Tomato Plant Question

Every year I buy tomato plants (usually early girl and carolina gold) from a local provider. The plants grow fine and produce well (6-8 tomatoes/plant). Unfortunately just about the time my first tomatoes begin to ripen the plant begins to die starting from the bottom up. The leaves and stems yellow and dry up. The tomatoes that have already formed continue to ripen but there is no new blossoming. Is this normal or is there something I am missing? I do not fertilize or spray.


Frederick County Maryland vegetable tomato early blight 3 days ago

Laurel plants

i pruned ( just the ends) plants at the end of march, my customer say i killed all of them and he want me to pay 700 for all his plants, how can i be sure those plants are died before. and how much is the cost for each plant , he said he want a proffessional do it. Thanks


Montgomery County Maryland shrubs laurel cherry laurel cherry laurels looks dead cherry laurel pruning damage cherry laurel winter burn 3 days ago

10 year old holly has very few leaves

Good morning, I’ve got a 10-year-old Holly that seems to never be able to keep its leaves. It is striped nearly bare as you can see. I Live in Frederick County but I’m in a very windy area in a valley. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Frederick County Maryland shrubs holly winter damage trees tree abiotic issues 3 days ago

When to Fertilize Lawn before or after seeding

Hello, I am planning to overseed my lawn that was established last year. Soil testing shows my lawn needs 4lbs of triple superphosphate (0-46-0) per 1000 square feet. I would like to know where can I buy the triple superphosphate and when to fertilize before overseeding or after. Thanks in advance for your response.


Carroll County Maryland lawn fertlizer 3 days ago


I am in need of an affordable method to rid my yard of moles & voles. Do you have any suggestions?


Anne Arundel County Maryland wildlife moles voles 3 days ago

What kind of grass or weed is this?

How can I get rid of this, it seems to be spreading


0416180950_300x300%2523 0416180941a_300x300%2523 0330181932_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland lawns and turf poa trivialis 3 days ago

Danger ? Dying tree roots under my house

The 2013 derecho brought down a massive 100 year-old (or older) Silver Maple adjacent to my house. Last week I discovered a large 3' diameter hole in my yard. Could this be a result of rotting tree roots? My house was built in 1938 (probably after the tree was established) and has a small crawl space with a dirt floor. I'm concerned about damage to the foundation due to dying tree roots displacing/shifting soil. Does this happen all at once, over time, and is there anything I can do now to prevent future problems? Thank you!


Prince George's County Maryland hole in yard three foot hole in yard decomposing tree dying tree roots yard sinking when tree roots dying trees 3 days ago

Leaking tree roots

We had a well pump replaced two months ago. They had to dig by hand and had a difficult time - took all day to do it. Afterwords we noticed it first slowly and then a much bigger pooling of water around well. We complained to the well people and they came out again. This time with an excavator. They found tree roots wrapped around the pipe but no evidence of cracks. We have a very latge River Birch near the well. When the cut thru, a large surface root was cut. When you stepped on the root, water squished out. The well people claim the water seeping around the well is from this and suggested we call a tree service to make a proper cut. The tree man came he cut it. He says that the licking very well can’t be coming from the tree and its roots and that will just have to wait for it to dry out a drain - if indeed this is the problem. There is quite a bit of water some pooling very swampy and it has a bad odor. There is spittle forming on it. We covered it with sand in advance of the big rainstorm you’re supposed to get yesterday. It helped but there still Spitale rising to the top. There is quite a bit of water some pooling very swampy and it has a bad odor. There is spittle forming on it. We covered it was sand in advance of the big rainstorm you’re supposed to get yesterday. It helped but there still spittle rising to the top. My question is do you think this can be from the tree roots or is something else going on here with the well and perhaps routes that I’ve gotten the system? The well people say they stand by their work. I’m enclosing pictures. Your help is much appreciated thank you.


Ee360840-5028-46d9-bf39-ee49f0943a76_300x300%2523 D7f5133a-bcd3-44ef-97e4-8935d3b6e260_300x300%2523 Dd40769c-137e-4711-a9bd-a3ae367ee628_300x300%2523

Anne Arundel County Maryland river birch tree river birch pruned root exuding copious liquid river birch oozing water well tree roots oozing water 3 days ago

Lawn, shrubs and trees dying

Our flowering trees and bushes seem to be dead. The once beautiful holly tree is losing leaves.The ornamental grass is not experiencing new growth. The lawn grass is dying and, in some areas, dead. This dying grass problem is spreading across my yard and into my neighbor's yard. Can someone come, ASAP,and test the soil to see if this is a problem that can be reversed?


Baltimore County Maryland shrubs trees soil 3 days ago


Is it ok to cut back liriope at this time of the year.


Frederick County Maryland perennials liriope 3 days ago

Strange behaviour

I have kept 6 hybrid chickens for 12 months. Despite them ruining my back garden, they are delightful pets. I soon noticed that, when it gets dusk, they put themselves to bed in the coop and all I had to do was to shut their door.

That is - until last night! When I looked out at dusk, all 6 were gathered at my back door. I went out and persuaded 3 of them to go into the coop but the other 3 huddled together in a corner of the garden and, despite offering them their favourite treat, they wouldn't move. By this time it was very dark and I had to carry each of them individually into the coop. This morning, all 6 were running around as usual.

Can anyone explain this strange behaviour and suggest if it may be repeated?


Graham Shaw


Outside United States 3 days ago

native fast growing shade/privacy trees

Hi! We are hoping to plant a few faster growing trees for privacy from a second story neighboring home looking into our backyard. The location is Ft. Washington, MD 20744. We are more partial to non-evergreens but are really just curious about what is recommended for the area (non-invasive, strong) and where we could purchase. Thank you!


Prince George's County Maryland shrubs plant selection trees plants for privacy 3 days ago

weeds in La Pine, Oregon

These little clumps are popping up everywhere, what is it and how do I get rid of them. When I go to pull up they pull really easy but each leaf is like its own plant but they are growing in clumps and not to far apart from each other


Weed_3_300x300%2523 Weed_1_300x300%2523 Weed_2_300x300%2523

Klamath County Oregon 3 days ago

Food Preservation Classes, Clinics, or Workshops

Hello! Are there any upcoming canning classes or workshops available in Jefferson County, or elsewhere that I might attend? Would like to ultimately get a master food preservation certificate. Are certificates from states outside of one’s residence useful/valid? Thank you!


Kentucky 3 days ago

Government programs for landscape improvement

I am planning to landscape my backyard and turn it into a "mix-use" environmentally sustainable garden for raising vegetables and for relaxation. I would like to know specific persons I can reach out to for detailed information on local government programs that may give residents credit for landscaping improvements that are in line with government initiatives for a more sustainable environment. I live in PG county. Thank you!


Prince George's County Maryland landscaping government programs for landscaping plant selection 3 days ago

Planning to start a "mix-use" garden in my backyard need advice on where to begin.

Hello, I would like to start a mix-use garden in my approximately 2600 sqft backyard garden--one where I can raise vegetables and herbs, and also a place for relaxation & entertainment. I'd like to request for information on where to begin in designing a sustainable and environmentally sensitive garden. Perhaps resources, expert gardeners who can guide me through the process...any support would be helpful! Thank you.


Prince George's County Maryland landscape plans how to develop landscape plans miscellaneous 3 days ago

Blotchy potatoes

The potatoes have a corky , brown, raised blotches on the tubers


King County Washington 3 days ago

flower id

Please id this small flowers that just bloomed for me. thanks



Prince George's County Maryland plant identification wild violets 3 days ago

Apple Tree Pruning

1. I need some tips on how to prune two of the apple trees that I planted in my garden last spring. Attached are the pictures of the apple trees. One is Red delicious and the other Gala. 2. Need some tips on getting rid of Japanese beetles that chewed all the leaves of apple tree last summer. 3. Soil testing results recommended to use a boron spray on the apple trees and advised to touch with cooperative extension. Any inputs on the boron spray would be appreciated.


Tree1_300x300%2523 Tree2_300x300%2523

Carroll County Maryland fruit apple trees pruning 3 days ago

Plant ID

This plant started growing in a perennial bed but not sure what it is. It is about 2 feet tall and almost 3 feet wide. There are about 14 little leaflets on each stem and the leaves come out in groups of stems with leaflets. The stem is reddish brown. The leaves are kind of chartreuse with a reddish cast on the new leaves. The leaflets have serrated edges and the veins are very prominent. This is one stem from the shrub for the sample. There is now another one of these plants starting to grow about 2 feet from this plant. This plant does not flower and dies back in the winter. Can you tell me what this plant is? Thanks


Dscn0769_(1)_300x300%2523 Dscn0769_300x300%2523

Jefferson County Colorado 4 days ago

Plant ID, Please?

A friend received this plant arrangement, but has no idea what the plants on the left are. She knows the one on the right is a rose that she can plant outside. But are the other two house plants? Can you tell me the names of them, please?



Wayne County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 4 days ago

preserving eggs

Is there a preferred or safe way to preserve fresh eggs....pickling and freezing are mentioned frequently on-line.


Curry County Oregon food safety home food preservation eggs 4 days ago

Invasive weed

We have a brown grass like weed that is invading the lawns of our community. It appears as a tuft of brown grass that spreads from year to year. It does turn green but shreds when mowed leaving the appearance of a shredded Kleenex. Can you identify the grass and how I might proceed to get rid of it? Thank you Charles Hilterbrick


20180415_135128_300x300%2523 20180415_135120_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland lawns and turf nimblewill 4 days ago

summer cover crops for low soil Phosferous level and reduce weeds in veg. garden

what summer cover crops for low soil Phosferous level and reduce weeds in veg. garden


St. Clair County Michigan 4 days ago


I live on Vancouver Island in Parksville. We have an area which is 3 feet by 120 feet and would like to plant am Emerald Cedar Hedge. We have picked this tree as beside the 3' is our neighbours grass and we have heard the Emerald Cedar doesn't have an evasive root system. Your thoughts?


Outside United States trees and shrubs 4 days ago

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