Hay for the Cushings Horse

I have a 24 yo TB that has Cushings Disease. We are moving to Montana in April. The hay at the facility where she will live feeds alfalfa. I am unfamiliar with the varieties. Someone mentioned "alfalfa 200". Could be wrong?
I have read in the past that alfalfa is not good for the Cushings horse. Then, recently, I read some statistics suggesting that alfalfa is probably the best choice for a Cushing's horse.
Not being sure that I have all of the info you need to answer my question, but, in general, is alfalfa hay a problem for this horse? Or do I need to use caution when feeding a specific variety?
Thank you very much!


Cumberland County PA horses over 5 years ago

cooking at high altitude

Hello, I will be moving to Colorado Springs after having lived at sea level my entire life. Is there a resource that you can provide to help with the necessary cooking adjustments?


El Paso County CO food safety food preparation high altitude over 5 years ago

I am contemplating planting replacement evergreens for some that blew...

I am contemplating planting replacement evergreens for some that blew down.

What are advantages or disadvantages of planting smaller vs larger trees?

Can you recommend evergreen trees that are xeric?

Thank you


Jefferson County CO horticulture over 5 years ago

orchid cactus house plant

transplanted the 20 year old orchid cactus about a year ago the cactus is getting 18 inch spikes on the lower part of the plant. Can she cut them out?


Klamath County OR indoor gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

Tomato, Squash & Cucumber plants dying out

A gentleman came into our office inquiring about what may have caused his tomato, squash & cucumber plants to die out last summer. He said that it would start from the bottom of the plant and die out upwards into the vine of the plants. He wants to know what would cause this and how to get rid of it so he doesn't have the same problem this coming year. Thanks!


Kalkaska County MI horticulture over 5 years ago


where can I buy live grasshoppers/locust to experiment with?


Multnomah County OR insects science over 5 years ago

mold on outside of home-canned tomato jars

My mother has some home canned tomatoes (canned in 2009) that ended up with mold on the outside of the jar. The mold occurred after she had a basement leak she did not know she had (in 2011). She wiped the mold from the jars with no regrowth of that mold on the jars. She is hesitant to use them but hates the thought of throwing them out. What should she do? Is there anything she can do to reassure herself?


Pepin County WI food safety home food preservation over 5 years ago

organic vegetable seeds

where can I purchase organic vegetable seeds or starter plants? I live in Gig Harbor, WA


Pierce County WA organic seed organic gardening over 5 years ago

What kind of grow lights do I need

I am going to start my vegetable garden soon indoors and was wondering if you would give me information on grow lights. I would like to know what kind are the best and what light spectrum do I need. Also, where can I find them at a good price. I am going to be planting tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, and squash. I tried it last year and bought some lights from Home Depot but they were too hot and I couldn't get them close enough to the plants without burning them up. Needless to say my plants shot straight up and didn't fill out.


St. Louis County MO fruits and vegetables gardening vegetables indoor grow lights over 5 years ago

Growing Degree Days - Questions & Clarifications

1. In April 2013, the MSU Enviroweather site ( seems like it will close for public use and it will be by payment/subscription use only, eliminating the home gardener from use, unless they want to pay for it (even though we pay taxes for MSU) If so, any idea of the cost? Are there any public/free sites you'd recommend as alternatives for the home gardener - The Weather Channel seems to have a GDD calculator, but a start date is needed: would it be March 1, 2013 (that is what Cornell seems to use -

2. In my research about GDD, it seems like it is primarily applied
only to farm crops & to woodies (trees, shrubs, vines), not to herbaceous perennials - is that correct (because I haven't found any web sites focused on flowers)?

3. If I find GDD numbers for a particular insect from another geographic area (say California), wouldn't it still be applicable here in Michigan, as long as our Michigan accumulated GDD count is used - is that correct (e.g. a GDD number for a specific insect is good and useable in other areas of the country, as long as the GDD of that other area are used)?

Frank Allen
Advanced Master Gardener


Wayne County MI over 5 years ago

ground hog

What can be done to control ground hogs? Are there any IPM approaches?


PA wildlife damage management integrated pest management groundhogs ipm damage preventioncontrol over 5 years ago

Putting in a New Lawn

I am going to start a new lawn. The current lawn is close to 40 years old and in really poor condition. I want to make sure that I am touching all bases accordingly. First, I will need to get a soil test. I have read excerpts on how to do this. However, I would like your assessment because I know that you are known to be the best in agricultural issues in the country. Please tell me when I can take the test, how to do the test correctly, whether I need a soil kit or not, and where to send the test.. Please also give me a "heads up" on crucial points to remember in this process. I appreciate your expertise very much.


Denver County CO lawns and turf horticulture over 5 years ago

Organic crossbreds

What would be the ideal crossbreed for a grazing low-input conventional dairy? If there is more than one I would like to know that too


Stearns County MN dairy cattle organic dairy production over 5 years ago

why do a possession statement on a tract of land my company already has under...

why do a possession statement on a tract of land my company already has under lease?


Lafayette Parish LA over 5 years ago

rice bran for honey bees

What, if any, are the effects, resulting consequences or benefits from honey bees collecting or consuming rice bran? Also, I'm curious as to what is attracting bees to the rice bran.


Stone County AR bee health over 5 years ago

Refinancing and/or Modifying Rentals Underwater in Michigan

Are there any financial institutions that will refinance rental houses in Michigan that are underwater? Can you provide me with any advice?


Oakland County MI housing financial management over 5 years ago

Humanely treated dairy products

I have been vegetarian for more than ten years and am now considering veganism. However, finding acceptable product substitutes for some dairy has been difficult. Therefore, I am considering purchasing dairy products I would like to continue to use from humanely sourced producers. Does the extension have reliable sources for where to find these producers and where the products are able to be found (in stores, thru local deliveries, etc.)? Thank you.


Jefferson County CO food nutrition over 5 years ago

chicken predators

I have lost several chickens over the last couple years and was wondering what got them. I have found all the the dead chickens in one of two states: 1)The body has been intact with the exception that the head is gone; 2) The head was still attached, but the neck was chewed to the bone and the chest area was ripped open.


Multnomah County OR wildlife damage management over 5 years ago

living willow structures

I have just recently learned about living willow structures and would like to try to grow some willow in my back field. It is about 1 to 1 1/2 acres. Do you know if it is possible to grow willow in Ohio? Do I have enough land? It's not technically a wetland, but it is usually pretty damp back there. Do you have any idea where I might buy the willow for planting? I can't seem to find anything online.


Franklin County OH over 5 years ago

The Birds and the Bees

I recently set out a bird feeder in my back yard in Loveland. This past Saturday I looked out in my yard and there were Bees swarming around my bird feeder some were inside pulling the bird seed out while others rummaged through the seeds knocking most of it to the ground. Is it the time of year with the frigid weather subsiding and no flowers around or is there something in the birdseed. They have just about emptied the the 1 ltr. former water bottle of food. I don't mind feeding the bees but I would like to feed the birds also.



Larimer County CO bird feed over 5 years ago

winter watering

Should we be running the sprinkler when the air temperature is above 50, but the ground is still rock hard? How can we water our trees when we cannot get through the frozen ground to provide water? Thanks.


Denver County CO trees and shrubs irrigation over 5 years ago

Wanting to start a small vineyard maybe 100 plants to start. Can we get...

Wanting to start a small vineyard maybe 100 plants to start. Can we get someone over to give us info on the soil and the site ?


Athens County OH over 5 years ago

noxious weeds

hello i am a culinary student at cocc and would like to know where i can get a list of "noxious weeds" and how they are erradicated. a lot of these are edible and i am trying to find out how to take them from invaded areas and contain them in a greenhouse for cultivation for food sources. any information you can send me i would be very greatful, or if there is someone in bend who is an expert i can talk to?


Deschutes County OR weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

wormy apple tree

Hi, I would like to know what to use and when to use it, something to put on my apple tree so it wont have worms.


Marion County OR insect issues fruit trees horticulture over 5 years ago

Columbines and fertilizer

Do you fertilize all year or just in the blooming season? Which fertilizer is best?I am in the Houston,Tx area and want the flowers to acclimate here.


Waller County TX horticulture fertilizer over 5 years ago

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