Canadian Hemlock

I've been looking through catalogs for an evergreen hedge to grow to eventually partially block out apartment buildings directly behind our home. I live in Grand Forks, ND and found a "sub-zero" Canadian Hemlock. The catalog says it is "winter hardy in all parts of the US and easily adapts to a wide range of soils." "Fast growing grows 20 to 30 ft high." Would this grow well here? Since it is fast growing, how long does it typically live?


Grand Forks County North Dakota over 4 years ago

We purchases ten acres of land 4 years ago. At that time the neighbors said...

We purchases ten acres of land 4 years ago. At that time the neighbors said they had never seen the land flood. Our land has creeks that run in a "Y" shape where our house sits in the top of the "y"....and our land has flooded every year since we have been here. Approximately half of the land is wooded with 3 acres of pasture for our 2 horses. The flooding is causing poor pasture grass and our trees are dying out...although the creek continues a strong current even when not over it's banks. We believe the flooding is worsening year to year due to surrounding farm lands being tiled and drained into the creeks that run across our land. Is there anything we can do other than keep our creeks on our property cleared out? Is there anything like a windmill or watermill that would be beneficial for your extension office to put on our property? We just hate to see the woods go to waste and the water being polluted by farm chemicals. We do not allow our horses to drink from it for fear it is bad although we have not had it tested. We have even had people come look to see if any of the standing walnut trees were of value before they rot but they are not large enough we were told. Any suggestions? Anyone from OSU is welcome to come take a walk through our property to evaluate and utilize our situation as a training/learning tool. We just hate to see it go to waste and know no one would want to buy it this way if we decided to sell anyway. Thank you so much. I have attached pics of both sides and back of house plus inside barn. Mrs. T. Kelly



Morrow County Ohio over 4 years ago

What kind of ants

I have ants I cannot get rid of with Terro or baking soda...they are very tiny, brown fronts, white backs. I live in Naples, Florida. Please advise...



Collier County Florida urban integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Grounding fencing

How should we build a fence so that it keeps both deer and groundhogs out? The area is about a half acre.


Albemarle County Virginia over 4 years ago

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Hello. My name is Gary Farris. I recently purchased a horse farm in Cherokee county. The pasture is predominately bermuda grass. I am not sure if I have a weed problem (as I purchase the place only last fall), but generally speaking should I give thoughy to the application of a pre-emergent herbicide. I have approximately 6 acres of pasture land with a stocked pond. If I should, want brand do you recommend?


Cherokee County Georgia herbicides over 4 years ago

Dear Hennepin County Master Gardeners, I live in the Philips Neighborhood of...

Dear Hennepin County Master Gardeners, I live in the Philips Neighborhood of Minneapolis. We are embarking on a pilot project this spring that will begin with the preparation and planting of the boulevard area of 3-4 blocks in our neighborhood. The goal is greening the neighborhood, creating beauty and increasing wildlife habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. The goal is to also reduce greenhouse gas emissions from mowing and reduce water consumption by planting drought tolerant native plants. The longterm goal of this project is to expand it throughout our neighborhood and city. The concept is that each boulevard garden will produce plantings that can be split and shared in future seasons to expand the program. We need assistance determining the best seeds and plants to choose for success. Are you able to advise us and help make successful choices? Our neighborhood is part of a Superfund Cleanup with high levels of arsenic in the soil. Our boulevards are typically poor quality soil. Our plan is to rototill and prep the soil in mid to late April. The quality of the grass on the boulevards is poor, so our initial thought is that we can get by without sod removal. This project is a collaboration with Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater, St. Paul's Lutheran Church and the Philips Neighborhood. It will be incorporated into Summer Youth Employment and Education programs and grants have been applied for. Perhaps you would be interested in becoming a part of our vision in addition to advising us on seed and plant selection. I envision whole cities eliminating grass on their boulevards (and yards), and all vacant lots and establishing beautiful, sustainable, life enhancing native plantings. We want these initial boulevard gardens to prove this. Thank you so much for your assistance. Sincerely, Kara


Hennepin County Minnesota over 4 years ago


How does defoliation at different intensities and frequencies affect growth of shoots?


Callahan County Texas horticulture over 4 years ago

The deer have eaten all the leaves off of 7 of our Skip Laurels. I know I can...

The deer have eaten all the leaves off of 7 of our Skip Laurels. I know I can cut them back to the ground and renovate them, but am wondering if new leaves will grow on the bare stems.


Anne Arundel County Maryland shrubs deer damage skip laurel over 4 years ago

Weed spraying license

I as wondering if you could help me get a study guide for general commercial applicator and right of way to become a licensed applicator. my dad owns Western Weed Control in Cody. This summer I worked under him but I would like to get my license so I don't always have to have his supervision. thanks


Big Horn County Wyoming over 4 years ago

frost damage

Many of my shrubs were heavily damaged by the icy, frozen days we had in December. The leaves are reddish brown, or they have dropped. I'm thinking they will require heavy pruning to restore, but need guidance on when this is best, and should they have a good dose of nutrients first? This will be a big job on my property, so I need some planning time. Thank you.


Jackson County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago


What do I use to get ride of mushrooms in my mulch?


DeKalb County Georgia over 4 years ago


I am trying to find information on PECOS BLUEGASS. Can you tell me how well It will produce in Dewitt county, Texas. Ph factors, how deep the grass roots are, how much ferterlizer is required


Karnes County Texas pastures and forages over 4 years ago

Can anyone identify these insects. Are any of them bird mites?

My mom has been treating her house for 3+ years for bedbugs which turned into bird mites. She has spared no expense and has been compulsive in her treatment. She spends 4 hours a day cleaning her house, bedding and laundry. She got a microscope to help identify the bugs, which based on these photos, she thinks are bird mites. Any help identifying the bugs in these images would be extremely helpful. Thank you.


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Rio Grande County Colorado over 4 years ago

California raisins make safe and tasty preservative in jerky

I read this article. How, when and where do you add the raisins? Thanks!


El Paso County Colorado food processing over 4 years ago

I am thinking to install a new bee hive in far front of my 2.2 acres property...

I am thinking to install a new bee hive in far front of my 2.2 acres property in Fairview, Williamson Co., TN. Can I put it nearby Pine, Oak or what best tree? Eric Fleet


Williamson County Tennessee over 4 years ago

Planting zone number

What zone is Redmond/Terrebonne in for plants?


Jefferson County Oregon horticulture over 4 years ago

egg plant seeds

i have egg plant seeds and some say its edible and some say its not ,and were woulld be the best place to plant them?


Erie County Pennsylvania fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago


Tiny black ants appear on my countertops whenever something sweet is left there. My exterminator leaves a little drop of a liquid when he is there, but the ants still appear.


Denton County Texas integrated pest management over 4 years ago

Seeding Grass

Hello! My name is Leslie and I live in Crozet, VA. I currently have very large patches of red clay dirt in my yard and my yard has several slopes, which leaves a big muddy mess all the way around when we have any sort of rain or wet weather. I would like to try to plant grass seed this Spring in hopes of eliminating all the red mud I am constantly cleaning in my house, (I have two can imagine!), but am unsuccessful in finding good information online about what type of seed to use. I did, however, find several suggestions to contact you in hopes of having a test soil done to determine what type I need? Or perhaps just getting some basic advice on what has worked best in this area with this type of soil. (I do not have a lot of extra money to pay for expensive tests, so advice might be the way to go!) Any help you can provide would be great. I don't want to spend money wastefully in this regard. Thank you!


Albemarle County Virginia lawns and turf over 4 years ago

black odorous ants

Does one ever successfully get rid of these pesky things? I've been using diatomacious (sp)earth for about 4 years and seem to be making some progress. Anything else pet friendly you can suggest? Thnx


Pierce County Washington over 4 years ago

Care of Honeylocust

I have a 40 ' Honeylocust (18 inch diameter) with many dead branches. It comes back every year with a good canopy but the dead branches are very obvious. I have noticed squirrels stripping the bark off branches only assuming that they are eating the bark. Could this allow a disease to affect my tree more easily or is this common enough that the tree has adapted to this treatment?


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Best varieties for Pittsburgh area

Hi, I have recently moved to Pittsburgh and am looking forward to gardening in my yard this year, or in a community garden plot. I am wondering if there is a list of recommended varieties of common garden vegetables like tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers, etc. that usually do well in the Pittsburgh area. I used to garden further South, so the varieties I am used to, might not be what is best here. Thanks!


Allegheny County Pennsylvania gardening master gardener horticulture over 4 years ago

long term vegetable seed storage

best way to store vegetable seed


Jackson Parish Louisiana seeds horticulture over 4 years ago

Hello, Question on pruning my Filberts:

I have read much on the difference between heading back leaders and shoots versus thinning. I think I understand it well. I have about 5 20 year old Filbert trees. Daviana, Barcelona, Ennis, Butler (1 duplicate). Does heading back leaders and shoots assist in forcing new spur production? Especially, force extra new female flower production? Question 2: Given they're all about 20 years old now, how long is it likely these trees will continue to bear nuts? Thank you, sincerely, 707 464 5908


Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

I have a 4 year old fig tree that the fruit falls down before reaching...

I have a 4 year old fig tree that the fruit falls down before reaching maturity. Could you send me information or internet links to lear how to resolve this problem. Thank you.


Baltimore County Maryland fruit figs fruit drop over 4 years ago

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