Person looking to buy Cortland apple trees

We have a family that has been looking to buy Cortland (not sure of the spelling) apple trees and has not been able to find them. Any suggestions.


Barry County MI apples over 4 years ago

Maple trees with white spots

We have a customer that says she has white spots on the branches of her maple trees in her yard. They are about the size of quarters or 50 cent pieces. Can you tell me what this is and how to deal with it?


MI trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

combs an leg color

I bred a straight comb yellow legged rooster over a buff hen that is white legged an pea combed. My question is what will the offspring males look like. (Comb an leg color)


CA genetics poultry over 4 years ago

Hi, My question is: how would you recommend handling keeping the area beneath...

Hi, My question is: how would you recommend handling keeping the area beneath a wood fence clear of weeds? The fence is at least a couple of inches or more above the ground. And also the area surrounding a chain link fence that goes down to the ground level? As a gardener, I try never to use toxic chemicals, am OK with a few weeds, like native plants, reducing grass etc. while the neighbors on both sides like grass, tidiness, use pesticides/herbicides/chemical fertilizers liberally and they get angry about the fenceline. I'd like to resolve the situation instead of experiencing conflict every year. Thank you for any recommendations you might offer. Julie


Ramsey County MN over 4 years ago

peas seedlings wilting

Hello! Some (but not all) of the snap pea seedlings in our Beaverton Learning Garden are wilting. We're not sure if this is an environmental issue (too much water?) or a disease. The variety is Sugar Spring, purchased from Territorial this year. They were direct sown around the beginning of April and covered with row cover. Can you help? Thanks! Ali Abbors Oregon Food Bank Learning Gardens



Washington County OR fruits and vegetables gardening over 4 years ago

Insect Repellent

Each spring a type of beetle hatches that seems to live in our Maple trees. Looks like something prehistoric, but is completely harmless. They do come into our house though and I'm looking for a "natural" repellent to keep them out.


Marion County OR insect issues horticulture over 4 years ago

peach trees

I have heard there has been a peach tree developed for Florida
I would like information and know where to buy and get information on them


Pinellas County FL fruit trees over 4 years ago

I have a large bearded iris garden and have had annual trouble with yard...

I have a large bearded iris garden and have had annual trouble with yard grass and crab grass growing in it. This year it is terrible! Is there anything I can use to kill the grass but not affect the bearded iris??? Thank you Laurie


Dunn County WI weed issues horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

Is the 88% Beef in Taco Bell Products Pure?

So, recently there was an annoucnemtn by Taco Bell that 88% of it's beef is real beef. My question is, of that 88% how much is beef like one would eat from a steak, vs cartalidge, bone, and other additive. Is Taco Bell allowed to call the 88% pure beef because of a lose definition of what beef is, or is it truely just a combination of beef like you'd get from a steak etc.


Santa Clara County CA food safety small meat processors food nutrition over 4 years ago

Sparse Pine Trees Bugs Or Blight

Over the past few years I have pine trees branches on multiple trees spreading via disease or bugs?



Mecosta County MI over 4 years ago

Can you please help me identify this plant/berry


I was in Boulder in March and am hoping somebody can help me identify a plant/berry that I noticed in many places. I found these ones in Chataqua where they were very prevalent. The plant was about 12" tall, very twiggy with a red-brownish hue, had no leaves, but there were red berries that were almost sparkly looking. The berries did not really cluster but there would be several in close proximity to one another. Any idea? Thank you greatly for the help.


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Los Angeles County CA trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Trees Dying

we have some evergreen trees that appear to be dying at one of our properties (2200 Foothills) and I was wondering if you could look at the attached pictures and give your thought on what is going on. Also, if you could give me some direction



Campbell County WY over 4 years ago

planting geraniums in ground

How can I judge when it is safe to plant geraniums in the ground in westland, Michigan? Is Mother's Day, Sunday May 11th, too early this year? My mother in law was recently diagnosed with cancer and we are all trying to go blow our her yard work on Mother's Day. She would love some geraniums planted but I don't want to do it if that is too early. Thanks.


Oakland County MI flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

optimal planting dates - low water Kentucky Bluegrass

I plan to plant grass seed (low water Kentucky Bluegrass) in order to establish a small (~500 sq. ft.)lawn at a private residence here in Cheyenne. Here is my question: What might be the earliest month/date that you would recommend planting the grass seed to minimize the risk of loss due to frost, etc.


Laramie County WY over 4 years ago

Pest control

1. Trying to best time the application of Hort. Oil for control of Honey Locust plant bug. Under the microscope looking at a 2nd. yr. twig with buds just swelling. Removed a single bud scale and found 5-6 active bright orange mite like creatures with 8 legs and a few orange eggs. Do the nymphs of the plant bug have 8 legs or is this a different arthropod? 2. Will Hort.Oil work for the newly emerged Vibernum beetle larvae? We've used Sevin with very good results in the past but there are still plenty of bright red berries hanging on this spring and the birds are enjoying them. Thanks, Henry Street


Sullivan County PA integrated pest management insect issues insect management horticulture over 4 years ago

Edna's Best Organics Soil

Where can I find information to the why or fixes to the problems with Edna's Best Organics (bagged) soil. I've already got the FYI that all that soil I'd bought of that brand and put in my planters and pots is to the why my plants and garden plants are dieing. Now however the only information I got when asking the Garden Center I'd bought it from was that to bring it back. ??? I've already USED the soil in my planters and do not have the 15 bags of it to return! So I'm willing to try a fix if there is one; but I'm not even finding indication to admittance to this problem other than from the Garden Center after I'd heard it from a fellow gardener. And I would really like to have an idea to how I can remedy this since it's already in my planters. I do have all the receipts of my purchases. And I wasn't really even given an answer to if this herbicide in the bagged soil is also a problem with Edna's Best Compost and Flower and Vegetable Soil too. I would say it is as my indoor house plants are also taking a turn for the worse since I'd used bags of Edna's Best Flower and Vegetable on my indoor plants. And I wasn't given the option to be refunded for the bad soil I'd already opened and used, just the ones that aren't open.. Any help you can help me with on this? Plz... TY


Yamhill County OR soil and fertility issues over 4 years ago

I saw an exhibit at the Arb about low water low maintenance grass. Where can...

I saw an exhibit at the Arb about low water low maintenance grass. Where can I buy those grasses?


Hennepin County MN turf over 4 years ago

Houtuynia invasion

I have the dreaded houttuynia or chameleon plant in my garden Help! It is so invasive it must be stopped in a space about 25' across by 12' Aside from moving or bringing in a backhoe is there any way it can be killed effectively? This plant should not be sold in nurseries ! It is dire!


Lane County OR weed issues over 4 years ago

Access to Extension People

St6ill unable to access the website. Please check Stephen Dan Stone, ACS Financial Readiness, Fort Campbell, KY and set me up a password. Thanks.


Montgomery County TN over 4 years ago

My Sweet Gum and Oak trees are losing bark, and show holes that are about 1/2...

My Sweet Gum and Oak trees are losing bark, and show holes that are about 1/2 inch wide. What insect can this be? We are also losing trees and one tree fell over and it appeared to have had its roots eaten on one side.


Madison County IL trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

White Asparagus Seedling

I have some asparagus seedlings going in my greenhouse. The greenhouse get's natural light and I have grow lights to supplement as well. One of my seedlings sprouted white. I didn't think it was going to survive but it has ferned out like the others. Will this little guy survive? Will it always be white?

The variety is Precoce D'Argenteuil Asparagus, which I bought from Baker Creek. (sorry for the picture being my husband could do :))



Allegan County MI fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Information about sweet corn

Planning on doing some gardening with sweet corn.What type of pesticide do you recommend and when is it best to spray?


Centre County PA gardening sweet corn horticulture over 4 years ago

The best combination

I'd like to know what combination of aquatic plants would be best to achieve the most efficient ecosystem in my region. I'm currently researching converting my detent pond in to a natural swimming pool and water garden. My goal is to clarify and provide my pond with the cleanest water possible.The pond covers approximately 1/4 acre with an average depth of 6'. Part shade in the early morning and late afternoon. Otherwise, full sun from 10am to 4pm. I have a few small cypress trees in a 6sf area that provide cover all day.


Galveston County TX freshwater aquaculture over 4 years ago

How to get rid of Nutsledge

How do I get rid of nutsledge in both my vegetable garden and flowerbeds?


Travis County TX horticulture over 4 years ago

Is this a weed

Can u pl tell me if u recognize if this is weed or plant that hasn't yet bloom



Cherokee County GA over 4 years ago

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