Miracle Grow

I don't often use Miracle Grow, but I think my garden needs a shot in the arm. Is it too hot and rainy to apply some to flowers, pots and vegetables?


Hennepin County Minnesota fertilizer 3 days ago

Current seeds

I have a current bush named "Buffalo Girl". This is the third summer that she is producing seeds. Can I use these seeds to start a new bush? Some of them have already started to turn a deep red, almost black. If so what is the best way to go about that? She is so hardy and I would love to have more of her. Thanks.


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Type of bird eggs

We came back from vacation, was watering a hanging basket on our front porch, and a bird flew out. Inside are 4 eggs in a nest. What type of bird eggs? Should we just rehang the basket in the same spot, or move it on to a hook further away from our seats on the porch?



Rutland County Vermont backyard birds 3 days ago

Why are our blue mist spirea blooms white this year?

All of the blue mist spireas in our neighborhood have white flowers this year. What happened? I haven't been able to find a cause on the internet.


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs 3 days ago

Black walnut question

I have some Black Walnut bark that has been sitting for 2 years. Is it safe to use as mulch on paths of a vegetable garden that is all raised beds after this long a time?


Washtenaw County Michigan black walnut lumber black walnut mulch 3 days ago

Compost soup

I had two large bins of fabulous compost that I "cooked" over the past year and reserved for some post-garden-rebuilding this spring. A friend and I admired my beautiful compost and I forgot to put the lid back onto the bins. Much to my horror, the recent rains have nearly filled the bins and the compost soup is a bubbling liquid with thousands of insects on the interior walls of the bins. My husband thinks the bins smell like manure and all I can confirm is that the soup isn't offering the lovely fragrance of perfectly cooked compost. given all of our recent rain I am not optimistic that the water in the gallons of soup in the bins will evaporate. Does compost turn sour and cause damage to plants in a case like this? I most sincerely appreciate your thoughts and suggestions for my course of action. Thank you!



Hennepin County Minnesota 3 days ago


live next to a wetland, with rows of native trees between us and lands.......have chiggers in my yard which make it impossible for me to be out there with-out getting welts all over torso no matter how much i am covered.....what is the best way to get rid of?....had sprayed for last year, took two applications, but don't like to use such harsh chemicals in such a natural setting with so many birds, there any guidance you can give me, or recommend anyone to employ to get rid of.....?...i am literally confined to my house....seem to not bother anyone else in the cul de sac I live in............HELP>>>>>>>!!


Wright County Minnesota 3 days ago

Oak Wilt

We have several oak trees on our street in Grand Haven Township, Michigan. Some have oak wilt. We would like to get a proper diagnosis and find out what we can do to prevent it from spreading. Who do we contact? Gayle Kroll, 17869 Oakhill Ct. Grand Haven, MI. 616-638-4120.


Ottawa County Michigan possible oak wilt disease 3 days ago

Spotted Lanternfly

I am a Penn State Master Gardener and I am on our SLF Task Force. I recently received a question from a presentation attendee about permits. Does Maryland have a business permit system in place yet, and if so, is there information on how to get one? Thanks.


Maryland invasive pest insect and mites spotted lanternfly 3 days ago

Tiny black bug

A little teeny tiny black bugs on me that you can barely see they just look like little bitty specs they're biting me and trying to burrow into my skin what are they


Arkansas 3 days ago

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