Needle drop

Do you have to continue spraying for needle drop disease for the entire life of a blue spruce tree


Macomb County MI 3 days ago

I have 3 western hemlocks (25') that are showing an infestation of the wooly...

I have 3 western hemlocks (25') that are showing an infestation of the wooly adelgid (white cottony spots at the top of the needle) What is the best way to get rid of this? Systemically - is this something I can purchase and do myself? or a spray? - who might I call that does a good job? I am relatively new to the area and do not know the resources yet. We love our Hemlocks and don't want to lose them. Thanks for your help.


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Skagit County WA 3 days ago

New tree question

Hi Kristena, Me again… I have a new question about another tree situation. Do you know anything about the Apple serviceberry? Do you think it could stand up to verticillium wilt? I had never heard of it, but it looks like it would work really well in this other space we have. We are eager to plant more trees around our yard. Thanks so much! Hope you’re enjoying this delicious fall weather. Jennifer


Multnomah County OR verticillium wilt 3 days ago

Best Indoor Plants for Oregon?

What are the best/easiest indoor house plants to grow in the Willamette Valley Oregon? The tropical varieties I have purchased at home depot such as the Ti plant aren't happy. I have big windows and a lot of light in part of the house, and in others, it is darker. I'd like something on the larger side - would consider a small indoor tree.


Lane County OR horticulture houseplants 3 days ago

Putting newly planted perennial garden to bed for winter

We planted a perennial garden this spring and wondered how to best prepare it to winter over successfully.


Hennepin County MN winterizing 3 days ago

FS-2 starter FS-2x Starter Difference

I am trying to replace an FS-2X starter but can only find FS-2 purchased the FS-2 but will not lite the bulb. Any help would be appreciated.


Burlington County NJ 3 days ago

Fruit tree pests? Bacterial canker?

What pests (if any) or pathogens trouble fruit trees in the coastal/Brookings area of Curry County? Planted bare root dwarf apple, peach, cherry, mulberry and mandarin orange this year. Cherry may have bacterial canker. Seller advised waiting for leaf drop, then to sterilize tools, whack off at an angle below the damage, bag and dispose of the cutting, and swab cut with rubbing alcohol. Any thing else you can recommend?


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Curry County OR fruit trees horticulture 3 days ago

Cold climate banana tree

I've inherited a 3 month old cold climate banana tree that bears small edible bananas. It was doing just fine in direct Sun but now that the weather has changed I don't know how to 'Winter' it.
I've taken it indoors but the one large leaf is drooping.
Please help.
Thank you,



Washington County PA 3 days ago

Cedar trees are dieing

I have several cedar trees in my yard that are turning brown because the needles are dying. Is there some kind of disease or pest that could be causing them to die?


Clinton County MI trees and shrubs gardening horticulture sustainable gardening and landscaping 3 days ago

Stink bugs

Can we get a "sample" of samurai wasps on our property to deal with stink bugs? We live in a rural, forested area near Sandy, Oregon.


Clackamas County OR 3 days ago

spring blooming bulbs

are there any tulips and/or daffodils that will grow in cripple creek?


Teller County CO 3 days ago

Safe sprays for BlackBerry and gorse

I have been trying to cut out BlackBerry and gorse but am losing the battle. Do you have suggestions on sprays for BlackBerry and gorse that are safe for the environment? I am in Bandon.


Coos County OR weeds herbicides horticulture 3 days ago


I have walnut trees, and processed them a couple of years ago, but I don’t remember exactly what I did. I think I dried them in my dehydrator whole, then shelled, then brined, then dried again before freezing. They turned out great. Is it necessary to dry them whole first (in the dehydrator) before I shell them? I will freeze them to store, and use for baking and eating by the handful. What is the correct ratio of salt to water for brining? Any tips for shelling more easily?


Columbia County OR home food preservation 3 days ago

Fall lawn care

Should I be using a weed control application on my residential lawn in the fall? I will be applying fertilizer for the turf grass, but wonder about using weed control at this late date.


Iowa County IA 3 days ago

We have many holes in our yard, looks like it may be caused by an animal.. Do...

We have many holes in our yard, looks like it may be caused by an animal.. Do you have any idea what is causing it? Can you suggest a remedy? A friend has the same problem. She is located in a different suburb.



Cuyahoga County OH animal damage 3 days ago

Is it edible

What kind is it


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Macomb County MI 3 days ago

Is my tree dying?

We have an older flowering crab apple tree in our back yard that developed a hole in its trunk at the furcation of it's branches. We saw info online that says to try and cover it to prevent water from getting to it and not to fill it with anything. However the hole seems to be going deeper into the tree trunk, something like mold is growing and the wick is very soft almost mushy. Otherwise the tree appears healthy. What can we do to help it to heal? We really want to keep it! Thank you for your time!


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Howard County MD disease issues heart rot tree crabapple 3 days ago

Red maple not red this fall

Hello I have a couple of red maples that last fall were really red. This fall they barely got a light orange color. I am new to Minnesota (and the Midwest) so I wonder if it is just the weather (although I have seen other red maples around turning red) or do I have to put fertilizer? Thanks Luis


Stearns County MN horticulture maple trees 3 days ago

Thousand of tiny white bugs all over my lawn

There are thousands of tiny white bugs that are all over my lawn. As I walk thru it they tend to hop or leap out of the way vs flying. CAn you identify them? Do they do damage? Is there a bad condition in my lawn that draws them? Any way to control them? I have attached a pic, tho not especially clear. thank you.



Washington County OR insect issues lawns and turf 3 days ago

garden club

Hi, I am starting an garden and art club for the most challenging students in my school. I have obtained a greenhouse (which would b indoors in front of a large bank of windows) and would like to do activities during the winter to prepare my kids for spring planting. I really have little knowledge about growing things and could use guidance about were to start and what they can do during the winter months. Can you all help with some suggestions. Thanks.


Baltimore MD 3 days ago

Brown Spruce needles

I purchased a home that is surrounded by several variety of Spruce trees that are at least 22 years old. I noticed that on some of the trees the needles are turning brown on the inside. The previous owner drove by and said he had not had that before. I'm concerned. Is this a normal process?


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Scott County MN spruce trees needle drop spruce tree 3 days ago

fall care for mums

what is the best thing to do with mums in the fall in our area? cut back or leave till spring and then cut them back?


Larimer County CO 3 days ago

Apple Tree Identification

This tree has apples that ripen in early October. It appears to be a Fireside. It is a weeping tree and the apples are about 3 inches in diameter.


Apple_from_tree_1_300x300%2523 Tree_1_300x300%2523

Dakota County MN horticulture apple trees 3 days ago

Maple tree

We just recently bought a home in Iowa and we have a maple tree seems to be unhealthy, is there something I should do for it? Does this look like maple wilt?


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Marshall County IA 3 days ago

Garden Soil Test - Then what?

Our garden hasn't been doing very good the last couple years. We put manure on it but that's all. So we're going to buy a garden soil test to test our garden soil. Once we do that and get some kind of results, then what do we do with the results? Do we take those results to a local feed mill and have them look at it and mix up whatever we need to put on the garden? Years ago we sent in a garden sample there and got results back, but we couldn't determine what & how much we needed. When looking at the different things at the public home & gardening stores, they have the 3 numbers listed that they provide, but what about if it is deemed we need a different combination of numbers that is readily available at these stores?


Goodhue County MN soil testing 3 days ago

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