city water killing grass?

Having just read the piece on chlorine's effect on microorganisms, I still have a question as to why the grass turns brown and other plants wilt when I water them with city water (which does contain chlorine, sometimes smelling like a public swimming pool). Plants and grass watered with rain water flourish, but when I need to water, which is all summer here in San Diego, and the water comes from the city, the grass turns brown and the other plants loose their leaves. Could the chlorine be burning the plants themselves? Is there another reason why city water turns my plants brown and stunts their growth? Our water also has a relatively large percentage of fluoride; could this be it? I'm very conservative with fertilizer and give it lots of water, but I do fertilize the same areas that I water. What do you think? I'm planning to put in devices to collect rain water, but it will have to wait till next winter when the rains return. Thanks for your suggestions.


San Diego County California lawns and turf public water systems horticulture almost 5 years ago


If the magnesium level at the highest level on above optimum, how do I reduce the level? I'm at optimum for phosphorus and potassium.


Washtenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

does orange oil work to remove ants?

I have a tree that was transplanted by my builder that died and they will not remove it. When I went to remove it I discovered ants all over it, in the soil around it and crawling up and down the trunk. I have a small dog that I need to keep safe too. my friend says use orange oil, does that work?


Collin County Texas trees and shrubs ants almost 5 years ago

Trail Vegetation Management Guidelines

Do you have anything like this for Pennsylvania?


Dauphin County Pennsylvania trails horticulture almost 5 years ago

best & purchase pasture/ground cover grass mixture--minimal watering

I have an acre of disturbed land (once farmed) that I would like to plant to a grass mixture (grass/flowers OK) that will not need much irrigation once established. I want to replace the current weeds and bare soil. What mixture is good for the Powell area (4-6 inch precip annually) and where can I purchase it? I have irrigation, but would like to minimize watering this section of my two acres.


Park County Wyoming almost 5 years ago

Moss in Lawn

How can I get rid of moss taking over my lawn? It is not shaded. I use only organic materials. Thank you for your consideration, Carol Wilder


Jackson County Oregon lawns and turf horticulture almost 5 years ago

Garlic mustard - help!

Hi, I love this service! What is the best way to get rid of lots of garlic mustard this time of the year besides pulling? It's in the woods, etc. on 2 acres.


Kent County Michigan weeds weed control weeds invasives garlic mustard almost 5 years ago

Apricot Tree with no Blossoms - Why?

Five years ago I purchased 4 dwarf fruit trees from Armstrong Nurseries (Lemon, Orange, Peach and Apricot). I live in Southern California. All my fruit trees do really well in my backyard except for the Apricot tree. My Apricot tree (called Gold Kist) has the best location in my yard. It has full sun throughout the day and the soil soaks in the water real nice. When I first planted my Apricot tree 5 years ago it was a single twig. It produced 4 Apricots that year. The second year it had a few more branches and it produced 2 Apricots. The third year the tree got bigger and I only had a few blossoms but no apricots. The fourth year I only saw two blossoms on the entire tree and again no Apricots. I pruned the Apricot tree real nice preparing for the fifth year. The tree is about 10 feet tall now and very full with many branches. I fertilized the tree very well but I had absolutely no blossoms this year. The tree is very healthy looking with very green healthy leaves. I have been told several reasons why my tree has not produced any blossoms and feel I am getting the run around every time I go to a different Armstrong nursery asking for an explanation. I have been told not enough fertilizer, too much water, etc…... I have watered my tree very little after the rain season so I do not think it would be over watering. I water and fertilize (E.B Stone Organic Fruit Fertilizer) all my fruit trees in my yard the same and all my other trees are producing fruit very nicely. I would appreciate any advice you may have that would help explain why my Apricot tree did not get any blossoms at all this year. Sincerely, David


Orange County California trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables fruit trees horticulture almost 5 years ago

To whom it may concern: I have a question for a Entomologist? We are getting...

To whom it may concern: I have a question for a Entomologist? We are getting so many, what I hear are called "stink" bugs in our house. My husband has used Ortho Home Defense in and outside of the house. These bugs still find a way in and do not die. Can anyone help with this issue? Is there something that these bugs hate? Thank you for any help! Gina Herendeen


Hamilton County Ohio almost 5 years ago

Pink hard blueberries

I have hard pink blueberries on my bush. Is this a disease? What can I spray to stop this?



Kalamazoo County Michigan blueberries blueberry production blueberry diseases almost 5 years ago

Why are my blueberry leaves red

Some of the leaves on my blueberry plants are small and red. Is this a disease? What can I spray to stop this?



Kalamazoo County Michigan blueberries blueberry production blueberry diseases plant virus disease almost 5 years ago

planted tomato starts

Hello. I planted two tomato plants on about 4/10/13. They were from an organic local farm/nursery Now the leaves of these starts are showing sings of blight? ,fungus? which is what the problem appears to be( from pics on the web). Was it too cold and wet? and will baking soda and a veg oil spray work to save these? If not I am looking for the safest way of dealing with this, even if I have to pull them out of the garden. What do you think? I am new to gardening and so far the mighty web has a dozen answers but I would appreciate a pro's answer. Thank you for your time. Wade


Multnomah County Oregon fruits and vegetables gardening horticulture almost 5 years ago

Hello, I was just wondering where I could find a list of educational summer...

Hello, I was just wondering where I could find a list of educational summer camps and workshops for middle school students. Thanks


Licking County Ohio almost 5 years ago

Enhancing Food Security Webinar

I have to miss the webinar tomorrow, unfortunately. Will there be a way to access a recording?


La Crosse County Wisconsin webinar recording almost 5 years ago

Hi. I live in Rockville and have questions on my lawn. I've read thru much of...

Hi. I live in Rockville and have questions on my lawn. I've read thru much of the excellent information on this site on what to do and when to prepare and maintain a good lawn. I'm ready to act, but need a bit of a roadmap before getting started. I have a lawn that is full of crabgrass, moss, other weeds, and bald spots where you can see lots of dry/cracked clay. I know that I need to reseed the entire lawn, but where to start? Should I add some topsoil first, then grass seed,fertilizer and weed control products? I also would like to add something to take care of the gnats, mosquitoes and other insects in the grass...should this/can this all be done at the same time? I've spent the last week trying to take up the thatch and allow air to circulate to the grass, but I worry that I may be just opening up the lawn to more weed growth. So, what should I do first? Is it too late to overseed at this time of year? Thanks Jerome Ashton, Rockville


Montgomery County Maryland lawns and turf lawn renovation almost 5 years ago

home garden soil

We want to ammend and improve our soil in our home garden. First, I heard that we could have our soil tested by you to see its current condition. Is that true. Also, what do you recommend we add to the garden to break up the clay. We currently compost grass, leaves, and chicken manure and add that in the spring, but would like to ammend it further.


Big Horn County Wyoming soil gardening garden almost 5 years ago

TIF 419 Info

I live in New Braunfels, TX. The builder sodded the yard with TIF 419. What is the recommended mowing height for my area.

Does TIF 419 sprout a seed head like regular Bermuda? I am curious because in some areas the grass is sprouting seed head.

How often should I fertilize and what mixture do you recommend for a lush green lawn.


Guadalupe County Texas lawns and turf bermuda grass almost 5 years ago

Soil Temp

What is the best soil temp for planting peas.


Gladwin County Michigan fruits and vegetables vegetables almost 5 years ago

30-40 yr-old pyramidal arborvitae have borrowed roots under stone wall into...

30-40 yr-old pyramidal arborvitae have borrowed roots under stone wall into grass. I have dug and verified ½” tree roots outside wall. Impacted grass has been fertilized and rototilled every 3 years but problem re-imerges.Considering cutting 1/3 of roots each year, using root barrier, and using Mirale-gro directly on tree roots behind wall to save tree. Your soil analysis shows only low potassium. Would his deficiency explain the grass shown? I am going to rototill again. Should I add fresh humus or will granular supplements do the job? Other comments



Washtenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Co-Packer Inclusion

I'm writing on behalf of Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc. We are a USDA, FDA Pa. Dep't of Agriculture inspected artisan smokehouse in West Chester, Pa., and would like to be included in you listing of co-packers.


Chester County Pennsylvania small meat processors almost 5 years ago

blueberry bushes

I purchased a "bluecrop" blueberry bush from Costco. My mom states that some blueberry plants need a male and female plant to produce. Is that true for this plant? thank you for your help, Kathy S., Eugene


Lane County Oregon blueberries fruits and berries almost 5 years ago

Do raccoons ravage blackberries? Prevention ?

We just ordered some Doyles thornless blackberry plants. Am wondering who will go after the fruit and any preventative techniques before planting, and during fruiting. Thanks for your help, John Meadows


Boulder County Colorado wildlife damage management almost 5 years ago

Fertilizing Asparagus

I recently had a soil test done by your department. Test #BB2LD5. I have one year old asparagus crowns that I anticipate putting in next week. I have a PH of 6.3 with a lime index of 69. How would you recommend I ammend the soils (and with what) to make it successful?


Antrim County Michigan almost 5 years ago

winter tomatoes

Are there any variaties of tomato plants that grow well in cold weather?


Jefferson County Texas fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 5 years ago

Magnolia Tree Issue

I have a Southern Magnolia tree which is 6-7 years old but is starting to look sickly. Most of the leaves have a yellowish tent instead of being deep green and there are alot of black spots. Can you provide some recommended actions to address this situation?


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Denton County Texas trees and shrubs magnolia almost 5 years ago

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