What is the normal range of flexion allowed in a fetlock joint?

I am currently undertaking a project, looking at the effect of sports boots on the fetlock joint, in five horses. One of the things I have measured is the degree of flexion without boots, and it comes in at 80 degrees. But I have one horse who measures 75 degrees.

I can't find anything on the Internet about the degree of flexion with a flexed joint. Can anyone tell me?


Outside United States horses almost 5 years ago

I cannot bring up...

I cannot bring up Are they available onan other site?


almost 5 years ago

Child Care Food Program - USDA Guideline Sheet

I am a FCS agent in Chesapeake, Virginia and I received a phone call from a Social Services inspector who said that a center that she supplies USDA Child Care Food Program sheets to indicated that the amount of fruits and vegetables for a child 3-5 for lunch (1/2 a cup) was wrong on the guideline sheet. The Social Services inspector wishes to know if the guidelines sheet (which can be found here: is the most recent USDA guidelines and if not, where she can find the most recent guidelines. She wishes to have a handout that she can provide to these child care centers. Thanks!


Virginia human nutrition almost 5 years ago

Starting a Pig Farm.

Could you advise a future and first time pig farmer on some of the essential to starting a pig farm, as well as, what the state requirement are and who might be able to assist us with info on equipment, websites and or referral that might be useful and can be accessed for info and purchasing merchandise and etc..


Rains County Texas swine pigs almost 5 years ago

Do you have any recommendations on treating white pines that have...

Do you have any recommendations on treating white pines that have Canavirgella needlecast disease?


Stark County Ohio needle cast almost 5 years ago

Live Oak tree pruning

I've been unable to find consensus for my area in regards to time of year for pruning my live oak trees. I planted 20 live oaks lining my driveway in 2004 and initially pruned in late winter, early spring each year to develop good, strong leaders and healthy trees and all is well, so far. However, I've recently seen information and concerns about oak wilt disease in my county, Darlington, S.C. There seems to be a lot of information surrounding the Texas area in preventing this disease but limited amounts of information for my area. I been accused of caring more for my trees than my home, which may be somewhat accurate. I can build a new house, but not new trees. I would like some consensus on when to perform necessary pruning and any special prevention methods to properly care for them.


Darlington County South Carolina trees and shrubs pruning tree health texas live oak trees horticulture almost 5 years ago

Native perennial plants for preble county.

Native perennial plants for preble county.


Preble County Ohio almost 5 years ago

Peeling bark on 3-year-old Princess Kay plum tree

My 3-year-old Princess Kay plum has peeling bark. It seems to be growing and otherwise healthy. The peeling started last summer on the main trunk and has spread to some of the limbs. The tree is in our front yard and receives afternoon sun. We live on the west side of Highlands Ranch near Santa Fe.


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs tree health horticulture almost 5 years ago

Fall Bulbs - late planting?

Hello, I was unable to get fall bulbs into the ground in Sept/Oct. Since we've had such a mild winter, is it possible to still plant? If so, what additional precautions would you recommend? If not, what other options exist for the bulbs - other than waiting for fall 2013? Thanks so much, Regards, Suzanne


Adams County Colorado horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago

How to rid pasture of Sandburs?

I have 4 acres of pasture that is full of Sandburs! Our horse and chickens use this area. What do I use that will get rid of the Sandburs and not harm the horse or chickens or us since we use the eggs?


Kaufman County Texas grassbur almost 5 years ago

Winter Watering


We live in Mesa County and landscaped our yard last spring. We understand the importance of winter watering and gave all of our trees/shrubs a deep soaking around November 25th with plans to water again around Christmas and then again around January 26th. Then the deep freeze hit and we've had such cold temps (still not above freezing) and snow that hasn't melted, so we have been afraid to even attempt watering for fear of damaging the trees. Can you advise us on what the 'rules' are for winter watering or how to best get our trees/shrubs through this unusual and bitterly cold winter? Thank you!

Kelley Lichtenberg


Mesa County Colorado tree health horticulture almost 5 years ago


I purchased organic potting soil last year to use for my starter plants. All my house plants were infested with the aphids that came out of this soil. I am getting set up for this year's starter plants and would like to know if there is a way I can rid the potting soil of the aphids.


Larimer County Colorado insect issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

I am a member of a Geauga County outdoors sportsmens group. We have about 30...

I am a member of a Geauga County outdoors sportsmens group. We have about 30 acres we maintain for food and cover plots for wild animals. We need to spread lime on the fields. I understand some counties have lime spreading equipment to rent for small plot maintenance. Do you know of any service available in Geauga County.


Geauga County Ohio almost 5 years ago

frost date

Last frost date for zip code 97402


Lane County Oregon horticulture almost 5 years ago

Rose pruning

what month should I prune my roses? What month should I plant new roses from a nursery?


Clark County Washington trees and shrubs roses horticulture almost 5 years ago

Eradicating Siberian elms in my yard

My husband and I have tried a number of things to get rid of our Siberian elms: spraying Round-up on the smaller ones, cutting them down (trunk diameter about 5" or less) and putting Round-up or diesel on the stump....all to no avail. They don't die, and what was once a single trunk turns into twenty agressively-growing suckers. Is there something to put on the stump to really kill the tree, and what time of year should all this be taking place? These trees are the bane of our existence!


Valencia County New Mexico trees and shrubs weed issues horticulture almost 5 years ago

Plastic packaging for a food concentrate

I am developing a product that is a fruit concentrate, like a paste. What is the very best way other than a jar to air tight package this for sales? I would like it to be as sustainable as possible and then housed in a recycled box or wrap. Where do I begin from the finished product ready for storage in a one time use sealed package. Is there a way to package it without needing to be in the refrigerated section of the store? Thank you!


Multnomah County Oregon food safety food packaging almost 5 years ago

Hi my 8 year old niece wants to join 4H we live in Summit Co and have a goat...

Hi my 8 year old niece wants to join 4H we live in Summit Co and have a goat farm. What do we need to do so she can show our goats and what does she need to do to join so she can show her goat? Thank you.


Summit County Ohio almost 5 years ago

Strangles; Strep life cycle

How long can strep equi live on a farm; i.e. what is the length of possible exposure to new horses coming to a farm that has had strangles (strep equi infection)


Hennepin County Minnesota horses horse health strangles almost 5 years ago

Hydroponic gardening

Do you have information on starting a hydroponic gardening


Oregon hydroponics horticulture almost 5 years ago

Identify and Treat Plant Problem

I have an Ipomoea batatas ‘Blackie’ plant in a container with a couple other plants. It's just the Ipomoea that is having any problems. I've looked high and low to identify the problem, but don't see anything that fits. I'm attaching a picture of a leaf with the problem; but briefly, new leave quickly shoot up from the stem and within a few days develop tiny, bunched spots mainly along the veins of the leaf. The leaf then shrivels up within a couple days and falls off. I really like the plant, so if there's a way to fix this I'd like to know!


Daniel Kelber
Any ideas? I thought someone was supposed to get back to me within 2-3 days.



Cook County Illinois disease issues plant disease horticulture almost 5 years ago

The need for extension action programmes

Which are the needs for extension action programmes


Outside United States program evaluation programs almost 5 years ago


Please list the different methods of brooding chicks.


Outside United States poultry poultry housing home processing of poultry almost 5 years ago

Distance between poultry pens

What are the standard distances that should be between large poultry pens?


Outside United States poultry poultry housing almost 5 years ago

Cleaning Mildewed Books

A window shelf has leaked (and then dried again)without my knowledge. As I was relocating my books to another bookcase, I noticed that I have several books that now have marks of mildew. How do I remove it (or have I lost the entire bunch)?


Marion County Oregon mildew and mold control almost 5 years ago

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