Bahia in Bermuda lawns

How can I kill Bahia grass in my Bermuda yard if I don't have a chemical license?


Parker County Texas lawns and turf horticulture over 5 years ago

How can you get rid of horse tail in your yard?

Hi, One of our landowners here in Washington county is looking for a way to get rid of horse tail in his yard. He says that it came into his yard from the neighbor's yard, which has a large infestation. We already reminded him that even if he can get rid of the horse tail using an herbicide, it is likely to keep coming back as long as it is in his neighbors yard. However, we get asked this question a lot and are stumped -- some of the employees here are also wondering what to do to remove horse tail. Is there an effective herbicide? Are their effective non-herbicide methods? The infestation is fairly sizable, so hand pulling alone is not sufficient. Thanks!


Washington County Oregon weed issues over 5 years ago

Hello - I asked my question 21 days ago. Any response? Thank you.

The man who trims my trees was at your university for a conference. He heard a discussion about something that would keep squirrels out of peach trees but he did not write it down. I have a real problem with squirrels eating every peach from the trees. What can I do to discourage them? Is there a substance to spray/put on the tree that would deter the squirrels but not harm the peaches? Thank you so much!


Douglas County Nebraska wildlife damage management trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Where can I buy mason bees?

Hi, A Washington county resident was recently asking me where he can buy mason bees. He wants to order them online or buy them locally, and wants to be sure they are healthy. Thanks, Jennifer


Washington County Oregon horticulture over 5 years ago

Grub Control & Native Lawn


I have a grub problem in my back yard. They are mostly grayish grubs, while some are white. Both are the same size of around an inch or so. Below are my questions. I prefer using non-chemical eradication techniques, but if the chemical one is the only one that works I am willing.

What are a couple of methods to kill them? Where can I buy the products? I hear nematoads and Grub-X are methods that work.
What do they eat? Do they only eat grass roots? Will they eat vegetable plants roots?

Also, I was wondering if you could give me advice on where to buy buffalo/blue grama grass mixes? We would like to plant a native grass lawn later this year. Any advice on when to plant and what methods to use?

Thank you for your time.


Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf over 5 years ago

Bindweed Management

How can I best manage bindweed on a half-acre field of a small market farm? We use sustainable growing practices and have tilled it in twice, but it sometimes gets away from us before we can weed it out. Should we continue to till it in and then try to keep it weeded? Or is there a more efficient way?


Ingham County Michigan over 5 years ago

Bush turned to LACE!

I have two bushes in my yard that have flowering white snowballs of flowers. This is my third year here and each year some little, bitty, tiny black wormy bug eats the leaves to lace. They shrubs are dying. Can I save them or should they be removed. In either case, what treatments can I try on the shrub and in the soil.

Thank you, Brenda

P.S. I mean tiny like millimeters. They are brownish-black and have legs.
P.S.S. Do you know what kind of bush this is?
IS THIS A Chinese Snowball that popped up when I entered this email?


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Lake County Ohio over 5 years ago

Where would we find sunflowers being cultivated near Denver?

Two young people have asked me to take them to see sunflowers in bloom, as in full fields of sunflowers being cultivated east of Denver. They seem to think there are such farms not far from Denver International Airport. Do you have any information that might be helpful? I presume sunflowers are not in full bloom until sometime in July??Thank you so much.


Denver County Colorado sunflowers over 5 years ago


Having a difficult time getting a good crop of rhubarb. We have a sandy soil in nw MI, near Cadillac. Do I, and when do I put some kind of material on the plants I have left?


Wexford County Michigan fruits and vegetables over 5 years ago

I have a 36 acre property in Baltimore County. We have many, many ash trees...

I have a 36 acre property in Baltimore County. We have many, many ash trees and I hold my breath every year that we don't get Ash Borers. I am curious, should I release predatory wasps preemptively? Thank you.


Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs emerald ash borer ash trees over 5 years ago

pinholes and lacy leaves- Frontier Elm


The Millions of Trees project planted a Frontier Elm in the easement in front of our house last fall. The tree looks vigorous and healthy. However something is eating its' leaves. There are pinholes in the leaves and some of them are quite lacy. I noticed that two more Frontier Elms on the next block are having the same issues. What should we do for these trees?

We live on S. Lincoln St. in the Denver Metro Area.

Please advise Thank You,
Marian Straight


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

sun scald or disease?

I have a tree ( I believe it is an Ash) that has a lot of bark on the south side of the trunk that is separating from the trunk and suckers growing from the damaged area. Should I wrap the trunk with something and/or try to stick the bark back on with a poultice like pruning paint? I would really like to keep the tree if possible. Thanks


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

summer garden - what to plant?

What should I plant in my small garden plot... 20 ft X 20 ft.... Just hauled in 3" of garden soil .... ready to plant something....
Any suggestions...


Brazos County Texas gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

What's wrong with my apple tree?

Hi there
I planted a Honeycrisp Apple Tree three years ago. The first year, it had flowers and produced fruit. The second year there was no fruit, though it still appeared healthy. This year, the flowers wilted and the leaves shriveled. I was hoping someone could diagnose the trouble from this image. Is this tree a goner? Is it fire blight?



Hennepin County Minnesota trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Zone garden book

Best current gardening book for zone 8. Want something with a large indoor outdoor index of landscape and food plants and trees


Linn County Oregon horticulture over 5 years ago


A Lake County resident found this rock 30 years ago on his desert property. He would like to know if it is a meteorite or, if not, what type of rock it might be. It weighs 4.59 lbs, and is not magnetic.


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Lake County Oregon science over 5 years ago

Berry plants

Best tasting June bearing stawberry for our zone. Millers Benton's Hoods are what I picked in the fields way back when


Linn County Oregon over 5 years ago

To replant green beans or not?

We need an answer for a lady. Her green beans were up about 9 inches and something ate about the top half. Will they continue to grow or should she replant? If she needs to replant is it too late?
Also, can she use liquid fence around them since they are something she will be eating.


Barry County Michigan fruits and vegetables over 5 years ago

grape seed oil repellent

Have you any information on the use of grape seed oil or methyl amthranilate to keep birds from fruit trees?


Lincoln County Oregon over 5 years ago

novice gardener

I am growing iceberg lettuce and spinach together in a grow box that comes with 6 mos worth of fertilizer disspensed automatically, Both have grown fantastically and the leaves are really large and crowding each other. The lettuce has not formed a head yet but the big leaves from both are beginning to intermingle. These were planted on May 3, 2013. We have had more than a fair share of rain recently which has released much fertilizer. Should I cut the leaves from the lettuce and spinach or thin the plants out and pull them out by the roots? Should I just leave them be? I am new at this and appreciate any help you can supply. Thank you!


Rensselaer County New York gardening horticulture over 5 years ago


Hi, My bean seeds just started sprouting and have about two leaves, but something small is munching on the leaves! What could it be and what can I do about it?



Hennepin County Minnesota fruits and vegetables insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Pond Management

I need to speak to someone about the pond on my property. I am adding about 20000 gal of water per day but am loosing that much or more. Do you know someone who i could speak with or come out and look at the pond. I am located just south of Palestine. Thank you.

Jack Kraatz
Bella Sera Ranch


Anderson County Texas freshwater aquaculture pond design construction recreational pond management over 5 years ago

Livestock vaccination programs

I am a retired veterinarian. I am travelling to Guatemala this week with the hope to help peasants with an Agriculture Extension Service type of mission.
Do you have any printed information on Livestock core vaccination programs and other pertinent information that I could use as a guide?
My mailing address from June 15 to September 15 will be:
Apartamento Fuego.Villas de Santiago, Ciudad Vieja, Sacatepequez, Guatemala.
Thank you.

Luis R Andrino DVM


Maricopa County Arizona livestock herd health over 5 years ago

April frosts

I planted 10 Juniper plants as a hedge in mid- April. the plants were 2-3' tall and looked healthy when I bought them. I used a soil conditioner and watered them well.
The folige on all but two plants has turned turned brown and looks dead. What could have caused this to happen?

John McCormac
Wheat Ridge, CO


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Ash tree bug found

We have several Ash trees on the west side of our property. The center of one has died (although the outer branches still seem to be ok. Saturday we found several bug shell (skins, ??) stuck into the trunk of the trees. They were light brown, cacoon looking shells. What might these be? Would they be the cause of the one tree trunk dying? And how do we treat them so the other trees do not die?


Utah County Utah over 5 years ago

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