Growing Peas

What is causing my peas for the last two years to have a stunted growth. It,s like someone is cutting the plants with a pair of scissors. Planted in March and their only 3-4 inches tall. Thanks, Lowell Mikolash


Salt Lake County Utah fruits and vegetables gardening almost 5 years ago

what is this?

Hi, this is growing in my yard, what is it? Plant? Flowering plant? Weed? Or a tree?


Img_20130606_183915_124_300x300%2523 Img_20130606_183925_494_300x300%2523 Img_20130606_183934_846_300x300%2523

Weld County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Controlling horsetail

I recently read that growing turnips in an area with horsetail will inhibit the weed's growth. Do you have any information or experience with this?


Oakland County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me identify this bug? they are...

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me identify this bug? they are about the size of fruit-flies, maybe a tiny bit larger, but they have suddenly started coming into our house, seems to be through the screens (doors and /or windows)...they migrate to windows, ceilings, and light bulbs.... We had an sudden surge the other evening, about 100-200 of them suddenly were upstairs flooding our bay window in our foyer! Could they have come from mulch outside? or certain plants?? thanks so much for your help!



Harford County Maryland insect identification almost 5 years ago

tagged trees

I noticed many trees on east 6th avenue parkway in Denver that have small numbered tags on them. Nobody seems to know what kind of trees these are. My wife loves these trees and I would like to get her some if I can find out what they are


Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs forestry horticulture almost 5 years ago

Can you identify the plant in the accompanying photo? It's all over my...

Can you identify the plant in the accompanying photo? It's all over my garden. I can't tell if it's coming up from last years resident or it's a weed. Thanks for your help!



Prince George's County Maryland weeds garden weed plant id almost 5 years ago

Maple trees have no leafs yet

We were hit last July with a major hail event Anne most of our 3 year old trees leaves got shredded. Our plum and some maples have recovered well however 5 maples either have leaves sprouting from the large part on the branches or very small buds that seem dry What to do?


Douglas County Colorado trees and shrubs almost 5 years ago

Tomato Leaf curl

What can be done to cure leaf curl. I have 19 plants and all are producing except one, but all have the upper half leafs curled and the flowers just die off. I sprayed a liquid sulfur on them, twice in the past two weeks and have seen no result. Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to lose any plants if I can do something to prevent it. Thank you

John Henry


Denton County Texas tomatoes almost 5 years ago

keeping plants color thru out blooming seasons

I was talking to a neighbor which saided that if i put baking soda or epson salt under my potted plants that this would keep the color during blooming season.


Harris County Texas flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 5 years ago

Locust Trees Dying

There have been some concerns from the public about the locust trees that seem to be dying in and around the town of Lakeview. What might be the problem?


Lake County Oregon almost 5 years ago

Hops Production

I am interested in growing hops in Chester county PA. I need further information on hop production. Is there anyone who can help with this endeavor?


Chester County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago


My husband and I are planning to xeriscape our front yard. Are there any students or landscape designers you could recommend to help with the plan? We'd like to do most of the work ourselves, but are not sure what step comes first. Fencing/hard scape or retrofitting our irrigation system? Thank you.

Rebecca T


Larimer County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping almost 5 years ago

Tree service said my tree has "Gummosis"?

I have 2 cherry trees and one peach tree. This year one of the cherry trees started oosing a sap from where the tree had been prunned and a spot on the base or trunk of the tree, only half of the tree is infected. I had a tree service come out and they gave me a sheet explaining Cytospora Canker or Gummosis. They said nothing could be done for the tree. And I would just have to cut off the infected side of the tree. However, there is a canker on the trunk as well. Is that true and should I just cut it down? :(


Cherry_tree_gummosis_002_300x300%2523 Cherry_tree_gummosis_007_300x300%2523

Utah County Utah almost 5 years ago

Female Squash flowers not opening

I am growing 2 kinds of Squash. Both had no problem early in the season. Male and female flowers open in the morning and are pollinated by me or insects and produced fruit. Lately the female flowers stay tightly closed and does not set fruit as a result of not being pollinated. It is very hot in South Texas (75 lows to 96 F high) most days, it is also very dry, however, I irrigate the plants regularly.


San Patricio County Texas fruits and vegetables almost 5 years ago


If the "purple" tomato plant is about 25" in height, should it be planted 18" in the ground?


Alcona County Michigan almost 5 years ago




100_3593_300x300%2523 100_3595_300x300%2523 100_3596_300x300%2523

Harris County Texas almost 5 years ago

I have an ever-blooming hydrangea which I purchased 3 years ago. It was blue...

I have an ever-blooming hydrangea which I purchased 3 years ago. It was blue and had been blue ever since until this year. Early in Feb. I fertilized with Holly Tone and then in March I sprinkled Garden Sulfer around it. I did this to enhance the blue but it is now blooming and the flowers are pink. What could cause this?


Talbot County Maryland hydrangea horticulture almost 5 years ago

Skyrocket Junipers Dying

We have a number of skyrocket junipers that we planted this spring (around March) that are not looking so great now. Of the 5, there is one that looks nice and green, with perhaps some brown on the tips. There is one that has turned mostly a purple-ish color. And the others have some combination of green, healthy-looking branches, some with brown on the tips, and yellowed brittle branches. Attached are some pictures.

I think that we underwatered them initially, but have been watering about 3x per week the past few weeks and have recently applied some fertilizer and B1.

My guess is that anything that is brittle is dead. If so, what do we do with the ones that are a mix of dead and living branches? Do we prune back the dead stuff? Also, what should we be doing with those that look better? Is our watering regimin appropriate? Anything we can do to salvage what we can out of these trees?


2013-06-06_09.16.18_300x300%2523 2013-06-06_09.16.41_300x300%2523 2013-06-06_09.17.49_300x300%2523

Cache County Utah almost 5 years ago

Squirrel control

Squirrels are destroying my Siberian Elm. They don't climb up the tree so much as travel along a tree canopy "highway." The arborist said the tree will die if I don't do something. A very kind animal control person said it wouldn't be worth my money to hire him because other squirrels would just move in. Any ideas?


Denver County Colorado wildlife damage management almost 5 years ago

Can you identify this vine? My neighbor thinks it is poison oak. It is...

Can you identify this vine? My neighbor thinks it is poison oak. It is growing in several shrubs. We live in Sykesville, MD. Thank you,



Carroll County Maryland vines native almost 5 years ago

Best way to reduce raccoon and skunk damage to lawn?

I've searched your site, as well as others, and I'm perplexed about the BEST, most practical course of action to reduce the amount of damage that raccoons and skunks do to our lawn. There can be dozens of new, shallow holes overnight in our 3k sq ft lawn. I did not want to spray a pesticide that will kill desirable earthworms when, perhaps, what we really need is just to reduce the grub population. It is an irrigated lawn. We are in a rural, wooded setting with pond & stream which attract wildlife, but those are permanent features that happen to attract raccoons and skunks. We do NOT have dog or cat food outside, so that is not the problem. We wouldn't mind their visits if they didn't do so much damage to the lawn. The frequency of visits and damage has increased considerably in the last 2 years and wasn't a big problem for many years prior.


Oregon nuisance wildlife almost 5 years ago

Will clover work well as a groundcover?

I'm thinking of using clover as a groundcover in a wide border area planted with mostly decorative grass. Will that work well?


Douglas County Colorado groundcovers horticulture almost 5 years ago

Aspen trees leaves are shriveling

Our aspens leafed out and all of a sudden appear to be dying. Leaves are shriveling and turning black. The whole tree is affected.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Garfield County Colorado trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

I have five fuscia midget azalea plants facing a northern exposure- partial...

I have five fuscia midget azalea plants facing a northern exposure- partial shade. Last year I noticed a white blight growing on the stems of one of my plants. It looks like crystallized salt. I tried treating it with a liquid detergent solution with no success. This year that plant did not flower and the blight is still on it. The plant next to it has the same blight this year. Is there a remedy? Should I remove the two plants? They are approximately ten years old.



Montgomery County Maryland insect identification almost 5 years ago

I have two Leland Cypress trees in my back yard. They are both almost 8...

I have two Leland Cypress trees in my back yard. They are both almost 8 years old. I recently noticed that they are both turning a golden yellow color on the inner branches near the trunk. I water them both twice per week about 5 minutes each. Any idea what may be causing this?


Sandoval County New Mexico trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

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