massive pest infestation on my asparagus

I have both kinds of asparagus beetle, miner fly, and larvae (looks like bloated lady bugs) . I hand pick, but sometimes forget. This is the second year they have been growing I have used Neem, which honestly seems to just attract more the next day. I recently applied a home made insecticide, which was soap with some peppermint essential oil. I can't tell yet if that is helping. I am about ready to pull them all out--I have never had an insect problem like this before. Help!


Hennepin County Minnesota insect management horticulture asparagus beetles 2 days ago

Will honey be affected by using Roundup responsibly

Will honey be affected by using Roundup responsibly? Thankyou Dr Tim for answering my first question . We appreciate this site. Meem


Douglas County Oregon 2 days ago

Unidentified wasp or hornet

I have quite a few of these guys hanging out on flowers in my yard and I was concerned about disturbing a nest. I’ve never seen them before and I’ve had this house for 4 years now. They flick their wings like I would expect a wasp to do but are very large, at least an inch long, bigger than any wasp I’ve seen. I also wasn’t sure if they were something that I needed to remove or if they are beneficial. Just curious what they are and if I should do anything about them or just give them space and let them be.


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Lane County Oregon insect issues insect identification 2 days ago


How does one get rid of this weed? I have used organic fertilizercould that have contributed to getting it?


Monroe County New York 2 days ago

What is it

What is this seems to fly day or night


Mothera_300x300%2523 Locust_300x300%2523 Screenshot_20180810-231957_ring_300x300%2523

Macomb County Michigan insect identification 2 days ago

Brown Patches in Healthy Lawn

In an otherwise healthy lawn, numerous brown patches have been showing up. The grass in those patches is totally dead. There is no sign of fungus such as orange/yellow rust or anything looking gray or like mildew. Slicing back a portion of the brown spots show no roots at all and digging down into the soil under the pulled-back top patches show no signs of grubs. We have however here in Frederick City had very frequent, very heavy, and nearly tropical thunderstorms and down pours of rain. The grass is almost never dry and the underlying ground is constantly saturated. Can you suggest what might be causing these patches of grass to die? Thank you. John Day


Brown_spots_1_300x300%2523 Brown_spots_2_300x300%2523 Brown_spots_3_300x300%2523

Frederick County Maryland lawns and turf brown spots in lawn 2 days ago


this is growing in part sun and it seems to be used in this location as a ground cover. The 1st photo was taken about 2 weeks before the 2nd photo, most of the profuse purple flowers have faded to pink or died off completely. Thanks for your help!


Img_2178_300x300%2523 Img_2191_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland plant identification 2 days ago

Spots with cilia-like growth on crab tree leaves

Today I discovered that all 4 of our crab apple trees have leaves with red spots and white growth in the center of the spot. See the pic attached. What is this and what do I do about it?



Hennepin County Minnesota crab apple tree cedar apple rust 2 days ago

Dying rhododendrons

I have two 30 year old rhododendrons on the north side of my house. While they have never gotten much sun they have thrived. They were beautiful this spring with many blooms. I watered them during a drought period of a couple of weeks earlier in the summer. I was shocked to see the dead leaves on the ground and the dead branches. I’m afraid they have gotten too much water from the constant rain and very little sun. What can I do? Thank you, Kay


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Baltimore County Maryland shrubs disease issues 2 days ago

Mystery bugs in the school garden

Came across these two types of bugs on the zinnias today. The stinkbug- looking one had almost crab-like claws, at least one of them did. The other thin one (orange/white/blAck pattern) flew away when I tried to get close. Thanks!


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Maryland insect or spider id 2 days ago

black hills spruce problem

My black hills spruce is around 90 years old since the mid 1990s the tree has lost some of its viger. It still gets new growth but not as much as in the early 90s. We live in the country the tree is in the front yard by its self well drained. It seems the floods and rains of 1993 and 1994 maybe what has caused the problem.Your thoughts on the problem and what i can do to help the tree? Thank you.


Polk County Iowa 3 days ago

found these bugs in LR at home by a window--not sure what they are, what to do

I came back after 2 weeks away. Saw a dozen of these insects around a window sill of an exterior window and on the floor. All dead. We live in a new townhouse (1 year old). No chimney in the house. What should we do? Maybe totally unrelated: saw tiny pile of silt/small particles across the room on the floor. No evidence of any insects or other things on that side of the room. (I cleaned it up before seeing the insects so didn't take a photo.) Thanks for your advice. Do these insects sting? (My husband seriously allergic to bee stings is why I'm asking.) Nancy



Howard County Maryland insect or spider id 3 days ago

What to test for

Hi there, I am looking to have soil tests done on a piece of property I’m interested in leasing. The 2 acres of farmable land has not been in use for several years and there is minimal data about what was grown ther previously. I am planning to send out for a wide profile test for pesticides, but I’m looking for guidance into what heavy metals to test for. We will be growing primarily annual flowers with very few being bulbs or tubers. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Emily Mann


Jackson County Oregon soil testing horticulture 3 days ago

Black spots cherry tomatoes

We planted 2 cherry tomato plants and all of them have these black spots. It is same place we planted last year. We haven't eaten them, not sure if safe. We planted two other plants in another section of yard and they're fine.



Nassau County New York 3 days ago

eating fruit from a tree with fire blight?


is it safe to eat apples or pears from trees that are infected with fire blight? The trees have not been treated (yet). (We are planning pruning and an oxytetracycline trunk injection in Jan 2019 to hopefully prevent further spread of the disease.)

Also, how many fruiting seasons should we wait after the injection before it's safe to eat the fruit again?
thank you very much!


Jefferson County Colorado 3 days ago

Browning and dying segments on Arbor Vitae limbs

These pale spots appear regularly then brown and die. I do not see insects. I cut off segments as soon I see them, but whatever it is is spreading. What is this condition called and what can we do? They have been well watered and I don't think they have been stressed. Hope you have some ideas. Ken


Img_1195_300x300%2523 Img_1194_300x300%2523 Img_1193_300x300%2523

Caroline County Maryland shrubs abiotic issues 3 days ago

A few years ago I planted some iris bulbs, and they grew well, maybe too...

A few years ago I planted some iris bulbs, and they grew well, maybe too well. I know that bulbs reproduce by developing more and more underground bulbs. My questions are when is the best time to dig them up and separate them and, further, the best time to replant them? Thanks.


Hamilton County Ohio 3 days ago

Moving LimeLight Hydrangea

I have a lime light hydrangea that has grown to about 8’Ft x 4Ft and out grown it’s space in my backyard. I have heard of people cutting there shrubs way back and then digging up the rootball and moving it – or splitting it??? It this possible with this kind of shrub. I heard of people dragging it behind their car to their front yard which is what I would want to do. My husband thinks I’m out of my mind. I was also thinking maybe the root ball could be put on a hand truck. Your feedback is appreciated.


Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago

Killing brush

I have these bushes that are growing around my house they can get I don't know 10-15 feet high most of them are about 3 or 4 feet high they have long narrow leaves maybe two 3in long they have thorns and small red berries that the birds just love to eat and I'd like to know how to kill him and they also spread out from the roots. Thank you


Michigan trees and shrubs plant removal 3 days ago

bees and wasps eating the undeveloped fruit

My raspberries are just beginning to set fruit but it appears that bees and wasps AND Japanese beetles are eating the tiny fruits. I am controlling the Japanese beetles but do not want to do anything to disturb the bees and wasps. I know about pollinating but i think we are way past that stage. Can you help?


Rice County Minnesota raspberries 3 days ago

How to water new landscaping in this crappy heat

Hello! We live in Newberg and are in a new construction home. We have clay soil. We had a landscaper till, compost, and grade the yard first off. That was last year Spring 2017. We planted 8 bare root trees last year and all but one made it to this year. Now a weeping cherry is looking rough and we don’t know if it’s over or under watered. It is in an “island” planting with another weeping cherry and 3 azaleas. There is high grade landscape fabric down with 1-2 inches of bark mulch on top of the fabric. The slightly larger tree is doing fine. One azalea is pretty ok, one is starting to turn fall colors, and one nearest to the tree in question has completely wilted. The tree in question has it’s leaves curled but green. Today I noted some are yellow to brown. This tree is on the down slope and the grass just off the island is very green and is wet for a day or two after watering. I try to water 3 times a week. Help!


729feb36-b653-4f2a-bb95-9bb6c5072dd3_300x300%2523 D88b614f-a982-43c2-a22a-30f7caca8ebb_300x300%2523 Fc92e865-f138-42da-a8b2-6c7009640adc_300x300%2523

Yamhill County Oregon horticulture trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Tomato plant disease

My tomato plants have discolored leaves at the bottom of the plant. What is the problem and what can I do to keep it from spreading? Photos attached.


Side_view_300x300%2523 Close_view_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland vegetables yellow leaves 3 days ago

Best weed killer that is bee and pet safe over the counter

We are bee keepers and want to know what is the best over the counter weed killer that is bee and pet safe we could spray on a few times a year. I did a mixture of vinegar, salt and Dish soap but weeds coming back. Anything over the counter premixed would be the best. THANKS, MEEM


Washington 3 days ago

composting grass treated with weed-b-gob

My lawn has been loaded with bind weed. I recently treated it with Weed-b-gon. My question is how long before I can use the grass in my compost pile?

I also have bind weed infiltrating my compost pile. Suggestions?


Larimer County Colorado 3 days ago

Some of my coneflowers died during late July-August. The entire stalk is...

Some of my coneflowers died during late July-August. The entire stalk is brown the flowers are brown, the leaves are brown. They are next to very healthy coneflowers in the same garden.



Hennepin County Minnesota echinacea plant disease 3 days ago

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