Caterpillar in oak tree

We have a large number of these in our oak tree. What is it and how do we stop it?



Virginia Beach VA over 5 years ago

Bermuda grass in veggie beds

My veggie beds have been overrun by Bermuda grass. I don't want to use roundup, so I tried vinegar, plastic, grass clippings and hoeing. It won! What can I do over the winter to rid my beds of this nasty weed. I tried cover crops last year because I had the same problem last summer...that didn't work either. Thanks for your help.


Marion County OR weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Turf Bug - Part 2

Part 2. Burrowing turf bug that I believe is killing Zoysia sod. I dug up some soil up to a depth of about 2 inches. I could not find any sizeable bug. Only some white bugs about the size of straight pin head. So small I could not see any additional details of bug. Any ideas? Any remedies? Thanks BG



Cherokee County GA over 5 years ago

Mohave Sage hardiness

Will Mohave Sage overwinter in the ground in Denver?


Arapahoe County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago

Turf insect

I purchased some Zoysia sod in 2012. It is thinning out badly. The area is near a large River Birch that shades it so that does not help. I see these mounds of dirt from some burrowing insect that I believe is eating the roots of the grass. May I ask if you can identify the bug from the results seen in the pictures? Would you have a suggestion for a remedy? Thank you, BG



Cherokee County GA over 5 years ago

a small green thing ????

First time that I have ever seen this ,does anyone know what it is ? white seeds inside


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MO trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

Fall bulbs

My brother's 60th birthday is in Sept. he has a home in the Willamette Valley. I would like to send him 70 bulbs to plant that will flower in the spring and or fall. Can you please give me remediation a as well as best place to purchase? Thank you.


Dallas County TX over 5 years ago

Perennial wildflowers in Iowa/roadside ditches

I live in Clive, Iowa but am from Marcus, Iowa originally. There is about a 1/2 mile roadside ditch on each side of Highway #3 immediately south of the town of Marcus. I am interested to find out if it would be possible to plant colorful perennial wildflowers in those ditches? If so, what flowers would be most appropriate in that location; how do you work around the issue of mowing ditches where flowers are planted; will the county (Cherokee County) work with a community in that kind of effort to minimize chemical exposure and mowing off the new flowers; and who is the appropiate person to speak with about that type of project. In parts of Central Texas, for example, Lady Bird Johnson was instrumental in planting Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets that fill both ditches for miles on end along certain roadways. San Diego has floral plantings along some of its expressways. They are gorgeous to behold. Is that possible in our state, and in particular, in NW Iowa (outside Marcus, in Cherokee County)? Fred Dorr (Phone #515.283.1801 (W))


Cherokee County IA over 5 years ago

Hami Melon

Do you have anything on your website about hami melons and how to grow them in this climate?


Lane County OR fruits and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

my tomato leaves are brown and plant wilting

my tomato leaves are brown and plant wilting


Anne Arundel County MD vegetables tomato diseases over 5 years ago


What kind of spider is this? I live in small Suburb of Pittsburgh. It was on my porch. It looks very dangerous



Westmoreland County PA urban integrated pest management spiders pest control over 5 years ago

Odd looking grass or weed.

Can I send you a tuft of this to see if you can tell me what it is and how to get rid of it? It grows in patches about 2' dia, has few roots and can be pulled out easily. It comes right back up. Grows at least 3 times faster than regular grass. It is about the size of crab grass only it grows straight up.


Shiawassee County MI plant identification over 5 years ago

Hello. My question concerns a tree in my yard. A few of the branches near the...

Hello. My question concerns a tree in my yard. A few of the branches near the top of the tree have wilted, although the leaves on those branches appear healthy. I first noticed the wilted branches back in the beginning of June and the amount of wilting has not increased or decreased this summer. I'm certainly no expert, but from what I've seen and read online it does not appear that the wilting is being caused by Verticillium Wilt. I'm including some images I've photographed of the tree. Do you have any idea what might be causing the wilting? And do you have any suggestions as to what I should do to fix the problem? The tree has produced an unusual amount of seeds this year. Could the seeds be causing the branches to bend? I should also mention that my tree is the only tree in this area that I've seen displaying this wilting behavior.



Hennepin County MN over 5 years ago

What are these large,copper colored beatles that I have on my shrubs and...

What are these large,copper colored beatles that I have on my shrubs and trees and how can they be controled.


Clinton County MI over 5 years ago

Problem With Rose of Sharon

One Rose of Sharon bush among five won'tb bloom. The buds form but won't open.

I have attached two pictures. The first shows normal blooming bushes on either side of the bad one. The second photo shows the bud formation as far as it seems able to develop.

Can you tell us what is wrong with this bush and how to correct the problem?

We would sure appreciate the help.

Best Regards,

Mike Wingert


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Larimer County CO trees and shrubs over 5 years ago


I am growing a stevia plant indoors. I am diabetic and wondering about it's uses. When do I harvest? How do I harvest? What do I do to make it usable?


Gogebic County MI trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

oak wilt- I have many mature oaks in my yard. one lost all its leaves about 6...

oak wilt- I have many mature oaks in my yard. one lost all its leaves about 6 weeks ago. now the one next to it 50-80ft away is starting to show signs of wilting leaves. anything I can do to save this one.... others??? thanks


Chisago County MN oak wilt over 5 years ago


I burned a little of my salsa for canning. . Didn't notice it till after I filled my jars..I still processed it..but now I'm wondering if will be was just a little bit I guess that got stuck to the pan..I am assuming because when I went to clean the pot I noticed a little on the bottom of pot..thanks Becky


IL over 5 years ago

Does Tenacity hericide eradicate bentgrass?

Does Tenacity hericide eradicate bentgrass?


Cuyahoga County OH grass over 5 years ago

worm id

Could you tell me what kind of worm this is and is it a hazzard to health or my house thanks



Fayette County PA over 5 years ago

Where does my daughter belong

She is very interested in farming and learning about agriculture and animals, she is going into the seventh grade. We live in Middletown, PA (1 town past Elizabethtown). I would like to get her involved in something to aide her goal of one day being a farmer, but I am unfamiliar with this area myself.


Dauphin County PA over 5 years ago

compacted yard soil

the soil in my back yard is very compacted with poor grass coverage as a result of last years drought. I'm going to have it mechanically aerated. How do i treat it to keep the soil loose so I can reseed? Gypsum? peat? sand? Lime? I'm going to sod one small area; but hope to reseed the rest in the Fall. thank you for your advice. Cheryl


Johnson County IA over 5 years ago

In my yard there is a "crabgrass" variety that doesn't...

In my yard there is a "crabgrass" variety that doesn't germinate/sprout until the first dry weather of the summer, usually July, then begins to die in the fall. It has a wider blade than the "good" grass. It usually crops up in bare spots. It is very unsightly and is lighetr shade of green than the grass. I have tried a corn gluten treatment application prior to warm spring weather to prevent crab germination but this variety seems to survive and thrives when the grass is stressed by dry weather. Any ideas to prevent this variety?


Summit County OH grass grass control over 5 years ago

glyphosate safety

What is the extension service's current stand on the safety of glyphosate?


Benton County OR herbicides horticulture over 5 years ago

Have farm in Woodbury Cty Iowa

Need some idea what cash rents are average Sergeant Bluff Iowa, corn and soybeans???


San Francisco County CA over 5 years ago

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