Regarding Community Health Nursing I need to identify two potential...

Regarding Community Health Nursing I need to identify two potential environmental threats. Can you lead me in the right direction.


Lorain County OH about 5 years ago

Storage of commercially produced pasta sauce

I want to store (not can my own) products like Classico Pasta Sauce. It is sold in grocery stores in a glass jar and hot sealed at the factory. There is normally a date on the jar that is a few years out from the present date. Can I go years beyond the "Best if used by" date assunming the seal on the lid is still good and has not popped? I would like to store more than I can use for emergency purposes and cannot rotate through the amount I want to store within the "Best if used by" date. Is there any reason why one cannot go into infinity as long as the lid has not lost its vacuum seal on a glass jar?


Jackson County OR food safety about 5 years ago

Privacy screen

What type of tree or evergreen would be best to plant in lakes country of Minnesota to establish a privacy screen? I don't have alot of space and desire something that will establish fairly quick. I'm thinking of an arborvitae or the lombardy popular. What type of arborvitae adapt to ND/MN winters? Emerald Green, American? The lombardy has it's negatives but is fast growing.


Cass County ND trees and shrubs privacy screen horticulture about 5 years ago

Internet of Things

I have been asked by an international colleague about the status for application of the Internet of Things concept in US agriculture. I am unfamiliar with any applications.

Any help or tips to US agriculture resources on the topic would be appreciated


Prince George's County MD precision agriculture internet of things devices about 5 years ago

When to plant vegies

When should I plant my Broc, head lettuce, cabage? Today is Feb 25,2013. A few stores have the above plants for sale.


Currituck County NC about 5 years ago

Dealing with feral cat poop in the vegetable garden

We bought a house in October with 200 sq. feet of raised beds filled with beautiful, rich, organic soil. Unfortunately, in the time the former tenants moved out and we moved in, the local feral cat colony used the beds as their litter box. In November we removed all the scat we could find, tilled the soil, planted crimson clover, and covered the beds with chicken wire, which has kept the cats of the beds. I know that cat poop is pretty gross stuff, generally and microbiologically. Is it safe to plant our food garden in these beds? Do we need to entirely replace the soil in those beds, or is there an alternative method to prepare them for planting? Thanks so much!


Multnomah County OR soil gardening about 5 years ago

trimming sage bushes

i have several sage bushes that have out grown the space i have for them. will it kill them to trim the back and will the fill back in or just look thin and short.


Kaufman County TX horticulture about 5 years ago

shipping Meyer lemons

Hi, I wanted to know if I am able to ship fresh Meyer lemons from my tree to Portland, Oregon?


Ventura County CA plants fruit interstate plant shipment horticulture about 5 years ago

spray schedule for fruit trees

Do you have a down loadable schedule for spraying fruit trees in the Eugene area?


Lane County OR fruit trees horticulture about 5 years ago

For chemical engineering

Define, the process of solid-solid separation


engineering about 5 years ago

Fruit trees

I would like to buy some grapefruit, fig, apple and plum trees. Can you tell me if these trees are suitable for our area and suggest a good grower in the cypress area? Many thanks.



Harris County TX fruit trees about 5 years ago

I'm getting my first colony next month. The people I am getting the bees and...

I'm getting my first colony next month. The people I am getting the bees and wooden wear use 4.9 cells and botanical oils (lemon grass, spearmint, and tea tree). How much do these natural treatments help to keep a colony healthy?


Davidson County TN about 5 years ago

Eastern Redbud

I live on the coast (Newport) can the Eastern Redbud tree grow here given the right location and care? thank you


Lincoln County OR trees and shrubs horticulture about 5 years ago

Identify Small Bug

We would like to identify some small indoor bugs. Their size is about 2mm long and 1mm wide and high. They are brown and can fly. Can we mail some of them to Cornell for identification? A photo is attached.



Suffolk County NY household insects insect identification about 5 years ago

Filbert blight

I have been spraying my 300 tree filbert orchard for blight using copper sulfate powder. I have been told that I should add something else to the mix to better control eastern filbert blight. I would like to know what you would recommend. Thank -you Dan Smith


Lane County OR horticulture about 5 years ago


Am I allowed to construct a consumer-grade greenhouse on my property? If so, what, if any, permits or regulations do I need to follow? Would my rights be protected under MRTFA (I grow and sell seeds, plants, and produce at farmer's markets and online)? I live in Livonia, MI on a 1/4 acre corner plot. One side of the greenhouse would meet my garage and another side would meet a neighbors tree line (privacy trees, tall, bushy). THe other two sides would face my lawn.


Wayne County MI about 5 years ago

no mow low water Kentucky Blue grass?

Is there any information on over-seeding an existing lawn with no mow/low water usage Kentucky Blue grass for Denver? Does it do well in Colorado? Will it take over if the water use is adjusted? Anything else I need to know?


Denver County CO lawns and turf about 5 years ago

Water purification for 250 gallon rain catchment tank

We have a community garden in our park and we built late last summer a rain catchment shed that we are going to use to fill a 250 gallon tank. With the rain water that we did catch, we did have some algae start to grow in the tank. What can we use or purchase to purify the water to be able to water our gardens? Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks Sam Brewster - Cavanaugh Park Community Garden, Lansing MI



Ingham County MI irrigation and water management water testing and interpretation private water systems about 5 years ago

Agave Weberi - Fungus or Scale and Treatment?

In the last week our beautiful Agave plant has acquired yellow and brown spots on the leaves. After an online search I believe our plant is Agave Weberi and I think it is either scale or fungus. Can you help me identify the problem and suggest the best treatment? I took a photo of the entire plant so you see it is protected by a wall and surrounded by cactus. It is in part shade this time of year. We don't water it. Thanks for your help.


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Pima County AZ horticulture about 5 years ago

seed chart

When a seed packet says to plant September - February, Is February the last month I can plant the seeds? Will the plant grow after February? Or say the seed packet says Sept - April, do I plant the seeds between those months and April is the last month you can plant the seeds?


San Bernardino County CA horticulture about 5 years ago


when to plant a vegetable garden huntsville


Walker County TX gardening about 5 years ago

Yuca Hardwood stem propogation

I have obtained several Yuca hardwwod cuttings to begin growing Yuca, or Cassava. (not Yucca) My field that will be used for this crop is very heavy soil and very, very wet through April. I need 8 months of growing season, ending Nov 1, so I need to start right about now. 1. Should I start the cuttings now in this field? 2. or Should I start the cuttings in the greenhouse now and transplant May 1? 3. Do you have a better option? Fred


Douglas County OR horticulture about 5 years ago

Zoysia grass vs. St. Augustine for heavy shade

I'm curious as to how well Zoysia grass (in sod form) will hold up in an area that is well shaded vs. St. Augustine sod. This is a small back yard, facing east, with a large fence and two large shade trees blocking early and mid morning sun. During late spring and summer months, as the sun moves south and the west, it will receive a few hours (approx 3) of direct sunlight. But as the day goes on the sun eventually becomes blocked by parts of the south fence line and then the single story house.

Our customer would like to have Zoysia for durability, drought tolerance and lower maintenance, but I am unsure if it will receive enough sunlight and don't want to throw (their) good money after bad.

We've also looked into Turffalo, but the customer doesn't want to invest the time in plugs.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


Collin County TX lawns and turf grass horticulture about 5 years ago

water reticulation in rangelands

what are factors to consider when reticulating water in a rangeland?


OUTSIDEUS rangelands about 5 years ago

I have a horse that has 'weak quarters'.

I have a Quarter Horse gelding with weak quarters on both front legs. He has been shod and now I see cracks going from the back of the heel area moving down towards the toe. How do I treat this issue? Is there a supplement that I can feed to help the hoof wall grow out better? He has been in the pasture during the day, and in the barn at night. Some of the pasture has standing water, should I keep him in a high/dry area where his hoofs do not come in contact with standing water?
Thank you.


Grays Harbor County WA horses equine health about 5 years ago

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