Humanely treated dairy products

I have been vegetarian for more than ten years and am now considering veganism. However, finding acceptable product substitutes for some dairy has been difficult. Therefore, I am considering purchasing dairy products I would like to continue to use from humanely sourced producers. Does the extension have reliable sources for where to find these producers and where the products are able to be found (in stores, thru local deliveries, etc.)? Thank you.


Jefferson County Colorado food nutrition over 5 years ago

chicken predators

I have lost several chickens over the last couple years and was wondering what got them. I have found all the the dead chickens in one of two states: 1)The body has been intact with the exception that the head is gone; 2) The head was still attached, but the neck was chewed to the bone and the chest area was ripped open.


Multnomah County Oregon wildlife damage management over 5 years ago

living willow structures

I have just recently learned about living willow structures and would like to try to grow some willow in my back field. It is about 1 to 1 1/2 acres. Do you know if it is possible to grow willow in Ohio? Do I have enough land? It's not technically a wetland, but it is usually pretty damp back there. Do you have any idea where I might buy the willow for planting? I can't seem to find anything online.


Franklin County Ohio over 5 years ago

The Birds and the Bees

I recently set out a bird feeder in my back yard in Loveland. This past Saturday I looked out in my yard and there were Bees swarming around my bird feeder some were inside pulling the bird seed out while others rummaged through the seeds knocking most of it to the ground. Is it the time of year with the frigid weather subsiding and no flowers around or is there something in the birdseed. They have just about emptied the the 1 ltr. former water bottle of food. I don't mind feeding the bees but I would like to feed the birds also.



Larimer County Colorado bird feed over 5 years ago

winter watering

Should we be running the sprinkler when the air temperature is above 50, but the ground is still rock hard? How can we water our trees when we cannot get through the frozen ground to provide water? Thanks.


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs irrigation over 5 years ago

Wanting to start a small vineyard maybe 100 plants to start. Can we get...

Wanting to start a small vineyard maybe 100 plants to start. Can we get someone over to give us info on the soil and the site ?


Athens County Ohio over 5 years ago

noxious weeds

hello i am a culinary student at cocc and would like to know where i can get a list of "noxious weeds" and how they are erradicated. a lot of these are edible and i am trying to find out how to take them from invaded areas and contain them in a greenhouse for cultivation for food sources. any information you can send me i would be very greatful, or if there is someone in bend who is an expert i can talk to?


Deschutes County Oregon weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

wormy apple tree

Hi, I would like to know what to use and when to use it, something to put on my apple tree so it wont have worms.


Marion County Oregon insect issues fruit trees horticulture over 5 years ago

Columbines and fertilizer

Do you fertilize all year or just in the blooming season? Which fertilizer is best?I am in the Houston,Tx area and want the flowers to acclimate here.


Waller County Texas horticulture fertilizer over 5 years ago

Gardening in Colorado

I just moved to Colorado Springs a few months ago from Tennessee. I have never grown plants, but am interested in trying to grow my own food. I have no idea what will grow in Colorado, when to plant fruits, veggies, and flowers, or how to even get started. Another concern of mine is cost. I've seen set ups that look quite expensive, but spending a ton of money defeats the purpose of growing my own food. Are there any places that help people with the initial supplies or maybe free classes offered to the public? Thanks in advance for any help/ advice!


El Paso County Colorado gardening horticulture over 5 years ago

transplant a magnolia

When is it a good time to transplant an evergreen magnolia ('Little Gem') that I planted last year? It is currently about 7 feet tall but not very wide--maybe about 1 1/2 feet wide. Should I prune the top a little so it can grow more to the sides as well?


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs pruning horticulture over 5 years ago

A good time to transplant blueberries from ground to containers

I have 4 blueberry bushes (small size cultivar 'top hat' that should reach 1 1/2 to 2 feet) that were planted in the ground last year. The 2 concerns I have are 1) I don't think they are in optimal acid soil for them. 2) They are currently planted in a spot that I'd like to put a raised garden bed before this spring. Would it be a good approach to dig them up and plant them in containers with special potting soil for acid-loving plants. Is this a good time of year to do that while they are without leaves?


Washington County Oregon blueberries cultivation horticulture over 5 years ago

type of sprayer needed for spotted wing Drosophila (SWD) management

As spotted wing Drosophila (SWD) was confirmed in our county, we would like to be prepared for possible SWD. If SWD is found, what type of sprayer is needed to apply the insecticide? Have there been any successes with organic sprays? And specifically do you need an airblast sprayer?


Wood County Wisconsin blueberry production blueberry insects spotted wing drosophila over 5 years ago

winter watering

1/22/2013. Should I be watering my trees? shrubs? anything else?

No rain/snow. : [

~ Cathi / Westminster, CO


Adams County Colorado over 5 years ago

Freezer Door Open

I recently discovered my freezer door slightly open in the morning. A few minutes later I checked the thermometer and it was not close to the spoilage zone, so it seems that whatever was in the fride should be fine. I had no raw meat in the freezer, but should I be concerned about prepared meals, such as Lean Cuisine?


Multnomah County Oregon food safety over 5 years ago

chemical compounds in fir bark

There is a log tranfer yard that includes unloading trucks,scaling of logs, then loading onto rail cars. there is debarking through the process this bark is stored for weeks. The 2 acre paved yard drains to a pit one end. I would like to know what is going into the pit.


Linn County Oregon forestry wood processing over 5 years ago

Deer Prevention in our yard

What's the best prevention method to keep deer from eating the grass and flowers in our back yard here in Florence, OR? I've heard fishing line is a good deterrent. If so, how is it used. Our back yard already has a 4' wired fence around it.


Lane County Oregon human-wildlife issues deer over 5 years ago

Immediate Eradication of Tribulus Terrestris

This noxious "puncture vine" weed has taken over a large area on my property in Calhan, Colorado. It really took off last year and I was not able to contain it; now I have a large area where it took off like a wildfire and I'm uncertain as to what can be done to contain and kill this weed.

Could really use some advice/help with this so I may start reacting now while I have time available. Can you help?


El Paso County Colorado weed issues weed management horticulture over 5 years ago

Beardless Grains

I am wondering if naked oats are considered beardless? And also, are all beardless varieties bred for that purpose or are there types of grains that are inherently beardless?


Linn County Oregon field crops oats over 5 years ago

Pickled jalepenos

I canned jalapenos and green beans on 9/20/09 and stored them in a cool dark area of my basement. The lids are still indented and there is no discoloration of the vinegar or veg.
Are they still good?
If yes, how much longer should they last?
Aside from popped lids or discoloration what are signs of spoilage?


Multnomah County Oregon food safety over 5 years ago


My friend has two horses confined to close quarters(on dirt not grass) that tend to chew planks into kindling also to bite owner. The had not had salt for an extended period of time and I'm not sure about mineral availability. Could you help identify the problem with a solution please? Tom


Haakon County South Dakota horses horse nutrition equine over 5 years ago

Grapes - rose chafers

This question came into our office: They planted a few dozen grape vines a couple years ago. Last spring they were full of little grape clusters. Since they don't live on the property, they came back up about 2 weeks later to discover the grapes were gone and the vines were covered with bugs. They did an online search and found out they were rose chafers. The website said if they had more than 2 per vine, it was an infestation; they had about 2 per leaf and had hundreds of bugs on each row. They said that some sites said the traps were the way to go; others said the traps brought more in. They want to know, "What spray should they use that won't hurt their grapes but gets rid of the bugs?"


Kalkaska County Michigan viticulture over 5 years ago

pasture holes and small black scat

Hi there. We have 4 acres on an untreed knoll in Oregon City, OR, where we will build our home this spring. We've noticed small 1-2" holes all over...but not near the mole or gopher-typical mounds of fresh dirt. The scat that the rodent in question leaves behind is numerous (up to 80 pellets or so) just outside each hole and black in color. The size is approximately that of long grain rice....what might the rodent be? Thanks for your help!!


Clackamas County Oregon wildlife damage management rodents over 5 years ago

What is the normal range of flexion allowed in a fetlock joint?

I am currently undertaking a project, looking at the effect of sports boots on the fetlock joint, in five horses. One of the things I have measured is the degree of flexion without boots, and it comes in at 80 degrees. But I have one horse who measures 75 degrees.

I can't find anything on the Internet about the degree of flexion with a flexed joint. Can anyone tell me?


Outside United States horses over 5 years ago

I cannot bring up...

I cannot bring up Are they available onan other site?


over 5 years ago

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