Peppers and Vitamin C

I have a two part question:
1. Does one decrease the amount of vitamin C in a hot pepper by removing the placenta and seeds. ( making it less hot), if so by how much?
2. Do mature (red) peppers have more vitamin C than green ones?


Santa Clara County CA nutrition almost 5 years ago

ingestesting Lasioderma serricorne

if by chance your not aware of infestation of cigarette beetle in your food and you eat the larvae is it possilbe that it can grow internally. i recently cut my hair short and gave myself a lice treatment and 3 small cigarette bugs flew of my head


Kings County NY almost 5 years ago

On Medicare, do I need more for ACA?

I am on Medicare disability. Do I still need to get another affordable care plan for hardship case?


MI affordable care act medicare almost 5 years ago


Someone brought me a rock the size of a basketball that they found in a hay field. Looks like Iron ore to me, is magnetic, very dense and looks melted on one face. They think it is a astroid and I have no idea. Who might be able to verify this? I wont attach any pics yet. Thanks Kelly Coberly


Monona County IA almost 5 years ago


I garden organically. Grasshoppers love me, especially my brassicas. How can I teach these critters to share? I got no kale last year, after replanting three times. It was all holey. This is the second year with this problem, which seems to be getting worse. Can you help please?


Macomb County MI insect issues organic gardening grasshoppers almost 5 years ago

not so sweet

I have all kinds of fruit trees but my tangerines are so sour. what can I do to sweeten them before next years harvest thanks


TX soil and fertility issues citrus horticulture almost 5 years ago

bad behavor

I have 7 guineas a week ago 1 dies and I found the rest pecking it to death today another-one died same thing what can I do to stop this behavior?ps. the guineas are loose on my land not in a coop.


TX poultry guinea fowl almost 5 years ago

If a pine tree only has sparse needles, is this a sign of a health issue

If a pine tree only has sparse needles, is this a sign of a health issue



Montgomery County MD trees and shrubs pine trees needle loss almost 5 years ago

Invase Pasture Bushes

Hello, My grandfather's pasture in northeast iowa is being taken over by prickly bushes. We have always called them gooseberry bushes, not sure if it's correct name. I am looking for some suggestions on how to control them. Thanks for any advice you may have. Jason.


IA almost 5 years ago

Ligularia problems

I grow Ligularia for the nursery and landscape trade. I have these issues in my shade house



Rapides Parish LA trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

Flood Damagaes River Property

I have property that flooded on Oct. 30 on the San Marcos River. The river meadow is badly damaged and full of debris. We are clearing it as we can but recognize the need for suggestions as to how to keep the soil from washing away and a need for grass coverage of some sort. Can you help with suggestions for this problem. The property is in Guadalup County near the town of Martindale.


Guadalupe County TX floods field crops disaster preparedness pastures and forages almost 5 years ago

Help I think my Janet craig is dying

I got this Janet Craig from my mothers memorial service. In the beginning it was green and beautiful and then its leaves started turning brown. I am terrible when it comes to taking care of plants.For one I either over water or forget to water. Twice I have forgotten to bring it inside when there were freezing temperatures.I am also thinking the plant is too big for the pot it is in and it doesnt drain properly. I was going to replant it but was afraid I would kill it for sure. I have this stuff called SUPERthrive which I was going to use but not real sure..



Caddo Parish LA trees and shrubs houseplants horticulture almost 5 years ago


Application for housing for disabled


Johnson County TX almost 5 years ago

What if age=19 and not a dependent?

I'm the aunt of a 19 yr old boy, in college, who lives with his parents who do not claim him on their taxes. I want him to have insurance and I can pay for it, but his income is officially zero and he lives at home. Can he get health insurance at age 19, with zero income of his own? Please don't suggest his parents apply for a family plan because they simply can't afford it based on their household business income, and do NOT qualify for subsidies although they are struggling. Thanks.


New Castle County DE insurance health insurance affordable care act medicaid almost 5 years ago


So can anybody identify what spider this is?


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Lake County IL integrated pest management insect issues spiders almost 5 years ago

land division

i want to split existing house and buildings out of farm. the house sits on 7.5 acres out of 50ac. i bought the 42.5 several years ago and someone else bought 7.5 acres with house and buildings. I'm buying the parcel now and want to split the house and buildings out using required set backs. apron 1.5 acres would be used for buildings using set back. i irrigate and pivot walks through the 7.5 acre parcel.


Kalamazoo County MI almost 5 years ago

Corn Plant with Yellow and Brown Spots

Why does my corn plant have yellow spots and dark brown parts? I just got it as a gift. I love it and would like to save it.


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Los Angeles County CA corn indoor gardening houseplants horticulture almost 5 years ago

unvited yard resident

Can you help me determine what kind of animal is living under my cement patio and leaving big piles of dirt? Is there a reputable exterminator in my area that will capture and relocate unless it is a rat? Attached are a few pictures At first I thought they were moles, but I found a pretty large hole big enough that my 12 lb. dog could stick her head in. I am afraid my dog will be bit, so I need to get the matter resolved soon.



Allegheny County PA groundhogs garden pests pests almost 5 years ago

Starting Bachelor's in Agronomy

What do I need to do in order to start taking classes for a Bachelor's in Agronomy? Would I be able to start taking classes at the extension office here in Toledo, Iowa to start pursuing my Bachelor's in Agronomy? How much for each class? Online or in class? What days and hours for the classes?


Tama County IA almost 5 years ago

Client has 10+ year old white pines that are dying. Found small worms on pine...

Client has 10+ year old white pines that are dying. Found small worms on pine cones and would like to know if this is related. Worms average 1 inch long, are silver-translucent and are only visible on the pine cones, they did not see any on the tree or find evidence of burrowing. Can you identify? Thank you, Carroll County Extension Office



Carroll County OH almost 5 years ago

Persimmon Trees

Can I grow Persimmons in Southern lane County (Cottage Grove, London area)


Lane County OR trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 5 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam: Do you have any information on the types of fruit and nut...

Dear Sir/Madam: Do you have any information on the types of fruit and nut trees & bushes that are native to central Minnesota and where I may buy them? (Do you sell them?) I have a couple acres that I am looking to plant. Thank you very much in advance for any information you can provide. Joel


Hennepin County MN fruits nut trees native almost 5 years ago

Swamp cypress

I have a swamp cypress as a bonsai in a 20litre drum that's cut in half so it can sit in water..I work away and was gone for three weeks when I came back the swamp cypress had dried up, leaves are dead and dried out. The cambium layer is still a little green, should I remove all the dried out leaves in hope it comes back or is it completely dead??


OUTSIDEUS forestry trees and shrubs forestry horticulture horticulture almost 5 years ago

NUTS-Castanea pumila

I grew a Castanea pumila (Allegheny chinquapin) from seed and it several years old. Earlier this year I was able to harvest some seed from the tree and some seed is now germiating.
Do you have any information about this tree and how to best care for the seedlings. I lost several seedlings years ago and only the one survived. I live in south Bexar County where the soil is very deep and fine sand.


Bexar County TX trees and shrubs plant propagation horticulture almost 5 years ago

Shrub identification question

Last spring our neighbor gave us a shrub to plant in our backyard. It is very fast-growing, with white blossoms in the spring and red berries in the fall. I have seen this shrub growing along roadsides and in Norristown Farm Park, but do not know what it is. Can you help? I have attached two pictures of it.



Montgomery County PA trees and shrubs master gardener program plant identification almost 5 years ago

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