Secondary packaging for CSA deliveries


I am on the board of 25 Farms, a Denver-based organization delivering fresh, local produce to customers on a bi-weekly basis. I am exploring packaging options for our deliveries.

Currently, the produce is packed in compostable bags, which are placed in a single-use cardboard box. This is not financially or environmentally sustainable, and I would love to reuse the outer box if possible.

Are there any FDA rules (or other requirements) prohibiting the reuse of cardboard boxes or more durable crates in a situation such as this? We would basically give a delivery in one box and take back that box the following week, at which time the customer would receive their new delivery in a different box (i.e., swap it out). We couldn't guarantee the same boxes would be used with the same customers on an on-going basis.

The produce will continue to be placed in bags inside the box, but the bags are not sealed and it is possible that the tops of the produce will come in contact with the box it is placed in.

Thanks for your input!
Sarah Martinez


Denver County Colorado regulations cooperative management and marketing cottage industries csa over 4 years ago

Is the ACA site safe for my social security number and credit card info?

Can the site be tampered with..?


Iosco County Michigan affordable care act over 4 years ago

Astrology and Science Club Membership Information

I am 15 and would like to join and do volunteer work for Astrology and Science. How do I become a 4- H Member in this area?


Black Hawk County Iowa over 4 years ago




Kent County Michigan over 4 years ago

Where can I get local bees?

Where can I get local bees?


DeSoto County Mississippi over 4 years ago

Are Keoghs a good deal?

So all the proceeds of a Keogh when distributed are treated as common income by the Government and taxed as such often at a bracket, which at the final distribution date, might be higher than when you "sheltered". You are not allowed to deduct stock losses "intramurally"along the way from one year to another. The Government never shares risk with you, but if you were lucky or smart over the long haul and did well -such as trippling your fund assets- the sheltered amounts and the CAPITAL GAINS are then hit as common income at the end. They shelter your investments at the start.... to hit you full force on everything at the end- on contributions as well as capital gains- without ever sharing risk. You were just sort of an "unpaid financial advisor" for the government. Besides, I understand that your devolved SS checks- now calomnied as an "entitlement"- are taxed higher if you distribute beyond a certain level at the end, even if it were for distressed circumstances . Are Keoghs a fair deal?


Bronx County New York personal finance over 4 years ago

Profiting from a Few Acres Slide Presentations

Hello, The seminar was terrific! Were you able to upload the Slide Presentations? If so, where can they be found? Thank You! Beth Peterson


Kent County Delaware over 4 years ago

Wintertime wasp yellow jackets

Why are there wasp yellow jackets (2 dozen) on my garage floor? None fly. Some dead, most lethargic, half inch in size. It's freezing temps, no heat.


Carson City Nevada insects yellow jackets over 4 years ago

We are new to growing Tilapia in enclosed fish tanks (3500 gal) and are...

We are new to growing Tilapia in enclosed fish tanks (3500 gal) and are having trouble finding good numbers on what we should be running for ammonia, nitrite and CO2. What are maxima and what would be typical for a recirculating system with drum filter following by biofilter that is fully functioning at equilibrium. DO is 4-6, temp 78-80F and pH 7.3 (controlled with bicarbonate).


Kent County Maryland freshwater aquaculture tilapia over 4 years ago

Senior pass for camping

I have been told them is a senior pass available for seniors giving them a discount for camping. Is this true and where do I get one?


Newaygo County Michigan seniors over 4 years ago

Is there some where that will test our water for free in Newaygo County?

Is there some where that will test our water for free in Newaygo County?


Newaygo County Michigan over 4 years ago

Water quality for Tilapia

What are the desirable and maximum levels for ammonia, nitrite and CO2 in water for Tilapia?


Northampton County Pennsylvania freshwater aquaculture water quality tilapia water quality in ponds over 4 years ago

Fire Break

How far should the vegetation be cleared away from my home to create a safe fire break, Pagosa springs Co.


Archuleta County Colorado disaster preparedness fire management wildfire over 4 years ago

Will Mourning Doves Use a Nesting Box?

Do you have information on specifications for building a nesting box for Mourning Doves (in Arizona)? Do mourning doves even nest in boxes?


Cowlitz County Washington birds over 4 years ago

Unemployment - Only income

What if I only earn unemployment for the next few months, what do I say is my income? Also If and when I get a job, do I just switch to their insurance should they offer it?


Oakland County Michigan insurance health insurance affordable care act medicaid over 4 years ago

aluminum stock pot has barnacles

I have an old 12 qt. Mirro Aluminum stock pot that belonged to my mother, and it is my favorite for making soups. My husband used it to boil crabs and left it sitting outside. It is covered with white crusty bumps all over inside and out that look like barnacles. Is there any way to repair the pot?


Alameda County California textile care over 4 years ago


I am wanting to start a small market farm in Jackson County.I am interested in using plasticulture for weed suppression. Is there any info about using this in my area of the state? Is there any assistance available to me for this,[machine used for laying the plastic]. your help would be appreciated.


Jackson County Texas farm management over 4 years ago

Left oviduct avian

What is the function of magnum?


Outside United States poultry poultry chickens turkeys eggs over 4 years ago

dwarf vegetables

I've been searching for information and seeds for dwarf broccoli plants. found seeds from reimer seeds but getting info especially size comparison between heads and plant itself. also how suitable for south/central texas (bexar county). help


Bexar County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 4 years ago


how many 400 pound calves can 150 irrigated acres sustain for 6 months


Wyoming over 4 years ago

weeds in the garden

Are weeds still a fact of life for food growing or is there some magic formula that kills them dead and does not harm the food or the consumer? We have some that are surviving the cold weather we are experiencing.


Multnomah County Oregon over 4 years ago

We have a nice carpet of moss in our garden area. It is in direct sunlight...

We have a nice carpet of moss in our garden area. It is in direct sunlight most of the day. We don't like the appearance. My wife keeps calling it mold. Is it harmful? Does it indicate lack of soil nutrition? How can we get rid of it?


Multnomah County Oregon soil and fertility issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Cherry rootstocks in North Texas (Blackland Prairie)

I am currently growing 2 Royal Lee cherry trees on Mazzard rootstock in Zone 15 of North Texas. This is commonly referred to as the Blackland Prairie. The trees are growing really well. However, I tried to grow Minnie Royals also on Mazzard rootstock and they only last a few months of the year then die. I'm considering purchasing more Minnie Royal cherries, one on Colt rootstock and one on Citation rootstock, but am concerned that the alkalinity of our soil will kill them both. The strange thing is that the Royal Lees are growing well.

Any ideas on how I can get Minnie Royals to grow here? I live in Plano, TX.


Collin County Texas fruit trees cherry trees horticulture over 4 years ago

Spiders in Christmas tree

I have found 15 little spiders in our Christmas tree today. They do have stripes on their legs. Could they be harmful? What should I do about them? Thanks! The tree is a noble fir.


Benton County Oregon insect issues christmas trees spiders over 4 years ago

Hello, i have a beautiful hedge of japans boxwood. Now (starting 4 month ago)...

Hello, i have a beautiful hedge of japans boxwood. Now (starting 4 month ago) the leaves are getting brown and part of the hedge is thinning out. The plant just does not look healthy. I attached a photo for you to see. Kindly give me some advice on what to do? Thank you! Erwin



Ventura County California trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

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