Question admission into MU for extension programme

I wish to know whether the university offer admission for post-doctoral programme in extension. I am a PhD holder from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria, where I currently lecture. I however wish to have exposure to extension studies in US, with MU as my choice of university.



OUTSIDEUS 3 days ago


When to apply crabgrass preventer?


Kandiyohi County MN crabgrass preemergent 3 days ago

Best time to spray poison oak?

We moved to Elmira and have found poison oak on the property. When is the best time to spray it and what product works best? Thank you so much for your help! Katie Bren


Lane County OR weed issues pesticides 3 days ago

Raised-bed Vegetable Garden

Hi there, I am looking for soil recommendations for my vegetable garden (just a simple 12' by 12' raised bed). In the past, I had some success with my plants. This year, however, I would like to focus on the soil more prior to transplanting my earlier vegetables. What soil mix should I be looking for?


Anoka County MN 3 days ago

Evergreen needle loss & dying branches

Last summer one of my largest evergreens in a windbreak row has a section that is looking much different than the rest of the tree and there were a kind of moth in the area, Could this be infecting the tree and causing the problem? Is there any insecticide that can be topical sprayed onto the trees? Each year I do spray a miracid on the trees and have used Jobe's stick fertilizer. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Blue Earth County MN tree disease 3 days ago

Fertilizer Shelf Life

Does fertilizer have a shelf life? Specifically; I have individual bags of nitrogen, phosphorous, & potassium. They are somewhere between 20-30 years old. They have been kept dry. Can I use them? Another question if you don't mind; the last two years our garden has produced apparently healthy plants but without any produce to speak of. Do you think the recommendations will correct this or do I have another potential problem? Thank you for your consideration


Wayne County MI fertilizer 3 days ago

Crown Vetch

I would like to know where I can purchase Crown Vetch seeds at a reasonable price. Thanks, Will Thomas Phone: 570-690-6695


Wyoming County PA horticulture 3 days ago

Emerald Ash Borer

There is a large ash tree that I suspect is dying on the property where my condominium is located in Baltimore City. The crown is not leafing out, it is not flowering and has suckers growing low on the trunk near crotches. If it is cut down how can I tell if it has an Emerald Ash Borer infestation? If it is infested does it need special disposal to prevent EAB from spreading?


Baltimore MD invasive eab disposal 3 days ago

Will the fact of growing up with a bipolar parent create a people-pleaser persoanlity?

My friend has grown up with a bipolar parent who was only diagnosed when she was 7 years old. I found her to be a people-pleaser, bordering on blindly positive about people and things. She is always smiling and never gets angry with anything. For a long time I found it incomprehensible. For to me, nobody with a sane mind can be this happy and positive and there must be something wrong about her or she is just faking it. But somehow it turned out she is indeed such a kind of person. She is also extremely clingy to other people and would rather not take on tasks, like travelling or visiting museums, by herself alone.

Then I learned about her mom's medical condition. She said that the doctor suspected that her parent had postpartum depression which was ignored and has developed into bipolar. I wonder her people-pleasing personality has something to do with it.


New York County NY 3 days ago

Local organic barley for fodder

Hello I've recently been doing some research on growing fodder from barley and wheat. It supposedly greatly increases the protein and the digestability. I'm looking to eliminate commercial feed using things like fodder, black soldier fly larvae. I'm hoping to get some chickens and rabbits very soon and was looking for a local farmer that was pesticide-free. I know a lot of farmers don't get the Organic certification but still use organic practices so I'm fine with it not being labeled organic. I'm from the Cambria County area and my question is do you know of any local farmers growing organic grains of any kind especially barley and wheat? All I could find was those that were selling online and with the shipping that would not be economical or ecological friendly. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you for making this service available.


Cambria County PA pastures and forages 3 days ago

Refrigerate or not refrigerate potatoes?

People say potatoes should not be refrigerated; why is that?


Ramsey County MN 3 days ago

Didn't get a response from county extension agent

I asked a question 4 days ago that I've received no response to regarding a willow oak I transplanted. Is anyone going to address my question or is my tax money just being wasted on this online black hole?


Morgan County AL no answer 3 days ago


Is there a local supplier (Quad Cities area) of red wiggler worms for vermicomposting?


Iowa County IA 4 days ago

something more natural than grass?

I live in senior estates in woodburn oregon. And, grass, grass, grass. I see some yards which have no lawns. Some all rocks. some all barkdust. yuck. and there there are those which seem filled with more natural plants...some traditional flowering but in general there are things that look good in winter, somethings popping up in the spring and summer and does not seem to require constant care. And above all, no mowing and no freakish chemicals being used to kill weeds to make grass stay nice. Id consider doing something like that but no idea where to start. is there a grass that I could reseed with that needs no chemicals alternative to grass? I tried clover but it died native plants to use to take over the entire yard? something more friendly and low maintenance?


Marion County OR sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture plant selection 4 days ago

herbicide effects on bees and butterflies

Our church has several acres of lawn and spray applies herbicides to control dandelions and other weeds. We are concerned about the effects of these herbicides on bees/butterflies. The applicator has recommended: Q4 Turf Herbicide and TZone Broadleaf Herbicide that are spray applied. These contain 2,4 D and other herbicides. In the past, we have used Amine 400 which has only 2.4 D as active ingredient. Which of these 3 would be the best choice to minimize harmful effects on bees/butterflies? How can we convince older church members who want to see only green lawn with no weeds that a few dandelions can be beneficial to pollinators? Thanks for any help or advice you can provide. Mark Zentner


Rice County MN herbicides and pollinators 4 days ago

Fig tree growth and placement near fence.

Hello, I bought a celeste fig tree today. I heard it tends to grow smaller than turkey browns. The label says it grows up to 7-10 ft high and wide. I planted it in my fenced garden because I'm afraid an animal is going to chew it up. Last year I had a really young fig (less than 12 inches tall) and either a deer or rabbit obliterated it. I'm not sure how old this fig is but it is about 4 feet and quite bushy. Because it is in my fenced garden, it is two feet in front of a wooden fence, and about 3 feet to the left of another fence. It is also about 5 feet from my row of blackberries. This is the only space I have. Do you think the space is too small. Does the fig grow in a circular fashion from the root or does it grow against the wall (like more rectangular). Will the roots interfere with my blackberries. If the space is too small, I could plant it outside the fence but it will be about 7 feet from a row of raspberries. Will the raspberries interfere? Will the deer or rabbits get at the older fig branches? If I prune the tree, will it be able to keep it a size that can stay inside the fenced garden? Do the fig roots grow crazy? Thanks!!!



Howard County MD fruit fig fig tree growth and placement 4 days ago

Pressure Treated Wood Ashes Used for Gardening

After the recent wind storm that caused my 15-19yr old pressure treated fence to fall down, the fence boards were burnt in the fire pit for 3 days & the ashes & nails were rototilled twice into the garden. Is the soil still safe for planting & eating the veggies? Would you please test the soil for arsenic, copper & chromium? Will it ever be an organic garden again?


Oakland County MI wood ashes in garden soil pressure-treated wood 4 days ago

Lawn mold

I have a white mold (or something-could be a fungus) on my soil underneath the grass. Seems to be all over the front yard. Had snow mold this year-first time ever-and I don't know if this is caused by that or if it is something different. Would like to know how to fix this without digging up the entire front yard.


Image00001_300x300%2523 Image00002_300x300%2523

Crook County OR lawns and turf horticulture diagnosis of plant problems 4 days ago

spring apple tree prunning

Can I prune this green apple tree now? It has been blooming for about 2 weeks.


Dsc06905_300x300%2523 Dsc06906_300x300%2523

Jackson County OR fruit trees horticulture pruning 4 days ago

Proper watering

I have purchased an Oregon Grape bush and one called burning bush. I am wanting to know how much to water them to keep them healthy. I live in Bend and we don't get that much rain. Thank you.


Deschutes County OR horticulture irrigation and water management 4 days ago

North Star cherry tree diseaes

I have 3 trees that are planted about 50' apart. Last year they fruited normally and then in early August, 2 of them had the leaves turn dark brown and leathery almost overnite. There is no sign of damage or rot of any kind. No plants under or around the trees have had any changes. This spring they have not leafed as yet and I can see no sign of buds on them, the unaffected tree is leafing and budding normally.
I went to the Bunker Hills Ag center with some twigs and leaves and talked to them and they were totally stumped. I need to know what this disease is. and if they'll come back or if I remove them, can I replant in that same area.


Anoka County MN 4 days ago

What's this weed and how do I eradicate it???

Last fall, I sprayed roundup, put down manure, and planted grass. Bizarrely, it grew all winter. Anyway, a major portion is now infested with the weed pictured. What is it, so I'll know what to use to treat? Thanks!!


Img_4033_300x300%2523 Img_4035_300x300%2523 Img_4036_300x300%2523

Montgomery County MD weed id weed chickweed going to seed winter annual weed lawn 4 days ago

morel mushrooms

Can you find morel mushroom's in Lorain county?


Lorain County OH mushrooms 4 days ago

Tree bark coming off in patches

I have several mature trees in my backyard woods that look as if the bark is being scraped off in large patches.


Img_0934_300x300%2523 Img_0935_300x300%2523

Baltimore County MD wildlife tree tree bark coming off in patches probable eab invasive 4 days ago

Plumb tree

I live in battleground, Wa. and am looking to plant several plumb trees. I find a lot of conflicting info. Italian, mirrabelle, methley, beauty, shiro are few I've read about. Methley sounds like a good choice being a hybrid. The list goes on and I would appreciate help narrowing it. Any recommendations. My soil is dense with a lot of clay and I'm on a south facing hill.


Clark County WA plum trees 4 days ago

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