Deer resistant plant choices

I'm new to the area (recently moved to Cody from Texas) and am looking for info on deer resistant ornamental plants for Wyoming. I'm a horticulturist (BS Ornamental Horticulture, Texas Tech Univ.) but have never had to deal with deer before when selecting plants! Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Park County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Can't respond

You've given me a survey to evaluate my experience. I've received no answer to my question.

Dave Bliss


Hennepin County Minnesota over 5 years ago

Economic and chemical comparison of Barley Grain Vs Barley Fodder for dairy indusry

Dear Sir,
I have a 100 head holstein herd. I am currently considering to have a barley sprouting system. I see that it requires considerable investment. At first look it seemed very profitable to me and I was inclined to invest in the system. However recently I came across a few articles claiming that DM of sprouted barley is lower compared to barley grain and also they do not bring many advantages. Their finding is that the cattle group fed with barley grain gain more weight compared to the cattle that were fed with barley fodder. The link is as follows :
Performance of Feedlot Calves Fed Hydroponics Fodder:

I will appreciate if you can provide me with more articles about nutritional and economic values of fodder compared to grain for dairy industry.


Outside United States over 5 years ago

Central Oregon OSU Master Gardeners Plant Sale

When is the Central Oregon OSU Master Gardeners Plant Sale this year? Thank you! Robert


Deschutes County Oregon horticulture over 5 years ago

Box elder infestation

We have literally hundreds of box elder bugs in 2 apartment units where I work. We have a few in other units but these 2 two units are overrun with them. We have no trees within several hundred yards on one side and open fields on two other sides (no trees at all). I can't rent these units. We clean them out clean up the mess and the next day they are all over the walls and windowsills. What can I do? We set off bug bombs and it kills the ones that are climbing on the walls and inside but the next day it is the same mess.
Is there anything they would carry back to the nest and kill the nest?
Thank you


Moffat County Colorado insect issues over 5 years ago

"GMO" Salmon safety

As a nutritionist at a major university, I receive many questions regarding the safety of genetically engineered salmon. Claims from the group state these fish are less nutritious, have had no safety testing, have "unstable and unpredictable DNA" and will threaten wild salmon balance in the ocean and rivers. Apparently the FDA was taking public comments on GE salmon prior to a Feb. 25th deadline.

I would appreciate any non-biased information regarding this issue.
Thank you for your help
Liz Applegate, Ph.D
Nutrition Dept.
Director of Sports Nutrition
UC Davis


Yolo County California food safety marine fisheries over 5 years ago

amino acids needed

are all 10 essential amion acids needed in a horse feed? Do you need all 10 essential amino acids in a diet to work together for optimum health in a horse?


over 5 years ago

fruit flies

How do I get rid of fruit fly infestation?


Baker County Oregon integrated pest management ipm over 5 years ago

Suspected bird mite infestation in my home

I have numerous small white pests that look like grains of sand that are in carpets, furniture, and clothing. They cause itching and stinging and are difficult to remove with vacuuming and washing. Any advice would be most appreciated.


Middlesex County Massachusetts integrated pest management insect issues over 5 years ago

Major grub attack

Dear Experts, Can you make some helpful suggestions about our Grub problem. We noticed that as we put down more wood chip and leaves mulch in our yard as we add more plants in, we have more and more Grubs which are killing the trees and plants. We no longer have grass, although it was here 5 years ago. They seem to love the wood chips, leaves and grass clippings. We found hundreds of Grubs last fall – always under the mulch. Not under rocks or plastic it seems. Since we don’t like the rocks and plastic , what other ideas do you have? I am wondering if landscape fabric between the soil and mulch would keep the Grubs out While allowing water to enter? Plastic maybe? We have used nematodes, but this is expensive and seems less effective. We also understand that Milky Spore is not effective on our NM Grubs. We have many birds, not many Robins, but they do not know Grubs lie down under. We have set trays of Grubs out and some of the birds finally seem to be catching on to that, but they wont dig for the Grubs. Not much room for poisons, as we have fruit trees, and vegy gardens growing. Any ideas of what to try will be appreciated. Thanks, Ross


Bernalillo County New Mexico integrated pest management insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

spruce trees

I heard that spruce trees are at risk for spruce beetle I want to know more.


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Best Coastal Hay

What is the best coastal hay to grow in Hill County texas that will give me the biggest bang for the buck.

Terry Cason


Hill County Texas hay over 5 years ago

Heating mats

How long should I leave the heating pads under my seedlings trays? I have vegetables and some herbs, all started in the first week of February. I am wondering if the lettuce,tomatoes and eggplants all need the same amount of warmth. None of us are going out to the garden until the snow melts but I don't want to fry their little roots off !


Norfolk County Massachusetts horticulture over 5 years ago

karen brown, gardener

I just pruned some grape vines (12 years old) that have a dark brown center to the stems and the bark is shredded. Is this a fungus and how do I treat it?


Lake County Oregon viticulture horticulture over 5 years ago

Last frost date in McMinnville?

What are the last frost dates and first frost dates for 2013 in McMinnville (elevation approx 300' asl.)


Yamhill County Oregon horticulture over 5 years ago

Best fence for flooded pasture

I have 12-14 acres of potential pasture that I'd like to clear and fence for cattle grazing; it gets floodwaters up to 5-feet several times each winter for 1-3 days each event (see photo). Water backs into the pasture from the downstream end through a fairly wide riparian buffer so I don't expect high flow velocities, but there is potential for debris to put pressure on the fence. What are some smart options for fence construction (materials, brace depth, post spacing, etc.)



Coos County Oregon livestock facilities livestock over 5 years ago


when do peach trees fruit in south texas


Bexar County Texas peaches over 5 years ago

How to Care for Apricot Trees

Why do the fruits of my Manchurian Bush apricot trees split and fall before ripening? What can I do to enable the fruits to stay on the tree until they are fully ripened and sweet?


Jefferson County Oregon stone fruit fruit trees over 5 years ago

Should I be concerned with planting fruit trees or vegetables near pine trees?

I live on 5 acres of Ponderosa Pines. Should I be concerned with planting fruit trees or vegetables near pine trees? I heard the pines can make the soil toxic. Is there a 'safe' distance to plant?


El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

Do any Nut Trees grow well in the Colorado Springs area with our high altitude?

I see that there are several fruit tree varieties that grow here. Are there any nut tree varieties that grow well here?


El Paso County Colorado over 5 years ago


I am new to the area and we bought a house in the city with a water feature that has attracted loud frogs. What might I do to get rid of them this as they are disturbing our needed sleep. Thank you!


Washington County Oregon wildlife over 5 years ago

Victory garden

I am starting a small garden in my back yard. I have spoken with several friends their grandparents allways had a garden they want to start one
and have no idea how to begin. I have tried and failed a couple times but I keep going. I got two tomatoes last year. I just figured out my dirt is clay and i need to add something other than fertilizer.
IT would be helpful to have a step by step guide for a small urban garden. Not a planting schedule. Starting from grass square in a backyard.


Dallas County Texas gardening over 5 years ago

How much do plants respire?

Hi, at what rate do plants photosynthesize, and respire... what is the net change in CO2/O2 levels? Thanks


Outside United States plants science photosynthesis horticulture over 5 years ago

which seeds are best started indoors in Zone 5 in Colorado?

I'm in Zone 5A/B (right on the line) in El Paso County Colorado. What sorts of general backyard garden plants would be best to start from seed indoors for transplanting outdoors in mid to late May?

Thank you.


El Paso County Colorado fruit and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

Moss removal

what is the best method/product/timing for removing moss from the lawn?


Multnomah County Oregon lawns and turf moss control over 5 years ago

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