Central Oregon Lawn Care

I'm new to Central Oregon & am renovating a golf course blend lawn with a south exposure. I have added slow release fertilizer , a thin layer of compost, local seed blend mainly of perennial ryes. I sprayed the weeds first. Now i'm watering. Do i need lime in this area? Any other advice?


Deschutes County Oregon lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

Will grass come up?

After last summer's drought, there are large brown patches in lawns where no grass has come up. These tend to be in the unsheltered areas with constant sun during the day. Is there a possibility that it may still come up? Do you have any recommendations on what should be done? We have had more than 3 inches of rain the past few weeks, and other grass has already come up.


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Turner County South Dakota lawns and turf horticulture almost 5 years ago

Plant Damage from Voles

Voles are causing an incredible amount of damage to my plants. I'm trying to establish a native plant garden and am very frustrated. What can I do to control them? I am a Howard County MD Master Gardener.


Howard County Maryland rodents wildlife voles almost 5 years ago

chicken eggs

We have 3 chickens. They are now laying eggs. We are not sure how often we should check for eggs and whether the frequency should change in the summer months. How should we clean the eggs? Can we use a spray bottle with a solution? If we don't see any dirt on the eggs, do we have to clean them?


Butler County Pennsylvania food safety poultry almost 5 years ago

Plants Susceptible to Verticillium Wilt

Is there a list of trees,shrubs, and perennials affected by verticillium wilt? My coral bark japanese maple has verticillium wilt. I am going to dig out the tree and roots and all the dirt around it and take it to a dump where it will not be composted. I have been told not to replant another maple tree in this spot. What types of small decidious trees with green foliage can be planted to replace it? It will be in full sun from 12pm till dark. Will verticillium wilt affect the rhododendrons and strobus nana pines planted in the bed?


Lane County Oregon almost 5 years ago

Hi, my horses are currently drinking out of a creek in Elkton. How can I test...

Hi, my horses are currently drinking out of a creek in Elkton. How can I test to see if it is safe for them or if I need to treat the water? Thank you!


Cecil County Maryland horses horse manure almost 5 years ago

colorado blue spruce browning of needles in early May

I have what I believe to be a healthy blue spruce, approx. 20 ft tall. The needles on the lower portion of the tree are turning brown. I do not recall this happenning in the past. The tree receives adequate water. The needles do appear to be getting dry although when I first noticed this issue only the tops of the branch of needles seemed to be effected.

Should I be concerned about the health of tree? what is remedy?

Do I need to be concerned about this spreading to pondersa pines in the immediate area? other spruce in the area?



Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Coral-bark Japanese maple in Provo

I live in Provo and my husband gave me a Japanese maple Sango Kako. I would like to know about the best time to plant ,it is so beautiful, is it the right zone to do it?.
Thank you for your answer.


Utah County Utah almost 5 years ago

Is there a product to use on suckers that will prevent them from recurring?...

Is there a product to use on suckers that will prevent them from recurring? The crabapple seems prone to produce suckers which re-sprout regardless of how many times I remove them.


Greene County Ohio trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Pocket gophers

Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with these cute little underground eaters OTHER THAN poisons or traps. Have heard suggestions of interplanting alliums, rosemary, etc. as possible deterrents.
Have also seen protective baskets made with chicken wire or hardware cloth. Given that our beds were already in place before the guests arrived, would prefer NOT to have to dig then all out to install wire. MANY thanks.


El Paso County Colorado human-wildlife issues almost 5 years ago

Sod removal around existing tree

We have decided to remove drought stressed sod from around a 6 year old maple tree. I've recently removed a 10' diameter of sod with a flat shovel after I realized how many surface roots were involved. I plan to minimally level the slope and will fill the area with decorative mulch. I thought I was on the right path to water conservation but it sounds like I need to be extremely careful around the tree.

(1) After a little research it sounds like I need to leave the soil around the trunk of the tree (especially the level) of the surrounding soil unaltered? What diameter around the tree do I need to leave ‘mulchless’?

(2) Because I basically stripped the sod ~ 3/4" of an inch how do I manage the grass elimination of the re-growth? Can I use a grass killer?

(3) Can I use a weed barrier fabric over the soil I've stripped?

Thanks for your time and expertise (and probably saving our tree)!

Gary Hayward


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs sustainable gardening and landscaping almost 5 years ago

Dying junipers & arborvitae

After a week long trip we came home to 9 dead junipers & 2 dead arborvitae. They have all turned dessicated brownish color with a green branch or two scattered around the tree. A friend of mine (also within Boulder city limits) lost several arborvitaes also in one week. Is there some disease going around or bug that targets only juniper/arborvitae? All the dead trees have been on irrigation and have been in the ground 6 - 12 years. The junipers in pots seem unaffected so far...


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Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Want Green Grass Not Moss and Weeds

I have lots of moss in my yard, and lots of weeds. I would like it to be green again. We have lots of tree and lots of sun. Can you help me get it back the way it was? Also I've been told that I should use moss killer to kill the moss. I have been told to use lime to kill the moss and to keep it away. What should I use? Then after that do I need to buy dirt to cover up what I just kill? Then do I still need weed killer, and when do I plant seed so I can have grass by the middle of May or June, and then how do I keep it green and healthy.


Muskegon County Michigan lawns and turf moss removal horticulture almost 5 years ago

Sick sycamore

Our sycamore has small leaves and many of them are brown and dry. They also are covered with a powdery substance. As we begin looking around, all the sycamores in our neighborhood look the same. Do you know what it is, what to do about it, etc.?


Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

Planting fall bulbs in the spring

Is it possible to plant daffodils and tulips in the spring, or should I wait till fall?


Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago


I live in Iowa City and would like to grow some persimmon trees. I am unsure of which variety is best to grow here. Also I would like to know how best to grow them. I read that you need a male and a female for them to bare fruits, how can you tell which is male and which is female? Also where can I get persimmon trees to plant? Thank you


Johnson County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Flowering dogwood

20 year old dogwood producing fewer flowers, and not leafing as strongly, as in years past. There are more small dead branches, with lichen. Does the tree need fertilizing and mulching?


Benton County Oregon trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

galls on juniper

i'have been working for 10 yrs. on 2, 15 yr old nursery stock junipers. they are developing into quite handsome bonsai. last week I noticed a number of 3/8dia. brown round galls on the needled branches. i broke one of the galls open and under the surface brown outer cover was green woodlike interior. today it rained and the galls had overnight become engulfed in a light brown spongy mushroom like fungus. What have I got and how do I treat it ? my best guess is a fungicide . which one and what dosage. I work on these trees every day wiring branches and needle pruning and i would hate to lose them. thanks jeff walder
PS: the galls are morphing into light brown colored, gelatinous textured,wavy south seas giant clam shell shaped blobs .Some are starting to creep up the branches.(sounds like a horror show; huh?) Over our house is a huge hackberry tree whose leaves are gall deformed (the host?). Some of the galled juniper branches have died while others appear healthy. Can I just scrape off the gall and gelatinous stuff or prune the branch below the gall. the gall is round shaped and encircles each branch. .No horns have yet appeared on the gall (but the devil lurks and the night is young ).
Thanks Dr. M


Cumberland County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs master gardener bonsai culture almost 5 years ago

Dying Trees

I have planted sereral trees in my back yerd (expensive ones from Earl May) after a couple of years they are dead. I live in a new development in Carroll. They are all different type of trees. any ideas?


Carroll County Iowa almost 5 years ago

deer proofing garden

Is there a plant that can be planted in our garden that will keep deer out> If so what is it? Every year they eat more tomatoes than we do.


Webster County Kentucky nuisance wildlife almost 5 years ago

Pink Dogwood not Blooming

Hi there- A couple of years ago, I planted a pink dogwood in my front yard. We have lived in this house 3 years and the house is about 25 years old. The new dogwood has been there now for two consecutive springs and looks healthy, but has never bloomed (it was in bloom when we purchased it, though). It's a young tree; the trunk is just a couple of inches (ish). It is planted at the edge of a grove of larger trees and gets sun in the afternoon, but not the entire afternoon. I would think the sun/shade location is perfect for a dogwood. All of my soil is terrific. There is an older (white) dogwood tree on the property that bloomed beautifully our first spring here, fairly well the 2nd, and is barely blooming at all this year. I suspect the culprit is lawn fertilizer/treatment (too much nitrogen?) because the former owners of the house didn't put anything on the lawn (it was full of weeds), whereas we have a service that applies weed killer/fertilizer 3-4 times a year. If this is the problem, I can ask the lawn service to refrain from spraying around the base of the dogwoods (and any other flowering trees? although they don't seem affected), but is there something I can do in conjunction with that to hedge my bets? For example, is there anything I can add to their soil to counteract excess nitrogen? Thanks! I appreciate your advice.


Baltimore County Maryland trees and shrubs dogwoods almost 5 years ago

Forsythia did not Produce Many Blooms this Spring

This spring our forsythia bush did not produce many blooms. It gets morning sun but is in the shade in the afternoon. I thought I was very careful not to trim it too much or too late, and water it when the area is dry. It is about 10 years old. It looks healthy and grows well (needs trimming about every month or so). I have not fertilized it. Thanks.


Baltimore County Maryland shrubs forsythia forsythia not blooming almost 5 years ago

Native blackberries

We have noticed the native blackberry, Rubus ursinus, growing near our house. We want to encourage fruit production, but have found out that only the female plants produce the fruit. How do you eliminate the male plants that are intertwined with the female plants? Do you need to keep some male plants for pollination?


Marion County Oregon fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 5 years ago

honeysuckle and jasmine

Can I plant red trumpet honeysuckle and confederate jasmine next to each other on a fence line and expect both to do well without one choking out the other? i would like them to intermingle.


Lake County Florida horticulture almost 5 years ago

Nutrient run off measurement

Is there a model for measureing Nutrient reduction after a BMP or nutrient management plan?


Virginia nutrient management almost 5 years ago

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