When Blackcap plant too old

How long will my blackcap plants last under normal conditions?


Yamhill County Oregon raspberries 2 days ago

ID of non broadleaf invasive weed

Can You help me identify this weed that is growing in my lawn and suggest an herbicide to get rid of it


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Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf weeds hairy bittercress 2 days ago

Vanderwolf Limber Pine

We purchased this Vanderwolf Limber Pine in May 2018 and planted and watered according to CSU guidelines. It looked great until September. This photo was taken in late October 2018 and continued to get worse even with winter watering. We finally had to remove it last week.

We would like to try another one, but not without knowing what happened to this one. Our soil test shows:

pH 8.1
Soil is Sandy, Clay, Loam and may drain at a low- to very-low rate
Organic matter 5.6%
Nitrate 2.0 ppm
All other elements test normal; nothing else is needed.

Does the drainage issue lead to overwatering; and what do we do about CSU's comment about low drainage rate if they say not to add any more organic matter?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Larimer County Colorado 2 days ago

lead testing

where can you find a certified lead inspector


Palo Alto County Iowa 2 days ago

Oak Wilt?

I am looking for documentation on the dangers of Oak REMOVAL during the standard growing season. Most information that I find refers to the dangers of pruning, but not full removal of trees.


Kent County Michigan oak wilt management 2 days ago

Save My Blonde Boxwood

My local nursery suggested I send my information to your site. They suspect boxwood blight, but I want to be sure before I remove my precious plant. I purchased/planted this boxwood as a pair of tiny, 6-inch saplings in June 2012. Approximately one month ago, portions of the plant began browning. There are no bugs or spots on the leaves. On inspection of the interior, some of the bark is peeling away on a couple of the larger stems. Please help me save my blonde boxwood, if it is possible. Any guidance on what is attacking my plant and solutions for correcting the problem would be helpful. I have additional photos to share, if needed. Thank you!


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Prince George's County Maryland shrubs vole damage 2 days ago

What do you think of actinovate

See info at


Prince George's County Maryland pesticides 2 days ago

Lawn fertilization

I am installing a lawn irrigation system. It uses half the water of ordinary systems. I have the option of including a liquid fertilizer feed, that adds very small amounts of fertilizer with each watering. This is not weed control, just fertilizer. This sounds intriguing but am wondering about the pros and cons of such a system. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone


Minnesota lawn care 2 days ago

Lesser Celandine lawn invasion

What’s the best way to get rid of this expanding weed in my yard. I live in Catonsville. Thanks


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Baltimore County Maryland weeds invasive 2 days ago

Nodules on tree

what causes this on the tree in the photo. Fair Hill DNR near Big Elk Creek



Cecil County Maryland abiotic issues tree burls 2 days ago

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