Aspen Trees

After some recent grading on our property half a dozen small aspen trees ended up with about 2 to 3 feet of earth piled around their trunks. I've read that this could be bad for some trees but cannot find anything definitive with regard to the impact on aspens. Should I unearth my aspen trees? Thanks for any insight.


Lincoln County Wyoming 8 days ago

What kind of spider is this ?

What kind of spider is this ? I'm in Long Island NY, This picture was taken inside my home close to an exit, approx first week of November 2017. Thank you



Suffolk County New York 8 days ago

Sick Guinea Hen

The other day I noticed one my young guinea hens had puffy eyelids and wasn't as active as the rest of the flock. She was hatched this year and usually very active running all around the place but now she just sits on the fence all day. I haven't seen her drink anything and she hardly eats. I don't know what's wrong with her and I don't know how to help her. She keeps her neck close to her body with her feathers fluffed up. What should I do to help her?


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Davidson County North Carolina guinea fowl 8 days ago

Should I mow grass after frost?

Now that we have had a killing frost, I wondered if I should give my grass a final cut. Is it harmful, helpful or neutral in terms of its effect on the grass?


Carroll County Maryland lawns and turf plant care last mowing of season 8 days ago

Saving water with artificial or synthetic grass

Hi, we are a group of 6th graders who are on a Lego Robotics team that have an assignment to do with Hydrodynamics. We have come up with a problem of too much water usage in the home and want to conserve water by using artificial grass. We have done a lot of research and want to get the opinion of water conservation experts to share this idea and to hear what you thing the pros and cons are of synthetic grass for a yard (the biggest so far we have come up with is runoff- but there are solutions with using sand and gravel). We have also contacted the HOA about this. Any information would be great! Thank you, Case, Drew, Casey and Allen (if there is any chance someone could get back to us by tomorrow - Friday Nov 17 we would really appreciate this) thanks again


Larimer County Colorado 8 days ago

What should I use to clean our floorboards in-between the first and second...

What should I use to clean our floorboards in-between the first and second floors of our home where a large beehive with lots of honey and wax has been removed! We realize we must get the wax smell out of the floor. The bees left about 2 months ago. Incredible sight when we opened up the floorboards and found honeycomb!


Hamilton County Ohio household cleaning 8 days ago

Name of this plant

i think it is a fern ???


20170817_093055_300x300%2523 Imu_300x300%2523

Newaygo County Michigan plant identification 9 days ago

Name of this plant

it looks like a duster, short stem and filaments


20170817_093745_300x300%2523 20170817_093837_300x300%2523

Newaygo County Michigan 9 days ago

What snake is this?

found in my backyard.

I live in the Philippines.

Can anyone identify what snake this is?



Outside United States chrysopelea paradisi flying snake paradise tree snake 9 days ago

plant id attempting to attach photo

My neighbor's shrub, it's fabulously fragrant Now (mid November). I've never been able to zero in on it, cuz never could find a shrub in obvious flower, but it is now. Aha. The flowers are teeny, seem connected to stem, and the leaves are 1-2" long and 3/4" wide. Leaves are by 2, 180 degrees apart. thanks!


Lane County Oregon 9 days ago

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water...

Hi, My name is Adam and I am a 7th grader doing a science project on water filtration. I am testing a commercial instant sip filtration type product with tap water with a homemade water filter. Can you provide any coliform bacteria kits to test drinking water safety? Or do you sell them at a good price. I am in Columbus, Ohio so my mom or dad could come pick them up at an office there at campus. Thank you very much. Please respond on my parents email below.


Franklin County Ohio 9 days ago

Herb garden problems

Hello! I am trying to grow cilantro, basil, sage, parsley, and thyme in my apartment. The basil is doing fine. But the rest of them are looking a little sad. The cilantro and parsley are drooping and brown at the place where the stems enter the soil. The sage was doing fine until I came home this evening to find it dropping. The plants are in 5 separate small pots and get morning sunlight (as much as possible with Minnesota weather). What am I doing wrong? Thank you! Asha


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Hennepin County Minnesota 9 days ago

How are aspen "eyes" formed?

Hello, can you tell me how aspen eyes are formed on the tree trunks? I noticed them on the big aspen trees in the Como cemetery in Park Co.unty. Thanks!



Park County Colorado trees and shrubs 9 days ago

hedge tree type

Looking for a 80' long hedge to screen the neighbors new construction. My research seemed to point me to Green Giant arbs but I have not found any at my local wholesale nursery's. I have found some Leyland Cypress and Incense Cedars in 5-6'. and am leaning towards the cedars at 7' on center in a north south line. Are there any issues with either of these two species for bugs or scale in this county? Is there a preference or recommendation from OSU? I am looking to duplicate the Airport way entrance with Cedar and to the west of that deciduous trees (redbud, maple, or Tupelo) to the west with shrubs around them- any apparent down sides to this plan? I have about 10 honeybee hives on the lot and the nurseryman told me that the Linden that I wanted is toxic to bees in certain conditions-is this a valid concern since the bloom time is perfect.


Clackamas County Oregon 9 days ago

Everbaring Golden Raspberries

I have everbaring Golden Raspberries in give gallon buckets. Over the summer they grew quite large. Now that freezing temperatures have arrived, I have taken them inside. Can I cut them back for the winter months? Should I? Like I said they are quite big and I have 7!


Durham County North Carolina horticulture 9 days ago

Deciduous shrub next to juniper?

I would like to plant an ornamental deciduous shrub close to several existing juniper bushes (not sure which kind yet). This spot is also about 15 feet away from a huge blue spruce. The area will get plenty of sun, and I plan to add several inches of amended soil before planting. Will the bush do well in this location?


Broomfield County Colorado trees and shrubs 9 days ago

urban 4-h clubs

Hello, my Name is Adele Macatee. I am a freshman at Cecil college. I am writing an essay in my college English class on problems within my community. I have chosen 4-h as the community that I am apart of, and for this essay I must research a problem within the 4-h community and state solutions to said problem. The problem that I chose was that there isn't enough agricultural science or 4-h opportunities available to youth within cities. I chose this because I figured they don't have all of the resources or land availability to do some of the activities or programs that we could do within Cecil county and other more rural areas. I myself am in a Cecil county based 4-h club and so I know the types of things that we do would be difficult to do in the cities. I was curious if you know of any places where I could find information on the lack of 4-h involvement within cities? if so feel free to respond back to me, thank you.


Cecil County Maryland 9 days ago

Choosing indoor plant lights

Hello, I'm looking at plant lights online and see many options, some only 10 watts but with good reviews, and others at 1500 watts. I'm wondering what I need for starting seeds (maybe a few flats of them) and possibly for giving a boost to houseplants that aren't doing so well, like African Violets and a small jasmine I've brought in for the winter, or for culinary herbs. Thank you! Catherine


Dakota County Minnesota grow lights growing herbs indoors 9 days ago

does the extension have an Arthropod ID service

I have some samples that I need identified ... they are too small for the naked eye, hence no images to upload ... but I'm thinking they might either be fleas or bird mites that got blown into my home ... I also need advice on how best to get rid of an accidental infestation that occured in july(2017) ... I am considering two nonToxic nonChemical options but finding it dificult to pin down ... (1) thermal Heat @140°F or greater (2) an organic enzyme bioInsecticide


Montgomery County Maryland pest control insect or spider id pest insects and mites biting insect id 9 days ago

backyard poultry conference.

Our kids are thinking to do an informational conference (meeting) for other 4Her's ,and possibly open to the whole community, to educate new poultry owners. We're hoping to get more members interested in showing their birds at the fair. We're looking for knowledgeable person to come and give a presentation. Any leads on who might be available to do this type of thing?


Mills County Iowa 9 days ago

What kind of mushrooms are these?

For the first time in 10+ years there's mushrooms growing on my birch tree. Is my tree dying? What kind of mushrooms are these? Should I take them off my tree? They are only in one spot a cpl feet up from the base of the trunk.


Img_2606_300x300%2523 Img_2607_300x300%2523 Img_2613_300x300%2523

Deschutes County Oregon birch trees mushroom identification 9 days ago

When should I mulch my strawberry plants in SW Ohio? When Do I remove the...

When should I mulch my strawberry plants in SW Ohio? When Do I remove the mulch in the spring?


Warren County Ohio 9 days ago

ornimental variety sweet potato plants-green variety

Someone told me I could reuse the tubers next year. How do I preserve them and how do I bring them back next year?


Baltimore County Maryland 9 days ago

microencapsulation of curcumin

how curcumin microcapsule prepared from spray dryer?????


Middlesex County Massachusetts food preservation 9 days ago

Walnut tree value

I️ have a walnut tree cute down in my yard the big lims but the trunk is still here and I️ have another w/nut tree how much is it worth .. need it gone before winter


Washtenaw County Michigan 9 days ago

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