I have a skunk (s) under my house. Is there a safe humane way for me to get...

I have a skunk (s) under my house. Is there a safe humane way for me to get rid of it?


Franklin County OH over 5 years ago

Watering plants before vacation

Will be away for a week in mid summer. I am thinking of moving the pots and planters to the shade on covered porch and soaking well before I leave.
Do you have any other suggestions?
Is it better to water in the early morning or evening. I have soaker hoses just under surface.
Thank You, Jeanne


Baltimore County MD watering potted plants over 5 years ago

Fir Tree Care

I have a large mature Fir tree in my front yard. Is it necessary to leave the earth bare for 6-8 feet around the base? I have seen this done for many large trees. Thanks for your help.


Washington County OR trees and shrubs over 5 years ago


how to correct a horse from winging to the inside


Clarke County AL horses farrier horse conformation over 5 years ago

pre emergent herbicide

Hello, I currently have some raised garden beds that have been neglected for many years and the soil has pretty much been taken over by weeds and the wood is getting pretty bad as well. After this season, I am planning on tearing up the current beds and building new ones. I didn't build the original beds, but the soil seems to be good quality other than the weeds. I am planning on sifting the soil to ensure I have all of the weed roots out, but what is the most reliable pre-emergent herbicide I can use to kill the seeds that will probably still be in the soil? Ideally, I would like a glandular type I would be able to add in as I'm sifting it. I have read about gluten corn meal, but have heard mixed results and is pretty expensive. So what would you recommend?


Marion County OR weed issues over 5 years ago

I want to start forest farming!

Hello, My husband and I recently inherited 18 acres of land in rural western New York. About 15 acres are dense forest with pine and other soft woods. Very little hard wood exists on the property, but is not hard at all to come by in the area. We plan on growing shiitake and other mushrooms, but just recently learned about forest farming. Would farming our existing, established, dense forest be feasible? We could clear a lot of brush to make space for berries and other plants. It's very shaded with little dappling sun light. Natural clearings occur throughout the property. We plan on fencing the entire property in and also getting some foraging sheep( which will be separated from crops with more fencing). We want to farm our land without cutting trees down! Is this land going to support forest farming?



Wyoming County NY forestry forest farming over 5 years ago


Is shavegrass safe for animal consumption? I have dairy goats that I'm looking at moving into s pasture that has shavegrass growing in it.


Jackson County OR weed issues pastures and grazing pastures and forages goats over 5 years ago

Plant ID

This was found at hood river city.......can you identify?



Hood River County OR over 5 years ago

Vegetable beds


I have two above ground beds; one that I've used for a few years and another, larger one I just completed this week. This new one was built on top of the lawn so I'm wondering if I need to remove the grass or can I cover it with a barrier of sorts (like a weed barrier) then just topsoil over it?

Also, I just planted a few tomato and eggplants in the old bed. Any type of fertilizer or starter you'd recommend? Initial watering cycle?

I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you, Mark from Golden, CO


Jefferson County CO fruits and vegetables over 5 years ago

I have a 20+ year-old crabapple tree in my front yard that is treated yearly...

I have a 20+ year-old crabapple tree in my front yard that is treated yearly for scab and fireblight by Bartlett arborists. With this care my apple tree is always gorgeous and it is very important to me. This year,the fireblight treatment wasn't done when the blooms opened (not done at all) and now many many branches are brown and dying back. What is the most effective treatment now? This was a big mistake on the part of the arborist company. I want to save my tree! Thanks. Kathy J.


Hamilton County OH over 5 years ago

Soil Testing

Hi: Is there someplace that I could take a small sample of soil for testing? If so, is there a charge? Please advise. Thanks! Kathy Johnston


Ramsey County MN soil testing laboratories over 5 years ago

57A limestone

My husband just brought home a load of 57A limestone and put in our driveway. It stinks to high heaven. Smells something like diesel fuel. What's up with that? And is it toxic?


Portage County OH over 5 years ago

St. Augustine sod, St. Augustine Decline

Help. I had St. Augustine sod planted 2 weeks ago. Part of the sod looked yellowish and some still does after watering, etc. What are my options? My gardener bought the sod at his supplier. Do I need to replant what looks like dead grass? Thanks.
p.s. We purchased our home over a year ago and had the large playground equipment removed. Prior to adding the sod 2 weeks ago, the gardener rototilled the area that included double layers of plastic under the playground equipment and grass.


Galveston County TX lawns and turf st augustine grass over 5 years ago

Aquaponics in PVC

Exactly which vegetables and fruits can be grown in 3" pvc piping using the aquaponics approach but using fish water as the main source of fertilizer? I'm looking for info on root depths and any incompatibilities with any certain plants and the fish waste fertilizer or does fish waste fertilizer work on all plants?


Massac County IL aquaponics horticulture over 5 years ago

How to get rid of Japanese Knotwood (Michigan Bamboo)

I have a 40foot by 60foot area in my back yard infested with this aggressive invader. 2yrs ago the extension told me to cut it off and poor concentrated Round up in. That just caused the plant to send out many little leaves. We covered my backyard with cardboard but that seemed to feed it. I covered the backyard with black plastic. The plant grows under the tarps and then breaks through and gets color. We dug it all out last year and it's back. I am digging it out again, but feel like it's fruitless! Some questions:
1. is there anything stronger that a commercial company can use that may kill it?
2. any other ways to kill it? Some have suggested burning it but the roots would still be underground.
2. Would someone be interested in using this for their graduate studies?
Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you


Oakland County MI weed issues over 5 years ago

bronze color of my arborvitae

My arborvitae have turned bronze in color. What does it mean & how can help to turn back to green. (Thuja Smaragd). Thanks


Boulder County CO trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Good evening. Question, do Cranberry Fruitworm moths and Cherry Fruitworm...

Good evening. Question, do Cranberry Fruitworm moths and Cherry Fruitworm moths fly at night, and if so, are they attracted to light?? Thanks. Tom


Tioga County NY over 5 years ago

too late to trap for spotted wing drysophila?

I just saw the video about the traps for spotted wing drysophila. Is it too late to set the traps? Thanks! Marfa Levine


Benton County OR insect issues over 5 years ago

best hose?

Hello, My hose is gushing at the spigot. I've tried plumber's tape to no avail. I'm ready to splurge for a GOOD one. Any suggestions? Thank you Marfa Levine


Benton County OR horticulture over 5 years ago

I planted a garden for first time at my house this year doing tomatoes,...

I planted a garden for first time at my house this year doing tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and few other small things. My tomatoes are growin well but after some test I've realized my garden soil is very high in nitrogen. Some plants are starting to produce tomatoes but 2 others are in bloom but blooms are starting to die. I've not fertilized and put down some mulch n such in attempt to try and help lower the nitrogen. Can I add a little amount of fertilizer high in potash and no nitrogen to help save the tomato plants that are producing blooms but having trouble making fruit/vegetable?


Henderson County IL fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

The leaves on my tomatoes are starting to turn yellow and yes i did cover...

The leaves on my tomatoes are starting to turn yellow and yes i did cover them when we had that frost and i cover them very good is the yellow leaves do to all of the rain and what can i do for them??


Oakland County MI over 5 years ago

Rusted Leave On Cherry Tree

I'm starting to get what looks like rust on the leaves on my cherry tree


Oakland County MI trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Oops! Decapitated my grape vine.

I thought I was cutting out deadwood in my grape vine, and then when I had finished sawing through a bit between the size of a half dollar and a silver dollar, I realized that was the trunk of the whole plant (this was just now, May 31 in SLC). My neighbor says it will probably grow back. Should I try to root some pieces just in case? I have cut off a few of the tips of the branches and put them in water to wait your response. Thanks. It's a hardy plant. A friend gave it to me about 10 years ago, and I buried it where I thought it might die, since I didn't think I wanted it. There were three of them, and I gave them no encouragement at all. About 4 years ago, I realized this one had survived and 2 years ago I put up a trellis for it, where it has done fine. It is on the north side of the house, in shade most of the time. It is watered very marginally (if at all) by the sprinkler system and rain.


Salt Lake County UT over 5 years ago

Carpenter bees

What treatment is legal and effective?


Bennington County VT bee health over 5 years ago

I have moss growing in my lawn. Why us it growing there and how can I prevent...

I have moss growing in my lawn. Why us it growing there and how can I prevent it and get rid of it?



Howard County MD lawns and turf moss in lawn over 5 years ago

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