Termites from fire wood

I have put pieces of fire wood around my flower beds that butt up again my house. And, around my hydrangea plants and azalea bushes. My concern is these pieces of wood are so close to my house, and I water there, that the moist wood will cause an attraction to the termites. Can you say whether this is the case? The attached picture is the location in question. Not the wood shavings around the house, rather the larger pieces around the bed. The "mulch" is from an oak tree we recently cut down. So, if you feel that causes any concern let me know, but I understand from your paper that organic mulch isn't really a concern. So, I'm just concerned about the big pieces of wood Around the beds. Thanks, Lisa



New Castle County DE 2 days ago

Is this Dallisgrass

I have a few spots in my yard where a few weeds have shown up in April. I had applied a crabgrass pre-emergent in mid march and don't believe it is crabgrass. I'm having trouble identifying what it is. Any help is greatly appreciated



Anne Arundel County MD plant identification 2 days ago

Wide blade grass taller and lighter in color than the rest

In various areas of my lawn I have wide blade grass that always grows faster than the rest. It has a much different texture and is always lighter in color. Could you kindly help me identify what it is (weed?) and how to possibly treat it. Many thanks


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Anne Arundel County MD plant identification lawns and turf 2 days ago

insect ID

these start as red nymphs & develop to ruin everything is there a benign control that won't harm beneficials?


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Howard County MD insect issues 2 days ago

(Human) transplant from California to Carroll County -- differences in soil conditions

We have just purchased a home 10 miles south of Westminster in Carroll County. Our California soil was highly alkaline and required a lot of amendment with compost and, sometimes, additional sulfur compounds. What soil problems should I anticipate when vegetable gardening in our new location?


Carroll County MD soil and fertility issues vegetable gardening 2 days ago

Apricot Trees

I am new to Oregon. The Dalles specifically. I woke one morning this spring to the realization the big, old, beautiful tree beside our house was flowering! Then was informed by the neighbors gardener that it was not a cherry tree but an apricot tree! Now the tree has begun to bear fruit! It is in desperate need of a trim. Questions: When does one harvest apricots in The Dalles? Is there anything to do once fruit is harvested? To the tree and/or the fruit? If we have the tree trimmed is the fall a good time to do that? And will trimming it effect the fruit for the following year? Excited and under-garden educated in The Dalles, Kathy


Wasco County OR horticulture fruit trees 2 days ago

Adjustments for no-knead crusty white bread at 7200 feet elevation

I have been baking the King Arthur Flour no-knead crusty white bread recipe for many months now with fairly good success, but I want it to be the best it can be. I have been reading about adjustments to make at 7200 feet elevation and will now try to add a tablespoon of water extra for each cup of flour. I am wondering if I should also decrease the yeast? I have been letting the dough proof for two hours and then putting it in the refrigerator overnight, per the recipe. At this altitude, would it be better to proof it in the refrigerator? If so, how long must it be in the refrigerator before I can bake it? Thank you!


Coconino County AZ food preparation 2 days ago

Apple Maggot, when to set out lures and traps

Hello U of MN Extension Staff, We have Apple Maggot lures and traps to hang in our apple trees. It is the first time we will be using them. The blossoms have now all fallen from the branches. When should we put out the lures and traps? Is it too soon? We live in Minneapolis near Lake Harriet. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mary


Hennepin County MN 2 days ago

New Raised Garden

We're having a raised garden assembled from a kit, and my husband and the landscaper thought it would be a good idea to use Thompson's water seal on the wood (cedar) before filling with soil. I'm concerned that chemicals will leach from the water seal into the soil and get into our vegetables. Is this a concern? Is this sealing even advised or necessary?

Thanks, Gloria Ross


Arapahoe County CO 2 days ago

Honey chrisp stopped budding

My tree was planted in 2014. It produced 70 apples last year. This year it started to bud ,and blooms were forming and then is stopped. The Haralred planted 30 or so feet away is in full bloom. The honey chrisp leaves and buds seem to be drying up. The whole tree is the same. There is no visable damage and it is fenced. What has happened?


Crow Wing County MN 2 days ago

can bird droppings spread weeds?

I have a very wooded lot in Highland Park in St. Paul. I have a new weed growing which I have identified from your site as garlic mustard (wild mustard). It seems to grow under the pine and birch trees. I have lots of birds as our neighborhood is bird friendly. Thanks!


Ramsey County MN 2 days ago


Each year my gladiolas get too tall and tip over. Can I prune stalk now to stunt the height?? I have the plant bracing but they still are 4-5 feet tall!!


Kandiyohi County MN growing gladiolas horticulture 2 days ago


I have an asparagus patch about 20' long and 10' wide and the middle is dying off .Should I fertilize it and if so with what? Thanks my email is


Iowa County IA 2 days ago

Diagnosis of spots on aspen trees

Hi, we have about 10 aspen young aspen trees that we planted in the past 2 years on our property in downtown Bend, OR. They are beautiful, but this year we are having an outbreak of some sort, that is affecting most the leaves, from the bottom to the uppermost branches. So it seems systemic and is rapidly affecting the grove. I am attaching a couple of photos. The brown spots are enclosed, rather symmetrical, unlike many of the photos I'm seeing online. Please advise and also what product we should use and how to apply it? Thank you so much for this awesome service, gratefully, Maggie Smith


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Deschutes County OR aspen 2 days ago


How much water should I be giving my lawn after a de-thatching this last Saturday? The weather has been hotter than expected here in Fairview.


Multnomah County OR 2 days ago

ornamental grasses - are they invasive?

Hello. 12 years ago, I planted a grass similar to evergold - (but it is white and green) in a corner of my garden that abuts my driveway. It is very hearty, I cut it back in the spring and it has come back each year. It is planted near the street curb and the edge of my driveway as a fill in where snow plows and salt trucks travel in the winter. Several years ago, my neighbor planted a perennial garden across the narrow street from me (it is sort of the beginning of a cul de sac). This year she has little grasses (green) popping up in this new garden (which is heavily mulched.) Could this grass of mine travel under the pavement of our street into her yard? Her garden is on the opposite side of my driveway (the driveways face each other - not very long, either.) Another neighbor warned me that I would have to use Round up and get rid of it. I would really appreciate your advice - especially knowing if the grass is that invasive and if I should did it up. Thank you!


Ramsey County MN horticulture invasive ornamental grass 2 days ago

dwarf weeping flowering trees

are there any dwarf (under 14 ft) weeping flowering trees that are adaptable to the sw MN climate? I live in Marshall, MN and am looking for a pink to purple flowering tree that will grow in this climate. I've been told the weeping flowering cherry and weeping flowering redbud trees do not grow/thrive in this area. Any other possibilities? Thanks.


Lyon County MN horticulture weeping flowering trees 2 days ago

Sick Crabapple Tree

I have one crab apple tree out of my about 15 that I have planted in my yard that is absolutely sick. I'm wondering if there's anyway of figuring out what it is and if there's a way to save the tree. The trunk of the tree is nice and thick and looks very health.y I don't see anything at the base of the tree. I do see a fungus of some sort at the crown of the tree before the branches go out. The leaves are brown and the fruit is shriveled. I know that's not much to go on but I'll try to send pictures to.


Img_3829_300x300%2523 Img_3826_300x300%2523 Img_3819_300x300%2523

MN fungus on crabapple crabapple trees 2 days ago

Blue Spruce Problems?

Enclosed are 2 pictures of our tree. The top has some weird looking growth because of the color, it is a reddish color that I have never seen before and we planted this tree almost 5 years ago. It also looks a little stringy in certain sections and doesn't look as healthy as our other trees. We live in Warwick NY which is in Orange County. Is there something wrong with this tree? If yes do you know how to treat it?

Thanks for your help.



Tree1_300x300%2523 Tree2_300x300%2523

Orange County NY 2 days ago

What is this plant?

Have had this little plant in my garden for years, just keep pulling it out. Is it a weed? Live in Vadnais Heights 55127.



Ramsey County MN sweet woodruff plant id horticulture 2 days ago

How to control this beetle?

Hello! I am interested in flower farming for profit, so I tilled up half of my backyard this year to try growing cut flowers for the first time. My Panda Anemones have these little beetles all over them that have appeared the last couple of days. They appear to make brown spots on the petals. What are they? And how can I control them? (See attached image) Thanks!! - katie



Klickitat County WA insect identification varied carpet beetle 2 days ago

Lemon cypress shrubs

We notice some brown spots at the base of our lemon cypress shrubs that have been growing just fine for the past year. Otherwise they look very healthy. Can you recommend what this might be and how to treat it? Or is it just the result of our very wet year so far and will come back on its own?



Marion County OR lemon cypress 2 days ago

leaves falling

I have a Japanese maple over 20 yrs old seems to be losing a lot of it's leaves and have a lot of dead branches. What could be wrong with it. Can it be save.


District of Columbia County DC tree defoliation of japanese maple dieback on japanese maple 2 days ago

My Norfolk pine is slowly dying


Couple months ago got a Norfolk pine. Was doing pretty well for the first couple weeks and then slowly the bottom branches started turning yellow brown. Since then the yellow has started moving up and the ends of the branches are turning yellow brown, starting with just the end of the needles.

Watering it once a week, don't think too much. Any ideas? Anyway to tell the difference between overwatering and mealy bugs?

Thank you!


Clay County SD 2 days ago

geese problems

we are having geese litter our playground, asphalt and turf with feces. what can we do around schools?


Howard County MD wildlife geese problems geese on school grounds 2 days ago

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