Question on Leyland Cypress

I have a row of Leyland Cypress trees that have continually get dead limbs, and two of them have died in the last three years. I've had three companies evaluate them with three different answers. 1) it's seiridium canker and there's nothing you can do about it, 2) it's seiridium canker and I should inject each of the trees with heavy growth fertilizers every 8 months (at $700 a treatment) and 3) it's borers and they should be treated by digging a trench around the tree and laying down a pesticide ($125).

I live on the west side of Albuquerque and would like any advice I can get. There are a number of these types of trees on this side of town that appear to have the same condition. I would like to plant replacement trees for the ones that have died but at least of the companies advised against it, saying the canker would likely kill them too.


Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

caregivers guide

I found an older(1997) Caregivers Guide from Univ of Wisconsin Extension. It is very good,but does anyone have anything newer on the same topic? I teach a Family and Community Services career pathway.


Delaware over 4 years ago

Eradicating Bamboo

What is the best way to eradicate bamboo?


Travis County Texas horticulture over 4 years ago

Hi, I have read and watched all the great resources you provide on potato...

Hi, I have read and watched all the great resources you provide on potato growing. Thank you. Question: The when to plant vegetable chart(HG-16) notes that potatoes can be planted in early July. Is there a certain kind of potato that is best for summer planting? I am thinking of trying the bag method and demonstrating this with kids during a summer gardening class. Thanks for your advice. Ann


Howard County Maryland potato vegetables over 4 years ago

White mold on beef jerky

Is the fuzzy white mold harmful on my Walmart Teryaki Beef Jerky? Occurred 2 weeks after opening and resealing the bag.


Muscogee County Georgia food safety over 4 years ago

Aquaponics Promotion

Please provide name and email address of person on your staff for me to send free information about aquaponics. After researching aquaponics for several months for my retiring daughter, I have over 85 pages of text references to links and sound information from aquaponics growers around the world. Also, a PowerPoint presentation uses pictures instead of many thousands of words. This is open source, free information described by one college professor as a "wealth of information." My email address is:


San Diego County California over 4 years ago

adding lime to soil

I recently picked up a bag of dolomite lime to "sweeten" the soil. I'm wondering if it makes more sense to apply now and let it "seep" into the soil so it's ready for a summer garden; or should I add to soil as I'm planting the garden in late spring? Thank you, Roger


Polk County Oregon soil and fertility issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Heirloom apple

My Great Uncle had a apple tree that had huge apples in west Salem..( size was bigger than a King apple and it was a lighter green,it is gone now but he called it a Glorymonday. Have you heard of this tree? Or maybe that is what they called it, not knowing what it was since it was already there when they bought the property. Being as big as it was, I assume it was planted late 1800's.. Thanks


Polk County Oregon fruits and vegetables fruit trees over 4 years ago

soil testing

Is there a service company in the Benton or Linn county region that I can pay to pull soil samples from my farm? I need to learn soil type in order to determine possible crops to plant. Thank you.


Benton County Oregon soil and fertility issues farm management over 4 years ago

Swollen can of tomatoes safe to eat?

I recently got a can of tomatoes from a food pantry - brand name Colavita. It was noticeably swollen on both ends. When I punctured it with a can-opener, the juice sprayed 2 feet up in the air. I have never had an experience like this with any canned food product. The tomato juice on my hand tasted fine. Was the pressure build-up in the can an indication of any dangerous condition? Botulism? Or something else ? Please advise me if you think it is safe to eat the tomatoes. Thank you very much.


Washington County Oregon food safety over 4 years ago

I have some kind of wildlife (possum, racoon, skunk) under my mobile home....

I have some kind of wildlife (possum, racoon, skunk) under my mobile home. Have had them in previous winters too. They tear up the insulation and cause damage to the skirting. Who can I contact to remove them? Thank you.


Muskingum County Ohio over 4 years ago

Transplanting old Azalea

I have an old Azalea house plant that was purchased in 1996. It has bloomed regularly for years until recently. A couple of months ago it started dropping leaves like crazy even though I kept it well watered. I did notice it took quite a while for the water to drain through. I went online and it was suggested it should be transplanted in new soil, which I did last week in Miracle-Gro potting soil. The old soil was so tightly compacted around the root structure that I had a hard time separating it out. The roots were very dry and just kept breaking the more I tried to separate them from the old soil. I was left with a considerably smaller ball of roots which I did transplant, but what few leaves that are left on the plant continue to drop off. I am wondering if I waited too long to transplant it and if there is any way I can still bring it back to "life". Thanks! Joan, Ontario, Canada


Outside United States over 4 years ago

Need help with a new garden

I'd like to put in a decorative garden, butter I'm overwhelmed. i have a raised be that it 14X5 feet. It gets full morning sun and shade after about 3pm. I know I want perennials that requires little daily care. By the then I get lost. What do I plant? WHEN do I plant? I've wanted to put in a garden for years now and each year I get frustrated and just let it go to weeds... I don't know that I'd like it taller in the back with purple coneflower and maybe Russian sage. But I don't know what to plant in front that is lower and hardy. If I could have suggestions with specific names Andrew time a to plant that would help so much!


Warren County Kentucky master gardener program home gardening over 4 years ago

Forestry programs for me in my area

Are there any programs for tree planting in my area or a Forestry plan for planting trees on my property this spring 2014


Kanabec County Minnesota forestry over 4 years ago

I was given a rosemary plant at Christmas

Would like to harvest the leaves, but would like to wash them, not sure what may have been sprayed on them. Is there a good method to do this? Also, what to do to get another harvest? Thank you,


Carver County Minnesota food safety herbs growing herbs indoors over 4 years ago

how to trim pear and apple trees

I would like to know how to correctly prune my fruit trees. Is there a site I can go to for answers?


Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Organic hop production soil test

Hello, I am in the beginning stages of creating an organic hop farm outside of Turner Oregon. I need to have a soil mineral test done on the site to determine its suitability, and also to check for past chemical contamination that could deny organic listing. Can you recommend a soil testing resource? Also I wanted to find out if there was any possibility of OSU extension aiding our farm in resources if hosted it as a research project for the University. Organic hop farming is a fast growing field, so I'm sure many would benefit from the research. FYI: the farm has about 28 acres of land that could be devoted to agriculture and water rights on Mill Creek. Thanks a lot, Zev Levine


Marion County Oregon soil and fertility issues hops horticulture over 4 years ago

Deer have eaten off new strawberry plants

Last spring I planted strawberries for the first time. I did not harvest any because I read that they would produce more fruit this year if I didn't. Now the deer have eaten all the leaves off the plants; most to ground level. Will the plants grow new leaves? Is there anything I can do to help insure success? I have since covered the strawberry bed with chicken wire.


Prince George's County Maryland wildlife fruit strawberries deer over 4 years ago

CO Birdwatching

Good morning. I have a bird feeder that usually draws sparrows, finches, a few juncoes and chickadees, but now I have what appears to be a Baltimore Oriole taking up residence in my back yard. Is this too far out of his normal range, or is he perhaps another kind of species? He has the normal BO markings, but spends most of his time ground feeding and may have a narrow white breast marking. Is he an Oriole?


Denver County Colorado over 4 years ago

How can I get rid of fruit flies?

I have fruit flies in my home and cannot get rid of them. They seemed to have developed on a houseplant. I've let the plant's soil dry out, but I still have fruit flies buzzing around in my kitchen. What can I do?


Warren County Ohio insect issues fruit flies over 4 years ago

How deep would you make your above ground garden?

I will be putting tomatoes and usual summer veggies in it. Maybe a 5x5 or a little larger.


Guadalupe County Texas fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture over 4 years ago


Can an aquaponic set up be done economically in northeast Wy. If so what info is available?


Crook County Wyoming hydroponics fish over 4 years ago

Grass fertilization

Looked at my parents 1500$ Davy tree yard fertilizing bill and was appalled. They suggested 2 grub applications a year and at least 6 fertilizer/bug control application . What do you think is a good program. Thank you


Cuyahoga County Ohio lawns and turf turf fertilizer recommendations over 4 years ago

I harvested many onion seeds last fall, yellow spanish I believe, how do I...

I harvested many onion seeds last fall, yellow spanish I believe, how do I start them in-doors and when?


Sherburne County Minnesota over 4 years ago

What is the value of alpaca poop as fertilizer and compost?

This is for organic gardening. My company has completed some basic research into the value, and being environmentally friendly, we think it's an excellent option for those urban gardeners looking for something safe and effective to provide the basic nutrition plants need to stay healthy. The manure is not for all plants, but for most of the garden and house varieties. I would like to solicit your professional opinion on this subject.


Mesa County Colorado camelids llamas alpacas organic gardening compost over 4 years ago

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