If buds are formed, can they withstand very low temperatures at any time during the year?


Salt Lake County Utah trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Are there resources to assist our small day-care center as we get established?

I have a small day-care center in Calvert, Alabama. Our center is fairly new, and we assumed that we would have more support from our neighboring business (ThyssenKrupp), which had promised to hire locals for their new plant. I saw an opportunity to start a much-needed day care in our area. There was essentially nowhere to leave small children so that parents could go to work. Needless to say, the hiring process was not what we had been told. Our center is licensed for 76 children. We currently have only 40 enrolled, and most of the clients are on a subsidy. Our center is struggling to remain a source of positive infrastructure. Is there any help or grant opportunities to assist with some of our expenses until we get up and going?


Mobile County Alabama child care early childhood over 5 years ago

Hello, we live in Avon Lake on a lot with some challenges for a lawn. We have...

Hello, we live in Avon Lake on a lot with some challenges for a lawn. We have a company do the fertilizing. However, our lawn is filled with chickweed, moss and lots of other small weeds. I think this is due to two things. Most of our lawn gets little sun due to multiple huge oak trees and shag bark hickory trees. Just the very front gets sun (and it gets burned out sometimes). I am thinking I need a soil test and will have to replant a lot of grass. Any ideas would be very welcome. If OSU does soil tests or has kits, please let me know. Thanks for any ideas.


Lorain County Ohio over 5 years ago

Balsam tree is turning brown

A large portion of one side of one of our balsam trees is turning brown. Could you help us?


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Orleans County Vermont trees and shrubs balsam horticulture over 5 years ago

How does OSU feel about students who have taken courses online, that are...

How does OSU feel about students who have taken courses online, that are wishing to attend?


Ohio courses over 5 years ago

How can I tell when a hen is not laying anymore?

What is the best way to tell whether a hen is not laying anymore? During early summer, I tried culling hens with brighter yellow legs, and I left the ones with white legs. But my egg production went way down. The "fingers between the pelvic bones" method yielded mixed results, and all the hens seemed to be about the same. Our poultry butcher said to wear a latex glove and insert a finger into the vent. If only one finger fits, the hen is not laying eggs. If two fingers fit, the hen is laying eggs. We have heritage hens, and there are some that are still laying well at 4 years, so I do not want to do a blanket slaughter of all hens of a certain age rather than checking individually. If some of the older hens are laying well, I want those genetics in my flock to pass on to the chicks. Thank you! We have Delaware chickens.


Yamhill County Oregon poultry over 5 years ago

social security numbers

i would like to know why the state of alabama requires our social security numbers for a background check. Isn't there a federal rule preventing using those numbers in a privacy act? And they want them to enter the master gardening program.


Alabama master gardener program over 5 years ago

What do I do about the squirrels that are stripping my junipers?

Squirrels are attacking my juniper privacy hedges and stripping them to bare sticks. What do you suggest I do? I have tried capsacin-laden sprays, mineral blocks, human hair, and throwing rocks but nothing is working so far. My privacy is nearly gone.


Boulder County Colorado wildlife damage management over 5 years ago

Powerdy mildew on rosemarry

I have rosemerry in the house for the winter. Could you use sodium bicarbonate and horticultural oil on it if taken outside and sprayed if temperature was above 50?


El Paso County Colorado indoor gardening indoor horticulture over 5 years ago

Colorado land transfer

2 co-owners of Colorado land - one in texas, one in west virginia. Texas owner would like to transfer ownership of deed to w. va owner. Is a quit deed what I need to do??


Texas law over 5 years ago

We are interested in joining 4-H in the Hancock County/Arlington area. Could...

We are interested in joining 4-H in the Hancock County/Arlington area. Could you give me some names or contacts, please? If we are taking livestock to the fair how soon do we need to have those animals?


Hancock County Ohio over 5 years ago

sourdough starter

I know that baked goods have different requirements at altitude and I have been trying to create a sourdough starter using 1 pkg yeast, 2 cups flour & water (100 degrees). I even tried leaving out the sugar because it overreacts the first day and by the 3rd day it separates and seems to die. My pantry stays about 70 degrees, but after 4 attempts I still have no starter. What am I doing wrong?


Bernalillo County New Mexico over 5 years ago


Is a newly appointed member to the Planning Comm. required to sign the Bylaws as all of the other members have done. He does not agree with one of the requirements. If he is required, then what is his status until he signs?


Mason County Michigan over 5 years ago

Calf Vaccinations

We just bought 6 Deacon Calves. We bought them at Gaylord Livestock Auction last week. My question is what is the best vaccination program for them? When can and should they have what? I want to give them the best care possible. Right now they're taking medicated milk replacer and nibbling on a little bit of 18% calf starter. Also plenty of fresh water. Any help you can give would be appreciated!


Benzie County Michigan dairy health dairy herd health over 5 years ago

recovering horse pasture

We are considering a property in the Indigo Lakes subdivision in Magnolia, Texas. The home sits on 5 wooded (pine) acres. How can we get advice on recovering the overgrazed portion of the property? And advice on planning management of the property to support our three horses in the future?

I previously lived in San Patricio County and have had acquaintances who benefited greatly from the advice of their county Extension agent. I am hoping for the same experience.


Harris County Texas pastures and grazing over 5 years ago

Best time to plant a mugo

We have planted two mugo pines in an area where a dwarf mugo looks perfect. They died. Our soil is heavy clay and we probably over or under watered them. We would like to try it again and we would be grateful for any help you could give concerning: 1) the best time to plant, 2) the best variety to select, 3) any special planting instructions, 4) how best to water them, 5) when and how to feed them, and 6) any spells or incantations that will help them prosper.


Jefferson County Colorado trees and shrubs over 5 years ago


When should I plant asparagus seed?


Fergus County Montana fruits and vegetables horticulture over 5 years ago

Recommended tree care services

Hi! I love gardening but never have enough time to maintain my entire yard properly. I am looking for someone to prune trees (fruit and ornamental) who really knows what they're doing and does hand pruning to really maximize fruit production and aesthetics. Do you have a directory of recommended providers?


Lane County Oregon trees and shrubs pruning horticulture over 5 years ago

Norfolk Island Pine in Atlanta?

Would it be possible for the Norfolk Island pine to survive outdoors in Atlanta? Our winters have been getting warmer over the years. I would love to line the perimeter of my yard with them if possible. I understand that they are not good in hurricane territory but we are inland in Atlanta.


Georgia norfolk island pine over 5 years ago

Blackberry Invasion

I purchased a home with greenhouses. Unoccupied for 1.5 years, blackberry plants are taking over. How can I remove them without herbicides?


Lincoln County Oregon weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Methane gases produced and used on the farm

We have several large farms in Barry County. Has research been done on harvesting the methane gases produced from our Michigan farms? What are the overhead costs and potential of using such fuels? Whom can I contact with more questions?


Dads_king_samon_300x300%2523 Hydro_power_300x300%2523

Michigan anaerobic digestion and biogas biodiesel methane over 5 years ago

Winter composting

What process is used in the winter to enable composting to continue outside and in very low temperatures, some below freezing?


Josephine County Oregon sustainable gardening and landscaping horticulture over 5 years ago

Pecan and fruit tree spray schedule

Where can I find information about a spray schedule for pecan and fruit trees? Fertilization also? Thanks


Washington County Texas pesticide safety over 5 years ago

watering potted plants

Can I safely water potted plants in this freezing weather? The plants look dry.


Polk County Oregon container gardening horticulture over 5 years ago


Is there anything that repells rattlesnakes? We recently purchased some raw land and saw a nice fat rattler on it. There are many rocky crags on the property so I figured there would be some but want to repel them so my grandchildren won't come across them, especially near where we will build the house. Any advice?


wildlife damage management reptiles human-wildlife issues over 5 years ago

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