Master Gardener Book

Is there an Oregon Master Gardener book, and if so where can I buy it?


OR 10 days ago

Growing Rhubarb

What varieties of red stemmed rhubarb grow best in southern Harford County and when is best time to plant. I tried a few years ago with a large tuber of variety Crimson Red planted in early spring in a sunny area. It did well until the real hot weather hit in August and then it died back and never came up again.


Harford County MD vegetables rhubarb normal growth rhubarb best varieties 10 days ago

restore lawn

Hello, I am Gordy, I live in the red river valley west of grand forks ND. my sister has recently purchased a small hobby farm in Zimmermann MN Baldwin Twsp.. I will be helping her restore a 1 acre lawn which has not had very good care the last few years.. my questions center around the soil conditions in Zimmerman. I've never worked with such sandy soils.. 1, Where is the best place to get soil sample kits locally? 2, I'm used to using bulk AMS 21-0-0-8 Ammonium Sulfate here at 200 lb/acre spring and fall. will this work on the sandy soils? 3, Do the general guidelines of 3.5 pints/acre of bulk 63% 2-4D or Trimec Classic herbicides work well in the sandy soils? I only use Trimec Classic for occasional Clover control. 4, Are any amendments such as lime etc. recommended for sandburs? 5, I have great success with Rivards Sun and Shade grass seed here. Comp. 39% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue, 20% action Kentucky Blue, 20% Camas Kentucky Blue, 10% Top Gun ll Perennial Ryegrass, 10% Caddieshack ll Perennial Ryegrass.. Will this work in Zimmerman? The lawn is sunny and not watered. Any suggestions? 6, Does the sandy soil require aeration?


Sherburne County MN 10 days ago

Almond flavor in Gala apples.

While eating Michigan grown Gala apples, I noticed the fresh seeds have an almond (from benzaldehyde or CN I assume)

Has there been any attempt to extract the organic compounds that are responsible for the almond flavor in Gala apple ?

Extracts from vegetables, fruit, rhizomes and/or their by products are extensively used as flavorings.

Thanks, Tom Jones, MSU Industry Advisory Board Member, Chairman Prof. Dev. & Continuing Ed. Purdue University Nutrition Alumni Network and Retired Sci. Fellow (Kalsec, Inc.).


Kalamazoo County MI apples gala apple 10 days ago

What plant is this

A friend gave me this houseplant. I was wondering if you could tell me what it might be.



Monroe County MI gardening houseplants indoor plants horticulture 10 days ago

help me determine what kind of bugs these are

I have several bugs and nothing I use is killing them. I tried Orthomax DEFENSE and a pesticide company and I cannot get rid of them.Can you help me identify them and tell me what will work. Thank you.


Beetle_300x300%2523 Mites_300x300%2523 Triangle_bug_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD pest control pantry pest insect or spider id sawtooth grain beetle sawtoothed grain beetle 10 days ago

Help! Keeping butterfly alive through winter!

We brought a swallowtail caterpillar in the house towards the end of October. It pupated and then we probably should have put it in the garage, but it stayed in the kitchen and all of a sudden one day, a butterfly was fluttering around in there! It's very difficult to find info on how to keep them. It is too cold to release so I am feeding it a sugar-water nectar by hand. It will NOT unfurl its proboscis to eat! I have to do it each time using a toothpick and laying it in the nectar. I do it twice a day and he (she?) only eats for about 90 seconds. Then he rolls it up and walks away. Is that enough food? Should I do it more often? Is there anyplace I can reloate the butterfly so he can fly around free? Thank you! Kimberly


Hennepin County MN 10 days ago


Will CCA and CEU points be given at these meetings?


Graves County KY graves county kentucky agriculture 10 days ago

brown holes on mother-in-law's tongue (snake plant)

My snake plant developed small round -- oval shaped brown holes at some point this past summer. I saw no signs of spider mites or any type of fungus. I wiped the leaves down with alcohol in October and some brown spots still appeared. I should add that this plant has been growing in a vase with marbles for at least 20 years. I rarely feed it. It gets early morning to mid afternoon sunlight. The holes are very small, most of them about 1-2 cm. -- maybe less. Last week I took the plant out of the water, rinsed out the vase and marbles. The plant had some white fuzz on one group of roots which I was able to wipe off with a damp paper towel. I don't see any new brown holes and it appears some new sprouts might be forming. I would like to know what caused this problem, so I can avoid it happening again. I couldn't find anything on the internet that addressed having small brown holes.


Snake_plant_group_of_leaves_300x300%2523 Snake_plant_close_up_of_one_leaf_300x300%2523 Snake_plant_300x300%2523

Baltimore MD snake plant houseplant snake plant with spots abiotic issues 10 days ago

Poultry diseases

what causes a chick to have its next turned permanently


OUTSIDEUS poultry 10 days ago

Planting maples in December

Can I transplant maples and butterfly bushes from containers now , December 3, in The Applegate?


Jackson County OR trees and shrubs 10 days ago

Need to rid nesting birds from porch

I have small birds making a poop-station of my porch (near entry). I've sprayed area with "Repels All", and my garden hose to no avail. I don't do BB-guns, and would like a kind solution to my problem. I love the winter birds, just not these prolific poopers making a mess of my porch!


Genesee County MI bird damage bird nests 10 days ago

Blue Prince turning Green???

I planted some new Blue Prince Hollies and, upon placing them next to some of the older ones, noticed that the older ones no longer had that dark blue-green coloring. They've slowly morphed and now are plain green. Why? What can I do to have their original coloring return? I really like the dark blue green w/the purple-y black stems. Many thanks!


Anne Arundel County MD shrubs holly blue prince holly blue holly lost color normal growth 10 days ago


Does a township planning commission have the authority to send notice to local road commission against a requested road closure? Notice is based on the conflict with their Master Plan and signed by planning commissioners as their opinion only. Would the notice have to be approved by the township board prior to being mailed?


Muskegon County MI 10 days ago

Sky pencil in Lakewood Ranch, FL

9 months ago, 3 sky pencils were planted by a landscape company. One recently looked so bad that I replaced it. now two are looking bad, including the newer one...browning leaves and dead leaves surrounding the base. Is the heat here too much for them? Am I watering too much?


Manatee County FL 10 days ago

What are over-wintering options for a 24" dia root ball of cannas and...

What are over-wintering options for a 24" dia root ball of cannas and dahlias. There are about a dozen each in the rotball. They are all commingled with many braided roots. two photos attached



Portage County OH 10 days ago

drying soybeans

I have 200 acres of beans in the field to combine yet. trying to decide if moving corn out of drying bin so we could use it for beans is worth the time and effort. Is air enough to keep and dry down say 15 -16 % beans. If heat is needed how much can I safely add. This bin has no stirator.


Wayne County IA 10 days ago

What type of snake is this

It was found in Nassau Bahamas a few feet away from lake Killarney a few feet next to the coppice forest is it venomous or dangerous is it a threat to kids. Thank you in advance



OUTSIDEUS juvenile corn snake pantherophis guttatus 10 days ago

Lawn Renovation

Hello, I need to renovate this lawn, it is in very bad shape. I keep reading that early fall/late summer is the ideal time to establish a new lawn, but that means we are stuck with this eyesore for 8-9 more months. Is there away to carefully do it this spring? I am unclear on what the first steps would be, in regards to removing the existing vegetation. I understand that tilling, filling, and grading will need to be done afterwards, but not before. Should I use a non-selective herbicide to simply kill it then rake it up this spring? Or cover with black tarps until it dies then till that into the ground? What is the ideal method before we till, fill, and grade before seeding? Thank you so much!


Img_5834_300x300%2523 Img_5829_300x300%2523 Img_5830_300x300%2523

Clackamas County OR lawns and turf 11 days ago

food-canning/hot water bath

I am baking squash and want to put the required ingredients in canning jars....can I add the eggs and evaporated milk to the jar of squash/spices/sugar ? (or do these ingredients have to be added at the time of baking?) Hot water bath?For how long ?? (preferred method) pressure canner? How long?


Lane County OR home food preservation food safety 11 days ago

Favorite dormant spray ?

I live in E.Medford. I have a grand red delicious apple that is about 70 years old. Each year I try something different but still lose a large quanity to worms and rot. I have never used a dormant spray but want to try this winter. The choices are plentiful and confusing. Is there a local favorite brand ? Do I apply it soon or wait till just before it buds out ? 2nd question : I have two Italian Prune plum trees that suffer aphids terribly every year. Would a dormant spray help and if so, the same product/time frame as the apple ? Thank you for your help Diane


Jackson County OR fruit trees 11 days ago

leaves and my garden

My front yard is totally dedicated to a xeriscaped garden with a few silver maple trees. Should I rake leaves from this garden or should I let them to return nutrients to the soil?

For my back and side lawn, I always use a mulching mower, so I am thinking it's best to let leaves return the nutrients.


Boulder County CO 11 days ago

Which fruit trees produce well in Albany?

I am moving to (South) Albany. I want to plant fruit trees that prosper in the area. I am looking for apples, peaches, and plums/prunes. My neighbor says the soil is clay and has a high water table (inches), which now supports a pretty good lawn.


Linn County OR fruit trees home orchard horticulture 11 days ago

I put new topsoil down and now my yard is more swampy than before.

Hi there, I live in an area where there is alot of clay and draingage has always been an issue. I have had a hard time growing grass in parts, this past summer I put in 36 yards of topsoil and releveling off the yard. Then I hydroseeded in mid July. Now I feel like when its wet out the whole back yard is complete mush and alot of grass has disapaited. RIght now it looks like a huge swamp with large puddles that pool. I keep telling myself that the grass hasnt been able to take full root and the soil needs to compact some for it to be better. But I also think, maybe I made it worse. I am looking for suggestions and also hope.


Midland County MI lawn care topsoil 11 days ago

Short itch span

I feel a bite and then itch for a few minutes in bed then the itch leaves. What’s biting me ? Thanks for reading this. John Sakal, Toronto Ontario.


OUTSIDEUS insects 11 days ago

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