Rose let damage

Several of our rose plants have leaf damage similar a tomato cutworm. Weven don't see any worms of bugs. Any ideas?


Larimer County Colorado flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials 2 days ago

Pumpkin plant has a crusty stem

Hello, The main stem of the pumpkin has grown crusty under the weight of the growing get plant. Should I be concerned? Is this a bad sign? Thank you, Morgan



Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

salt damage to soil

Hi Experts, Some of the soil along my sidewalk has damage from de-icer salts. I had the soil tested and the sodium levels were too high. Can I undo the damage by adding gypsum? If so, what are the details? If not, is there another technique your recommend?


Montgomery County Maryland soil and fertility issues 2 days ago

Names of native 'weeds' (also known as volunteer bee food?

Hi, I want to know what this plant is. I bought a 'salsa pack' to put in my garden way back in early April. I may have accidentally allowed this to grow in my pots - is it a weed or part of those plants that are suppose to all together make good salsa. What part do I eat (if it is a plant for eating). Thank you.,


Mystery_vegetable_from_salsa_pack_1_300x300%2523 Mystery_vegetable_from_salsa_pack_2_close_up_300x300%2523 Mystery_vegetable_from_salsa_pack_3_300x300%2523

Dakota County Minnesota horticulture weed identification 2 days ago

Caterpillar ID

I found these on butterfly weed in my garden. Are they tussock moths?

Some of the leaves on the plant where I found them are shriveled and dried.


20170726_180914_300x300%2523 20170726_181455_300x300%2523

Howard County Maryland insect issues 2 days ago

Baby copperhead

Found this guy in our living room. We live in Florida panhandle. Near a water source out back. Is it a copper head? I can clearly see pits on the head and the coloring is def something I've never seen in person.


Okaloosa County Florida 2 days ago

What's on my swamp milkweed!?

I have LOADS of these eggs (I guess that's what they are) on both my swamp milkweed and my butterfly plant (asclepius). I was hoping they were Monarch eggs so I have left them but my friend says no. Oh dear, what are they and should I wash them off?



Ramsey County Minnesota insect eggs horticulture insect identification 2 days ago

Drainage ditch hell!

I have a 120' by 15' drainage ditch to maintain, water comes through at a tremendous rate at times, I am in Rockford, IL some is in shade but most is in sun. I need some kind of seed mix that can survive in wet conditions.


Winnebago County Illinois 2 days ago

spruce trees dying?

I have several spruce tress that are losing needles on some branches. They are only about 40 years old. Is there anything I can do to help save them. One totally died.


20170726_121236_300x300%2523 20170726_121322_300x300%2523 20170726_121358_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs trees blue spruce 2 days ago

Maple Chlorosis

Is there any theories as to why I am seeing so many maple trees that are chlorotic this year?


Otter Tail County Minnesota maple trees horticulture chlorosis 2 days ago

mice in the house and no cat

I usually see 1 or 2 mice a year, but this summer I saw one adult mouse, and then a baby mouse, What should I look for in hiring an exterminator or are there some ways I keep the population down? Thanks Pat


Baltimore Maryland wildlife mice 2 days ago

Zelkova bark rupture and pest

6 inches from the base of this Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase' we found the bark peeled back which was soft and fragile and exposed the sore underneath. Under the decaying bark was the caterpillar in the photo, which is no longer than an inch in length. Please help identify the issue and if we should follow up with any control methods. Are the two related?


Img_4193_300x300%2523 Img_4194_300x300%2523

Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs trees insect issues 2 days ago

Asian hornet

I have an Asian hornet nest in my yard located in my well pump. They are just like the pictures posted and sound like a hummingbird they are so big. I am concerned for my 13yr old who while mowing spotted several coming out when he mowed past the pump. I moved the cap and can see several holes going into the ground and observed one coming out. Please can someone advise how to get rid of them. Thank you


Charles County Maryland insect issues 2 days ago

Crossbow use and groundwater contamination

Crossbow was sprayed on a blackberry thicket about 50 feet from our well. We live about 2 miles inland from the coast. Will our well water be contaminated? I don't feel comfortable drinking our water. Thank you


Curry County Oregon weed issues pesticide safety drinking water 2 days ago

Pee Gee Hydrangea tree suddenly dropped it's leaves and looks dead

What may have caused this? The other 3 trees in the line are fine. They are at least 10 years established. There is dogwood and a diablo ninebark planted behind the row of trees.


Hennepin County Minnesota 2 days ago

Interested in creating a native landscape solution for home in Maple Grove

I have read the article Queen of the forgotten bees and see the opportunity to change from the green grass approach to a natural one such as depicted in this story. I would like to contact persons who could evaluate our property and suggest a plan. Is it possible to be connected with Mary Jane Smetanka to get her advice on how to proceed? Is there an upcoming event I could attend to explore this approach? What resources are available. I'm tired of trying to maintain beautiful green grass.


Hennepin County Minnesota horticulture landscaping 2 days ago


Your Agent responded to my earlier question as to what I can do about BLACK DEFORMED BACKS OF TOMATOES by saying they lack calcium and that I should add a handful of ground limestone to the immediate area of the planting. My question is where do I get the ground limestone ? Note: I have been planting the tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets, with several 1/4 inch round holes around their bottoms for drainage, and filled with a half & half mixture of Miracle Grow potting soil and good local top soil. I do keep them very adequately watered.


Washington County Maryland fruits and vegetables vegetables tomatoes blossom end rot 2 days ago


what is the best practice to eliminate groundhogs in my backyard. they're beneath a sizable equipment shed. Coyote urine, borax and bleach repels them but they're back as soon as the odor wears off. Can I borrow/rent/buy Havahart wildlife traps and release the critters to a naturally-wooded area? In my years of work with the public in Farm Co-op sales dept I'd sold hundreds of these type traps to homeowners. I guess the crux of my inquiry assumes all safeguards and advisories are regarded as well as the animal's well-being but my daughter and grand daughter's hard work in their home vegetable garden has just gone down the drain. Are the traps still legal? PS they are NOT leg traps and do no harm to the animals being. Thanks.


Baltimore County Maryland wildlife 2 days ago

Birch tree

A friend has a mature birch tree that is losing a lot of leaves. They are wondering what is causing it and what they can do to kill whatever is eating it or parasitizing it.


Img_3514_300x300%2523 Img_3515_300x300%2523 Img_3516_300x300%2523

Osceola County Michigan 2 days ago


Is this thistle considered a beneficial wildflower in MN or an invasive species?



Minnesota weeds horticulture thistle 2 days ago

Dog Training

My co-worker told me about your dog training for kids, Kennel Club. I would love to sign my daughter up. She is 12 years old and we live in Santa Clara. What is the right way to start this.


Lane County Oregon 2 days ago

Strawberry plants / ants

Was gifted with 14 beautiful ever blooming strawberry plants - have heard you cannot plant close to where peppers/tomatoes are/have been. What time frame could I plant in garden? There are peppers and tomatoes in the sunniest spot - I have a 20x20 raised garden - the front wall is where most of the sunlight hits - can I extend out another 2', possibly line with landscape material, and fill with composted soil/sand mix and be OK? Really would like to get them out of their individual pots. Secondly, what can I apply to garden to get rid of thousands little black ants? They're everywhere!!



Wicomico County Maryland fruits and vegetables insect issues 2 days ago

Lemon Trees in PA ?

Hello! How well, if at all, would a lemon tree due, in SW - Westmoreland County, PA ? Container vs ground ? Thank you, so much, in advance !


Westmoreland County Pennsylvania 2 days ago

trying to identify this wasp

Can you please tell us what kind of was this is?



Harford County Maryland insect or spider id 2 days ago

Rhody leaves yellowing

In re-landscaping we put two Anna Krusche rhodys on one side of a deciduous tree and two Christmas Cheer on the other. I have both species elsewhere in the yard. After two years of doing well, the Christmas Cheer now have yellowing leaves...obviously a problem. The soil all around is the same why just these two? They have drip the other 10 Rhodies. They all get a foliage fertilizer from a professional service. Any suggestions...and Thank you !


Washington County Oregon 2 days ago

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