What to do now?

We have a strip of grass lawn between the sidewalk and curb that has been ravaged by some kind of grubs. In these areas the grass has died and its roots have been eaten away. Am I better off replacing the entire area with sod or planting grass seed? About half to three-quarters of the area is now just dirt. And should I be treating this area for grubs and, if so, with what?


New Castle County Delaware lawns and turf grass lawn grubs over 5 years ago

Where to purchase seed to attract bees?

We recently helped our neighbor drill a seed he called Sanpoint. He planted it for his bees. We have several fields fallow with irrigation and I'd like to try this seed. Where do we buy it?


Wyoming bee health over 5 years ago

I have two Lilac bushes in my yard, at lese I think they are both Lilac one...

I have two Lilac bushes in my yard, at lese I think they are both Lilac one of them has never bloomed the 2nd does bloom but nothing special. My question is, a month or so after the leaves come out they get a white milky film over the leaves. I also have an Azalea bush that also gets that milky film on the leaves which occurs after it blooms. Can you tell me what the film is and how to eliminate the problem? Below are pictures of the leaves, just click on the links to my Dropbox. The last couple of years we have be inundated with gnats in our yard. We cannot walk through the yard or work in the yard without being swarmed by the gnats. We have our yard sprayed for insects which does nothing for the gnats. If I have to work in the yard I have to spray myself with insect repellent. Any ideas on eliminating the Gnat problem? Thank you for any information you can give me.


Allegany County Maryland shrubs lilac bushes over 5 years ago

INQUIRY about master gardener

is there any other excludin evenig? preferably afternoon? can i do job from home after this course? is there any concession in fees? as it is higher some for me... thks


Story County Iowa over 5 years ago

Hydraulic fuel spill on my newly planted hackberry trees


Last week during some construction work taking place in the home lots behind our house, one of the excavators had a hose bust which caused hydraulic fuel to spray all over our back yard. My husband and I are noticing the some blackening of the branches in the trees we planted a couple months ago. We have three hackberry trees each about 15 feet tall and the one that was most affected by the oil spray is looking particularly discolored. I would like to know if the spraying of this fuel is known to cause harm to trees, or if its nothing to worry about? Maybe we won't have a good idea if it caused long term damage until next year? I'm sure the construction company would be willing to help us work it out, but I wanted your professional advice before I make any assessment on my own. In the pictures you will see the trunk has a lighter side and a darker oil sprayed side. You will also see a branch that is lighter on the left and then gets blacker as it branches away from the tree. You will also see the contrast of a light trunk and branches that have darkened.
email, call, or text is all fine

Andrea Rose 801 915-6489
Saratoga Spring UT


2013-09-30_14.00.01_300x300%2523 2013-09-30_14.00.01_300x300%2523 2013-09-30_14.00.11_300x300%2523

Utah County Utah trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Spider found in yard - son wans to keep

Hi! My son found the spider in the attached photos in a bucket next to a shed about 5 yards from a creek near Broomfield. He wants to keep the darling beast. It is a good 2" nose to tail. I can't see any markins on the belly. Do you have any idea what kind of spider it is? Is it a brown recluse? (god forbid) Thanks a ton! Lynnette DeBell

by the way we thinks it's a wolf spider because 2 eyes are bigger than the others


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Jefferson County Colorado spiders over 5 years ago

I planted fruit trees 3 or 4 years ago, and have yet to get a harvest. THis...

I planted fruit trees 3 or 4 years ago, and have yet to get a harvest. THis is frustrating for me, because I have a thriving vegetable garden. How long do fruit trees- in particular pear trees- take to bear fruit consistently? I have seen pears on the trees, but then over the season, they disappear. I have a peach tree that consistently produces tons of fruit- but then it all succumbs to plum curculio. I tried organic spray first, and conventional (and foul-smelling) spray last year, and neither worded. I am tempted to cut it down. I would rather use an organic method to control the plum curculio. Do you have any recommendations please? Thanks!


Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs fruit pear peach pest control over 5 years ago

canning method and time for a particular recipe

My partner is British and loves this stuff called "Branston Pickle", which is usually served in pubs on a Plaughman's platter with cheddar, crackers, among other things. We found a recipe online at For the "swede", we substiuted a medium parsnip For the "small gherkins", we substituted 7 lemon cucumbers The chutney turned out great and we processed it in half pints with 1/2" headspace using the boiling water method for 10 minutes. Because this recipe has low acid food, I was unsure if this was the correct method, however, the recipe has some malt vinegar in it, so maybe it is fine. Can you tell me what you think? This is definitely a recipe we want to make again. It was so good! Thank you, Stephanie


Multnomah County Oregon home food preservation over 5 years ago

plant sale

When is the fall plant sale


Cumberland County Pennsylvania master gardener program plant sale horticulture over 5 years ago

High Magnesium

test 999EZ4 Do I need fertilizer with nitrogen or only potash? Should I try to add sulfur? Tree Tone product? Should I attempt to lower the PH of 7.8? THANKS


Wayne County Michigan soil and fertility issues over 5 years ago

fertilizer formulas

If I were to mix my own fertilizer formula for my lawn what would you recommend. I want to use Phosphorus, Cobalt Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Sulfur,and Nitrogen.


Weld County Colorado lawns and turf fertilizer lawn fertilizer over 5 years ago


When is the best time to prune Apple and Peach trees????


Clark County Ohio over 5 years ago

yeast bread in a bag.

I am looking for the instructions for making yeast bread in a bag.


Tulsa County Oklahoma food preparation over 5 years ago

Removing Homestead in Carroll County

I am in the process of removing all the buildings and trees from my original Family Farm Homestead in Carroll County to convert to tillage crops. Is there any information regarding barn wood salvaging, or water-well capping available from your office? I will be in Carroll from October 3-10. (Unfortunately, I live out-of-state.)


Carroll County Iowa over 5 years ago

PA State Farm Show

Where can I get a premium book for the 2014 PA State Farm Show? I just have computer access thru my cell and cannot download the whole book. Thanks! E.R. PS. I'm located in Slippery Rock, PA.


Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Flood mitigation for my yard

I live on the South Boulder Creek floodplain and have been affected by the recent floods. To distract myself from the guys ripping out soggy drywall, I'm walking the creek and noticing what plants and landscaping seemed to slow down and ameliorate the effects of the recent flood, such as breaking up the flow of the water or catching big debris (20 foot logs!). Where can I go to get more information on how to improve things for the next time? I'm not talking about building dams or moats or any major hydraulic engineering projects, nothing that would mess up the bigger flood plain management plans for the county -- just what I can do as a homeowner in the way of plantings or maybe big rocks that might help to slow down the flood waters. Thanks! Kellie


Boulder County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping over 5 years ago

care of winter pansies

Just planted the occasional winter pansy among the roses in the large garden at our apt complex. Everyone tells me they'll never make it. So, of course, it's of paramount importance they do. Can you help me please with some care tips? I plan to fertilize in a few days and mulch (something to recommend for that?) before any freeze. What about watering thru the winter and what about more fertilizing? I'm in the Denver area.
Thank you for any advice you can offer. JJTM


Denver County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 5 years ago

Can you help us identify this bug? Hi ~ My name is Jessi Brink and I am...

Can you help us identify this bug? Hi ~ My name is Jessi Brink and I am hoping you can help us with Bug Identification and/or helping us solve the mystery of our "Dominican Bug" problem. In March 2013 I received a bamboo silverware holder from a restaurant owner about the size of a large glass. On Saturday night I went to add more silverware to it and found fine sawdust all over the inside. When I lifted it off the cupboard shelf, I noticed sawdust surrounding the container too. When I looked inside, I found a few dozen pin-head size holes and then saw a few tiny beetles going in and out of them. I cleaned out the cupboard, placed then in an air-tight container to keep them in case they need to be identified and then started searching online. I think they might be "Powderpost Beetles" but I'm not sure. As a precautionary measure, we threw out all of the food in that cupboard and tossed the different shelves b/c I saw a few holes on the rough side of the board. I called my sister who also got one of these silverware holder souveniers and told her to check the container asap! Lo and behold, her cupboard was filled with these little bugs. Dust was all over her plates and cups and it had eaten through a wicker basket that was sitting next to it on the shelf. Her pictures are attached. I believe hers is a lot more advanced than ours but I am nervous because I read These bugs can remain inside the wood for 3-12 months in active and then when the larvae (?) stage switches to pupa (?) or adult (?) stage it emerges. Any advice? We're pretty grossed out and I have gotten mixed messages from the three pest control companies I spoke with today. The soonest they can come out is October 9th and I'm hesitant to wait that long for some action. Thank you! ~Jessi Brink


Dakota County Minnesota insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Hey- i would love to know how many acres can support a cow? And other...

Hey- i would love to know how many acres can support a cow? And other livestock animals such as; chickens, turkeys, dairy goats, pigs and horses? For example: 1.5 acres is needed to support 1 cow and calf throughout the summer. Or 1 acre to support 2 pigs, or 1 acre to support 100 chickens in Ohio (Loraine County and/or surrounding counties?) Thanks so much!


Lorain County Ohio over 5 years ago

Hi, I am a school teacher at Cecilton Elementary in Cecilton, Maryland. This...

Hi, I am a school teacher at Cecilton Elementary in Cecilton, Maryland. This past spring we planted a rain garden and are preparing for fall maintenance. I have found conflicting research about when to cut back perennials and tall grasses (spring or fall). I was wondering if you could give us some advice on when to cut back the following plants: Blue Vervain Cardinal Flower Joe-Pye Weed Monkey Flower New York Ironweed Woolgrass Bayberry Thank you so much! Anne Highfield


Cecil County Maryland rain gardens flower native flowers native flower cutting back cutting back flowers over 5 years ago

For the last two years, one of my gardens has been growing several different...

For the last two years, one of my gardens has been growing several different fungi. I have been digging them out, but they return and spread. I was told my soil was too woody, secondary to the use of woodchip mulch. I've stopped that and removed it from the surface. I brought samples of the offending plant to the Bachmann's horticulturists and they advised me to consult you. They say the soil needs treatment with a restricted chemical that can only be applied by a gardening service. Does this sound correct? can you recommend a reputable provider/s of these services?


Hennepin County Minnesota over 5 years ago

What is this bug?

I found a VERY large bug in my garage after a rainstorm. Is this a queen termite? What is this? It is about 3" long.



Douglas County Oregon over 5 years ago

preparing for winter

I need dummy proof instructions for preparing my more delicate plantings for the winter. IE when and how to protect them from frost damage.I live in Medford.


Jackson County Oregon vegetable gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

What kind of Apple tree do we have?

We are new to the area. We share this Apple tree with the vacant house next door. We would like to care for it but we have no idea what type of Apple tree it is. Help...


Img_0974_300x300%2523 Img_0972_300x300%2523 Img_0971_300x300%2523

Calhoun County Michigan fruit apple trees over 5 years ago

pipe creek crops

I have five acres in pipe creek and i would like to grow fruit, olive or nut trees. How can i find out what the best crop would be for my land?


Bandera County Texas over 5 years ago

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