Inkberry Brown

3 year old inkberry. 2 - 3 feet tall. Noticed brown leaves and some spots on leaves.Gets afternoon sun. Has been vibrant up until 2 weeks ago when the snow melted around it.Could this be leaf spot or anthracnose? Thank you.


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Anne Arundel County Maryland shrubs inkberry possible winter damage over 5 years ago

Would you recommend a hydrangea variety?

I want to plant a hydrangea in a spot that faces the morning sun and will be partially shaded from around 1-2 p.m. through evening. I want a hardy plant that is not so hard to care for and one that I can control the growth so it doesn't get so high. How about Endless Summer versus Big Leaf hydrangea?


Kent County Michigan shrubs hydrangea lrk over 5 years ago

what soil temperature should we wait for in spring to apply lawn fertilizer?...

what soil temperature should we wait for in spring to apply lawn fertilizer? (Combo. Crabgrass Pre-Emergent & Fertilizer)


Hennepin County Minnesota over 5 years ago

im looking for a graden center that sells winonia strawberries could you let...

im looking for a graden center that sells winonia strawberries could you let me know who will be carrying them or where i can get good bare root plants thankyou


Wright County Minnesota over 5 years ago

Brown/Dead Grass Issue

I have patches of brown/dead grass (Please see attached photo) all over my front yard this season. I can go to these areas and actually rake the dead grass into piles. The grass can be pulled up from the soil with little effort. I fertilized about a month ago using Nitro-Phos Imperial with a 15-5-10 ratio. I do have areas where the lawn greened up nicely but it appears that my situation is spreading with more dead grass.

As this is not just a problem for me it appears that most of my neighbors are having issues too. I know most of them have their sprinklers going everyday which is entirely too much for St. Augustine grass. I have not watered any this year, only once to make sure that my sprinkler system is in good working order.

I am wondering what I need to do in order to reverse my problem? Is there a certain product that I can buy to remedy the issue? If this is a fungal disease, could this have spread to my yard since my neighbors are applying too much water?




Harris County Texas lawns and turf horticulture over 5 years ago

Fast growing privacy bush

Hi! My neighbor cut down two beautiful pine trees that separated our small, city back yards, and now my view consists of the back of her two-story white house. I'd like to plant something to at least partially cover that view. It's the north side of our yard and doesn't get much sun. I've thought of arborvitae, but that seems boring. I'd be grateful for any suggestions you might have.


Ingham County Michigan trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Boxwood trimming/pruning

When is the best time to trim boxwoods in the spring? Jackson/Livingston county area.


Jackson County Michigan trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Forage Crops

Good Morning. I am Mark Zimmerman from Tiffin, Ohio, Seneca County. I am preparing to establish a hay field after wheat this year. Although I have existing hay fields, this new one is giving me some concerns. I wish to establish an Alfalfa\Orchard Grass mix. The soil is Shoals and a little Chagrin. We tiled the 13 acre field two years ago and have a suitable outlet. The soil is slow to drain but I expect that to change as the tile system gets some age. We have planted row crops there for the past several years without flooding incident. The area is low but not highly susceptible for flooding. So:1. Is there an Alfalfa\Orchard Grass combination suitable for these soil conditions.2. Being that the existing wheat crop is very dense (planted at 2 bu\ac and every seed germinated) can I effectively seed with my Nitrogen application or will it be shaded out and killed?If you need more info please let me know.
Thanks,Mark R. Zimmerman


Seneca County Ohio pastures and forages forage over 5 years ago

Orchard irrigation

Dear Sir - Madam

I am writting to let me know points of apple trees irrigation, time of irigating, amount of and so on, I got an article from you in website of centre, let me know as soon as possible

Yours Faithfully


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Bad looking rhododendrons

I have 3 rhododendrons, they look pretty unhealthy. Any advice how to tackle this problem? Thanks, Luc



Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

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