunnel dwellers. I need to use something to keep them away from the gardens. We have dogs so poison/lethal methods can't be used. I've seen ultrasonic ground stakes that are supposed to keep an area clear of moles. voles, etc.

I could use some recommendations. Thank you.

Chuck Bessant



El Paso County CO wildlife damage management almost 6 years ago

pre emergent for this spring

Have I missed the window for applying pre emergent for crabgrass this year? Does pre emergent stop weeds from germinating? Also, do you recommend a product that is environmentally safe for pets and children especially?
Thank you,


Larimer County CO lawns and turf horticulture almost 6 years ago


Can you suggest a place or resource where we can get soil/dirt for our raised bed garden? (Approx 6' x 10'). It is costly to buy by the bag to fill our garden. Thanks.


Cherokee County GA almost 6 years ago

Crop Rotation?

Two Questions: 1. We have a relatively small garden (6' x 10') where we plant only tomatoes, pole beans,& herbs. I try to alternate sides for planting tomatoes each year since I was told that last years planting location will lack nutrients. Since the garden is so small, it is hard to find a "new" space to grow a tomato plant each year. Is it possible to regenerate the soil so that I can plant tomatoes in the same spot each year? 2. Is there ANY where that we can get free soil testing?


Cherokee County GA almost 6 years ago

I have many Black Widow spiders in my back yard. How do I get rid of them?

I have many Black Widow spiders in my back yard. How do I get rid of them?


Anne Arundel County MD black widow spiders almost 6 years ago

Coffee Grounds and Composting

I'm writing here because the email on the "Coffee Grounds and Compost" flyer didn't work ( Would you please direct this to a compost specialist?

Last evening at a meeting of the Thames Region Environment Association, we watched a film, Café Femenina, about a Peruvian women's coffee growers' association and the benefits that they and their families were getting from their enterprise. The owner of a local coffee place asked, "What do I do with my coffee grounds?" This is a question your Extension Services department has obviously dealt with.

I've just discovered your flyer "Coffee Grounds and Composting," as I've begun a bit of research into this. Here in London, Ontario, we do not (yet) have green waste composting in our city services or as a service of anyone's small business. I'm a longtime gardener and had a vague idea that coffee grounds in quantity could pose possible problems in compost (high water retention, matting as mulch, and being acidic). Books in my home library and resources I've been locating online mention these problems. Your flyer is the first resource I've run across that states that coffee grounds are not acidic: "Grounds are not acidic; the acid in coffee is water soluble, so the acid is mostly in the coffee." And, "coffee grounds are close to pH neutral (between 6.5–6.8 pH)," and they do not "go bad." The flyer's comment about the maintenance of compost-pile temperature when grounds were at 25% and the lettuce germination rate study were also interesting.

Possibly, the most critical thing to pin down for a home gardener is whether using large quantities of coffee grounds in a home garden or as a mulch material would lead to pH imbalances. Could you comment, in particular, on the acidity of coffee grounds and whether grounds go bad? Could you give me the URLs to whatever studies this information came from? (I would appreciate the compost temperature and the lettuce study too, although I might be able to locate the lettuce one myself from information you've given.)

I don't doubt your work! I find that a lot of information from book to book, and popular article to popular article, gets repeated and/or rewritten. I'm a home gardener, researcher, writer, and editor. I'm asking for this extra information to cross-check. I foresee the research going into an article on the website I maintain, an addendum to information on the TREA and the City of London's composting pages, and as part of a flyer that the coffee shop will have to accompany its grounds going out the door. I also have a friend who is beginning a vermicomposting business, and she would be interested. I'll also be checking in with a local (large-scale) recycler who recycles organic waste and is a member of the Recycling Council of Canada to ask what information specific to coffee they are working with.

Thank you for the detailed flyer you've put out. It touches on a lot of things in a different way and is written clearly. I look forward to hearing from you on this. I will credit you in anything I write that uses information you supply. I try to be really conscientious about that.


OUTSIDEUS soil ph compost soil amendments almost 6 years ago

Will downed trees in my yard cause insect problems?

I had to remove 10 poplar trees over 100 feet tall because of potential damage to the house. The fallen trees have been left around the edge of the yard and in the woods because the are difficult to remove without damaging drain field or retainer walls. Will this cause an insect problem? What kind of trees can I plant to provide shade around the edge of the yard that will not grow so tall. I live on a wooded lot 4 acre lot.


Prince George's County MD trees and shrubs insect issues almost 6 years ago

Want to locate pecan trees to start a small grove.

Can you advise where I might find some pecan trees (approx. 5 gal size). I would like to purchase 10 to 20 trees. I realize the 2013 pecan planting season is almost over, but I am hoping there are some nurseries that still have some trees. Thank you.


Collin County TX trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Plants under elm tree

I was wondering if I could plant anything under an elm tree in Colorado Springs and how to do so without hurting the tree.



El Paso County CO trees and shrubs horticulture almost 6 years ago

Community Gardening

I am inquiring about having a master gardener come to Superior's Arbor Day celebration next Saturday morning to discuss Community Gardening. We are able to offer space and any materials you might need to help educate our kids and residents. In realize its short notice, but I'm hopeful someone can attend, sessions start at 8:30am and go until noon. Whatever hours you could make would be divine. Thank you in advance, please let me know! Jeff, Resource Conservation Committee, Town of Superior, CO


Boulder County CO gardening horticulture almost 6 years ago

trying to find manure

I am trying to find a place near Astoria to buy pickup loads of chicken manure. Also, is there a better option I should consider?


Clatsop County OR fertilizer manure almost 6 years ago

Site Plan Review, Time limits

What is the law regarding completion of a Site Plan Review of a proposed business development, that is a permitted use, in a properly zoned commercial zone? Val Jensen, Zoning Administrator, Whitehall Township


Muskegon County MI almost 6 years ago

Extreme Sun & Heat

Do you have any ideas for anything other than cacti and desert plants for areas of extreme heat and sun. I live in zone 9b (Phoenix), but I lose hundreds of $ a year in plants that are suppose to be able to grow here. It seems the primary issues are bad soil (which can be amended), and extreme reflected heat & sun. Ground temps exceed 130 degrees even if the air is 117. High UV (10-11 range.)
Have had success with tropicals in shade, but I do not have enough shade areas.
I'm really tired of desert landscaping.
Thank you for your help.


Maricopa County AZ soil issues horticulture almost 6 years ago

Cedar Trees

i live in Navajo Ranch , recently and suddenly several smaller Cedar trees have died.
Now i've noticed the ends of branches on bigger trees are turning yellow and drying up. Is this from the drought or is something else going on ?


Huerfano County CO trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Turf grasses for Grand Junction, CO

What grass is best for turf in the Grand Junction area? I am interested in xeriscaping but would like a small green area. Is this possible and still be ecologically conscious?


Mesa County CO lawns and turf almost 6 years ago

Fertilize pear trees.

Our pear tree has blossomed, but there are no bees coming around. Anything we can do?


Linn County OR fruit trees almost 6 years ago

basic analysis of the soil in payson

can you tell me about the soil in the payson area-ph,clay,acidic,akaline?etc


Utah County UT soil and fertility issues almost 6 years ago

what kind of tomatoes are best to grow in Catonsville

what kind of tomatoes are best to grow in Catonsville


Baltimore County MD almost 6 years ago

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