Hello, I've been told that your 4H extension has developed educational...

Hello, I've been told that your 4H extension has developed educational training materials for livestock. I'm looking for flash cards, trivia cards, posters of live and carcasses of beef, sheep, hog, and goat or anything other types of materials that will make learning about livestock fun. Thank you. Sincerely, Pam Hemann Wyoming County Livestock Committee President and Livestock project leaser


Wyoming County Pennsylvania 4-h livestock projects 4-h livestock over 4 years ago

temp effects on bio d. process

process should be the same if equipment is working properly. a set point is a set point. temp, should be at or around the set point. when process leaves the settler and goes thru ion to the adu will the heater @ ADU be able to compensate and flash off methanol @ 240 or will the process have to heat up to get to temp for adu to stay @ 240 say process is @72 degrees,


Galveston County Texas engineering ag energy farm machinery over 4 years ago

Honey Bee Beekeeping hive bodies in Brevard County FL

I am a beginning beekeeper in Grant, FL (Brevard County). I will be starting two hives in March, this year. My question is if I should plan on 2 deep hive bodies for each hive before adding the super, or if 1 deep hive body is adequate to place a super on top of.

thank you

Martin Lenoci


Brevard County Florida beekeeping over 4 years ago

why when we (i and my family) ate potasium (banana and beens)have cramp?

why when we (i and my family) ate potasium (banana and beens)have cramp?


Outside United States human nutrition over 4 years ago

Spraying herbicides on White tops and other invasive plants

I'm wondering what chemical herbicides are used to spray on Whitetops and other invasive plant species in Routt County? I am concerned about possible contamination in the water supply for myself, my children and our community.

Thank you,

Nicole Olexa


Routt County Colorado herbicides over 4 years ago


I have my very first bulbs in full bloom. What do I do with the bulbs? Do I cut off the dead foliage and keep in the bucket until next season?


Bernalillo County New Mexico amaryllis christmas plants horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 4 years ago

weather cancellations

Alerts for class cancellations due to inclement weather?


Iowa over 4 years ago

I found small red worms in the soil of a houseplant. Should I uproot and...

I found small red worms in the soil of a houseplant. Should I uproot and clean the roots off and re-pot with new soil? What are these insects?


Santa Clara County California indoor gardening insect issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Applicator License

In the state of Texas is it still required to have a pesticide applicator license if you are using all natural products?


Howard County Texas pesticide safety over 4 years ago

Waxy stunted leaves on my greens

hello expert,
recently i have been coming across an issue in my market garden that i am not familiar with. young leaves from a variety of plants (arugula, mustard greens, eggplants and broccoli raab) are coming out very waxy and almost wet looking. along with that they are stunted and very textured. once one or two of the young leaves end up like this i have to pull the whole plant. it spread in my arugula patch and now i am not sure wether i should replant a similar plant in that row. any idea what this could be? i have included photos for your reference.


Photo_copy_300x300%2523 Photo_copy_2_300x300%2523

Miami-Dade County Florida disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

I'm interested in growing a Herb Garden. I have no experience growing herbs....

I'm interested in growing a Herb Garden. I have no experience growing herbs. We live in central MN, Sherburne/Mille Lascs County. Our soil is mostly sandy. Can you tell me the best type of herbs to grow in our area, where to obtain seeds, when to plant, and any other information you can send would be appreciated. Thank you. DTrunk


Mille Lacs County Minnesota over 4 years ago

Grow barley in Livingston?

Would it grow?


Polk County Texas field crops over 4 years ago


We planted several evergreen shrubs last September. We are now in mid-Winter, when daytime temperatures would typically be 5 F or colder, but we've been getting spells of 50 F and warmer, with sunshine, during the day (falling back well below freezing at night).
Would it be advisable to provide any water to the evergreen foliage at this time?
(The shrubs were well watered right up until the big freeze. The roots have been protected with shredded bark, and a burlap screen provides protection to some of the shrubs.)
We'd be very grateful for you advice.
Thanks very much.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Outside United States trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago


Do you have any info on aquaponics in SC. Like what fish do the best, what plants, how many etc. Thanks


Lexington County South Carolina aquaponics over 4 years ago

Underground Exterminator

I found this product online at while searching for a way to rid my garden of moles. This product uses carbon monoxide from a vehicle to kill underground pests. My questions are: Is this product safe to use in an organic vegetable garden? Would it render my vegetables non-organic, or harm them in someway? If not, could you please tell me the best way to eliminate Moles and underground pests from my lawn and garden? Thanks


Jackson County Oregon human-wildlife issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Land Lease Prices

I am trying to negotiate a land lease for grazing cattle. Is there any data collected that I can use to find out what the going rate for leases are?


Crook County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Honey verses agave syrup or coco nut sugar.

Is raw honey a better and healthier sweetener than agave syrup or coco nut sugar?


Outside United States human nutrition food nutrition over 4 years ago

What is the average cost per acre for leasing land to a local farmer for corn...

What is the average cost per acre for leasing land to a local farmer for corn in 2013? Any information for how the lease value is determined would be greatly appreciated.


Clinton County Ohio agriculture land rental over 4 years ago


I photographed the small ball shapes while pruning blueberry plants. Are they cocoons? Found as many as 5 or 6 strung together with very fine thread like material.If cocoons what might emerge when warmer. Good or bad for blueberry bushes



Cumberland County New Jersey over 4 years ago

Pine Wilt Nematode

A tree service company has suggested trunk injection of a nematicide in my Austrian pines against pine wilt nematode which has recently appeared in a few trees in my neighborhood. The cost is $1048 and the injection is said to last 2 years. Is it worth it?


Arapahoe County Colorado trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Soil testing

I would like to get a detailed soil test done for various parts of my lawn and gardens. I looked through the site but didn't find a reference to how to get this done. Please advise.


Multnomah County Oregon over 4 years ago

Allergy to dairy products

I have a 13 year old boy who is anaphylactically allergic to dairy products. How long does it take for spilled milk (proteins) on a hard service to breakdown, as to not create an allergic reaction if touched? Thanks. Joe


Nassau County New York food safety food allergy over 4 years ago


Is it true that we should be watering plants, shrubs and trees around our house due to the drought conditions?


Lane County Oregon horticulture over 4 years ago

How do we get rid of stink bugs in the house?

Our home has been over-run with Halyomorpha halys, better known as, stink bugs. Is there any way to rid our home of these? Someone told us to sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around our window sills, etc. But my husband and I noticed that on the bag there is a warning about eye irritant with that product. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Last fall they were swarming our home and during the winter we see them everywhere inside.


Montgomery County Ohio integrated pest management stinkbugs brown marmorated stinkbugs over 4 years ago

Have a lovely untreated ornamental apple that is going into a 3rd year of...

Have a lovely untreated ornamental apple that is going into a 3rd year of "scald or scab"? After 2 yrs of leaves dropping early, was told to begin spraying while tree is dormant this spring. Will likely have a tree service do this BUT I have 3 dogs who walk within the spray line of this tree. The tree can die from this (although I much prefer NOT to lose it) BUT MY BELOVED DOGS cannot die or be affected in any way. Is there any effective product that will not harm my dogs?


Ramsey County Minnesota apple diseases apple scab over 4 years ago

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