I have moss in my flower bed which is only partly shaded how can I eliminate...

I have moss in my flower bed which is only partly shaded how can I eliminate this problem. If I use lime will this harm my Iris flowers??


Hennepin County MN over 5 years ago

What companion plant(s) will help my veggies?

I have a small vegetable garden. Tomatos, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions (basically salad fixins). They do not seem to thrive. Is there a specifc order I need to plant them in or any companion plant to help?


Jefferson County TN fruits and vegetables sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture over 5 years ago

4-5 Year Old Japanese Weeping Red Maple Not Getting Leaves on Most Branches

Why did my 4-5 year old japanese weeping red maple suddenly this spring not get leaves on most of the branches. The tree is about 4 feet wide and about 4 feet tall. One small section of branches have healthy leaves right under the very top branches. The rest of the branches look reddish and healthy but only have a few tiny dried up leaves on them. We and our neighbors do not use pesticides. Nothing around the tree has changed that we are aware of - The tree gets about 6 hours of morning sun. I water when there is a hot dry spell. I have let water get on the trunk of the tree sometimes but I did not know that was a NO NO. The soil is good and we mulch and sometimes use miracle grow. Please help and let me know if you got the picture that I tried to attach. Thanks much!!



Howard County MD trees and shrubs japanese maples japanese weeping maple japanese weeping maple dead branches over 5 years ago

Re-potting a fig tree

I have a fig tree that is about 6 years old. I have it in a large container. I want to re-pot it but don't want to harm it. It is in full leaf and doing nicely. Last year I got 60 figs. Should I wait until fall to transplant it or can I do it safely now without losing my crop this summer?


Allegheny County PA transplanting fig trees tree fruits horticulture over 5 years ago

Tomato Leaf Damage

Attached is a picture of my tomato leaf problem. I am guessing it might be fungus but I have not seen anything like this so early in the season. Please reply with possible solutions. Thanks!



Harford County MD tomatoes vegetables cold damage on tomato foliage over 5 years ago

Pinyon Pine Brown Out

My 14 year old pinyon pine looks really bad this spring. I have never watered this tree, as it is three feet from the neighbor's nice, green lawn. I have a native grass lawn that i don't water. It has had some minor pine tip moth die back in prior years.

This spring, all the inner needles have all browned, and even new needles are browning. there is no tip bending, like the pine tip moth. I see no webbing, like spider mites. There are tiny black spots all over the needle surface (not inside the needles). I see no larva, worms, beetles, in the tree. Could this be scale? What can I do to save it?


Wholetree_300x300%2523 Needles_300x300%2523

Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Master Gardener Visit

My name is Quinn Daily - I am a science teacher at a local middle school. We have a gardening elective class that meets on Friday afternoons and I would love to get an OSU Master Gardener to come visit us and give us a talk about gardening in Central Oregon. Can you please put me in touch with a Master Gardener who would be willing to help us out? Thank you!


Deschutes County OR master gardener program over 5 years ago

Mysterious Blue Bug

What is this bug? Found in my yard in Tiverton on Tuesday, May 14, but when I came back from getting my camera it was gone. On Wednesday, May 15 it was dead and in a small garden on the rough mulch. Perhaps came in on a southerly from some place tropical?



Newport County RI insects over 5 years ago

Plant in yard

This odd looking plant is growing under a dogwood tree in pine straw in shady area. Looks prehistoric. Brown around opening looks slick and slimy. Is is home to an animal or poisonous. Should I remove it or not touch it?



Richland County SC horticulture over 5 years ago

What killed our dogwood overnight

My son lives in Somerton Phila. and the trees there are the healthiest I have ever seen. I believe it was a dogwood or possibly a flowering white cherry and was healthy and lush. This year it was stone dead. Not one leaf? It had no signs of disease last year and we are worried about the other trees now. We are heartbroken. Thanks for any info. Wendy Kates, 609-206-4137


Philadelphia County PA dogwoods horticulture over 5 years ago

My Chinese Snowball bush is being divoured by tiny black bugs. The leaves and...

My Chinese Snowball bush is being divoured by tiny black bugs. The leaves and now the flowers are being eaten. This has appeared in the past few years. This year it is earlier and worse than ever. I have had this bush for approx. 20 years and it's been so beautiful. I am hoping I can save this. It has grown into a 10 foot tree. Is there anything that can be done to save it>?


Cuyahoga County OH osue mgv over 5 years ago

Asian Pear Tree's Leaves and Blossoms have Turned Black

My five year old Asian Pear tree's leaves and blossoms have turned black. I showed a branch to my local nursery and they think it is " Fire Blight" but they are not sure. Last year it happened to one branch at the end of the season and it also appeared on an apple and quince tree. Damage was minimal. This year the Asian Pear is completely covered with black leaves but the the other trees are not infected at this time. Please advise me on what I have to do. Thanks



Montgomery County MD fruit trees fire blight black leaves tree diseases asian pear trees over 5 years ago

Tree roots and suckers in yard

Two problems. I do have a couple Aspens in the corner of my backyard plus the neighbor who’s Aspen got uprooted by winds has 10 more Aspens along our fence line. In addition all of the suckers coming up are in the grass and you stated not to get anything sprayed on the grass which would be impossible. Any other suggestions? Michael A. Martin


Jefferson County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

What is the Effect that Cicadas will have on Small Trees and Shrubs?

My question is about the effect that the cicadas will have on small trees and shrubs planted last year (skip laurels, plum tree, redbud tree, dwarf "crimson queen" Japanese maple and crape myrtle). I am not concerned as much about the branches that might be damaged this year but if the tree or shrub itself will be killed. So, my question is: will the cicadas kill my trees and shrubs that were planted last year or will the damage be to some branches this year but the plant itself will recover. If the cicadas have the potential to kill the plant itself, do you recommend netting. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Jill Lipton


Montgomery County MD shrubs pest control cicadas over 5 years ago

Carpenter Ants in Insulation

What to do? Carpenter ants in insulation in crawl space.


Queen Anne's County MD pest control carpenter ants over 5 years ago

Rock Garden

I am switching to rocks in my front yard. Where can I find plants and flowers that do not multiply, run or climb. I want to include a small rock garden for color?


El Paso County CO sustainable gardening and landscaping over 5 years ago

Sick service berry plants

Hi,I have 2 service berry plants. They are aproxemitly 5 feet tall. The leaves and berries have yellow orange stuff on them and the leaves are starting to curl. Do you have any ideas? Can they be saved or should I have them destroyed. We have a small farm and I'm concerned that it my be contagous. I can send a picture tommorrow, if you need me to. Let me know. Thanks for your help


Yamhill County OR over 5 years ago

Walnut Tree Pruning

Hello, When is the best time to prune Black Walnut trees? I read conflicting information online. I have 2 large trees that are multi-trunked, and I plan on reducing each to a single trunk. Aparently Walnuts are kind of a sappy tree and I've read of waiting until after leaves develop to prune to avoid excessive sap running. In the same paragraph I'll then read it's not an issuse..... so why should I wait? Tree pruning is typically done in the dormant/winter correct? It would be great if I could do the doing now, but I don't want to risk the health of the trees by doing something so major out of season, either.


Calhoun County MI over 5 years ago


I live in the city of Cheyenne, across the street from McCormick Junior High. In a matter of a few days, my gardens have become riddled with large holes 3"-4" in diameter. Holes have appeared in three separate garden areas, in the back and front of the house. Are these gophers and how to eradicate? HELP!



Laramie County WY over 5 years ago

Bugs killing Zucchini

For the last 2 years bugs have eaten the roots of my zucchini just as it starts to produce. The plant slowly starts to die. How do I prevent this from happening this year?
Thank You,
Gloria Bormann


McCook County SD insect issues gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

Fruit trees - Denver

Hello, thank you for your advice. I am considering planting fruit trees in the south area of my West facing front yard in the city limits of Denver. I have been told that peach and plum trees, when pruned regularly, can remain 10' in height with 6' of diameter. I would like to know what trees you would recommend for my situation and what resources are available on the Extension website for planting/care suggestions.


Denver County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Horseradish - Is the Flower Edible?

Hi again. I've had great success for the past couple of years growing horseradish in a Baltimore city recycling bin. (I encourage others to try.) I do nothing aside from harvest the roots in the fall, leaving a bit in for next year. This year, though, I'm getting a flower for the first time. Should I cut this before it goes to seed so it won't change the taste of the root? Or keep it? The bin has a couple of plants. Only one is flowering. I can't find any reliable info on the web about this. It the flower edible? It looks tasty, like a daikon radish flower. Thanks, as always.


Baltimore MD vegetables horseradish over 5 years ago

Unknown Vine Growing in my Hedge - Poison Ivy?

I have an unknown vine growing in my hedge. I am concerned that it may be poison ivy. Questions: (1) Can you identify it from the pictures? (2) How do I get rid of it without killing the hedge? ----- Thank you for your time. ----- Mr. Fran Marinaro



Baltimore MD poison ivy vines plant id over 5 years ago

Swarms of Small Flying Bugs - What are They?

We have had swarms of small (about 1/4" long) flying bugs (ants?) on the siding of the back of the house recently. An exterminator could not identify them. A picture is attached. Please let me know if they are damaging insects and if anything should be sprayed to control them. Thanks.



Howard County MD flies insect identification wildlife identification picture-winged flies over 5 years ago

Seed Weevils

On your web page about Scotch broom You talk about using Seed Weevils as an alternative way of ridding us of Scotch Broom: this article was from 2009, it's now spring 2013. I want to know how is this working? What keeps these weevils from eating the seeds of other plants? We have an infestation going on of Scotch Broom this spring and I'd like to know what, if anything, is being doing by the state or county to kid us of Scotch broom without also killing the trillium, the salal, Solomon seals, etc. and there's the vine maples, too. The images I found of these weevils, grown, look a lot like those shield bugs we were being told about last season. What's the status of those bugs now?


Multnomah County OR weed issues over 5 years ago

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