Surmount applied with ATV/UTV Boom Sprayer



McCulloch County TX sprayer prickly pear about 5 years ago

zoning advantages

What are the advantages to being zoned agg/res? What are minimum requirements to be considered a farm?


Livingston County MI agricultural laws zoning right to farm about 5 years ago

Ants in basement

I have recently discovered an abundance of large (1\4 inch) brownish\reddish ants forming a nest with their numbers on the lower wall (about 3" up from the concrete floor) of my basement. They seem to be coming up between the expansion joint of the floor and the foundation wall. When the wall nest is disturbed they emerge in force both from that area and from beneath the expansion joint. I have set out common ant traps and placed gel bait in the area but they seem to just move location, although some do die while attacking the bait, they just move bits of the earth (containing the bait) away from their area instead of bring it down into their tunnels. Any ideas? Pardon the photo I had already disturbed the nest before realizing I could attach a photo.



Arapahoe County CO integrated pest management about 5 years ago

Center rot in an older cedar elm

I have a cedar elm that has lost a top limb and one about 5 feet lower- it looks like a squirrel is digging between the two scars [which are still open]. is it advisable to infill the wound areas or just get used to the idea that it's going to rot and eventually have to be replaced?


Dallas County TX trees and shrubs horticulture about 5 years ago


Do all viruses go through the lytic cycle? Can all viruses be called phages? My AP Biology teacher says it is so, but I read in our textbook "AP Edition Biology Seventh Edition" by Campbell/Reece on page 336 "The most complex capsids are found among viruses that infect bacteria, called bacteriophages, or simply phages." And then, on page 337 under "Reproductive Cycles of Phages", "Phages are the best understood of all viruses, although some of them are also among the most complex. Research on phages led to the discovery that some double-stranded DNA viruses can reproduce by two altenative mechanisms: the lytic cycle and the lysogenic cycle."


science viruses about 5 years ago

Watering/Feeding Orchids

Some very basic but important questions:
- Watering orchids, can I use plain Denver tap water (slightly warm or @ room temp)?
- When is the best time to feed 20-20-20 for Orchids? (resting, done blooming
for now).
- I didn't cut the bloom stem but allowed it to dry on plant (leaves are healthy green). To encourage blooms, how far down should I cut the dried stem - didn't cut back after last bloom faded?


Larimer County CO horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 5 years ago

dairy cows for small farm barn

Wanting some information for type of bred cow for small farm and options for a barn for milking with hay storage. Would like a Jersey but haven`t seen many around for the buttermilk. Currently have nothing to start with except the house so have a clean slate to work without much money.


Shawnee County KS dairy cattle dairy production about 5 years ago

I am interested in a 100 acre mountain side investment that was recently...

I am interested in a 100 acre mountain side investment that was recently clear cut and is now for sale. The question is: can a rolling steep hill side recently clear cut of native trees be reclaimed in Pike county for the dual purpose of putting a 1/3 into agriculture (soy beans/corn) and 2/3 cost effectively replanted with trees. What does it cost to clear an acre of clear cut waste material, including stumps? What does it cost to replant an acre of trees? What species of trees is most appropriate and likely to thrive in this area? How long would it take that species, or any species in particular to mature into a viable harvest? What is a reasonable and sustainable harvest per acre, not clear cut like the land assault that just occurred on this property?



Pike County OH about 5 years ago

Fossil identification

I was just wondering what kind of creature I have found. This was a round ball I put it in a vice and it popped I can send another pic if needed.



Clatsop County OR science about 5 years ago


125.3405 allows use & development of land as a condition to rezoning. Does the County ordinance have to contain this language in order for an applicant to request a rezoning change?


Mason County MI about 5 years ago

white substance

What is the white substance that appears on dry, barren areas in the fields.
Where does it come from? Why does it occur? What is it's composition?


Larimer County CO water about 5 years ago

ideal dairy barn design

We are developing a transformational construction system (www, and have been requested by a major agricultural construction publication to consider a system for the agricultural industry. We have an equestrian designer assisting on a stable/arena system. We would like to work on a plan for a dairy barn as well. Who should we contact? Thank you


Clackamas County OR dairy about 5 years ago

winter watering containers outside now

Due to extra dry conditions should one water containerized perennials outside in large
asian ceramic pots ?
How often ,how much and when ?
In past years I have stopped watering by this time and all has been well but things seem so very dry at the moment .


Boulder County CO container garden flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials about 5 years ago

bug problem

small 6 legged bug.bronnish black in color.back legs are long with long antennas.about 1/32 of an inch in lenthg. camera wont photo clearly.


Minnehaha County SD integrated pest management about 5 years ago

Growing hazelnut trees

Can hazelnut trees be grown in Colorado? Specifically, the hazelnut trees that produce an edible crop, like Barcelona Filbert Hazelnut? I live in Paonia and, given the price of hazelnuts, would like to grow my own.


Delta County CO trees and shrubs hazelnu about 5 years ago

Is there any place to get help for 2 children in your community for Christmas...

Is there any place to get help for 2 children in your community for Christmas this year? I know for a fact these 2 little boys will have nothing at all for Christmas. They are ages 4 & 5. I don't know where else to turn to try and get help for this family at such late notice. I just found this out today.


Ross County OH about 5 years ago


I've got pocket gophers. How do I get rid of them?


Wood County TX gophers about 5 years ago

Type of Hay

I have a sample of hay shown in the attached photo. It was sold as coastal hay square bales. I am trying to determine what variety of coastal. I really hadn't observed this type of seed heads in coastal hay before. Thanks for the help Ron



Johnson County TX pastures and forages hay about 5 years ago

Computing retail beef prices for a whole animal

Is there an algorithm for determining what to charge for the various cuts of meat from an animal that we—a small, rural, co-op grocery store—have purchased and had slaughtered and processed?


Wells County ND beef cattle small meat processors about 5 years ago

Grass in my backyard

My back yard has lush green grass from May to October. When it starts to rain and get cold the yard turns into a muddy pit with very little grass. We also have a big walnut tree shading the yard. We would like to see some grass in the winter.I live in NE Portland. Question: Should I re seed in the fall (now) and what kind of seed do I need.



Multnomah County OR grass horticulture about 5 years ago

Sorghum for Syrup and Seed

Are there any varieties of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) where one can harvest the seed and ALSO get syrup out of the same plant?


San Luis Obispo County CA field crops sorghum about 5 years ago

Desprouting Seed Potatoes

When storing potatoes over the winter for spring planting, should sprouting potatoes be continuously desprouted or is it better to let the potatoes grow lengthy sprouts and plant them as such. It seems like taking the sprouts off repeatedly might sap the tuber of energy, but I have heard of old timers taking the sprouts off during the winter. Thank you for your time.


Mendocino County CA field crops potatoes propagation about 5 years ago

Transplanting trees in Bandon

I recently bought property *10 acres* south of Bandon but north of Port Orford. I have easements all over my property, mostly Bonneville Power Association, as their lines take the back 5 acres into easement. I want to remove starts of cedar, pine, and fir from the eased property and place those starts on the un eased property, where I want them to grow. Can I just go pull up the young trees after a rain and plant them with any expectation of survival? Do I need to dig them? Can I get trees thru Oregon state forestry service to plant on my acreage? At what cost? Do I have to dig the trees from the back property? BPA will have those tree starts mowed down by BPA crews in the next year maybe as long as two. I would like to save the trees, BPA will destroy them if I do nothing. I want some more cedar *port orford cedar* as it seems that it is blighted and my small stand on my property is dying. Need some good advise.


Coos County OR about 5 years ago

We have a corn field that we sprayed three ago with a product called Weed...

We have a corn field that we sprayed three ago with a product called Weed Master, primarily going after marestail. Can can now roll these stalks up and feed them to my cattle?


Clark County OH about 5 years ago

Sago Palm White Spots

I have several Sago Palms that are over 20 years old. A month or so ago they all developed white spots that look like scales and are almost completely covering the leaves. I tried spraying with malathion and later a systemic fungicide, but no luck. Do you have any suggestions?


Harris County TX trees and shrubs plant disease horticulture about 5 years ago

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