Insect ID

What's the name of the common black hard shell bug that buzzes around your house mainly in the spring and fall? They're close to an inch long, the underside is a light color.


Benton County Oregon insect identification 6 days ago

Annual spray for trees? Needed? And if so, what?

Hi - We have been getting our trees sprayed annually and I am not sure it's necessary and / or what they should even be sprayed for if they need spraying. We have a very old Douglas Fir and two silver maples. We get them sprayed for aphids and mites and for IPS - "control of IPS engraver beetle." We live in Washington Park. We just automatically renew this spray contract and I wonder every year if it's worth it. Finally, I am asking. Thank you.


Denver County Colorado 6 days ago


I live on the Big Island of Hawaii at approx. 1200 ft elevation. I am having a major problem with Himalayan Blackberry plants..They never flower but send out runners and they are taking over my property. I understand that phragmidium violaceum, also called leaf rust fungus will kill the leaves which would be a step forward in eradicating this horrible plant.Mowing or plowing is not an option since the land is very rocky and uneven. Where can I purchase the fungus. I'm sure no one has it here on the island and it would have to be shipped..Thanks for your help..Suzanne Jamison-Wade


Hawaii County Hawaii weed issues 6 days ago

Pineapple/orange juice

Can you can a 50/50 mix of pineapple/orange juice. Is it good for one year?


Cameron County Texas 6 days ago

Disposal of pet ashes in garden.

Is it acceptable to dispose of cremated pet remains in one's garden and, if so, what factors does the homeowner need to consider (soil pH factor or some such, for example). My garden space is fairly small. Your answer is very much appreciated.


Washington County Oregon 6 days ago


So can you answer when a canned item from the store has a best buy date, how long after that can you use that canned product? Also is there any information on "use by", "sell by", "best by", "expires by"? My daughter cleaned out my pantry and said that anything that was over a couple of years on the "best by", should be gotten rid of. Looking forward to some help!


Benton County Oregon food safety 6 days ago

what laws apply

i am wanting to start an outreach dinner at our church it will be free or donation we want to hold 2 of these a month in huntington wv what are the laws do you know


Cabell County West Virginia food safety servsafe 6 days ago

box elder bugs inside bedroom

how do you get rid of box elder bugs from inside a bedroom? we have a shop vac and vacuumed up the first swarm. now they just keep showing up, not as many as the first time.


Benton County Oregon box elder bugs nuisance insect 6 days ago

Manganese Sulfate

Hi Folks
What use would Manganese Sulfate be in soil amending?


Denver County Colorado manganese sulfate 7 days ago

Germinating Coleus

Hello I'm am wondering when is a good time I can start my coleus seeds indoors ?


McLeod County Minnesota 7 days ago

I have a skunk that has dug under the foundation of my front porch. What is...

I have a skunk that has dug under the foundation of my front porch. What is the best way to get rid of it? It just appeared overnight, so I hope it has not had babies yet. This has been a recurring problem over the past 10 years or so.


Licking County Ohio 7 days ago

Green Grass Ad in St. Paul paper

There was an ad for Canada Green Grass seed - is this something that is recommended to be used in Minnesota or is it some kind of invasive species?


Washington County Minnesota 7 days ago

What to plant in a drainage ditch

I live in a rural/suburban area outside DSM with about a 15' stretch of ditch that fills up in heavy rains. Its lawn right now. I was wanting to replant it and put in something native, bug friendly & tolerant to heavy water. Is there a go-to plant or product anyone would recommend?


Polk County Iowa 7 days ago

soil testing

Where can I get my soil tested? I live in Marydel.


Caroline County Maryland soil test 7 days ago

Mulch or compost?

Does Hennepin County give away compost or mulch? If so, when are where?


Hennepin County Minnesota compost 7 days ago


Hi there. Do you know the name of this grass? Any idea how big it'll get? I want to move it to another garden--when is the best time to do so? Any other tips?


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Hennepin County Minnesota 7 days ago

modeling vegetable growth

where would I find phenology models for vegetable crops.


Valencia County New Mexico vegetables 7 days ago

Will clover work in a xeric turf lawn?

I'm planning to get rid of my existing grass lawn as it goes brown during the summer and is full of weeds. I plan to replace the existing grass with "Dog Tuff" bermudagrass (Cynodon hybrida?), possibly overseeding with a no-mow clover (trifolium repens, "Miniclover") to avoid the need for Nitrogen fertilizer. The lawn gets a full day of direct sun during the summer, and we're in Littleton (~5300' elevation). Our goals are to have a nice place for our kids and dogs to play outdoors, and I don't mind re-seeding the clover yearly if it dies in places due to high traffic, but I want the clover and the grass to be happy with the same amount of water (the Dog Tuff is advertised as needing 1/2" weekly for the summer). Do you know if the clover will thrive under these water/sun/heat conditions, or will it just die off?


Jefferson County Colorado 7 days ago

Found snake skin

I found pieaces pf snake skin in my.hoise is.the snake still here and it cold


North Carolina snakes 7 days ago

Tired of killing plants not understanding their needs for their types

Please, help me to find out what type of plant this is,;what's wrong with it, and what type medium is best for it. I'm tried of killing plants not understanding what their needs are. It's growing and dying at the same time. Such a gorgeous plant. I know they do not like direct sunlight so, I have it by a window where it gets morning sun filtered through a sheer curtain. It's been blooming so beautifully now it's getting dark spots on even baby New leaves. See pictures. Please, tell me plant is doing this just because it needs to be repotted as it is root bound and roots look healthy.


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Montgomery County Pennsylvania houseplants anthurium 7 days ago

tomatoes at 10,200 feet elev

I remember the tomatoes we used to grow on our SD farm (1000 ft elev). I haven't tasted a tomato since that tasted even close to as good.

I have a cabin at 10.2 k on the eastern side of Weston Pass, off-the-grid. I know the soil will need changing but any specific advice is welcome. I'll probably build a "cold-frame".

Also, will I need to cover the plants during the summer? Temps in the summer are usually 40's or 50's F.

Any other advice is most welcome.


Park County Colorado 7 days ago

House pest!

Hello, can you guys tell me what this bus is, i am kind of freaking out as it appeared in my appartment last week and i found 4 dead next to my window.


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New York 7 days ago

Odd little square bare places on trunk of holly trees

What are these bare square places caused by?


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St. Mary's County Maryland wildlife sapsucker damage 7 days ago

Saving My Tree

Who can help me with Emerald Ash Borer infestation in Black Hawk County?


Iowa County Iowa 7 days ago

Maple tree bark looks wet

The bark of my Autumn Blaze Maple tree looks wet. From the top of the tree all the way down it's entire length, the tree is leaking sap. There doesn't appear to be any damage to the tree and there are no broken branches. The bark is splitting in some locations. Also, we didn't prune the tree in the last year, so it isn't coming from late pruning. Should I be worried about disease?


El Paso County Colorado 7 days ago

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