PA Forest Stewards Volunteer Program

can I get a copy of the application for basic training in Sept & Oct or is it too late?


Dauphin County PA forestry over 4 years ago

Bird Mites?

I took down a recently vacated birds nest from my neighbors balcony 3 days ago and some of the nesting materials landed on me. Since then I have had the sensation like my skin is crawling (especially at night) and have several red marks on my body (and continue to get red marks that I now assume are bites). I am washing everything that I have come in contact with in hot water using 91% alcohol, 1 cup of diatomaceous earth & regular laundry detergent. Then a 2nd wash with just laundry detergent & hot water. Then into the dryer, on high heat, with several dryer sheets. I am vacuuming, lint rolling everything (including my body). Will they go away? Do you think I could be infested (I just got them 3 days ago)?
Also, I have 2 cats and a dog and not don't know if I need to do anything for them and if so, what to do?
Thank you in advance for any advice/help you can offer.


Hamilton County OH insect issues over 4 years ago

noticing tiny black bugs coming through window screens. what type bug spray...

noticing tiny black bugs coming through window screens. what type bug spray can I use?


Eaton County MI insects over 4 years ago

Land division

I purchased a parcel of property ( home and barn) about 9 years ago and the previous owner did not file a the paperwork with Houghton county showing the parcel division from the larger parent parcel .. Which is about 83 acres, our land is about 3 acres. My question is : is it to late for the previous owner to file this ? And I'm assuming it was their responsibility to make this division prior to the sale.


Houghton County MI over 4 years ago

Plant Identification Help Needed

Greetings, I am participating in some person and community gardening activities. Some of us are coming across some plants that we did not plant in our gardens and need someone from either a Master Gardeners' group or ISU Extension Services to help us identify the plants as either something good (edible) or not good (a weed that can be disposed of). Can we arrange to have someone visit our garden? (515) 244-4003 Ext. 117 Thank you! Cynthia Hunafa


Polk County IA over 4 years ago

Campanula volunteer 5 ft tall large flowers - propagation

Neighbor gardener said this volunteer is campanula and is a treasure. I have not been able to ID variety yet via Internet for this size plant with bell shaped flowers. I would like to propogate. from seed? annual, biennial, perennial?a



Marion County OR plant propagation plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

What variety of berries are these? Thank you.

What variety of berries are these? Thank you.



Baltimore County MD plant id invasive wine berries over 4 years ago

ss benefits

I have a question concerning social security benefits and when to take them. I'm 62 and my wife is 55. She is the higher wage earner. Should I take benefits now or wait?


Linn County IA personal finance family and consumer sciences over 4 years ago

Are poppies deer resistant?

Are Poppies deer resistant?


Jefferson County CO flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

How do I store radishes so they remain crisp and peppery?

When my radishes are ready, how do I store them so they remain crisp & peppery?


OUTSIDEUS fruits and vegetables home food preservation food storage over 4 years ago

I have black rot on my grapes, my pear trees, and my plum trees. These are...

I have black rot on my grapes, my pear trees, and my plum trees. These are all within the same area of the yard. I lost all my fruit last year and this year the leaves are already shriveling up on the grapes, and the fruit on the plum trees are shriveled and black. What can I do so this doesn't happen next year?


Todd County MN over 4 years ago

hickory tree decline

I have a small ranch in Leon Co and I am noticing a decline in a prominent hickory tree in my front yard. There are small ants on the tree and some of the smaller and higher branches seem to be dying. These branches also seem to have a barklike growth perpendicular to the branch.

Would you recommend 'Demon' for spraying the ants?

What is the growth on the branch and is it a negative indicator.

I currently hold a 'Private Pesticide Applicator License'

Russ Broeckelmann


Leon County TX trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

White fuzzy growth

I have a healthy tree which bloomed in April with what I think are the pink cherry blossoms. Now there are 3' suckers growing from trunk with a white thick fuzzy/crystalize type junk on the suckers and also into the branches of the tree. I checked with a master gardner and a horticulturist at Lowe's and they didn't know what it was and said to contact you guys.
HELP - what do I do? What is this? How do I dispose of this stuff?


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Douglas County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

something is destroying them, sapling maple established rose bush

both my neighbor and I have an insect infestation. It is killing our plants


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Delta County MI landscape plants horticulture over 4 years ago

Keiffer Pear trees not bearing

My sister-in-law in Vidor TX has 2 Keiffer pear trees 7 to 8 years old. Both have fruited well in the past. Last year small crop, this year one has no fruit and is covered with small balls on stems in clusters and the other tree, 1/2 is bearing pears and the other 1/2 only has the cluster of small balls on stems.
I have a picture and will attach.



Orange County TX trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables horticulture over 4 years ago

Limbing up a spruce

Can you give me some good information regarding limbing up a spruce tree. I live in Denver. My neighbor keeps bugging me to limb up our tree because he thinks his 1' of grass between the tree and the driveway will grow better. I absolutely do not want to limb up the tree as living with limbed trees in the past at my past two homes was really a pain and ugly. He doesn't seem to get it. I've attached a picture of my tree. It is really healthy and beautiful and will grow over to the driveway in a few years anyway. Help?



Denver County CO trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Swamp white oaks that arw 10" diameter have leaves that are curled and...

Swamp white oaks that arw 10" diameter have leaves that are curled and starting to discolor. Petiole has been crushed near the base attachment to the branch. It is dicolored brown and the petiole is only discolored in that area. I'm assuming that leaf curl and discoloration is due to this injury. Bird damage or squirrels? Dying leaves are scattered thru the tree but mainly on the outside canopy edges. Don't know of an oak petiole borer. Help


Ramsey County MN trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Backyard chickens and dogs

My neighbors got two chickens and have a moveable pen for them. Since we share a large yard, is there any danger to my dogs from eating the chickens excrement? Or is there danger to us from our dogs mouth, fur, feet? The do get on our furniture, and bed.


Woodford County KY over 4 years ago

I believe my flowering crab has a disease. The leaves are spotted, turning...

I believe my flowering crab has a disease. The leaves are spotted, turning yellow and falling off. Do I have to cut it down or try to treat. From what I have read you have to treat the tree in the spring. I also have a horse chestnut where the leaves turn yellow fall off and then the branch dies. Thanks


Hennepin County MN over 4 years ago

Spruce diseases

Would "Arbor OTC" be effective against Rhizosphaera? Would "Arbor OTC" be effective against Stigmina lautii


Lebanon County PA trees and shrubs master gardener program over 4 years ago

Pyracantha fire blight

Is "Arbor OTC" available in PA? Would Osytetracyline (the active ingredient in "Arbor OTC") as used in animals be a suitable substitute. If it is, how would the tablets be processed to produce the injectable?


Lebanon County PA pesticides horticulture over 4 years ago

What is the best organic agent that can kill or control tiny dark ants and...

What is the best organic agent that can kill or control tiny dark ants and other insects that damage the leaves of our vegetables? I do not want to use chemical control


Anne Arundel County MD pest control organic pesticide over 4 years ago

Are sprouted spaghetti squash edible

We opened our spaghetti squash (it's been in the cupboard for a couple of months) to discover the seeds had sprouted. Is the squash still edible?


Gilliam County OR food safety over 4 years ago

Home canning (bottling) question

I have looked all over for the answer to this question but can't find it anywhere. I usually "can" my home-made BBQ sauce in regular canning jars using a boiling water bath. The pH is low (it's fairly acidic). I want to purchase more authentic "BBQ Sauce Bottles" with metal lug type caps. My question is if I can process it the same as I would if they were in jars. That is, bring the sauce to a boil, and transfer into sterilized glass bottles, place the metal cap on and seal it, then put into how water canner and process for 20 minutes. These are only for my own home use, but I want them to be preserved the same as if they were in a jar. I don't know if you need the ingredients, but it's just a basic BBQ sauce with: mostly tomatoes, rum, vinegar, brown sugar, some spices, and liquid smoke


New Castle County DE home food preservation food preparation canning home canning home preservation over 4 years ago

Can you identify this plant?

Started from seed last year and lost the info on it. Did not do much last year but is quite large this year, large leaves and yellow daisy like flowers beginning to bloom on it.


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Butler County OH horticulture over 4 years ago

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