organic fungicide for currants, cherries

My red currants are dropping before ripe as are my cherries. We are in the central gorge area


Hood River County Oregon fungicides almost 5 years ago

Flowering trees

I live in Layton and am required to plant a flowering tree on the parkway that grows at least 15 feet tall. Is there a tree that does not grow very tall, roots won't break up the sidewalk, does not cause hayfever from blossoms, and easy to care for?
Please help.
I was wondering if a Golden Chain Tree would meet these requirements?


Davis County Utah almost 5 years ago

hybrid burmuda grass

is this a good grass for a west texas yard and how to plant it does it come in the sod how do i prepaer the soil for planting it and where can i get it and a approx cost per pallet


Nolan County Texas lawns and turf landscape design horticulture almost 5 years ago

Mold or disease, crispy leaves on squash, pea, radish

Something is going wrong in my garden. The plants seem healthy overall, not wilting from lack of water. Some leaves brown. Young and older leaves brown on the edges. Overnight some leaves will turn pale whitish in coloring,, maybe a mold? But the leaves are dry and crispy when they are whitish. They are discolored, not a powdery coating, so maybe not mold. This is primarily on my spaghetti squash, but is also impacting peas and maybe radish leaves. I don't see bugs. This is my first garden, so I really need guideance.


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Utah County Utah master gardener program almost 5 years ago

blooming shade bush 3ft or taller

We are trying to find a flowering bush for the North side of our house. It gets morning sun.


Pueblo County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Rootworm control

How do you control sweet corn Rootworm in garden.


Tuscola County Michigan insect issues almost 5 years ago

Grasshopper Gourmands

Last year, my tomatoes were ruined by large grasshoppers. This year, I have very small grasshoppers (babies?) damaging my ornamental plants. I am concerned that they will grow and eventually devour my vegetables as well. I had wanted to be completely organic, but am willing to try more serious pesticides this year, since my previous efforts had failed.


Bernalillo County New Mexico integrated pest management insect issues organic gardening horticulture almost 5 years ago

My tomato garden has white grubs. What is a safe product to use to kill grubs...

My tomato garden has white grubs. What is a safe product to use to kill grubs in this garden? The grub population in the tomato garden is 1-2 grubs per square foot. (We have white grubs in our lawn and in our foundation gardens as well. The Bayer product I am using in these areas says it isn't to be used with plants used for food.) Thank you for your input.


Howard County Maryland tomatoes vegetables grubs almost 5 years ago

Tree Health Assesment

I have a large oak tree on my lot. I have recently notice a large numbers of leaves that appear to have died and are fallingl How does one get an evalaution of the potential condition?


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Virginia Beach Virginia almost 5 years ago

Pine, fir trees to plant

We want to plant pine trees on our property in Sundance Wyoming. I would like to get general information on planting, growth rates and pine beetle resistance.


Crook County Wyoming almost 5 years ago

Transplanting small native firs and ponderosa pines

Hi. I would like to move and transplant a handful of small doug firs and ponderosa pines (below 3' height) on my Nederland property. The soil is rock and dirt, lots of sun. Can someone help me with fertilizer suggestions for the dirt in which I replant or relocate those firs and pines? Also needs tips on planting Aspens, when, where, how to care for recently planted young Aspens through 4 seasons. Is there a Nederland resource who can help us identify the trees on our property?


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago


Is it okay to feed cooked (boiled and mashed) chickens eggs to laying hens? (The eggs resulting eggs will be consumed by humans.)


Wapello County Iowa poultry almost 5 years ago


I have an agent extension log-in. It works on the extension people page but when I go to the Campus page I am unable to log-in to gain access. Any suggestions?


Dorchester County South Carolina moodle almost 5 years ago

Horrible horsetail

Please help me! Horsetail is taking over my yard. Will sedgehammer work on it? Will improving the soil work on it? I am at a loss. I don't want to move but it is everywhere! I can't stop it! We live at the lowest point in the neighborhood which allows water to run through our yard. I'm desperate.


Weber County Utah lawns and turf weed issues weeds horticulture almost 5 years ago


I was asked to contact you, but I'm not sure if this is the right place. I have these tree-like weeds that are growing rapidly through my rose bushes and apparently stunting their growth. They're extremely hard to pull out and I don't want to spray anything on them that may kill my roses. I tried to identify the weed, and it might be goutweed? PLEASE HELP Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Oakland County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Replacing a dead Dogwood tree.

I would like to replant a dogwood of the same kind in the same spot. The death was never properly identified. I think being as it was planted as a large tree 8 years ago, possibly the roots were tangled. This dogwood is multi-trunk and flowers before it leafs out.Planted at the northeast corner of my home, it's twin thriving nicely is at the southeast corner.

Thank you, Judy Mannino


Macomb County Michigan trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago


Our farmer planted round up ready corn on a acre of land that we have set aside 4 organic farming , because of this planting of Roundup Ready corn , would this affect my certification to go organic? If we do not use any kind of spray and let the corn grow so we can pull it out by hand can we " continue " to be organic certified ! Or do we have to start over with our certification , either way we're going to pull the corn plants out !! And plant white clover for a cover crop .Thank you , Scott


Manistee County Michigan organic production almost 5 years ago

Something (groundhog?) is eating my vegetables in my well fenced garden (4'...

Something (groundhog?) is eating my vegetables in my well fenced garden (4' tall composed of 2'of rabbit fence on top of 2' of cattle fence, then wire every foot up to 7'). I did not see any deer prints or other prints in the garden. The herbs, peas, brussel sprouts, lettuce are all gnawed. It doesn't like turnip greens or carrots. Some of the damage is up about 18 to 20 inches, so i was thinking a groundhog. Last year, I did see a groundhog in the garden, who got most of my ripe tomatoes, but he seemed to leave the other stuff alone. Other than electric fence, what are my options for stopping this? Your advice is appreciated.


Baltimore County Maryland vegetables fence groundhog almost 5 years ago

High Clay Content in Soil

Although my soil test indicated MINERAL-SANDY LOAM (which is the first 3 inches of my lawn sample per your directions, underneath is a large amount of brown clay. Is there anything other than your fertilizer supplement recommedations I should be doing to address the clay-part of the soil? Does the clay affect what type of grass I can grow? Thanks so much!!! Tim Smith (Soil Test #3L3ZED).


Washtenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

My kwanzan cherry tree leaves are turning brown and wilted any suggestions?

My kwanzan cherry tree leaves are turning brown and wilted any suggestions?


Howard County Maryland trees and shrubs brown rot kwanzan cherry trees almost 5 years ago

Miscanthus Sinensus

Hello! Please tell me if Miscanthus Sinensus has the possibility of spreading. I live in Monroe County where phragmites have literally taken over many swampy areas and ditches. I don't want to plant anything that will add to the problem.


Monroe County Michigan invasive species almost 5 years ago


For years now I have been digging up ferns from my woods and planting them around my house to fill in those spots where grass will not grow. For the life of me I can not get them to spread let alone stay alive.I loose about one third every time I do this. I've taking a good size root ball with it's naterial soil. the area I'm planting in is located on the north and east. These two areas get filtered sun and watered only when it rains. The ph is running about 7.3 and the soil seams to be the same as the spot I take them from. These ferns seem to be the woodland kind and nothing special. I have left these areas with leaf cover to keep soil moist. I'm missing something.


Washington County Minnesota wildflowers and native plants horticulture almost 5 years ago

how to get rid of?

I have a new house in Odessa, Tx that has alot of small broad leafy, thorny bushes (shrubs) in the back yard. I would like to get rid of them. They run off a root system that shoots sprigs up everywhere. I have tried store bought roundup. It seems to kill where I sprayed on the bush, but it looks like it has new growth above the dead parts, and the shoots are coming up everywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks


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Ector County Texas brush almost 5 years ago

Leyland cypress

We have 5-6 HUGE leyland cypress trees that at 35 feet or so, have become sparse on the bottom. They touch each other. We would like to plant more smaller ones (about 4-5 feet in height) to fill in the bottom. Is it likely the smaller ones will flourish in the shade of the taller more established trees? IF not is there any other type of bush or tree that you may recommend to fill in these areas? Thank you


Virginia Beach Virginia almost 5 years ago

underground bees in flower beds

My front flower bed has bees coming up from numerous holes. Some holes are flat, flush with the ground, and others are mounds almost like an ant hole. The bees have come back for a few years and are active during the height of the day. (time now is 8:30 a.m. and they are starting to come out to swarm). It is hard to determine what exactly they look like because they swarm in groups and I don't want to approach them, but they appear mostly black, some yellow and small. Their location is not good as it's the front sidewalk to the house, so I've roped the area off. I've sprinkled Sevin over the area, but to no avail. They've returned for a number of years . . . lay dormat for months at a time, and when they come up - usually May - they swarm a number of weeks then disappear. Help! Is there something I can treat to kill them, are they a type a beekeeper would be interested in, or does a professional need contacted to get rid of them? Thank you.


Lancaster County Pennsylvania bees master gardener ground nesting bees almost 5 years ago

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