Wildfire Black Gum Tree

I planted this tree last fall and it did well until the winter. Now it's either dead or just a late bloomer. It's the only tree in the neighborhood that has no green buds. Can you provide any information about when these trees get leaves in the Spring?


Oakland County Michigan almost 5 years ago

How to trim a chitalpa tree?

I live in Fruita and I planted a chitalpa tree two years ago. Last summer the top of it had died, so I cut it down to where it was still alive, but it sent shoots out of the lower trunk and the ground around the tree. This made it look like a very large bush. This year I'd like to trim it so that it will look like a tree again. Do I just cut off the extra trunks with a saw? Will the growth go into the trunk I leave? It still looks quite dead, but it did last year at this time as well.


Mesa County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago


I want to plant a west facing area with this type of plant and do not know what the kinds of plants are!


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture almost 5 years ago

HELP!!! My plants are diseased

New pic of bug, it turned the leaves black with hundred white dots on each leaf.



Josephine County Oregon insect issues insect management almost 5 years ago

I have honey bees entering and leaving my house/walls at the outside...

I have honey bees entering and leaving my house/walls at the outside corner/bottom of my aluminum siding.I have had them inside the house a few times and I have been stung.Is it unlawful to use a pesticide on them? I cannot find a bee keeper that wants them or knows how to get them out alive. Thanks.


Delaware County Ohio almost 5 years ago

Green Inchworms all over my House

how do you suggest getting rid of the green inch worms all over my house


Charles County Maryland cankerworms green inch worms almost 5 years ago

Chinese Chestnut trees?

I live in The Rivergreen subdivision , in Canton, Ga. My home is in the small community called Chestnut Glenn. My home borders the Audobon Nature trail, which is lined with beautiful Chestnut Trees. After some research I am assuming these are Chinese chestnuts and not Amaerican, which would be rare. Would love to know more about these trees, there origin,history,uses, etc.. Thank you
Linda Quod
105 Chestnut Dr.
Canton, Ga. 30114


Chattooga County Georgia almost 5 years ago


Is land that is being currently farmed good for building a home on? Will the land, if not farmed, revert back eventually to pasture?


Williamson County Texas housing almost 5 years ago

First Vegetable Garden - Soil Questions

Hello! My boyfriend and I are starting our first vegetable garden in our home in Mt. Washington/ Pikesville Maryland. While the garden is in-ground (not using boxes or planters), I don't know quite what to mix in to ensure the most advantageous harvest. The dirt is currently a light gray, tough consistency, and I want to be sure to get the right nutrients in. Should I add compost or peet? Thank you!


Baltimore County Maryland almost 5 years ago

Land restoration

I have recently purchased property that had several trees infected with pine beatle kill. I have removed the trees and now have a large meadow that I am trying to decide what to do with. Are there any resources through CU extension for re-seeding the area to prevent weeds from taking over?


Pueblo County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Who should I contact if I find buried batteries, oil cans, glass bottles,...

Who should I contact if I find buried batteries, oil cans, glass bottles, medicine bottles, tires, and more on my property that we just bought? We removed everything we seen on the surface, but every time we dig we find more and more.


Queen Anne's County Maryland almost 5 years ago

blue spruce diseases?

We have a blue spruce that has been healthy for 5 years. Now it looks completely dead and we have another one that has dead branches. Any suggestions?


Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

alkaline soil

I have several customers who live in an area with a high water table. The area has a high alkaline content. (8.7) Is there anything I can do to try to neutralize this. Their lawns,trees,shrubs are dying out. I've tried layering a combination of sheep manure and peetmoss over the gras with minor success.


Sweetwater County Wyoming soil ph almost 5 years ago

Yellow/red leaves

Do I need to spray our blueberry bushes as some that bloomed and have berries now have some yellow and red leaves and some of the plant looks like berries are drying up and no leaves on branch?


Bradley County Tennessee blueberries blueberry production blueberry diseases blueberry soils almost 5 years ago

Planting Under Pine Trees

We trimmed a large pine tree in our front yard and the trunk is now exposed almost 5 feet. I'd like to do some planting under it. I've been told I shouldn't plant hosta ( I have many I can split and put there) because of acidic soil. I love the look of hostas under a tree. Do you have any recommendations for other plants if I can't use hosta? Thank you.


Macomb County Michigan almost 5 years ago

farrowing crates

Is it better for the sow's welfare to use a farrowing crate when she is nursing her piglets? Opinion seems to be divided, we have just started with a piggery. On a small scale, whilst waiting for the environmental impact study to be completed. We haven't used crates and had one sow who lay on 4 of her babies, whilst the latest to give birth had 13, lay on 1 and seems to push the piglets out of the way before she lays down. Someone advised us not to use crates, but to get rid of the bad mothers. What's your opinion?


Outside United States swine swine reproduction almost 5 years ago

Blue grama grass

I want to establish more blue grama grass and rice grass which grows naturally on a pinon and juniper hillside on my 3/4 acre property in Trinidad, Colorado. But part of the hillside was disturbed with retaining walls, a swale, and berm for drainage control. As a result, invasive species such as mustards, stork bill, and cosha thrive in these areas, and I am trying to get rid of them by establishing native grasses. There seems to be more suppliers of blue grama than rice grass. Where can I get rice grass and is it available as seed, plugs, or sod -- and which is best? Questions for blue grama, below, also apply to rice grass.

Is it best to plant blue grama grass plugs or sod?
Can you recommend a supplier for plugs and sod?
What is the best time to plant plugs? Sod?
What do I do to prepare the soil?
What care does it need to get established?
Ongoing maintenance?
Will the blue grama suppress invasive species?


Las Animas County Colorado lawns and turf almost 5 years ago


my test results show to add O lbs of potassium, o lbs of magnesium for 1000 sq ft.It recommends that I apply 22-4-4 fertilizer at a rate of 16:1. not sure of the ratio of 16;1 It says I need 17 lbs of fertilizer for 1,400 square feet. Also it recommends I apply 45 lbs of sulfur in the fall. Can I add sulfur now and plant in two weeks?


Livingston County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Solitary Bee Eradication

Solitary bees are attacking our wood posts. How do we get rid of these borers?


Monroe County Pennsylvania bees almost 5 years ago

solitary bees eradication

We have many solitary bees attacking our front porch posts. Numbers have increased to the point of 20* this year, boring holes in the wood poles.


Monroe County Pennsylvania bees almost 5 years ago

Hardy Russian Pomegranate in Utah

We live in American Fork Utah. We love pomegranate's. Is it possible to grow a cold hardy russian pomegranate bush\tree in our area? We have room for one more fruit tree (already have apple, cherry and peach...don't want apricot, pear or plum). Thanks for your help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Utah County Utah fruit trees almost 5 years ago


Our Neighbor has a Ponderosa pine tree along our back yard and it has started to drop hundreds of tiny yellow larvae all over our deck furniture we at first thought it was pollen until we noticed it was moving and realized they were live tiny larvae my question is the identification of this larvae and the remedy being it is not our tree we need some knowledge but it makes our back deck un- useable at this time.


Linn County Oregon insect issues insect management almost 5 years ago

Discrepancy of fewer wells/pad

Your consideration of a reality of far fewer wells/pad (>3) compared to optimistic potential of 4-10 seems weak, or incomplete. Deeper consideration and research as to why it is this way is recommended. I was opposed to fracking and refused to invest in it. With respect to "Octopus" technology, isn't underground shale porosity collapse and water reservoir contamination as much an issue with this technology as with fracking? The proliferation of surface pads as an issue would seem to pale by comparison.


Richland County Montana natural gas almost 5 years ago

Soil Testing in Maryland

Can you do soil testing for us. Please advise.


Howard County Maryland soil testing horticulture almost 5 years ago

Can you identify this bug for me and possibly give some information on how to...

Can you identify this bug for me and possibly give some information on how to get rid of them?



Morrow County Ohio almost 5 years ago

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