i am trying to download the microsoft word version of the record book files,...

i am trying to download the microsoft word version of the record book files, and it is not letting me. the ones that have the pdf version won't let me type on them


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I'm looking to contact anyone from the article; Crop Pollination Exposes...

I'm looking to contact anyone from the article; Crop Pollination Exposes Honey Bees to Pesticides Which Alters Their Susceptibility to the Gut Pathogen Nosema ceranae. Researched and written by; Jeffery S. Pettis, Elinor M. Lichtenberg, Michael Andree, Jennie Stitzinger, Robyn Rose, Dennis vanEngelsdorp I'm very curious as to whether their research funding has been decreasing or not. In the great depression big agriculture corporations lobbied to maintain the price of food. Which lead to the U.S. paying farmers to grow LESS. While millions were starving the U.S. decided to spend money to produce less food, rather than subsidize farmers to grow more and thus feed more people. With the shocking growth of Mansanto, them owning the worlds largest private military, having almost complete control of the food sector, shutting down farmers who refuse to use their latest GMO seeds, spending record amounts to stop the labeling of GMO foods, I hypothesize that big agriculture is purposefully trying to eliminate bees and natural pollination. Doing so would increase their control over food and increase profits. I'm guessing that your government funding has dropped significantly since you started this research. Please respond and thank you for your time.


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Growing Vegetables Indoors During Winter

I have a bay window in my kitchen and it has a lot of space to place plants in although it is very subject to outdoor temperatures. As such it becomes very cold. Are there any vegetable plants that fare well in the cold? I'm not certain in which direction the window faces but it gets 5-8 hours of sunlight and probably around 4 or so hours of direct sunlight (on a partly cloudy day.)


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Sirs: I was wondering if you could supply some cypholeonus larve to control knapweed on my property ? I have found out Montana is using that method. SEE here : There is a list for many weed control methods, including knapweed. Thank you, Devon


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I have, what I've been told, is a blue spruce. I noticed that a lot of...

I have, what I've been told, is a blue spruce. I noticed that a lot of needles were falling off as you get closer to the trunk. I'm not sure if it is diseased or if it's maybe just natural dieback. A landscaper told me it needs to be trimmed so it's not so dense/full. I'm going to attach a picture in hopes that you can give me some advice on how I should trim it...or if I need to do something else. I have another picture of close up on a limb if that helps. Thanks!!



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Plant identification

I have a flowering plant which I have been trying to identify for the past 4 years. I found one that was close referring to the flower; but the leaves and plant size were no where near what I have growing on my land. The plant grows no taller than 4 inches and has small yellow flowers with the bottom petal having red stamens, kind of like a tongue. It produces seed pods which look identical to a bunch of grapes. I am enclosing two pictures.I live about 20 miles south of Pueblo and the soil is somewhat sandy; but mostly clay.


Yellowimage1_300x300%2523 Yellowimage2_300x300%2523

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Interested in heirloom flower bulbs suited for Zone 8b

I'd like your opinion on the most suitable bulbs for an ordinary residential flower garden in Sherwood, Oregon. I'd like to use heirloom bulbs accustomed to a permanent location in a flower garden. I'm not interested in planting bulbs that were bred for nursery or potted plants. I need various bulbs that are very hardy, beautiful and expected to last for many, many years. Sherwood is in Zone 8b


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I am wondering what these small bugs are in my bathroom. I thought it was...

I am wondering what these small bugs are in my bathroom. I thought it was just rust but when I brushed it away I saw that there were small bugs in the piles. There are a few areas in the bathroom and then another area behind our fish tank. Help!



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How can I control aphids on indoor hibiscus trees?

Spraying is not possible as they are in the living area. Can you recommend any soil-applied systemics?


Jefferson County Colorado houseplants hibiscus over 5 years ago

Is there any benefit to using dehumidifier water on plants?

Is there any benefit to using dehumidifier water to water your plants with?


Wayne County Michigan houseplants horticulture over 5 years ago

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