Late spring starvation

2013 spring has been very late in North West UK.13C only hit twice by 15/04/13 .We have had upto 75 % losses of bees well supplied with winter feed , particulary last season's nucs. The problem has been that the bees have not been able to break the cluster to get stores.Survivors have been rescued by spraying 1:1 syrup into a frame and placing aginst the cluster. The question is has anyone tried wicking a water /weak syrup into the centre of the cluster for just such a problem as sealed stores are <20% water.


Outside United States bee health almost 5 years ago

Is it a good practice to include a handful of crushed egg shells and coffee...

Is it a good practice to include a handful of crushed egg shells and coffee grounds in the hole when transplanting tomato plants? Is one additive preferable over the other?


Carroll County Maryland tomato soil preparation almost 5 years ago

Spider Identification

What kind of spider is in this photo, and is it poisonous? Thank you



Luzerne County Pennsylvania spiders almost 5 years ago

treating tree limb cuts

We are wanting to do all we can to help our surviving trees (from the trim job required due to the ice storm) thrive so our question is: what do we treat the tree limb cuts with? We've heard the old tar method is not a good one.


Minnehaha County South Dakota forest health pruning trees almost 5 years ago


I want to plant some evergreens along a fence. They will get full sun. I want something that will thrive here in Fort Collins, Colorado.
I have narrowed my choices down to "Blue Point" juniper or "Rushmore" arborvitae.
- Which is a better choice as far as hardiness?
- I am planting them between Urban Apple Trees. As far as watering needs which is more compatible?
- Which has a neater growth habit?
- What are the major differences between the 2 trees, other than the look of their leaves?
- All things considered, in your opinion which would be a better choice?

If you have any other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

My blue spruces seem to be dying from the bottom. Branches and needles...

My blue spruces seem to be dying from the bottom. Branches and needles falling. Is it a fungus? I read about Rhizosphaera Needle Cast and it seems like a good description of what we are seeing. This is the 2nd year we've noticed them looking sick. Is there anything we can do? We have a well so I was hesitant to spray fungicide. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Howard County Maryland spruce spruce diseases horticulture almost 5 years ago

Unidentified Bush

Hi, I've had this bush growing under my Mulberry tree for the last 4 years or so. Its gotten slowly bigger each year and this is the first time that its bloomed. Could you help me identify it? Thanks so much!



Umatilla County Oregon horticulture almost 5 years ago

Pruning Mature Apple Trees

When making a pruning cut, does it matter if the cut part is facing up or down? Also, when pruning, should you leave any branches attached below the lateral branches? Thank you.


Washtenaw County Michigan apples apple trees almost 5 years ago

I have a high school student who needs to do an activity where he examines...

I have a high school student who needs to do an activity where he examines lichen on trees. We are in College Park, MD, near the Metro. Do you have any suggestions where he might find what he's looking for? Thanks!


Prince George's County Maryland science project lichen on trees tree lichen almost 5 years ago

Hi I had a major problem last fall and had to patch severl areas of my lawn...

Hi I had a major problem last fall and had to patch severl areas of my lawn due to grubs. I have 1.2 acers. I am sure there are many in the ground. I hav 4 bags of Scoots GrubEX (7,500 sq ft / bag). Wehn should this be applied in te Taylorsville, MD area? If I wait until June, will the ones in the lawn that are on the way to the surface cause more damage? thanks


Carroll County Maryland lawns and turf grub control almost 5 years ago

What could cause my mare to buck me off all of a sudden?

I bought a 7 year old grade mare about 3 months ago. I have ridden her numerous times. She is still green and still a little nervous but so far seems pretty intelligent and eager to please. But the other day I went to get on her and she started bucking when I went to throw my leg over. Yes, I fell. Was not hurt severely, but I did not get back on her and I know that was not good, but I did not have an alternate bit at the time. Not to mention that I fell about 7 months ago & was hurt m pretty bad. So I am a little leery still that I'd I fall too hard again I'll break something again Their has been an issue with bits with her. She started on an o ring snaffle, then shed push through it and would not respond. so I switched her to a tom thumb ( After reading I've realized this was probably the worst thing I could have done) and after a few rides she started flipping her head up and down when I'd put light pressure for a turn. The day she bucked she fought putting bit in her mouth and when I got her to open her mouth, she bit the bit between her front teeth and would not let go until I pried her mouth open. I also purchased a wider wither pad and had used that for the first time that day also. so I am not really sure what caused it. But I have not gotten back on her yet. I have saddled her with out the wither pad, and put her in the o-ring snaffle and wiggled the saddle and all that. Then just walked her around and messed with her so she would know that it doesn't hurt her and its not the same items as before. Hopefully this was a good thing. But I am not sure how I should go about getting on her again. Granted, I could just climb up and rodeo if need be, but I also do not want her messed up. I'm trying to take a gentle but firm approach with her as it has worked in the past for me and the horses seem to respect the relationship more. At least that's what it seems to me so far.


Van Zandt County Texas almost 5 years ago

Potato gardening in Wyoming

I am looking to grow potatoes vertically this season. What types of potatoes would grow/yield best in this climate? Is there a website that would help me with my other gardening questions for casper wyoming?


Natrona County Wyoming potatoes almost 5 years ago


Can you help me solve this flea problem? I need some suggestions on what is the best way to treat the two dogs we have in the house.


Lincoln County Oregon dog health pets fleas almost 5 years ago

ivy removal I would like a one page guide for individuals to use when...

ivy removal I would like a one page guide for individuals to use when removing ivy from trees on their property


Baltimore Maryland ivy removal english ivy removal ivy on trees removing english ivy invasive ivy removal almost 5 years ago

colt getting enough to eat

our 5 day old miniture colt is eating every 10- 15 minutes is he getting enough to eat ? this is her first colt that has lived.


Preston County West Virginia horses horse health almost 5 years ago

open meeting act seminar?

Hello, Our DHS Board members are all fairly new to our Board. I have been told that you offer a class/seminar that teaches board members the basics of being a board member. How would I go about setting up this up for The Maples Benzie County DHS Board Members? Thank you for your time.


Benzie County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Bugs in the House and in the Ducts

hi, I have bugs in the heat ducts of my house. They look like ants with wings and smell like pine-sol when crushed. They have made their nest in one of the ducts. The nest is made up of small pieces of gravel or sand. HELP! How do I rid the house the of the bugs? Could they have been on the Christmas tree and when the needles fell into the heat duct they were on the needles? Thank you.


Branch County Michigan insect issues urban integrated pest management home ipm almost 5 years ago

Type of grapes

I'm looking for a table grape,seedless,white and red, crisp just for eating.


Northumberland County Pennsylvania grape varieties horticulture almost 5 years ago

Horse Pasture

I want to fertilize/seed my horse pasture as needed. Is this the correct test or does it require a different procedure.


Livingston County Michigan soil testing almost 5 years ago

Live Oak Roots in Foundation and Drain

Hi, our 1970's era home is on a rocky hillside in Travis County, Texas. Roughly 15 feet from the rear foundation is a beautiful, mature live oak tree whose limbs would reach well over the roof of the home except that they're occasionally trimmed back as recommended by our insurance agent. We've been getting intermittent clogs in two rear bathrooms and this weekend, when we removed a toilet to investigate, we found roots growing up past the toilet floor seal. Can you recommend a process to limit damage to the foundation and drains of our home, while protecting the life of the tree? Thanks so much for your help. - Paul D.


Travis County Texas trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Strange brand?

Hi there, my name is Taylor Thompson. Im from Ontario, Canada. I purchased my first horse from a feedlot in New Jersey in 2011. Since then i have noticed that my mare, who we have no information on, has a brand on her left jaw. Ive asked around and no one has any idea what the brand could be.. Its reallly odd, almost a mishappen clover leaf. She is a dapple gray mare named Gray Ghost, se came with that name. Everyone ive asked said she is definitely a Quarter horse but i cant be sure. Shes about 7 years old now and i would love if you could help me find out where she came from or anything. Thanks! P.S I have plenty of photos of my mare and the brand if anyone is willing to help us!


Outside United States almost 5 years ago

WHEN to plant sour cherry trees and apple trees in Denver.

HI Extension Folks,

I want to plant both cherry and apple trees. When is the ideal time to do so?




Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Is Euphorbia rigida an invasive species?

Is Euphorbia rigida an invasive species for Western Oregon?


Benton County Oregon invasive plants horticulture almost 5 years ago

Molecular structure of bees antennae

Dear Bee Experts,

Im working on the biophysics of the antennae of bees and Im interested in the molecular structure of this parts. Can you suggest a book or some papers?
Thanks a lot,


Outside United States bees honey bees almost 5 years ago

odd yard holes and dirt mounds

We now have some dirt mounds, not near a hole. and some small holes, 1 1/2" in diameter that are in the front yard. There are some trails that look like mole trails but they are not in direct contact with these odd areas. Any idea what they might be and how we get rid of the maker? I tried to attach a picture. Thanks, Chuck Goodhart



Mifflin County Pennsylvania wildlife damage management rodent control almost 5 years ago

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