Evergreen browning

A couple of our 15-20 year old pinion(?) pines are suddenly browning although we've watered them regularly for years. What action is recommended to save these trees? Photo attached.



El Paso County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

frost dates with a greenhouse

Dear Sir or Madam,
We live 2 miles north of Palmer Lake and have determined our frost dates to be about 9/20 (first) to 6/1 (last). We have built an 8'x12' greenhouse covered in 6 mil plastic with 2' of screen around the bottom. We added some flaps so that we can close it off when it gets colder. Should I still plant according to these frost dates or can I assume some number of weeks added to the season on each end? Also, should I be raising and lowering the flaps according to some specific temperature or just leave them down after a certain date? The planting guides talk all about temperature but not about sunshine. As the days get shorter will the plants need artificial light (assuming I can maintain the needed temperature)?
Garden Novice


Douglas County Colorado frost dates almost 5 years ago

Dying Pine Trees

Who should I contact regarding dying pine trees on my cul-de-sac. Our pine (I don't know what kind) died over a one year period. I've noticed several other trees dead or sick on our street.


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

We are having major ground hog problems. The are roto-tilling our back yard...

We are having major ground hog problems. The are roto-tilling our back yard and working their way to the front. We also have voles. How do we rid ourselves of these problems. A creek borders the yard so we are reluctant to use any poison.


Franklin County Ohio almost 5 years ago

I am starting to get little white flowers on my basil. Do I pinch them off to...

I am starting to get little white flowers on my basil. Do I pinch them off to get the basil to continue to grow and flourish? If not, what should I do with them and how do you recommend getting it to continue to grow?


Baltimore County Maryland herbs basil almost 5 years ago

Blueberry leaves eaten

I have some branches where the blueberry leaves have been eaten. It begins at the main stem and works it way out. At the end of the branch, there may be a few healthy looking leaves. The blueberries are on my deck - so that eliminates some possibilities (deer). It produced lots of berries and the leaves that are still on the plant look healthy. Should I remove the branches that have been eaten? What could be causing this problem?



Clackamas County Oregon blueberries horticulture almost 5 years ago

Summer Bush Replanting

I have had several Butterfly Bushes seed themselves somehow in between my flagstone paver cracks. Clearly, this is not a great place to encourage growth. I would like to pull them up and replant them into my garden. When is the best time of year to do that? Also, besides just pulling them out, what is the best way to take them out to replant them?
Thank you


Jefferson County Colorado shrubs almost 5 years ago

inch worm/geometer moth infestation

How can we help our oak trees infested with the inch worm/geometer moth? I am very concerned our oak trees will die due to the stress of the defoliation involved, especially concerning since the trees stand right next to our home.


Polk County Oregon insect issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

Planting Specialty Crops

We have about 9 acres of untouched land we are cleaning up. We are hoping to plant specialty crops such as garlic and lavender. How can we learn more about the steps to take to market our specialty crops? Are there any important facts or laws we need to consider?


Darke County Ohio agriculture specialty crops good agricultural practices gap almost 5 years ago

poison ivy/oak

We have a hill of bushes that now has poison ivy growing throughout them. How do we rid our bushes of this poison but keep our bushes?"


Shelby County Tennessee weed management almost 5 years ago

When is the best time to prune certain Shrubs

I am in zone 5 Toronto, ON. across Lake Ontario from Buffalo, NY. How do you use an extension service online to find out the BEST time to prune/shear/trim particular species of shrubs and trees? Do know basic pruning and time techniques. Thanks, Stephen.


Outside United States horticulture almost 5 years ago

tree roots

We have a very large sweet gum tree with his roots growing above ground. The roots are now so large that it has broken up the concert sidewalks all beside it. I dont want to cut this old boy down. I was thinking we could cut the roots that are pretuding from the ground. Could we or would this kill our tree?


Shelby County Tennessee trees and shrubs tree health almost 5 years ago

Radon Gas in my home

Good Morning, My Radon gas test showed 10 times the acceptable level for Radon. How/where do I begin to have it removed/contained. Can you refer me to someone? Is there someone local? Thank you, Evelyn Anderson


Clay County Iowa almost 5 years ago

I have a serviceberry tree that's been in the ground about 4 years. This...

I have a serviceberry tree that's been in the ground about 4 years. This year, it is turning red and dropping leaves in August - it started to thin out after the heavy rains. It is between 2 other service berries that look fine. Of the 3, it is the most exposed. I is surrounded by butterfly attracting flowers, but there is a clear mulch ring to around the drip line. The bed has a drip irrigation system and we water the trees deeply about every other week, depending on rains. No pesticides (because of the bees and butterflies we will not use them) It is near a stand of juniper trees. Is it going to pull through? Is there anything we should be doing?



District of Columbia County District of Columbia trees and shrubs serviceberry almost 5 years ago

Maple Tree Losing 80%of leaves within one week

I was hoping to get some advise. The leaves on my 21 year old maple have gone from bad to worse in the last week. It has lost about 80% of its leaves. Some of the leaves appear to have some (not a lot, though) rust colored spots. Will it come back. Could it be weather related. It sits about 5 feet from the road on one side and my driveway on the other side. An adjacent Maple (about 20 feet separates the two) appears to be quite healthy and vigorous (for now!!!). My neighbor's tree also appears to have a similar "fungus" however not as acute. thank you for any advice. Lisa Kelly


New Castle County Delaware plant disease maple trees tree diseases almost 5 years ago

Trapped skunk

I am going to try to catch a skunk that I think killed all of my guinea keats in a catch alive trap.How can i dispose of the skunk without being sprayed.


Floyd County Iowa wildlife damage management human-wildlife issues skunk trapping almost 5 years ago

removing a bee's nest

I have a retaining wall made of rail road ties. Honey bee's have moved in to an abandoned ground squirrel nest. Are there any beekeepers in Polk county who can remove the bee's for free? I am allergic to bee sting and can not have them so close.


Polk County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Bald Cypress Balls

I have two bald cypress trees in my yard. Both are about 12 years old. Two years ago one developed many small green spheres on the end of the branches as shown in the attached photo. Last year there were only a few. About a month ago they appeared again, more numerous on one tree. As spring approaches, they appear to dry out and crack, revealing a very resinous interior. Photo shows several attached to a branch and one cut in half. What are they and do I have to do something about them?



Albemarle County Virginia almost 5 years ago

Bug Infested Tree

This tree in my front yard is dying, and I think it may be due to these bugs I found on the tree (see the picture below). They make a humming/controlled creaking sound too. Any idea what these are? Thanks in advance.



Cache County Utah tree health almost 5 years ago

Grass rot or something else?

Can you help us figure out what is happening to our yard? Not sure if it is NRS based on what I have read so far. Almost certain it is not due to overwatering as we water for a short period of time. Our neighbors run their sprinklers for 20+ minutes every day and have a beautiful lawn. Maybe it needs more water? The trouble is, the soil under the grass is basically clay. It doesn't dain well and we have struggled with keeping some of our plants alive due to the fact that they just drown. So watering more seems counter-intuitive. We have always taken such good care of it: aerating twice a year, fertilizing, using Revive. Pictures are attached. Thanks in advance


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Douglas County Colorado lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

Bagworms in pine trees.

Hi- I found alot of bagworms in my pine trees and was wondering what is a good treatment for them. I was thinking of talstar one insecticide but thought I would ask you guys first. What do you think? Thanx Phil


New Castle County Delaware insect issues plant disease pests insecticides bagworms tree diseases almost 5 years ago

My tomato plants have a bad case of blight. The tomatoes themselves are...

My tomato plants have a bad case of blight. The tomatoes themselves are beautiful, but green. Can I pick them and ripen them off the plants, or will they spoil if i leave them on the plants to ripen. What is the best way to save them and not lose the whole bunch?


Butler County Pennsylvania fruits and vegetables tomatoes almost 5 years ago


being new at tomato gardening,can i keep my plants for next year.?


Harris County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 5 years ago


We have one patch of vinca being invaded by crabgrasses and clover, and a second patch invaded by wild strawberries. Are there any products we can spray to kill the invaders but no damage the vinca? THanks.


Ingham County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Tree bark damage

My children took hammers to my lovely trees and a few have severe damage. Can you help me save my trees from any more damage?



Berkeley County South Carolina bark damage tree bark damage almost 5 years ago

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