Garden Fertilizer

What is the best all around fertilizer for a garden in the Sleepy Hollow area of Campbell County? I do till in lawn clippings and some wood ash.


Campbell County WY fertilizer for garden over 5 years ago

I have a rhododendron (see attached picture) which I inherited when I bought...

I have a rhododendron (see attached picture) which I inherited when I bought the house; it seems more like a tree. It is quite leggy and seems to be overgrown. Also, it does not produce many flowers and the leaves are yellow in some areas. It also looks like something is eating the leaves. I have not had the soil tested yet, but will do so is you think that is wise. I would like to know what I can do to make it healthier and to produce more blooms. I would also like to know about pruning back the large, leggy branches. Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Howard County MD pruning landscape plants shrubs over 5 years ago

From Friends House Garden, Sandy Spring. Can we blame our resident flock of...

From Friends House Garden, Sandy Spring. Can we blame our resident flock of Canada Geese for the evident damage to our blueberry "bushes"? The smaller, lower twigs have been nipped cleanly off...and left lying on the ground around the plants. Several so-so photos uploaded below. We also have deer and rabbits in the garden, and perhaps a woodchuck, but we think the damage is too low for the deer and too high for the other two.



Montgomery County MD blueberries wildlife damage over 5 years ago

Is cedar wood harmful for chicks?

I have purchased some baby chicks and ducks, and we are looking into buying a coop for them. However, I have been reading different articles that say they cannot be around cedar wood. Is this a fact or fiction? We really liked one particular cedar house and know how well cedar stands up to weather, but if it will hurt them, we do not want to jeopardize their lives.


Gaston County NC poultry over 5 years ago

Can I feed chickens unpopped popping corns?

Do I need to crack popping corns before feeding them to the chickens? Can their gizzards break up the whole kernels?


Larimer County CO poultry feeds and feeding poultry nutrition over 5 years ago

Army cutworm disaster

We have a severe invasion of what we think is the army cutworm. There are so many that it is surreal. Our friend 15 minutes north of us has them crawling on his house. Our pastures are under drought stress and just trying to green up, but we have short grass prairie and we are afraid these worms may destroy our pastures. They are literally everywhere. We have never seen anything like it!


Yuma County CO insect issues over 5 years ago

Fruit bearing Cherry tree with white blossoms and medium pink accent

I am trying to find a tree similar to a fruit bearing cherry tree that was in my backyard as a childin Brooklyn. It had white blossoms and some pink- may be a medium pink bud or small pea sized shape pink accent.
Hard to remember- a large tree 20 feet plus with typical cherry tree bark. It had worms in the cherries every year.
Thank you...I am trying to plant one for my son.


Camden County NJ trees and shrubs fruit trees horticulture over 5 years ago

Burrowing animal

Last year we had two chipmunk holes in our yard. This spring we filled in both holes, knowing that if they were part of a still active run they would be re-opened. That would at least tell us what we needed to do before we began our vegetables. When I checked the area Thursday the hole was not 1.5 inches wide. It was 7 inches wide!!! And it had a second hole of equal size adjacent to alternate entries to the same run. Dirt was scattered widely, and we can see the mound of a run along side our house. What in the world is this? And, more importantly, what do we do about it?


Polk County IA over 5 years ago

Fertilizer for clematis

I have several established clematis. when should I fertilize and what type of fertilizer should I use?


Boulder County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 5 years ago

fig tree suitable for Colorado

Are there any fig trees that can survive and produce fruit in Colorado?


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago


i whant to know how to a fuelpump from a1999 mercedes ml430


San Joaquin County CA over 5 years ago

Mulch and groundcover

Will mulching a bed that has groundcover (sweet woodruff) too early be detrimental to the groundcover?


Lancaster County PA groundcovers horticulture over 5 years ago

Onions and Beans

Hi. We have planted onions (sets) in the middle of a large raised bed. Is it ok to plant bush beans in the same raised bed?



Boulder County CO fruits and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

triming overgrown roses after they start budding

We have about six rose bushes in our yard. They didn't get pruned last year. Now they are a tangeled mess. I didn't get to prune yet because of freezing temps. Now they have been budding for about three weeks. They have lots of green foliage. The large stocks are taller than I would like. The small branches are everywhere. How far back can I cut them at this point?


OR pruning horticulture over 5 years ago

Yellow Jackets, flies and mosquitos

I am planning an outdoor wedding at 6pm Sept 1st 2013. There will be food(meat&fruit), I can cover the food and garbage cans but how do I keep these pests from swarming around people and food? Thank you! Susan


Multnomah County OR insect issues insects urban integrated pest management over 5 years ago

Last frost date

How do I find out the expected date for last frost in the Portland area? Thanks


Multnomah County OR over 5 years ago

Looking for a fast growing green wall to block busy street.

I planted a fortunes worth of 7' Arborvitae. 3 yrs later they are infected with a virus and must be removed. I am looking for a virus tolerant green wall.


Multnomah County OR horticulture over 5 years ago

Control of aphids in greenhouse raised bed.

Is Neem mixed with a detergent effective in getting rid of aphids in the soil before they get onto plants?


Archuleta County CO integrated pest management insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago


What is the best fertilizer for St. Augustine gress?


Wood County TX lawns and turf soil and fertility issues horticulture over 5 years ago


We market out of state. Why is there no accessible list of USDA meat processing plants with cryo freeze packaging accessible to small ranchers. I can more easily haul my stock out of state. I need a list oF processors open to spall ranchers, USDA approved, which is required by my customers. Is this data that you don't have? You should be able to pull it out of the giant list you keep sending me with all the state and USDA plants mixed together. That list mentions that they are mixed. It is several pages long, sorted my plant name. I need a list of USDA plants sorted at least by county. Such a list exists for the state facilities.


Guadalupe County TX small meat processors over 5 years ago


How far should I plant Colorado blue spruce from my well?


Berkeley County WV over 5 years ago

Problem: Squirrels eating plants in veg. garden.

What I can do to prevent squirrels ruining my yard and veg. garden? I have a big yard area so I can not fence it with chicken wire. I have put high fence around my veg. lot but they jump from trees and dig holes in the ground. I have planted merry gold plants and chives but they are not yet grown fully. I am helpless and afraid to loose my veg and fruit plants. I need expert advice and scientifically tested solution.


Orange County NC over 5 years ago

bindweed removal

what recommendation do you have for removing bindweed from my lawn. Also, I thought I read last year that you had some type of lawn mites that eat only the bindweed, If so, please tell me more about that. Thank you


Boulder County CO weeds over 5 years ago

Disabled housing!

How do I find out about housing for someone that is on disability, and not totally disabled, housing,help on medicine, food,etc???


Des Moines County IA over 5 years ago

How often should I water a newly seeded lawn? I have had the soil tested, and...

How often should I water a newly seeded lawn? I have had the soil tested, and only N is needed. When is the best time to water the seed?


Frederick County MD over 5 years ago

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