Canning caramelized onions

I would like to can caramelized onions. I have found two recipes online, one using butter and one using olive oil. For health reasons I would want to use the olive oil recipe:

I have a pressure cooker that has only 1 (15 lb.) setting, and live in Houston where elevation is minimal (!). I would be using half-pint jars. This is a regular Fagor pressure cooker purchased in 2011, but not specifically a canner, so that might be another issue.

Can you help me assess how/whether I should use this recipe, especially as regards canning time with 15 lbs PSI? If you advise against using the recipe, can you direct me to another more reliable recipe? I have checked the Ball Book and the USDA guide and they say nothing about canning onions.

I know there are many safe onion relish recipes but I am not as interested in making a sweet-sour product as I am in having caramelized onions on hand.

Thanks for your advice!

Melinda Flannery


Harris County Texas food safety home food preservation almost 5 years ago

Is this mildew?

A lady has this all over her lilac bushes and would like to know how she can get rid of it.



Alcona County Michigan trees and shrubs disease issues almost 5 years ago

Can you tell me what insect is making these webs on my evergreen bushes and...

Can you tell me what insect is making these webs on my evergreen bushes and Rhododendron? Also, how to get rid of them? Thanks.



Carroll County Maryland almost 5 years ago

How do I save my peach tree?

It wasn't until it happened again this year that I remembered it happened last year, too. I planted a peach tree in Spring 2011. Leafs out great in the spring at first and then about a third of the leaves turn yellow and fall off. Pretty sure overwatering is my problem there, and I should be able to fix that okay. My problem this year is that the leaves that remain look like they will not last the summer - they just look very tired and faded - and there is a bunch of fruit trying to grow. I don't know what to there a fertilizer? Should I pinch off the fruit so the tree can focus on staying alive?


Utah County Utah almost 5 years ago

I have a hemlock that is about 20yrs old and 30ft tall. We treated it for...

I have a hemlock that is about 20yrs old and 30ft tall. We treated it for wooly adelgids last spring with Bayer Advanced(Imidacloprid) which seems to have worked. We don't see the same thing again this spring but as the cones have started to develop several of them have become covered in a orange powdery substance. Wondering what this is.



Frederick County Maryland trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Spider problems

How can you safely rid a dock or marina on Macatawa Lake of spiders. The swallows help but they are everywhere. Are there water and environmentally safe products?


Ottawa County Michigan integrated pest management spiders almost 5 years ago

Organic chicken feed

I have two producers who want to make their own "certified organic" chicken feed. One has layers; the other has broilers; both want to stay away from soy and things like blood meal. They each have access to a tub grinder/mixer, so making 1 to 2 tons at a time is viable. I need some help with recipes based on ingredients available in SC.


Abbeville County South Carolina poultry raising chickens poultry health almost 5 years ago

Maple tree bug

I have a autumn blaze maple with small white bugs. they have turned all the leaves on some large branches black and dead. Will those branches leaf out next year or should they be cut? If they should be cut, what time of the year is best. Also, how do I get rid of the bugs?


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs insect issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

Hello. Our nieghbor had catepillars that killed her pine tree 2 years ago....

Hello. Our nieghbor had catepillars that killed her pine tree 2 years ago. Now they've moved to our large pine trees and they will also die. Is there a way to stop the spread. we have several more pine trees on our lot and many more in the neighborhood. Thank you - Joy (Blurry) photo attached.



Carroll County Maryland almost 5 years ago

Lizard control

Any suggestions for lizard control at my house?


Houston County Alabama lizard control almost 5 years ago

The Soil in my Yard and "Orchard"

We have just moved into a new home. We have little to no grass and what grass we do have is crab grass. The soil is like sand and weeds are extreamly easy to remove from dry soil. It seems as if the last two yrs. the yard was only watered by rain or little irrigation water. What would I need to to to help the soil condition to promote grass growth and benefit our 8 fruit trees? We have yet to figure out what type of fruit trees they are. We are thinking a variety of apple, peach, plum and possibly apricot (not sure I spelled that right). By the way we have no clue what we are doing and have never had this situation before.


Montrose County Colorado trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables lawns and turf soil and fertility issues apples horticulture almost 5 years ago

Maple tree problems

Hi, I live in Marion and bought what I remember as a sugar maple but now believe is a red maple (please see pictures). Last summer we experienced wilt (hopefully not verticullum) on several branches. Since I just started learning about this, I didn't prune them out until just today as they didn't grow back in this year. The main thing I'm concerned about now is the bark. There are some holes that look like perhaps I had borers but I see no active ones. Is there some other reason we would be having such problems? Please Help!


Image2_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Linn County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Protecting a new patmore ash

Just planted a patmore ash. Wondering what to treat it with to combat ash-lilac borer. The tree guy said to use some kind of crystals but we can't find any in Fort Collins CO). What do you suggest?


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

What is this plant? (Is it a weed?)Found it! It's a wooly mullein (or other...

What is this plant? (Is it a weed?)
Found it! It's a wooly mullein (or other type of mullein). It's in the Invasive Plants Guide by the Kaufmans,.
Is it a weed, if we like it where it is?



Prince George's County Maryland plant id mullein almost 5 years ago

Name the plant

What is this plant growing out of the lemon balm. Hope this photo is better than last ones.



Josephine County Oregon trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

trees for high altitude desert

I have a home in Columbia, Utah up against the Book Cliffs. I am at 6200 feet and am interested in planting a couple of trees that will grow fast. One to the south of my house needs to be not too tall for possible solar later and it's position is 20' away from the house....that is the only place it can go. The other is to shade a patio and will be on the east side of the house. Size is not so important but would like a tree you can sit under, with a canopy. Thanks


Carbon County Utah almost 5 years ago

Lilac bush

My Lilac bush is looking bad. Its 13 years old. Been real healthy till this year.
Very few leaves and turning brown.

Alma Smith


Boulder County Colorado trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

Lilacs and Rhubarb

Is immediately after bloom the right time to trim back the lilac bushes? Any tips to dividing rhubarb plants?


Linn County Iowa horticulture almost 5 years ago

Clover in lawn

What concentration of 2-4-D should be used to treat clover in a lawn?


Grant County Oregon lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

What is wrong with my tree?

Last year the leaves on one of my trees started turning yellow (i am not sure species also), see picture below. Our lawn service said it looked iron deficient, so we have been treating it with Iron and Super Thrive, as well as the tree spikes we always used. However, this year it came back equally yellow. I am not sure the type of tree, but it is at least 15 years old and appears otherwise healthy. Can anyone assist with potential diagnosis / treatment?



Collin County Texas tree identification almost 5 years ago

Cracked vegetable leaves

Hi there. It seems my eggplants and spinach and beets and chard leaves are all cracking from the inside out. Also I have little yellow-ish dots on most of ALL my veges in the garden?
Any ideas why?


Img_3922_300x300%2523 Img_3921_300x300%2523

Denver County Colorado fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 5 years ago

Manure Hauling Qualifies for DPAD?

I'm trying to figure out whether custom manure hauling and spreading could potentially qualify for the domestic production activities deduction (DPAD).


animal manure management manure almost 5 years ago

Periwinkle Disease

Disease is spreading across large bed of periwinkle. See attached photo. What is it? Can it be treated?



Bernalillo County New Mexico trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

sweet bay leaf plant

the leaves are turning from brown to black and falling off of the plant. why and what can I do to prevent this from continuing?


Delaware County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

something is eating the leaves off of my little rose bush,what can I do to...

something is eating the leaves off of my little rose bush,what can I do to get rid of the pests?



Baltimore Maryland shrubs rose slug almost 5 years ago

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