Best time to graft apple trees?

What is the best date to graft apples? I just received my rootstock and will be potting them now. Thanks.


Lane County Oregon fruit trees grafting horticulture almost 5 years ago

lemon trees

I would like to know about lemon trees after the several days of freezing temps. Our two trees are about 3 years old. We covered them well during the freezing temps but when we uncovered them many leaves were dead. The inner leaves are still alive. My questions is will they survive and what do we need to do to help them to do so. Thank you.


Pima County Arizona trees and shrubs tree health almost 5 years ago

frozen chicken safety

handling raw chicken needs care, I got that. Are the flash frozen packages any safer? Does freezing kill salmonella?


Lane County Oregon home food safety almost 5 years ago

Inspecting older pressure cookers

I have my mother-in-law's pressure cooker. She used it for canning for many years. It has not been
used in 25 years. I want to start canning, and I read that it would be a good idea to have it inspected before it is used, especially if it has not been used for many years. The article also suggested that the extension service could provide the inspection. If that is correct, where can I bring the cooker for an inspection and how long would it take?


Denver County Colorado food processing home food preservation almost 5 years ago

Sick duck

Hi, I have a duck that is ill. She has green excrement and is not eating or drinking. I'm worried she has pasteurella. I've isolated her and started giving her sol met last night and some supportive care by giving her some mealworms in addition to her normal food. This morning she didn't seem any better. I have a second duck and wonder if I shouldn't put them together for company. Is there anything else I can do, or do you have any suggestions?


Multnomah County Oregon poultry ducks almost 5 years ago


Was the funding for the development of AgrAbility in Oregon lost in the recent round of ag related cutbacks? If not, can you provide current contact information for the program?


Marion County Oregon programs almost 5 years ago

histoplasmosis & cleaning old barn

I'm getting ready to re-purpose an old dairy bank barn that hasn't been used in several decades. Pigeons have taken roost in the main floor. How big of a risk is there for histoplasmosis? What would be the best way to go about cleaning the main floor (wood floor with light covering of hay and lots of pigeon droppings) and the bottom floor (concrete milking parlor, less bird activity)? I will be housing animals in the bottom floor, as well as hay.


Chenango County New York wildlife damage management biosecurity pest management almost 5 years ago

New beekeeper

I recently bought some land on the Western Slope of Colorado near Paoina. I am looking to order bees and am torn on what sub-species I should order, not knowing what would be best for the region. I am leaning toward the Carniloan bee, as it can adjust better for winter time, and seems more disease resistant than the Italian. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Delta County Colorado beekeeping almost 5 years ago

What is the average cash rent for cropland in Sherman Twp, Huron County?

What is the average cash rent for cropland in Sherman Twp, Huron County?


Huron County Ohio farm management almost 5 years ago

what can i do to my tomato garden to combat the early blight that i have been...

what can i do to my tomato garden to combat the early blight that i have been having the last four years ?


Hamilton County Ohio tomatoes horticulture almost 5 years ago

Using eXtension

What are some ways for an extension professional to get involved in eXtension?


Centre County Pennsylvania extension almost 5 years ago

Hobo spider

Is this a hobo spider?



Yamhill County Oregon integrated pest management spiders almost 5 years ago

Is my soil dangerous?

Hello, I am interested in creating a garden. The problem is that my husband treated the only suitable area in our yard with ant killer. Is it dangerous to plant our garden in soil treated with ant killer? If I do a raised bed would this be a viable Solution? Could I do the raised bed on top of the treated soil? And if I do how deep do the beds need to be so that the plants do not root in that treated soil?


North Carolina almost 5 years ago

Help with my Colorado Rock garden

I'm designing a rock garden in the front of the house on the north side where there is never sun. Are there any drought tolerant shade loving ground covers? I guess I will want a variety of sizes, colors and textures if anything is available. Thanks.


Jefferson County Colorado landscape design almost 5 years ago

How to get rid of taranula wasps without poisoning my ranch

We have a ranch in Southeastern Colorado. We bought it 8 years ago. We started having one or two tarantulas wasps a year about 5 years ago. Last year we had so many we were afraid to let the little kids outside. What can we do this winter to head off their return? I have an organic ranch and would also prefer not to kill off all the other bees with a overall spray. Can you recomment something?


Crowley County Colorado integrated pest management insect issues urban integrated pest management almost 5 years ago

Three-bin outdoor compost bin for a small farm or garden

I am looking for directions and a supply list for a three-bin wooden outdoor three-sided compost bin that would fit on an 8 x 8 x 8 space with a cover for this climate. I oversee a large learning garden at PCC Rock Creek, and we have no place to put our green waste on site. Our campus farmer can turn it with his tractor/tiller. I have seen some for horse operations and that might do.


Washington County Oregon sustainable gardening and landscaping composting almost 5 years ago


What is Sulfur principally used in?


Salt Lake County Utah science education almost 5 years ago


How can I get involved with eXtension?


Centre County Pennsylvania learn ask an expert extension almost 5 years ago

Helping a family in our city

Helping a family in our city whos house burnt down last night. He had no insurance.


LaPorte County Indiana disaster preparedness almost 5 years ago

How do oil and gas leases compare with mineral rights

How do oil and gas leases compare with mineral rights


Chippewa County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Restoring a weed-ridden lawn

We purchased a new home last summer. When we first saw the home, the lawn in the back yard was decent and looked to have healthy grass. There was a long period between when we saw the house and when we moved in; by the time we settled in in August, the neglected yard had been overrun with a smattering of knee-waist high broadleaf weeds. How should we start getting rid of these weeds and restoring the lawn? Do we need to reseed?


Arapahoe County Colorado lawns and turf weeds almost 5 years ago

Dusty chicken coop

I am using the deep litter method in my 8 x 12 chicken coop. My coop is very dry and dusty. I've heard that this is just as bad as high humidity in a coop. How can I fix the dryness and dustiness? Thank you very much for your help!


Kennebec County Maine raising chickens chickens almost 5 years ago

we rent farm ground for hay production. Should WE provide 1099 form to the...

we rent farm ground for hay production. Should WE provide 1099 form to the land owner or does the land owner 1099 us?


almost 5 years ago

Hello! I am thinking seriously about starting a 4-H group. I have a handful...

Hello! I am thinking seriously about starting a 4-H group. I have a handful of nieces that I would like to involve. My question is: Do all members have to live in the same county or can they reside in different counties but the club itself is located in one specific county? Thank you!


Ohio almost 5 years ago


If buds are formed, can they withstand very low temperatures at any time during the year?


Salt Lake County Utah trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

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