we are interested in trying a very small starter practice bee house - any...

we are interested in trying a very small starter practice bee house - any suggestions ? I googled beekeeping and there are jillions of sites - I wondered if in your vast bee knowledge you could directly me more succinctly to sites for beginners. thank you.


Henry County Tennessee about 5 years ago

lawn samples

i'm going to sample some lawn areas today and am wondering to what depth the cores should be? also recomendations for the following items N, P, K, PH, OGM, ALSO WHAT MICRO SHOULD BE CHECKED FOR BEST RESULTS. zinc, sulfur, etc?


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf soil and fertility issues about 5 years ago

in ALLEGANY COUNTY....Is there a comparison of this year's honey bee...

in ALLEGANY COUNTY....Is there a comparison of this year's honey bee population compared to other recent years?? All the gardeners I have talked to have seen little or no honey bee presence this year......


Allegany County Maryland about 5 years ago

Harmful berries?

Recently, my young puppy has had an increased interest in our backyard, and I discovered he has been 'enjoying' the fallen berries of a tree located in an adjacent lot. I live in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan. Can you identify the tree/berries from the attached photo/ I am concerned they may be harmful to him.



Oakland County Michigan about 5 years ago

Growing Garlic

I have just harvested my garlic. I wanted to try a crop on a limited scale to test if it could be grown in the area. I have met with moderate to good success on improved soils, depending on the variety. I planted 8 varieties including soft neck, and hard neck. I am hoping to increase my planting to about 1/2 and acre this year, with a goal of 1 acre the next year, but don't really know how or where to market the crop. I live in north texas just outside of Celina, TX. My soil is poor and was amended, but if the crop can be marketed I have considered leasing lans in the Pilot Point, Aubrey area where the soild are more sandy. Is there a market for local garlic?


Collin County Texas garlic about 5 years ago

We live in Bel Air, MD Can you please tell me what this bug is? I have never...

We live in Bel Air, MD Can you please tell me what this bug is? I have never seen this before, but in the last couple of weeks, we have seen thousands of these swarming. They seem to "almost" attack. I had one crawl up my leg, and my wife and I both have had them either on our clothes or in our hair. Do they bite? What do they feed on? How can we control them? How long might they stay around? Thank you !



Harford County Maryland about 5 years ago

Custom Haying Rates for South Dakota

What is the custom haying rates for SE South Dakota(2013)(Minnehaha County)?


Minnehaha County South Dakota field crops pastures and forages pasture management direct marketing horticulture about 5 years ago

Why is my river birch tree droping it's leaves in mid June.

Why is my river birch tree droping it's leaves in mid June.


Anne Arundel County Maryland trees and shrubs about 5 years ago

Dry Shade Ground Cover

I volunteered to plant 2 raised beds at our neighborhood pool here in Denver. Both beds have dappled shade and will receive NO irrigation. (Hoses won't reach; the lifeguards will have to carry buckets of water to give the plants drinks while they are establishing themselves.) Will Snow on the Mountain survive once the only water source is from the sky? How about Sweet Woodruff? The beds used to hold lush populations of that bellflower that is so hard to get rid of, but the pool manager somehow got rid of those. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Denver County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 5 years ago

leaf curl

what can I do for leaf curl on tomato plants


Linn County Oregon fruits and vegetables about 5 years ago

Lemon Tree with Sooty Canker Spore

Our Lemon Tree was diagnosed with Sooty Canker Spore. Several branches are dying and, in the best interest of our other citrus trees, have decided to have the tree removed. This was our only lemon and would like to plant another lemon tree. Will we be able to plant another lemon tree (or any other tree) in this location and, if so, what should we do and how long should we wait?
Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise.


Pima County Arizona tree diseases horticulture about 5 years ago

Filamentous Algae

Algae in a pool would probably be there as a result of nutrient enrichment, which would in turn be as a result of ineffective filtering, In this case would swiming be ill advised, given that if the water was'nt being filtered other bacteria etc could be present.
Dave Hugo


Los Angeles County California water quality pond and water gardens about 5 years ago

July planting

Now that the peas, spinach, and lettice are about gone, I wonder if there are any other veggies that could be grown in their place during the hotter months. Or perhaps it would be best to let the soil rest for now. Thank you for your help, and your previous suggestions were most helpful. Art


Lane County Oregon fruits and vegetables horticulture about 5 years ago

Hi, I have a bed of garlic that I planted last fall. There is now a large...

Hi, I have a bed of garlic that I planted last fall. There is now a large area that looks like it's been stepped on - maybe my son's baseball landed and he walked through - who knows. Many of the garlics are bent over and stems are looking brown (leaves are still mostly green). I pulled one and it was small but good. If I leave them in the ground, will they keep growing, or are they more likely to rot? The rest of the garlic is also looking a little bent- maybe it was rain? but otherwise healthy. Many, many thanks!!


Baltimore Maryland vegetables herbs about 5 years ago

Red bug found on my rasberry leaves

I have dozens of small bugs that are bright red and look like a tiny bark beetle, they are hanging out on my rasberry leaves rather than the young fruit that is starting to ripen. I live in South Ogden, Utah on the mountain side. Theseplants are in their4th season with lots of formed berries starting to ripen. What are they, never seen them before in my veggie garden. There are none on my blackberries also in their 3rd season.


Weber County Utah about 5 years ago

Dock side setbacks

Can my neighbor put his dock right on the property line or does he have a side set back? Also can he put the dock in and angle it towards property line?


Livingston County Michigan about 5 years ago

Fields of white flowers near Corvallis

What are the fields of white flowers growing along 99W between Amity and Corvallis? My bet is a radish for seed, but going 55mph, we couldn't see the fields well enough resolve the argument. Thank you.


Clackamas County Oregon field crops about 5 years ago

Bugs in my Cone Flower

I have something wrong with my cone flowers that is either aster yellows, or a mite. These cone flowers are established plants that come back every year, and I have never had a problem with them. The heads are deformed, necks bending over, petals not forming, leaves curling, etc.
This year is the second year I have used straw as mulch in my garden. I am wondering if I have brought in bugs/diseases with the straw?
But the cone flowers aren't the only thing having trouble-
In the garden this year, things look stunted, growing slowly, tomato plants with weird curled leaves, poor germination or complete lack of germination of certain seeds, etc.
I am having trouble finding information on the downsides of mulching with straw, only read about the benefits.
Last year's straw stayed on the ground all winter, and is now in the compost.
I have been gardening for years and I am at a loss. The only major change in the last couple of years is using the straw. Could the straw be the culprit? Can straw harbor pests and diseases? Have I infected my entire garden? Should I get rid of all the straw and never use it again? Should I get all of last years straw out of the compost? Should I cut down the coneflowers or pull them out completely?
Thank you for your help!!!!


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Jefferson County Colorado fruits and vegetables about 5 years ago

alkaline water container blueberries.

Dear Knowledgeable person,
I live in Austin. I'm trying to grow blueberries in containers. I have southern highbush and rabbiteye plants. My growing medium is mostly pine fines, peat with osmicote.
These plants are 1-4 year old plants. I pulled the flowers off the first year. The second year it produced a couple of handfuls of berries. Last year and this year it looked like a good crop but a couple of plants set many berries but only five or six ripened. The others started to grow but stalled out. Now there are only a few shrunken berries left on the bush.
Does it sound like alkaline water is the problem? or ? please help
thank you,


Travis County Texas fruits and vegetables blueberries horticulture about 5 years ago

Moths in Spruce Trees

Would like to spray miller moths in 100 spruce trees surrounding our home. Trees are 12 to 15 feet high and are far to valuable to risk improper spraying. But moth infestation is beyond imagination, with over 200 moths per tree. Is there an organic soap, or pesticide that we could use that would not harm trees? Want to avoid toxic synthetic pesticides if possible, and have heard that any soap, even organic, may "burn" the trees this time of year.


Laramie County Wyoming about 5 years ago

I have a few tomato plants, 2 out of the 5, in my small garden I've noticed...

I have a few tomato plants, 2 out of the 5, in my small garden I've noticed are beginning to have some discoloration and small brown spots. It started at the lower leaves and some have started to do the same higher now. I've trimmed some of the discolored lower leaves/stems off but there are some new and I was wondering if its early blight which I'm thinking it is. I'll enclose a few pics to help identification so I know what steps to rid the issue and what fungicide. Other than that, the plants appear healthy. Good color, growth, and many tomatoes and blooms.... Thanks in advance, Zack.



Henderson County Kentucky vegetables tomato diseases about 5 years ago

What can I plant after the lettuce is done?

My arugula has played out, and the lettuce and kale are soon to follow. What can I plant now (late June) in their place?


Washoe County Nevada about 5 years ago

Exhausted Vegetable Garden Soil

The last couple of years I have noticed that my veg garden has not looked real healthy. I had the soil tested last year and it was OK. I have also added composted manure about every other year. This soil has been used continuously for 17 years.

I'd like to over winter a cover of a legume---nitrogen fixing and then turn it over next spring. Was wondering if this is a good idea and, if so, what I could use for a legume crop that would over winter in Grand Junction.

Or should I switch to a new area entirely?



Mesa County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping soil and fertility issues about 5 years ago

Weed id. of under canopy deciduous weed with strong upright square, ribbed...

Weed id. of under canopy deciduous weed with strong upright square, ribbed stem, opposite leaves red tinged of under leaf, strong herby smell. Roots branched but no nodes and easily removed by pulling.


Queen Anne's County Maryland weed identification plant id about 5 years ago

Yellow patches in St. Augustine grass

My front yard has St. Augustine grass. It faces west, but has tree coverage for all but the late summer sun. This spring I had dead patches in my grass. I assumed this was from winter damage, drought damage or both. However, in addition to that, after fertilizing, I still have multiple yellow patches in the St. Augustine. I'm attaching a couple of pictures. I'm wondering what is the cause and what can I do to correct the problem?

Thank you.


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Collin County Texas lawns and turf st augustine grass horticulture about 5 years ago

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