Hard well water

We have a well that has hard, acidic water (6.6 ph) and we get a fair amount of lime build-up on our pipes. I think we may also have some bacterial iron. We're looking into water softeners, but are concerned about the environmental Impact of the sodium and potassium based softeners. On the other hand, we don't know if the salt-free water conditioners will do the job. Can you make a recommendation for us?


Jackson County Oregon in-home water quality and treatment options almost 5 years ago

lighting ordinances

A farm has a lighted gureenhouse that lights up the whole neighberhood. The local ordinance prohibits l light from leaving your yard. Is the farm exempt from the ordinance


Otsego County Michigan almost 5 years ago

vegetable garden

how deep do i need to plow a small vegetable garden


Jefferson Parish Louisiana master gardener program gardening almost 5 years ago

Harry & David Fruit Tree Pruning Method

Hi, A couple of years ago, I attended a fruit tree class at the OSU Extension office (in Central Point or in Grants Pass) or at a spring fair put on by the Master Gardeners of Jackson County (at RCC Medford) or Josephine County (at RCC Grants Pass). It was taught by an employee of Harry & David who discussed that company's pruning technique of a central leader with rings of horizontal branches, each ring separated by a foot or so. I would like to get some literature on the technique. Do you know where I can procure such information? Thanks, Bob


Josephine County Oregon pruning fruit trees horticulture almost 5 years ago

Help Planning my Garden

I just moved to a new house and I have a "blank slate" from which to build my garden from. I would like to grow fruit trees, berries, as well as many vegetables. I know that there are some general things like bluberries liking acidic soil etc. and some vegetables that shouldn't be planted next to each other, and that need to be rotated and not planted in teh same place year after year. It all seems a bit overwhelming and I would love for someone to come to my house and give me a "master plan" from which to work from. Do you have any suggestions?


Multnomah County Oregon sustainable gardening and landscaping garden planning horticulture almost 5 years ago

Plum tree

I would like to send a housewarming gift to my daughter who just moved to Austin. She expressed an interest in a plum tree for her backyard. Is there a variety that would be good for eating or preserving that would grow and produce well in the climate? Do you know of a good resource for ordering an appropriate variety? She is in the 78749 area code. Thank you for any information or guidance you can provide.


Orange County California trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

determining the sex of new chicks

We have a neighbor who just found homes for two roosters (with a lot of trouble). They have chickens for laying eggs. Is there a place that will determine the sex of new chicks so that we don't have to go through the torture of having roosters crowing all day? They really don't want them.


Virginia poultry almost 5 years ago

Larimer County Agricultural Economy

Approximately how much money does Larimer County produce annually from agriculture?


Larimer County Colorado agriculture agricultural education almost 5 years ago

home grown foods

I live on 3 acres and am considering going into business for myself setting up a green house vegetable garden, my question is wheather there is enough of a demand to make a decent living off of such a venture. Thank you for your response.


Bexar County Texas vegetable gardening almost 5 years ago


Are there any research, courses, or experiment stations working on aquaponics at or with OSU?


Lane County Oregon freshwater aquaculture aquaponics almost 5 years ago

Heat or no heat?

I want to grow carrots, onions, cabbage, and radishes year round in a large greenhouse (126 x 328) in the state of Washington near Tacoma. Should I add heat during the winter?


Outside United States greenhouse commercial horticulture washington almost 5 years ago

Millions of grey larvae

We have large puddles or colonies of grey colored tiny larvae or insects, with over a dozen piles of up to 3 feet in diameter and up to an inch deep, around the base of buildings. It almost resembles many containers of spilled gun powder, and exhibits movement when touched. They seem to prefer asphalt or dirt and nearly always near a structure. Must be millions of them. It also appears in the dogs water dish over the past week. Under 10x jewelers loop they appear to have wings and antennae and multiple legs and the entire creature is about 1mm long and when a few are separated from the group on a knife blade, they jump or fly off. Any ideas what they are?


Larvae_2_300x300%2523 Larvae_3_300x300%2523 Larvae_1_300x300%2523

Columbia County Oregon urban integrated pest management almost 5 years ago

Soil testing

Can you tell me who to see about getting the soil in my vegetable garden tested?


Albany County Wyoming soil soil testing almost 5 years ago

Maple Tree Maintenance

We live in the NE heights of Albuq. Planted an Autumn Blaze Maple 5 years ago and it has flourished (25 ft. tall). It now has a trunk about 7 in. in diameter . Super shade and beautiful in fall. However, large vertical cracks are developing on the trunk. Do we need to take any corrective action.
We've planted 3 more and want to stay on top of any problems. Local nursery advised us to use sulfur (1/2 cup spring and fall) to overcome alkali and make sure to water during winter. Seems to be working well.
Should we wrap the trunks? Any advice would be appreciated.
Dick and Ruth Carpenter


Bernalillo County New Mexico almost 5 years ago

horse ranch

I am interested in creating a horse therapy ranch in the mountains & need help with making it as sustainable as possible. We're looking at property in Gilpin Co currently. Who do I contact?


Gilpin County Colorado horse therapy almost 5 years ago

Lime Sulphur availability

Where can you find Lime Sulphur these days? Cannot find at Home Depot in Portland and is hard to find in other areas? What other available stores have this product?


Multnomah County Oregon horticulture almost 5 years ago

Boxwood bushes

I was told that I can plant my 8 inch boxwood bushes during the winter. Is that correct for Denver?


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Wildlife and Food Poisoning

Do bears pose a danger to huamn related food poisoning when damaging farm crops?


Oregon human health human-wildlife issues almost 5 years ago

yields, ph and NPK for michigan vegetable produce

We are USDA certified, on one of my requirements I need to know yield of a variety of vegetables we grow. I have look everywhere, I have found a few but not for all. I would also like to know ph for a variety of vegetables and also average NPK requirements for a variety of vegetables


Kent County Michigan field crops fruits and vegetables farm management almost 5 years ago

special use permit application denied

How long before resubmision?


Washtenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Rehabbing Lawn

We have a new house with several patches of lawn in varying conditions.
This is our first house, so neither of us have a lot of experience. We are wondering what you would suggest for rehabbing these patches with drought-resistant varieties.

1) There is a patch of grass that greened up well last fall when we started watering it. If we seed with a different type of drought-resistant grass, will the two varieties coexist well? We have no idea what type of grass is there.

2) There is another patch of what used to be lawn but is now just weedy ground cover (and particularly ugly). Can we rototill this and then seed? How would you go about getting rid of those weeds?

3) The backyard never greened up last year and has some wimpy patches of grass and patches of dirt. If we put down seed, can we just hope that a new variety takes over?


Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf horticulture almost 5 years ago

Seed Bombs for Springtime

I live near the Cherry Creek Reservoir and Highline Canal in Denver. Many times I think about making some "seed bombs" to scatter some native wildflowers and grasses along the trail. My problem is which ones? I want ones that will thrive in the area (arid) and come back yearly. Any idea?


Denver County Colorado wildflowers and native plants almost 5 years ago

wheezing chicken

I am raising my first flock of chickens. I have 9 hens, 9 months old, who range in the backyard all day and sleep in a coop in the garage at night. I have noticed that one of my Ameraucanas (4 Ameraucanas, 5 sex-links) is wheezing a little and occasionally making a "moaning" noise that makes me think of my own asthma. I haven't noticed this in any other chicken, but it seems they have all been a little unenthusiastic about eating sometimes. I think all of them are laying.


Boulder County Colorado poultry almost 5 years ago

Are my Douglas Fir trees too close to each other?

We planted Douglas Firs 25 years ago along our back fence for privacy. They grew. Are they too close together? Should we remove every other one so the remaining ones will be sturdier against the wind? They'd probably graze our house now if they fell towards it, and would certainly hit our neighbor's house if they fell that direction.



Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

Poultry manure mixing chemical

25 kilos of poultry manure, what kind of chemical to be mixed an to be come organic fertilizer and use for planting rice.


Outside United States fertilizer rice almost 5 years ago

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