When should horseradish be harvested?

I planted 2 horseradish root plants this spring. My question is, do I pull the root this fall, or in the spring or wait till next fall?


Kent County MI fruits and vegetables vegetables horseradish about 5 years ago

Where did the lemons go?

I have a lemon tree that produced approximately 8 lemons. Two days later 6 were missing. One lemon was by the fence with no damage.

I'm hoping that maybe you would know if this is the doing of an animal and what kind. Thanks!


Dallas County TX trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables citrus fruit predation horticulture about 5 years ago


How do I plant the tubors


Marin County CA about 5 years ago

What is the proper way to dispose of (lots of) black walnuts in Ramsey...

What is the proper way to dispose of (lots of) black walnuts in Ramsey County?? I don't see anything in the recycling information that fits these nuisance nuts! Thank you.


Ramsey County MN about 5 years ago

Pasture Weed Identification

I have a large amount of these weeds in my pasture. I took a sample to my local extension office and they could not identify it. I need to know what it is and if it is harmful to horses.



Citrus County FL horses weed issues pastures and forages about 5 years ago

Haskap/Honeyberry Question

I have been doing research into growing a few Haskap plants on my property in Portland, Oregon. I have had a hard time locating information in regards to growing these plants in Oregon and noticed one of the emeritus professors Maxine Thompson has been growing these plants for several years. Specifically, I have read information from the University of Saskatchewan on the Russian varieties and noticed that it appears the Russian varieties may not be well suited to Oregon's climate given our temperature fluctuations in November. Do you know if the University of Saskatchewan or Oregon State has developed any plants that may be suitable in Oregon? Secondly, I have contacted a few local nurseries here in Portland and a lot of them are selling varieties such as Blue Mist, Blue Moon and Blue Pagoda however, many of the people working at these nurseries cannot tell me much information on where these trade names originated which leads me to suspect these are older varieties and may not be what I am looking for. What is your opinion on these varieties being sold in local nurseries vs. nurseries from the mid-west? Additionally, I have read from the University of Saskatchewan that to get the maximum potential out of each plant there needs to be a pollinating plant for which certain varieties tend to pollinate each other better. The local nurseries here could not tell me any information about this issue and said they had not heard of such a thing in Haskaps. Any information on these topics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jason Smith


Multnomah County OR fruits and berries horticulture about 5 years ago

Triggering ACA fines to employers

I have read that according to the ACA the action that triggers the IRS investigation of an employer for not providing healthcare is for an employee to enter a state exchange. Some analysts have therefore suggested that no "trigger" exists in the 36 states that have no state exchanges. Consequently, they state that in states that have no exchanges, no fines will be assessed employers for the failure to provide health insurance. A similar challenge to the ACA is in the federal court system at this time. The ACA states that the federal government will provide subsidies for those below a predetermined income level who purchase health insurance through a state exchange. The present administration intends to subsidize those who purchase health insurance through the federal exchange as well. The ACA does not address the subsidizing of health insurance premiums for those who purchase from the federal exchange. Therefore, this has been challenged in court and is expected to be addressed by the US Supreme Court. I suspect that the ruling on this challenge will be applied to the issue about which I am asking above. Your assessment of this perspective?


Knox County IN health finance insurance health insurance affordable care act about 5 years ago

fall leaves

Is it beneficial or not for the lawn to mow the fallen leaves that have been mulched into the grass


Arapahoe County CO lawns and turf horticulture about 5 years ago

Our young linden, trunk about 2" diameter, has had the bark shredded by...

Our young linden, trunk about 2" diameter, has had the bark shredded by deer rub this week. Should we wrap with tree wrap or put tubing around it right away? Any other solutions to prevent losing the tree? Thanks!


Olmsted County MN wildlife damage management trees and shrubs about 5 years ago

Seed Availability?

Where can we purchase seeds for the vegetable varieties that are recommended in your (Aggie Horticulture) publications?


Dallas County TX fruits and vegetables gardening extension publications agrilife bookstore horticulture about 5 years ago

Need ideas for plants for erosion control

I have a bluff line slope that needs vegetation for erosion control. The slope starts out at about 30% for the first 30 feet increasing to a 50% slope for the next 30 feet, I would prefer something that grows to no more than 24 inches because of the view that I have. Ground is partially shaded surrounded by mature trees.


Hennepin County MN erosion control horticulture about 5 years ago

Wooden Queen Cups

I noticed on your web page you mostly use wooden cups for grafting Queens. Do you feel wooden cups produce a better Queen than plastic cups? Thank you for your time, Bret


Nez Perce County ID bee health about 5 years ago

Farm cash-flow template

Years ago I downloaded a basic cash-flow template tailored to a farm from UW public domain software. Where do I find such a template today? I waited too long to transfer my old one to my new computer.


Platte County WY business management and farm labor about 5 years ago

Gentlemen, Will you please identify this insect? These 'bugs' are getting on...

Gentlemen, Will you please identify this insect? These 'bugs' are getting on my daughter's dog in her back yard. She lives in Memphis, TN. I live in fairfield co. OH. Thank you, J. Laco



Shelby County TN about 5 years ago

Creeping Charlie removal

It is November 6 and I wanted to know what to use on the Creeping Charlie that is in my yard. Should I apply something now or wait until the first of spring season? Thank you!


Allegheny County PA invasive species creeping charlie horticulture about 5 years ago

Hello from Amman, Jordan Need Help

Hello, I am delighted to find your web site. I have a large property, 3 acres, of which only the area around the house has been planted as a garden. Where I live is semi-arid steppe, but my particular property is sparsely wooded with indigenous Mediterrean scrub oak trees. We live on the eastern ridge of the Jordan Valley. The altitude is roughly 1,200 meters above sea level. Strong winds blowing from the north-west usually are a problem as my property is exposed on the west, north and south. So, for instance, the garden to the north of the house is quite wind swept, creating even more difficulties in conserving water and reducing pesticides. Rainfall is only during the winter, Dec - Feb, and then not very much causing all the plants to become very dusty and dirty. The soil is mostly rocky clay. I compost and make leaf mood. The big problem is insects. I have a helper in the garden who is constantly wanting to spray. I am trying to diminish this practice but it is difficult because of the infestations of mealy bugs, aphids, white fly. Now I have found that my roses are infected with rose gall, and yesterday discovered that my gardenias are infected with canker and gall. Powdery mildew is a big problem with the roses and Dahlias maybe because we have a big difference in temperature between day and night. or incorrect watering as they are watered by hand. Please help. Water is like gold here in Jordan, and I don't like to use chemicals. We have four seasons, a moderate winter and summer with occasional snow in winter. Ave temps in summer mid 80s, occasional heat wave to 100 degrees, winter ave temp 40s-50s, occasional drops to 32 or a little below with snow.

Cheryl Sukhtian


OUTSIDEUS disease issues gardening garden pests roses mountain horticulture horticulture about 5 years ago

Maples near Bailey, Colorado

Hi - I have a property near Bailey, Colorado which is at about 8700 feet above sea level. It is on the top of a ridge, so it gets lots of sunshine and water tends to run off pretty quickly when it rains. I love maple trees, and would love to start some on the property, but am concerned about how they might winter, as well as if they would get enough water to thrive. Are there better species of trees to introduce? Aspens tend to do pretty well, and it is primarily populated with various coniferous trees.


Park County CO trees and shrubs about 5 years ago

What kind of insect is this? My daughter lives in Boulder, CO and has these...

What kind of insect is this? My daughter lives in Boulder, CO and has these in her apt. Thanks!



Boulder County CO insects about 5 years ago

Do I have an emerald ash borer infestation?

I am inquiring about the emerald ash borer. I live in Stonegate - next to Parker, Colorado. I have been monitoring my trees for 2 years now and think I have some kind of infestation problem. The middle leads of my ash tree are dying. I almost cut them out early this spring but decided to wait after they appeared green in the middle; no leaves were produced, then they popped out later in the year. I heard about a news report relating to the beetle and looked at my tree closely and found bore holes. I don't know what to actually look for the confirm infestation. Is there anything I can do to protect the trees from damage?


Douglas County CO trees and shrubs about 5 years ago

What are these bugs on my Star Magnolia branch (about 4 inches in diameter) ?...

What are these bugs on my Star Magnolia branch (about 4 inches in diameter) ? And should I kill them now?


Franklin County OH about 5 years ago

I am wondering if there are any products that will kill grass but not harm...

I am wondering if there are any products that will kill grass but not harm perennials? Unfortunately I have grass getting into a number of my gardens and with time it seems no barrier keeps it out for very long. Any suggestions? I probably wouldn't be doing anything about this until spring at this point. Thank you.


Anoka County MN about 5 years ago

Is this wild lettuce?

What is the plant in the pictures? Is it Lactuca Virosa? Ron


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Montgomery County AL about 5 years ago

I have seen a suggestion to use "drift-roses" as ground cover. Are...

I have seen a suggestion to use "drift-roses" as ground cover. Are any of these tolerant to zone 4?


Hennepin County MN about 5 years ago

What is best time to prune 6 specific shrubs?

Best time to prune 1. Lilac bush 2. Oak leaf hydrangea 3. Rose of Sharon 4. Snowball Viburnum 5. Honeysuckle 6. Butterfly bush

None were pruned after blooming. Should I prune now or wait until early spring, March? Thank you.


Howard County MD honeysuckle shrubs pruning shrubs oakleaf hydrangea rose of sharon shrub pruning lilac bushes about 5 years ago

Tree trimming

When is the best time to trim apple trees in Wyoming, also others such as cottonwoods?


Park County WY about 5 years ago

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