I planted a wisteria plant three years ago and it bloomed well the first,...

I planted a wisteria plant three years ago and it bloomed well the first, okay the second, but only had one bloom last year. It is on the east side of the house next to the foundation. I have cut it back to about 1/2 the size the last two years. Do I need to fertilize it? If so, what kind of fertilizer would be good? I would appreciate your advice.


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subject is a large rose bush

What is a good sealer to use to prevent new growth after pruning?


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help please

I found my baby with a lighter in her mouth! Can this harm her in any way?!


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It appears that my whole lawn is predominantly infested with "Hairy...

It appears that my whole lawn is predominantly infested with "Hairy Bittercess" what commercial weed killer can I use to eliminate this weed without killing the grass?


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We have a cul de sac with seven homes in it - the residents take care of a...

We have a cul de sac with seven homes in it - the residents take care of a good-sized landscaped oval area in the middle of our cul de sac. We lost a 40'- plus spruce tree two summers ago during the terrible straight line windstorm that came through Hastings, MN. The tree was looking pretty shabby at that time - the root ball came out of the saturated ground with the tree that landed in the street. It was a fairly large tree when it was transplanted here by a seven-foot spade truck about 24 years before it fell. Now, I understand that transplanting a tree that large is not such a great idea and spruce are not suitable for standing alone in a windy, unprotected area - is that right? There is a cornfield behind four of the houses and the wind is blistering sometimes - both winter and summer. We are looking to replace IT hopefully with a slower growing, hardy, hopefully disease-free, rich looking, dense Minnesota evergreen of some type, then we would add shrubs around it. Or we might replace it with THREE such evergreens that would grow slowly and not much beyond 15 to 20 feet tall each. Does a sturdy, dense, attractive evergreen exist like that? And if it does, how tall might it grow and what size of spread might it have at its "full" size? Do you know a general cost for a 6 to 7-foot evergreen that meets these requirements that you might recommended we plant? We would either have a professional plant the tree(s) or do it ourselves. The photos attached show the spruce that stood on the landscaped cul de sac before the storm took it down. It had grown very large and was getting "unruly". The soil here is somewhat sandy - - the area where the tree(s) would sit was originally a cornfield. Thank you for whatever information you can share with us. Rose Tappella


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reed grass out of container division

I bought a 3.25 gallon of feather reed grass and was wondering if it can be divided out of container? If so how many shouts do I use.


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When do I apply corn gluten to prevent crabgrass?

Last year with your help, I had a beautiful lawn in spring and into the summer months. Then around August the lawn started dying in certain locations, large areas. I did not know what was causing this, so i sent you's an email explaining the problem and the dianosis was grubs. So this past weekend I started raking up much of the dead carpet-like grass. I ran a mantis tiller with aerating blades and loosened up the soil. I broadcasted pennington pa state mix grass seed with jonathan green mag-i-cal and Scotts starter fertilizer which are the same products I started with last year. Now i would like your help on the application of corn gluten to prevent crabgrass and if i can apply in time before they appear. Thank you!


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Bug I.D.

Can you identify the beetle type bug in the picture I have attached? It was in my backyard. Is it a "brown marmorated stink bug"? Thank you! Paul Mayr Medford OR 97504



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huge white grubs in fallen hackberry tree

An old hackberry tree just fell in my neighborhood and we noticed how diseased it was. There were HUGE white grubs boring into the trunk. One was pupating. they are about 2 inches long. I wonder if it isn't the asian longhorned beetle? Can you help ID it? Another tree which was struck by lightening but still alive has similar holes going into the bark, with sawdust outside it so I assume it is also infested. If it is this invasive beetle, should we contact someone?


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Just found that 2 of my 3 apple trees have had the bark eaten off during...

Just found that 2 of my 3 apple trees have had the bark eaten off during winter, I assume by mice. They were in a deer and rabbit proof fenced lot. Is there anything I can do or are they dead? The bark is eaten off entirely around the trees and probably 10" high.


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