how to foster root growth on trees that have lost their roots to careless & harsh trunk treatment. specifically; an evergreen pine that lost its roots y has only a short time to live......................................thank you, herb litaker & trees


Clark County Nevada forestry trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

How can we protect our well water and still maintain a healthy lawn? We...

How can we protect our well water and still maintain a healthy lawn? We terminated our lawn maintenance contract 2 years ago and now large portions of grass have died beneath the summer crabgrass that prospered.


Howard County Maryland lawns and turf well water over 4 years ago

Soil Type

What is the predominant soil type in Northern Kerr County? What are the recommended plants, berries, and vegetables to grow?


Bexar County Texas landscape design soil and fertility issues gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Category # 07

I recently passed the core exam and would like to know how long i have before i take the category exam


Northampton County Pennsylvania pesticide certification horticulture over 4 years ago

Care of Tree Roses in Winter

Care of Tree Roses in Winter


Chippewa County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Healthy Eating Classes

I was wondering if ISU offers any healthy eating classes for the family? I'm trying to get some info if there is. Thank you!


Story County Iowa over 4 years ago

Milk Coagulation Test

Hi, what is the reason for coagulating the milk produced by my cows? I and the factory that buy my produced milk test the milk with 68 and 72 percent ethanol and unfortunately almost always it coagulates. Sometimes it is so intense that coagulation occurs with the milk that I directly milked from the cow's udder. And sometimes this coagulation occurs so severely that the sample divided to 3 or 4 large pieces. Please send me your guidance and I'm very thankful.


Outside United States dairy cattle over 4 years ago

Geographic Bee

Are there any extension facilities that would be able to handle the Geography Bee for the state of Iowa? We are looking for a facility with an auditorium type area that would seat about 300 and 4 other rooms that would be able to fit about 150 each. Somewhere central in the state would be great.


Black Hawk County Iowa over 4 years ago

Anion or Ion Exchange for Ranch Animals

We have a farm/ranch with around 1,0000 head of cattle, and a few goats and horses. We water with wells that are overly high is sulfate. We use RO for household use but what can be done for animals and lawn?


Otero County Colorado lawns and turf animals water wells over 4 years ago

What types of flowers attract honeybees?

What types of flowers attract honeybees?


Lauderdale County Tennessee over 4 years ago

deer repellant plants

We live in a rural setting, with deer coming through twice a day. (That we see, anyway!)Can you recommend a good physical structure/repellant plant combination to be able to grow a garden?


Marion County Oregon wildlife damage management deer resistant plants horticulture over 4 years ago

Gumming on stone fruit trees

Last year this appeared in our home orchard on the cherry trees, and is now affecting peach/nectarines as well. Only the plums look unaffected. The trees are fairly young, 3-4 years, so still pruning quite a bit. We live 10 miles east of Sutherlin at 800 feet and trees are on a northeast downslope. We sliced off what we could, disinfecting the knife in between cuts, and sprayed today with a copper fungicide. What else can we do to save them? Thanks!


Douglas County Oregon fruit trees horticulture over 4 years ago

seed stratification

What type of seed stratification is needed for Solidago gigantea?


Weld County Colorado scarification seed germination goldenrod flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago


I live in 76033 and love St Augustine but there are so many varieties. If I am planting from seed (plan on tilling my front yard) can you make a recommendation and tell me what to expect in terms of how long I will be looking at dirt.


Johnson County Texas lawns and turf landscape design horticulture over 4 years ago

vinifera production benzie co.

i recently purchased several acres in benzie co. south of frankfort about 800ft ele.on a bluff approx. 1/4 to 1/2 mile from lake mi. will i have any success with vinifera grapes? i know soil content will play in this question


Benzie County Michigan grapes viticulture over 4 years ago

grape production benzie co.

i rcently bought several acres in benzie co. oustside frankfort mi. approx.800ft. elevation on a bluff 1/4 to 1/2 mile from lake mi. what are my chances of grape production of vinifera varietals ?


Benzie County Michigan grapes over 4 years ago

Need help converting quarts, bushels of fresh vegetables for GAP

I am trying to find a table that shows how to convert quarts, bushels, etc. of fresh vegetables into pounds. We submitted a claim thru GAP for produce damage and they require everything to be expressed in pounds.


Sandusky County Ohio farm management vegetables over 4 years ago

Root Girdling

I have a crab tree that is root girdled and is dying from the top down. Is there anything I can do to save it?


Polk County Iowa over 4 years ago

Encourage Tree Roots to Grow Down

Interested in creating a wind break in an established trailer park (Buffalo). Can you recommend the best way to encourage roots to grow down, to minimize the chance of water/waste pipe and leech field damage? Easements are between 20' and 30'. I was told to use 6' of 1" EMT conduit or steel pipe, hammered deep along side each tree. And water each tree, via the pipe, each day, for the first couple years. Thank you for any assistance you can give.


Johnson County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Terminating a special land use permit

Property with a special land use permit has been sold and split or the property has been sold and the property is not being used as specified in the land use permit, can these permits be terminated by the land owner or township and if so how?


Tuscola County Michigan community planning and land management community planning and zoning over 4 years ago

Austrian pine turning brown at the top

I have seen several dead Austrian pine trees in our neighborhood (Highlands ranch), these seem to be very young trees.

We have a couple of Austrian pines in our back yard that were planted 5 years ago. One now appears to be turning brown at the top.

Is the tree sick? What can I do to stop it from dying?



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Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs pine trees horticulture over 4 years ago

Wood boring Insects indoors

Are there any wood boring insects that can cause damage to hardwood indoor flooring and furniture in Telluride Co. Home is at 10,000 feet ele. surrounded by Spruce, Subalpine Fir and Aspen?
Thank you for your help.
Jorge Llorente


San Miguel County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

using irrigation water for 1/4 acre vegatable garden

i am planning a 1/4 acre vegetable garden, with a variety of vegetables. i am going to use the irrigation water i have for this. planning on flood irrigating once a week. however i am unsure how to use this watering technique for seedlings, as well as seed germination. i will be starting a great deal of my plants indoors or in a green house. however some varieties i will be planting directly in the ground - string beans, beets, carrots, broccoli. i need help in establishing a way to use my flood irrigation to get those particular seeds to germintate. is this possible? or will i need to set up some type of drip system, or flood irrigate more often? thank you so much!!


Mesa County Colorado fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Monterey Oak Tree

Good morning, We live in a new housing development in Cedar Park. Our home is 1-1/2 years old. The developer planted two very nice Monterey Oaks in the front yard. Once we moved in, we watered, watered and mulched the trees. They were flourishing. This past summer, one of the trees was attacked by a persistent Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker! We wrapped the tree, hung Christmas ornaments on the limbs, etc. Attached is a picture of the tree. Do you think it can be saved? Thanks so much,



Williamson County Texas wildlife damage management birds trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

eliminate saandspurs in pasture

we have several pastures with sand spur problems and it isnt practical to clear the livestok to kill the spurs. We have cattle , horses, and buffalo


Frio County Texas weed issues pastures and forages over 4 years ago

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