Moss growing on Spruce and Cedar trees

Is it a problem to have moss growing on Spruce and Cedar trees? We are on the Long Beach Peninsula. If so, should we have it removed?


Pacific County WA forestry over 5 years ago

experimental lawn grass

I was told by a friend that Texas A&M may be developing a viable lawn grass for our area. I have searched seed companies and seem only to find the same offerings from years past.
My concern is not only the ongoing expense of lawns requiring irrigation, but the impact of our population on water resource. A lawn provides not only a pretty appearance to a home, but also enhances noise and air purity. I further believe a healthy lawn actually reduces ambient temperatures. Therefore I seek a lawn grass sustainable through rainfall, disease and pest resistant, yet pleasing in appearance to my neighbors. Optimum would be a lawn that would choke out weeds by its very hardiness.
Should such a lawn be available, I would very much like to obtain it for my own residence.


Taylor County TX lawns and turf drought horticulture over 5 years ago

Day lilies - when to cut

When is the best time to cut back day lilies and how much should I cut?


Lane County OR horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 5 years ago

Peach tree trunk ailment

Our peach tree is approx. 20 years old. It produces very nice peaches, when we don't have a late freeze. The attached pictures show trunk bark that has peeled back and a crack in the wood. i do not see any oozing, discoloration, insects, or bore holes. This year's peach count is the highest we've had in the last 3-4 years. My question: what is causing the bad looking trunk, will it eventually kill the tree, and is there a cure or treatment? Thank you so much. We live in Grand Junction.


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Mesa County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Fly control

I work on a small farm with a variety of animals. I want to reduce the fly population and don't want to harm the environment. What is the best approach? I take care of cows, horses, alpacas, llamas, chickens, geese, ducks, and sheep (a few of each).


Linn County OR insect issues over 5 years ago

Annoying Dallis Grass!

Is there an alternative herbicide for Dallis grass now that MSMA is no longer sold?


Dallas County TX herbicides horticulture over 5 years ago

Ash Tree Issues -Branch Die Back


We have a beautiful Ash in our front yard that, suddenly, seems to have lost the large middle branches. They never leafed out. The lower branches all around the tree came out, just not the main branches in the middle. I cut off a few small branches that I could reach and I did see some green. Will these branches come back or should I remove them?



Douglas County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Turf Mites

I believe I have turf damage due to mites. I put down grass seed this spring in the affected areas and watered well. Nothing grew. I tried a second time; again the seed did not germinate. Would mites prevent germination? Do I need to sod or should I try to seed again in fall? How do I prep the affected areas before seeding?


Douglas County CO lawns and turf over 5 years ago


CAn you can concord grapes whole?


Mahaska County IA over 5 years ago

Landscape design

Does extension have a service or class that would help with designing a xeriscape yard and garden. We are in Eagle Mountain and have a yard that must be completed to HOA regs by 10/31/13.


Utah County UT over 5 years ago


We recently moved into a house in Salem and had it landscaped three weeks ago. The week after it was done I noticed this pile of dirt right in the middle of a grassy area. I thought the landscapers had dumped a pot over or something. I moved the dirt and thought nothing more of it. Just tonight my boyfriend and I were in the backyard and another pile of dirt was there. As we were walking around we noticed that dirt was removed from one side of planter box that is next to a fence and then saw that the mulch had been moved. After that we realized there was like a pattern in the mulch. Can you give us an idea of what it could be? I've herd it could be gofers, moles, or voles. How do we get rid of them. Neither of us has felt with anything like this and have no idea where to start. Thank you so much!


OR wildlife damage management horticulture over 5 years ago

Edible Cherries?

We have two cherry trees at our new house and we'd like to know if the cherries are edible. Please see the pictures I attached. Thank you so much for your help.


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Oakland County MI fruit trees cherry trees over 5 years ago

help what is this?

white stuff on ground in rose bed. What is it? looks like bird droppings but it is not, very weird !


Marion County OR lawns and turf over 5 years ago

Tulip Seeds

I live in Idaho and I was looking for a way to find information about tulip seeds. when I ran across your web site, and seen a question about tulip seeds but there was nothing about how to get tulip seeds from the pod. There is a lot of good questions and answers. Please contact me by my E-Mail thank you


Bonneville County ID seeds tulips horticulture over 5 years ago

Tomato Blooms

My tomato plants are huge but I have only 2-3 blooms on 10 plants. I have not had this occur previous years in the same location. Is it too much water -- we've had a great deal of rain. A neighbor suggested I cut down some of the height of the plant so more energy goes into the production of blooms and fruit. Your suggestions?


Coweta County GA fruits and vegetables over 5 years ago

South Texas Vine..

II was hoping you could ID this vine for me. I've never seen anything like this one. It's a vine and grew 15 feet up into a Mesquite tree in Zavala County just south of Batesville, TX. The small stems were green but not a single leaf anywhere. It's a very odd looking vine. I hope the photos are descriptive/large enough.
I posted the photos on a website I maintain:
The vines near the base:
A clump of the stems about 4 feet off the ground:
and a photo of it about 15 feet up in the Mesquite:
It smelled a bit like a milkweed.


Zavala County TX plant identification horticulture over 5 years ago

Esperanza disease

My esperanzas have gotten some bumpy yellow spots in several leaf clusters. they don't look like galls but indentations from the bottom of the leaves forming a yellow dome. I didn't really see any bugs on the plants. what can this be?




Bexar County TX esperanza over 5 years ago

Worms on Grape Leaves

We have a fairly mature (6-8 years) grape arbor consisting of 2 grape plants. We found holes in the leaves and upon further inspection, found small worms. The pattern is not lacelike, just simply holes. Photo attached. We are concerned about losing our harvest if this problem becomes worse. Any Suggestions?



Ward County ND horticulture over 5 years ago

Poultry course online

Are you still offering the online poultry course? If so, what are the dates?


Ingham County MI poultry over 5 years ago

Removal of Bermuda Grass

Have used Round Up on entire front yard. Plan to spray again next Spring. This is a 2 year project. Impossible to dig out top inches of dead roots by hand on a 100'x 25' area. What is most ECONOMICAL way of scalping? Is it possible to chop top layer with existing soil? How to dispose of dead layer containing soil? Have created flower beds by hand, but my energy reserves and time could never accomplish this feat.


Jackson County OR lawns and turf over 5 years ago

Tree and shrub are dying

We were plagued with single branches of a steeple maple and a smoketree/bush dying last summer. It now seems to have spread to a Chinese maple. The steeple maple began to bud out this spring but then it just stopped. It appears to have died. We are worried that we have that vermiculum (sp?) fungus and it might spread even further to other trees (we have another maple about 15 feet away from the dead one. If you can come look or we can bring you in a cutting...could you tell from the cutting what it is? Do you recommend we get a professional to address this issue? if so, whom would you recommend? Can this be addressed? Or are we looking at pulling out all these affected trees and shrubs and starting over? Thanks for any help you can give! Kathy Davis


Clark County WA trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

We have a customer that has planted numerous Stargazer lilies with in 2 large...

We have a customer that has planted numerous Stargazer lilies with in 2 large lily beds. The other varieties include tiger lily, Casa Blanca lily, and Hemoracallis Stelld'oro, All of the Stargazer's have developed a browing on the tips of the flower petals that extends toward the center about 1/2 way. There is no margin to the lesion just brown and feels papery. The rest of the plant appears healthy with no visible lesions nor brown of any kind. This has happened for the past two years. I know this year has been wet but last year was dry - The customer does a good job of watering if needed and one bed is raised the other ground level. Do you have any idea of the problem.



Queen Anne's County MD flower flower disease botrytis over 5 years ago

Why do I get beautiful radish tops and no radish bulb?

Hello -- I have triedfor years to grow radishes in my garden. I always get large, beautiful tops that quickly go to seed with no radish in the root. I garden in a raised bed and reuse the soil year to year. I amend the soil with manure, compost and granular fertilizer in the spring. I plant the radishes with at the same time as my spinach, lettuce and other cool weather vegetables. I have used several variaties of radishes and get nothing for my salad. I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you Ellen Kuhr


Weld County CO fruits and vegetables over 5 years ago

identify species of aplant

would you please help me to identify species of a plant.


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OUTSIDEUS integrated pest management weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Starting grape cuttings in CO

We have some grape cuttings being grown/tested in quarantine at UC Davis, and expect them to be available this November.

Thus, can you refer me to someone who can instruct me in how to establish a small 24 plant vineyard here in Loveland CO using the cuttings?

Thank you,


Larimer County CO fruits and vegetables over 5 years ago

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