Camellia diseases

ID'd scale. Last summer thru fall used Neem Oil. Somewhat effective. Would it be advisable to use a lime/sulphur dormant spray this time of year? It is getting ready to bloom. Bud break has not occurred yet.


Thurston County Washington trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture about 5 years ago

We have an 18 year old high school graduate who would like to get some hands...

We have an 18 year old high school graduate who would like to get some hands on farming experience. He has some basics with tractors and hay equipment and care of horses. His greatest interest is in crops and mechanics. I noticed an ad on the internet that Cornell Extension was offering free classes and placement for kids/ people wanting experience with farming. We were wondering if you had any programs like this or suggestions for how we might direct him in his search. We are aware of schooling options, however, he would like an apprenticeship or training such as I read from Cornell to avoid the debt that accompanies formal education. We are living in Conneaut. Any help would be appreciated.


Ashtabula County Ohio about 5 years ago

Flight distance of mosqitoes

On the University of Colorado website, it gives flight distances for mosquitoes. I am hoping that you can direct me to the source of that information.


Outside United States integrated pest management colorado mosquitoes pests about 5 years ago

Spring Garden Heirloom Seeds

I still have many Heirloom veggie seeds from last spring. I did not keep them refrigerated.
1.) Any chance they are still good?
2.) Is there a simple "test" to determine viability?


Clark County Nevada about 5 years ago

Do freshly laid eggs need to be refrigerated? If so, how long from the time...

Do freshly laid eggs need to be refrigerated? If so, how long from the time they're laid until they become a food safety issue?


Delaware County Ohio about 5 years ago

A Mature Grapefruit Tree, Weslaco, TX

I am thinking of covering the base of my grapefruit tree with landscape fabric and 1" Pea Gravel. The fabric allows water to penetrate. There are several exposed roots going out to approx 4 to 5 feet. I also hope to cover the entire area under the tree with the same material. The area is presently bare ground. The tree is approximately 15 to 20 in height with a large canopy. It is located between two trailers and there is very little sun that penetrates to the ground around the base of the tree. What, if any, damage will I cause the tree. We are here in the Valley from November to April. We water once a month, Dec thru Feb and weekly in March. We ferilize half in Jan and half in Mar. Please advise.Wayne


Hidalgo County Texas fruit trees grapefruit about 5 years ago

Marine Invertebrates

Found these on the beach near Sand Lake, Oregon. Others were found on the beach near Oceansides. Lengths ranges from 1-9 inches. What are they?



Tillamook County Oregon marine fisheries invertebrates about 5 years ago

Lawn weeds and other grasses

I had my back yard about 20% covered in crab grass and other unidentifiable grass weeds this past summer. I have found a product call tanacity I thought may work to clean it up. Do you have any advise for timing of use on this product? I have Green Perennial ryegrass and do not right now but could email back with pictures of the different grassy weeds that still are in my yard. thanks Jim


Marion County Oregon lawns and turf weed issues horticulture about 5 years ago

Care for less than common lawn grasses

We are buying a home on flat land in south Austin - closing expected late January.

The house is new and the builder has installed zoysia in the front yard and some kind of bermuda in the rear yard - we are unfamiliar with both!

Can you give us any info on care, cutting, etc. - maybe even seasonal care

thanks for your help


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Travis County Texas lawns and turf about 5 years ago

Spring flower bulbs

We live east of North Bend (Coos Bay), east of the bay. Is it too late to plant spring flowing bulbs? First it was too wet. Is it too cold now?


Coos County Oregon bulbs horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 5 years ago

Potted Christmas Tree

I didn't dig a hole prior to Christmas and the ground is frozen so digging is not an option. My spruce is about 5 feet tall and I want to be able to plant in Spring.....the whole idea of a potted Christmas tree! :) What should I do if I can't plant until Spring so that the tree will survive??


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs about 5 years ago

Lime and acidifying soil for blueberries

I had a huge problem with wild onions in my garden - too many to dig out individually. I spread a bag of lime on the garden to try to eradite them. One end of my garden plot has about a dozen blueberry plants and I know that the lime will probably reduce the acidity in the soil and possibly damage the blueberries. What would you recommend that I do around each of the blueberry plants to maintain the acidity in their immediate area?


Marion County Oregon soil and fertility issues blueberries horticulture about 5 years ago

Fruit tree pruning

Hi! I just moved into a new house that has several fruit trees. They have quite a bit of vertical growth on them, and I was curious if you could give me some advice with pruning them (see attached picture). My house is about ten minutes west of Philomath at around 600' elevation Thanks!



Benton County Oregon pruning fruit trees horticulture about 5 years ago

multibulbed onions

every year I plant yellow onion sets and they develop into two or more smaller bulbs rather than the one bulb onion such as those in the stores. Why do my onions do this???


Morgan County Colorado fruits and vegetables about 5 years ago

Rose pruning

I recently bought house and the roses are free standing and five feet tall. How should they be cut back? Where on the stalks should they be cut?


Polk County Oregon trees and shrubs pruning horticulture about 5 years ago

aquatic plants for waterfowl

I want to plant some safe, native aquatic plants to create a food source for waterfowl. It is a small pond, about one half acre with an average depth of four feet. We are located in North Texas. I want to plant things that won't get out of control.


Palo Pinto County Texas birds freshwater aquaculture recreational pond management aquatic weed control pond aquaculture raising waterfowl about 5 years ago

Is Clover Invasive?

I've read a recent article about Durana white clover, and it sounds like it could spread a lot when planted for wildlife feed plots. I'm wondering if it is safe to plant in west central Missouri (specifically Johnson County). The developers claim a grazing survival trial of only 4 years. I'm not so concerned with the grazing as to the spread, possibly choking out everything else.


Missouri pastures and grazing invasive species wildlife habitat attracting wildlife about 5 years ago

Christmas trees

Can you direct us to a wholesaler of noble firs? We just want 24 or so. Also, please explain how to shear them.


Multnomah County Oregon forestry christmas trees about 5 years ago


I have been told the following and would like confirmation:

Earwigs are ugly little creatures that can do a lot of damage to your plants and vegetable gardens.

When disturbed earwigs may emit a foul smelling liquid as a self defense mechanism. If further threatened, earwigs "pinch" with the forceps on their tail ends. They are quite aggressive and quite painful and may even induce bleeding.

The primary risk resulting from an earwig bite is that of infection. The area may be red and swollen, and there will probably be two distinct red marks where the earwig’s prongs broke your skin. In addition to being painful for a short while after the sting, the area may is also likely to become very itchy. The area around the sting may also become swollen.

If the prong has been left in, there is a serious risk of infection, which could lead to all other kinds of unpleasant health issues, and could be difficult to clear up. If the area is hard or you think the prong has been left behind, see your doctor immediately.


Wake County North Carolina insects earwigs about 5 years ago

How do I recondition my soil for planting season

I live in Montgomery county, Texas and I have soil that is very acidic. I have done soil testing and each year I start off with the same conditions of a very high ph level and potash and nitrogen levels that are nearly zero. I have added commercial fertilizers in the past such as 13-13-13 and it has helped but it seems to have a limited effect on the overall results. It isn't a repeating result as some years one thing will do better than the other or productivity will be different between years. I realize that the environmental elements will play a large part to some of these issues and I have taken steps to help and try and limit so of these issues. I have removed a few trees to get a better sun pattern and removed all the Yaupon from the immediate area. I am needing to know what I can do to help revitalize the soil and what I need to keep doing to it to keep it up through out the rest of the year. I plant starting in February and through until November or December weather providing. I rotate vegetables to different spots in the garden as to not deplete one area. If someone could provide me with a way to treat the soil and types of vegetables that would grow best grouped together I would appreciate.


Montgomery County Texas soil and fertility issues horticulture about 5 years ago

Cleaning Club Aluminum pots

I have an old Club Alluminum stock pot. It has stains in the bottom from years of use. What is the best method to remove these stains. THANKS


Harris County Texas cooking utensils about 5 years ago

Houseplant soil habitat for insects

I only have one plant in the house and it is a 3 ft wide by 2 high (not including the pot) aloe. It is the source of teeny flying insects that are the size of fruit flies. The plant is very healthy. Is there a product to treat the soil.? I can't image trying to re-pot this in the middle of January.


El Paso County Colorado indoor gardening insect issues about 5 years ago

Trees Planted for Improving View

What should I plant?? I would like to plant some trees. The main objective is to hide a large tan building just behind my back fence. I would like an evergreen variety as I would like to block the view year round. I would prefer a tree rather than bush if possible. I realize it would be unrealistic to have everything blocked with a first planting and would like to accomplish 95% coverage within 3 to 5 years. As I am starting fresh, I am open to both short- and long-term solutions.


Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_2.12.39_pm_300x300%2523 Screen_shot_2012-12-28_at_2.12.39_pm_300x300%2523

Montgomery County Texas trees and shrubs about 5 years ago

crane fly infestation near water way

I have lost my battle with crane fly and cannot seem to produce good root systems in my grass to help improve quality and drainage. I am at the base of Bull Mountain in/near Tigard and there is a water way both underneath our development and right behind me. I receive a lot of drainage from the upper mountain, meaning I get everyone's run off, so I used pestacides sparingly...which is probably why I can't get ahead. I understand that nemotodes are an option, but until I can improve both the root system and figure out drainage options, I think I need to be more aggressive. No grass left in front, moat in back. Basically, I have no lawn. Please offer me insect control options for my area. Thank you.



Washington County Oregon lawns and turf urban integrated pest management about 5 years ago

adjusting amendment requirements

I have received the results of soil tests from my local university (U of DE) for my home garden. However, everything is "per 1,000 square feet." My raised beds are 8 ft. x 4 ft or 32 sqare ft. How do I adjust the recommendations for additions to my garden?


Sussex County Delaware soil raised bed gardening soil testing horticulture about 5 years ago

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