Trimming Viburnum

I want to heavily prune or get rid of an old highbush cranberry that has issues....insects, disease? I’m not sure it’s worth hanging onto. One side of it died over the winter, too. Can you tell me what’s going on with it and if I choose to replace it, can you recommend a different native shrub for that sunny area? Thanks



Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture viburnum 1 day ago

What is on my pee wee hydrangea

How can I treat this problem. And should it have buds by now?


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Eaton County Michigan 1 day ago

Pepper plant droopy

Its only one bell pepper plant just seems unhappy with drooping leaves. Other bell pepper in same bed doing ffine. The plant has not dropped leaves and even setting fruit. Whats up with that?



Montgomery County Maryland vegetables peppers droopy plant 1 day ago

Nocturnal Animal Yard Pest

I have a mysterious pest digging up my pea gravel to rip off sections of my landscaping fabric underneath the gravel in my walkway. The damage occurs at night. There is no sign of where the torn up sections have disappeared to, as I have investigated in the yard, flower beds, under decks and around fences - nothing. There does not seem to be any digging under the fabric for grubs. Just fabric getting pulled up and chewed off in approximately 5-6 inch sections. 1st picture shows initial damage, second picture shows 24 hours later and you can see the missing pieces. Any thoughts on what the pest is and what I can do before my whole walkway has to be re-done!!!!!? Thanks so much.


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Arapahoe County Colorado 1 day ago

growing sweet cherries in Maryland

Hello, I have a nice sunny sloping back yard, and I'd like to grow some sweet cherries there. Are there recommended varieties for this area, and what else should I read or study to get this right? I understand that I should grow perhaps three different varieties in order to get good pollination. Can you recommend varieties? I live in Montgomery County, in the Wheaton area. Thank you! -


Montgomery County Maryland fruit sweet cherries 1 day ago

Oak Tree Trunk

My young oak tree has a wound of some kind that has fluid draining out of it and down the truck. There's also two types of pests on the wound and the drainage. One appears to be small black beetles and the other is some kind of very small light colored worms.


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Washington County Minnesota 1 day ago

What kind of caterpillar is this?

Found it in my garden this morning. It is 2-3 inches long, with a sharp yellow/orange tail appendage (like a needle extending from its back end) Thanks! Marjean


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Hennepin County Minnesota hornworm sphinx moth caterpillar 1 day ago

Weak leafing on columnar hornbeam

I have two columnar hornbeams planted about 25 years ago. Until this year, both have looked healthy, the foilage coming out reliably and robust. This year one of the two produced a much smaller number of leaves throughout and the other looks weak in a few areas. I am worried that one or both are dying. Leaf buds are brown, some throughout and some with green leafy centers that didn't fully develop and unfold. Is there any way to diagnose the problem and turn things around? I have never fertilized or watered them but they have done well until now. The 0626 jpg is the tree with the sparse foilage, while the 0627 tree is almost normal, but also not as leafed out as in previous years.


Img_0626_300x300%2523 Img_0627_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland abiotic issues trees hornbeams hornbeams dying trees in decline 1 day ago

Bug infestation

I have these bugs near my back door and radiator. They are starting to show up elsewhere. From your site they look like they could be carpet beetles, but are not in my rugs. They seem to like the wood floor. Also a few on window sill. I can deplete the numbers, but they come right back. I'm looking for the best solution for getting rid of them. Thanks.


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Ramsey County Minnesota 1 day ago

dogwood gone to the dogs

We purchased a dogwood tree, about 5' high, a few months ago. We planted the tree in well fertilized soil and throughout the rains it did so well. The tree grew, the leaves grew and all was good. Then the rains stopped and the heat started. We noticed, a few days ago, that the leaves had shriveled and were crisp to the touch. They actually crumbled in our hands. We were surprised since the soil wasn't dried out, but we watered the tree anyway. Today the leaves are still looking crumbled although they feel softer. A friend thought the sun was too blinding, so we purchased an inexpensive canopy to cover the top leaves. Another friend suggested we talk to it, but my husband had no kind words for it after the expense of the original purchase and the canopy. I took a branch with a few offshoots and leaves to a local nursery, but she could find no aphids or evidence of a bug infestation. We are at a loss as to how to restore it to its original glory. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your assistance.



Talbot County Maryland trees dogwood tree drowning dogwood drowning newly planted dogwood drooping dogwood crispy leaves dogwood leaves shriveled bathtub effect abiotic issues 1 day ago

Droppie angle trumpet

  1. I just bought theses double yellow angle trumpets .an my double devils angle trumpet .frist time owning theses kinds of plants . The big one the yellow is dropping an the liwer leaves are turning yellow an faling off should i transplant her she looks like she needs more space .shes getting lots of water an ahes been feed .she just doesn't look happy shes blooming still dose she need to be mved in to a bigger pot .help


Anne Arundel County Maryland datura houseplant angel trumpet yellow angel trumpet datura culture 1 day ago

Something eating my blueberry plants

I was told it was cranberry root worm (or cut worm); I can’t see them at night but Sevin isn’t killing them. Help?


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Mobile County Alabama 1 day ago

Over spray

I think my plants have suffered some over spray from possibly weed killer and fertilizer applied by our lawn service. Is there anything I can do to help them survive? Not all my plants were affected and some of the other townhome owners had a little damage. Any thoughts? Thanks, Terri Wittrock


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Sherburne County Minnesota horticulture herbicide damage 1 day ago

Sick Tree

Can you tell us what kind of disease our tree has and how to treat it? We are afraid that it is dying. Thank you for your assistance.


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Montgomery County Maryland fungal leaf spot native maple tree phylosticta maple with dieback and leaf spot disease issues 1 day ago

light green leaves on cucumber plant

Hello. How do I treat my cucumber plant with light green to yellow leaves? I believe it is a nitrogen deficiency. It also has drown spots on leaves.


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Baltimore County Maryland vegetable cucumber yellow leaves 1 day ago

Trimming crab apple's dead branch

I know we should trim in winter, but this crab has a major branch that is completely dead. Will trimming it in June or July risk the same pathogens as other summer trimming?


Hennepin County Minnesota apple trees pruning fruit trees 1 day ago

White cotton like balls on 3-4 yr old Douglas Fir

Are the white cotton like balls on our young Douglas Fir made by some spider and are they harmful to the tree? The 1/8" diameter +or - sized balls are scattered all over the tree. Is there a spray we can use to control the problem? We would appreciate your help. Thanks!


Douglas County Oregon 1 day ago

When to Harvest Celery

Hello UMCE: I live in Clarksville, Howard County, Maryland. I have a large vegetable garden and decided to try growing celery for the first time this year. I started the plants indoors in January, and transplanted very healthy seedlings to the garden in late April. Their present side and condition is indicated in the attached photo. My question is, when should these be ready for harvest? The seed packet says 100 days (I presume from setting out transplants, which would be late July), but some of the plants look ready now to me. Thanks for your insight!



Howard County Maryland celery vegetable harvest 1 day ago

Rabbits eating our cosmos and coreopsis

Hello, We’ve just planted a new flower garden to take advantage of some newly acquired sunlight as a result of recent tree removal. Everything is doing fine except our cosmos and coreopsis which are being eaten daily (now down to their stumps) by rabbits. I assume it’s rabbits since our yard is fenced and deer cannot get in. We also have a dog who loves to meander the garden. Is there anything we can use to deter the rabbits but that is also safe for the dog who tastes everything in sight? Thanks,


Montgomery County Maryland wildlife rabbits 1 day ago

Setting up freezer jam

How do you know if the jam is set up. This is the first time I have made the jam.


Sussex County Delaware jam jams home food preservation 1 day ago

New shoots on the trunk

Hi We have just acquired an old apple tree along with our new home. There are lots of shoots starting to grow from a foot of the bottom of the trunk. Can we remove them? Thanks Sue G


Outside United States apple trees 2 days ago

Alien Being in the Garden

While working in the garden today, I came upon a very strange looking insect enjoying my salvia. I did manage to take a picture, can only guess that it was about 3" long. Never saw anything like it before and was hoping you knew what it was!


Img_0025_300x300%2523 Img_0023_300x300%2523

Lane County Oregon insect identification 2 days ago

Drip irrigation line hole spits out water several feet

I have a red drip line irrigation system. I was recently doing yard work and accidentally cut into the drip line without realizing it. I cut out the bad part and repaired it with a coupler. Which is working great. However the hole next to the coupler now spits out water whenever the water is turned on. The water literally spits upwards several feet. I want to say three. The hole looks just like all the others in the line. Yet the other holes do not sprout out water like this one does. It did not do this before the repair. I'm confused on how to fix it. I'm concerned that if I plug it up in some way that the hole next down the line will have the same issue. How do I fix this problem?


2 days ago

Blossom wilt on an apple tree

I think my apple tree has blossom wilt? Not sure what to do to help it. I’ve read to trim out the infected branches but should that be done now or in the winter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 2 days ago

Dying trees

In our Campground Resort of Sandy Pines our friend’s 85 year old oak tree died within a year. He and his next door neighbor have had some younger maples die relatively suddenly, also. Total number of trees is six. A few other trees look like they’re headed out, also. I researched info about oak tree wilt but I did’nt find anything about the wilt affecting other types of trees. Unfortunately, the “oak tree” neighbor purchased the property only 1-1/2 yrs. ago and the tree looked OK then. We have a cottage across the street with two 30 yr. old red maples and we’re concerned that whatever is happening could decimate our trees, too. Can you help us out ? Of course, it’s a big concern to all of us.. Thank you.


Allegan County Michigan trees and shrubs 2 days ago

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