What kind of spider is this?



Beckham County Oklahoma spiders over 5 years ago

Master Gardener Program

Is there someone/somewhere I can go to personally speak with concerning my options and concerns about registering for the Master Gardener Program?


Multnomah County Oregon master gardener program volunteer over 5 years ago

Just this week discovered bagworms on my arbivitae, some damage has been...

Just this week discovered bagworms on my arbivitae, some damage has been done, have picked off all that we saw, each day going back and relooking, what do we need to do at this point and later to prevent another infestation next year...and the timing please. Also, will these plants rebound, they are not at all severely damaged, but noticeable gaps. PS really prefer the most environmentally safe method.


Talbot County Maryland bagworm control over 5 years ago

Duck Plant

Are duck plants edible?


Delaware duck plants edible plants over 5 years ago

Delaware State Fair

What year did the Delaware State Fair begin?


Delaware over 5 years ago

Bindweed Herbicide for Flower Garden

What can we use safely in our flower beds? I think I recall reading that there was a new chemical or a new product.
Thanks for your help.


Jefferson County Colorado weeds over 5 years ago

Pepper Plants 2

Six weeks ago I transplanted my potted peppers in very hard ground. I dug holes about 1.5 feet deep and 16 inches diameter and filled them with new gardening soil. Although they have filled in a little, their stature has not perceivably changed.
Since peppers can grow up to approximately 18 feet, they are also a deep rooted plant. Like most plants, they will take any opportunity to become root bound at the sake of growth of the rest of the plant.

So my Question: Is there any formula for figuring out the time it will take for the roots to fill their soil environments by volume and depth?


fruits and vegetables soil vegetables over 5 years ago

Why is mold growing on new drywall and not old drywall

Two years ago I left tub water running and flooded half of my one story house and my basement. My insurance covered this and hired a contractor to repair the damage and another to clean the mold (I did this the night before leaving for a 4 day out of town weekend). I have never had a mold problem before this. Just recently we had an unsual heat wave. But before the heat wave I noticed white circular mold on the ceiling drywall of the basement. It grew only on the new drywall. During the heat wave it spread but only on the new ceiling drywall. My basement is not finished. I called my insurance company and a man from the mold removal company (same one as before) came to investigate. He could not find a new source an said there was no moisture or leak. Then my insurance company came with an adjuster, a man from the contractor that installed the new dry wall and my agent. They could not figure out why the mold is on the new drywall only. They said the humidity in my basement is very high (this was during the heat wave). They asked me if I ran my dehumidifier. I said no and that I rarely had to use it. Now, my insurance is refusing to cover this saying the humidity caused it. I could understand this if the mold was on both the new and old dry wall. The mold stops in a straight line between the new dry wall and the old dry wall. Can you tell me why this is happening and what should I do? Thank you.


Mold_july_16_2013_300x300%2523 Mold_2_300x300%2523 Mold_3_300x300%2523

Rensselaer County New York new home design and construction mildew and mold control over 5 years ago

Ugly weed!

This weed appeared in our garden. I've never seen anything like it before. Can you tell me what it is?



Weld County Colorado weeds over 5 years ago


Should goats be placed in the same house as humans, especially if someone is ill?


Outside United States goat management goats over 5 years ago

Aquatic Weeds

How do you get rid of aquatic weeds?


Vanderburgh County Indiana weed management aquaponics horticulture over 5 years ago

Tomato Plant Growth

This year my tomato plants are not growing nor setting on tomatoes. They have blooms but no setting on. They were planted in mid-May and this is the first year this has happened. My daughter has the same problem. Can you help?


Arapahoe County Colorado tomatoes over 5 years ago

beetle identification

I found a beetle on my wild grape vine that is 3/4 inch long 1/2 inch wide, tan color on its back with 3 black spots on the lower edge of the wings and 1 similar spot on the thorax of both sides. Black under belly. 3 legs on each side.


Dallas County Iowa over 5 years ago

Increasing Capsaicin production in peppers?

I am looking for information resources about the specific chemicals that peppers use to produce Capsaicin. I don't mean fertilization techniques, though that would be helpful also. I'm interested in researching a compound that will offer any pepper plant the ability to produce the highest levels of Capsaicin it possibility can. In general I would prefer any University research and thesis papers and specifically from UNM, but would appreciate any sources of this chemical and horticultural information.


Gwinnett County Georgia fruits and vegetables peppers horticulture over 5 years ago

I have to replace my Mirro canner. I am used to the jiggling gauge. What type...

I have to replace my Mirro canner. I am used to the jiggling gauge. What type does OSU recommend? I did have an issue last year with my new gas stove; low on the front main burners was not low enough to maintain the correct timing. If I placed the canner on the smaller back burner, the canner could not be centered on the burner. My daughter-in-law has researched the All American canner. What does your research say about that one?


Brown County Ohio over 5 years ago

June bearing raspberries

Can June bearing raspberries grow a new cane and bear fruit the same early summer? I grow fall bearing raspberries and cut the canes down each fall for regrowth in spring so I know what they look like. While harvesting my June (early summer) bearers last week I discovered a new cane full of fruit. Unusual or not?


Beaver County Pennsylvania raspberries horticulture over 5 years ago

Growing Raspberries

This past spring we discovered a mulberry seedling growing in one end of the red raspberry patch and most of the plants within a 6 foot diameter have died. In addition a number of plants were transplanted from that end of the same bed to a new location last fall and it seems like most of them did not survive the winter. However we did have that late Memorial day killing frost, so I'm not completely sure the cause of this loss. This mulberry was identified by a local state park environmentalist and he commented that white mulberries in particular can have an allopathic effect to plants around it. True or false? Or other options to consider? (So far this seedling has not been removed)


Beaver County Pennsylvania fruits and vegetables raspberries horticulture over 5 years ago

Hi, Can you tell me what type of insect this is? Found it outside on my deck....

Hi, Can you tell me what type of insect this is? Found it outside on my deck. Spider? It looks scarey. Thanks



Harford County Maryland insect identification over 5 years ago

Grandfathering a manufacturing plant in commercial zone

I was told by planning director that the mfg. business, which is in a commercial zone - was grandfathered because it was established prior to zoning laws. That is understandable, however the business owner has built a huge, pole building on property. Approx 1/2 acre. Now he has purchased the house and land his business is on. His plan is tear down the house and build retail business for a new finished product. Years ago, The original home owner ran a wholesale furniture business from the area in question retail/commercial. Which was in compliance with the commercial zoning. My home, is across the road, and I just found out it is zoned L-C Lake Commercial. The person who sold us our house, neglected to inform us of the zoning - and I was negligent and never even asked. Anyway, I am afraid this new building and this planned building will bring down the re-sale value of Planning and Zoning Director, I was told his business is under a grandfather clause. As stated above. How could this big pole building be grandfathered in, since it was only built a year ago? And now can the business owner open a retail shop to sell marine pads (?) which more than likely will be manufactured at the current "grandfathered" plant?


Wright County Iowa zoning nonconformity community planning and zoning over 5 years ago

I live in southeastern Frederick Co. I have numerous ground hornets in my...

I live in southeastern Frederick Co. I have numerous ground hornets in my garden area. I could not get a good closeup picture with my camera. They have 3 yellow bands on their tail sections, wings, 1 to 1-1/2" in length, and they have drilled many small holes in the ground between raspberry rows. What are they (?) and what is a way that I can get rid of them?


Ground_hornet_26_july_2013_002_300x300%2523 Ground_hornet_26_july_2013__001_300x300%2523

Frederick County Maryland insect identification over 5 years ago


What causes tomato skin splitting and how can it be prevented? Jesse Bugg, 1802 The Byway, Woodstock, Ga. 30189


Cherokee County Georgia over 5 years ago

Something keeps eating the leaves from my string beans as soon as they are...

Something keeps eating the leaves from my string beans as soon as they are several inches tall. I have fenced garden in and put net over it but leaves are eaten up. Planted them 4 times but it happens every time. also zinnia leaves on my flower plants are eaten. They are planted together.Never happend in all the years before. Help. Seven does no good.


Montgomery County Maryland vegetables over 5 years ago

Wilting and dying forsithia bushes

We have a forsythia hedge (the old-fashioned, pale yellow cultivar) in which several bushes have died showing wilting and browning symptoms starting with yellowing leaves localized on one or a few branches. Have treated with triazole fungicides without much success. Guidance please?


New Castle County Delaware ornamentals forsythia forsythia disease flowering shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Septic drain field

I would like to know what shallow root ground cover I can plant on my drain field. Is there one that would spread quickly? This hill is unsightly and right in view from my living room window!


Ingham County Michigan groundcovers horticulture over 5 years ago

goldenrain tree dying

I was visiting a friend in Denver and she has 5 goldenrain trees in her backyard. They have been there for about 10 years and done well, but this year, the tree (Tree A) that always seemed the healthiest (produced the most blossoms and seed pods) started leafing out and then stopped and now appears to be dying. A second one (Tree B) only partially leafed out and looks very sad. When Tree A first started having problems, she noticed that the trunk of the tree was splitting near the bottom and new shoots were coming out. They broke off the shoots and wrapped the trunk but this hasn't helped. She has an inground irrigation system and hasn't changed anything about how she has cared for the trees. The other three goldenrain trees all seem fine. Do you have any suggestions about what she can do to save the trees? I am uploading a couple pictures of the problem.


Tree_a_300x300%2523 Tree_a_base_300x300%2523 Tree_b_base_300x300%2523

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

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